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Jaiden arrived at school a little early, not long after he and Scott got up he had gone home to shower and change but had skipped breakfast, he didn't feel like eating at all. He'd apologised to Scott for what had happened between them - Scott told him not to worry about it, it wasn't anything bad and it's not like they would do it again but Jaiden still felt bad, he made Scott have those feelings.

He was sat on a bench near the parking lot lost in his thoughts and hadn't seen Jackson arrive "Hey moron"


Jackson could tell in his voice that there was something wrong and sat next to him "You know if we're going to convince people we hate each other you're going to have to be a little more passionate"

"What the fuck? I don't hate you Jackson!" Jaiden replied standing up "Yeah we started off wrong..." Jackson grabbed his arm and pulled him back down.

"I was joking Jaiden" If there was any doubt in his mind that there was something wrong with Jaiden it had gone now "Look, I'll be honest I didn't like you at first, in fact I thought you were a dick, but Danny made me see, like he always does, that I was the one being a dick and then I realised that you actually appear to be a decent guy" Jackson paused for a moment to think about where this was heading "Anyway I know we'll never be best friends or anything but I do like you and if you ever need anything, someone to talk to, then I'm here okay"

Jaiden replied with a knowing nod and a smile "Sorry for the outburst, I'm just a little tired" Jackson placed his hand on Jaiden's shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze.

"Morning guys" Lydia said sitting on the bench next Jackson, he put his arm around her waist and gave her a kiss. He didn't remove his hand from Jaiden's shoulder, he wasn't convinced that it was just fatigue affecting him but he respected that Jaiden would tell him if he wanted to.

One by one the rest of their gang arrived. Scott and Jaiden both heard a few whispers from passing students about the group. Scott knew that they weren't the typical high school gang of friends and those students knew the same - He wouldn't even say they were friends as such, they were just connected through each other. Jackson would never hang around with him or Stiles but his girlfriend was friends with his girl and Jaiden was friends with his best friend and Jacksons too.

Jaiden had picked up numerous scents of the new people in his life and had just caught the one which he hoped would someday be his favourite, apple blossom. He looked up and saw Sarah. Although he still felt awful about it, like Scott he too had enjoyed what happened between them but now seeing Sarah again - Her beautiful face, curves in all the right places and her long chestnut hair blowing in the gentle breeze - That's what he wanted, Scott had just been a one off and it was because of the feed, neither of them would have wanted last night if it wasn't for that.

He got up to go meet her without a word to the others - It had gone un-noticed by the group except for Scott and Jackson. Scott felt angry and hurt, Jaiden had more or less done a runner this morning and was acting like last night meant nothing and Jackson wanted to know what was troubling the other teen.

Sarah and Jaiden had been talking for a few minutes, all the time Jaiden looking like a lost boy but then she had said something that made him smile. Jackson let out a small laugh, that was how he knew Jaiden to be.

"What's up with you?" Lydia asked him causing the others to look at him, he nodded over to Sarah and Jaiden. Lydia looked back to Jackson, he still had that smile on his face "I thought you didn't..."

"I don't" Jackson replied, knowing he wasn't convincing them "But I admire him for getting her to go out with him" They had all turned to look at the couple again, a little shocked when Jaiden kissed Sarah and even more so that she was returning it "Get in there mate"

"I want to know how he does it" Stiles started "Sarah Palmer has had guys following her around for years trying to get with her and he does it the minute he meets her. How does he do it?"

"It may be because he's cool and not a dork"

"But you don't like him hey Jack?" Danny replied. Jackson tried to glare at his best friend but couldn't get it right "Don't worry we won't tell anyone you're a softie"

When they looked back to Jaiden and Sarah, they were still engaged in a kiss. The smile on Lydia's face soon faded after she remembered what she heard yesterday "She's just using him" She didn't really know Jaiden at all, she was only talking to him because of her friends but that made him her friend too and she didn't like it that he was being used. The others had turned to look at her and were scowling - She knew it wasn't at her but at what she had said. She was also surprised to see that her boyfriend looked the most angry - Trying to convince them he didn't like Jaiden - He's a crap lier she thought "I overheard her talking to her friends, apparently she's been wanting to get with what's his name, the football captain, and she's using Jaiden to make him jealous"

"I'm gonna tell her what I think of her"

Stiles nearly lept up, his goofy excited grin spread across his face "You go girl!"

