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Stiles had convinced Jaiden to tell Scott that he was a vampire, he was reluctant at first but Stiles said he would be fine with it. Jaiden was shocked when Scott had told him that he's a werewolf but he was pleased that Scott trusted him too, it was also nice to know that there was someone else different at school too.

Even though two of his friends knew about him he still had a burning desire to tell Danny too and it was still worrying him a little why he wanted to tell Danny and why he had told Stiles - The only person he had told before was Lara and that was a mistake yet here he was wanting to reveal all to near strangers.

As they were leaving school Danny and Jaiden had got to talking about any plans they had that evening, after realising that they had both intended on staying at home Jaiden invited Danny to his to play xbox and watch a movie, Danny went home first to shower and change. Jaiden had started to prepare some dinner and then went for a shower himself. He had finished showering and was part way through brushing his teeth when the doorbell rang, it would take him a few minutes to finish and get dressed so he wrapped a towel around himself and ran downstairs. When he opened the door Danny looked him up and down and laughed.

"I feel overdressed"

"Shut up" Jaiden said leading Danny in, he quickly dashed to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of cans of soda and then they made their way upstairs "I'll be done in a minute, my room is second on the right, make yourself comfortable" He went back to the bathroom and Danny made his way to the bedroom. Jaiden was rinsing his mouth when Danny shouted through to him.

"Jai? Is this a bedroom or a recording studio?"

"It's a bedroom" Jaiden laughed "They're mostly part of the decor now, I don't play them much anymore" He put his pants on, grabbed his vest and went to his bedroom, Danny was stood at the end of the bed looking around the room "You can sit down Dan"

"I was going to but the lack of chairs was a problem I couldn't overcome"

"That's what the bed is for dumb ass" Jaiden said pushing Danny onto the bed, he put his vest on and then jumped on to the bed next to Danny.

His phone sounded indicating a new text, he knew it would be Stiles - He'd sent numerous texts about vampires 'What about garlic? Is that a problem?' Jaiden smiled, only Stiles he thought 'I bloody hope not, I just made some garlic bread' 'A simple no would do - Last question, is Dracula real?' 'No idea, there's truth in everything so he could be'

"Sorry" Jaiden started "That was Stiles, he had some questions about... History" He felt a lump in his throat again, he liked Danny so much and hated these lies he was telling him. He had told Stiles and Scott and he so badly wanted - needed - to tell Danny too "Dan, I have to..." His phone went off once more "Sorry, I'll turn it off after this"

"It's okay mate" Danny replied.

Jaiden looked at the text from Stiles 'I swear this is the last question but it's really important. When you said this was a crappy place, did you mean it?' Jaiden thought back to the locker room earlier, had he really said that? 'No, I was just confused and being stupid. I doubt Beacon Hills is the best place in the world but you guys make it great' And to Jaiden that was the truth, they had all made him feel welcome, even Jackson had after they patched things up. He turned his phone off and placed it on the table next to his bed. He had to tell Danny and he had to do it now.

"I've told Stiles and Scott already and apart from my girlfriend - ex-girlfriend - I haven't told anyone else and she didn't take to it well at all, in fact it ruined my life so I don't know what made me tell them but I couldn't stop myself and I want to tell you too - If I'd had any control over it I would have told you first but I was having a bad day and Stiles was there and it just came out" He stopped to take a breath and he could see that Danny was trying to think were this was going "Ah crap I'm rambling aren't I?"

"Just a little mate" Danny smiled at him, he didn't know what Jaiden was trying to say but he knew that it was hard for him "Just take your time and whatever it is Jai, just know that it won't change my opinion of you" That had made it easier for Jaiden, he could tell by the beating of Danny's heart that he meant that.

"I'm not like most people, I - I'm a vampire" Danny just lay there looking at him. Jaiden couldn't make out what he was thinking, apart from skipping a beat at first, his heart rate hadn't changed "Dan please say something"

"I believe you" Danny started trying to find the words "But I've seen you smile - a lot - I haven't seen fangs"

"I'm in human form, although I have some abilities like this it's not until I shift to vampire that I gain all my strengths and features"

"Can I see?" Danny asked, Jaiden made the change to vampire form and Danny gasped a little "Wow" Jaiden smiled at his reaction, revealing his fangs to Danny. Danny was still in awe, those emerald eyes had become more intense, he put his hand on Jaiden's face slowly moving it further up, somehow Jaiden's sideburns were slightly thicker. He moved his hand up and felt his ears which had grown to a point, Jaiden's breath had become deeper at the feel of Danny's gentle touch on his ear, Danny quickly removed his hand "Sorry"

"It's okay" Danny placed his hand on Jaiden's, his fingers appeared longer and the tips of his nails had become pointed "Be careful they're sharp, I don't wanna hurt you" Jaiden glanced passed Danny and noticed the time "Shit, I better finish dinner"

Danny helped Jaiden to cook dinner and they had spent most of their time getting to know each other better. They had just finished getting dinner ready when Jaiden's dad got home, he explained to him that Danny knew he's vampire as did Scott and Stiles. They had sat down together to eat and were then finishing the meal.

