The following story is a work of fiction. Shia LaBeouf and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here contain depictions of sexual acts with a minor and are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.


A Night with Shia LaBeouf

by hottcarter1987


A few days after Jesse McCartney banged my sweet ass, business slowed down for Swank. I don't know what the fuck happened--maybe it was the fucking economy. But, for whatever reason, Swank has no clients. He got frustrated, and when he got frustrated, he fucked me a lot. During that week, my pimp daddy busted a nut in me at least twice a day. I was happy, `cause Swank knew how to screw a kid (and he had a nice, thick cock), but for him, it was a stress reliever more than anything else.

At the end of that dry spell, I remember it was a Saturday evening, Swank told me to go to a certain address in the city and sell myself. I hadn't done that in a long time, but that's how I started out with him `til we built up customers. I agreed, and I dressed in the hottest outfit I owned: an old dirty t-shirt a size too small for me that was cut off to show my belly, extremely tight faded denim shorts that showcased my round, bubble butt, and worn-out sneakers. That outfit guaranteed a pick-up by some sleazy pedophile looking for a hot kid to hump. I stole a couple of smokes from Swank (he didn't like me smoking, but I did occasionally anyway) and caught the bus into the city. I arrived right at the street Swank told me to, and I walked a block or two and "set up shop," so to speak, at a lamppost not too far from one of the many porn shops littering the town. I didn't wanna get too close `cause the cops would have picked me up, and yet I didn't want to be too far `cause the older men coming out would have been horny enough to try anything to relieve themselves and would need a cumdump for the evening, even an 8-year-old like me.

I lit one of my smokes and leaned against the lamppost with a leg propped up on it. Luck was with me that night, `cause as I was exhaling my first cloud of smoke, a Harley Davidson motorcycle pulled up in front of me. The rider was decked out in total black leather--a turn-on for me--including a killer motorcycle jacket, skin-tight gloves, pants, and black combat boots. His helmet was jet black, too, and the visor obscured his face. My dick got hard as I sensed I had a customer. He removed his helmet to reveal none other than actor Shia LaBeouf. I had had fantasies about this dude ever since Swank rented Transformers, and he fucked me while we watched it. Shia had a two-day growth of beard on his handsome face, and he smirked at me while lighting up a big cigar. "Yo, kid," he said in a raspy voice.

"Hey, yourself," I replied taking a drag of my cigarette.

"You for sale?" I liked that. Direct and to the point.

"And if I am?"

He drew on his cigar and blew smoke out of his nostrils. "I'm lookin' for a good fuck, and I ain't lookin' for girls tonight. How much?" He obviously wasn't scared that I might be a plant by the cops. I mean, cops wouldn't dress a kid like this and let one smoke this time of night. Besides, Swank chose this corner as kiddie prostitutes didn't hang out here. I named a ridiculously high price and added that he'd need to take me home afterward. Shia nodded and jerked his head towards the back of the bike. "Get on." I crushed out my smoke and straddled the back. He handed me the helmet, with was a size too big for me. "I ain't got an extra helmet, so where that." After I put it on, I wrapped my arms around his waist. He revved up the bike, and we were off.

We drove through the city streets a while. I was intoxicated by the smell of Shia's cigar, and when I nuzzled his back, I could smell the leather of his jacket through the helmet. My little cock was hard as a rock the entire time, and occasionally I reached down to rub his crotch. No doubt about it; Shia LaBeouf was hung like a horse, judging from the huge bulge I found there.

