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Jackson was getting his books out of his locker. Jaiden was leaning against the lockers scowling. Jackson smiled, they'd been chatting with Danny when a guy came up to him asking if they could talk, Jaiden had made a comment about him interrupting them which earned him Danny's elbow in his stomach along with a glare.

"What are they saying?"

"How should I know?"

"Come on JD, that super vampire hearing of yours, I know you're listening to them"

Jaiden sighed "Trying to listen, it's too noisy and I can't pick them out like this - I wish I could shift" He stopped trying, he couldn't get anything and he shouldn't even try to, it's wrong to use his abilities like that "Who is that jerk anyway?"

"Kyle Mathers" Jackson replied. That's all he could say, he knew the guys name but that was it. Lydia came up to them and placed her arms around Jackson's waist "Morning"

"Hey baby" She replied kissing him "Morning Jaiden" He was too busy looking at Danny and Kyle, he hadn't noticed her let alone heard her "Jaiden?" She turned to Jackson, her face asking an unspoken question.

"Take no notice of him, he's being jealous" That got his attention, he turned to Jackson, the glare intensifying "That look won't work on me buddy"

"I'm not jealous" Jaiden said "Why should I be jealous? It's not as if I like Danny... Of course I like him but I don't like him"

"Then why have you been scowling and looking like a 5 year old who's had his favourite toy taken away and given to someone else?"

Jaiden returned to looking at Danny and that guy "The dick interrupted us, I'm pissed off"

"He politely asked to talk to Danny, that's not interrupting JD"

"JD?" Lydia asked with a smile "I like it"

Jaiden leaned in and whispered in her ear "He's only calling me that cause he thinks it annoys me, I actually like" They both laughed, Jackson's paranoid face adding fuel to it.

Lydia looked at Danny to see a guy placing a kiss on his cheek "Wow" Jackson and Jaiden looked over just in time to see Danny place a kiss on Kyle's lips. Jackson and Lydia were both shocked. Jaiden was more angry. The kiss ended and Danny came back over to them "He's cute"

Danny blushed "He asked me out"

"Nice one mate" Jackson replied.

Jaiden was getting more angry but he wasn't sure why "I have to go find Stiles" he said walking off not giving his friends a chance to say bye. Jackson and Lydia could both see the hurt look on Danny's face.

Jaiden soon found Stiles' scent and followed it to find him entering the bathroom. He was about to follow him in but realised that would be wrong and waited for him outside which was probably just as wrong. Stiles left the bathroom and saw him.

"Where have you been?" Stiles asked, they hadn't really seen each other much since the incident with Derek the other night.

"Sorry buddy I've been a little busy" Jaiden was a little surprised to realise he'd actually missed Stiles "Tomorrow night though, you, me, a dvd and loads of greasy food?"

"Sounds great!" Stiles face actually seemed to have lit up "So what you up to?"

"I need to ask you something"

"Dude you shouldn't need to copy my homework, you're a smart ass"

"Can't a guy ask his best friend a question without it involving homework?" Jaiden asked smiling.

They had been walking but Stiles stopped at that "You consider me you're best friend"

"Err Yeah?" Jaiden said not understanding how Stiles could question it. He noticed Stiles smiling more "I love your goofy grin" said grin was somehow getting bigger "Anyway you shouldn't question being my best friend"

"I wasn't questioning it as such, just a little shocked is all - I thought you would have considered Danny as your best friend"

"I love Danny but it's somehow different with you, I dunno"

Stiles laughed "Yeah tell me about it, I have two best friends, One's a werewolf the other is a vampire - Screwed up or what?"

Jaiden fake coughed "Vampires are way cooler"

"Idiot" Stiles replied punching Jaiden on the arm "So what do you need to ask me?"

"I was just wondering if you knew anything about some guy, he's a total douche" Jaiden was trying to remember his name - Karl? - He hadn't really been listening to Jackson at that stage, he was still angry - Kyle? - Yeah that's it "His name is Kyle... Matthews?"

"For a minute there I thought I was going to have to remind you the school is full of douchebags" Stiles replied "But I don't know him" He knew a lot of people at school but didn't recall the name. To say he knew them would be wrong, he knew of them but he only knew of one Kyle... "Kyle Mathers?"

"That's the douche!"

"He's co-captain of the football team and he's a guy and his name is Kyle Mathers but that's my knowledge on the douche" Stiles wondered if Jaiden would allow him to refer to the other guy as anything else "Why do you ask?"

"It's just he... Football! Sarah will know him! She's in the library" Jaiden said grabbing Stiles arm and pulling him in that direction.

"What about class?"

"You have a free period"

"But you don't" Stiles replied, he didn't get a reply and didn't bother arguing - Jaiden was on some kind of a mission and somehow he was now an involuntary accomplice. They got to the library and Jaiden had sat them both down at the table in front of Sarah.

She looked up to see her boyfriend with a look of determination across his face and his friend looking confused "Should I be worried?"

"There'll be no trouble from me" Stiles started "But as for madmax here - I think he's after eating the sugar again"

Sarah laughed at his response "Jaiden what's wrong?"

