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Jaiden woke up to the bed dipping down, he slowly opened his eyes to see Derek smiling at him.

"Happy Birthday" Jaiden sat up in bed exposing his bare chest "I can't believe you got your nipple pierced"

"Is dad still pissed?" He still couldn't understand why the nipple was a problem but the belly button wasn't.

"Nah he's calmed down now" Derek reached down and picked a present off the floor "It's nothing much"

"Thanks" Jaiden replied taking the present, he placed it on the bed and gave Derek a hug "I can smell bacon"

"Rhys is cooking you a full english but don't tell him I told you, he wanted to surprise you"

"Surely he'd know I can smell it?"

"He's closed the doors in the house, opened the windows in the kitchen and opened the back door to try hide it. I told him you have heightened senses and would still smell it, he told me if I didn't shut up and stop trying to 'piss on his chips' he'd throw water over me so the house smelt of wet dog... He's too much like Stiles"

Jaiden laughed, Rhys and Stiles were very much a like which is why he was so drawn to Stiles when they first met "And you didn't kill him?"

"I didn't think you'd forgive me if I did" Derek replied. He got up off the bed "I'm going to check on him, don't be too long or you'll be late for school"

Once Derek had left the room Jaiden opened the card from him. The outside of the card had a photo of a sunset over a lake and said Happy Birthday. Underneath 'Brother' had been hand written on. He opened the inside and was greeted with a hand written message that passed over both sides of the card.


Until now I didn't realise just how sucky the messages are in sibling cards, I couldn't find anything that was even slightly close to how I feel about you.

I have so much I want to say to you, I've wanted to tell you since we first bonded but I haven't been able to find the words.

It was hard losing my family, I didn't know how I was going to live each day, I didn't want to live. But I had Laura and somehow we survived together - Now she's gone too.

These past few months have been really hard, I tried to hide away and not let anyone in, I couldn't stand to be hurt again. But then you came in to my life. And even though I treated you really bad you still stood by me and not only saved my life but helped me to walk away with all my limbs. After what I done you could have turned your back on me but you didn't, it was then that I realised how much I need you.

Each day will still be hard but I know I can get through with you. You're more than just a friend and pack mate - You're like my brother and I love you like you're my real brother and I always will.

Love you little bro.


Jaiden closed the card and wiped a tear from his eyes. He had felt that way about Derek too but had tried not to push it too much - Vampires in general are very loyal and form close packs but he wasn't sure what it was like for werewolves.

He got out of bed and pinned the card up on his keep sake wall, it contained things that were special to him. There were numerous photos of him and Rhys along with other friends and letters from his mom and Elise. Jaiden reached into the bag and pulled out all six Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray. When he moved to Beacon Hills he lost a lot of games, DVD's and CD's, he didn't have time to collect the ones borrowed by friends - Not that he could remember who had borrowed what. Star Wars was one that was left behind.

Jaiden went for a shower before heading downstairs where he was greeted by his dad with a card.

"Happy birthday son"

Jaiden gave him a big hug "Thanks dad"

"I'm sorry I can't make it to dinner tonight. Would you give Jackson his card for me"

"Yeah no problem - I think he's relieved you can't come in a way, his aunt will be there and he's embarrassed. He was trying to convince Stiles and me to call in sick"

"And of course that has made the two of you want to go even more"

"Hell yeah!" Jaiden replied, he walked into the kitchen and sat at the counter, Rhys placed the plate in front of him before giving him a hug "A full english! Thanks bro!"

"Happy birthday buddy" Rhys gave Derek a cocky grin "See D-Dawg - I told you he wouldn't smell it"

"And I told you not to call me that" Derek replied glaring at him.

"You might scare Stiles but it doesn't work on me, unlike him I'm not a pussy shit"

Jeff had just walked back into the kitchen "Mind your language Rhys" Derek got up, wolfed out a little and growled at Rhys who in turn let out a small scream "Derek, stop scaring him"

Jaiden laughed at them, he was so thankful that they get along well. At first he wondered if they were just doing it for his sake but soon realised that it was a genuine friendship starting between them. The past few nights Derek had stayed in Rhys' room, it had somehow came out in conversation that he'd never played an Xbox and Rhys had made it his task to change that and get Derek into gaming like any other teenage guy.

