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Danny, Jackson and Rhys woke up first. There were two bathrooms so Danny and Rhys took a shower first while Jackson started getting coffee ready. None of them had much sleep and he knew for a fact that Danny couldn't function without at least two cups of the dark stuff. As soon as they were finished Jackson went for his shower.

It wasn't long before Stiles and Scott came down, both having showered.

"Where's JD?"

"Still in bed I think" Danny replied.

"You're annoying Stilinski, go wake him"

"I'm on it!" Stiles replied running upstairs.

Jackson was looking for something to make for breakfast, he wanted something more than cereal but there wasn't much around. With his parents away and him camping they hadn't bothered to do much shopping.

"Meh, we have two whole pigs worth of bacon - For some reason - One sausage, four eggs and a slice of bread"

"Have you got any maple syrup?" Rhys asked.

Jackson looked in the cupboards "Yes, yes we do - Did you want it poached or scrambled?"

"Dumb ass - Bacon and pancakes! Assuming you have flour and milk?"

Rhys got up to help, Jackson handed him the ingredients and he started to make the mix. A few minutes later Stiles came back.

"He's dead"

"Danny?" Jackson asked shaking his head at Stiles.

"What? Don't send a Stilinski to do a Ma.. Mi.."

"Mahiʻai" Danny replied getting up.



"Cool, cool I got it" Stiles took a moment to compose himself "Don't send a Stilinski to do a Danny's job"

Danny laughed, he liked Stiles a lot. He thought back to what Stiles had asked him a couple of weeks ago, he had never answered. He'd probably regret this "Stiles? The answer to your question - Yes" It took a few moments for Stiles to register what he was talking about, a wide grin spread across his face. Danny laughed and went upstairs to wake Jaiden. He walked into the room and sat on the bed, Jaiden looked so peaceful, he didn't want to wake him. He put his arm on Jaiden's back.

"Stiles!" Jaiden groaned "I already told you - Cock off"

"Cock off?"

"Sorry Dan" Jaiden rolled over so he was on his back. Danny's hand was now resting on his chest "I can't be rude to you" Jaiden placed his hand on the one Danny had on his bare chest "Please would you cock off and let me sleep?"

"We have to go soon" Danny replied, it earned him another groan "Come on buddy"

"Don't wanna"

"If you get up now not only will I toast your marshmallows later I'll even feed you with no complaints"

Jaiden sighed and got up "Using my love of food against me, I thought you loved me"

"Of course I do - Don't worry I'm going straight to hell for it" Jaiden hit his arm "Come on, Jackson and Rhys are making bacon and pancakes - Surely the laughs of that going tits up is worth getting out of bed?" Danny got off the bed and pulled Jaiden up "I'll see you downstairs"

Danny went back downstairs, as he approached the kitchen he heard Jackson and Stiles talking and Scott and Rhys laughing.


"Yes! Finally!" Danny sat down at the table next to Scott "JD?"

"Half asleep but alive" Danny replied. Rhys brought him a plate full of pancakes and bacon "Thanks" He took a big bite of the food "Oh god" It was the best bacon and pancakes he'd ever tasted "Rhys will you marry me? This is amazing"

"Only if we can hire Jackson as a maid"


"Deal" Danny replied taking another bite.


"I dunno Jackson" Stiles said drinking coffee, he and Scott had both finished their plates "I think you'd look good in a little black dress with a frilly white apron"

"That's really disturbing Sty" Jackson sat next to him and Rhys sat next to Danny. Scott got up to start on the dishes "Don't worry about that Scott"

"It's cool bro" Scott replied.

Jackson smiled at him and continued to eat. He realised that he'd left his coffee by the cooker and took Stiles' mug from his hand and started to drink. Stiles started to frown at him until Jackson blew him a kiss, he laughed and mouthed 'love you too' and then went to retrieve Jackson's coffee.

