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A Vulcan’s Love
-By EmulatedLove

Chapter 11: Unexpected

I stared at his beautiful face as he slept before me. He looked so peaceful laying there. With only his chest moving, as it rose and fell gently, in time with his breathing. I smiled to myself as I snuggled closer to him. I felt different that morning. I felt more alive, more aware. It was as though being with T'Luk in such a special and intimate way allowed me to experience things on a completely new plane of existence. A higher plane of existence, one that we reached together.

I looked back up to his immaculate face and began to wonder what he was thinking about, what he was dreaming about. Could Vulcans dream? I assumed that they did, but I wasn't sure. Either way, I wondered if I was there inside his head at that very moment, as he was inside mine.

“The time is 07:00 hours.” Called out the computer with our wakeup call. I wished that we didn't have to get up, I wanted to lay there forever.

I watched as his eyelids fluttered open, revealing the two dark orbs that spoke only to me. He stared at the ceiling for a moment, before he turned his head slightly and looked at me. I smiled at him. He reached for my hand and squeezed it lightly.

“I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you too.”

I continued to stare at him for a few seconds, “Last night was...special. Thank you.”

“Thank you, Kai.” He paused, “It was very...beautiful.”

I grinned, “Beautiful?”


I leaned forward and kissed him lightly, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” He placed a hand on my back, “How do you feel?”

I looked at him quizzically so he moved his hand down to my bottom, “Oh.” I clenched my muscles, “It aches a bit, not much.”

“Did I hurt you?”

I smiled, “No you didn't. You felt really good.”

“You felt really good too.” He replied softly.

We laid in bed for a few more minutes before we shared a shower. We didn't do anything...fun again. Well we did kiss a bit, but that was it. I don't think either of us had come down from the night before. My mind kept replaying the events over and over. It was nothing short of perfect.

Once we finished getting dressed, I looked over at him, “You ready to get something to eat?”

“Yes, if you are.”

“Good.” I looked at him, “You look good babes.”

He walked over and straightened my combadge, “You too.”

It was just before 08:00 when we reached the mess hall. Alex and Trey were already there eating their breakfast so we replicated something to eat and went over to sit with them. Trey looked up and began grinning.

“I could feel you two coming a kilometre off.” He remarked.

I smiled at him, “What are you talking about?”

“You're sending out enough emotions to fuel the fleet.” He replied before turning to T'Luk, “I've never felt a Vulcan to be peeking as high as you.”

T'Luk looked at him, “Meaning?”

“Meaning that you're in love. Like real love.” He paused, “Not like any of that usual Vulcan completeness stuff.”

“Well I don't need to be a telepath to know how your evening went.” Interjected Alex.

T'Luk nodded, “It was very nice. Kai was the perfect gentlemen.” He said, making me blush.

“Perfect gentlemen, eh?” Remarked Alex before he leaned forward, “So come on, tell us; Where did he take you?”

T'Luk spent the next couple of minutes describing the evening to Trey and Alex, only leaving out a few small details.

“And then you beamed out and went to bed? To sleep, right?” Asked Trey, grinning.

T'Luk purposely ignored the sarcasm, “Indeed.”

Alex turned to Trey, “We could question him on that all day and get nowhere.”

I grinned, 'Ah! The loyal Vulcan will never betray our secrets!' I thought to myself. “So where is H'Jan and Raylis?” I asked.

Alex spoke up, “Raylis is helping H'Jan down in engineering before he...” He paused, “Oh you two don't know yet, do you?”

“Know what?” Asked T'Luk.

“He's leaving.”

“What?” I asked, surprised.

Trey nodded, “There's a Starfleet task force heading out to patrol near the Goran system, they offered to take Raylis along with them.”

“When did this happen?” I asked quickly, wondering how I was left out of the loop.

“Last night, after you two left for the holodeck, we received the message from Starfleet. The fleet should arrive here later today.”