"I've gotta get my bag, want me to grab yours?" Rhys asked.

"Yeah thanks mate" Jaiden finished his breakfast and got up to clean the plates.

"I'm on it" Derek said taking the plates from him.

"Jaiden?" Jeff called him over, they started to make their way outside "I know you said that you didn't want anything but you're my son, I couldn't not get you something and your mom and I had planned this for both you and Elise when you turned 17" He opened the front door and led Jaiden outside "Happy birthday son" There in the drive was a Dodge Nitro with a large bow attached to the windscreen.

"Holy shit!" Jaiden said in awe, Jeff didn't like him swearing but allowed it "Thanks dad!" Jaiden walked up to the machine running his hand over it "Dad? Are you sure we can afford it?"

"Hey I'm supposed to worry about the money, you're meant to find ways of blowing it"

"Dad I'm serious, I am very grateful and really, really like it but if we can't afford it..."

"Jaiden it's okay - We had a lot left over from the sale of the old house and besides, your mom was 142 - She accrued a fair amount of things during her life and she made sure that we'd be alright - That you would be alright"

"How do you mean?" Jaiden asked.

"She set up a trust fund for you, you get access to it when you're 18"

"Really? Why? I mean she couldn't have known what would happen when I was born... Unless she had premonitions but I'm pretty sure she would have told me that was one of her gifts"

"She was very intelligent and lived a long life, she liked to look ahead and she knew that Elise could end up being a problem - She wanted to make sure her baby boy would be okay"

Rhys had just came outside with their bags and the keys for the Nitro, he smiled at his best friend still running his hand over the hood. Jeff had asked him to find out what car Jaiden would like if he could have anything he wanted. He made a point of asking when they were with the others so Jaiden wouldn't get suspicious.

"We better get going bro, don't want detention on your birthday... Although I think Whitty would like it" Jackson often called him Cookie so he had decided to do the same to him.

"Stiles! What are you doing?" Jackson asked as Stiles hand moved down to his crotch.

"Pleasuring my boyfriend"

"We're in the library!"

"Nothing gets past you does it?" Stiles replied kissing him again "It's time to face it Jacko, your boyfriend is a complete nerd. I've spent so much time in the library that I know this section only gets around four visits a day"

"You're my nerd" Jackson replied closing his eyes. He loved how Stiles was calling them boyfriends now.

Stiles was biting and sucking hard on his neck, there was no doubt that it would leave a mark. He dropped to his knees and undone Jacksons pants, pulling them down along with his boxers to release his semi hard cock. Stiles grasped Jacksons arse with his hands and started to gently lick the inside of his thighs, slowly working his way up to Jacksons balls, licking all the way around.

Jackson let out a moan, his heart pounding in his chest. They were in the library and could get caught at any minute. He was about to tell Stiles to stop, they'd get suspended for this if they got caught but then Stiles tongue swirled around the head of his cock, tasting the precome and that was enough to force the worry from his mind.

Stiles took the head in his lips, gently sucking it before slowly taking more of Jacksons now rock hard cock in his mouth. He ran his hands over Jackson's body like he did when they were making out but this time, with Jackson inside of him, it felt different. He could feel the ripples on his abs and the very fine hair on his chest that couldn't really be seen and his soft nipples.

He moved one hand down to play with Jackson's balls while the other moved back to his arse, his middle finger passing through the cracks to lightly tease his hole before entering causing Jackson's body to tense up "Holy... Fuck!" Stiles found himself trying to smile at Jackson's reaction but a mouthful of cock made it near impossible.

Stiles changed the movement of his finger to work with his mouth, pushing his finger in as his mouth moved up Jackson's cock. He was still playing with Jackson's balls, pulling and squeezing them. It wasn't long before he felt them tense up and knew he was soon going to blow. Jackson tried to pull away but Stiles wouldn't let him.

"Sty!" Jackson started between moans "I'm going to..." Stiles started moving faster and faster until he felt hot liquid hitting the back of his throat. Jackson was shaking at his knees, gripping the bookshelf to stop him from collapsing on the floor.

