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"I'm pissed with you"

"What no kiss?" Scott asked as Jaiden pulled him into the Janitor's closest. He gave Scott a look to let him know now wasn't the time "Sorry I just expected more from my vampiric bit on the side" He instantly regretted the words as they left his mouth, if he had put any thought into it he would have realised that it wasn't as funny as it sounded in his head.

"Way to make a guy feel cheap Scott"

"I really didn't mean that, I'm sorry" He replied, he had to start thinking more before speaking "So why are you pissed with me? Well pissed before that"

"A few reasons. First - Why didn't you tell me you had problems with the alpha. Second - Why didn't you tell me said alpha wasn't Derek. Third - Why didn't you call me last night, I could've helped"

"Anything else?"

"Yes!" Jaiden replied punching him on the arm "We all know Derek is a dick - Stiles knows it, you know and I know it and Stiles really knows it - But why for the love of god did you tell the cops that Derek is the murderer? I mean do you have an on off switch for that brain of yours or something?"

"I know Jaiden, I get it - I'm a moron - And enough people have already told me that, I don't need it from you too" Scott replied making Jaiden feel bad for being hard on him "I know I made some stupid choices last night but what else could I do? I couldn't tell Allison and Lydia that there's a werewolf trying to kill us - God and now Derek's gonna kill me!"

"I honestly do think that he's looking out for you Scott - In his own disturbing way - I think he'll understand" Jaiden replied "Plus your vampiric bit on the side will protect you"

"I think you actually scare him" Scott laughed "I really didn't mean what I said"

"I know buddy but I think perhaps we had better stop doing what we do - Neither of us are gay and we both have girlfriends"

"As great as it was I think you're right, besides it kinda feels more of a friendship thing rather than love"

"I'm glad you agree" Jaiden replied, the kissing was great but he couldn't see himself with Scott "Anyway could you tell Stiles that I'll be at his later?"

"I can but why not tell him yourself?"

"I have something to do so I'm skipping last class, could you cover for me?"

"I just saw you in the bathroom hurling"

"Thanks buddy" Jaiden replied. They left the closet Scott went one way and Jaiden went the other. He was heading towards the exit when he saw Danny and Kyle - He still wasn't keen on the other boy but he had to try for Danny. Unfortunately the hall was pretty much empty so he couldn't bypass them. When he got closer he could smell the nervousness on both of them "Hey" He wasn't usually one to be stuck for words but right now he wasn't sure what to say - Luckily Danny broke the silence.

"You okay?"

"I'm good" He was contemplating walking away but Danny would probably hate him if he did. How do you talk to a guy you don't much like for the sake of your friend without the guy knowing that's the only reason why you're talking to him? Their party! Jackson had given him the invites earlier, he took one out and handed it to Kyle "Here you go"

"Th.. Thanks" Kyle replied, he knew that Jaiden didn't like him and was surprised to receive an invite.

"No problem, I hope you come" Jaiden replied "I have to get going, I have an appointment at the doctors"

They said bye and Jaiden left. To Kyle a doctors appointment was plausible but Danny knew it wasn't true and that Jaiden had some stuff to do, probably with what happened last night.

"Danny?" Kyle started looking at the invite "Could we not tell him that Jackson already invited me?"

Danny smiled and kissed his partner "I'll tell Jack to keep his mouth shut"

Jaiden had left the school to find Derek, it hadn't taken him too long. He'd memorised the scents of his new friends and could easily pick them out miles away.

"Now isn't a good time"

"Scott didn't mean to get you in trouble"

"What is it with you kids not listening to me?" Derek replied in his usual bitter tone, it didn't make any difference "I know he didn't"

"So can I tell him you're not going to kill him?" Derek nodded his head "Danny and Jackson both know about us, I'm sure between the six of us we can figure a way out of this"

"No!" Derek shouted "You can't involve them in any of this, they're innocent and so are you. Stiles is already involved, it's too late for him but not for you and the others"

"Derek I can help"

"The alpha doesn't know about you, at least I don't think it does, you're strong but you can't take it"

"Not alone I can't" Jaiden started, he had enough knowledge about werewolves and vampires and how packs worked, they were formed through trust and pledges, it was the same for both species. He shift to his vampire form "I trust you Derek, with my life...."