I slumped in my chair. I had really gotten used to having Raylis around, it was like he was part of our group. It would be sad to see him leave, “Do we know what time they should arrive?”

Alex nodded, “About 17:00.”

“Damn.” I thought for a moment, “Perhaps we can get off work early, have a surprise get together or something, to say goodbye.”

“H'Jan thought about that yesterday, we wanted to talk to you guys first.” Said Trey.

“Yeah, sure, I think it'll be a good idea. I might go down and see H'Jan in a minute.” I replied, pausing, “You know I really thought he was gonna be around a while longer.”

“We all did, even Raylis. But at least he gets to go home now.” Replied Alex.

“Indeed, it is the most logical choice.” Added T'Luk.

I turned to him, “You sure?”

He nodded.

“Well who am I to question a Vulcan on logic?”

“A Vulcan's boyfriend.” Replied T'Luk, causing the other two to giggle at his bluntness.

I wrapped an arm around him and stared at the other two, “Isn't he adorable?”

They giggled again, and Alex shook his head, “I still can't believe he lets you do that.”

I removed my arm, not wanting to look unprofessional while I'm in uniform, “Do what?” I asked.

“Be so...open with him, in public. I don't think I've ever seen Vulcans act that way.” He paused, “Or rather, let you act that way.”

I smiled, “Vulcans crave and need the same things we do. They are just better at hiding them.” I turned to T'Luk, “Would you call that an astute observation?”

He raised an eyebrow, “In a sense, you are correct, however as Alex mentioned, many Vulcans would not appreciate that form of contact in public.”

“Not you?” Inquired Trey.

“It does not bother me.”

I finished eating my food and wiped my mouth, “I think I'm gonna keep him.” I remarked.

“You'd be silly not to.” Said Alex.

“I do not wish to leave.” Replied T'Luk.

I grinned, “Good, not that I'd let you.” I paused, “You're quite talkative today, are you alright?” I remarked.

Trey piped in, “I was thinking the same.”

“Yeah me too, you're usually quite quiet.” Added Alex before turning to me, “What have you done with the real T'Luk?”

I giggled, “He hasn't left my sight.”

“I am fine and I do not understand what you are referring to.” Said T'Luk, “I do not appear to be speaking more often.”

“Whatever it is, it can't be bad.” I said.


I nodded and glanced out of the windows to look at the stars streaking past. It was a sight that always fascinated me.

“Perhaps we should leave in a moment, if we are to meet H'Jan before our shift.” Said T'Luk.

I turned around and faced him, “I was just about to say the same thing.”

He looked at me blankly, “Say what?”

“What you just said.”

He glanced at the other two, “I did not say anything.”

I grinned, “Sure you did, you just said that we should leave in a moment.”

“You are mistaken Kai. The last thing I said was indeed.”

I waved my hand, “No, after that.”

He raised an eyebrow.

I turned to the other two, “Tell him what he just said.”

Alex shook his head, “He's right Kai, he didn't say anything.”

“What?” I turned to Trey, “You must have heard him.”

He shrugged, but then frowned.

“What's wrong?” I asked.

He was silent for a moment, “He did say something, didn't he?”

“Thank you. For a moment I thought I was going mad.” I said.

Alex turned toward Trey and giggled, “What are you talking about? He didn't say a thing.”

“Not that we could hear.”

“Huh?” Said Alex and me in unison.

Trey leaned forward, “Can I look into you? You know, with my mind?”

“I don't think so. What's going on?”

“That's what I want to find out.” He paused, “I won't have to go deep. I won't go anywhere where I sense it is private.”

I thought for a moment, “Ok, but I'll hunt you down if you're lying.”

He just nodded and stared at me for a few seconds before he began to grin, “Oh man that is so cool!”

“What?” I asked, I didn't feel a thing. He must have been really quick.

“Let me explain what happened: somehow, you managed to read T'Luk's mind and know what he was going to say before he said it.” He explained.