Stiles continued sucking until he was sure Jackson's orgasm at subsided. He pulled away from Jackson and raised up from his knees, Jackson pulled his pants up. Stiles placed a gentle kiss on his lips "Happy Birthday" He moved back in for another kiss, more fierce and passionate.

Jaiden had sat down at their usual table in the cafeteria, he just had an apple and a bottle of water - He was still full from the breakfast Rhys had cooked, it worried him a little, he was always ready to eat.

Jackson soon joined him, sitting opposite. Jaiden smelt something on him, something he would have preferred not to "No offence but next time you jerk off could you maybe shower after? I love you to pieces but I'd prefer not to smell sex" Jackson was smiling and blushing. Jaiden couldn't wait to turn him so he would have an over sensitive nose and get to find out what it's like to smell sex on your friend. He thought for a second, Jackson didn't smell like that earlier and now he smelt more of Stiles too "Holy shit Jacks!" Jackson was blushing even more "How could you guys even..."

"In the library" Jackson replied, Jaiden reached over and they first bumped "It was great, he..."

"Feel free to stop now"

"You're just jealous cause I got a birthday blowjob and you haven't - I'm sure Danny would..." Jackson stopped himself from finishing that sentence, he should never have even started it and it really, really didn't need finishing. He could see the pain on Jaiden's face and was feeling bad "I'm sorry Jaiden"

"It's okay" It wasn't okay really, not at all. He wanted Danny badly. And it wasn't about sex or anything, yeah he'd thought about that, after all he's like any teenager but he could easily live without that. What he wanted, what he needed was to hold Danny, tell him every day how much he loves him and to give Danny anything he wanted. For Danny's face to be the first thing he sees in the morning and the last thing at night. Vampires do have mates although it's not for life but he would happily have Danny for life.

"Why aren't you doing anything about it JD? You're not with Sarah now and it's obvious how much you want him. Why are you putting yourself through this hell?"

"Because I'd much rather feel like this than hurt Kyle - I know I didn't like him at first, I was jealous, but he's a good guy and I can't hurt him just to please myself" Jaiden looked up to see Kyle in the que getting his lunch with Stiles. Scott and Allison came and sat with them, shortly followed by Sarah, Rhys and Lydia.

It was the first time he'd seen Allison today, she came up to him and gave him a light kiss "Happy birthday"

"Thanks Ali"

"Are you okay buddy?" Scott asked nodding to the apple sat in front of Jaiden "Not like you to not have a three course banquet"

"Rhys cooked an epic breakfast this morning, I ate way too much fried bread" Kyle and Stiles had now joined them, Stiles took the seat next to Jackson and Kyle sat down beside Jaiden "Hey"

"Hey" Kyle replied bumping his shoulder. This is what Jaiden was talking about, Kyle didn't have to be friendly with him after how he'd reacted at first and especially when Danny wasn't around. But here he was bumping shoulders, flashing friendly smiles and feeding him a chicken strip... Wait, when did that start happening?

"Where's Danny?" Rhys asked.

"He said something about not being hungry and needing to study for a test next period... My boyfriend is a nerd"

Jackson nodded "I hear you buddy - Mine too" Stiles looked up from his plate and gave a goofy grin. Jackson placed a kiss on Stiles cheek before taking a spicy wedge. Stiles made a noise and Jackson turned to look at him "Did you just?"

"Wow Stiles, that growl gives me a run for my money"

"Whatever Jaid, yours is less a growl and more a lions roar" Jaiden waved him off, his growl wasn't that bad and it's not liked he growled often, just when he was severely pissed off.

"You okay?" Kyle whispered to him.

"Yeah I'm cool"

"Sure? You seemed really sad and distant when we came over - That and you're not eating"

Jaiden smiled "What is it with everyone thinking there's something wrong because I'm not eating?"

"Maybe because you're always the first to want to eat? Is that a vampire thing? I mean you eat enough for two people yet you have the body of a god - And stop blushing" Kyle placed another chicken strip in his mouth.

"This time it's your fault I'm eating"

"I try to help my friends"

"When is your next game? I wanna come watch"

"It's tonight" Kyle replied.


