The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here contain depictions of sexual acts with a minor and are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.


A Night with Aaron Carter

by hottcarter1987


The nightclub was dark except for the lights on stage. Smoke--both tobacco and pot--made the air thick and hard to breathe. I won't even mention the smell. Lots of bodies were gyrating and grinding against each other in all combinations of genders. And in the middle of it all was me, Chad, a tiny little 8-year-old boy. Long blond hair, blue eyes, tiny frame. Yep, I was in a place I shouldn't have been, waiting to do something a kid like me wasn't supposed to do or even know about. But I'd been living on the streets for so long by this point, it was how I made a living.

You see, I was (and still am) a prostitute. My pimp, Swank (that's the only name for him I've ever known), had been working me to his clients since my parents sold me to him when I turned 6, and now I was gonna hit the big time, at least according to him. It meant a shitload of money for him, and prestige for me.

I was in the club on a job. It would be my first celebrity client ever. And Swank couldn't have picked a better john. I am gay, and I'd often jacked off to pictures of celebrities, but the one I was gonna give my body to was my all-time favorite. I watched him perform his songs at the stage in front of me, his body gyrating in time to the hip-hop music he was singing. He did all kinds of erotic stuff onstage to the shrieks of lots of girls there, and more than a few gay boys, and I felt my little cock stiffen each and every time he grabbed his junk--which was plenty.

I was in love with Aaron Carter.

He was shirtless that night, his tattooed arms shining with sweat as he pleased the crowd. His very tight black leather pants showed off his big dick easily, and you'd had to have been blind not to see it was hard for the whole set. He sneered while he sang, giving him a "bad boy" look that made my stomach flutter. And I knew that he would be using me this evening. It didn't bother me that he only wanted a fuck; I knew that. But the thought that my favorite idol, who was 24 at the time and old enough to be my dad, was turning my preteen body on so badly was sending my young brain into overload. It seemed to take forever for him to finish his concert, but when he did (with a lewd rubbing of his big bulge), I rejoiced. When the final note of his final song faded out, I saw him look at me with his brown eyes through the sweaty strings of his blond hair. Those eyes bore into me with an intense lust I'd never seen in anyone else. I knew he wanted me.

The house lights came on, and a big black man whom I guessed was a bodyguard or something, came up on stage. Aaron said something in his ear, and the black man came to me. He was easily three heads taller than me, and he took me by the hand and led me backstage to a rather large dressing room. Once we went inside, he told me he had to prepare me for Aaron. The black man stripped me naked before pulling my arms behind my back and tying them together at my wrists with duct tape. He then tied a blue handkerchief over my mouth to gag me and ordered me to sit on the side of the bed in the room. As he left the room, he spoke into a walkie-talkie, saying, "The toy is ready for use." The door closed behind him.

I looked around the room and saw it was sparsely furnished. Besides the bed, there was a dressing table with a big mirror and assorted make-up and other things I couldn't identify was on it. There was a metal folding chair and a small table next to it with a bong on top. I knew that you smoked pot with it, having seen Swank and some of my clients do it lots of times. The only light in the room was the one in the middle of the ceiling that lit up the room harshly. The bed was a mess of tangled sheets and pillows. The whole place looked like a third-rate motel, and I'd been in plenty of them with lots of johns. I couldn't do much tied up like I was, but that's what Aaron wanted. He was very specific on the phone with Swank, and my pimp assured him that whatever Aaron Carter wanted, he'd get. There were rumors that my favorite singer liked rough sex, and I was told that I had to give in to anything Aaron wanted, or he'd have the right to beat me and force me anyway. I didn't care. I'd get paid well for the night, and I was used to that sort of thing. Most of my pedo johns liked to make me do lots of things, and I'd get beaten sometimes anyway.