"Well boys that was delicious, thank you"

"Danny done most of the work in the end, I was busy talking"

"Now that I can believe - Thank you Danny"

"You're welcome Mr Darby"

"Please call me Jeff"

Jaiden started to clear away the dishes and Danny stood to help him "What you doing? You're a guest" He said taking the plate from Danny "Do you want to get a movie ready? I'll be up in a few minutes" He took the dirty dishes to the kitchen and started running the water.

"He seems like a nice kid" His dad said entering the room "I'm proud of you son, it must have been hard to tell them"

"I was scared, after Lara's reaction I was sure I would never tell anyone again, but for some reason I just had to tell them. I don't know why, I mean Rhys is my best friend but I couldn't find the courage to tell him"

"Just be careful, vampires are very loyal to the people who care about them and obviously these boys care about you quite a bit. I don't want you to get hurt again"

"I know dad and I will be careful but they're different to Lara somehow"

"Just remember adolescence is a hard time for anyone but being a vampire makes it worse, you're emotions are stronger and more intense now than they'll ever be" Jaiden laughed a little thinking back to Stiles "What?"

"Just Stiles, he said I look like a Vulcan - They're void of emotion and I'm a bloody emotional wreck"

His dad smiled. He knew deep down he hadn't been a bad parent but he was still human, Jaiden needed more than he could ever give, he needed his mom "I'll clean up son, you go watch the film"

"Thanks dad" Jaiden gave his dad a quick hug and grabbed a couple more sodas for him and Danny, he also took the bag of blood. Normally he would just drink it straight from the bag but that tended to be a little messy and he didn't want Danny thinking he's some kind of animal so he drained the contents into a glass and made his way upstairs. When he opened the door Danny looked at him and let out a small chuckle "What?"

"You weren't joking when you said you're not a normal vampire"

Neither of them knew what time it happened but they had both fallen asleep during the movie, woken to the sound of Jaiden's alarm. Jaiden had gone for a shower first leaving Danny to find some of his clothes that he liked, being the same height and roughly the same build meant that his clothes were a near perfect fit for Danny. Whilst Danny had showered, Jaiden prepared a breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast and some coffee. They finished off their breakfast and went to school, Danny had left his bag in the car so he didn't have to go home first. They pulled up at school at the same time as Jackson, he and Danny started talking about lacrosse training that night. Jaiden saw Stiles pull up in his jeep and a few moments later Scott arrived too.

"I'll catch you later guys"

"See you later buddy"

"Laters moron" Jackson replied receiving a punch on the arm from Danny "The hell was that for?"

Jaiden smiled, Jackson wasn't so bad after all. He made his way over to Stiles and Scott "Hey guys"

"Morning Tuvok" Stiles greeted him, Jaiden smiled and took a quick look around to make sure it was safe before shifting and letting out a low growl "Shit! Seriously dude you growl?"

Before anyone could say anything, someone grabbed hold of Jaiden and threw him into a car. Scott and Stiles turned to see Derek who didn't take his eyes of Jaiden.

"Derek! What the hell are you doing?" Scott asked the older wolf.

"Keep away from him! He's a vamp!"

"Duh" Stiles said.

"They can't be trusted" Derek started "They kill werewolves"

He had only taken his eyes of Jaiden for a moment and that's all the time Jaiden needed. He jumped through the air like lightning and tackled Derek to the ground, he pulled him and held his arms behind his back with one hand and the other was pressed against Derek's throat.

"Really?" Jaiden asked, growling into Derek's ear "We're gonna do this are we? Dude are you stuck in the dark ages? Some vampires may kill werewolves but not all of us! And you think I can't be trusted? How's this for trust?" He let go of Derek and changed back to human form "You know I could've killed you if I wanted"

There was a few moments silence before Stiles spoke "That was pretty awesome" Derek snarled at him.

Jaiden shifted back and let out a growl, it wasn't low like the one he had given Stiles a few minutes ago, it was a warning to Derek - A warning to back off. He could see the fear in Derek's eyes and smell it on him too but it wasn't a fear of him as such, it was more a fear of vampires. He'd obviously been brought up with the wrong knowledge of them. "I am not a killer"

"I'll be watching you" Derek said before leaving as fast as he had arrived.

Jaiden once again returned to his human form, what little damage Derek had done had healed already "Are you okay? Stiles asked.

"Yeah - Who was that?"

"Derek Hale" Scott replied "As you can tell he's a wolf too" Scott was a little nervous now, was Derek right? He didn't know Jaiden very well but he knew him well enough to know that Jaiden wouldn't hurt him "I believe you mate"

"Thanks Scott - I swear not all of us are killers"

"I trust you" Scott realised that classes would start soon "We better get going" The three friends made their way to he building "Jaiden, history isn't my strong point - In fact I suck, don't suppose you could maybe help me study later after school?"

