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The next day Scott had been avoiding Jaiden. When Jaiden finally managed to speak he asked if they could talk about what had happened. He had agreed to meet Jaiden in the park at 10, he had to meet Derek first and had promised to spend time with Allison too.

Jaiden had waited until well gone 11 for Scott to show, when the first 30 minutes had past he knew that Scott wasn't coming but still waited just in case. Scott had text him the next morning apologising for not turning up and arranged to meet Jaiden later before his date with Sarah - Again he was a no show with another text saying he was sorry and that he promised to meet him at 11 that night.

It was now 10:30 and he'd had a wonderful time with Sarah. The dinner was great and what little they saw of the movie, that appeared good too, but they had spend most of the time making out... Amongst other things.

Jaiden mentioned that he would have to suck up to his dad to borrow the car as he didn't have one yet, the cost of getting his car here when they moved was more than it was worth so he decided to leave it behind and gave it to Rhys. Danny had insisted that Jaiden could use his instead, he had more or less forced it onto Jaiden despite him saying no multiple times.

That's where he and Sarah were now, they were kissing again and her hand was down his pants. He looked at the dashboard and noticed the time - 10.40 - He thought about not going to meet Scott but wanted to fix things.

"Are you okay?" Sarah asked, Jaiden replied with a nod of his head. He wasn't, here he was with his girlfriend and all he could think about was Scott "Jaiden we can..."

He cut her off "I know" he could tell by her heartbeat what she was going to say "I want to but not here, I want it to be special" He did want their first time to be somewhere other than the backseat of a car - Especially as it wasn't his car - But it was also his excuse to get to meet Scott.

She lent in and kissed him "Thank you"

Jaiden drove Sarah home and walked her to the door "Thank you for tonight" He said placing a gentle kiss on her lips.

"I can't wait for next time" she replied kissing him again "Night"

"Goodnight - I'll text you in the morning" He waited for Sarah to go inside before leaving.

Jaiden knew that he wasn't going to get to the park in time so sent Scott a message to say he would be 10 minutes late. When he arrived at the park he still hadn't had a reply from Scott and knew then that once again he wouldn't turn up but waited for him anyway. He only waited for half an hour this time, his patience was wearing too thin. He got up and walked backed to the car whilst texting Scott 'If you weren't going to show you could have text me' He sent the message but wasn't happy with it, it didn't express how pissed he was with Scott.

"Did you hear a car?" Jackson asked.

Danny didn't look up, he continued playing the game "Why do you even bother to ask? It doesn't matter what I say you just..." Jackson got up and walked over to the window to look outside "Exactly"

Jackson resumed sitting on Danny's bed, he was eager to know how Jaiden's date had gone "It's getting late" He had started the evening playing multi player with Danny but at 10 he started losing concentration, after a while Danny turned Jackson's controller off and played on his own "He must be screwing her"


"What?" Jackson asked "Wouldn't you be shagging her?" Danny looked at his best friend smiling and shook his head "Well obviously not her but Jaiden"

"I couldn't screw Jaiden, he's straight you idiot"

"I know that I was just using him as an example - If you were on a date with a hot guy you'd be shagging him - So Jaiden must be shagging Sarah" Jackson started wondering why Danny had replied like that, maybe Danny liked Jaiden? Nah Danny's not like that, he wouldn't start thinking about a guy he just met like that, especially as he's straight. His mind was took off that when he thought he heard something "Did you hear a car?"

"Again?" Danny asked as Jackson headed to the window "Will you just sit down - You're driving me insane"

"Danny you're the most calm, easy going person on earth. I think it would be impossible for you to go insane - Even with a best friend like me" Jackson was about to sit down when he did actually hear something for real, he looked out of the window again to see Danny's car coming down the road "Told you I heard a car!"

"Well I suppose you were bound to get it right at some stage" Danny replied pausing the game and standing up to stretch "I'm saying this even though I know you won't listen - Try not to pounce on him the second he gets in"

"I'll be delicate" Jackson replied. He waited for Jaiden to get out of the car and shouted from the window "Hey shit stick!"

