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Jaiden drank the refreshing blood, his lips tight against Scott - The urges running through both of them getting more intense with each passing second. Scott's lips had found their way to Jaiden's neck his heartbeat getting faster and faster, he could feel the change coming and couldn't stop it even if he wanted to. Jaiden finished feeding and looked at Scott who's eyes were glowing yellow. He moved closer to Scott and their lips met it was a slow kiss at first, Jaiden slipped his hand under Scott's shirt feeling his chest.

Scott moved his right hand down Jaiden's back, eventually making his way underneath Jaiden's jeans and boxers to feel skin. Scott pulled himself up along with Jaiden, he ran his hand through Jaiden's thick hair and down his face, his fingers caressing Jaiden's cheek. In one quick motion, he ripped Jaiden's shirt, his claws slicing Jaiden's chest. He kissed and licked his way down Jaiden's neck and chest, his tongue crossing the deep cuts that were already starting to heal.

Jaiden got up to take his jeans off, the realisation of what they were doing suddenly hitting him. Scott was now standing himself so he could easily remove his clothes, Jaiden noticed a layer of hair on his chest that wasn't there before but he liked it. Again he paused for a moment to take in what they were doing and what they were about to do.

"Should we be doing this?" Jaiden asked Scott who had now also removed all clothing except boxers.

"Probably not but I don't care, do you?"

He didn't answer with words, his actions made it clear. He kissed Scott again with enough force to make them both fall down onto the bed. The truth was he did care, he didn't want to ruin their friendship but at the same time he didn't care enough to stop this. He slowly kissed and licked his way down Scott's muscled body, surprised how good the sudden growth of hair felt on his tongue. He paused for a moment when he reached the waistband of Scott's boxers to give both Scott and himself a chance to stop if it was too much although he already knew neither of them would, the feed had given them a connection to each other.

Jaiden took hold of the boxers and pulled them down releasing Scott's hard cock. He licked the head savouring the taste causing Scott to gasp, he looked up to Scott and smiled at the look of pure ecstasy on his face. He turned back to his human form so his fangs wouldn't hurt Scott and then took Scott's cock in his mouth.

Scott gripped the bed as if trying to push the intense pleasure from his body - He'd only received head once before and that was good but this was so much better. He'd lost all sense of time and didn't know how long this had been going on but he knew he couldn't last much longer - It wasn't just what Jaiden was doing right now, the kisses and feeling of Jaiden's soft touch had all built up to this moment "J.. Ja" his mouth was refusing to let his words out "I.. Please.. Oh god.. I'm going to..." He had given Jaiden enough time to stop, just, but he continued anyway and accepted Scott's load.

Jaiden moved up to face Scott who pulled him into a kiss, forcing his tongue into the other teens mouth and tasting his cum. Scott broke the kiss with a devious smile on his face "My turn"

When they had calmed from their orgasms, they laid together, Scott resting his head on Jaiden's chest.

"Jaiden" Scott started nervously, scared his next question might be too much "Would you stay here the night? I'm not ready to be on my own"

Jaiden placed a gentle kiss on his head "Me neither"

It wasn't long before both teens fell asleep in each others arms.