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A Vulcan’s Love
-By EmulatedLove

Chapter 10: Two hearts, One soul.

“Ensign Taylor personal log. Stardate 57847.9. It has been over a week since our confrontation with the Romulan warbird and so far there have been no more reports of further attacks. While this makes some people believe that they are planning for something on a larger scale, I prefer to be the optimist, hoping that they will rethink their actions. Either way they are one ship down, and that's something that may come in handy later.” I paused and sat down on my sofa, “Of a more personal note, tonight I will be taking T'Luk out to the holodeck, in what would be our first date. It seems silly that it's a first date, as today is actually two days short of our one-month anniversary. One month ago I never knew T'Luk existed. Today I can't imagine my life without him.” I smiled to myself, “I spent most of yesterday carefully planning for tonight, so I'm sure he will be...satisfied to say the least. Tonight is my way of expressing my love toward him. In a way that I'm sure he'll understand.” I smiled again, “End of personal log.”

The computer chirped it's response as it saved my message.

“Computer time.” I said aloud.

“The time is 08:13.” Replied the voice.

“Where is Ensign T'Luk?”

“Ensign T'Luk is on deck 7, section 3.”

My quarters were located in deck 7, section 3 so I assumed that he was coming here. I walked over to my door, but stood at a distance so it didn't open. I waited for a couple of seconds before I heard the door chime and then I stepped forward, revealing a somewhat startled T'Luk. Well, he raised an eyebrow at me.

“Good morning Kai.” He said. Oh he looked so cute and handsome just standing there. I quickly pulled him into my quarters and kissed him, not even waiting for the door to slide shut.

I pulled back, “Morning babes.” I grinned at him, “How are you? Sleep well?”

“I am fine, and yes, my sleep was satisfactory.”

“Satisfactory?” I giggled.

“Indeed.” He paused, “I missed your presence.”

'Awww, isn't he the sweetest thing ever?' I thought to myself, before talking aloud, “I missed you too.”

He nodded, “Are you ready for breakfast?”

“Yep, but I'll have to meet you there, I have to see the Captain about something.” I said.

T'Luk remained quiet and stared at me, awaiting an explanation.

I smiled, “I've already told you, I'm not telling you anything about tonight. It's a surprise.”

“Naturally.” He replied.

“Besides, it would be illogical to enlighten you at this present point in time.” I pointed out.

He raised an eyebrow.

I grinned at him as I walked over to my table and picked up my PADD before walking back to him, “Come on, lets get you some breakfast.” I said, leading him out of the door. We stepped outside my quarters and I turned to him, “You can go on up to the mess, I'll be there in a little while.”

“Indeed, I will see you in a while.” He replied.

“Ok, bye babes.” I said before I turned and headed toward the turbolifts closest to the bridge. I looked down at the PADD in my hand. All I needed was the Captain to approve my request and then tonight was ours. Everything would be set. I turned down a corridor and noticed Commander Caves walking slightly ahead of me. I watched him for a moment before I figured that he could probably allow my request too. I sped up my walking to catch up to him.

“Commander.” I said aloud, causing him to turn around.

“Good morning Ensign Taylor. How are you this morning?” He asked while walking alongside me.

“Good morning. I'm very good thank you Sir, and yourself?” I replied.

“I'm fine thank you. Is there something I can do for you?”

I briefly looked around the sparsely populated corridor, “Actually Sir, there is. It's of a personal nature.”

He looked over to an alcove in the corridor and gestured toward it with his head. I followed him over into the alcove, out of the way of anyone passing by.

He faced me, “What's the problem Ensign?”

“I'd like to know if you could grant me a certain request.” I said while issuing the PADD.

“Let's see what you have here.” He replied, taking the PADD from my hand.

His expression started as a serious look as he began reading, before it quickly softened and finally became a smile, “May I ask as to the occasion?” He asked, looking at me.

“It's for a date I have on the holodeck.”

He smiled again, “Am I to assume that Ensign T'Luk is the lucky man?”

I stared at him in surprise, “How did you know?”

He laughed, “What do you think we talk about in the senior staff briefings?”

It took a second for that to sink in before my eyes widened, causing him to laugh again.

He pressed his thumbprint to the PADD, accepting my request, “Drink it safely Ensign.”

I took the PADD from him, “I will Sir, thank you.”

He grinned at me before he turned around the corridor and out of sight.


The time had just passed 18:07. T'Luk and I had finished our shift an hour ago and were now in my quarters, about to get ready for our evening tonight. I had booked a two-hour slot for the holodeck, which began at 19:00, so we had a little under an hour before we had to go. We spent that hour getting ready and perfecting our looks.

