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Danny awoke to the alarm blaring away like a fog horn, he haphazardly hit around until the annoying device fell silent - It was way too early in the morning for an alarm to be making such noise. He gradually sat up in bed wiping away the remnants of a good sleep from his eyes.

He turned to look at the other side of the bed to see if the alarms evil power had woken Jaiden too. Of course that side was empty, Danny let out a small chuckle - He still couldn't figure out how Jaiden could so easily get out of bed. The only time he had known Jaiden to want to sleep was when they went camping.

He grudgingly got out of bed and grabbed some clean clothes from the wardrobe. He and Jaiden had spent so much time at each others that they had a couple of changes of clothes.

As he walked down the hallway to the bathroom, he heard Rhys muttering something about moving your heavy dog arse off me. Obviously Derek had spread himself onto Rhys again. When he reached the bathroom he brushed his teeth while waiting for the shower to reach temperature - Toothbrushes were another thing they decided to have at each others.

After the shower and getting dressed, Danny made his way downstairs to the kitchen. At least with Jaiden being up before the sun meant that there would be some coffee ready "Morning" He looked around the kitchen to see it empty "Jai?" He left the kitchen and went to the lounge to find Jaiden asleep on the sofa with Scott laying on top of him.

Jaiden's leg was dangling down the side and Scott's was hooked over the back of the sofa. It really didn't look comfortable at all but both boys were sound asleep - Their mouths wide open with a small amount of drool slipping down their chins. Danny took his phone out a snapped a picture, this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, he had to get evidence now as it was unlikely to happen again.

Danny's mind travelled back to the night that Jaiden had called him Scott and he found his heart breaking once again. He went back upstairs to collect his things before leaving the house and starting the long walk home.

After ten minutes of walking, a silver Porsche pulled up beside him. He wasn't sure which he would rather face, the walk home or Jackson's questions as to why he's walking.

The drivers window rolled down and Stiles poked his head out "Want a ride buddy?"

"Yeah thanks" Danny replied getting in. He wasn't expecting to see Stiles "Thanks"

"No problem mate" Stiles took off in the direction of Danny's house "So.. Jackson let me use his car"

Danny laughed "I noticed"

"I think he's testing our relationship" Stiles replied "You know - If I don't take care of his baby he'll dump me kind of thing" Danny smiled and turned to look out of the window. This was all the alarms fault, if it hadn't gone off he would still be in bed and wouldn't have seen Jaiden and Scott laying together. This wasn't like him at all, he hated himself for feeling this way "Danny? I'm not going to ask you what's wrong or why you were walking home, I can see that it's hurting you and I know you would tell me if you could but I just want you to know that you can talk to me, anytime"

"Thanks" Danny replied turning to face him again. Stiles gave him a smile and squeezed his leg "It's stupid really"

"It's not. Nothing that has you this hurt can be stupid"

"I really like him Stiles. When I got up this morning, he was asleep on the sofa with Scott and they looked a right sight, it was kinda funny. But then I... I don't know I started getting jealous of Scott? I wished that it was me with Jaiden and not him"

"Have you told him how you feel?" Stiles asked. Danny nodded his head "What did he say?"

"Nothing" Danny thought back to that night camping, Jaiden hadn't said a word "There was silence for a few minutes and then I asked him if we would still be friends, he just said yes" Before that though Jaiden had placed a kiss on his leg. Danny had hoped that it might mean something but it was just a friendly gesture "I know I can't have him, he doesn't feel the same. It's just really hard to stop thinking about him"

They were now at Danny's house. Stiles pulled up in the drive, he didn't know what to say "No matter what I say now it wouldn't be much help so just remember if you need to talk or cry or punch something slash someone, I'm here buddy"

Danny reached over and hugged Stiles. He wished he noticed sooner how cool Stiles was. "Thank you" He took his phone out to show Stiles the photo.