I stared at him, “Huh?”

“Ok, basically you communicated telepathically.”

I looked at him and started to grin, ”No, no, I can't do that.”

He looked at T'Luk, “But he can.”

I looked at T'Luk, “I know Vulcans are telepathic, but I'm not Vulcan. And it's not as if he mind melded me.”

“It is possible Kai.” Said T'Luk.

I looked at him, “What do you mean?”

“There is a long held belief that when a Vulcan...” He leaned toward me and whispered in my ear, “mates,” he pulled back, “a shared psychic bond is formed.”

“But I'm not Vulcan.” I repeated.

“Indeed, as such, I am not sure if it is applicable in our circumstance. I will search the Starfleet database, in case it has occurred between our two races.” He said.

Trey nodded, “It would explain what happened. Either way, it was definitely telepathic, I could feel it.”

I looked at T'Luk, “This...bond, is it dangerous?”

“I do not believe so. As I said, it would be wise to research the topic further.” He replied.

I nodded, “Perhaps that would explain why you're so lively.”

“If I am as lively as you suggest, then yes, the bond may be responsible for that.”

Alex pouted, “So now everyone has superpowers except me.”

I turned to him, “Well...Casey doesn't.”

“Or H'Jan.” Added Trey.

“Well H'Jan can be joined to a symbiont. That's kind of a superpower.” I said.

“I guess I'll just have to be a lowly Human.” He remarked.

“Hey! I heard that.” I replied, grinning before I turned to T'Luk, “Anyway, with our superpowers aside, should we go and see H'Jan to find out about tonight?”

“Indeed, if you are ready.”

I nodded and looked at the other two, “I'll try to find out as much as I can now, and then I'll call you guys later.”

They nodded, “Ok then, we'll see you later.” Called out Alex.

“See ya.”

I grinned at T'Luk as we rode the turbolift down to main engineering.

“What is it, Kai?”

“Don't you think that this is cool? I mean if it's true?” I said quickly.

He thought for a moment, “It is fascinating.”

“Fascinating? T'Luk, I read your mind.” I stood in front of him and stared deeply into his eyes, “Let's see what you're thinking now.”

He raised an eyebrow at my actions, “I doubt you can consciously contr-”

“Sshhh.” I said interrupting him, “I'm picking up something.”

He stared at me.

“Strawberry ice cream.” I said as the turbolift came to a stop, “or is it chocolate?”

“I was thinking about neither.” He replied as I walked alongside him.

I grinned, “It was worth a try.”

We walked into main engineering and noticed H'Jan standing by himself over to one side of the large room.

“Oh no! Not you again, Ensign Taylor. I hope you haven't come down here to break our sensors, or worse yet, harass Lieutenant Librescu.” Said the Chief engineer, Commander Librescu jokingly, as she walked toward us.

“Harass? Me? Never. In fact, Lieutenant Librescu was very helpful.” I replied.

“You mean you used her expertise to overload the sensor grid?” She said.

I looked at her, she was right, I did kinda use her wife a little bit, “You're right Commander and I really apologise for that incident. I did apologise to Lieutenant Librescu.”

She grinned, “Relax, I'm not after another apology Ensign. I thought you knew me better than that.” She winked, before turning to T'Luk, “I hope he hasn't coerced you to do anything questionable.”

“No Commander. Ensign Taylor is quite considerate where I'm concerned.”

“Hey! I'm considerate to everyone.” I said.

Comm Librescu laughed, “Ok, I didn't mean to get the famous couple into a fight.”

T'Luk looked at her, “Famous couple?”

I interrupted, “Let me guess, senior staff briefings?”

“Something like that.” She replied, smiling, “Anyway, is there something that I can do for you gentlemen?”

“Actually, I was wondering if we could talk to H'Jan, seeing as it's Raylis' last day onboard, we wanted to have a farewell party or something.” I replied.