Danny picked up a notepad from his desk and threw it at Jackson - It completely missed him and went flying out of the window, he mentally cursed himself for putting little to no thought into that.

A few minutes later Jaiden climbed up the tree outside and came through the window. Danny couldn't stop himself looking at Jaiden's exposed stomach as his shirt lifted up.

"Dan some bastard is launching projectiles out of your window" Jaiden said placing the notepad which he had gripped in his teeth on the desk.

"Forget that" Jackson started "How did it go? Did you get any?"

Danny shook his head and smiled "Very delicate Jack"


Jaiden smiled at his new friends. It was nice that they felt comfortable with him like that and it also helped to strengthen his theory that when Jackson was with Danny he was actually himself.

"Nah I didn't get any - I could of but I..."

"What happened?" Danny asked noticing the smile on Jaiden's face fading.

"Just hear me out before you laugh - I kinda had an argument with Scott the other day and I've been trying to meet with him to sort it out but he hasn't showed. He said he'd meet me tonight and I was stupid enough to believe him" Jaiden lowered his head, why did Scott forget him again "It wasn't just that though, it wouldn't have been right to do anything in Danny's car"

"It wouldn't have bothered me" Danny replied

"Yeah and it's not like the backseat sees much action with him"

"Jack if you want me to pound the shit out of you in my car just ask"

"Hey we all know who the bitch is in the friendship Daniel"

Jaiden thought for a minute that they were going to start play fighting, they both had dorky smiles on their face and it was like they were talking through their smiles. He had a text come through and he knew it would be one of two people, Scott or Sarah, and he prayed that it was the latter but his prayers went unanswered 'What the hell are you talking about?'

Jaiden closed his eyes desperately trying to stop the anger raising in him, forgetting the time is one thing but Scott had completely forgot about the whole thing. Jaiden knew it was his fault that they were in this position but he was trying his best to fix it and Scott didn't give a damn.

"Are you okay?" Jackson asked noticing the look on Jaiden's face, he moved closer to Jaiden "Was that McCall?" Jaiden couldn't reply, the anger was still rising, he gripped his phone tighter and tighter until it shattered in his hand "Holy shit!" Jackson took his hand and prised the broken phone from his fingers, the palm had numerous cuts and was bleeding "Christ that must have hurt"

Jaiden's mouth was starting to function again "Just a little" He put on his best smile to try hide how angry and hurt he was - It appeared to work.

"Poor baby" Jackson said lifting Jaiden's hand "Do you want me to kiss it better?"

The anger was still clouding Jaiden's mind and he hadn't realised that Jackson was going to take this further "Jackson no!" it was too late, his blood had entered Jacksons mouth and his systems.

Jackson smiled revealing fangs that were still growing, his ears started raising to points "You could have told me you're a vampire" His grin got bigger and his eyes were now gently glowing blue.

"What the hell is going on?" Danny asked, he was behind Jackson and couldn't see his new form.

For Jackson, Danny's voice had reminded his vampire self that there was a human there "Blood" He turned to face Danny and started to move toward him.

He only made a few steps before Jaiden pounced through the air and tackled him to the ground "Fight it Jackson"

"I want... Why am I so hungry? What's happening?"

"It won't last I promise, just don't give in to it"

"I can hear Danny's heart racing and smell things"

"What can you smell?" Jaiden asked trying to keep Jackson's mind off of blood.

"I can smell the fabric conditioner on the bed sheets and what you had for dinner - Steak, extremely rare... That figures - Do you have a dog?" Jaiden was surprised at the question, why did Jackson think he has a dog? "No it isn't dog - Christ! Scott is a werewolf?"

"What?" Danny asked "How the hell can you even know that?"

"I don't know! I just smelt him on Jaiden and somehow knew" Jackson replied. It was a lie, he did know how he knew, he could smell lust but didn't want to say anything to Danny "JD get your vampire ass off of me you great lump!"