“Do I look satisfactory?” came T'Luk's voice. I turned around to see him walking out of the bathroom wearing the human clothes that I had replicated for him. He was wearing a plain light blue cotton t-shirt and a very sexy looking pair of black jeans. On his feet he was wearing a pair of white trainers. I stared at him with my mouth slightly agape, he looked really hot. “Kai?” He said, bringing me back into reality.

“Huh? Oh.” I said before I walked up to him, “You look really hot babes. Much better than satisfactory.”

“Thank you.” He paused, “Are you going to get dressed now?”

I couldn't take my eyes off him, he looked so good in Human clothes, “Yeah, I'm going now.” I said, as I carried my stuff to the bathroom. We didn't have any problems with getting changed in front of each other, but I wanted us to see the finished product.

Several minutes later, I emerged from the bathroom. T'Luk looked up from my sofa and watched me as I stood in front of him before I spun around, “How do I look?”

His eyes drifted up to my face, “You look very handsome.”

I blushed, “Really?”

He stood up, “Yes, you do.”

I had chosen to wear a light pink cotton t-shirt and a faded pair of blue jeans. On my feet I was also wearing some white trainers. I had also re straightened my hair and applied a special solution which gave a Vulcan style shine to it.

We chatted for a while longer, talking about our attire, before I tried to take the next step that I had planned. I was trying to persuade T'Luk to do something a little...daring for a Vulcan.

“I think you'll like it.”

He paused, “Show me.”

I walked over to the replicator and selected the item I needed. The machine hummed and presented me with a small white tube. I walked back over to T'Luk and stood next to him, before I unscrewed the lid and squirted a generous amount of the clear, thick liquid onto my hand.

“Is that it?”

I giggled, “Yes.”

He reached out with a finger and dabbed at the foreign substance, “I am not sure Kai.”

“Look, we'll try it, but if it doesn't work, we can wash it out. Ok?”

He thought for a moment before he nodded, “I am ready.”


We walked over to the bathroom, but I was sure to have him face away from the mirror as I didn't want him to see it halfway through. I told T'Luk to wet his hair a bit while I emptied the remains of the tube into my other hand before I rubbed them together, spreading the hair gel to my fingers. T'Luk stood up and faced me as I slowly reached up and ran my hands through his, slightly damp and silky hair. “How does that feel?” I asked.

“It is a curious sensation.”

“In a bad way?” I asked.

“No. It is quite soothing.” He replied.

Once I had spread enough gel through his hair, I began to ruffle it up, removing any trace of it's
'logical Vulcan' look.

He noticed my smile, “What?”

“It looks good.”

He didn't reply, and instead stood there facing me, watching my eyes intently.

I giggled, “I'll be done in a minute.”

I flattened down the sides, but spiked up the front, top and back of his hair. I left his curved, pointy sideburns as they were, but ruffled them slightly to make them fit in with the rest of his hair. Once I was satisfied with what I had done, I stood back and smiled.

“There you go.”

He turned and faced the mirror in the bathroom. He raised an eyebrow at his reflection, “Intriguing.”

I stood behind him and stared ahead, “You like it?”

He paused for a moment, “It does have a certain aesthetic quality.”

I smiled, “I'll take that as a yes.” I said as I began to wash the gel off my hands.

“It is not very logical.”

I stood up and faced him, taking the chance to look him over. He looked really good. Much better than I could have ever imagined in my head. I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw him standing there. I wanted to bury my face in his chest and wrap my arms around him, never to let go.

very logical.” I replied.

“I will keep it as it is, but only for tonight.”

“You have a deal.”

I led us back into the living room and checked the time.

“The time is 17:48 hours.” Replied the computer.

I faced T'Luk, “We'd better go in a minute. Are you ready?”

He nodded, “Yes. Are you?”

“Almost.” I replied. The next thing I wanted to do was something that I had read about but had only seen a couple of times. I looked up at T'Luk. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I done it wrong, but I'm sure there wasn't much to it.

I stood about half a metre in front of him and extended my right hand out vertically with my first two fingers pointing out, as if mimicking the shape of an old Earth gun. I looked up at his face. T'Luk looked at me before he glanced downwards and copied my actions with his right hand. He then placed his two fingers against mine softly. I stared into his eyes as the moment passed between us. From a Vulcan point of view we were performing an intimate act, similar to that of kissing. I hadn't done this with T'Luk before, so I thought he would appreciate the gesture. He slowly glided his fingers across mine, back and forth. I copied his actions as we stared at each other. After what seemed a few seconds, he removed his fingers and I followed suit.