"Holy shit!" Stiles said laughing "It's like some puppy bat orgy - We have got to put this on Facebook"

"I'm not doing it! We're talking vampire and werewolf here, I don't want them to were-vamp my ass"

"Okay I'll do it" Stiles replied taking Danny's phone and signing into Facebook "You pussy"

"That stuff smells really bad"

"Stop complaining"

"This will never work"

"Yes it will, stop complaining"

"Have I mentioned that stuff smells?" Derek asked. Lydia replied by gently hitting him across the head "Hey!" She was giving him a 'makeover' so he could come to the party. Apparently it was Stiles and Jackson's idea which only fueled his thoughts that this would fail. He was going to end up in jail by the end of the night. Lydia moved in front of him and started to apply some of the red dye to his eyebrows "Seriously?"

"If we leave them black it's going to be obvious your hair is dyed and we want people to think you're Jaiden's cousin - Now stop complaining" He let out a sigh, he wasn't going to win this battle "There, we just have to wait 30 minutes - You might as well have a shave now"

"A shave?" Derek ran his hand across his chin.

"As hot as the stubble is, it makes you look older than us"

"I am older than you guys"

"But only by 2 years - The stubble makes you look 5 years older - Now go and shave"

This was probably going to end very bad.

Jaiden slowly made his way through the crowd, he was trying to make his way to Jackson - It really wasn't going too well at all. He kept getting stopped by people, it wasn't all bad - Most of them wished him happy birthday, a couple had asked him if he was single but there was one girl that asked him who he was, she was a little scary.

Jackson was getting closer - Until he walked away in the opposite direction and out of sight. Jaiden cursed under his breath, he was never going to get to him. He sniffed the air a little to catch Jackson's scent and find where he went. Instead of Jackson he picked up another scent, it was familiar but very different. He sniffed some more and looked around the room to try see who it belonged to.

Suddenly an arm was wrapped around his shoulder and he was being pushed "Bro, the sniffing? You're being as subtle as a stoned monkey"

Jaiden noticed a couple giving him a strange look "Thanks buddy"

"Seriously though you shouldn't be smelling like that when there's so many people around. If someone pops one out you're screwed" Jaiden laughed at him "It's a valid and very real threat - Danny cut one earlier and I swear to god I can still taste it"

"That's just gross Kyle"

"Hey it's not my fault, blame Danny" Kyle replied, he pointed over the corner of the room "Jackson's over there bro. Good luck"

"You're the best"

Jaiden started off again for Jackson and this time he wasn't stopped by anyone. Jackson was leaning against the wall talking to another guy, he had seen him around school but didn't know him, like many other people here.

"JD! Where you been at all night?"

"Where have I been? I've spent the past 15 minutes trying find you - Were you and Stiles at it again?"

"Shut up" Jackson replied blushing. Jaiden wrapped his arm around him "I don't like you at times" Jackson smiled and turned back to Issac, he and Jaiden hadn't met yet "Oh this is Issac"

Jaiden extended his hand to the other boy "Hey, I'm Jaiden"

"N... Nice to meet you"

"You too buddy" Jaiden replied. He could smell and nearly taste the nervousness rolling off the boy, to say that he was shy and reserved would be an understatement, it was like he wanted to be here but didn't feel comfortable. Jaiden took the bottle of vodka out of his hoodie pocket and places his arms around Issac's shoulders. The slight flinch didn't go unnoticed "Want a drink mate?"

"I... Don't... Err, yeah. Thank you" Issac took the bottle from Jaiden and swallowed a mouthful of alcohol. It tasted vile and burned his throat but he managed to keep it down. He handed the bottle back to Jaiden "Thanks"

"No problem" Jaiden took a swig of the vodka when he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned around to see Lydia and Derek who didn't look anything like Derek. He just managed to swallow the drink "Holy shit!" He handed the bottle back to Issac and controlled the coughing caused by the vodka travelling down the wrong route "That was totally the shock of seeing you - It has nothing to do with me not being able to handle drink... Because I can"

"You're a lightweight" Derek said pulling Jaiden into a hug.

"What are you doing here?"

"Uncle Jeff said that you wanted me to come so I convinced the folks to buy me a plane ticket"

Jaiden pulled away from him and turned to face the others. Jackson was smiling and issac looked a little confused "Issac, this is my cousin.... Dave"

Derek scowled, Jaiden winced, Jackson smirked, Lydia rolled her eyes and Issac wore a friendly smile and extended his hand. Derek accepted his hand, all the time glaring at Jaiden. Of all the names he could use.