Jaiden came down and sat next to Danny and dropped his head on the table. He felt better after talking to Derek and staying with him for a while but he was also completely shattered, he only had about an hours sleep. Rhys had finished and brought him over his breakfast, he lifted his head and smiled a thank you - It looked and smelt great but he didn't know if he had the energy to eat yet.

He felt a hand around his shoulder, Danny took the fork and stabbed some bacon and put it in his mouth "Thanks Dan" Jaiden replied smiling and taking the fork from him. Danny took another sip of coffee before handing the rest to Jaiden, there was none left in the pot and he'd already had four cups before that "Thank you"

"No problem - I'm gonna start loading the cars, the girls will be here soon" Danny got up and squeezed his shoulder.

As they finished, one by one, Scott, Stiles and Jackson left to help Danny. Jaiden was still eating and Rhys sat opposite him, looking at him like he was trying to figure something out "You okay?"

"Yeah" Rhys replied, he had been thinking about how different Jaiden was all night, he couldn't quite put his finger on it at first and then he realised that it was Danny that was making him different "Jaid? What's with you and Danny?"

Jaiden sighed, it was hard enough to not think about Danny but everyone asking questions was making it a lot harder "Honestly Rhys I don't know" He'd now finished eating and drank some more coffee "I know that Danny likes me, for some reason, but I don't know what else is happening"

"You mean you don't know how you feel about him?" Rhys asked, Jaiden replied with a nod. Rhys wasn't sure how to reply - He thought he knew Jaiden but he never once thought that he might ever be interested in guys. He heard Stiles calling him, he was thankful for the interruption, he didn't know what else to say to his best friend, he just wanted him to be happy "I know this will never win an award for the best advice but..." Stiles called him again "... Just follow your heart and you'll be okay"

"Hey Cookie!" That was Jackson this time "Get your British ass out here now!"

Rhys went to find them "Rwy'n Cymraeg eich ceiliog!"

Jaiden laughed, only Rhys could insult someone in a language they wouldn't understand. He got up and started to wash up his plate and cup. He was trying to think about what to do with Danny, he mentioned to Derek about ignoring Danny and keeping a distance - Derek hit him and told him not to be a complete moron, it wouldn't do either of them any good.

He finished cleaning up and went outside to help the others. Sarah, Allison, Lydia and Allison's aunt were now there too. He walked behind Sarah and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her neck.

"Stiles... Jaiden might see us" She said turning around smiling "Oh hey baby"

"Stiles? Come here buddy" Jaiden gave her a kiss. He moved out of the way and pushed Stiles in front of Sarah, he took her arms and put them around Stiles and then done the same to him, he took out his phone and took a picture of them "Hold it there" He went back to them and moved Sarah's hand and placed it on Stiles' butt and went for another picture.

Sarah had her head on Stiles' shoulder laughing "Have you finished?"

"One more pic" Jaiden replied "Stiles your face is as red as my hair!" He took the last photo "This crap is going on Facebook"

Sarah noticed Jackson looking at them, she whispered in Stiles' ear "I think Jackson's getting jealous" She stepped back "Jackson? You want in?"

"Hell yeah!" Jackson replied coming over to Stiles - Stiles put his arms around Jackson.

"I'm not holding your ass"

"Why not? It's a nice ass"

"I'm sure it is" Stiles replied "But Sarah was holding my ass and therefor the person holding ass is the girl - You've gotta hold mine"

Jackson put his hands on Stiles and squeezed his arse cheeks "You're still my bitch"

"Uh huh - Which is why I was Spidey and your were MJ?"

"Shit!" Jackson replied laughing, he'd been setup "Okay I'm your bitch"

"And don't you forget it" They broke apart and walked back to the cars.

"Or what?"

