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Jeff pulled into the driveway only just managing to stop before hitting into Allison's car. He should have known better. He wasn't even sure when it happened but the group had taken to staying here most weekends and sometimes during the week too. He left the car where it was, there was little point in correcting it and parking properly, Jaiden would have to move it later to let the others out anyway.

He walked into the house and was met by the familiar sight of teenagers laying wherever they could find a comfortable spot. Or in Jackson and Scott's case, the floor, those two were always on the floor together. They would always be laying close to each other, sometimes one would rest his head on the others chest but today was a position he had never seen before. Jackson was laying completely on top of Scott who had his arms wrapped around Jackson's back.

Kyle, Jaiden and Isaac were asleep on the sofa with their legs propped up on the coffee table. Isaac was snug between the other two, like always. He was the newest member of the group and nearly the complete opposite of the others, he was often quite and said very little. But he would smile, a lot.

That meant that unless someone was asleep under the coffee table, which wouldn't be impossible, he'd learnt to be careful after tripping over Stiles legs once, that Rhys, Derek, Stiles and Danny were up in Jaiden's room and Allison, Lydia and Sarah would be in Rhys' room.

He had to smile. He hadn't needed to say anything about the girls sleeping apart from the boys. They had all just done it on their own. He was proud at how responsible they all were.

The house was never left in a mess, in fact he felt sure that since they had been doing this the house was actually cleaner than before. Probably more surprising though was that the cupboards were always full. It's not as if they didn't eat, far from it, he was always left wondering how they could eat as much as they do without putting on any weight. He had come in one day and found Danny and Jackson putting groceries away, they were acting like it was nothing, he'd even told them that they didn't have to do shopping but they'd just shrugged it off.

He heard some stirring and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Somehow the teens went through more coffee than they did food.

"Why do vampires weigh a tonne?"

"We don't - You werewolves just aren't very strong"

"Meh - We're strong enough to support a tonne of vampire" Scott replied.

Jeff poured two mugs of coffee and made his way through to them. At least they all took it the same way, two sugars and cream, it meant he didn't have to worry about who would be up first.

"Dude you have morning wood"

"So do you - Allison will get jealous"

"Stiles will get jealous. Allison will just get turned..."

"Boys" They looked up to see Jeff holding coffee "Morning"

"Morning" They replied in unison.

"Thanks dad" Scott said pushing Jackson off. Jackson replied with a silent thumbs up.

Jeff placed the mugs on the floor with a smile. That was something else he wasn't sure when it started, they had all taken to calling him dad too. He wouldn't change anything at all, life was good.

They just needed a bigger house.

Stiles sat on Jackson's bed waiting for his boyfriend to finish cleaning up. He'd been out with Jaiden feeding, Jeff couldn't keep enough blood for two hungry vampires so they now go hunting once a week. It was good for them, it gave them the chance to be together like they needed, just the two of them.

He heard the shower shut off and swallowed nervously, he'd been waiting for this night for a long time and wanted it to be perfect. He had even gone to Danny for advice, resulting in what was the most uncomfortable conversation of their lives and they both swore that only they would ever know of it. It wasn't all bad though, it had ended with some serious bromance and connecting. Getting close to Danny was always good.

Had he remembered to take the trash out?

Stiles looked up to the door when he heard the bathroom light being turned off. This was always his favourite part. Jackson opened the door wearing a pair of shorts and a tight vest, his hair laying close to his head still damp from the shower. This was natural Jackson, no hair gel, no stupidly expensive clothing by designers Stiles had never heard of and no spray that covered up his scent. This was the Jackson that not many people would ever see. This was Stiles' Jackson.