"Jaiden stop trying to annoy him" Lydia said, only a girl could rectify this "David is his middle name - Issac, this Jacen Darby, Jaiden's cousin"

"Sorry cous" Jaiden replied.

Derek smiled a silent thank you to Lydia before turning to talk to Jackson and Issac. Jaiden moved to Lydia and pulled her into a hug.

"What's this for?"

"For getting him here, thank you"

Lydia pulled away from him and smiled "Well I needed a date" She placed a kiss on his cheek "I do want to dance with you later though - And I don't want to hear any crap about you can't dance. Vampires are very agile, you can handle it"

Jaiden had managed to pull Jackson away from everyone and had now taken him upstairs to his bedroom. Jackson dove onto the bed and Jaiden looked the door behind them, he didn't want anyone stumbling in and seeing them.

He sat down on the bed next to Jackson, he'd been preparing for this for a few weeks now but he still wasn't sure how to say it to Jackson, how to ask him if he still wanted it. What if he didn't want it now? He hadn't said anything for weeks now. The only way he was going to know was to ask him.

"Do you still want to be turned?"

Jackson turned to look at him. He had no idea what Jaiden had wanted to talk to him about but this would have been at the bottom of the list of possible things "I.. I don't want you to do something you're not comfortable with"

"Jacks I need to know if you want it. Don't worry about what I think"

"How can you ask me not to worry? You're my friend JD, I will always care about what you think and I mean it, I do want to be like you, but only if you're ready"

"Are you sure?" Jaiden asked, he had to give him a chance to change his mind.

Jackson took a few moments to think, he didn't need to think about it, not really - He had been thinking about it everyday for weeks. The change had only been temporary and lasted for less than 10 minutes but those few minutes had changed his life, for the first time in his life he had felt complete "Yes I'm sure - I want it JD"

"Okay" Jaiden swallowed away the nervous lump that had formed in his throat "You'll want to take your shirt off"

"What? Do we have to get naked for this?"

"We're about to mix blood and you're wearing a very white and very expensive shirt"

Both boys removed their shirts. Jaiden turned and bit down on his bottom lip, his fangs drilling holes all the way through and releasing the blood needed. He moved down and pierced Jackson's neck, allowing there bloods to mix and become one. Jackson started to writhe around in pain, Jaiden held him tight so he couldn't pull away and rip his neck, it would heal but he would still hurt first. After a couple of minutes he withdrew, their bloods had been given enough time to mix. He gently run his tongue over the holes on Jackson's neck - They would heal on their own after a few seconds but he had caused them and wanted to fix them.

Jackson fell backwards on to the bed pulling Jaiden with him. It took a moment for him to catch his breath "Bro, you gave me a boner"

"That was super strength vampire healing spit" Jaiden licked his chest "That was super strength vampire give your friend a boner spit"

Jackson laughed into his hair, thinking back to the night before they went camping. That was the night that everything changed for all of them, it was then that he knew for sure that his two best friends had fallen for each other and Rhys had been introduced into their lives. But most importantly it was the night that he noticed Stiles, when his lips had met Stiles' on the jungle gym he knew that he had to make them his.

He hadn't expected it to be so easy though - He had known for a long time that he was slightly interested in guys, after all his best friend was gay and they had gotten drunk on numerous occasions. But he had no idea that Stiles liked guys too, he'd always seemed to be fixated with Lydia. He didn't know why Stiles had chosen him but he did know that he would forever be thankful.

"JD? I'm really hungry"

"I have some blood in the car" They got up from the bed "We'll need to stay close for a day or two"

"Okay, I..." They were interrupted by the door opening and two people stumbling into the room. They paused for a moment to look at Jackson and Jaiden before leaving even quicker than they entered "Crap. You know who that was?" Jaiden shook his head "She is the biggest gossip going and just saw us putting our shirts on"

"Oh... I swear I locked the door"

"The lock is broken" Jackson replied with a smile. He walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out two shirts "She's probably telling everyone already. The guys will probably understand but no one else will - We were changing"

"Yeah sorry for spilling my drink over you buddy"

"You clumsy idiot"

They finished putting their shirts on and made their way down stairs. They paused at the top of the stairs, sure enough there she was talking to Stiles. There were a few people stood around them along with the whole group except Rhys and Sarah.

