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Jaiden ran up the steps to school, he'd forgotten to set his alarm and was 20 minutes late. He still wasn't sure where he was going and it took him a few minutes more to find the classroom, he burst through the door and was faced with all the students and teacher looking up at him.

"Nice of you to grace us with your presence Mr Darby"

"Sorry I'm late"

"Better late than never I suppose - Take a seat next to Jackson" Jaiden went and sat next to Jackson. Stiles, Danny and Scott looked at each other and smiled, this situation could become interesting. Allison noticed the three boys smiling at each other.

"What was that about?" She asked Scott.

"You don't know? Jackson doesn't like Jaiden, he made Jackson look an idiot twice yesterday. Although he hasn't directly said anything I'm pretty sure Jaiden doesn't like him much either"

"I heard something happened but didn't know who it was" She replied "Wait so why was Danny smiling? He's Jackson's best friend"

"He thinks that Jackson deserved it and he's really taken to Jaiden"

"Taken to him? In what way?"

"As a friend" Scott replied, he could see that she was going to continue with the question "I don't know if Danny likes him in that way and no I am not going to ask him, if you want to know you'll have to ask Danny yourself"

Jaiden hadn't meant to listen in to their conversation but after he heard his name he couldn't stop. Did Danny like him? He had said that he liked Jaiden's eyes but that was it and after initially thinking about it Jaiden had pushed the thought out of his mind until now - And he was going to push it away again now, the only reason it would matter is if he gave Danny the impression that he was interested in him. He looked at Jackson, it was obvious that he wasn't pleased that Jaiden was sat next to him.

"I'm sorry about yesterday" Jaiden said trying to break the ice.

"It's okay" Jackson replied surprised that Jaiden was apologising "I deserved it"

"I still shouldn't have acted like a jerk"

"I'm sorry too, I hope I didn't hurt you" Jackson replied "Call it even?" He did feel bad for punching Jaiden but he also wanted to try work it out for Danny's sake.

"Sounds good to me" Jaiden saw that the teacher had another student writing something on the board "Blimey, who's that?" Jackson looked up to see who he was talking about.

"That's Sarah Palmer, she's the head cheerleader and trust me mate she is out of our league"

"Is she seeing anyone?"

"No but you have to be on the football team to even remotely stand a chance of getting with her"

"We'll see"

"Mr Darby - Do you have something you wish to share with the rest of the class?"

"Er.. Yeah - No it's probably best if I didn't" Jaiden replied, he waited for the teacher to look down again before he continued "20 bucks says I get her to go out with me?"

"Done, you can't join the football team though. You've got two weeks"

"Easy, I only need a week"

"Mr Darby! Perhaps you'd like to come up here and help Miss Palmer?"

"Wanna pay me now?" Jaiden asked Jackson as he got up. He walked up to the board and took the second sheet from Sarah, he started to write whilst glancing over to her "Hey" she didn't acknowledge him and continued with her work, Jaiden started wondering if Jackson was right. He browsed the sheet to see what he was writing next "This isn't right" Sarah looked over to him surprised that he had picked up on the error.

"I was thinking the same"

"Haig wasn't the one that..."

"Is there a problem Mr Darby?" The teacher asked

"Yeah I think there is, this is wrong. It says Haig issued the order forbidding the friendly truces and he was commander of I Corps but it was the commander of II Corps who issued the order"

"And you know better than the text books?" Jaiden could see the teacher was pissed off with him and regretted speaking out "Not only were you late, you've been disrupting the class all morning. I think you need a visit to see the principal"


"Actually sir he may be right" Sarah started "It doesn't sound right to me either"

Jackson had got his phone out and was searching the internet, they had started off on the wrong foot but he didn't want to see Jaiden get in more trouble. He navigated through wikipedia and found the article and it looked like Jaiden was right.

"It appears that it is wrong sir" Jackson said he hoped that he didn't get in trouble for it.

"Let me see" The teacher said taking the phone, he quickly read the article and found that Jaiden and Sarah were right, he gave the phone back to Jackson "Switch it off please - Mr Darby I owe you an apology, you were quite right" He felt embarrassed that they had found the error in the text when he hadn't "I think that for finding this mistake, and my reaction, you deserve to have your detention lifted"

"Thank you sir" Jaiden replied, he looked at Danny and Stiles "Could I possibly make an exchange? Stiles and Danny both got detention too and it wasn't their fault, they done nothing wrong so could I maybe still take detention and it be lifted from them instead?"