"...Your joys and troubles will be mine and mine..."


"...Will be yours. Together we will be stronger..."

"Jaiden stop" Derek had unwillingly shift to his beta form, Jaiden's words pulling him in. He could stop it... if he wanted to.

"...For the rest of my life I will follow you. By your side I will stand until my last breath"

Both of them felt the bonds in their chests, bringing them together. In time they would both become one and as their pack grows so would their strengths. Together they would beat the alpha.

"Why did you do that?" Derek asked "You're stronger than me, I should have submit to you instead"

"You're older and wiser - And despite your grumpy exterior I know you're a good man" Jaiden looked at his watch and noticed the time "I have to get going, I'm meeting Stiles soon" He took his keys out and gave them to Derek "There's a lock on my bedroom door so dad won't find you - He's actually pretty good and leaves me be when I'm in my room so he won't find it odd - Just leave the window open so I can get back in"

"Thank you"

"There should be food in the fridge and help yourself to the shower and a change of clothes"

"I really appreciate this Jaiden"

Jaiden and Stiles had been sat in Stiles' bedroom for an hour eating and talking - They felt like they'd consumed their weights in greasy food and Pepsi but were still eating. There was a DVD playing but neither boy was watching it.

"Please tell me your dad won't be home anytime soon? I don't think I can handle another parent meet"

"You met Danny's parents?" Stiles asked taking a bite out of the chicken in Jaiden's hand. They had numerous different kinds of deep fried food in front of them and it didn't matter what one of them picked up the other wanted it too and so they were literally sharing items.

"Yeah and I was a moron" It was Jaiden's turn to sample the battered corn being grasped by Stiles "They thought we were together and when they asked questions I thought they were talking about our friendship so more or less confirmed everything"

"How the hell did you **Burp** Do that?"

"Well for one his mom started asking 'How long have you two been' And instead of letting her finish to find out that she would have ended with 'together' I assumed she was going to say friends so I replied with a couple of weeks" Stiles laughed only just managing to swallow the Pepsi in his mouth "It's not funny"

"It's very funny" Stiles replied wiping his chin, apparently not all of the Pepsi made it down "What did Danny say?"

"We didn't give him a chance to get a word in but when we were washing up he told me - He said I'm a dumb ass straight a vampire" Stiles just shrugged, it sounded like a fair response and one that he would probably have given if he were in that position "Of course it got worse because I had to tell them how stupid I am and that we're not together and that I could never like Danny like that"

Stiles dropped the food in his hands and open his eyes wide "And you said that in front of Danny?"

"Yeah - Why?"

"Danny's right, for a vampire you are a dumb ass" Stiles replied, he could see Jaiden still had no idea what he was talking about "Jaiden - Danny likes you"

"What?" It was Jaiden's turn to drop food in shock "No he doesn't"

"Yeah he does"

"But he's seeing Kyle"

"That doesn't mean a thing Jaid" Stiles replied, he was wondering if telling him that Danny likes him was a good idea "That's not a problem is it?"

"Of course not" Jaiden replied. How could Danny like him? "He never said anything"

"If you were gay and you liked your straight friend would you bother to say anything to him?"

"I guess not - How do you know he likes me? Maybe he doesn't"

"We haven't exactly been friends but I've known Danny since third grade, I remember when he first came out and I've seen him looking at guys - He does like you, he's different around you" Stiles had also noticed that Jaiden was different around Danny "Do you like him?" Jaiden wasn't angry at the question but Stiles could see that it was one he shouldn't have asked "Anyway, I shouldn't be talking to you" Jaiden laughed "It's not funny"

"It's very funny"

"I though you were serious" When Stiles opened the door to Jaiden he had just said hey and stood to one side to let him, Jaiden didn't move and told him that he had to be invited in. Stiles took a few moments to try thing of the correct words that would allow his friend entry to his home only for Jaiden to burst out laughing and walk in "Seriously there are so many myths about vampires, are any true?"