"I dunno" Stiles replied bumping shoulders "Did you honestly think I would have put that much thought into this conversation? I thought it would have ended back at Spidey"

Jackson laughed and spoke quietly to him "I really like you Stiles" He put his arm around him "I'm sorry for the past few years, all the shit I gave you"

"It's okay" Stiles replied, he knew it must be hard for Jackson to apologise "We're good now - That's what matters"

"Thanks Sty"

They arrived at the lake and had taken all of the gear out of the vehicles. It was now time for them to decide who was going to do what. Jaiden saw that Allison's aunt was holding the rope they'd brought to make a rope swing.

"Right guys" Kate said looking at the boys "We need to set this place up"

Jaiden didn't give her a chance to say anything else "I call the rope swing"

"Shotgun assistant rope swing maker!" Jackson added. Kate gave him a questioning look, it didn't need both of them "You know, safety in numbers and all that - JD may fall"

"Okay, of you go" She handed them the rope "That means the rest of us are on tents"

"Sweet!" Rhys replied. He loved putting tents up - He always put the tent up when he and Jaiden went camping which suited Jaiden fine, he'd happily take it down but hated putting it up "Come on Stiles" Rhys grabbed a tent and pulled Stiles along. Stiles was thankful that he enjoyed putting up tents, he wasn't going to get a say in it.

Jackson and Jaiden had walked a little way from the others to a very big tree that had a branch extend over the lake. Jaiden turned to look at the rest of the group, they were all busy with the tents and other things and weren't watching them. He jumped and landed on the branch, he'd only ever managed to jump about ten foot before.

"Holy shit JD!" Jackson said looking shocked "Since when can you fly?"

Jaiden broke out into song "I'd sooner try defying gravity..." Jackson soon cut him off.

"First of all, it's 'I'd sooner buy defying gravity' And second, you're a moron" Jackson threw the rope up to him.

"And why are you here? This is a one man job"

"I hate tents and they hate me" Jackson shrugged "So what's with the whole defying gravity thing?"

"It's a good record" Jaiden replied sitting on the branch, he noticed Jackson scowling... When did he and Derek start hanging out? "I've always been able to jump pretty high but now the bond between Derek and me has made me lot stronger" He'd now tied the rope up "It's strange, when my mom and sister left I didn't feel any weaker but now being part of a pack I'm stronger"

"How does it work?"

"Honestly I'm not sure buddy - It's like a physical bond, we draw from each others strengths"

"But you're vampire and Derek's werewolf - How can you be part of the same pack?"

"We may be different but the packs work the same for both. To have a mixed pack is uncommon but it's not unheard of" He'd now finished securing the rope "Done!" He stood back up on the branch and looked to the group, Stiles and Rhys had started on their second tent and that was nearly up - Scott and Danny were just finishing their first. He called over to them "We need someone to test the swing" Stiles and Rhys, although fairly tall, are skinny, Jackson and Scott were well built but shorter, He and Danny were the tallest but Danny was slightly more well built than him so logically he would weigh the most "Danny! You're a fat bastard!"

"Language!" Kate shouted looking up with a smile. Jaiden smiled back and pointed down to Jackson.

Jackson noticed the blame trying to be put on him "Piss off JD"

"Language!" Jackson then pointed up to Jaiden "If you two send me grey over this weekend I swear I'll kill you both"

"I'll help you" Danny replied walking over to Jaiden and Jackson, he pulled on the rope a couple of times "You sure this is safe?"

"Of course it is" Jackson replied.

"I don't trust you two" Danny jumped up and grabbed hold of the rope, he stayed there for a few seconds before dropping down "It'll do" Danny walked off to go finish the tent.

"He doesn't trust us Jacks" Jaiden said jumping down.


"Language!" Kate said, Jackson wasn't sure how she could have heard him "Did you guys wanna find some wood for the fire?"

They both gave a thumbs up and walked off into the woods.

"What do you want for your birthday?" Jaiden asked.

"We're spending the whole day together so I'm good really - What about you?"

"The same, as long as I have you guys I'm fine"

"That's no help JD I have to get you something"

"Well the same goes for you" Jaiden replied, he found a couple of thick branches and picked them up "Okay we make a deal not to get each other anything?"

