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You wake up, the movement of the bed pulling you from your sleep. You hope keeping your eyes shut will force you back into that sleep that you desperately need but it doesn't, that figures.

You slowly open your eyes to see your friend jumping out of the window, you wonder why he decides to go home now at this time of night but then your sleepy brain registers that he was only wearing underwear so he hasn't left - What on earth can he be doing at past 2am and semi naked? That isn't the most important thing on your mind though, it should be, but it isn't.

What you're thinking about most of all his how fit he his, his defined muscles and that sexy ass being gripped tightly by his boxers but most of all his intense green eyes and that heavenly smile that melts your heart every time.

You curse yourself for feeling like this, when you realised you were gay you gave yourself two rules, never fall for friends and never check a guy out in the showers - Now in less than a week you've broken both rules over the same guy. You try to be angry with yourself but you can't, your mind hasn't got time to be angry, it can only think about having his lips pressing against yours, to wake up in the morning to those emeralds, knowing that they're yours.

You know it can't happen though, he's straight, but you can dream. Like you have every night since you stayed around his, waking in his bed next to him.

Each night the dreams become more and more intense, last night he made love to you and it had felt so real. You woke to find yourself and the bed sheets covered in dried cum - That wasn't enough though, the images still fresh in your mind and you find yourself pulling at your cock.

You're pulled from your thoughts by talking outside, Scott was here - Hopefully they'll sort things out. You wonder how Scott came to be a werewolf, was he born that way or was he changed? Maybe you can ask him about it - Why is your mind singing Lady GaGa? Perhaps you should try sleep again, stupid o'clock is not the time to be thinking about werewolves, vampires, sexy friends you want fuck senseless or Lady GaGa.

"I still think you should tell him"

You're not sure what annoys you the most, that he doesn't make it obvious he's awake, that he knows everything you're thinking or the fact that deep inside you know he's right.

"I will" You reply, but it won't be for a while yet. You need to gain the courage first.

"Just don't leave it too long" He's right again "He didn't say yes or no but I asked him to change me, before I speak to him again, I need your blessing, I won't go through with it if you don't want me to"

You're not surprised to hear this, when he turned earlier you could see that he wanted it to last. It's also no shock that he asked so soon but you know that it isn't Jackson being impulsive like normal "I don't have a problem with it Jack but I think you and Jai need to talk more first"

"Thanks Danny"

It doesn't take long for him to fall asleep again leaving you to go back to your thinking.

Your half asleep when he comes back to bed, god knows what the time is. Has he fixed things with Scott? Now wouldn't be the time to ask really, it can wait until morning.

You put your arm around him holding him, you pray he won't mind - He doesn't pull away so he must be okay with it... Right?

After a while you start to pull away from him but his hand stops you "Please hold me" he says, you don't need to be asked twice and place your arm over him once more and pull him close to your body, holding tight as if to stop him slipping through your hold "Thanks Scott"

Your eyes open wide and you can feel the hot tears falling down your face before you even realise they were coming, who would have known that two words would break your heart? You feel a hand on your back, gently rubbing circles over your skin. Jackson has silently confirmed that you did hear it correct.

All the happy thoughts you've had seem to disappear from your mind leaving you with one thought - Not me.