She nodded, “That's nice, he's been quite a help around here. We've all become accustomed to having him serve with us.” She paused, “You can go right ahead, you're welcome to stay as long as you want, just don't be late to duty.”

I nodded, “Yes sir.”

She smiled at us and walked off, “Computer, time.” I called out.

“The time is 08:47 hours.” Replied the voice.

I turned to T'Luk, “That's alright, we shouldn't be here longer than five minutes anyway.”

He nodded as we walked over toward H'Jan.

“Good morning Ensign.” I called out.

He turned around, “Hey guys. Did you have a good evening?”

“Yes, we did, thank you. How are you?” I replied.

“I'm fine.” He paused, “I take it you know about Raylis?”

I nodded, “Yeah, we have.” I looked about, “Where is he?”

“He's gone up to the mess.” He replied.

“Oh, we just came from there.”

“Yeah, well he didn't take the turbolift, he likes the Jefferies tubes. He says the warm, closed and dark environment is quite ideal, for a Gorn.” He said.

I laughed, “He said that?”

H'Jan smiled, “Yeah, he says it's because of his species reptilian nature.”

I shrugged, “Makes sense I guess.” I paused, “Anyway it's good that he's not here, we wanted to talk about the party that you're planning tonight.”

“Oh, so it's become a party now?” He asked light heartedly.

“Well, whatever it is.”

“Yeah, well I was just thinking about having a
small thing in my quarters, you know with us guys and stuff.” He replied.

I grinned, “Sounds good, what time were you planning?”

“He has to be ready to go at around 16:30, so we could begin at 15:00, if you'll be able to get off early, that is.”

I looked at T'Luk, “Yeah, I don't think Commander Jones will have any problem with that.”

“Great, then I'll see you two at my quarters at 15:00.” He said.

“Sure, we'll see you then. Tell Raylis that we'll see him later.” I replied.

“Will do, see ya.” He said, as T'Luk and I walked off.


Even though we were supposedly hunting for a cloaked fleet, we had very little to do in Astrometrics. The main reason being that we had next to nothing to help us accomplish the task. Starfleet Intelligence and the Romulan Star Empire were still trying to devise a means of detection, but we hadn't heard anything from either of them. Thankfully, Comm Jones and the senior staff were aware of that, so they didn't press on us too hard. It created a frustrating circle, with the reduced workload making us feel like we should be doing more, even though we physically couldn't. It wasn't the best time to be a science officer, believe me.

With all this extra time on our hands, T'Luk and I instead decided to focus our attention on a more personal matter.

“Apparently, there is a recorded case of similar events which took place in the mid 22
nd century.” Said T'Luk.

I moved closer, “Similar in which way?”

“It occurred between a Human and a Vulcan.” He handed me the PADD, “Commander Tucker and Commander T'Pol.”

I read the PADD, “I see. However it does not directly state if they were intimately related.” I remarked before T'Luk handed me another one.

I scanned the display, “Oh, they were.”

He nodded, “Briefly.”

“Are there any more accounts of this taking place between Humans and Vulcans?”

“No. This seems to be the only documented case.”

“But it happens between Vulcans frequently?” I inquired, taking the chance to look around the room. There were only two other people in here and they were over the other end, working on something together.

“It is quite rare, even between Vulcans.”

“What is generally associated with the bond?”

He looked at another PADD, “Feelings, thoughts and even images can be shared.”

I nodded, “Is there a way to find out if we are really 'connected'?”

He looked at me, “There is no way to be certain.” He paused, “Trey was able to detect a telepathic exchange, perhaps that is all the evidence we need.”

“Yeah.” I grinned, “Do you mind me being inside your head?”

“It would be logical to assume that the bond works in both directions, therefore I would also be inside your head as well.” He replied.

I smiled at him and read through the pad. Something peaked my curiosity, “Hey, you know how Orion females can excrete a certain pheromone that basically makes most men lust after them?”