“Did I do it right?” I asked after a coupled of seconds.

He nodded, “Yes, you did.” He paused, ”I love you.”

I smiled, “I love you too. Shall we go?”


“Oh, just one more thing.” I said before I ran over to the replicator. I pressed in what I wanted and retrieved two informal looking jumpers and two black leather jackets. I handed a dark blue jumper to T'Luk while I wore a black one. I then handed him one of the leather jackets, “It might be a little cold without these.”

“I see.” He replied.

Once we were now fully dressed, I held out my arm to him. T'Luk reached out and hooked his arm around mine. I grinned at him as we walked forward and headed out of the door. We had to go to holodeck 2, which was two decks down. We turned out of my quarters and walked down the corridor. Everyone we passed smiled at us before they looked attentively at T'Luk's hair.

“See? Everyone's loving your new style.”

“It appears so.” He replied.

We rode the turbolift down the two decks before we made our way over to the holodeck. It felt really good to be strutting around the ship with my boyfriend holding my arm. It was as though I was showing him off to the crew, I'm sure my expression read,
'Look who I'm dating!'. We rounded the corner that led to the room and came face to face with all the guys: H'Jan, Casey, Alex, Trey and finally Raylis.

“Nice hair T'Luk!” Shouted Alex as the others clapped.

I began to blush, “What are you guys doing here?” I asked.

“We came to wish you a pleasant evening.” Said Raylis.

I watched as H'Jan pulled out something from behind his back, “Smile!” He called out before he quickly took a holophoto of us, the flash blinding me.

“Yeah, just behave yourselves!” Laughed Casey.

“Oh he will, for the moment anyway.” Said Trey knowingly. Damn telepaths.

“I'll try. Thanks for coming down guys.” I said.

T'Luk nodded in agreement, “Yes, your attendance is very much appreciated.” He remarked, silencing us.

I turned to him, surprised, “Was that a sarcastic remark?”

He turned to the others, “Indeed. Was it not humorous?”

We were silent for a moment before we started to break out in hysterics. I clutched my stomach with my spare hand. I really didn't expect that from him. Another flash emanated from H'Jan's camera, catching us in the moment.
'I must get a copy of that from H'Jan later.' I remember thinking. We managed to calm ourselves down after a few minutes of laughter.

“You're too funny T'Luk.” Giggled Alex.

“Yeah, he is.” I said as I pulled him closer.

“Anyway, you guys better go. We don't want to spoil anything.” Said Casey.

I smiled and turned to T'Luk, “Let's go.” I tugged him towards the doors which opened in front of us. “See you guys later.” I said.

“Yeah bye.”

“Have fun.”

“And remember, behave yourself Kai.” Came Alex's voice before the door shut behind us, leaving us in silence.

I unhooked myself from T'Luk and stood behind him, “It's just us now.” I said before I slowly reached up and covered his eyes, “No peeking.” I warned.

“I will not.” He replied.

I quickly glanced around the grid like structure, “Computer access personal area Kai Taylor. Load holoprogram
, My T'Luk.”

“Program loaded.” Replied the voice.


The computer chirped a response and less than a second later the walls of the holodeck disappeared as we found ourselves in central London. I removed my hands from T'Luk's eyes, “Surprise.”

We both took a second to look around. We were in the middle of a busy street alongside a busy road for numerous varieties of old combustion vehicles. The loud engines of the vehicles and the crowds of people immediately created quite a special environment. The sky was dark, but the illumination from the shop windows provided more than enough light.

T'Luk turned to me, “Where are we exactly?”

“We're in London.” I noticed a sign on a wall, which read
2007, “In the year 2007.” I added. I didn't select the exact year for the program, so I let the computer pick at random from 2000-2010.

“It's most intriguing.”

I nodded, “It is.” I interlaced my fingers with his and looked down the street. I knew where the restaurant was on the layouts, now I just had to remember the right direction. I looked to my right and noticed a shop with a large illuminated M. I noticed that from the map I looked at earlier. I tugged at T'Luk's hand, “This way.”

It was quite interesting to be walking amongst the crowds of this time period as there were many different styles of clothing. I have to admit that I was surprised at the diversity of this area. Other than the ethical subroutines of the characters, I hadn't changed anything else. This period was notorious for it's discrimination against many things, including race, colour and even sexuality! Thankfully such things are extremely rare nowadays. But we were safe on the holodeck and it was great to experience what things could have been like, what they should have been like.