We finally stopped at an abandoned parking garage just outside of town. Shia drove to the third level and explained he liked to fuck here because there were no vagrants around and he usually brought hookers there for a quick fuck. "Sometimes you can't get `em outta the house," he said switching off the bike. "Besides, it feels kinky to do it here." He got off the machine and slapped me on the ass. "Get off, little cowboy, and strip down." I pulled off the helmet, which Shia attached to the back seat, and pulled off all my clothes. Standing there naked in front of my newest stud, I began masturbating my super-hard 4-inch peter and licked my lips. Shia smoked deeply on his cigar and squeezed his basket. "Gotta remember, little bitch," he said. "I'm the boss. What I say goes. You are nothin' to me but a fuck whore. You say nothin' `cept "yes." I fuck the way I wanna fuck--you have no say in the matter. The first time you fuckin' complain or say no to me, I'll beat the shit outta you. I'm payin' for this screw, so I get what I want. You got that?" I eagerly nodded. "Good boy," he said. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a hard, 11-inch monster penis. It was cut with an angry-looking head on it. Precum covered the crown. "Now, slob my knob, whore." He straddled the seat of the Harley, and I came over to him. Bending over, I sucked his cockhead and about an inch of the thick shaft into my mouth. I felt his gloved hands on my head, and he moaned, "Oh, fuck, yeah." The pressure on my head increased. "All the way down, fuck boy."

With pleasure, I thought. Of course, I'd have said it if my mouth wasn't already full of man meat. Shia pushed and grunted as his donkey dick started to enter my throat. Aaron Carter had practically raped my throat with his 9 inches of lust muscle, but this was more than I'd ever previously tried to swallow. Fortunately, my master was taking his time, and even as I gagged, I was helpless to do anything but choke his dick down. The head pushed past my tonsils and then quickly sank into my esophagus, and I heard Shia sigh. His member stretched me, and still it kept going. Finally, my nose pushed into his leather pants, and I breathed in the musky scent of that material and the scent of his pubes just inside. My brain fired off patterns of lust, and I realized I wanted to have him do whatever it took to get him off and satisfy him.

"That's a real good bitch," Shia grunted as he held my head down. He had a strong grip. I wouldn't be able to get away if I tried--or wanted to. I liked being controlled. Suddenly, his hips moved, and he began fucking my face. "Oh, yeah...take it like the fuckin' bitch you are, little boy." My lips were stretched to the max over his shaft, and I felt the fleshy tube move in between them. His cockhead never left my throat for an instant. Shia was fucking my esophagus with barely half of his sex tool. He kept that up for several minutes, which gave me the opportunity to slobber that thing as much as possible. If Shia LaBeouf was half as brutal as Aaron had been, I needed to slick that fucker up in preparation for the inevitable ass-fuck I was going to get. The actor only stopped once in his assault to light a fresh cigar, and then he increased his speed. I tried valiantly to breathe through my nose, but I was having trouble getting air. Shia, if he noticed, didn't seem to care. All of his attention laid between his legs. He grunting became deeper, his pushing more pronounced. As for me, I tried to tighten my lips to milk his cock.

After a bit of this, he moaned and pushed me off his dick. I was so weak in the knees that I fell on the pavement. He flicked away his nearly-spent cigar and looked down at me, a hungry lust in his eyes. I was close enough to him that he reached down and grabbed me by my now-tousled long hair and pulled me up. He bent me over the bike close to him and placed a hand over my mouth. He began hitting my ass, and I moaned into his hand. I was enjoying the spanking, probably more than I should have, and the sound of him connecting with my skin was so erotic. The pain turned into pleasure quickly, and my moans increase. "Baby likes to get spanked, huh?" he grunted at me. I nodded, and he beat my ass harder.