“Well it says here that a similar thing happened to Commander Tucker and Commander T'Pol when they were serving aboard the NX class Enterprise.”

He moved closer, “What happened?”

“Tucker was protected from the pheromones, because Vulcan physiology is immune to it.”

“He was Human.”

“Yeah, but he was bonded to T'Pol who was Vulcan. Somehow being linked to her stopped anything from happening to him.”

“Most intriguing”

“Well, as long as I can still eat chocolate without becoming drunk, that's fine.” I said, placing down the PADD.

“It is highly unlikely that our eating habits would change. It is probable that the bond only protected Mr Tucker against the pheromones because they did not belong to his mate.” He replied.

I nodded, “That does make sense.”

“Indeed, therefore, you may continue to indulge in chocolate.”

“Talking about that, erm...Yesterday, were you...intoxicated?”

He looked at me quickly, “Intoxicated?”

“Yes, I mean when...” I leaned closer to him, “When you kissed me.”

He thought for a moment, “I do not believe so, it would seem that my body was able to handle a small amount of the chocolate without any ill effects.”

“I thought Vulcans couldn't break it down properly.”

“That is correct, however it must have contained a small amount of cocoa.” He paused, “And it was diluted.”

I stared at him for a second before I realised what he meant, I blushed slightly, “Oh, erm, yeah.”

After a few more minutes of reading, we had a quick look over the ships sensors and scanned through the data the computer collected, making sure that it was doing the task that we had set for it.

“What should we replicate for Raylis?”

“I believe H'Jan will replicate a sufficient amount of food.” He replied.

I smiled, “I was talking about a gift.”

“I see.”

“I have no idea about what we should get him, what about you?”

He paused for a moment, “I do not know.”

“No, you're not supposed to say that. You're supposed to be giving me ideas.” I replied light heartedly, shaking my head.

He thought, “We could give him a PADD.”

“Ok, now that's an idea, but what will we put on it?”



He nodded.

“What like music, movies and stuff?”


“You just came up with that idea?”

He nodded again.

I grinned, “You never cease to amaze me T'Luk.” I paused, “But is it a logical gift?”

“Yes, you wish to give him something that would remind him of us, correct?”

“Uh huh.”

“Then this will allow us to do that. We can store a sufficient amount of data of both Human and Vulcan origin onto the device.”

“Ok then.” I said standing up, “I'll pick out a PADD with a large display and then we can store some data on it.”

“I will be collating some popular files from the Human and Vulcan database.”

I nodded and headed off towards the replicator to the rear of the room. Once I reached the small alcove, I tapped through the menus and came to a list of the available PADDs. I never knew there were so many variants, usually I only came into contact with two or three different types. I filtered the selection by screen size and picked one with dimensions that would be easy for Raylis to use with his claws. I tapped a few buttons and replicated the device, along with a rugged storage box. I picked up the PADD and examined it, there was something about new electronics that excited me, I hoped Raylis shared a similar likeness to the device. I retrieved the box and carried them back over to T'Luk.

“There we go.” I said, placing it on the workspace between us.

T'Luk looked at it, “I have never seen that variant.”

I nodded, “It's of a newer design.”

He stared at it for a few seconds before he looked up at me, “I have selected a large variety of items to be sent over, but I was wondering if you would like to add some personal favourites.”

“Yeah, I might do that.” I sat down and logged onto my personal area, ”You can begin the transfer while I look for anything else to add.”

“Ok.” He replied, as he switched on the PADD and prepared it to receive the data.

I looked through the list of movies and songs that I regularly played. I didn't want to send over too many songs, in case he doesn't like them, so instead I sent over a few movies that were my favourites.

T'Luk looked at the cover for one of the movies, “I am not familiar with those actors.”

I smiled, “This movie was made in the early 21
st century.”

“It is quite archaic.”

I laughed, “Perhaps, but some of the best films were made during that period.”