The restaurant that I was taking T'Luk to was in a place known as
Leicester Square. It still stands in London today and I have visited it many times. I'm not sure if there was an Italian restaurant there in this period, but I changed the program slightly and made one of the buildings become one.

I glanced at T'Luk. He seemed to be quite fascinated by everything. He noticed me grinning at him and squeezed my hand in response. A few minutes later and we had arrived at the restaurant. I noticed a friendly looking waitress standing next to a menu outside. We walked over to her.

“Good evening gentlemen.” She said politely.

“Good evening mam, can we have a table for two, please?” I said.

“Certainly, just follow me.” She said as she turned and walked away toward the inside of the restaurant.

We followed her inside and over to a medium sized table with two comfortable looking chairs. I ushered T'Luk to one of them and helped him remove his jacket, before I held one of the chairs out for him.

“Thank you.” He replied as he sat down.

“You're welcome babes.” I said as I sat opposite him.

The waitress handed us some menus and quickly went over the specials before she left us. I took a moment to look around the restaurant. It was laid out very nicely with the floor and walls resembling a different culture to that of London. I guessed it to be of Italy, but I wasn't sure. But something stood out. Up on the wall, behind T'Luk, was a guitar. One of my cousins who lived on Denobula was quite a fan of archaic musical instruments and was always quick to show me any new ones he had added to his collection. I recognised the one on the wall as being a Dakota red telecaster. But that's about as far as my knowledge of guitars went.

I looked across at my Vulcan prince and smiled. It was about time I took him out somewhere, he deserved it.

T'Luk looked up from the menu, “Kai, there is no meat on this menu.”

I smiled, “Did you want some?”

“No, I thought maybe you would like some.”

I shook my head, “I'm not having any tonight.” I looked down at the large choice of food, “Besides, there's got to be something here that sounds nice.”

“I do not mind.” He said.

“Don't mind what?”

“If you eat meat. It does not bother me.”

I looked up at him, “I don't always eat meat. You've seen me eat vegetarian food. It's nice not to eat meat sometimes.”

He nodded, “Only if you want to.”

“I do. Really.” I paused, “See anything you like the sound of?”

“Yes, I am going to have the lasagne. What about you?” He replied.

“I think I'll have the bolognese pasta bake.” I replied, “What are you having to drink?”

“I am uncertain to what these drinks are.”

I looked down at the list, “I think they are brand names. I think one of them tastes like cola soda and another one like orange soda.”

He nodded, “I'll have some of the fresh juice.”

“I might have the same.” I replied.

The waitress walked back over, “Are you ready to order some drinks?”

“Actually we're ready to order everything I think.” I said, looking across at T'Luk for conformation.

She opened a paper notepad and clicked an ink pen, “That's fine, what would you like to drink?”

“Can I have two large tropical juices, please.”

“Yes you can, and what about food?” She replied while writing it down.

“T'Luk will have the lasagne and I will have the bolognese pasta bake, please.”

“Certainly.” She replied, before looking up and collecting the menus from us, “Thanks! I'll be along with your drinks in a moment.”

“I do have a special request as well, the chef will know what it is. Just mention Kai to him.” I said.

“I will do.” She replied before she walked off.

T'Luk raised an eyebrow, “Special request?”

“Yep, you're gonna have to wait and see.”

He stared at me for a couple of seconds before he glanced around and out onto the street.

“What do you think?”

“About what?”

“Tonight? So far?”

“It is very...nice.”


“I mean. It is very...enjoyable?” He paused, “It is hard to explain the emotions.”

I smiled, “You're feeling something from this?”

He nodded, “Yes. It is quite potent.”

“Not too much I hope?”

“No, the feeling may be strong, but it is somewhat pleasant.”

“Good.” At least he's
'enjoying' himself. The least thing I wanted was for him to be uncomfortable.

“Here's your drinks, guys.” Said the waitress as she placed them down in front of us.

“Thank you.” Said T'Luk.


She walked back over to the bar and came back to us, “And here is the special request you asked for Sir.” She said, presenting a bottle of red wine in a stand full of ice.

“Oh, that's great! Thank you.”

She smiled as she poured out two glasses before placing it next to the table, submerging it in the ice, “You're welcome. I'll be over to bring your food in a little while. Enjoy your evening.”

I picked up my glass and held it up and forward, prompting T'Luk to do the same, “A toast, to you. The most important person in my life. I love you more than anything.” I said as I stared into his eyes. I knocked my glass against his softly.

“And to you. The most logical person in my life. The one who shows me what it is to love. I love you Kai.” He replied, knocking our glasses again. I felt my face get warm and my eyes moisten slightly.