"No problem buddy" Jaiden replied, he then remembered Jackson and Danny's conversation "Don't you have training though?" There was a look of realisation on Scott's face, he'd forgotten about lacrosse "How about I stick around and watch and then we can head to yours after?"

"Awesome! Thank you"

The day had gone past rather quickly. Most of the morning Jaiden could smell Derek lingering just outside the school but the scent had gone by lunch, he spent a lot of time thinking about Derek, he wondered if he might cause problems. He knew most of the history about vampires and werewolves and that they had been enemies for hundreds of years but that had all changed a very long time ago.

Jaiden had called his dad at lunch to let him know he was going to Scott's for a study session and probably wouldn't be home until late. Waiting for Scott to finish practice hadn't been as boring as he thought it would be, mainly thanks to Lydia who was waiting for Jackson. They'd got talking and Lydia had given him a few suggestions on where to take Sarah, he still didn't know many places in Beacon Hills yet - He'd decided that first they'd go for a meal and then to see a movie, he text her to ask her and she was pleased with the idea.

When they got to Scott's, he had introduced Jaiden to his mom and then they had a quick bite to eat before heading to his room to study. They had been studying for over two hours. It had started off good, they covered a lot of things but after a while Jaiden became distracted, he couldn't shake the though of Derek from his mind and he started to try think of ways to prove to the older wolf that he, and most vampires in general, could be trusted. He had also started to feel hungry again, the blood he had last night had helped but it wasn't enough, he had gone so long without. At least he now knew what his limits were, he really needed one bag every two or three days but could last to four days tops, anything over that would be when he starts to go mad.

He had been so deep in thought that he hadn't heard Scott talking to him "Jaiden!"


"Where were you dude? Talk about zoning out"

"Sorry" Jaiden replied feeling bad for ignoring Scott "I was just thinking - Always a problem"

There was a knock at the door and Scott's mom popped her heard through "I'm now off to work - Night boys"

"Bye Mrs McCall"

"See ya mom" Scott replied. He continued to read for a few minutes before realising that Jaiden hadn't said anything. They had done a lot and two hours flat studying was a bit much. Scott cleared the books of his bed, only now noticing that at some stage Jaiden had got off his bed and was sat on the floor "Come on spill - What's up?"

Jaiden looked up from the book he was reading, it looked liked Scott's voice had pulled him back from thoughts miles away "I'm good"

"I'm a werewolf remember, I can smell somethings bothering you"

"Really?" Jaiden asked intrigued "You guys can smell that?"

"Of course not but you more or less just admitted there is something wrong"

"You're evil" Jaiden laughed "Seriously I'm okay, I'm just a little hungry is all. Dad brought some blood home last night but that was the first in six days and it wasn't really enough"

Scott thought for a moment "Well that's easy buddy, just feed from me"

Jaiden looked up at him, his face looked like he'd just solved all the problems of the world "Scott you know I don't like to feed from humans"

"But I'm not human as such" Scott replied. Jaiden couldn't argue over that "And it's not like it's a fancy, you have to feed to survive and more over you're my friend, I'd much prefer you feed on me than some stranger"

Jaiden couldn't deny it, he did need to feed again. He wasn't just hungry, he was weak - The confrontation with Derek this morning hurt a lot more than it should have done. Scott wasn't looking to be told what would happen but Jaiden had to tell him, he wasn't just a piece of food, he was his friend and deserved to know.

"When I pierce your skin you'll feel very faint, my fangs release sort of like a venom, it calms the person down so they don't fight against us, anyone else would pass out but I think you'll just feel weak"

"Okay" Scott said preparing himself. Jaiden moved closer to his neck and slowly broke the skin, his body instantly thankful for the warm blood, he had only been drinking for a few seconds when he started having images of Scott, images that he shouldn't be having but he wanted them to be real. He quickly pulled back from Scott, this wasn't right "What the hell was that?" Scott asked gasping for breath.

"You had it too?" Jaiden asked, he too was left breathless at the experience "I don't know what it was I just know it wasn't right" He started to blush a little, it wasn't right to have those urges "But I wanted it"

"Me too - Maybe it was a reaction to my blood?"

Jaiden closed his eyes, he couldn't look at Scott - He was ashamed of what he had done to both of them and he still had those urges, he needed to shake them "I'm sorry"

"Don't be, I wanted it too" Scott replied causing Jaiden to open his eyes and look at him "You can finish now mate"

"I don't think that's a good idea, those feelings were so intense and I don't think I'd be able to stop again"

"Jaiden I don't know what it was or what will happen but I want it and if you feel what I'm feeling I know you want it too"

"But it isn't right, you're with Allison and we're both..."

Scott cut him off "I know but it doesn't matter, whatever happens nothing is going to change"

Jaiden was reluctant at first but he started to drink from Scott again, the feelings coming back more intense. Both boys knew that it was wrong but neither of them could stop it, they let the emotions take over.