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This chapter is spread out over a few days and different events as they don't really warrant their own chapters. It's also mostly a filler until the birthdays.

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"I'm sorry" Rhys said laying beside Jaiden on his bed.

"You have nothing to be sorry about, I should have told you before"

"I understand why you didn't now - I shouldn't have flipped out like I did"

"Don't worry about it Rhys, I just want us to be good"

"Promise we won't hide anything from each other again?"

"I promise" Jaiden replied. He turned to face Rhys, his eyes betrayed him by letting Rhys know he's been crying "Thanks for accepting me"

"My best friend is a vampire... It's pretty bloody cool really" Rhys cuddled up close to Jaiden "No secrets - I never really liked Lara as much as I made out, I was kinda jealous, it felt like she was taking you from me"

"That will never happen - I move away and you come find me, vampires and werewolves don't even break us apart"

"Good point" Rhys replied, he knew they would always be friends. He was angry with Jaiden but only because he had kept it a secret but he would always love him like a brother "One more thing - When you told me, I asked Derek to bite me. I don't know what I was trying to achieve, I think I wanted to get back at you or something, it was stupid of me but luckily he was the voice of reason - He told me that he wouldn't do it because I was angry and upset and that he would never do it without your consent"

"Really? He said that?"

"Yeah... Why are you questioning that?"

"Well he's the alpha... Not an alpha werewolf but the alpha of our pack, I have to go along with what he says whether I agree or not" Jaiden smiled, all that bad ass attitude of Derek's and deep down he's a softy "Just wait 'til I see him"

"You're nasty" Rhys replied "So how come you didn't tell Sarah?" He kind of regretted asking. Sarah hadn't dumped Jaiden as such but she told him that she knew his heart belonged to someone else and they'd agreed to stop seeing each other "Sorry Jaid"

"It's alright bro - She's right, staying together wouldn't do us any good and at least finishing now we can be friends"

"Don't waste it Jaid, tell Danny how you feel about him"

"It's not that simple Rhys, I won't hurt Kyle"

"I can't believe Sarah is a witch"

"I can't believe Lydia declared her love for me" Stiles replied. Jackson gently bit on his neck "Stop that, I'm playing Fifa"

"You're supposed to say that you belong to me now"

"Not when I'm playing Fifa" Jackson bit harder, running his tongue along Stiles' neck "Shit that feels good" In the few seconds that Stiles had his eyes closed in ecstasy the computer had scored a goal against him "What the hell!" He got up throwing the controller on the bed and went to pick up his phone.

"What are you doing now?"

"Calling Danny" Stiles replied waiting for Danny to answer "I have a complaint"

"Morning Stiles"

"Morning Danny - You'd think that dating a guy would be easier, I mean they should know what we do and don't like"

"What's Jack done?"

"He was trying to seduce me while playing Fifa - I lost the friggin game!"


"Exactly! He's just sitting there all sexy and innocent like he's done nothing wrong"


"And now he's giving me that sexy smile and he knows I'll forgive him"


"But I'm never going to have that game back, it's lost to time now"


"And I can have him anytime I want"

"Asshole... I'm going to keep saying asshole, it seems to be turning Kyle on"

"He's now... Wait! What? Really?"

"Yeah and I swear I'll inflict physical harm upon Jackson but I'm about to get head so I really have to go now"

"Cool, yeah, go and enjoy... Jacko won't be getting one for a while" Stiles ended the call and put the phone down.

"I won't be getting what for a while?" Jackson asked walking over to Stiles.

"A blow job, Danny's about to get one"

Jackson kissed Stiles and pushed him to the bed "Maybe I won't be getting one but you didn't say that I couldn't give one"


Jackson and Jaiden had finished getting supplies for the party and had put them in the car. They were now walking aimlessly around the mall waiting for the others who were buying them presents.

"What do we do now? We're not meeting the others for another 20 minutes"

"Got your phone?" Jaiden asked "We could play draw something?"

