The following story is a work of fiction. Leonardo DiCaprio and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here contain depictions of sexual acts with a minor and are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.

PLEASE NOTE: There are derogatory remarks and slang terms used that may be offensive to some, and it is not this author's intention to offend anyone; it is merely an attempt at realistic dialogue.


A Night with Leonardo DiCaprio

by hottcarter1987


One of the strangest fuck sessions I ever had with a client was the first time that Leonardo DiCaprio rented me for an evening. Yes, the megastar of Titanic used me, but not in the way most others did. He is a pervert of the highest caliber.

I was out selling myself on the street that night `cause I didn't have any clients lined up. Boo Boo Stewart had come over the previous week and fucked the hell out of me twice in one night. The next night, Aaron Carter showed up again and gave me one of his patent rough lays, but business was slow the remainder of the week. So, I went streetwalking again. I had picked up a few bucks by sucking off a couple of business men that came out of the porn shop a block over. I did them in an alley close by, and they paid pretty well. Neither was hung by any means, but they shot a lot of cum. After blowing the second one to completion and getting my money, I bought a soda and sat down under the street lamp and drank it to clean my mouth out. I love eating cum, but it makes your mouth taste gamey if you don't wash it out after a while. I finished my drink and lit up a cigarette when a tall figure approached me.

He wore a blue LA Dodgers cap, sunglasses, brown leather jacket, jeans, and tennis shoes. He was smoking a cigar while looking down at me. I couldn't make out a lot of details, but he was smirking at me. "You got somethin' to sell?" he asked puffing his stogie.

"Whatcha lookin' to buy, mister?" I asked back.

"My friend Shia said you hung out at this corner. Wanna go for a ride?" Shia LaBeouf had picked me up here before and had become a regular john of mine. "I'll make it worth your while."

I took a long drag of my smoke and flicked the butt into the street. Exhaling slowly, I stood and said, "Sure, mister. If you got the cash."

"Oh, that's not a problem, boy," he said. In the light, I could see the trim moustache and goatee on his otherwise baby face. He removed his sunglasses to reveal the face of Leonardo DiCaprio.

I broke into a sly grin. "Lead the way, sir," I said getting aroused.

We walked a couple of blocks past the porn shop to a white car. I got in the passenger's side as Leo slipped behind the wheel. He started the motor, and I started to put on the seat belt, but he stopped me. "Don't do that, baby. I want a blowjob. Right fuckin' now." He pointed to his lap. Normally, I don't like giving head in moving vehicles. For one thing, it's too dangerous `cause the driver can get really distracted, especially when he's ready to cum, and hit something. For another, cops are more likely to pull you over for something like that as drivers tend to weave while driving. But this was Leonardo DiCaprio, so I bent over the bench seat and undid his pants. He wasn't wearing underwear, and out popped a hard, straight 9-inch cut penis. With my mouth watering, I licked up and down the shaft, circling the head a couple of times. Leo pulled into traffic, and I suckled the head of his dick. "I didn't say play with it, bitch. I said I wanted a blowjob. Suck it!" He grabbed my head and shoved it forcefully onto his cock. It plundered into my throat, and I coughed. "Stupid faggot," he said around the cigar in his mouth. "You do what I tell you. Got it?" He smacked the top of my head, and I nodded as best I could.

Terrific, I thought. Another rough one. Although I enjoyed rough sex on occasion, my last few clients were getting too dominant. Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Devon Sawa were into bondage and kink, and they double-penetrated me after they tied me up so I could barely move. Aaron Carter liked to smack his whores around before, during, and after sex, and the previous week had beaten me hard. Zachary Ty Bryan had more or less raped me (though I was very willing), and even Boo Boo Stewart was getting more rough while taking my pussy. Only Jesse McCartney, who was a bit brutal on his first night with me, actually took the time to make love to me, but I'd only been with him a couple of times. Leonardo DiCaprio was paying, so I'd do whatever he wanted, of course, but I was getting a bit tired of these celebs who got off on doing me as hard and nasty as possible. I kept sucking on Leo as he drove, resigned to the fact that he'd probably rough me up a lot before he was done with me.

Leo drove for quite a ways, not saying anything. When the van finally stopped, he pulled me off his penis and lit a fresh cigar. Zipping himself back up, he ordered me out of the vehicle and came around to meet me. Grabbing me by my throat, he puffed smoke in my face and said, "Listen up. You don't say a damn word unless you're spoken to, bitch. I'm rentin' you, so you'd better put out. I'll beat you down if you step out of line. Do you understand?" I nodded. "Good. I'd hate to bruise you up. Too much, anyway." He released me and pushed me toward the house in front of which we'd parked. I glanced around and realized we were in the Projects. I never, ever came to this part of town. There'd been gang violence, murders, and lots of rapes, and my pimp, Swank, would never let me entertain clients from this end of the city.