"Allison" Jackson started "We can't interfere - Look at him, he looks happy - Do you think he'd believe us? He'll find out soon enough if she is just using him and all we can do is be there for him"

She sat back down again "I guess you're right" She didn't like it though.

"Well I would've supported you" Stiles said "It's been ages since this school has had a good cat fight" Scott Lent passed Danny and punched his best friend "Hey! Allison would win you idiot"

Jackson found himself smiling at Stiles - He'd spent so long trying to be the typical high school jock, he hadn't even wanted to but it was expected of him and he went with it. Had things have gone the way he wanted he would probably have befriended Stiles and Scott years ago. Maybe now was the time for him to stop being what everyone expected him to be and become the person he wanted to be.

Jaiden had been sat in math class bored, he'd already completed the work and knew he would get an 'A' for it. Numbers were too easy for him and in fact rather boring. He'd been doodling on his notebook when he caught the scent of Derek - Derek and something else that he couldn't figure out but it smelt awful. He excused himself from class using the usual bathroom excuse.

He was walking through the hallways following the smell, it didn't take him long to find Derek. He had Jackson pinned to some lockers, his right hand griping the back of Jackson's neck tight.

Jaiden ran over to them and pulled Derek off, throwing him to the floor. He put his hand on Jackson's face needing the contact to push a thought to him 'stay here' - He grabbed Derek and pulled him around the corner out of Jackson's sight "What the hell are you doing?"

"Where's Scott?"

"What do you want him for?" Jaiden asked not loosening his grip "What happened to you?" Derek wasn't looking too good.

"Just tell me where he is vamp" Jaiden pushed him into the lockers again.

"Not until you tell me what's going on!"

Derek was getting frustrated now, he asked a simple question but all he got in return was two jumped up pricks with attitudes. He could smell Scott's scent now but it wasn't Scott himself, the scent was all over the vampire. He knew that they were friends but he couldn't figure out why Scott's scent was almost as strong as the vampires. It wasn't just that though, the runt was stronger today - Then it hit Derek.

"You drank McCall's blood" It was adding up now "Bet you weren't prepared for that" Neither of them knew how it was possible but Jaiden was pushing Derek harder into the lockers and had now shift "Looks like I hit a nerve" Derek said smirking at the younger lad.

Jaiden tried not to let it show but Derek had hit a nerve, what they had done wasn't right and it was eating away at him "You just want me to feed from you"

Derek laughed at him, a laugh that sent shivers down his spine "McCall is just a pup - You couldn't handle me"

He pushed into Derek again this time hitting his arm causing Derek to scream in pain. He let go of Derek, there was something seriously wrong with the wolf "What's happened?" His anger was fading away now, he was worried about Derek - Derek knew it too and dropped his resentment to the boy, now wasn't the time.

"I was shot last night by some hunters, it wasn't an ordinary bullet, I can't heal from it - Please find Scott, I need him"

"Can I help?"

"The hunters are his girlfriends family - I'm hoping he's close enough to her to find out what the damn bullet was"

"You better get out of here, I'll tell Scott" Jaiden replied, Derek started to walk away "And please try not to start on my friends again"

Jaiden went to look for Scott, he had no idea what class Scott was in right now and had to rely on his senses to locate the other teen. He was extremely worried that he could pick up Scott's scent nearly immediately, he was hoping it had nothing to do with the previous nights escapades but somehow he doubted it, he had Scott in him now. He found Scott and tried to get his attention through the small window in the door but he didn't notice him. Jaiden wasn't sure what to do, he'd left his phone in his bag and he could hardly burst through the door. But maybe Scott would hear him, he already had advanced hearing and if he had the same connection to Jaiden that Jaiden did him then he would surely hear.

"Scott" Jaiden whispered, he saw Scott look around "I'm outside, just whisper and I'll hear you"

"What the hell are you doing?" Scott asked looking outside the door and seeing Jaiden "You should be in class"

"I'm not entirely stupid Scott - Derek's here, he's been shot and can't heal. He said that it was Allison's family - You didn't tell me her family were hunters"

"And you didn't tell me that feeding from me would make us go crazy over each other - I guess we're even now" Jaiden was shocked at the tone of Scott's voice, there was a lot of anger in it "Where is he?"