Jaiden cringed on the inside. Of all the times he could have done this he had to do it when the house was full of people and now some girl had walked in on nothing and was blowing it completely out of proportion - At least she hadn't come in a few minutes earlier, that would have taken some explaining off.

As they slowly starting walking down the stairs Jaiden felt Jackson tensing up beside him. At first he though it was because of the situation but then he realised - Jackson is a freshly turned vampire, with little control and had yet to feed and was in a room full of other people - He found it hard to control himself when he was hungry and he'd had years to learn control.

"We'll get to the car soon buddy - Just try think of something else, like you did at Danny's"

He was now really beginning to regret his decision to do this tonight. They were now stood in front of everyone, all eyes were on them. Stiles smiled a little and winked, that seemed to calm Jackson down a little.

"Apparently you guys were upstairs half naked?"

"I was a complete cluts and knocked into Jacks - Our drinks went everywhere"


"Okay?" The girl asked. Jaiden really wanted to know who this trouble making bitch was "You don't seriously believe that?"

"I have no reason not to believe it" Stiles replied moving closer to Jackson and Jaiden "My boyfriend and best friend - Why would I not believe them? Besides..." Jackson noticed the mischievous grin on Stiles face, that wasn't new but the slight jump in his heartbeat was very new "I know they wouldn't have had sex... Not without me"

Stiles reached up and started to kiss Jaiden. It took a few moments for Jaiden to adjust and ease in to the kiss and then without warning Stiles pulled Jackson in. The gasps could easily be heard over the sound of the music and Jackson could nearly taste the shock - He was shocked. He was engaged in an intense 3 way kiss with his boyfriend and... He wasn't completely sure what Jaiden was anymore, his alpha? It didn't really matter, not right now, not when he was sharing a kiss with two of the most important people in his life.

It didn't last too long before Jaiden pulled out of it. Jackson could feel something from him, something that he couldn't put into words but it wasn't good.

And now all eyes were on them - This was not going to go away easily or soon. But then they had Stiles on their side and one of the many things that Jackson loved about him was that although he often caused situations, he always had a way out of them.

"I do have to wonder though - What exactly were you going to be doing in Jackson's room?"

With the exception of the music in the background, the room was in complete silence - It wasn't really hard to hear Allison's giggling, no matter how hard she tried to hide it. It wasn't long before everyone went back to doing whatever it was they were doing before all this.

After a while they had managed to get outside to the car so Jackson could have his first feed. Stiles had joined them and that hadn't gone unnoticed by many people, it was going to be weeks before anyone forgot about that kiss and what it implied.

Jaiden was sat outside in the garden, it had gotten too loud and hot inside and he needed a few minutes peace from everything. He had danced with Lydia for a while and then Allison too, she was still laughing about the kiss.

He couldn't stop thinking about the kiss and Danny - The same thing had happened as last night, he had imagined that Stiles' lips were Danny's. And then when Jackson had come into it, for a split second, he wasn't kissing Stiles and Jackson, in his mind it was Danny and Kyle.

He cursed his screwed up imagination. Although he'd admitted that he likes Danny, he was still struggling with those feelings and now he was left wondering about Kyle to. He wouldn't act on his feelings for Danny because of Kyle, he didn't want to hurt his friend but now... What if all three of them were together? Would that work? Would Danny and Kyle want it? Would he want it?

There were too many questions floating around his mind, questions he couldn't answer and didn't even know if he wanted them answered. Luckily though he didn't have a chance to think too much, someone came and sat next to him. He looked across to see Issac holding a bottle of Jack.

"You look like you could so with some"


"Are you okay?" Issac asked pouring them a drink, Jaiden replied with a nod. Issac didn't believe him but at the same time didn't question him "So... Do you? With Jackson and Stiles?"

"No!" Jaiden winced at his sharp and abrupt reply. It had come out with more force and venom than necessary "I... I didn't mean it like that"

"What's wrong?" Issac asked. Jaiden didn't reply, he just dropped his head and sighed "I'm sorry" Issac stood to leave "It's none of my business" Jaiden took hold of his arm to stop him.

