The following story is a work of fiction. Boo Boo Stewart and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here contain depictions of sexual acts with a minor and are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.


A Night with Boo Boo Stewart

by hottcarter1987


The very next night after Zachary Ty Bryan laid waste to my body, I got another client. Aaron Carter had given Swank's cell number to certain friends of his, and one of them wanted to rent me. Swank got the call the morning after he'd been out with his poker buddies, and we went out and bought me some new clothes. I put them that night just before my new client showed up. I was admiring myself in the mirror in the bedroom, decked out in extremely tight blue jeans, sneakers, and a black leather jacket with no shirt on underneath, when the stud showed up. I put a white baseball cap on (backwards, natch) as I heard Swank call me from the living room. To my delight, I saw Boo Boo Stewart, from the newest Twilight movie, standing there smoking a cigar with Swank. He was fucking gorgeous. Although I preferred him with longer hair, his short black crop didn't diminish from the awesome body he had. He was standing there shirtless with a white puka-shell necklace around his neck, which accented his beautiful tan. His skin-tight black leather pants showed off his junk pretty well, along with black Reeboks. He puffed out some smoke and grinned at me with shining white teeth. "Yo, little man," he said in a somewhat husky voice. "You're as hot as Aaron said." I just stared at him, popping a serious woodie in my jeans.

Swank asked for his money, and Boo Boo handed it to him, a big wad of cash. "There's some extra in there, man. You got someplace here I can do him? My mom's home, and I don't have enough dough on me to take him anywhere." Swank told him to use the basement. There was an old mattress down there that some of his poker buddies would use to gangbang me sometimes. Swank said it had cum stains all over it, but it was clean. "Thanks, dude," Boo Boo replied. His cigar was stuck in his mouth, and he puffed it while looking at me. Coming over, he rubbed his leather-covered bulge and said, "Lead the way, baby boy. I'm horny as fuck." He placed his hand on the back of my neck and let me lead the way down to the basement. I turned on the overhead lamp to light up the room since Swank kept dark curtains over the small windows. His buddies and some of my clients liked to fuck me down here, and the curtains kept anyone outside from seeing in. Boo Boo shut the door behind him, and we descended the ten steps to the basement floor. Aside from a bunch of junk that Swank kept there, there was the aforementioned mattress, complete with stains from the many johns who'd spilled their cum while taking my little ass. An overstuffed chair sat beside it, and Boo Boo placed himself in it, cigar smoke ringing his head. "Get on the mattress," he said. I complied, sitting on my knees. He grabbed his crotch and squeezed. "Now," he said with another puff of his cigar, "gimme a show, pretty boy. And make it hot."

He looked so fucking sexy sitting there, masturbating through his black leather with a cigar jutting out of his face, that I got ultra horny. I went to the boom box Swank kept down there and put in a mix CD. The first song that came on was Kid Rock's "So Hott," one that Swank liked to fuck me to, and I started thrusting my hips forward in beat to the music. As the lyrics started, I began grabbing my crotch and rubbing my very hard cocklet inside. Boo Boo smiled wickedly, especially when Kid Rock sang, "I'm gonna fuck you like I'm never gonna see you again," and I had gotten down in a crab-walk position and thrust my hips up toward him. Man, I thought he was gonna lose it.

"Oh, fuck!" he exclaimed. "That's what I'm talkin' `bout, bitch! Mmmm!!" He pulled on the cigar and gripped his junk tightly. "Strip for me, you hot fuck!"

As Boo Boo crushed out his cigar and lit another, I began gyrating and slowly removing my clothes, starting with my shoes. I rubbed my crotch as obscenely as possible before undoing the waist and unzipping them. I turned around and slid them down, exposing my little bubble ass, and bent over to show him my hot little pussy. He howled like a wolf, and I knew I had him. I left my leather jacket on, but I removed everything else and laid on my back. Placing my middle finger of one hand in my mouth, I sucked it lewdly and then placed it on my sphincter. "Ya want this, stud? Ya wanna fuck my hot baby cunt?" I said as seductively as an 8-year-old boy slut could while pushing my finger inside. I let out a whiny noise as my finger slid into my anus.

Boo Boo responded by standing and pulling his fly open. "Does this answer your question, bitch?" He pulled out a nice, thick eleven-inch penis. My mouth gaped open at that massive tool. He stroked it from the base to the tip, and precum shot out of the end and landed on my leg. "C'mere, whore," he said puffing his cigar. "Wrap those hot lips around this motherfucker." I got up into a kneeling position, and Boo Boo removed my cap, threw it across the room, and grabbed my long hair tightly in one hand. Pulling my head back, he ordered me to open my mouth, and as soon as I did, he slid that hose deep into me. "Be a good boy and swallow my cock," he grunted. I didn't have to do anything really. Boo Boo started moving my head on and off his dick. It tasted wonderful, fleshy with a small musky flavor to it. I breathed through my nose as his tube traveled into my throat. His pubes were well-trimmed, and as his body met my face, I inhaled his sexual odor like a joint, getting giddy off it. I could feel his large, low-hanging nutsack make contact with my chin, and I looked up at his face. "Hot damn, I like seein' babies stuffed with my dick," he grunted at me. "Lemme take you for a ride, kid."