When he was satisfied that my ass had been tanned by his gloved hand, Shia stopped and slipped a finger into my pussy. He mumbled something about how tight I was and how his cock would feel really good in there. To be honest, I was so horny I didn't hear exactly what he said, but that's kind of what I remember. He fingered me for a while, then he got off the bike. Pulling my wrists over each of the handle bars, Shia retrieved some rope from his jacket and tied them on the rubber grips at the ends. He also stuffed a handkerchief in my mouth and tied another over it. Sitting again behind me on the Harley, Shia smacked my ass and told me to lift up. I did as ordered, and he scooted forward, holding up his big cock. "Get that sweet ass down on it, bitch," he barked, and I complied by impaling my preteen shitter on that mammoth tool. I gasped as it penetrated me and traveled inside my young rectum. "Yeah," he breathed. "Keep goin', kid. It feels fuckin' damn tight..." I yelped as I sat down and his zipper bit into my ass. "Sorry, boy," he said. He pushed me up, undid his belt, and opened his pants up, sliding them down so that his dick and balls were free. I sat back down on him, and I sighed as it slid fairly easily into me. My head moved all around my shoulders as I sat there, my pussy adjusting to his member. I heard a flick of his lighter and quickly smelled cigar smoke again. A grey cloud flowed past my face, and I heard him say, "Now ride it, bitch. Gimme my money's worth."

With that command, I began moving up and down on his baby maker. I did it slowly at first so as not to rip myself on that massive thing, but the more I did it, the more I wanted it. I had an itch deep inside my boy cunt that only Shia's rod could scratch. As I continued to fuck myself on him, I felt Shia's gloved hands massage my bare back. I groaned in lust, and he started talking dirty. "Yeah, slut, ride the pony. Feels so fuckin' good on my pedo dick to go up in ya. Damn, it's the best ass I've ever fucked. You know how to do it, you little hooker. Better even than a girl's pussy. Hot damn, you're so tight. Bet you've been fucked my some hot cock, boy. But you're mine now...all mine..." His voice trailed off as he smoked and moaned. My pussy sucked at his dick hard, milking it for all it was worth on the upstroke. I increased my speed. My long hair flew around my head, and I squeezed my eyes shut. It was amazing. It was the third time I was getting laid by a famous guy I'd always fantasized about, and each one kept getting better.

Shia stopped me after a while and told me to pull off. Reluctantly, I did so, his member making a slurping sound as it exited my used cunt. He got off the bike and came around front. His dick throbbed in my face and glistened with my ass juices as he puffed his cigar and untied me. He then flipped me on my back, retied my wrists to the handle bars, and lifted my legs. My feet touched his shoulders and he rammed his fat cock back into me. He grabbed my throat with both hands and jack-hammered me deeply. I watched him as he glared at me with his sexy eyes. His cigar glowed red as he drew on it, and the smoke coming out of his nose washed over my face. I sniffed at it and felt my asshole pulse around his sex. He responded my speeding up his thrusts. Shia cursed and rammed his whole cock in me. "Gonna cum," he muttered. "Gonna make you pregnant. Take it like a bitch boy..." He grunted twice more before his dick went wild in my pussy, spraying his potent DNA inside me. His hot cum splashed into me, and he moaned and started moving his head in all directions. I saw his eyes roll back in his head. Shia sure as hell was enjoying his massive ejaculation, which seemed to last forever.

When all was said and done, he pulled out of me, reached into another jacket pocket, and pulled out a butt plug. He stuffed it into my abused rectum to keep his seed from coming out. He got up, untied me, and removed my gags. Standing next to me, he ordered me to put his still-hard cock into my mouth, which I did, and he began pissing in my throat. I drank down his golden liquid, watching the sheer pleasure in his bearded face. After he was done, he withdrew his dick and smacked me all over my face with it, getting lots of urine on me. He then pulled his leather pants back up and fastened them. Pulling out a wad of cash, he handed it to me. "You, my boy, are the best fuck I've had in a long fuckin' time."

With a somewhat raspy voice, I replied, "I try. I love your big dick."

He grinned, lighting a fresh cigar. "Most bitches like it, but most can't take all of it. You must've been born a whore."

I couldn't argue with that. I dressed myself and lit a cigarette, and we sat on his bike and talked a bit. He drove me back to Swank's place, gave me a hot, deep kiss, and told me he'd want to use me again. I gave him Swank's cell number, and he drove off.

I couldn't wait to tell my pimp daddy about my night with Shia LaBeouf.