The door finally opened, and in walked Aaron Carter. He was still dressed as he was on stage, his cock still bulging obscenely in his crotch. His sweat was drying on his well-built chest, the sparse hairs matted to his skin. His diamond earrings flashed in the light, and his face possessed a hungry look. He put a big cigar in his mouth and lit it, smoke streaming from his flared nostrils as he puffed on it. He wore black leather gloves with the fingers cut off, and rotated the cigar as he held it to the flame. Keeping the brown tube of tobacco in his teeth, he looked me over and rubbed his leather-covered erection. "Damn," he said in a raspy voice. "Swank was fuckin' right. You are a hot little bitch." He came to me and grabbed the hair on the top of my head, pulling it back. "You ready for the fuck of your life, whore?" I was frozen as I looked at him. He removed the cigar from his mouth and spat on my face. Then he backhanded me, and I landed backward on the bed. "Answer me," he commanded. I sat back up and nodded. He was turning me on; I didn't care what he did to me. He reached down and pulled the gag off my mouth. Obediently, my jaw fell open to show him how wide I could stretch my mouth, and he grinned. "Hungry for cock, are ya? Well, I got just the thing for your cunt mouth, little boy." Putting the cigar back between his teeth, he opened the fly on his leather pants and pulled out the hardest, biggest dick I'd ever seen on a man--9 inches of pure, hard meat. It was cut, and the tip dripped his love nectar in large drops. He grabbed my head again and chuckled. "Let's see if you can handle this bad boy." I didn't know if I could, but dammit, I was gonna try. My mouth was drooling to suck that baseball bat of his. "Down the hatch, kid," he grunted as he impaled my eager face on his cock. The head forced its way past my tonsils and went straight into my gullet. I choked a bit, but I had done this many times, so swallowing that penis of his wasn't too difficult. My body went limp as I tasted that hot fleshy shaft and made gulping motions to get it all down. Aaron wasn't gonna stop until his balls rested on my chin, and he didn't disappoint me. I looked up at his awesome face as he smoked his cigar steadily and grinned savagely. His sweaty head and goateed visage looked back at me lustfully, and he said, "Hot damn! I like a baby slut that can take all of me." Then, he began fucking my throat. Hard.

His joystick rammed into me with force. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I felt them streak down my cheek. My little cock bounced between my legs in a dry orgasm as I literally got off on this superstar stud abusing me. One of his hands held my head steady as he pulverized my oral cavity while the other swung free. Aaron threw his head back and moaned, occasionally uttering obscenities. He pumped his cock deeper and faster, his low-swinging giant nuts smacking my chin. He took great pleasure in calling me a faggot and a whore, and I could feel my asshole tighten and release as a result. I knew I was exactly what he said, and I loved my gorgeous idol acknowledging it. His dick was nice and thick, and the more he plunged into my more than willing mouth, the more I wanted it. As his head passed over and over my tongue, I could taste the delicious and abundant precum he produced. The combination sweet and salty flavor bathed my mouth, and I tried to swallow as much of it as I could, which wasn't easy as Aaron's fuck speed increased. I felt like the luckiest 8-year-old ever.

Aaron kept this up a long time, but eventually he withdrew his succulent cock, smacking me in the face with it. "Not bad for a little baby," he cooed as he smeared his pre-jizz all over my face. I moaned as I felt the sticky substance cling to my cheeks. He had finished his cigar and picked up another one. After putting the handkerchief back over my mouth, he said, "Now, let's get a look at the real prize." He grabbed me by the top of my head and turned me over onto the bed and lifted my tiny little ass into the air. "Aw, yeah," he muttered. "That's a hot pussy." I felt two fingers enter me roughly. "Too bad you're not a virgin, but you'll feel like one once I get my dick in there." He finger-fucked me briefly. I turned my head a bit and saw him as he pulled out of my cunt and stood. He was licking his fingers, enjoying the taste of my boy pussy. Then, he stuck the end of his unlit cigar into his mouth and sucked on it. Coming back to me, I saw him put it down to my ass, and I felt it enter me. He sneered as I felt the tube of tobacco travel inside, and I shuddered at the feeling. The cigar was nowhere near as thick as his penis, but I loved things in my ass, and my body was responding in its usual way. I moaned in my gag. "Like that, don't ya, bitch," he said with an edge in his voice. "Don't worry. You'll get the real deal in a sec. I just like to smoke my cigars with a little taste of baby boy cunt on `em. They taste real good that way." He hit me on the ass, and again I shuddered in my second dry cum. I saw him pull out the cigar and light it, his face showing pleasure as he tasted my pussy on it. He reached down with a gloved hand and fisted his hard cock in slow, long strokes, massaging my spit all over it. Suddenly, I realized that he wasn't going to use any lube, and I began to regret not slicking up his rod with more spit during my blowjob. But it was too late now, and for all I knew, Aaron liked to fuck like this.