"Don't go - Please?" Issac sat back down again "I'm not very good at talking"

"You don't have to talk, if you don't want to"

"I think I need to" Jaiden replied "I really like someone, I don't know when it happened. And they like me too but they're with someone else - I can't stop thinking about them"

"You're talking about Danny right?"

"Wh... How did you know?"

"You've been looking at him all night"

"Do I make it that obvious?"

"I don't know - I - I'm the guy no one is interested in, the loner kid - When you spend so much time on the outside looking in you kinda notice things... Damn that didn't sound so creepy in my head" Jaiden laughed and poured them another drink. They sat in silence for a few minutes, slowly drinking. "I take it you haven't told Danny how you feel?"

"You're good at this stuff" Jaiden replied bumping his shoulder "You're going to think this is stupid, it is stupid - I did say how I felt and he was right next to me"


"He was asleep"

"It's not stupid but have you thought about talking to him while he's awake? You know so he can reply"

"Yeah but what if he finishes with Kyle to be with me? I don't want to hurt Kyle"

Issac stopped to think for a minute - Jaiden was not acting on his feelings to protect the feelings of someone else. No normal person would do that but then Jaiden didn't seem to be a normal person, he remembered that day when Jaiden had taken detention to save his friends "Have you thought that, maybe, in the long run you'll hurt him more?"

"I... No - but he's my friend and if I get with Danny then the chances are he won't want to be friends any more and I don't want that. This way I have them both in my life"

"That's logical" Issac replied.

There was a loud crashing sound as the door burst open and Rhys and Stiles came stumbling outside. They were holding each other up and had a bottle of vodka, they'd obviously had a little too much.


"Annnnd Zac!" Stiles added. Rhys turned to look at him.

"That's not Zac you cock, it's Issac - I don't know where Zac is... I don't even know who Zac is"

"Zac as in short for Issac you pissed twat!"

"If it's short for Issac wouldn't it be Sac?"

"Shit you're right" Stiles replied "Hey look Jaiden's here too"

"You two are drunk"

"We are not drunk! we're just a little... Hey you guys have the JD!" Stiles looked offended "Wanna do swapsies?"

Issac shrugged and exchanged the bottle of Jack for their vodka. He took a mouthful before handing it to Jaiden.

"Stiles tell your best friend he's missing his own party"

"I'm not telling him, you tell him... And he's your best friend not mine"

"Oh yeah he's your lover" Rhys replied laughing "I can't believe I missed that shit!"

"Come on guys lets get back to the party" Stiles replied.

Rhys held out his hand to help Jaiden up and Stiles done the same with Issac. Except part way through he lost his balance and they both started to fall. Jaiden managed to get behind them and caught Issac in his left arm and Stiles in his right. Issac corrected himself but Stiles stayed in Jaiden's arm laughing, once he calmed down he looked into Jaiden's eyes.

"Danny's right, you have nice eyes - Can I have another upside down Jaidey kiss?"

"No" Jaiden replied lifting him up "Not without Jackson"

"You horny ass" He took hold of Rhys and they started to walk off "Follow us boys! We know the way!" Issac quickly caught up to them and pushed them in the right direction "Thanks Zac!"

Jaiden placed his arm around Issac "Thank you" Issac smiled and returned the friendly gesture "We're all staying here tonight, why don't you stay too?"

"I only live across the street"

"Interesting - But that's not here"

"I don't know... What will the others say?"

"They won't mind buddy" Jaiden replied. Issac still looked unsure "Instead of standing on the outside looking in, why not come inside?"

Issac smiled "Okay"

Issac had spend most of the night around Jaiden - He had wanted to stay close to the boy who had opened up to him but Jaiden had also made sure that they were close together, if anyone managed to get between them he made sure to correct it.

Not only were they close but there was a lot physical contact too. Mostly it was just brushing into each other or leaning close but Jaiden often threw his arm around Issac's shoulders. Even when a girl came up to them and was obviously flirting with Jaiden, he didn't take his arm away. Issac couldn't help but feel that Jaiden somehow knew that he was insecure and wasn't comfortable being there.

Danny and Kyle had come along and taken Issac away. At first he was nervous again, he'd started to feel safe and comfortable with Jaiden, he always struggled with meeting new people. Although he was on the team with Danny he didn't really know him as such and Kyle was a complete unknown. He wasn't sure if he'd loosened up being with Jaiden but it didn't take long for him to drop the nervousness and enjoy Danny and Kyle's company.

