"A True Relationship"

A One Direction Fictional Story

Chapter Number Two

Niall & Louis / Harry & Liam

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I walk into my room and press my back against the wooden door. I smile as I finally have him to myself. I couldn't believe that this could ever happen. I walk over to my nightstand and notice the time. Six thirty the clock read. I let out a small yawn before making my way into my bed, covering myself, and falling asleep thinking about my newfound lover.

"I awake and he's sitting beside me. I smile before I lean over and place a soft peck to his pink lips. He smiles as we pull apart and I know where this is going. Him being the one that's in control, he crawls over to me and places a single kiss to my right temple. I let out a small moan and before long he is on top of me and we are making out. I feel his warm and pink lips moving across mine and I can't help but get aroused. He looks down into my eyes and I can see the lust. I press my body upward, while he presses his downward, and we both feel the other's erection. He kisses me once more before pulling off of my mouth and continues down South. Niall, using his expert tongue licks over my pink and sensitive nipples. He first kissed it before closing his mouth around it and flicking it with his tongue. While assaulting my nipple Niall also had a free hand on the growing bulge in my underwear. I let out a short moan as he cupped my bulge and began to jerk the cock."

I bolt up as I awake from my dream. I look around and see that I am the only one in my room. I check my sides and the bathroom to ensure that I am alone. As I sit back down into my bed I look down and see the one thing that was holding me back from walking out of my room. I smile to myself as I let myself have yet another dream about him. I lay back in my bed and hope and pray that my erection goes down. I smile when it does. I get up and walk into the living room and see that I am the only one awake at the moment. I walk into the kitchen and decide that I will make Niall a nice breakfast.

I walk over to the pantry and grab everything I need. I get the pancake batter, the bacon, ham and the eggs, of course. I pull out a skillet and begin to fry up the bacon while making the pancakes. As the pancakes finish I then put the eggs on and let them cook. I look into the refrigerator and pull out the milk and the orange juice and I pour the man of my dreams two glasses of liquid. I'm almost done with the breakfast when Zayn walks in.

"So, you and Niall, huh?" he says.

I look towards him and smile before nodding my head. He looked towards me and shot me a smile, giving me his approval. I looked at the younger boy once more before finishing Niall's breakfast. I place everything I prepare on a serving tray and make my way up the stairs to his room. I climb the stairs and turn the corner and freeze when I hear my name escaping Niall's lips in a short and muffled moan.

"Hmmmm," I hear Niall moan out.

I walk a little more and I am faced with the decision on whether to knock on the door or just enter. I look at the oak door and for a moment I can feel my cock press against my underwear. I open the door and almost drop the tray of food. Inside the room was Niall on top of his covering wanking his six and a half inch Irish and uncut cock.

"Lou!" Niall shouts as he sees me enter the room.

I am just as shocked as he is. I'd never expected to see it this early on in the relationship. My cock is threatening to rip my pants as I see the boy I love wanking his cock at a steady pace. Niall is smiling as I stare at him. He doesn't make any effort to cover himself up, as if he'd planed for me to come into the room. I look him in his blue orbs and I feel his lust brightening the room. I look into his short blonde locks and can't help but to smile. I know he's all mine. I walk into the room and close the door before placing the food tray on a nearby beside table. I take a seat next to my boyfriend and smile before taking his six and a half inches into my right hand.


"Harry, get your ass down her now!" screamed Liam.

Harry almost rushed as he heard his name leave Liam's mouth. The two boys are best friends, but Harry wants to be ten times more than that. Liam felt his face heat up as he saw his room. Inside his room, the room he and Harry shared, there was underwear everywhere and condoms scattered the floor. Liam didn't know if they were used or unused, but he didn't want to find out. All he wanted was for the mess to be cleaned up. Liam was always a little tempted about him and Harry. The older boy leaned down and picked up a pair of Harry's dirty boxer briefs and took a long sniff of them.

Harry stood at the door as he watched Liam. He had always known that Liam was gay or bisexual. Harry was the first to try some fun with Liam. Harry felt his heart flutter as he watched Liam smell his underwear. Harry walked into the room and there was nothing Liam could do to explain his actions.

"How do they smell?" Harry asked.

Liam turned around and smiled at the younger boy.

"They smell so good," the boy stated.

"What do they smell like?" Harry asked.

Liam smiled once again and began to tell Harry exactly how his underwear smelt.

"I can smell the hot, horny scent of a sexy young stud," said Liam bringing rise to Harry's cock.

