The following story is a work of fiction. Jesse McCartney and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here contain depictions of sexual acts with a minor and are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.


A Night with Jesse McCartney

by hottcarter1987


I sure did love my job. There I was, an 8-year-old, bent over the hood of a bright red Camaro, getting my ass eaten out by one of the hottest celebs ever. My pimp, Swank, had told me that my first celeb fuck, Aaron Carter, had netted me another one quickly. Not two nights after Aaron used and abused my very willing ass and mouth, Swank got a call for my services. Seemed that Aaron had started to spread the word about what a great slut I was (and he was right), and yet another famous stud wanted to use me for an evening.

Mere hours after that call, the aforementioned Camaro pulled up to Swank's house and out popped Jesse McCartney. Swank and I were waiting on the porch when he arrived, and Jesse handed his money over to my pimp daddy and took me by the hand. The singer was wearing a business suit of all things, a nice fitted grey Armani with a black necktie. I couldn't see his eyes because he was wearing dark shades, the expensive type, but his grin told me that he was really fucking horny. Jesse led me to his car and kissed my cheek after I'd gotten in and buckled up. He got behind the wheel, and we were off.

We drove for a while. Jesse lit up a cigarette and asked me how I'd gotten in the business. I told him my brief story about how my parents didn't want me, and my dad sold me to his friend--my pimp daddy Swank--knowing full well what would happen to me. Swank molested me for months, but I enjoyed it as it was the most attention anyone had ever given me. I was 6 when it all started, and just before I turned 7, Swank had already started pimping me to his friends.

Jesse didn't say much during my story. He just smoked his cigarette and kept one hand on the wheel and another between his legs. I noticed he was rubbing his crotch a few times while I talked, and I licked my lips, wondering how big he was. It was too much to hope for that he'd be as big and thick as Aaron Carter had been, but Jesse was so hot, it really didn't matter. I finished my tale and glanced out of the window, noticing that it wouldn't be too long before it got dark, and I asked Jesse where we were going. "Somewhere private," he said. He reached over with his free hand and started rubbing my little 4-inch cock that was bulging in the blue shorts I was wearing. I heard a low moan escape his lips, and I sat back and smiled. He had a nice touch.

Eventually, we came to a wooded area several miles outside of town and well off the main highway. He parked the car in a gravel driveway that led to an old log cabin that looked abandoned from the outside. I got out and went to the driver's side. I leaned on the back fender as Jesse got out and lit another cigarette. He explained that he bought this cabin months ago so he could bring girls and guys to party with no interference from anyone else. "There's nobody around for miles," he said exhaling some smoke. "Perfect place for a fuck." He grinned at me and licked his lips.

I responded by placing my hand on his bulging crotch and squeezed his cock through the material of his pants. "Ya like wittle boys, Jesse?" I asked adopting my baby voice.

Jesse drew on his cigarette and slowly exhaled smoke through his pursed lips. "Oh, yeah," he moaned as I kneaded his bulge. "Very much so." I looked up into his face and saw my reflection in his sunglasses. He placed his middle finger to my lips, and I opened my mouth and slowly sucked on it, wiggling my tongue in circles around the digit. He muttered, "Fuckin' shit," and got closer to me. "I love fuckin' babies like you."

I felt my ass tighten when he said that, and lust started taking over my brain. I sank to my knees in front of him and started undoing the zipper of his fly. He took a long, final drag of his cigarette and exhaled a big cloud of smoke before flicking the butt away. "Then wet me take care of you, Daddy," I told him, still in the little-boy voice. Jesse hissed as I pulled out his penis. It was fully erect, cut, and fairly thick. A clear drop of seminal fluid clung to the piss slit, and I licked it off. Jesse shuddered when I did that. "Suck it, little boy," he murmured. Being the good kid I was, I obeyed him and slurped his tasty cock into my baby mouth. "Oh, fuck," he moaned as the length of his shaft traveled into my throat. My own moan vibrated around him, and I felt his hand on the back of my head. Gently he started pushing into me, and before long the pushing turned into thrusting. Jesse was one horny dude, and he was gonna take it out on me--much to my satisfaction. I mean, I was a born slut, and this was my job. I was good for nothing else than to be used by men, and I fucking liked it.

Jesse got to the point where he was skull-fucking my head. He soon was using both hands to hold me steady while his delicious penis penetrated me. I glanced up and watched as this business-suited stud screwed my face, his eyes shut tightly and grunts coming from somewhere deep in his chest. Suddenly, he pushed his sex deep into my throat and held it. "Gonna cum," he murmured. "Gonna seed the baby..." His voice trailed off as his abundant sperm started to pump down my esophagus. I choked a bit on it because it came so suddenly and forcefully, but I managed not to let it back up and come out of my mouth. Like the good whore I was, I gulped and gulped, amazed at the volume of the stuff. Either Jesse was much hornier than I gave him credit for, or he hadn't had sex or even jacked off in a while. Not much semen got in my mouth as most of it was dumped straight into my throat, but remnants were deposited against my inner cheeks and tongue as he pulled out, and the singer bent down to jam his tongue between my lips. He kissed so erotically--licking my teeth along with everything else in my mouth--that my little penis jerked in a dry cum. When we parted, I watched him lick his lips, obviously enjoying his own jizm that he'd picked up from me. I stripped off all my clothes, and then he turned me over so that my upper body rested on the Camaro. He pushed two fingers into my pussy. "Can I fuck you, baby?" he asked sounding a bit out of breath.