"Agreed" Jackson replied "So where'd you get to last night?"

Jaiden froze for a second. Jackson was asleep, they were all asleep... At least they were when he left "I went to see Derek"

"I hope he told you that you guys need to talk and soon"

"He did but what he should have been telling me is I need to get a car. Do you realise just how far it is between our houses? My calves are still killing"

Jackson smiled, only Jaiden could politely tell you to mind your own damn business without being rude or even actually saying it "You can borrow mine whenever you need bro"

"Thanks Jacks" Jaiden realised that his hands were full of branches "Hey why am I doing all the hard graft?"

"Err cause you're stronger than me craphat"

"Ha! The real Jackson's back"

"I called you craphat with love. What more do you want?"

"For you to take some of the wood?" Jackson picked up a few more pieces before taking some from Jaiden, they started to head back to camp "Thanks honey"

"Oh no! No! No! No! I've already admitted to being Stiles' bitch, I am not being yours too"

"Fine, see if I care - Stiles said I'm his second best friend, I can get him to bitch you around on my behalf"

"I won't do it" Jackson replied doing his best to be defiant, he could tell Jaiden wasn't buying it but he wasn't going to let him have complete satisfaction "Okay I will do it because I'll do anything he asks of me" They were now back at the camp, Stiles popped his head up from behind a tent.

"You'll do anything who asks? You're talking about me aren't you?" He noticed Jaiden smiling and Jackson turning red "You are!" Jackson was now smiling too "That's it bitch, know your place" Jackson laughed at him "My back is aching a little, I want a back rub later"

"Sissies give back rubs and I am not a sissy - I'll give you a back massage later" Jackson dropped his pile of wood on top of Jaiden's "Your tent or mine?"

"I feel like going naturist" Stiles replied. He felt a hand on his shoulder and jumped "Aaah!" He turned to see Lydia "You scared me"

"And you're supposed to be in love with me not Jackson"

"I.. Err.. Well.. It's... Jackson is just my bitch, my handsome and strong and so not a sissy bitch - You're the love of my life"


"Kissey kissey?" Stiles asked, she gave him a kiss, it wasn't full on lips but wasn't on the cheek either, it was sort of half and half. When he turned around he saw Jackson looking at him. It dawned on him that he'd now asked Jackson's girlfriend for a kiss, twice "Jaid? You wanna take over and I'll help with the wood? I gotta head in for a piss anyway"


"My bad" Stiles replied. He walked off into the woods, he hadn't actually needed to pee, he just wanted to speak to Jackson but now having used it as an excuse he was busting. When he was finished he started collecting some wood, a few minutes later Jackson came up to him.

"Hey" Jackson said putting his arm around Stiles. Stiles wasn't sure why but it felt strange, he wanted to break free, he bent down to get another log. As soon as he stood up Jackson's arm was around him again, obviously he'd been too discreet. He turned to face Jackson and gave him the wood so his hands would be occupied "What's wrong?"

"Nothing!" Stiles said, it was a little high pitched even for his liking. He took the wood from Jackson again, apparently touching wasn't the only problem, talking was too "We should split up, cover more ground. Meet back here in ten?"

"Or stay together, I'll carry the wood, you just pile me up?"

"Yeah okay Jackson we all know you're stronger than me but I am perfectly capable of carrying wood myself!"

"You're being weired"

"And you've always thought I'm a total spazz! What's different now?" Stiles replied walking off, he turned to look at Jackson but wish he hadn't. The blonde was just stood there looking in his direction. His face displayed every kind of emotion - Hurt, confused, angry, shocked and sad all in one "Shit!" He cursed himself, he wanted to say sorry to Jackson for kissing his girlfriend not shun him just for putting his arm around him and why was it a problem? Last night they had kissed and earlier Jackson was squeezing his ass "Fuck!" He was pleased that Kate wasn't around to hear his cursing, she'd probably kill him.