"There's one I can think of" Jaiden replied, his smile fading fast "It isn't even true really but it's something that haunts all vampires making it real - I hope some day to get married but it won't be in a church"

Stiles didn't want to pressure Jaiden about it actually being a myth not truth, he could tell that the issue was one that will always tear him up "It may not be in church but whoever marries you will be one lucky person" Although he meant it the words had come out sounding soft "That wasn't very manly was it?"

"You've lost most of your street cred buddy"

"I have no street cred anyway" Stiles replied, there was a touch of laughter in his voice but he knew it to be true, he and Scott weren't the most popular guys at school by far. They had both been shocked when Jackson had given them invites to the party - The shock wore off when they saw Jaiden's name on the invites though "Thanks for the invite to yours and Jackson's party"

"Thank Jackson, he invited you not me - I mean I would have invited you guys but Jackson wanted to"

The shock was returning to Stiles "What?"

"These are his exact words 'Can I invite Stilinski and McCall, I've been an ass to them and I want them to know I want them there' It was close to that anyway"

"Damn" Stiles replied "What have you done to him?"

"Don't blame me - It was Danny's fault"

"So what do you want for your birthday?"

"I don't really do birthdays"

"You're having a party Jaid, how can you say that you don't do birthdays?"

"It's Jackson's party"

"Well tell Jackson to make sure there's plenty of this" Stiles replied taking a bite out of something, Jaiden moved over and pulled the whole thing from Stiles hand straight into his mouth "Hey!" It was battered broccoli.

"That is awesome"

"Yeah that's what my mouth thought too from the little it had" He picked up another piece and put it in his mouth whole to make sure it wasn't stolen from him, he tried sticking his tongue out at Jaiden but nearly lost the food instead "Thanks for this Jaid, Scott is like my brother but lately the only things we talk about is werewolves or Allison"

Jaiden shrugged, he was enjoying it too "It's good buddy, I used to do this with Rhys all the time" He'd have to have another cam to cam soon. Stiles lobbed some food in his mouth "Good shot"

"Meh, it's a pretty big goal" Jaiden shifted and let out a small growl "That doesn't work on me Tuvok"

"Shut up Bones" Stiles sighed and gave himself a face palm shaking his head "What?"

"Two different series buddy, Bones is original and Tuvok is Voyager"

"I'm more of a Star Wars vampire"

"We're going to have to deal with your lack of Trek knowledge or this friendship will have major problems"

The rest of the evening had consisted of Stiles correcting all of Jaiden's Star Trek errors, most issues were resolved pretty quickly but they had started having a small argument about Seven of Nine, Jaiden insisted that she had been in one of the movies and wouldn't believe Stiles that she wasn't - In the end a quick IMDB search on Jeri Ryan proved that Stiles was right. They also found out that she was in a Dracula movie and decided that would be in their next movie night along with Librarian 3, Jaiden liked Bruce Davidson's portrayal of Dracula.

Jaiden was now home, he scaled the outside of the house and entered through his bedroom window. The climbing and twisting reminding him of how much junk he had just consumed "Christ" He held his stomach trying to calm it "I think I ate too much" a rather long and loud burp relieved some of the pressure "That's better" He noticed Derek sat against his bed reading a book "Why are you on the floor?"

Derek looked up from the book and motioned across the room "No chairs" It wasn't completely correct, there was the stools at the keyboard and drum kit.

"What is it with people having issues with sitting on the bed?" Jaiden asked "Could you do me a favour and put yourself on the bed? I don't think my stomach could handle lifting my werewolf partner in crime" He kicked off his shoes, removed his shirt and unbuttoned his pants which seemed to be a lot tighter than they were when he put them on "I would say never again but it's scheduled for next week"

"What exactly did you eat? I can smell a lot of food but can't pick any one thing out" Derek asked, he sniffed again to see if he could get anything "Never mind, it's you and Stiles - I think I'll be more comfortable not knowing"

Jaiden waved him off, he grabbed a clean pair of boxers deciding to have a quick shower as well as brushing his teeth, he knew what it was like to have an over sensitive nose and wanted to clean away the evidence of tonights food for Derek's sake. He saw Derek's clothes neatly folded on the floor "Do you want me to wash those?"