Jackson had overheard the conversation "Nah it's good JD, you should go watch - You too Sty"

"Jan would kill us" Jackson dropped his head to the table with a thud causing the others to wince. Stiles placed his hand on the back of Jackson neck massaging it.

"Don't worry about it, Jaiden will still love you no matter what"

Jackson tilted his head to look at him "What about you?"

"We'll see, I'm hoping I'll still love you but it may end that we revert back to me loving Lydia and you being my bitch"

"So I'm not your bitch right now?"

"No... Yeah... Well kinda... I'm gonna flirt with Lydia - You flirt with Scott"

Scott turned around to look at them, he flashed Jackson a devilish smile "Hey"

Jackson laughed and smiled back "Hey cutie"

Derek stumbled into the kitchen, he'd fallen asleep on Rhys' bed after playing Xbox, Rhys was in the middle of cooking something "What you making?"

"Fish and chips" Rhys replied. Derek smiled at him, Rhys had mentioned the other day he really fancied that "It's Friday, I'm British, I demand fish and chips"

Derek held his hands up in defence "I never said a word" He walked up behind Rhys and wrapped his arms around him, holding him tight. Rhys always felt warm and safe.

"You had another bad dream?" He felt Derek nod and turned around to face him, he was silently crying. Rhys pulled him into a hug, running his hand through Derek's hair "It's not your fault, you can't blame yourself for what happened and you really can't feel guilty about having a new pack, they want you to be happy Derek"

"I miss them so much"

"Do you want me to call Jaid? Get him to come home?"

"No, you're here, I'm good" Derek replied hugging Rhys closer. He was feeling very guilty for having a new pack, for being happy with them but he also needed them. Jaiden had started to make things better and so had Rhys. And tomorrow Jackson would be part of the pack too. He let go of Rhys so he could continue cooking, it was then he noticed an extra plate "There's 3 plates?"

"Yeah... Lydia is coming over"

"That's cool"

"Yeah... It was Whitty and Stiles, not me"

"Okay - What was Jackson and Stiles?"

"Lydia coming over"

"You might as well be speaking in Welsh for all the sense you're making" Derek replied walking to the fridge "Want a beer?"

"I'm 16"

"And I'm 19" Derek handed him a beer "Jeff won't mind and when I explain that you forced me to have one he'll understand it's your fault"

"I thought werewolves can't lie?"

"Nah that's pixies"

"Man if I were a pixie I'd go to Neverland, find Tinker Bell and show Julia Roberts a real man"

"Sorry buddy I'll be busy then" Derek replied as the doorbell sounded "Make yourself useful?"

"I'm cooking"

"I'll take over. It can't be that hard, you're doing it"

Rhys passed Derek the spatula before hitting him and going to let Lydia in. That was the fourth time Derek had woke from a bad dream in the past week, each time felt like it was getting worse but each time Rhys was there, holding him and telling him that everything would be okay. The younger boy didn't know how much it meant to him, how much it helped to ease the pain.

Rhys had wanted them to tell Jaiden, he said that Jaiden should know and would want to know of the pain Derek was feeling. Derek did want to tell him and very nearly did break and reveal all but he knew that his brother was going through enough pain of his own with Danny and there was no way he could add to that, he loved Jaiden too much.

Their connection was strong and it was very hard to hide it from Jaiden but so far he had managed. He'd learned long ago how to hide emotion from his pack, his emotions gave away that it was him who had eaten half of the brownies his mom made for the school bake sale and he swore nothing like that would happen again.

Rhys and Lydia walked into the kitchen. It was the first time that Lydia and Derek had met. The only one of Jaiden's friends that Derek had yet to meet was Kyle. He had met Danny many times, Sarah while she and Jaiden were dating and Allison had come over with Scott one evening, he was thankful that she was nothing like the rest of her family.

"Lydia - Derek. D-Dawg - Lydia"

"Rhys! Don't be rude" Lydia said hitting him in the chest. She moved closer to Derek and held out her hand "Good to meet you"

"You too" Derek couldn't help noticing Lydia's smile "Would you like a drink?"

"Thank you"

There was no doubt in his mind that her smile could probably melt whole worlds.