"Okay I think that's fair" He was taken back by Jaiden's selfless act, there weren't many students who would give up the chance to miss detention "Well as there's only ten minutes left and the mistake in the text, just start reading the next chapter while I write a rather strong letter of complaint to the school board for approving this" Jaiden and Sarah both took their respective seats.

"She talked to me"

"That doesn't constitute a date moron" Jackson replied

"You're just dirty cause she talked to me" Jackson elbowed Jaiden in the arm "Jealous"

"I thought you two didn't like each other?" Allison asked after seeing them messing around.

"We don't" Jaiden replied, he and Jackson both knew that they would never be best friends but they now respected each other enough to get along.

The class finished and they all started to make their way to the next lesson. Sarah came up to Jaiden and stopped him.

"Hey have you got a minute?" The others continued walking down the hallway "That was a nice thing to do"

"It was my fault they got detention, I couldn't get away with it and not them" Jaiden wasn't sure what to do or say next, with Lara things just happened, he never intended on trying to ask her out, he decided to just ask, she could only say yes or no "So I was wondering if you would maybe like to go out Saturday?"

"I heard you and Jackson talking" She replied, Jaiden started to blush with embarrassment "We're going to be late for class" She handed Jaiden a piece of paper "Let me know what time and where we're going - And don't forget to get that 20 bucks from Jackson"

Sarah left to go to the next class and Jaiden stood shocked for a few moments, he wasn't expecting to get a date with her so soon. The others had waited for Jaiden, the hallway was busy and they couldn't see or hear what was happening.

"Hey guys" Lydia said walking up to them "What's going on?"

"Sarah Palmer is talking to Jaiden" Scott replied.

"How did he?"

"God knows" Stiles started "But I want to know what his secret is" Jaiden walked up to the group "Well?"


"Come on moron tell us what happened!" Jackson said eager to know the outcome. Jaiden flashed them the piece of paper with Sarah's number "Bro!" Jackson put his arm around Jaiden's shoulder, he was surprised but at the same time pleased for the other boy "Crap! I Owe you twenty"

"Don't be stupid" Jaiden replied, bet or not there was no way he would take anything from Jackson. They'd been talking a few minutes and the hall was practically empty, Jaiden saw the principal walking in their direction and realised they were all now late for class "Shit, cheese it" The others saw the principal and all split up to go to their next lesson.

Lunch time arrived and due to having a free period directly before, Scott and Stiles were one of the first in the cafeteria, they had already sat down and started eating when Danny and Jackson came and sat with them. Stiles looked at Scott and mouthed 'What the fuck' - Jackson would never willingly sit with them. They were part way through their food when Lydia and Allison arrived.

"Where's Jaiden?" Allison asked realising he wasn't there.

"With Sarah" Danny replied. Allison looked around the cafeteria and found Sarah sat with her friends but Jaiden wasn't there.

"Typical male attitude" She grunted a little annoyed that they hadn't even bothered to look "He gets a date with Sarah and you assume that he's with her" The four boys looked at her shocked at her small outburst "Does it look like he's with her?" They all turned to look at Sarah's table and felt idiots for not noticing that he was missing.

"I'll go look for him" Stiles said having finished eating. He cleared away his tray and left the cafeteria, he pulled out his phone and called Jaiden, he was surprised that his call was sent to voice mail. Stiles contemplated for a moment about going back to the others but that wasn't him, there was a strong chance there was something wrong with Jaiden and it didn't matter that they had only just met he considered Jaiden a friend and wanted to help him if he could.

He tried another call and once again it was sent to voice mail after a few rings. He started walking the hallways, the school is massive but he was determined to find Jaiden. He had been walking around for ten minutes and found himself at the door to the locker room, he wasn't sure how he had ended up there but it was like his instincts had lead him there - He shook off the strange feeling and entered.

"Jaiden?" He called out, there was no reply but he heard a sigh - It was a sigh of annoyance... No it sounded more like a thankful sigh. He followed the sound and found Jaiden sat on the floor leaning against some lockers "Hey buddy, you okay? You're missing lunch"

"I'm not hungry" Jaiden replied. It wasn't a lie, although he had never felt so hungry before in his life he wasn't that kind of hungry. He'd come to the locker rooms to try keep away from the other students, he had found himself fantasising about feeding on them and it was driving him insane.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm fine"

"We both know that's bull" Stiles replied sitting down next to him. He wasn't sure how he knew there was something wrong, it's like he'd known Jaiden his whole life and could read him like a book but in reality he knew absolutely nothing about the other boy and how did he know where to find Jaiden? He decided to shake the thought from his head "Whatever it is I'm here for you buddy" He put his arm around Jaiden and pulled him closer "I don't have to get half naked do I?" Jaiden laughed, he didn't want to, at this point in time he didn't want to breath, he just wanted to eat but Stiles had some kind of affect on him.