"Do you mind?"

Jaiden didn't answer, he just picked the clothes up and made his way to the utility room.

Jaiden finished up in the bathroom and came back to the bedroom, Derek was still engrossed in his book, it was a Star Wars book but Jaiden couldn't see which one.

Derek looked up at him "Have you got a blanket? I'll take the floor"

"I have no problem sharing a bed with guy, unless you do?"

"No, it's just our bond is new and still forming, I wasn't sure if you'd be okay after how I was to you before" Derek replied "I'm kinda glad though, your floor is really uncomfortable, my ass fell asleep" Jaiden laughed "The right cheek is good but the left is still half dead"

"Well I'm not resuscitating it for you" Jaiden replied, he was a little surprised at how quickly the bonds of their new pack were forming and how strong they already were "I have one rule though, I don't do naked. My brother or not, I'm not quite ready for that yet"

Derek placed his book and got off the bed "We're going to have a slight problem - I'm commando"

"Dude!" Jaiden walked over to the chest of draws to get some boxers "Now I really need to make sure I was those pants" He chucked the boxers at Derek "Damn werewolf junk"

"Shut up" Derek replied dropping the pants to put the boxers on. Afterwards he realised he'd done it in front of Jaiden "Sorry"

"Meh" Jaiden got into bed and Derek joined him picking up the book again "What you reading?" Jaiden placed his head against Derek's arm so he could get a better look.

"Your hair is soaked" Derek laughed "Don't you bother drying? It's like a wet puppy" Jaiden looked up to him smiling "Don't look at me like that, I don't do sweet and cute" Jaiden smiled more "Stop it" He put his arm around Jaiden pulling him in close "It's Legacy of The Force six"

"I haven't read any of the books, love the films though"

Derek put the book down again, he'd done with reading for tonight and wanted to talk to Jaiden more. Besides he's now hiding from the law, he'd have plenty of time for reading "I used to have all the books, before the fire, they were in the house" He hadn't really talked about the fire much "Legacy is my favorite series, Laura started to buy them for my birthdays and Christmas - They're all I have left of her" Jaiden started rubbing soothing circles on his chest, he'd started to forget what it felt like to be cared for "She would've liked you"


"Don't sound so surprised, you're a good guy" Derek replied, he wish he'd taken time to get to know Jaiden before attacking him. Even after all that, the young vampire helped to save his life "Sorry for attacking you"

"It's cool, you should be apologising to the car" His voice was low like he wasn't completely in to the reply.

"You okay?"

"Just thinking" Jaiden replied, he'd been thinking about Danny. He wasn't sure if he wanted Stiles to be right or wrong "Apparently Danny likes me"

"Danny is?"

"Great" He opened his eyes in shock, not even realising they were closed. Had he just Danny is great? "He's a friend, a good friend, he made me realise that Stiles was a decent guy and that I couldn't go through life trying to isolate myself from everyone" Jaiden smiled thinking back to the day they met "He didn't even know me but told me he's gay" He'd been joking but asked Danny if he was checking him out, all Danny said is he liked his eyes. Stiles must be wrong - Why is the thought of Danny not liking him hurting a little?

"You like him" Derek replied. Stiles had asked the question but Derek said it as a matter of fact.

"I prefer talking to Stiles about this, he doesn't have a bond with me knowing what I'm thinking" Jaiden was only messing, he liked their connection and Derek knew it too, he kissed Jaiden's slightly dryer hair, he wasn't going to press the matter "Thanks" They snuggled further down the bed.

Jaiden had spent more time sharing a bed with his friends than he had being on his own. But this was different to the others, he and Derek were now pack, like brothers - He needed this.

For Derek, Jaiden was reminding him more just how much he missed his family. But he was also starting to slowly heal the breaks in his heart from losing them.