He continued gathering wood for a while and looked at his watch, it felt like it had been more than ten minutes but only five had passed. He decided to start heading back, he wouldn't be able to carry much more anyway. He found Jackson sitting on a log, his head was in his hands, Stiles was overcome with guilt. He put his wood down and sat next to Jackson.

"That was over spazzy even for me huh?" Jackson looked up at him, a smile was tugging at the corners of his lips but it couldn't quite get there "Sorry for kissing Lydia" The smile had stopped trying to form and now Jackson's face was confused "Could you maybe stop looking all cute and stuff and say something?"


"I was thinking more on the lines of 'Keep away from my girl you dork' but that's better than not talking"


"Keep away from my girl you dork?"


"You're stuck in a loop Jacko" Stiles replied. The smile was now there in it's full glory, Stiles bumped Jackson's shoulder "I like your smile, you don't smile enough"

"I smile"

"Not enough though"

"You make me smile" Jackson replied, he found himself putting his arm around Stiles again only this time he wasn't pushed away "Thanks" He lent his head down on Stiles shoulder "About Lydia... We're... Please don't tell anyone yet... We're not dating anymore" Stiles spun around to face Jackson, the movement made Jackson fall and they ended up on the ground, Jackson laying on top of Stiles "Sty!"

"Why are you not dating anymore?"

"We were kinda forced into being together by our friends, we went along with it but neither of us were happy so we decided to call it off"

"You guys looked good together"

"I think that was the problem" Jackson replied "We looked good so everyone thought we should be together - Don't get me wrong I do like Lydia but not like that, I just want us to be friends" Jackson realised that he was still on top of Stiles but Stiles had now put his arms around him and was trying to cuddle him, he dropped his head to lay on Stiles chest "So anyway she's free now - You should ask her out"

"Like that would ever happen - We're talking now, becoming friends and I like that, a lot, I think I could happily live like this"

"What? With me laying on top of you cuddling?"

"I meant being friends with her, that would be enough, but yeah cuddling you is pretty damn good"

"Thanks - Kissing me is good too right?"

Stiles laughed into Jackson hair "I was surprised, you're a gentle kisser" Stiles found his hand moving down Jackson's back, he didn't know what he was doing but couldn't stop himself. He felt Jackson tense up a little "You're right, it is a nice ass"

"Yours is nice too"

"Which is better? Kissing you or Cuddling you?"

"They're the same really" Jackson replied lifting his head to look at Stiles "I imagine kissing and cuddling together would be pretty epic" Stiles reached up and placed a kiss on his lips "You call that a kiss? I'm not your gr.."

Before he could finish, Stiles lips were pressed against his again, only this time they were more demanding. He tried to curse himself for not preparing for this, it was obvious that the conversation would end this way but all he could think about was how good it felt. He tried to part those loving lips with his tongue, he wanted to taste and feel the inside of Stiles mouth - Stiles took his tongue in his lips and sucked on it - Jackson heard a moan, it had come from him - Stiles finished sucking his tongue and allowed it full entrance. Jackson felt a hand push it's way underneath his shorts and boxers, squeezing his arse cheek, he found himself moaning into Stiles mouth again - For a split second he wondered if he was dreaming, this felt too good to be true. He felt something hard pressing into his thigh and realised he was getting hard too - He reached down and started to grope Stiles cock through his shorts.

Stiles pulled away from the kiss panting "No... We shouldn't... We can't do this" Jackson got off of him and run his hand through his hair.

"I'm sorry" It was too good to be true, he turned to walk away... Why were his eyes stinging?

"Jacko wait!" Stiles said grabbing his arm "I didn't mean no as in no - I meant it as in no - not yet" Jackson's face was full of confusion, Stiles smiled and gave him a quick kiss "This is really confusing and I'm a little scared but I want to do this, just not now, not here. The others will be wondering where we are" He placed another kiss on Jackson's soft lips "And I want our first time to be special"

"Really?" Jackson asked, his lips were in a full blown smile.