"I don't know, he said he needs you to find out what the bullet was, he said it wasn't a normal bullet so you should be able to find it easy enough"

Jaiden didn't wait for Scott to reply, he knew what he needed to know and after the way he just spoke Jaiden didn't want to hear his voice again. He was hurt by the tone and what Scott had said but what got him the most was his fears had been confirmed, he had ruined their friendship and it had barely started.

Scott and Jaiden hadn't spoken to each other the rest of the day, mostly because they only had one class together but also at lunch when they would've talked, Jaiden favoured sitting with Sarah. He did want to be with her, after all they were dating, but also being with her meant that he didn't have to face Scott. He also knew that his friends wouldn't think it strange that he wasn't with them.

He had spent a little time with Jackson who done most of the talking, he told Jaiden never to be stupid and take on a psycho like Derek again. Jaiden told him that Derek wasn't as tough as he looked or acted - He was pretty damn strong but Jaiden could handle him easily.

Jaiden was sat at home on his computer having a cam to cam with Rhys, he'd only spoken to his best friend twice since moving - He missed him everyday but today he really needed Rhys but he couldn't tell him what had happened, Rhys still didn't know he was a vampire. Rhys didn't pick up that there was something wrong with his friend, how could he when just seeing him made Jaiden momentarily forget everything else. Jaiden told Rhys how he was dating one of the hottest, most sought after girls in school, Rhys didn't believe him so he held his phone up to the camera so he could see the texts.

"That only proves that you're dating someone Jaid. She could be a complete munter"

"We both know that you're the one who can only pull the rough ones"


"What about what's her name? That girl you dated for two days?"

"Lucy Sanders?" Rhys replied "And it was three days"

"Yeah that extra day makes a huge difference little bro" Jaiden knew Rhys both hated and loved it when he called him that "What were you thinking with that one?"

"I don't think I was thinking, I must have had a brain aneurysm or something"

"You lack the required elements for that mate" Jaiden replied, both of them laughing. He missed this, Rhys was the only person who understood him best. They'd been talking for over an hour and not once had he mentioned Lara. Jaiden did want to know about her "How's Lara?"

"She's good" Rhys replied, he was nervous to tell Jaiden that she didn't really talk about him "She isn't seeing anyone yet"

"That means you haven't asked her out then"

"I am not asking my best friends ex out"

"Why not? You like her" Jaiden smiled at Rhys, his mouth opening and closing like a fish not knowing what to say "Just ask her out if not I'll be forced to come back and inflict physical harm upon your person"

"You couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding" Jaiden's phone went off. Rhys wasn't sure why but he was surprised that the tone hadn't changed "Are you gonna see who that is? It could be important"

"Exactly, if it's important then we'll have to finish and I don't want to" Jaiden looked at the text, it was from Stiles saying he needed help at the animal center "That was Stiles, he needs a hand with some crap - I better go - But ask your parents about coming to stay next break"

"Straight! I wanna meet this Stiles dude, he sounds cool"

They said goodbye and Jaiden made his way to the animal center to find Stiles, feeling a lot better after talking to Rhys.

When Jaiden arrived at the center he saw Stiles' jeep and could smell Derek - He smelt even worse than he had this morning. He walked in and Derek was stood leaning on the table and Stiles was panicking.

"What the hell is he doing here?" Derek asked noticing Jaiden.

"I called Jaiden - I have no idea what to do here!" Stiles replied clearly uncomfortable with the situation, Jaiden walked over to him and placed his hand on Stiles' shoulder "Thanks" Derek bent over the edge of the table and threw up some dark stuff "Jesus what was that?"

"My body's trying to heal itself"

"Well it's not doing a very good job"

"You have to do this now"

"I don't think I can" Stiles replied looking at the saw "Jaiden you do it" It took a moment for Jaiden to realise what they were talking about.

"No!" Derek shouted "I don't trust him"

"Again?" Jaiden replied, Derek's attitude towards him was getting too much "Twice I could have easily killed you... Hell I could take you out now before you could take another breath if I wanted - I will not hurt you" And he had no intention of hurting Derek, not even by taking his arm off. He looked to Stiles "Tell Scott to get his ass here now" He walked behind Derek and put his arms around him, Derek tried to fight him off but didn't have the strength.

"What are you doing?" Derek growled at him as he lowered both of them to the ground.