Boo Boo held my head steady as he started fucking my face. It wasn't near as brutal as Zachary Ty Bryan had been, so I enjoyed it more. Each time, he'd plant his penis completely into me, and pull it back until the tip was just inside my lips. His copious precum coated my mouth, and I greedily swallowed as much as I could. When he'd pull back, I would sweep my tongue back and forth along the underside of his shaft, making him moan and groan and curse. In response, Boo Boo would shove his cock back in my throat harder and harder, his hand gripping a large portion of my hair and not letting go. The mix CD on the boom box was now playing Eminem, and Boo Boo thrusted into my mouth to the beat of the music. I felt his dick start to harden even further in throat, and I knew he was going to cum, but he surprised me by pulling out. I wanted his cock so badly. "Do me, stud," I said breathing heavily. "Gimme that dick. Please."

Boo Boo let go of my head and said puffing, "Bend over. I'm gonna fuck you like the bitch you are." I complied, pressing my head down into the mattress and leaving my tiny little ass up in the air. Boo Boo spat in his hand, and I could hear him slicking up that piece of horse meat he called a cock. My asshole started stretching as he pushed inside, and within seconds, my rectum was once again full of cock. "Fuckin' shit," he moaned as I tightened around him. "I can't believe you're takin' all my junk! Wooo!" He bottomed out, and I let out a groan. His entire penis split me, and I can't convey how much pleasure it was giving me. Boo Boo began fucking me almost immediately, and my whole body moved in rhythm with him. My face scraped across the mattress, and I howled like a little puppy as I felt his oversized love organ ram into me. My little pussy lips gripped his schlong tightly as he pulled nearly out, and my love button fired off sparks when he pushed all the way back in. "You like that, bitch? You like my big cock in your baby pussy?"

"Oh, yeah!" I exclaimed. "Fuck me, Boo Boo! Fuck me harder!"

"Good boy," he said. "You know what I like! UGH!!"

He started speeding up. Holding my hips, he began fucking me like a jack rabbit. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! His balls were slapping against me so hard I thought they'd break. I grunted, groaned, and whimpered very loudly as his pedo cock molested my boy hole. My little dick pulsed and throbbed in one dry orgasm after another, finally growing soft after multiple cums. Boo Boo never once slowed down. He ravaged my ass like any alpha male would with his prey--hard, deep, and fast. My head started bouncing off the mattress, but he simply held my head down, not for a moment losing his rhythm.

Suddenly, he stopped, and his dick came out of my battered shithole with a slight "pop." I groaned. "Oh, please don't stop, stud. I want more."

"Get up," he ordered. I turned shakily over and saw that Boo Boo had gotten back into the chair. His 11-inches of pure fuck meat was standing at attention, and he was lighting a fresh cigar. "Get that sweet pussy over here and sit on it. You do some of the work, faggot." I got up and straddled his legs facing him and felt his meat enter me again. I immediately began bouncing up and down as I looked at him, the pleasure starting all over again. My poor dick was spent, and it flopped around limply as I fucked myself on his tool, but my anal cavity spasmed around that thick shaft giving me more pleasure than my tiny cock would have done. Until then, I didn't know what an anal orgasm was, but the contractions I was getting gave me several of them. "Yeah, bitch!" he exclaimed. "Ride that fuckin' horse!!" He put his cigar into the ashtray on the stand by the chair.

I threw my head back and began moaning. "Ohhh! Ahhh!" On and on, I whimpered, grunted, and let out some really girlish, high-pitched squeals. Boo Boo was so turned on that he grabbed my hips and smashed be down harder.

"I love it when you squeal like that, kid," he said. He grabbed my throat with one hand and squeezed it hard. I looked down into his face, which was twisted in a sadistic smile. He gripped me harder until my eyes started to bulge and my tongue stuck out. "Take it, fag!" he yelled. "Make me cum!!"

I couldn't breathe, but my rectum tightened around his love muscle, and I could feel it stiffen. Just as it was about to shoot its wad, Boo Boo threw me off him. I fell hard onto my back, and he pounced on top of me, his legs on either side of my head. He hit my face and yelled, "Open!!" My jaw snapped down, and he pushed the head of his cock between my lips. "Drink my seed, you motherfuckin' baby whore!!" He stroked his shaft, and his cum erupted into my mouth. He shot his load in strong bursts. The back of my throat felt like it was getting hit by bullets, and I found I couldn't swallow his baby batter fast enough. My cheeks quickly filled with sperm, and as much as I was able to gulp down, even more gushed out of my mouth. Boo Boo was screaming through clenched teeth as he ejaculated. Halfway through his orgasm, he pulled out and shot some on my face, then he pulled back, lifted my legs, and shoved his still-pulsing cock into my pussy. He pumped the rest of his semen into my ass.

When his orgasm subsided, and only trickles of cum oozed into my cunt from his penis, he leaned down and kissed me. His tongue went deep into my mouth briefly before he pulled out and licked his seed from my face. He placed his mouth to my ear and grunted, "You are the hottest little baby I've ever fucked." He then started to bite my neck like the vampire characters in his movie. He bit so hard, he drew blood. All too soon, he pulled out of me. Smacking me hard across my face, he spat on me and said, "Thanks for the fuck, bitch." He stuffed his snake back into his pants, zipped up, put his cigar back into his mouth, and left. I laid there for a while, wiping up the small amount of blood on my neck as his sperm seeped out of my ass and onto the mattress. I started fingering myself to another anal orgasm as my night with Boo Boo Stewart replayed itself in my mind.