We walked to the front door, and I stood behind Leo as he knocked. I noticed that the curtains were drawn over the windows on the front of the house, but lights were on inside. The door opened, and a huge black man stood there. I could smell alcohol, a combination of beer and liquor, coming out into the night air. "Whassup, man? You bring my entertainment?" the guy asked.

"He's here, bro," Leo said matter-of-factly. He stepped to the side and pulled me forward. "You like?"

The black man grinned, flashing white teeth between his thick lips. "Ooo-wee. Damn, you know how to pick `em, my man. A nice little white boy." His skin was black as night, and he was wearing only white boxer briefs which bulged prominently. His chest was muscular and hairless, and he was bald except for a moustache and goatee like Leo's. "C'mon in, fellas. Let's party."

Leo shoved me forward, and I stumbled into the house. The living room was next to the door, and it was small and crowded with furniture, but there was a small space in the floor between the coffee table, which was littered with beer and liquor bottles, and an armchair that Leo plopped down in. "This is my friend, Ben," Leo said puffing his cigar. "He likes little white boys."

I looked up at the tall black man who was now caressing my face. "Sho' do," Ben said still smiling. "You sho' are a pretty little thing. You sure you don't wanna piece, Leo? He's gonna be a good one, I can tell."

"Naw, man," Leo said. "I just wanna watch."

Ben grabbed my hand and brought it to his bulge. He made me rub over it, and I gulped. It was gigantic, and I wondered just how big he was down there. "What's yo name, little boy?" Ben asked.

"C-Cody," I said. I was a little nervous. If that cock of his was as big as I thought, it was gonna hurt.

"Cody," Ben said. "Well, Cody, eva had nigga dick `fore?"

"N-no, sir."

"Well, then, baby Cody, you's `bout to get some tonight. An' you'll neva go back to white dick agin." I glanced at Leo, who had the most wicked smile on his face I'd ever seen on anyone. He blew out some cigar smoke and grabbed his crotch. Ben placed his hand on my chin and turned my face back toward his bulge. "On yo knees, white boy. It's time you met my big black dick." He roughly pushed me down until my face was even with his package. Ben dropped his boxers and the biggest, blackest cock smacked me in the chin.

I'd never seen a dick, black or white, as big and thick as the monster that dangled in front of me. It had to be at least 13-inches and so fat in the shaft that I knew that one of my little hands wasn't going to be able to circle it. My mouth dropped open, and I heard Leo say, "See, man? The little faggot is ready for ya. Why don't ya choke him with that big motherfucker?"

My dick was pressing against my jeans so hard it hurt. I was wondering how I was going to get that giant cock of his in my mouth when Ben grabbed the back of my head and drew me toward it. "Put it in yo mouth, little baby. Swallow my nigga dick." Before I knew it, he pushed my head onto his member, and it traveled past my tonsils and into my throat. To say I was gagging would have been an understatement. I choked, I coughed, and still the big black man shoved. "C'mon, bitch," I heard Ben say. "Git it in yo fuckin' mouth." He placed his other hand on top of my head and pushed harder, but of those 13 inches, I couldn't get more than 10 inside.

I heard Leo wacking on his meat and say, "That's good enough. Molest that little fucker's mouth. Give it to him."

Ben started moving my head on his thick black meat. It didn't take long for my jaw to begin aching. It's not every day a dick as large as Ben's raped my tiny little 8-year-old mouth. I was very hard, and I really wanted to take all of it, but my little throat wasn't able to accommodate. It didn't matter to Ben; he was depositing some serious precum into my face. "That's it, fuck boy," he groaned. "Take the big dick. Oh, yeah. Use that slut throat an' milk it. Fuck, I loves me some baby blowjob!"

"Yeah," Leo said. "Big Ben here is a first-class pedo. He's gonna do you good."

"You got dat right, li'l bitch," Ben said as he continued to ram into my mouth. "You like my big black snake, baby? Huh? You know what they say--once you go black, you neva go back." He laughed as he choked me. Tears welled up and fell from my tightly-squeezed eyes. He was right about one thing: his dick tasted fucking good. I'd have get some more black cock in the future.

Ben face-fucked me for a while before pulling out. He then rubbed his ebony sword over my face, streaking it with precum. He shoved me into the floor at Leo's feet and took a small tube of KY jelly from the coffee table and threw it at the actor. "Git that pussy ready fo' me, man. I gotta find my rubbers."

I wondered if they even made condoms for a dick that big, but I didn't have time to ponder it. Leo grabbed me, stripped me, and put me in his lap facing away from him. He slapped a hand over my mouth and barked, "Sit still, bitch! Lift up your legs and spread `em!" I obeyed, and Leo jammed the tube halfway into my cunt. I felt the cold jelly shoot into my anus, and I started moaning into Leo's hand. Feeling his hard cock against my back, I moved up and down slightly to stroke it against my skin. "Oh, you like that, do ya? You're such a whore." He pulled the tube out and began brutally violating my ass with three of his fingers, spreading the lube around. He reached down and bit into my neck. The next morning, I would see a deep, dark hickie where he had been. Leo then licked my neck and flicked his tongue in and around my ear for another couple of minutes.