"Yeah - I mean if you want it too?"

"I do and I want people to know too. Maybe not just yet, I think we both need time to get our heads around this, but soon"

"I like the sound of that"

They engaged in another passionate kiss before heading back to the group.

After getting everything setup, the girls had taken to laying on the shore sunbathing and the boys had been messing around in the lake and on the rope swing. They had decided that it was time for the girls to get wet - Jaiden and Jackson didn't want any part of it. Being safe from the girls was worth the everlasting taunts from their friends.

"So we're agreed?" Stiles asked "Jacko and Jaid are pussy shits - Scott's on Lydia, Rhys takes Sarah, Danny with Kate and I get Allison?"

The other three agreed and they made their way out of the water and ran over to the girls - Scott, Stiles and Rhys picked up their respective girls and threw them over their shoulders, running back into water with them screaming.

Danny had held back a second, the others hadn't wanted to take Kate as they were scared of her... so was he slightly. He stood beside her, she took her sunglasses off to look at him "I'm supposed to pick you up and throw you into the water but that would be rude" He held his hand to help her up "Would you join me?"

Kate smiled at him "Such a gentleman" They made their way into the lake to join the others "You three could learn a lot from Danny" The others looked up to see Danny walking Kate into the lake.

"You now join those two in the rank of pussy shit!"

"I'm going to let you have that one" Kate replied. Stiles felt a sense of accomplishment, he gave the others a smug grin "Don't get cocky"

"My bad"

Jaiden swan over to Danny and came up behind him, throwing his arms around Danny's chest and brining him into a cuddle "I was thinking. Jackson is Stile's bitch and you said that you're going to feed me marshmallows later so does that mean you're my bitch?"

"No and if you get too many thoughts like that I won't even be toasting your marshmallows let alone feeding them to you"

"You have to, that was the deal for me getting out of bed. Either promise you will or I stop hugging you"

"I can live with that" Danny replied, Jaiden started to release his hold but Danny soon pulled his hands back "I do solemnly swear that when the time comes I shall feed you with hot gooey marshmallow goodness"

Jaiden rested his head on Danny's shoulders, he noticed that Danny had a nice neck "I'm hungry"

"You're always hungry Jai"

"True but it's the other kind of hunger"

"Oh" Danny replied, he still had to get used to Jaiden's other needs "I know it's not your normal style but you can snack on me if you want?" Jaiden started to squeeze him "Hey! What's that for?"

"You would never be a snack - You mean more to me than that"


"Of course you do Dan - Why would you ever question that?"

"I don't know, I just... forget I said anything yeah?" He felt Jaiden's nod on his shoulder. He looked over to the others, Stiles and Jackson were trying to wrestle each other and failing. Jackson is his best friend, he only has to look at him and he knows what he's thinking and lately he'd become close to Stiles too "I think they like each other and more than friends"

"You're right" Jaiden replied "I'm glad we got into the water when they came back because they reeked of each other and arousal - Seriously it was so strong I was get horny from it... Which is just plain wrong"

Danny laughed "I'm now having disturbing images of them kissing and you getting off from it"

"Every guy needs a fantasy"

"What's yours?"

"Shania Twain naked in a jacuzzi of custard" Jaiden replied. Danny laughed, it wasn't so much the fantasy but the way Jaiden had said it so quickly and with no hesitation.

"I may be gay but that image is pretty hot" He felt Jaiden nodding on his shoulder "What do you want for your birthday?"


Danny elbowed him in the stomach "I'm being serious Jai. Kyle doesn't know what to get you and I said I'll find out so I need two things"

"You and Kyle"

"If you don't say anything else that will be what you get. Us butt naked with a bow covering our dicks" Jaiden closed his eyes and started to picture it. He was having difficulties picturing Kyle but he had a vivid image of Danny. Danny felt something hard pressing into his back "Jai?"