“That was beautiful.” I said softly.

“It was from the heart.” He replied simply.

I stared at him for a couple of seconds before I drew my glass to my lips and sampled some of the wine. It was immediately clear that it was worth obtaining clearance to have alcohol instead of synthehol. While the latter tried to mimic the taste, it just couldn't nail it. And although I seldom drank anything containing either, my parents made sure that I only ever replicate alcohol for a date. Not the
'fake' stuff as they like to put it.

I looked across at T'Luk who was also tasting the wine, “What do you think?”

“It tastes quite unique.”

“That's because it's real.”

He looked at me questioningly.

“It's alcohol. Don't worry I have clearance.”

“What about you? Aren't you susceptible to its affects?” He asked.

I smiled, “I'll be fine, I doubt I'll even finish this glass anyway.” I paused, “But you go ahead, have as much as you want.”

By the time our food arrived about 15 minutes later, I had already topped up his glass twice. It seemed the Vulcan liked the taste of the real stuff. Me? Well I guess it's an acquired taste. I preferred the juice and had barely touched my wine. The food on the other hand, all looked great. Even though it had obviously been replicated by the holodeck, it still had the sense of it having been cooked in the kitchen.

“Perhaps we should come here for lunch.”

“That would be a wise idea.” He replied.

I swallowed some of my drink, “So T'Luk, tell me about you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you know a lot about me. You've even met my parents and stuff, but you've hardly mentioned yours.”

“They do exist.”

I laughed, “That's a start, but what else? Tell me about your family. Tell me where you used to live. I want to know everything.”

He nodded, “Like you I am a single child. After the accident around my birth, my parents decided to only have me.” He said, “My mother works as a xenobiologist and my father works as an astrophysicist. However neither of them work for Starfleet, but rather separate institutes on Vulcan.”

I smiled, he was becoming better at talking about himself since we first met.

“I grew up in a large city called ShiKahr. You may have heard of it.”

“Yes, isn't that where the Federation embassy is?”

He nodded, “Yes. I lived there until I left for Starfleet Academy.”

“Do your parents still live there?”

“Indeed. They have quite a large house there.”

I thought for a moment, “Have you told your parents about me?”

“Yes, they seemed quite pleased that I was in a relationship.”

“What about me being Human? I mean, didn't they say things would be easier if you dated a Vulcan?”

“When I joined Starfleet they had considered the possibility of me having an interspecies relationship. Their response was what I had expected.” He paused, “They have said that they would like to meet you.”

I smiled, “I'd like to meet them too. Next time we leave the ship, it'll be to Vulcan.”

He nodded.

“Did you have a sehlat?” I asked. A sehlat was a large animal that was native to Vulcan. Sehlats looked quite similar to the extinct sabre tooth tigers and were sized similarly too. It was quite common for Vulcan children to have them as pets. That is something I have always found amusing considering that Human children have cute little dogs instead.

“No. My mother is allergic to the fur of a sehlat.” He replied.

I nodded, “Did you want one though?”

“Indeed. Many Vulcan children appreciate the responsibility from owning a sehlat.”

I shook my head, “I could never own one of those things. Way too dangerous.”

“You are not Vulcan.” Replied T'Luk as he placed down his knife and fork.

I had also finished my meal, “Maybe so, but surely they can be aggressive?”

“Only is provoked, or left without food for extended periods.”

I nodded, but thought to myself, '
I'd still rather have a Labrador.'

“You guys all done?” Asked the waitress.

We told her that we had, so she went ahead and began to clear the table.

“Would you like to look at the dessert menu?” She said once everything was taken away.

“Actually we have some other plans, maybe next time.” I replied, noting T'Luk glance at me questioningly.

“That's fine. Chef says that the meal is on the house. I hope you two enjoy the rest of the evening.”

“We will, thank you.” I smiled, noting that it was a nice addition that the holo-developer who wrote this program did there.

She turned to leave, but then faced us, “And one other thing. You two make a really cute couple.” She replied before she walked off.

T'Luk looked at me and I raised my hands, “I didn't make her do that. Honest!”

We finished our drinks and I looked up at him, “You ready to go?”

He looked at me, somewhat surprised.

I smiled at him, “Don't worry, the evening isn't over.”

He nodded, “I am ready.”

Far from it.' I thought to myself.

I stood up and quickly put my jacket on before I held T'Luk's out for him, “Thank you.”

I smiled back at him, “You're welcome, come on babes.” I said. I led him outside before I held his hand.

“Where are we going now?” Asked T'Luk.

I looked around, “That way.” I replied as I led us through the crowds. “Did you enjoy your meal?”