Ben yelled, "Fuck! I don' know what the fuck I did with `em, man."

Leo kept molesting my boy hole and said, "It don't matter, dude. This little cocksuckin' faggot whore likes it raw. Don't ya, bitch?" I nodded. "See? He wants it." He withdrew his fingers and threw me into the floor in front of Ben. Lighting another cigar and grabbing his dick, he said, "Show him how a real nigger treats bitches."

Leo tossed Ben the KY, and the black man squirted the rest of the tube into one of his big hands and massaged it all over his mammoth tool. "Bend over, baby," he said to me. "Imma fuck you like a dog. Gonna teach you why we call you a bitch." I got on my hands and knees, but Ben pushed my head against the hard floor. "Yeah, that's how I like it," he said smacking my ass, which was raised in the air. "You need to know who's in charge here, bitch, and it sho ain't you." He laughed as he pulled my hands behind my back and tied them together with duct tape. I whimpered, knowing it would turn him on. He leaned down and wrapped a big black hand over my mouth and grunted, "It's showtime, baby bitch." And then, he ripped into me.

Pain shot into my body like none I'd ever experienced. That nigger cock penetrated me so deep and so fast, my vision blurred. I screamed, but Ben's hand was pressed tightly over my lips, and very little sound escaped. "Shut the fuck up, faggot!" I heard Leo yell, but I couldn't help it. I struggled, but Ben was in complete control of my 8-year-old body. That massive donkey dick of his was ripping me up, and I don't think he got all of it inside--which was good `cause I think it'd have killed me.

"Ah, fuck!" Ben yelled. "That's what I'm talkin' `bout, Leo. White boy's takin' my fuck pole, man! SHIT!!" Ben hauled me up, my upper body in the air and his big hand never leaving my mouth. I was crying from the pain, but my little dick betrayed my true feelings--that it was awesome to be fucked this way. I was loving the pounding I was getting from my first nigger.

I saw Leo sitting in front of me, his big cigar jutting from his teeth and his pants now around his ankles. His fist was a blur as he rapidly masturbated. Leonardo DiCaprio, like I said before, was a pervert like no other. He was getting off on watching me take Ben in my shitter, and he seemed to love watching me cry. He had the most sadistic, twisted grin on his face, and his eyes flashed with lust. He puffed on his cigar heavily, and animalistic groans came from somewhere deep inside him. He would go on to use me several more times in the weeks after, sometimes fucking me himself and sometimes watching me take Mexican cock, a couple of gangbangs, and so on. During one session, all he did was tie me up and penetrate my pussy with various sized dildos and ass beads. That time he never fucked me at all. He just ejaculated on me and fed the cum to me with a spoon, after which he pissed on me and in my mouth. He liked it raw and kinky, and watching a black man molest me was his pleasure this night.

Ben fucked me a little while longer before pulling out and throwing me on my back. He clamped his hand back over my mouth and pistoned his sex back into my bruised asshole. Double-timing his fucking speed, he grunted and spat on my face as he resumed his sexual abuse. He didn't say much until he heard Leo let out a big groan. "You `bout ready to shoot, my man?" he asked the actor.

"Ah, fuck, yeah, nigger!" shouted Leo back. "Can't hold back no more!"

"Then git the fuck down here an' join the party, motherfucker!" yelled Ben. "I'm `bout to breed this baby with some prime nigga sperm. He's gonna have my fuckin' black babies!" Leo got in the floor on his knees while Ben whipped me around, his dick never leaving my cunt, and held me up in the air. Leo grabbed my head and forced his 9-inch sex rod down into my throat and screamed around his cigar as he loaded me with several thick ropes of his semen. I gulped and gulped to get it all down; only a few trickles ran down my chin. Ben screamed, "HOT DAMN!!" His cock expanded in my rectum and erupted like a volcano. It only took seconds for his ejaculate to fill me up, and I felt his seed run out of my ass and down my balls and legs. My own little cock jerked through its own orgasm. It took a long time for the two of them to pump their loads in my worn-out body, but when they were done, they took turns beating me and pissing on me. I ended up dry-cumming twice more.

Leo had me blow him in the car on the way back to Swank's, this time making me swallow another load of his tasty sperm. He peed in my mouth again, and I swallowed every drop of his rancid urine. After coming in the house, I flopped on the couch, smelling like a combination of piss and cum, and faded off to sleep. My night with Leonardo DiCaprio was certainly the most memorable of my career as a boy whore.