Jaiden got up and pulled Jackson up too "JD? I think I prefer shitbrick" That earned a smile from Jackson "You okay?"

"Yeah - Kinda - No - It feels like you're my brother"

"Don't worry, it's temporary - It will wear off in a few minutes" Jaiden replied, he could hear Jackson's thought's 'I don't want it to' Jaiden felt the same, it was only for a short time but he enjoyed the feeling of another vampire 'Me too' The smile that crept across Jackson's face told him that he had heard the thought.

"Could someone please explain to the only normal person here what just happened?" Danny asked

"Short version - Vampire blood makes you a vampire, it's only temporary for Jackson as he only tasted mine - If our bloods mixed then it would be permanent"

Danny wasn't going to pretend that he understood exactly what happened but he could tell that his best friend had somehow become connected to Jaiden and that said connection was now fading and both of them were wishing that it wasn't "I'll go grab us some drinks" He left the room and made his way downstairs stopping at the bathroom on the way. He wanted to give Jackson and Jaiden time.

"So.." Jackson started feeling nervous, he was more nervous now than he was when Jaiden was made to sit next to him when they still had issues "Danny knew?"

"Yeah I told him the other day - I also told Stiles and you know Scott knows"

"You could have told me too" Jackson replied, hurt showing in his voice.

"In fairness Jackson we didn't exactly get along to begin with and this is kinda a big thing - It's not that I don't trust you but I was scared enough of telling the people I knew did like me"

Jackson wanted to change the subject, this wasn't important, he knew now and that's all that matters "Is that what the argument with Scott was about?"

"Yeah" Jaiden was feeling hurt and angry again at the mention of Scott and he couldn't believe how he broke his phone. The cuts on his hand had long healed but not before soaking his shirt in blood, luckily none went on the floor. He started to remove the shirt "Thanks for not saying anything"

"It's nothing, you're my friend" Jackson pulled Jaiden into a hug, it was more for his sake though. The bond hadn't lasted long but he missed it and wanted to be close to Jaiden again. He whispered into Jaiden's ear "Please change me"

Jaiden held him closer, the thought that someone would ever ask him that had never crossed his mind "It's not all fun"

"I don't care about the cons JD - Hell I don't care about the pros either save one. I want that connection with you again, I felt safe"

Jaiden's vision blurred with unshed tears "Same here" He'd forgotten what it felt like to be in a pack. He forced the tears away as he heard Danny coming up the stairs.

Danny entered the room and nearly dropped the drinks in his hands, he hadn't expected to see Jaiden shirtless. It felt like every time he saw Jaiden he was becoming more attracted to him, it wasn't helping that he'd seen him in some stage of nakedness nearly as many times as he had seen him fully clothed.

"Could I use your bathroom to cleanup a little?" Jaiden asked him, he saw a little dried blood on Jaiden's stomach which also answered why he wasn't wearing a shirt.

"Yeah sure thing" Danny replied, he walked to his wardrobe and pulled out a shirt for Jaiden, he couldn't go the rest of the night seeing Jaiden half naked.

Jaiden left the the room to go to the bathroom, Jackson noticing Danny following him as he left "You like him" It was more of a statement than a question.

"He's straight"

"We covered that" Jackson replied placing his arm around Danny "Doesn't mean that you can't like him"

"Jackson I don't like him" Danny could see on Jackson's face that he was convinced "Do I make it obvious?"

"I don't think so - It's just you're my best friend and I know you" They'd been friends nearly all their lives and could see what each other were thinking just by looking "You should tell him"

"I don't think that's a good idea - He doesn't feel the same and it could make him feel awkward - It's not worth losing him as a friend"

"Danny I'm pretty sure that won't happen"

"Maybe but it's not worth risking" Danny replied, he did like Jaiden but he also liked his friendship and that was worth more "Besides, it's just a crush"

Jackson wasn't convinced that it was just a crush, he'd seen Danny checking out guys before but he wasn't just checking Jaiden out, there was something more in his looks.