Jackson was smiling at his phone and tapping away a reply. This was some form of unspoken ritual for him and Jaiden, they always text each other after their hunts. Stiles didn't know for sure what they said to each other, Jackson had never said and he hadn't asked, it was between the two of them. He had once seen the last text that the pair had sent each other, he wasn't purposely being nosey, Jackson had fallen asleep with his phone on his chest and he had seen it when placing it on the table. Both texts had said the same thing 'Love you bro'

Stiles was brought out of his reminiscing by Jackson's chuckling. "Apparently Derek didn't find the bottle of dog shampoo as funny as JD - He's emptied the shower gel and shampoo and left the empty bottles there and stuck a note on the dog shampoo saying enjoy your shower"

"It's your fault, you put him up to it"

"I know" Jackson replied smiling. He looked up and noticed the room. The curtains were drawn and the lights dimmed low, there was a candle placed either side of the bed. He raised an eyebrow. "Candles?"

"Don't try all that macho shit on me. I know you're a softie"

"Only with you" Jackson placed his phone on charge and sat down on the bed next to Stiles and placed a gentle kiss on his lips "Are you alright?"


Jackson didn't miss the small skip in his heartbeat but didn't say anything. Instead he laid down on the bed and pulled Stiles with him, kissing him again.

Stiles lifted Jackson's vest over his head. He licked and kissed his way up Jackson's stomach and chest. He bit and nipped on his neck and watched as it healed almost instantly. He got up and removed his t shirt and shorts.

Jackson quickly followed him. He took hold of Stiles hard cock and started stroking it while placing loving kisses all over Stiles neck. Stiles couldn't stop the moans escaping his lips, each time seemed to feel better than the last.

He pushed Jackson back on the bed. He reached into his bag and pulled out a bottle of lube. He saw Jackson's eyes go wide before a small and insanely sexy smile spread across his face. He opened the bottle of lube and poured some into his hands. He warmed it through a little and then started rubbing it over Jackson's cock.

"Sty. You can... To me - I can heal"

Stiles stopped and looked to Jackson. He needed a moment for his brain to register that he had heard right. "Fuck You" He got up from the bed and started getting dressed.

"Stiles?" Jackson asked. Stiles was pulling his jogging bottoms up, thankful that he hadn't worn jeans as he doubted he could get it in when this hard. "What's going on?" He finished getting dressed and collected his things before heading for the door. "Damn it Stiles! We were about to have sex for the first time! You can't just up and leave without saying why"

Stiles flew around to face him. Jackson had never seen him look so angry before. "I know you're better than me Jackson. You always have been and always will be. I do not need you to keep reminding me of it. I was giving myself to you. I know it would hurt and I don't care that I won't heal instantly. I wanted to be yours"

He didn't give Jackson a chance to answer. He turned around again and left the house.

"Got an ID?" Sheriff Stilinski asked walking over to the scene of the accident. It looked like the driver had swerved to miss something and lost control of the car.

"Jeff Darby, trying to locate next of kin now"

His heart sank, there was only one family member left now. This was going to be hard, the boy was only 17 and then there was his friend who was living with them.

"I've got it, his son is friends with mine"

He turned and made his way back to his cruiser. This part of the job was never easy but it was harder when it was someone you knew. He'd only met Jeff a couple of times but Jaiden was often around his. He's a good kid and doesn't deserve this.

Stiles had taken to driving around before going home. If he went straight home he wouldn't have anything to occupy his mind which was never a good thing. At least with driving he had to concentrate on something.

He had passed Jaiden's and noticed his car sat in the drive. Jaiden had said that he was going around Danny's after the hunt, he wasn't sure what had changed but he was thankful. It meant that he didn't have to go home and sit around on his own. He did think about stopping at Scott's but he knew that Scott and Melissa were spending the evening together and he didn't want to intrude on their time together. Time that they both needed.

He parked his jeep in the drive and knocked on the door. He thought back to earlier on, Jackson had picked Jaiden up and he was going to run to Danny's. He was about to turn around and leave when the door opened revealing a confused looking Jaiden.

"You were staying at Jackson's"

"You were staying at Danny's" Jaiden smiled and let Stiles in. He ran through to the kitchen and grabbed a can of soda. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah" Stiles replied. He knew Jaiden would pick up on the blatant lie. "So what you up to?"

"Just watching some crap on MTV"

"Where is everyone?"