"You're breathing heavy and your heart rate is too high"

Derek scoffed "No shit crapstack, I'm in pain and slowly dieing"

Jaiden placed his right hand on Derek's forehead to hold him back and his left hand on his chest over his heart. He lowered his voice below a whisper, even in his current state Derek would be able to hear him fine "I know and it's pumping the poison around your body faster. We have to get it down - Breath with me" He started taking slow deep breaths, holding Derek tight to his chest so he could feel the breathing.

"It hurts" Jaiden held him tighter as if trying to take the pain away from him "Stiles is right - You're going to have to take my arm off - He can't do it, the kid isn't like you and me, he's too kind for that"

"If the time comes I will" Jaiden replied "Just try relax though, I know it's hard, Scott will be here soon"

"About earlier..." Derek started.

"Save your breath, I don't think this situation could handle the both of us going soft" Derek laughed causing more pain, Jaiden returned to holding the wolf tight "He hates me for it and it hurts - I don't know why, I hardly know him but it hurts bad"

"Vampires are very loyal. Time stopped meaning anything the second you decided he was a friend and now the good times will be like years of friendship and the negative things the worst pain imaginable"

"I better make sure I don't decide you're a friend then" Jaiden replied, both of them laughing a little.

Scott came bursting through the door with the bullet in hand. He looked at Jaiden with annoyance and disgust all over his face. Jaiden kept his hands around Derek and lifted them both up from the ground, Stiles looked astonished at the strength of his new friend.

Derek stood next to the table and took the bullet from Scott "I just need..." He couldn't finish his sentence before passing out, he started to fall back wards. Jaiden rushed to catch him but didn't get there in time, instead the weight of Derek sent them both crashing to the floor. Jaiden's head hitting the floor first with a force that drew blood and would almost certainly knock a human unconscious.

The bullet left Derek's hand and rolled down a vent in the floor, Scott went after it trying to fish it out "What the hell is wrong with you Jaiden? You could have caught it!" Jaiden's head was hurting bad and he had started to see double, he couldn't reply to Scott, as much as he wanted to.

Stiles truned to look at Scott, he'd never heard such bitterness in his best friends voice before. Jaiden couldn't help what happened, he too would have put priority on the wolf over the bullet. Scott had now got the bullet out from the vent, Stiles looked down to Derek, he was out cold laying on Jaiden "Derek!" Stiles shouted at the wolf trying to rouse him "Derek wake up!" There was still no movement from him "Please don't kill me" Stiles pulled his arm back and punched Derek on the face causing him to finally wake. Jaiden felt the force go through Derek and into him, he was surprised at the strength behind Stiles.

Derek got up and done what he needed to do to fix himself, he once again fell to the ground through pain. Jaiden didn't try to catch him this time, instead he shifted so he could heal. Scott turned to look at Jaiden, 24 hours ago those fangs were his, his tongue running over them, tasting them and Jaiden's lips against his, so gentle yet strong. He loved being with Allison but there was something special about being with Jaiden and he had wanted it again - That was until Jaiden dissed him and now he hated Jaiden for it, he hated him for ruining their special time together.

Scott was pulled out of his thoughts by Derek who was now fully healed "That's it now. We helped you so you get out of our lives and leave us alone"

"Scott..." Jaiden started but was soon cut off.

"Shut the hell up! This has nothing to do with you!" Once again Stiles found himself shocked at the bitterness from his best friend.

Derek walked closer to Scott, Jaiden ready to shift and stop him "Do you think they'll leave you alone? And she will be like them too"

"What do you mean?" Scott asked.

"Tomorrow night, come to mine at seven and I'll show you what they do to us" With that Derek turned and left. Jaiden decided that he'd had enough for one day and went home, he said bye to the Stiles and Scott although only Stiles returned the farewell.

Once he was sure Jaiden had gone he turned to Scott "What's going on with you and Jaiden?" Scott looked at the floor not wanting to face his friend "I thought you said that you believed him? That you trust him?"

"I do..."

"So why did you speak to him like that? You treated him nearly as bad as Derek!" Once again Scott found himself looking at the floor "I mean he helped you study last night..."

"Trust me, he didn't help me that much at all" That was a lie, on both accounts. Jaiden had helped him a lot with studying and everything else too "Stiles you know I tell you everything, you're my brother, but just this once I need this"