Jaiden came back into the room having cleaned up, he stood at the door and pulled the shirt on and he smiled at Danny, his new friend had just given him a shirt without thinking about it, like it was a normal everyday thing to do - He'd pretty much done the same with the car too. Jaiden noticed that Danny was smiling at him too but then quickly turned when he realised that Jaiden had seen him "Thanks Dan"

"No problem buddy" Danny replied sitting at the end of the bed, Jackson looked at him and mouthed 'Buddy?' Danny half ignored him, yeah that wasn't what he wanted to call Jaiden but he couldn't exactly mouth that to Jackson "C.O.D?"

They had taken turns to play the game for a while, after an hour or so Jackson had fallen asleep. It wasn't long until Danny and Jaiden decided to stop, Jaiden was going to go home but Danny suggested he stay as it was late and all three fell asleep on Danny's bed.

It was now well past 2am and Jaiden was laying in bed wide awake. A noise had woken him about 15 minutes ago, it was Scott. He was hoping that Scott would leave but the wolf must have known that he was now awake. He looked to Danny and Jackson, both boys were fast asleep Jackson half laying on Danny's chest, it was obvious that the two often shared the same bed.

He got up and walked to the window which was still open, he jumped out and gracefully landed on the ground. He walked over to Scott and he could feel the nervousness coming from the other boy - It should have bothered him, he had considered Scott a friend, but that was before.

"What do you want?" That had come out with more bitterness than he wanted and Scott had picked up on it too.

"You didn't reply to my texts"

"I broke my phone"


"I got angry about your text and gripped it too tight"

"Are you okay?" Scott asked, Jaiden ignored him "I'm sorry"

"Apology excepted, laters" Jaiden turned to walk away.

"Jaiden! We need to talk!"

"I tried that one Scott, you weren't interested"

"That's not fair! I got held up"

Jaiden was starting to get angry again "Yeah the first two times but you totally forgot about tonight!" He tried to calm down, he'd had enough of Scott but at the same time he didn't want to argue with him "All I wanted to say was that I'm sorry for what happened the other night"

"You think that's what my problem was?" Scott asked "Jaiden that was amazing - I was angry because you just left me!"

"Left you?"

"Yeah we woke up and all you said was sorry and walked out. You didn't give me a chance to tell you there was nothing to be sorry about"

"Why didn't you tell me Scott? The few times we spoke you were off with me"

"I was angry and hurt, I fell asleep with you holding me and it felt great. I wasn't expecting you to leave the way you did" Scott replied, he wasn't holding his emotions back, the hurt was evident in his voice.

"I'm sorry too" Jaiden started, he'd got it all wrong "When I woke with you laying on me I was happy but I thought you would be angry, you have a girlfriend and I made us have those feelings, so I left and then when you were off I honestly thought it was because of what we done"

"It wasn't just the bite though, I wanted it too" Scott could see that Jaiden wasn't convinced, he slowly closed the distance between them and lent up to place a gentle kiss on Jaiden's lips. He was pleasantly surprised when the kiss was returned "See?"

Jaiden smiled "I'm not completely convinced"

Scott returned the smile and kissed Jaiden again. He spent most of the night kissing Allison and that was good but this was so much better, he didn't want to finish with Allison but he wouldn't say no to doing this either.

Jaiden and Scott ended up laying together on the grass, they talked and kissed and held each other, it was a chilly night but due to their gifts they didn't feel it. Neither of them wanted to end it but after an hour or so Scott went home and Jaiden went back to bed with Danny and Jackson.

They had changed positions, Jackson was now on the right of the bed instead of in the middle and Danny had moved from the left to the middle. Jaiden got in on the left side, Danny placed his arm over him and it didn't take long for him to start falling asleep again.

Jaiden was semi conscious when he felt the arm around him start to pull off "Please hold me" the arm came back around him and pulled him close "Thanks Scott"