"Dad's working, Rhys is at Sarah's and Derek is out doing Derek things. I try not to think about what those things might be. It's probably safer for both of us that way". Jaiden sat back down on the sofa and Stiles came and sat next to him. He rested his head on Jaiden's shoulder. "Stiles? What's wrong?"

"I broke up with Jackson". He hadn't actually said they're over but his words made it obvious that they were.


"He's always saying things, like he's better than me and I've had enough of it"

"He probably doesn't mean it like that"

"You're siding with him!" Stiles shot up of the couch "Of course you're siding with him. He's your - Whatever vampire connections are, I don't even know. I'm going. I'm going home and I'm going to research what the hell you vampires call yourselves so next time I'll know what to call this vampire taking side things"

"Stop rambling and sit back down. I'm not taking sides"

Stiles stopped for a second to think. He didn't really want to go home yet. Even though he did want to do some vampire research. He decided that it could wait until the morning. "I just broke up with the first person I've ever dated. I'm allowed to ramble"

"I know you are buddy" Stiles laid down and rested his head on Jaiden's lap.

"I'm never going to be good enough for him. He deserves better than an ADHD dork"

Jaiden wanted to tell him that he is good enough for Jackson. That Jackson adored him more than anyone else. They both enjoyed their hunts but after a while Jackson would become distracted, all he would think about was getting home and back to Stiles.

He knew that Stiles wouldn't want to hear that now.

Sheriff Stilinski pulled up outside the house. He noticed his son's jeep parked in the drive. That was good, at least the boy wouldn't be on his own. He got out of his cruiser and made the long and slow walk to the front door.

He rang the doorbell and waited. He looked over the house wondering what would happen to it. Jaiden wouldn't be able to take ownership of it until he turns 18. That was only 11 months away. Maybe he could live with them until then? He didn't want the boy to go into care for the sake of a year. But what about Rhys? He wasn't completely sure of the setup here. All he knew for certain was that Jeff is - was - His legal guardian. Perhaps he could take both boys in? They had enough room but would he be able to handle three teenagers? It seemed like everyday he spent less and less time with his own son.

He was brought out of his thoughts by the door opening. Jaiden stood there with a smile. The boy always smiled. "Hey Mr Stilinski - Stiles! - Whatever happened he did do it. I saw him"

"Dad?" Stiles came towards the door. He remembered the trash again. "I'm sorry. I'll take the trash out when I get home. I totally forgot about it and then i broke up with Jackson and just didn't want to..."


He stopped his babbling to look at his dad. He'd seen that look on him so many times before. It was the same look he had when he'd told Stiles about his mom. He took Jaiden's hand and gripped it tight.

"Jaiden - It's your dad. He's been in an accident"

"What?" Jaiden asked, his smile quickly fading from his face. It wasn't surprising but somehow it made this so much sadder. "Is he okay?". The Sheriff shook his head and the tears started falling from Jaiden's eyes. "Can I see him?"

"Not just yet but we'll go to the hospital and wait"

Jaiden turned around and slipped on his trainers before picking up his keys from the side unit. Stiles placed his hand on top of Jaiden's. "Go with dad. You can't drive like this". He prised his fingers open and took the keys from his trembling hand. "I'll lock up here"

"Stiles?" Jaiden's voice was weak and shaky.

"I'll be a few minutes behind you" Stiles placed his hands on Jaiden's cheeks and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead like he had the day Jaiden had told him he's a vampire. "I promise". He placed a kiss on Jaiden's lips and let go of him. His dad put his arm around Jaiden and led him out to the car.

Stiles went around the house switching off the lights. He took his phone out to call Jackson, Jaiden would need him now. He wasn't surprised that it went through to voice mail, he left a message telling Jackson to call him. He called Scott next, it only took a few rings before he answered.


'Scott - Jeff is...'
He didn't want to say that word 'There was an accident. He didn't make it'

He could hear Scott's shocked gasp 'Jaiden?'

'Dad's taking him to the hospital. Jackson won't answer his phone to me - Will you call him?'