"Okay, fucker," Aaron said stepping closer to my backside. "Daddy Aaron's gonna show you what you're fuckin' good for." His voice now sounded cruel, and I found myself shaking again in lust. Fuck, did I want this. I then felt the head of his cock press against my sphincter. "Let me in, you fuckin' bitch." His voice was hard as steel, and I felt him force his way in. I gasped into my gag, and Aaron grunted with each push. "Motherfucker, you're tight!" The head popped in, and I clenched my eyes shut. A low whine came from my throat, and then Aaron hit me on the back of the head. "Shut up, bitch. I ain't even all the way in yet." He grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into the mattress. I couldn't see a damn thing, but I felt that elephant trunk of his sliding deeper into me. The pain was incredible. My 8-year-old rectum was being force-stretched to accommodate him, and I was helpless to prevent it. The largest dick I'd had up to this point was 8 inches, and having been fucked many times before aided me, but Aaron's fleshy tube was definitely giving me sensations I'd never known. He grunted and cursed as he violated me, but he couldn't get all of his penis inside me. "Motherfucker!" he exclaimed. He pulled out and turned me on my back. My arms hurt as my body laid on them, but he wasn't going to untie me. Lifting up my legs, he held his big cock to my ass once again. My little feet didn't even reach his shoulders, and he bent them back over me. He had a mean look on his face, the cigar smoldering between his clenched teeth. His eyes glared at me as he said, "I'm getting this cock in you if I have to rip open your baby twat." He shoved forward, and I felt my eyes grow big as the entire 9-inches of his love meat rammed into me. I moaned loudly into my gag, and Aaron smacked my face hard. "Fuck, yeah!! Now that's what I'm talkin' `bout!!" He didn't pause to let me adjust to his dick. Immediately, he began his fuck. I clenched my eyes shut, but Aaron grabbed my throat and squeezed. "Look at me, bitch, while I take your baby pussy and own it!" I forced my eyes open to look at him. I saw his sweaty, muscular body hump into me. His bull balls smacked loudly at they made contact with my ass, and the bed creaked violently as my idol practically raped his dick into me. The pain subsided as he smashed over and over into my tiny love button, and I lost count of how many times my dick spasmed, trying to shoot cum I was too young to produce. Aaron held one of my legs in a gloved hand while the other stayed wrapped around my throat. Fuck, he looked so hot as he pumped me in and out with that super-hard penis of his. I'd never felt such a sensation in my rectum before, but I sure the hell never wanted it to end.

Aaron's thrusting became more and more urgent until he yelled, "FUCK!" He rammed his cock completely into my battered boy hole and let loose with a flood of his hot, steamy love batter. I felt his essence splash into me rapidly, and my rectum radiated the heat to my overwhelmed brain. Aaron stayed still for a couple of minutes as his member pumped and pumped. When he was spent, he pulled his still-hard boner from my shitter and gazed at it as his cum dripped out. He put out the cigar and stripped off his clothes. Grabbing me by my hair again, he forced me into the tiny bathroom on the other side of the room, threw me into the small tub, and held my face up. He held his dick over me and barked, "Open up that bitch mouth!" I obeyed, and he began pissing on my cheeks and in my mouth. A wickedly perverted grin appeared on his face as he urinated all over me with his hard cock. Satisfied that I was covered in his piss, he aimed the acrid stream directly into my gaping mouth and shoved the whole 9 inches of his penis down my throat. "Swallow it, bitch!" He held my head to his crotch with both hands to prevent me from escaping as he dumped his pee down my throat, and I swallowed furiously to get it all down.

After finishing up, he pulled out, backhanded me, and cut on the shower. Aaron cleaned both of us, then he soaped up my asshole, pressed me against the tiled wall, and penetrated me with his love bone again. He didn't hold back as he nailed my preteen ass harder than before. This time, however, he pulled out, forced me to my knees, and stuck his python into my mouth with just the head between my lips. He cried out as he jacked his shaft and flooded my mouth and throat with another big load of his semen. I greedily swallowed every drop and kept slurping the length of that wonderful dick for several minutes after the last shot came out. He smacked me across the face again and ordered me to clean up the bathroom and dry myself off. Aaron toweled himself and put on a white terry cloth bathrobe and went into the other room. I could smell marijuana as I cleaned the tub and dried, knowing that Aaron was hitting his bong.

I came back into the main room to find my master sitting on the folding chair, his eyes glazed over. He was now smoking a fresh cigar, and his robe was open revealing his hard cock once again. "Get the fuck over here, slut," he said, his voice slurred. "I got one more load for that baby mouth." I went to him, knelt, and he roughly grabbed my head and forced his baby maker back into me. "Yeah, faggot! Suck my dick. You're such a good bitch!!" He pushed and pulled my head on and off his rod, grunting and cursing as he did so until finally he shouted, "Hot damn!! Be a good boy and drink my fuckin' seed!!" For the third time, he shot off into me, and again I drank his load, intoxicated by the strong salty stream of Aaron Carter's ejaculate. He finished, pissed in my mouth again, and shoved me away from him into the floor. Puffing his cigar heavily, he threw a wad of hundred dollar bills at me and said, "Get dressed, cunt. That's all I fuckin' want outta you." He barked at the door, and his black bodyguard came in. Aaron ordered him to take me back to Swank. I hurriedly dressed, stuffed the money in my jeans, and left. Behind me, I heard Aaron call out, "Next time I'm in town, bitch, I'm gonna really tear you up."

My night with Aaron Carter was a night I've cherished to this day.