"We only have 20 minutes JD, you put too much effort into yours" They were walking past and tattoo a piercing parlour "Lydia wanted me to get my belly button pierced"

"You should do it, I think Stiles would like it"

"Really? I'm in if you are"

Jaiden thought for a few seconds, there were so many more worse things they could do in 20 minutes "Yeah go for it"


The others had been waiting around for 15 minutes when Jaiden and Jackson left the parlour. Lydia noticed first and raised her eyebrow, Jackson smiled and stuck his thumb up to her.

"Where have you guys been? We were worried"

"No we were worried Rhys" Scott replied "You were wanting Sarah to cast some bad ass spell on them"

"Go on Sarah, turn them into a frog or something"

"As a modern witch I find it offensive that you think all we can do is turn people into frogs" Sarah replied "Maybe I should turn you into a frog?"

"No I don't like the sound of that - Can you do a Samantha?" Sarah smiled and wriggled her nose "That is so cool"

"If Rhys is finished being a dork..."

"I haven't..."

"... I wanna know what you guys were up to"

"Yeah, show us" Lydia replied. The others looked at her, she obviously knew something they didn't. Jackson and Jaiden lifted their shirts up revealing the piercings "That is so sexy"

Allison quickly took out her phone and snapped a photo "Definitely needs to go on Facebook"

"There's more" Jackson said taking hold of Jaiden's shirt and lifting it higher to reveal a hoop in his left nipple.

"Christ!" Kyle said "Now that is sexy"

"What have you two been drinking? Whatever it is I don't want any"

"Come on then McCall" Jackson replied "You can touch it"

Scott smiled and went up to Jackson feeling the bar through the skin "That's freaky"

"Mom please tell me you're joking?" Jackson asked, she smiled and shook her head no "But why Aunt Emily? She's crazy!"

"Don't be rude honey - She's not crazy, just a little... irregular"

"But Stiles, Danny and JD will be there!"

"Danny has met her"

"But Stiles and JD haven't! She'll scare them away!" Jackson sighed, it's not that he didn't like her... he just liked her more when she was in a different state "Why is she coming? She's never come for my birthday before, she only comes over for Christmas... I'm spending Christmas with Jeff and JD this year"

"No you're not. Sweetie she's getting on in age now, she just wants to spend time with her family" Jackson knew she was right but that didn't mean he had to like it "You best be off to bed now"

"Night mom"

"Good night darling"


Jackson was laying in bed, it had now turned midnight. He sent Jaiden a text, while it was going through he received one - They'd both text the same thing.

'Happy Birthday!'

Jackson smiled, this was going to be the best birthday ever.

'My aunt is flying in later. She'll be at dinner - I am so sorry JD'


'You won't be lol'ing when you meet the old crow'


'Don't you start on me too'

'I love you though'

'Love you too bro'

Authors Note: Okay so that was by far the worst I've written and probably the crappiest piece of fan fiction on the net.

A couple of those events could have been quite long chapters but at the same time they would most likely have ended up being boring too so this is what happened;

Rhys' parents travel for work a lot and sometimes went for a month at a time, he used to stay with Jeff and Jaiden but as they had moved he couldn't so was going to have to transfer schools. He said that if he has to transfer he wanted to stay with them so he's more or less moved in with him.

As Rhys is now living with them, and due to the supernatural activities in Beacon Hill, Jaiden told him about being a vampire - Rhys took that part well but was angry and hurt that Jaiden had kept it a secret from him.

Sarah could see that Jaiden has strong feelings for Danny and felt that she was holding him back so decided to end their relationship before it would be too hard and they both ended up getting hurt. Jaiden also told her that he was a vampire and she in turned confessed to being a witch - There will be more of that in a later chapter.

In case you couldn't guess, Stiles and Jackson are now dating. The rest of the group know, as do their parents.

Jackson has a great aunt called Emily and he really doesn't want his friends to meet her....