Jaiden realised what was going on and quickly let go of Danny and moved away from him "I'm sorry"

Danny smiled, Jaiden looked even hotter when blushing "It's cool buddy, we're teenage guys, a change in the temperature can turn us on"

After spending the whole afternoon playing in the water, the group had took to sitting around the fire toasting marshmallows. They were all sitting in pairs and had been randomly moving around, except for Danny and Kate and Stiles and Jackson. Lydia was now sat with Scott, Sarah with Rhys and Allison with Jaiden.

Somehow Jaiden had moved from the log to sitting on the ground between Allison's legs, she was fiddling with his hair and at one stage had started to braid it, she soon undone it.

"Allison? I don't think he's going to feed me marshmallows" Jaiden said expecting her to know what he was talking about.

"Who's not?"

"Danny - He said if I got out of bed he'd toast me marshmallows and here I am, not in bed, and with a distinct lack of marshmallows"

"You have loads of marshmallows"

"But not Danny marshmallows"

"I'm sure he hasn't forgotten" Allison replied, she ruffled his hair "Anyone told you you're weird?" Jaiden nodded and pointed at Rhys, Stiles and Scott. He then pointed behind him gesturing her "It's a cute weird" Jaiden lifted the stick with a marshmallow on behind him giving it to her "Thank you"

"You're welcome" He replied. He liked Allison, first he thought she reminded him of Elise but then he remembered that deep down she was a bitch and Allison wasn't so she was what he wished Elise was "I wish my sister was like you"

"You have a sister?"

"Half sister - She moved away with my mom, she used to bully me"

"If I ever meet her I'll bully her"

He tilted his head back to look up at her grinning "Thanks"

Allison smiled and swiped her finger across his nose "Definitely a cute weird" Neither of them had noticed Danny in front of them, when Jaiden looked forward again he placed a marshmallow in his mouth "Happy now?" Jaiden nodded, she laughed and got up "I'm going to speak to Kate, you guys do whatever it is you do"

Allison walked off and Danny took her place "Thank you" Jaiden said wrapping his arms around Danny's legs "You have hairy legs"

"I'm not shaving them if that's what you're getting at" Danny replied, Jaiden traced his finger over his right leg "Stop that, it tickles"

"You love it"

Danny sighed, he loved everything Jaiden done "Jai, I have to tell you something"


"I..." Danny lowered his voice so the others couldn't hear him, why did he decide now was the time? "I really like you, a lot, and I don't mean just as a friend. I know we can't be together but I think I love you" Jaiden was rubbing his leg, he placed a kiss on it, he would have kissed Danny some other place but the position he was in and the fact that they weren't alone stopped him "We're still friends?"

"Always Dan, nothing will ever stop that"

After another couple hours of them all talking, along with Rhys and Stiles singing... Trying to sing, they had all turned in for the night. Kate had said that it had to be same sex pairings, Scott was going to say something about Danny and Jaiden sharing but Allison smacked him into shutting up before he could get too far, she felt sure that Danny and Jaiden hadn't caught on to it even if the others had.

Jaiden was laying in the tent wide awake. He knew how Danny felt about him but hearing it from Danny had made it all so real now. He had wanted to say more to Danny but he couldn't find the words.

"Danny?" He listened to Danny's breathing, he was fast asleep "I think I've fallen for you too. You make me laugh, you're intelligent and god I swear you're the most handsome guy I've ever seen. If I had a heart you would have stolen it, I want to be with you so much... But Kyle and Sarah are... I don't want to hurt them... I kinda regret that stupid bet now, not because I don't like Sarah, I do, but because I know that I'm going to end up hurting her, she deserves so much better than me... So do you... And Jackson was right, I was jealous of Kyle, I saw you kiss him and I wanted it to be for me... I wish I'd realised how I felt before... And I wish I was man enough to tell you this when you're awake... I love you too"

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