'Yeah - Yes - Sure, yeah'

Stiles didn't need to say anything else and neither did Scott, they both ended the call at the same time.

He ran through to kitchen and took a sheet of paper and a pen to leave Derek a note. There was no way he could get in touch with the older teen, he kept his phone off all the time in case it was being tracked by the police. One bonus to being the Sheriff's son, he knew their routine. Once finished he left the note against the coffee machine, he knew Derek well enough to know that would be the first place he went when he returned.

He locked the door and got into his jeep and started off for the hospital. He tried calling Jackson again and as before found himself leaving another message.

"Jackson stop being a sulky brat and answer your fucking phone! This is important!"

Okay so maybe that wasn't entirely fair but still he should answer his damn phone and stop being... Well a sulky brat.

Scott ran through the corridors of the hospital. He vaguely heard numerous staff telling him not to run along with his mom's voice telling him to slow down but he couldn't. He had to find his friend, his lover? It didn't matter. He had to be with Jaiden. He was forced to stop when he hit a cross section, he looked at the signs to try figure out which way to turn. Melissa had caught up to him and led him in the right direction.

He took off again, the distance and his heavy breathing drowning out Melissa's voice telling him to take it easy. She reached into her purse to check that she had an inhaler. He didn't seem to need it very often anymore but this was different. She rounded the corner to find her son holding his friend in a tight hug. Her heart ached at the sight of the broken boy in front of her, no child should have to feel this pain. She had seen this before, her son holding his best friend when his world had crumbled. She still missed Marina and always would.

The coroner arrived and started to lead Jaiden through. Scott followed and the coroner stated that only immediate family were allowed. Melissa saw the vein on Adam's forehead throb, she knew that look. The man was always calm, it took a lot to anger him. It was never good to be on the receiving end of an angry Adam Stilinski. Never.

"The child has no immediate family" He had tried to keep his voice low, for Jaiden's sake. The boy didn't need reminding of that. "Anyone he wants in there will go with him"

Melissa stepped in and flashed her hospital badge. The coroner looked between the two of them and then stepped aside to allow them access. She followed Jaiden and Scott in. Adam stayed behind to wait for Stiles and any of their friends that may come.

Jaiden slowly walked into the room. He saw the body laying on the table in the centre of the room. He needed to see for himself, so he knew for sure. but he didn't want to look. It would make it all too real and this couldn't be real. He needed his dad. How was he suppose to live without him?

Scott stood close beside Jaiden, his arm wrapped around his side holding him tight. He felt Jaiden going weak at the legs and lowered them both to the ground. Jaiden's breathing became fast and shallow.

Both Melissa's medical and motherly instincts kicked in. Jaiden was having a panic attack. She knelt down in front of him and took his hands in her own. "Jaiden honey? You're going to be alright". He looked at her, the panic evident in his eyes. "Can you feel Scott?". He nodded a reply. "Feel his breathing and breath with him. Nice deep breaths". Scott held him close to his chest and took deep breaths. Jaiden slowly started to follow him. "That's it. Nice and slow". He turned to look where his father lay and his breathing started to become erratic again. "No sweetie don't look over there. Focus on me". He turned back to her. The tears flowing fast from his eyes.

It took over ten minutes before the panic attack subsided. Jaiden's breathing had evened out and become normal again. He moved forward and clung to Melissa. She held him tight and ran her hand through his hair. He was making no sound, there were no sobs coming from him and if it wasn't for the rapidly growing wet patch on her shoulder she would never have known he was crying. She squeezed him tight wanting to take the pain away from him. It was futile, she knew that but she had to try. He was crying silent tears.

And silent tears mean shattered worlds.

Stiles walked downstairs leaving his best friends in his bedroom. Jaiden had started to drift asleep in Scott's arms. He wanted to sleep too, desperately needed to sleep but he wasn't ready just yet. He wouldn't be able to settle until he had some idea of what would happen to Jaiden now. He walked into the kitchen and found his dad at the table with numerous files spread around. He poured two cups of coffee from the machine that was still warm. He placed them on the table and took away the bottle of whiskey sat in front of his dad.