After a while they had started to talk about lacrosse and football, it didn't take long for the conversation to turn into an argument about which one is best. Kyle felt like he was fighting a losing battle, Danny and Issac were together and he was left on his own. He saw Jaiden passing across the room and decided to get some backup.

"Hey Jaiden - Have you got a minute buddy?"

"Can it wait? I'm bursting"

"It will only take a minute - Which is better? Lacrosse or football?"

Jaiden stopped and looked at the three boys. Kyle and Danny looked very determined and Issac looked very nervous and unsure - He was going to have to find out what made the boy so timid. But right now he needed to figure a way out of this "So... I love you all and I'm going for a pee" He started to walk off and Kyle grabbed hold of his right ear and pulled him back "Hey! Sensitive ears remember?" Kyle placed a kiss on his ear before gently biting on it "Does he always bite?"

"All the time" Danny replied lifting his shirt up to reveal a purple hickey above his left nipple.

"Damn" Jaiden wasn't sure what was more of a turn on, Danny's body or Kyle's expertise "Dude you have a talented mouth" Danny's eyebrow raising, Kyle turning a frightening shade of red and Issac reverting to that nervous smile told him that his brain had switched from internal monologue to external dialogue without any warning "Now would be a good time for me to go for that pee" Jaiden turned to walk away "They're both pretty good sports, I prefer swimming but they're good too" He left the group, once again cursing is warped and vivid imagination.

"Meh - Swimming has it's merits" Kyle said "Near naked guys for one... I bet Jaiden would look good in speedo's"

"You really are sex mad. You know you're just fuelling the theory that guys only think about sex"

"And you don't think about it nearly all day?" Kyle asked. Danny folded his arms across his chest trying to stand his ground and not smile "Issac? You're with me right?"

Kyle couldn't help but noticed the nervousness, he wondered if he'd made Issac feel uncomfortable until he noticed the smile forming "Yeah - Sex is the best"

After a couple of hours the guests slowly started leaving and the party came to an end. The group had all pitched in and the cleaning up only took them 45 minutes. Stiles and Jackson had been desperate to play strip Monopoly but Rhys and Scott soon put a stop to it happening so they took to sitting outside around the pool. It wasn't long before Lydia, Allison and Sarah stripped down to their underwear and jumped into the pool closely followed by Scott, Danny and Jaiden.

They were now upstairs in Jackson's bedroom. They were all shattered and ready to call it a night - Or morning. Issac looked around the room, there was 12 of them and one bed. It was a massive bed but he doubted that it would fit all of them.

"Jaiden?" Issac whispered "This will never work, there's too many of us... It would be best if I went home"

"Trust me" Jaiden replied removing the shorts and t shirt he'd borrowed from Jackson. Issac gave him a puzzled look "You don't sleep in jeans do you?"

He caught on to what Jaiden meant and kicked off his shoes followed by his jeans. Jaiden took his arm and pulled them both to the bed, they were laying dead center. Derek and Lydia were next to join them followed by Danny and Kyle. Soon they were all in the bed, Issac had no idea how it could happen but somehow they managed. It was a little cramped to say the least and he felt like the filling of Kyle and Jaiden sandwich, it felt good though. He found his arms laying on their bare chests - Kyle was really warm and Jaiden was surprisingly cool, they kind of evened each other out and it didn't take long for him to fall asleep.

Jaiden listened to the steady breathing of his friends, except for Derek they were all sound asleep. He moved closer and leaned into Derek while making sure not to disturb Issac. He ran his hand through Issac's curls and let out a content sigh "Pack?"

Derek looked across the teens laying on the bed. Werewolves, humans, vampires, witches and even a hunters daughter. To say that they were a misfit group would be a complete understatement but they would work "Pack"

Issac slowly woke from a good sleep, he didn't want to but knew he had to. He didn't feel as squashed as he had last night but he still felt a warmth at the front and pleasant coolness behind. He carefully made his way out of bed managing not to disturb anyone, he even managed not to stand on Scott and Jackson who had someone found their way to the floor.