“Yes. It was very nice, thank you.”

“Good. I hope you left some room though.” I said as I headed over towards an ice cream parlour. We walked inside and stood in front of the glass display of the freezer, which contained the various flavours of ice cream.

“Can I help you?” Asked the man behind the counter.

“Yep, just give me a minute, please.” I turned to T'Luk, “What would you like?”

He looked about the assortment, “I'll have the strawberry, please.”

I nodded and looked about before looking up at the man, “Can I have one of your...” I looked at the sign of the ice cream that T'Luk wanted,
'Seductively Strawberry.' I giggled, “Seductively Strawberry ice creams on a cone please?”

“You can.” He replied as he placed two large scoops of the ice cream onto a cone. I smiled to myself when I noticed a paper wrapper covering the cone. At least T'Luk can eat all of it now.

The man handed it to me, “And can I also have the same, but in triple chocolate, please?”

He nodded and scooped up the dessert, placed it on a cone and handed it to me, “Thank you.”

“Have a great night, lads.”

I smiled at him, “We will, thank you.”

About 10 minutes later, once we'd finished our ice creams, T'Luk and I found ourselves walking alongside the Thames.

“It is a very beautiful city.”

I glanced at the illuminated houses of parliament and Big Ben, “Yes, it is.”

“That must have been quite an engineering accomplishment.” Remarked T'Luk while looking across at the London Eye.

I peered up at the large Ferris wheel like structure, “I'm sure it was. But I doubt it was the only one in the world.”

“Excuse me, would you two like to have a picture taken?” Asked an old man who was carrying a camera. I had planned for this to happen, not only for the photo, but as a warning that we had five minutes left.

“Would you, babes?” I asked T'Luk.

“I do not mind.”

“Great!” Exclaimed the man as he placed his camera on a tripod and pointed it toward us. “Just put your arm around each other, and move closer, that's it.”

Unlike other photographs, I wasn't going to smile in this one, but rather keep a neutral expression. Just like T'Luk. I moved closer and pressed my face next to his.

The camera flashed, “There you go. All done.” Replied the man before he picked up his stuff. “Enjoy your evening.” He said as he walked off.

We started walking again, “I can't wait to see that one.” Generally when photographs were taken on a holodeck, they were saved to our personal areas that we could access later on.

T'Luk nodded before he stopped and turned to me, “Thank you for tonight, Kai. It has been very special.”

“You're welcome T'Luk. I'm glad you enjoyed it.” I smiled.

He leaned in toward me and kissed me lightly, “I love you.” He said, pulling back.

“I love you too.” I replied, just before he moved in to kiss me again. I felt his tongue flick against my lips, so I parted them and let him inside. Nothing else mattered in that instant, with me standing there in his arms. I ran my hands across his back as I pulled him into me, tasting him. After several seconds, we pulled apart.

I smiled at him, “Mmmm, you taste of strawberry.”

He stroked my face, “You taste of chocolate.”

I panicked, “Oh, sorry. I forgot.” Seeing as this was the first time he'd ever tried chocolate, I wouldn't expect it would take much to make him drunk. Maybe that's all it took.

He placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled me forward, “I like the taste.” We started kissing again. I just couldn't get enough of him. The softness of his lips, the sweetness of his breath on my cheek, it was turning me on beyond anything. A mid toned chirp sounded, alerting us that we had a minute left. We pulled back.

“I love you T'Luk.”

“I love you too, baby.” He replied and began to unlatch himself from me.

“Wait, babes.” I responded. “Computer, are we at warp?”

“Negative” Replied the voice.

I smiled,
perfect, “Computer, initiate program Kai Alpha.”

The machine chirped before T'Luk and I were enveloped in a blue hue as we were dematerialised. Seconds later we rematerialised inside my quarters. I quickly looked about, watching as the candles I laid out around my room were automatically lit, along with the temperature increasing by 2 degrees.

I looked at T'Luk, the dim lighting illuminating his beautiful face, I pecked him on the lips, “Surprise.”

We pulled apart as I walked over to my table, picking up a picture frame, “Here.” I said as I showed it to T'Luk.

It was the photo that we had taken minutes ago. It had come out very nicely, with T'Luk and I in the front, with the London skyline behind us. I had to be honest, we really were a cute couple.

“It's beautiful.”

I nodded, “It is. And so are you.” I replied as I rubbed my hand across his back. T'Luk placed the picture back on the table and turned to face me, before he walked toward me, his face one of defiance. He wrapped his arms around me as me tilted his head slightly before placing his lips on top of mine. I returned the kiss and ran my hands up the back of his head and into his hair, glad that I programmed the transporter to remove the hair gel as we beamed in. His tongue found its way into my mouth as we clung onto each other. I loved him so much. I needed him badly.