"How is he?"

"Asleep" Stiles replied. He looked up to his dad, he looked more stressed out than he did earlier. "What's wrong?"

"I was just going through the records. His next of kin"

Stiles sighed. "Rhys' parents". That meant that Jaiden and Rhys would be taken away from them. He didn't want that, he had become close to both of them, they all had. Sarah and Danny would be devastated if they left. Derek too.

"That's what I thought and until recently it was them" Adam ran his hand through his hair. This made an already difficult situation even more complicated. "Jeff changed it a few weeks ago. His legal guardian is Derek Hale"

Stiles was shocked. He wondered if Jaiden or Derek knew about it? They probably didn't, no one could have known anything would happen. Jeff probably hadn't had the chance to tell them. It did make sense though, Derek and Jaiden were now as close to brothers as anyone could get without being blood related. But they hadn't been able to clear Derek's name yet.

"Dad? Derek is innocent. We made a mistake, he's not a murderer"

Adam sighed. This was getting even harder now. "How do you know?"

"I can't say..."

"Stiles this is serious. You and Scott said you saw him"

"I know dad!" Stiles replied. "I know. But there's a lot more going on. Things I've wanted to tell you for a long time but it's complicated and it's not my place to tell everything. I promise I'll tell you tomorrow, once I've spoken to the others involved. Please believe me dad. Derek Hale is not a murderer. He can be scary at times - Very scary - But he wouldn't hurt anyone"

Adam could tell that his son was telling the truth. He needed to know more but at the same time there was very little he could do tonight and it had been a hard day for everyone. He thought back to earlier on when he went to Jaiden's. Stiles had thought he was in trouble for not doing his chores. He had said that he'd broken up with Jackson.

"Want to talk about Jackson?"

"I..." Stiles had almost forgotten about Jackson. Well he hadn't forgot, he could never forget Jackson and what they had. Even if it had only been 3 months. "It would never work out, we're completely different people. Until recently we near on hated each other" He hoped that they could still be friends after this. He didn't want things to go back to how they were before. "He's out of my league. There's so many people he could have. He shouldn't have to settle with me"

"Stiles. You're not a bad person. He wouldn't be settling for you"

"You have to say that"

"But it's also true" Adam replied. "Is this him or you?"

"It doesn't really matter. I mean we're just teenagers, we'll meet other people at college. What are the chances that we'll still be together in a couple of years"

"I started dating your mom in high school"

"You guys are different dad. You were made for each other. Jackson and me - We come from different backgrounds. He's the good looking, muscled jock and I'm the scrawny nerd. Dad you should see the other kids at school. Most of them either want to be him or be with him. Both girls and guys - Good looking people. People he wouldn't be embarrassed to be with. I can't compete with them"

Stiles received a text and looked at his phone. It was from Jackson. 'I'm outside. Can we talk?'. Stiles dropped his head to the table. Vampires and their stupid super hearing. He would have heard everything.

"Was that Jackson?"

"He wants to talk - Do you mind?"

Adam shook his head no. Stiles got up and headed outside. He didn't really want to talk right now, he just wanted to sleep for a week. Although tonight wouldn't be very comfortable. Scott and Jaiden were in his bed and it wasn't big enough for three people so he would have to sleep on the sofa instead. Now Jackson's bed was a different animal. It had held 12 of them. He swore that if he laid one side and Jackson was the other, they would need an intercom to talk to each other. He missed that bed already.

Once outside he saw a nervous looking Jackson. He was back to wearing that tight vest and jogging bottoms. At the hospital he'd been in jeans and a shirt, he'd obviously changed again. Natural Jackson was back again.


"Hey" Jackson replied. He moved closer to Stiles. "I'm sorry. For how I made you feel. I didn't mean to". He reached up and lightly brushed his fingers over Stiles' cheek.