He walked over to the pile of abandoned clothes and found his jeans and shoes. He looked back to the bed, everyone looked so peaceful and for a very long moment he thought about rejoining them. He took his phone out of his pocked and snapped a photo of the group. He wasn't sure they could class each other as friends after just one night but it had been one hell of a good night and they had been so kind and welcoming to him, especially Kyle and Jaiden, so he would call them his friends.

He knew that he wouldn't forget this night, he wouldn't allow it, but if he did at least he would have this photo to remind of the first day in his life when he felt welcome, safe and even happy. No one could ever take that from him and it made everything else worth while - Life was worth living again.

"You don't have to leave" He turned to see Jaiden's cousin rubbing sleep from his eyes "Not if you don't want to" He also got out of bed.

"I don't want to" He replied. And he really didn't want to leave, he prayed that time would stand still so he could live in this moment for eternity - But he'd learnt a long time ago that his prayers were left unanswered "But I have to go - I didn't say that I would be staying out. I'll already be in trouble"

"I understand" Issac looked at him, something had seemed off about him all night "What's wrong?"

"Jacen?" Everything was starting to make sense now - Well it was making anything but sense but he could now see why something seemed wrong "You're not Jaiden's cousin are you? And I imagine Jacen isn't your real name"

"How did you know?"

"Your chest hair is black and so is your..." Issac motioned to his own waist line to indicate the other mans low laying boxer shorts "Which means your hair, and eyebrows, are dyed red"

"You're right, I'm not his cousin" Derek replied. This guy was smart "And my name is Derek - Derek Hale"

Issac took a step back, he had heard of that name before, he imagined most of the town had heard of Derek Hale. He looked to others for a moment, they must all know who he was and had gone to great lengths to cover his true identity. Kyle and Jaiden knew who he was and he trusted them - And it appeared the Sheriff's own son knew too so that was good enough "Okay"

"Okay? You're not going to ask more? You do know I'm wanted for murder?"

"Being wanted for murder doesn't mean that you committed murder" Issac replied "As good as last night was, and it was good, doesn't mean that I have to be told the truth - They trust you and so that will do for me"

"We will tell you the truth" Issac turned to face the new voice. Kyle was climbing out of bed "Soon, I promise"

"Thank you" Issac replied. Kyle smiled and placed his arms around his shoulders. Please let time freeze "I have to go" He didn't even try to hide the sadness in his voice.

"I'll walk down with you" Kyle replied "I need some coffee to work off this hangover"

Issac smiled "Thanks" They made there way downstairs and to the front door. Issac paused to look at Kyle "Thanks again, for everything - Could you say bye to the others for me?"

"Of course buddy" Kyle pulled him into a hug "I swear we'll tell you everything and soon. I will tell you everything"

Issac returned the hug and smiled before waving a silent goodbye. He looked over to his house - It seemed impossible that on this side of the street was what he would call close to heaven on earth and on the other side was pure hell, his hell.

He made his way across the road and thought about climbing through his bedroom window and pretending that he had just got in late. The though didn't last long though, he'd got lucky last night and knew that the luck wouldn't stretch that far. He opened the front door to see his father sat in a chair waiting for him. It looked like he hadn't slept at all.

"I'm sorry" Issac hoped that the nervous gulp wouldn't show "A few friends stayed after the party and they asked me to stay too"

"Issac" His father got up and walked to him "You told me the truth and didn't try to lie and I appreciate that, truly I do" Issac smiled, it didn't last too long. Tired eyes or not he knew that look on his father "But what you done was wrong"

Issac sat in bed holding a bag of frozen peas to his face. One thing that he could always rely on was the fact that there were always peas in the deep freeze even though they never ate peas. He took his phone and looked at the photo he'd taken just a short time ago, he didn't bother trying to stop the tears from falling. This pain was a small price to pay for the pure bliss of last night.

A notification from his phone made him close the image viewer. He hadn't heard that sound many times and the last time was a good couple of months ago. He opened the Facebook app and navigated to the incoming friends requests - Kyle Travers - He wondered how he hadn't punched a hole through the screen while hitting confirm.

Authors Note: I decided to bring Issac in a little early because... Yeah, Issac is cool. It kinda works anyway, he's on the team so it would makes sense that Jackson would invite him to the party.