After eating dinner and talking for a while, the three had sat down to watch a movie while they waited for Jaiden to get home. Derek and Lydia had been getting close all night and now she was on the sofa laying on Derek's chest, his arm was wrapped around her holding her tight. Rhys was now starting to feel like an extra although he did like the smile that kept spreading across Derek's face, it suited him. He took his phone out and switched it to silent before texting Sarah.

'Lydia and Derek have been flirting all night :('

'Aww. That's sweet'

'It's disgusting :-(*)'

'Don't be nasty'

'Easy for you to say, you're not sat here watching them'

'Want me to fly over?'

'That would be ace! I feel like the fifth wheel on this bike with training wheels'

"Be there in five, meet you outside x'

Rhys smiled at the kiss. He got up and placed his phone back in his pocket. He looked over to Derek and Lydia, they probably wouldn't even notice that he was leaving - Lydia looked half asleep and Derek was too engrossed in the movie "I'm just going outside to see Sarah"

It seemed that Lydia was in fact asleep and the response from Derek was just a slight nod. Rhys decided that he would have to spend more time with him and mould him into a more manly man - No guy should be that engrossed in the Notebook.

He grabbed his jacket and walked outside. It was another cool night, not cold as such but too cool for the time of year. He sat down on the front porch waiting for Sarah. He loved Beacon Hills, and loved being with Jaiden again as well as his new friends but he did miss his parents, like he always did when they went away on business. Normally it didn't bother him as much, he knew it would only be for a few weeks but this time felt different - It was different, he wouldn't be going home again for a long time.

"We need to talk about your Simpson's quotes" He looked up to see Sarah floating on her broomstick "Hey"

"Hey" He replied. Sarah dropped to the ground and came to sit next to him "Thanks for coming" Maybe he didn't want to go home for a long time.

"You're not wearing your glasses"

"Contacts. Glasses make me look like a geek - Well more of a geek"

"You don't look like a geek" Sarah replied. She placed her head on his shoulders and he put his arms around her "They make you look hot - Well hotter" Rhys laughed into her hair "I wonder how the guys are getting on"

"I wish I could see it - I bet she isn't really that bad. No one likes friends meeting family"

"True, I hate it when friends meet my aunt. She's an old witch... Literally - I hope I don't end up like her"

"Nah you're a good witch"

"Thanks" Sarah cuddled into Rhys more "Have you got a date for tomorrow?"

"I don't know anyone here yet, except you Allison and Lydia" Rhys replied "Besides I'm the dorky new kid, what girl would want to go with me"

"I would"

"Really?" Rhys asked. She nodded against his shoulder "Why? You could have nearly any guy in school"

"You're not a dork Rhys - Despite the Star Wars quotes - You're funny and cute. I did stop seeing Jaiden because I knew he loves Danny but it's also because I realised that I didn't love him. When we were camping, I think I started to fall for you - I like you Rhys"

"I like you too" Rhys replied "Would you be my date tomorrow?"


"Can... I kiss you?"

Sarah smiled "Yes"

"Here you go boy" Emily said handing Jackson a present.

"Err... Thank you" Jackson replied, she never gave him presents. His parents looked shocked too.

"That's very generous of you Emily"

"Well you have to bring a little excitement into their lives" She replied in a bitter tone. Jaiden started laughing and once again was discreetly hit by Jackson "Not too much though or they take it for granted!" Jaiden turned around to try hide his laughing.

"Jaiden would you help me with the drinks?" Jan asked, she was fighting back a laugh too although it was mainly because of Jaiden "Would you like a drink Emily?"

"Gin and Tonic please - Large"

"Ice and lemon?"

"If there's room in the glass, yes"

Jan had to practically push Jaiden out of the room and into the kitchen, his face was bright red trying to contain the laughing.

"I don't see why Jacks was worrying about us meeting her. She is totally awesome!"

"I remember the first time I met her. She scared me" Jan replied. She started making the drinks "Would you like one?"

"Meh - I'm driving... Well making the vehicle move, I don't think it classes as driving"

"It's a nice truck"

"Yeah she drives really well - I wasn't expecting it, I told dad that I didn't want anything"

"Jackson said that you didn't really celebrate much"

"It wasn't the same after my mom left, I tried to make birthdays go by quick and quietly. When Jacks asked me if we could have a joint birthday I wanted to say no but he looked so excited I couldn't. I'm glad I didn't though, this has been really good. Thanks Jan"

"You're welcome honey" Jan replied. They were interrupted by Danny and Stiles falling over each other in laughter "What happened?"