For a split second Stiles leaned into Jackson's touch. It was always soft and caring. And even though his temperature had dropped noticeably since being turned, it was still warm. "Jackson don't! Please. Don't do that. Please" He couldn't be weak, even though he wanted to be held by those strong arms.

"I love you Sty"

"No. No you don't. You're seventeen. You don't know what love is"

"Maybe" Jackson replied. He went to touch Stiles face again but stopped himself. He didn't know how. "Maybe you're right. But I am old enough to know what I want. And I want you"

"But why?" Stiles asked. He didn't want to hear the answer. "You can have anyone"

"If I wanted someone else I would try get someone else. I want you Stiles" Jackson turned around to leave. He had hoped that they would forget about what had happened but he knew Stiles. And he knew that for whatever reason Stiles had made his mind up. He couldn't change that. At least not tonight. "I'll wait for you".

Stiles watched as the first person he had truly cared about and wanted to be with left. He knew now that he had never had true feelings for Lydia. She was just a fantasy. A very beautiful, strawberry blonde, curvy fantasy. Jackson was different. Very different. Jackson was right.

He wanted to call Jackson back. Tell him that he was being stupid and claim his lips again. But he couldn't. Not right now. Jackson wasn't the problem - He was the problem. He was insecure and scared. The things Jackson had said hadn't made him feel inadequate. They'd only made him realise that he wasn't the best, that Jackson could have better if he wanted. And that scared him. Every night when he watched Jackson sleep he was scared that it was just a dream, that he would wake and find Jackson gone. Or in the morning Jackson would take one look at him and leave, that he would find someone else.

Jackson wasn't the problem. His insecurities were the problem and until he learnt how to let go of them he couldn't be with Jackson. No matter how much he wanted it.

"I love you too"

Jaiden woke with a start. The images of his father vivid in his mind's eye. It was just a dream - A bad dream. He could see the cuts and bruises on his dad's face. He didn't want to remember him like that. And he wouldn't. He would remember the good times, the important ones. Like the day his dad had come home from work and found all of them in the living room. He'd raised an eyebrow at the sight and had a smile on his face. He would remember that instead.

"Are you okay?"

Jaiden turned to face Scott and nodded. He wasn't sure what he would have done if Scott hadn't been there with at the hospital. Melissa too. "Thank you"

Scott sat up in bed and looked to Jaiden. He wiped the stray tear from his face. He wasn't sure why Jaiden was thanking him, there was absolutely nothing to thank him for. Jaiden had needed him and he would always be there for him, no matter what happened.

Jaiden pressed his forehead against Scott's and closed his eyes. He felt Scott's lips brush against his own in a small kiss. He returned the kiss with more passion, biting at Scott's bottom lip until he could taste blood. He parted his lips, allowing Scott's tongue to invade his mouth and taste everywhere it could reach.

Scott tried to break the kiss and Jaiden tried to stop him breaking it. He sucked on Scott's tongue as it tried to withdraw from his mouth. "Jaiden". He reluctantly released Scott's tongue. "We have to stop"

"Do you want to stop?"

"No. I really don't want to stop. But it wouldn't be right, not after what's happened. And I'm not the one you want". Scott held his breath. Now would not be the best time to start singing Grease.

"I can still feel it Scott. I don't know why, the feed wore off months ago. But I can still feel you inside me"

"Me too" Scott let out a thankful sigh, he had thought it was just him. He wondered if he should warn Jackson about it so he never drank from a wolf. Every time he felt guilty for Allison but the feelings were there and they were hard to ignore. He wasn't sure that he wanted to ignore them completely. He would never leave her for Jaiden, even if Jaiden wanted him. His love for Allison was strong but that didn't stop the feelings. "We have to stop one day. We can't go on like this forever"

"I know" Jaiden replied. He put his hand around the back of Scott's neck. "But it doesn't have to be today. Does it?"

Scott's brain was saying yes. Yes it had to stop today before it got too hard. His heart however had decided to tell his brain to sod off out of it. He forced himself back on to Jaiden. Whatever it was between them wouldn't end today.