"Sure, Daddy," I replied. I glanced back. He was really getting turned on by my pseudo baby talk, so I set things up a notch by sucking my thumb. The grin on his face grew wicked, and he pushed his fingers deep into me.

"Oh, yeah," he said. "You want Daddy's dick bad, don't ya, boy? You want Daddy to split your baby pussy open."

"Yeah, Daddy," I cooed. "Fuck me hard, Daddy."

I closed my eyes and sucked my thumb harder, letting a moan or two come out of my throat. I felt a wet flicker against my boy hole and realized that Jesse was eating my cunt. Oh, what a feeling that was! No one ever bothered to munch on my pussy except Swank, and he never did it very long. But Jesse was an expert. The way he lapped at my back door, flicking the very tip of his tongue up and down several times before circling my sphincter drove me nuts. My dick, which was pressed against the hood of the car, jerked twice in another empty orgasm at this, and it did it again when Jesse penetrated my pussy lips and began tongue-fucking my tight anus. I screamed out in ecstasy. "Oh, Daddy! My pussy feels sooo gooood!!" He kept up his oral assault for a good bit of time, and my cocklet pulsed lots of times in response. I screamed "Daddy" numerous times, which caused Jesse to dig his tongue deeper and deeper into my rectum. I'll say this for him, he had fantastic oral skills.

Finally, I felt him stop. Looking back at him, I saw him push his slacks and underwear down. He didn't strip completely; he kept his blazer on and kept his shirt and tie on, too. From the waist up, he looked like a business executive, which I found extremely hot. Though dusk was making it dark outside, Jesse still wore his sunglasses, making him look so fucking hot as he hocked some spit in one hand. Slicking up his hard cock, he used the fob on his keychain to switch on the headlights of the car to give us some light. Then, he asked, "You want it, slut? You want Daddy to tear up that baby pussy?"

With my thumb in my mouth, I replied, "Yes, Daddy. Shove your dick in my wittle baby pussy. Pweese??"

That did it for him. Jesse didn't try to take his time. He simply stepped up to my upturned ass and rammed the entire length of his penis deep into my hole. My head snapped back, and I shouted at the sudden penetration. Jesse grabbed me by the back of my head and held it back, shouting, "Take all of Daddy, you whore!!" He began ramming me hard from the get-go. All the gentle touching, kissing, fingering, licking--it didn't prepare me for the pure animal fuck he threw me. Jesse McCartney up to this point had been making love to me as if I were delicate china in his hands. But now, he tore into my body as if he was starving and I was a last meal. Obscenities shouted from his mouth as he doggy-fucked me savagely, his dick pounding into me with great force. I could hear him screaming at me, his words melding together: "Fuckin' baby faggot...teach you how to take my fuckin' cock...damn fuckin' cunt...take this motherfuckin' dick...dirty bitch...make you my bitch...own your sweet pussy...fuck, fuck, fuck..." On and on and on it went. I was fucking clawing at the hood of the car as Jesse raped into me. He never changed positions, and he never slowed down. And here I thought Aaron Carter was a brutal fuck! For the second time in three days, I was being owned, but I loved it. With each new thrust into my shithole, Jesse was making me feel so awesome. My little dick actually went soft as it couldn't cum anymore. The sound of Jesse's loins smacking against me was music, and I howled from my wide open mouth along with my master. Anyone who might have been nearby would have thought that a pack of wolves were loose in the forest.

Jesse fucked me like that for a long while, but finally, he screamed, "I'm cummin', you fuckin' baby faggot bitch!!" His dick pulsed, and he began filling me with as much pop star seed as he'd previously shot into my throat. The warmth of his ejaculate filled my rectum, and the shots were so intense I nearly passed out from the overloading pleasure that my preteen brain was receiving from my rectal cavity. Fortunately, I was able to remain conscious, and after Jesse was spent, he pulled me off the car and stood me in front of him. He supported me as my knees got weak from the massive fuck he'd just given me, and I felt his cum leaking from my battered asshole as he leaned down and gave my mouth another awesome tongue licking. I swear, Jesse was the best kisser I've ever known, bar none.

I got dressed, and we got back into the car. I had hoped to spend the night with him at his cabin, but he seemed to want nothing more from me. That was cool as I was used to guys just wanting to fuck me; it was rare that I was of any further use after they got their nut. Jesse and I sat in the car, and I smoked a cigarette with him. He told me that he was exhausted, but he really liked me and to not take it personal that he just needed to use me as a cumdump. I told him it was all right, and that I didn't mind. I told him I liked him fucking me, and he grinned at that. I also told him that if he wanted, I'd let him do me again free of charge without Swank knowing about it. I'd done that a few times with a couple other johns, and Swank didn't care. I pulled in a lot of money for him, so getting laid by a few guys now and then gratis didn't hurt him at all. Jesse exhaled some smoke and reach over to grab my crotch. He squeezed it and said, "Good, `cause I wanna take you for another ride sometime, baby. We'll spend more time together, then." We kissed again, and he drove me back to Swank's place. When we got there, he pulled me into a very long, erotic kiss, using that fabulous tongue once more before we said our goodbyes.

Aaron Carter had been an awesome fuck, but a night with Jesse McCartney was a one-in-a-million experience.