I pulled at the bottom of his shirt and dragged it up over his abs, before we broke our kiss to remove it over his head. T'Luk reached down and effortlessly pulled my shirt up. I lifted my arms to let him take it off. He dropped it to the floor before we engaged in our lip lock again. I loved the taste of him on my tongue and the feel of his bare chest against mine. We danced our way across my quarters and over to my bed. I could feel his hardness pressing against my own, begging to be free. T'Luk kicked off his shoes and climbed up onto the sheets, leaving me to follow. I took off my own shoes and unbuckled my trousers, letting them fall to the floor before I got up onto the bed and laid on top of him, grinding my erection against his. I heard him moan slightly as I sucked at the soft skin on his neck. I worked my way lower, down his chest and briefly toyed with his nipples, just enough to excite them before I moved lower. I unzipped his jeans and slid them down his smooth, supple legs. There was a dark patch on the front of his boxers, he'd leaked a lot. I hooked my fingers under the waistband and pulled them down, freeing his erection. I pulled them off his legs, leaving him in the nude before I laid down in between his legs and slowly gripped hold of his throbbing hardness. I ran my hand across the tip, spreading his precum around his glands. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue across his slit before I went down on him fully, burying my nose in his sparse, curly pubes.

I felt him jerk in my mouth. Releasing another drop of his Vulcan essence onto my tongue, tickling my taste buds. I bobbed up and down on his cock, sucking lightly. I reached down with my other hand and stroked his sack, massaging his balls gently. I heard him emit another deep moan. I traced my finger lower until I reached his smooth hole. I rubbed lightly around the opening, causing him to squirm slightly. I brought my finger to my mouth to wet it, before I moved it back to his hole, this time pressing firmly against the tenderness. He relaxed himself and let me enter. I moved my finger inside him slowly, searching for a spot that was sensitive. Although I later found out that the entire area was sensitive to a male Vulcan, whereas Humans had the prostate gland. I heard his breathing quicken as I rotated my finger inside him. His hardness tensed inside my mouth. He was very close.


He started to shoot his forceful spurts inside my mouth. I swept my tongue around the thick liquid, savouring his taste before I swallowed it down. He kept jerking in my mouth. He seemed to produce so much cum. After a couple of seconds I felt him begin to soften somewhat. I pulled off him and cleaned around his head before I made my way up to his face.

He was breathing heavily as he came down from his orgasmic high. He faced me and pulled my face towards his, before he placed his lips on mine.

He licked his way down my chest and across my abs before he reached my boxers. He tenderly pulled back the waistband and released my hardness to the room. He removed my underwear off my legs and made his way between them. I watched as he ran a hand up my thigh before clasping my cock and stroking it lightly. I felt a surge of precum emerge at the tip as I throbbed in his hand. T'Luk leaned forward and teased my head with his tongue. I exhaled sharply at the heavenly feeling. He didn't put me in his mouth straightaway, but instead licked around my glands. I looked down at him to see him looking up at me. I watched as he licked around the sides and then up over the top. As if it was an ice cream. I giggled at his actions before he formed an oval with his mouth and took me down to the base. I laid back my head and closed my eyes, surrendering to the sensation. T'Luk was an expert when it came to giving head, he always hit the right spot, and had me heading towards orgasm really quickly. But I had other plans tonight. With my orgasm approaching quickly, I reached down and tugged at his head. He led me fall from his mouth and had a questioning look on his face.

“Not yet.” I said as I pulled him up to my face. Our tongues battled it out once again as we were locked together. I pulled back, ready to talk, but not sure about how to begin, “I...Erm...”

“What's wrong Kai?” He asked softly, cupping my face.

“Nothing, I.” I looked up into his eyes and found the confidence I needed, “I want you, T'Luk.”

“I do not understand.” He replied lovingly.

I ran my hand down his chest, “I want to feel you...” I began, before holding onto his erection, “...Inside of me.” I said timidly, unsure if he was ready for that type of intimacy yet.

He looked at me, “Are you certain?”

I smiled, “Yes. If you are.”

He nodded.

“Good.” I placed my forehead on his, “Make love to me, T'Luk.” I whispered.

He tilted his head upwards, connecting our lips for a second before he placed his mouth over my ear, “Roll over, baby.”