"Nah I think we're good as is" Both boys turned to look at each other, staring in to each others eyes. Stiles wanted to turn away feeling a little uncomfortable but he couldn't stop gazing at those deep green eyes.

"Please tell me what's wrong, I want to try help" There was only one thing Jaiden wanted to say - Lean your head to one side and don't scream. He immediately felt ill at thinking such a thing and pulled back "We're not leaving until you tell me"

"I want to but I can't" Jaiden replied, and he did so want to tell Stiles who he was. He was frightened, never before has he had such an urge to reveal what he was but with Stiles, and Danny too, he just wanted to shout it out. Stiles had placed his hand on Jaiden's face, he could see there was something burning him up from inside - He didn't say anything he just looked at Jaiden to let him know that he was there "This is going to sound strange and impossible but it's true and I'm telling you because I trust you and don't want to hide anything from you - I'm a vampire"

Stiles continued to look at Jaiden trying to take it in, had he just said vampire or had Stiles misheard? His mind started racing over what could rhyme with vampire but he couldn't think of anything. But vampires aren't real so Jaiden was obviously messing around again. That made sense whatever it was bothering him he hadn't wanted to say - Stiles started laughing, now he thought about it was pretty funny.

"Dude you're a classic - For a minute there I thought you were being serious" Jaiden had two options, laugh it up and pretend he was messing or get angry - He didn't want to but he went for the latter. He got up and punched the lockers, leaving a nasty dent in it "Shit! Jaiden!"

"I just told you something that even my best friend doesn't know! Stiles the only reason I'm here in this crappy place is because I was stupid and told my girlfriend what I am and I just risked everything to tell you! I don't even know you but for some reason I was dumb enough to believe that you're my friend" He wasn't sure when it started but he couldn't hold back the tears that were running down his face.

Stiles didn't know what to do or say. It was clear that Jaiden was serious and now he thought about it maybe vampires were real, after all if he'd been asked if he believed in werewolves a few weeks ago his reaction would have been the same. There were numerous things going through his mind, his oldest friend was a werewolf and his newest a vampire and he had just pissed off the vampire which could end up with his life being at risk. But the thought that was strongest in his mind, the one that he couldn't shake and made him feel sick - He'd hurt Jaiden.

"I'm sorry" He looked up at Jaiden and saw the tears running down his face and his heart sank even further "I won't tell anyone, I promise" He walked slowly towards Jaiden and pulled him in tight, one hand on Jaiden's back and the other holding his head, his fingers entwined in his long auburn locks "I am so sorry Jaiden, I didn't mean to laugh"

"I feel like such an idiot" Jaiden said pulling his head back, Stiles wiped the tears from his cheeks and smiled.

"You're not an idiot" He Lent in and placed a gentle kiss on Jaiden's forehead, something he had only ever done a couple of times to Scott when he was hurting "So when did you... Get turned?" He wasn't sure that was the right wording for it.

"I was born a vampire, well part vampire. My mom's a vampire and dad is human"

"Is that how you are able to go out in sunlight?"

"Buddy there are so many myths about vampires and that is one of them. A full vampire is weakened by the sun but they don't burn in it"

"Jaiden? Why did you tell me?"

"I trust you and I feel so close to you" Jaiden replied and he did feel close to Stiles, there was something about the shorter teen "That's why I'm in here, I don't feed on people unless I have to, dad has always worked at a hospital and he gets me blood but he only started work again today, I ran out of blood six days ago and I'm starving, I keep finding myself thinking about drinking from people"

"Did you want to..." Stiles wasn't sure how to say it so just pointed to his neck.

"You're my friend Stiles, I can't drink from you"

"And you're my friend which is why I would allow you too. Jaiden I don't know why but I really like you a lot and I will do anything for you so if you ever need it please ask" They once again found themselves in each others arms "We better find the others" Stiles noticed that Jaiden's knuckles were grazed and slightly bleeding "How are we going to explain that" He gasped as Jaiden shifted to vampire form, the cuts instantly healing "Dude that is sweet! And you look like a Vulcan... Well a Vulcan with fangs" Stiles raised his hand and made the Vulcan peace sign "Live long..."