"Do you know Kyle Matthews?"

"Mathers" Stiles corrected him.

"Yeah I know him - Why?"

"The lady sports a good question"

"Well he asked Danny out earlier" Jaiden replied "And he said yes!"

Neither Sarah nor Stiles could understand why that seemed to Jaiden to be the most absurd thing in the world "So? He's gay and Danny's gay and you asked me out - That's what people do"

"Yeah but he kissed Danny"

"And you kissed me"

"Yeah but not when I first asked you out - I waited a good 24 hours before I kissed you"

"It wasn't quite 24 hours honey" Sarah replied smiling at him "Jaiden, why is this bothering you?"

He wasn't sure how to answer the question "Not sure" He didn't know why it was bothering him "I just don't want Danny to get hurt I guess"

At the same time Sarah took his hands in hers and Stiles put his arm around Jaiden's shoulder "He'll be okay buddy" Jaiden rested his head on Stiles shoulder and Stiles rested his head on Jaiden's. He looked up at the clock "If you go now you should make it to class in time and save getting detention again"

Jaiden got up and kissed Sarah "See you guys later" He left the library and quickly made his way to the next class and got in just as the bell rang. He took the seat next to Jackson and got his books out.

"Where did you go in such a hurry?"

"I had to find Stiles, I needed to ask him something"

"And was this something to do with Danny's date?" Jackson could see that Jaiden was feeling bad for making it obvious so decided to change the subject "You didn't tell me we have the same birthday"

"Sorry buddy"

"So I was thinking, and I talked to my parents and they're cool with it, I always have a party and wouldn't it be epic if we had a joint party?"

Jaiden was taken back by that, he wasn't sure what he had expected Jackson to say but it wasn't that "I see a small problem with that - If we had a joint party people would then know we like each other. All our hard work will be wasted"

"Meh, I've given up on that crusade, I already started to like you and then after the other night, I felt so close to you, I don't care what people think anymore"

"I haven't forgotten what you asked, I just need time to think about it - I'm not sure if I'm fit to turn someone"

Jackson put his hand on Jaiden's and gave him a reassuring squeeze "No hurry buddy and if you don't want to then I'll understand" Jaiden could see that he was sincere "So what about the party?"

"Well another small issue, my friends consist of you guys who will already be going so I won't actually add anything to it"

Jackson smiled, Danny had said that Jaiden wasn't really into his birthday but he hadn't expected him to be like this "Would you say yes if I told you that I've already had the invites printed with your name on?"

"The slight skip in your heartbeat would tell me that you haven't had them printed yet but yeah, that would make me say yes"

"Thanks JD" Jackson was actually beaming now, Jaiden was thankful that sun didn't affect him, Jackson seemed to being glowing and he felt that he would be dust now "One thing though, could I invite Stilinski and McCall? I've been a complete ass to them and I want them to know that I want them there"

"Not that miserable, grumpy, bully Jackson wasn't a joy to be with - I prefer this Jackson"

"Same here" Jackson replied "I never used to be like that - I dunno - When I became captain of the lacrosse team it's like people expected me to become the typical high school jock and I went with it"

'You still coming over tonight?'

'If you want me to'

'Why wouldn't I want you to?'

'Thought you might want to be with what's his name'

'You know his name Jai'

'Okay - I thought you'd want to be with Kyle'

'We all know you have a problem with it - God knows what that problem is - But you've made it perfectly clear you have one. Kyle asked me out and I said yes, get over it! I only asked if were still coming over like we planned but just forget it'

Jaiden felt bad for the way he acted earlier and felt sure that if it had been a face to face conversation with Danny and not by text, then his friend would have lumped him - He would've deserved it.

Now stood in front of Danny's door, he wasn't sure he should be here, maybe he should have called first. It was too late, he'd rang the doorbell. A few moments later Danny opened the door "Hey" He received a well deserved glare "I'm sorry Dan" Jaiden pulled something from behind his back "I wasn't sure whether to get you a rose as an apology or something more manly like some Xbox points so I got both"

Danny tried his best but he couldn't stop the smile spreading across his face "As apology's go that was pretty decent" He stepped aside to let Jaiden in "What's in the bag? More apologies?"

"Actually it's spare clothes, I was hoping maybe I could stay the night - If you don't hate me after how I acted"

"I don't hate you Jai" Danny replied "I was a little angry earlier but I can't stay angry at you - Why was it bothering you?"

Jaiden looked down embarrassed "I'd prefer not to say, I don't think you'll like it and I don't want to ruin our friendship"

"You're my friend, I want to know what you think"

"It was just a little fast, you didn't even give any hint that you liked the guy" Jaiden replied, he felt stupid for saying it "But as long as you're happy then that's all that matters"

"I wouldn't say I'm happy as such but I don't know" Danny started, he wasn't sure how to say what he was feeling "It's alright for you and Jack - You're both hot as hell and could get anyone you wanted - I don't think either of you realise just how many girls stop and stare at you guys - There aren't many gay guys at school and even less are out. Is it wrong for me to say yes to someone who asked me out?"