I slowly rolled onto my stomach, being careful not to bend my erection. T'Luk moved about on the bed and pushed my legs apart, giving him space. I felt his hands roam across my cheeks before he parted them slightly, revealing my hole. He traced a finger down the cleft and teased around my hole. His finger disappeared, replaced by his warm breath before I felt his moist tongue flick across my sensitive spot. He lapped at me lovingly, causing me to soak the sheet in precum. I felt his tongue become more of a point as he tried to enter me. I relaxed my muscles and felt him slip inside. He worked his tongue in and out of me, making me wet. He pulled back and replaced his tongue with a finger, pressing inside me gently. I felt him move it about to loosen me up. He was careful not to rub against my prostate, not wanting to make me cum yet. After a few minutes, T'Luk removed his finger and moved off the bed and headed over toward the replicator.

I leaned on my elbow and looked over, “Second draw, over there.” I said, nodding with my head. I assumed that he was going to get some lube. I had already picked some out that was safe for both of us. I watched as he walked over to the drawers and retrieved the tube. He examined it for a few seconds before he headed over toward me. I laid back down again and felt him sit on the bed. He removed the lid and squirted some into his hand and some on my hole. He put the lube to one side before he slowly slipped a finger back into me. I then felt him add a second finger as he slowly worked them into me, in a corkscrew like motion. I moaned at the feeling. T'Luk took this as a good sign and worked himself into a steady pace, opening me up. He paused for a second before I felt him try to add another finger, but this one was a lot harder.

He leaned down and kissed my back, “Relax. I will not hurt you.”

Hearing his calm voice helped me relax my muscles back there, allowing him to enter slowly. The nice feelings I felt before had disappeared and were replaced with a slight bit of pain. I expected it to hurt, but I also knew T'Luk would go slowly. And he did. It took a few minutes before he was gliding all three fingers in and out of me, by which time I had become accustomed to the feeling. He kept the fingers inside me as he spoke,

“You're ready now.”

I nodded, “Ok.” I let him remove his fingers before I rolled over onto my back. I looked lovingly into his eyes as I sat up and reached for the lube. I placed some into my hand and spread it around his erection, stroking up to full hardness. Once he was ready, I laid back and pulled up my legs, granting him access. He moved into position and looked at me, I nodded and tried to relax myself. I felt him run his tip around my opening before he pressed forward slightly. I felt him stretch my hole. He felt a lot larger down there than he was in reality. Half a minute later, his head popped through. I exhaled at the feeling. I felt T'Luk reach out and grab my hand as I felt him shift forward some more. He kept stopping after a couple of centimetres, giving me enough time to adjust. After a couple of minutes I felt him squeeze my hand. I looked into his eyes and then down to where our bodies were connected. He was inside me! All the way! I felt so full, as though I needed to go to the toilet. But at the same it felt good, really good knowing that it was my baby inside of me. My T'Luk. I looked back up at his face and smiled somewhat, to let him know that I was alright. He squeezed my hand as he began to pull out, before pushing back in. That hurt a bit at first, but after the second time, I got used to it. He slowly built up a steady pace, pumping into me. I moaned aloud when he bumped into my spot. I reached out with my other hand and pulled him down toward me. I pulled his face closer and started to kiss him. A few minutes later, he started to expertly make love to me. Not quickly or feverishly, just lovingly. He adjusted his angle so every thrust would hit my prostate, edging me closet to orgasm. I was surprised at his staying power, I didn't expected him to last as long as he did, but he wanted me to cum first. Which I did. With force. I could feel my orgasm building in my legs, working its way to my cock. T'Luk quickened his pace, knowing I was close.

“Unnghhh!!” I moaned loudly as the first wave hit.

I held tightly onto him as my orgasm hit me. It was as though my whole body contracted. Shooting my cum up between us and landing on my neck. I squirmed under T'Luk as my body shook with waves of pleasure. I heard him moan above me before I felt him tense as he sprayed his load inside me. Each spurt timed with mine. I wasn't keeping count. I wasn't doing much of anything. My body was in control. Once the spasms stopped, I lowered my legs to the bed, letting him slip from me. T'Luk rolled over onto his back and caught his breath. After a few minutes, I began to feel his cum leaking from me, so I got up and grabbed a towel to wipe it up, along with the mess I made on our chests. I gave one to T'Luk so he could clean himself. Once we were clean, we headed back over to my bed. I laid my head on T'Luk's bicep, looking up into his eyes. It felt like we had a stronger connection to each other, as though we were one.

“That was amazing.”

“Yes, it was.” He replied, running a hand across my back.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I nuzzled my face into his chest and closed my eyes. Falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat, and the smell of his natural scent.

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