Liam noticed this and smiled before walking over and groping the boy's hardness. Harry moaned out a little as Liam grabbed his cock. Liam being the older of the two decided that he was going to take charge and demanded the two boys undress and become stark naked. Liam was the first to remove his clothing. He pulled off his shoes and sock before lifting his shirt, revealing to Harry, a soft stomach with the beginning of abs. Harry could also see the beginning of Liam's treasure trail and the younger boy wanted to know what was at the bottom of the trial.

Harry was next to follow suit. He pulled off his shoes and socks, but instead of pulling his shirt off first, he pulled down the dark Chinos he was wearing. As Harry pulled the pants down Liam was starring intensely at the bulge that was protruding from the Ralph Lauren underwear the boy was wearing. When the pants were finally down the younger boy's legs Liam was excited to see what was beneath the boxer briefs the boy was wearing. Watching Harry undress was enough for Liam to finish pulling off his clothing. Liam pulled down the yellow chinos he was wearing and revealed to Harry his hard and stiff seven inch rod. Harry smiled and soon followed suit and revealed his six and a quarter inch cock to Liam.

Both boys admired each other's cock for a while. The two would take the others into their hands and wank it slowly before pulling off and making out.


"Oh,God!' moaned Niall.

I had my hand wrapped around his cock and was pleasuring him with all my might. I was easy on his skin, but hard on his cock. I pulled the foreskin back and played with the cock head before continuing the wank. Niall was letting out small moans and I seemed to be pleasing my lover. I looked into his eyes and I could tell that he wanted more. I kissed his hand before pulling the foreskin of his cock back and kissing the head of his cock.

"Ahmm," moaned out Niall.

I was proud to be the one to pleasure Niall. I knew I was the only one for him and he was the only one for me. I wrapped his lips around the cock and began to take it down my throat inch by inch. I close my mouth around four inches of the cock and began to work it a little. I pull of the cock and begin to lick it from tip to base, being sure to fondle the head and the piss slit. Niall is moaning like crazy and I can tell he's close. I wrap my mouth around the cock once more and begin to bob up and down, devouring more and more of the cock. I encircle the head with my tongue when Niall pulls me up.

"I want you to wank my cock," he says.

I look up at him and smile before wrapping my hand around his cock and sliding it up and down. I repeated my motions for several moments when I felt the tightness of his balls. I watched as I watched my lover erupt into orgasm. His warm cum spread everywhere. As I wanked the cock the juices went his golden locks, onto his chest, and covered my hand. I pulled up once more, releasing my lover of everything he had, before pulling my hand away. I looked at him directly and raise my hand to my mouth. I lick his cum from my hand right in front of him and he smiles.

I pull my hand from my mouth and smile to him before looking down and seeing my hard seven and a half inch cock leaking precum.


Liam is settling on his knees in front of Harry's six and a quarter inch cock. He opens his mouth and suck on the head of the cock. Harry lets out a stabilized moan. Liam is taking his time; he sucks a little harder, taking more and more of the cock into his mouth. Harry lets out a small moan and Liam takes more of the cock into his mouth. Liam encircles the cock with his tongue, being sure to pleasure his lover to the best of his ability. Liam then pulls off the cock and drops down to Harry's low hanging balls. Liam takes each one into his mouth and sucks hard on both. Liam takes both into his mouth at the same time and Harry is in heaven.

Harry uses his hands to stroke Liam's hair and encourage the boy to continue. Liam pulled off the balls and returned to the cock and began to lick it from tip to base. He licked the cock for a while before walking back to the bed of the room.

"Come and get me babe," Liam says in a sexual tone.

Harry looks at Liam and practically jumps onto the boy he calls his lover. Harry is the first to devour the cock in front of him. Harry takes Liam's seven inches deep into his throat. Both boys are now sixty-nining and no one wants to leave the sexual pleasure. Harry doesn't last long. From Liam's extensive sucking on his cock Harry was the first to release. He pulled Liam's head down onto his cock and lets his seed spread over the insides of his lover.

Harry had a little more work to do to please Liam. After Harry releases he pulls off of Liam's cock. He begins to sit himself up and before long he is atop of Liam. Harry begins to lower himself over the cock of Liam and Liam soon begins to feel the tightness of Harry's little pink hole.

Liam begins to thrust upward to meet the downward thrust of his lover. Both boys are in ecstasy and neither of them want to come down, but Liam is soon overpowered by orgasm. The older boy thrust into the hot heat and releases his seed. The cum covers Harry's inside and both boys let out a huge moan as they are both full of pleasure.


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