Jaiden was feeling even worse than he had earlier, it hadn't crossed his mind that it was hard for Danny. There were so many things he could say to his friend now - Things like 'You're hot as hell too' and 'You can do better' but he couldn't get the words out "If he hurts you I kill him" Danny gave an agreeing nod "So what's for dinner?"

"Seriously? We have a little heart to heart and all you can think about is food?"

"Something you should know about me Dan - I'm always ready to eat"

Danny led him into the kitchen "I was kinda hoping you would come over" There was already ingredients set out ready to cook "You like curry right?" Jaiden just stared at him "Of course, stupid question" Danny took his bag from him "I'll take this upstairs, there's soda in the fridge"

Danny went upstairs and Jaiden got two cans of soda out of the fridge. He noticed that Danny had already got the pans out and decided to start on dinner. He tried turning the hob on but it wouldn't go, he gave it another try - Still nothing "Listen here, don't start a war you can't win" He was about to give up and wait for Danny when it turned on "Ha!" He started preparing the chicken while the pan heated up - He had put it in the pan and was starting to attack the onions when Danny came in "You're hob doesn't like me but I let it know who's boss"

Danny smiled "Jai you shouldn't be cooking, you're a guest"

"You cooked for me the other night at mine, it's only fair I show you some decent cooking" Danny punched him "That wasn't very nice - Do you like it hot or mild?"

"As hot as you want buddy" Danny replied, he heard a car pull up, he'd forgotten to warn Jaiden "I totally forgot to tell you but my parents have actually been given the night off so they'll be here too"

"That's cool" Jaiden had now finished his brutal slaughter of the onions and added them to the pan with the chicken.

"Do we need a starter?"

"I doubt it - In fact how hot this is going to be I think we'll need a stopper"

"That is disgusting Jai" Danny replied throwing a tea towel at him, it was soon thrown back. His parents walked into the kitchen, surprised to see another boy with their son "Mom, dad - This is Jaiden"

"Pleasure to meet you" Jaiden replied washing his hands and drying them on his jeans before shaking their hands.

"You too son" Danny's dad replied, he noticed that Jaiden was cooking "Daniel you shouldn't allow the guest to cook"

"Yeah he forced me to"

"Jai!" Danny shook his head and got off the counter and started getting some things out of the cupboards and fridge.

His parents smiled at them "Do you need a hand with anything?"

"Nah we're good thanks, you guys sit down, it shouldn't be too long" Jaiden replied, he noticed Danny doing something and walked behind him and put his arm around him "What's going on in this corner?" Danny had a blender out with some yoghurt and fruit in it "The hell is that?"

"Lassi" Jaiden barked a couple of times, Danny stopped what he was doing to laugh "Not Lassie - Lassi"

"Heck, it doesn't matter how slow you say it Dan it's still a fictional dog"

"Haven't you got stuff do over there away from me?" Danny replied, they both heard his parents chuckling at them.

After the meal and watching some television Jaiden had gone upstairs. Danny was in the kitchen getting them a drink for the night, he needed a few minutes to get his head around the evening.

Everything had gone fine to start with, Jaiden had made his parents laugh with his references to Lassie but then it ended up being a bit of a disaster. His parents had thought that they were together and Jaiden mistaking it for them talking about their friendship had agreed with everything they had said. He'd also mistaken Danny's discreet kicks under the table and glares at him as Danny being embarrassed by his parents.

That was bad enough but when Jaiden had explained to his parents that they weren't together, he then confirmed Danny's fears that it would never be. Jaiden hadn't be rude or nasty about it, in fact he'd been as polite as anyone could be saying something like that but it was the truth that had hurt.

Danny felt a hand on his shoulder, it was his dad "Are you okay?" Danny nodded, he wasn't really but he'd get over it "He's a nice kid but he's right - He is a little dumb"


"Well he has to be not to noticed how disappointed you were when he said that he could never like you in that way"

"It's just a little crush" Danny replied "I better go to bed" He gave his dad a hug "Please don't tell mom yet - A guy asked me out today and I said yes - I'm not sure when or where we're going yet" His dad gave him a reassuring nod and he went up to his room where he found Jaiden sat on the edge of the bed with his head held in his hands "Are you okay?" Jaiden looked up at him - He looked ill, he couldn't be, vampires don't get ill but he looked it. Danny set the drinks on the table and sat down next to him "Jai, what's wrong?"

"I feel like such an idiot- I'm so sorry for making you uncomfortable"

"Don't worry about it buddy" Danny replied, he didn't like seeing Jaiden down like this, it wasn't like him "Please smile, I like your smile" Jaiden's lips started to raise at the corners but it wasn't his usual smile, the one Danny had fallen in love with "What's that Lassie? Jaiden's upset?" There's the smile "He needs a hug?" Danny pulled him back with him, he lent against the headboard and had Jaiden sat between his legs holding him tight. The smile had turned into a laugh.

"You're taking the piss"

"It made you smile though"

"That smile was cheated out of me" Jaiden replied, he pushed his head back into Danny's chest "I really am sorry, for everything dumb I done today"

Danny kissed his head "Hey that makes you who you are" Another kiss "My dumb ass straight 'A' vampire"