"The... The present..."

"Jacko's face..." Jackson walked into the kitchen scowling. Danny and Stiles started laughing again "Oh Christ!"

"I hate you three"

"What did she get you sweetie?"

"Underwear" Jackson replied causing Stiles and Danny to laugh even harder and Jaiden to join them. He pulled the offending item from behind his back to reveal a pair of Y-Fronts. Jan could no longer control the laughter "Mom! It's not funny!"

"I'm sorry darling" Jan replied. She wiped away the tears forming "It is a little funny"

To Danny, Stiles and Jaiden - Jan's laughing had made the situation even funnier. Jackson turned to look at them individually "You better hope Lydia still loves you because you're going to be single by the morning - Next year you don't get a birthday - And you... Hell I give up trying to get rid of you"

The three of them all ganged up on Jackson and pulled him into a group hug. He would forgive them because he loved them but he wouldn't forget tonight - One day he would get them back, no matter how long it may take their day would come.

Emily had the three teens in fits of hysterics all night long and they could now understand why Jackson hadn't wanted them to meet her, she was cool but not to a teenage relative. After the meal and a few more large drinks Emily had gone to the piano and started a sing-song. Apparently something she always done which was one of the many reason why Jackson didn't want his friends to meet her. Danny had mentioned it to Jaiden and told him to bring his guitar too - Jackson's mood improved considerably after Emily and Jaiden sung Stand By Your Man.

Now Jaiden was laying in bed wide awake with Danny next to him sound asleep. He had learnt many things about Danny - He learnt that he liked to have things planned, it's not that Danny minded unexpected things but he preferred to plan ahead. He'd learnt that Danny's math knowledge was beyond amazing, he would probably beat Jaiden. He'd also learnt that Danny didn't have any trouble in sleeping, his head had barely hit the pillow and he was in dream land.

Jaiden wished that he could sleep as well as Danny. If he could he wouldn't be laying awake unable to take his eyes of the sleeping form beside him. It's not that he didn't like sharing a bed with Danny, it was the complete opposite, he liked it too much. He wanted to be doing something more than sleeping - Or not sleeping in his case.

He got out of bed and made his way downstairs hoping to have more luck sleeping on the sofa. He stopped by the kitchen first to get a glass of water, while stood at the sink the security light came on.

"Little sod" Jaiden sighed. That bloody cat was back again, this was the third time this week "I thought you would be scared of me now" He opened the back door and shifted. He looked around but couldn't see the cat anywhere, after a few seconds he turned to go back inside - And then he heard something behind him. Jaiden turned around and growled expecting to see the cat but instead it was Scott falling backwards and landing on his ass "Scott!"

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I thought you were that cat!"

"Do I look like a bloody cat?" Scott asked pulling himself up from the ground "Anyway what cat?"

"That cat that keeps terrorising me"

"I very much doubt a cat would be trying to terrorise you Jaiden - What does it look like?"

"Black with a white patch on it's left ear"

"Is that him?" Scott asked pointing behind Jaiden.

Jaiden turned around to see the terror walking across the lawn. It stopped and looked at them "Go away!"

"You talking to me or the cat?"

"At first the cat" Jaiden replied. He growled again and the cat ran away like it had the nights before "Why are you here? It's nearly 1am"

"I wanted to bring you your present" Scott picked up the gift bag he dropped when Jaiden scared him "Happy birthday mate" Jaiden opened the present, it was the latest album by Florence and The Machine.

"Thanks Scott" Jaiden gave him a hug "It's getting late. Do you want to stay the night?"

"Yeah that would be cool, thanks"

They went inside and Jaiden put the CD in the player on a low volume. He had been meaning to buy the album for a couple of week but hadn't got around to it. They settled down on the sofa together.


"You're welcome" Scott replied.

He placed a gentle kiss on Jaiden's lips. It wasn't full of lust like all their other kisses, just a small friendly kiss. Jaiden couldn't help but wish that it had been Danny's lips meeting his.

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