He nodded, “I have completed the transfer, have you finished?”

“Almost.” I said as the data was sent over, “Done.”

T'Luk switched off the device and placed it in the box, ready to give to Raylis later.

“I think he'll like that.”

“Indeed.” He was silent for a moment before he looked at me, “Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?”

I smiled at him, “We always eat together.”

“No, I mean, would you like to share a private meal in my quarters?” He paused slightly, “Tomorrow is our one-month anniversary, and while it may not be the holodeck, I thought you might like to do something.”

“It doesn't matter what we do or where we go, as long as I'm with you.” I replied, looking into his eyes, “Dinner in your quarters sounds perfect. Thank you.”

“I will prepare a suitable meal. Would 19:00 be a good time?”

I grinned, “That's fine.”

He nodded, “Good.”


I leaned forward to press the doorbell and waited until H'Jan called out, “Come in.” We stepped inside to see him carrying some cutlery over onto a table which was already covered by plates full of food.

“Hiya.” I called out as I looked about, noticing that he somehow managed to get another two sofas into his lounge along with some extra chairs. He done a good job.

“Hey guys. Hows things?” He asked.

“Yeah, we're good, you?”

He nodded, “I'm fine.” He looked over at T'Luk, “Could you help me with a banner I need putting up?”

“Of course.” He replied as he walked over to assist him.

I walked over to the table and looked at the food, “How many people are we expecting?”

H'Jan handed one side of the banner to T'Luk and looked over, “Only our group, why?”

“No reason.” I replied, grinning at him.

“We can always recycle what we're not going to eat.” He said, holding the banner out above his head and placing it on the wall, with T'Luk doing the same for the other end. H'Jan turned to me, “Is it straight, Kai?”

I walked forward and looked at it, the banner read:
'See you soon!' in English, in the middle, surrounded by what I assumed the translations were in Trill, Betazoid, Vulcan and what I guessed was Goran. “T'Luk, lift your side up a little bit.”

He lifted it slightly.

“Stop. That's fine.”

H'Jan pulled a toggle on the banner which secured it against the wall, “There ya, what do you think?”

“I think it's great, a nice personal touch with all our languages.”

He nodded, “Thanks. I didn't want to say goodbye, it sounds too morbid.”

I laughed, “Yeah. So where is he now?”

“He in the meeting room with the Captain. Alex will signal to us from the bridge when he's coming down.” He replied as the door chimed, “Come in.”

Trey walked in, “Hi guys!”

“Hi Trey.” I called out

“I thought I was going to be late, where is he?” He replied, walking towards us as the door slid shut behind him, but slid open again as Casey entered.

“He's on the bridge.” I replied before I turned to Casey, “Hiya Casey, I haven't seen you in ages.”

He stared at me oddly, “I was there last night, outside the holodeck.”

“I know that, I mean, we haven't hung out in a while, I was wondering if you were still onboard.”

He nodded, “I've seen the others quite a bit, but you've been on a different shift. You and that boyfriend of yours.”

I glanced over at T'Luk who was talking to Trey, “Yeah, anyway it's good to see you now.”

He smiled, “So Raylis is on the bridge?”

“As far as I know.” I replied before H'Jan called out toward us.

“That was Alex, Raylis is on his way down.” He said.

Trey looked at him, “Are we gonna hide, in the dark?”

“Gorans have exceptional eyesight in dark environments, it would not aid our ability to hide from him.” Said T'Luk.

Casey laughed, “Well you heard it from the Vulcan.”

“We'll dim them anyway, for our benefit.” Said H'Jan.

“He should be here in a minute. You guys ready?” Asked Alex as he emerged from H'Jan's bathroom.

Trey walked up to him, “What were you doing in there?”

Alex giggled, “I only just beamed in, I didn't want one of you to walk through my molecules as I rematerialised.”

“That is quite wise.” Remarked T'Luk.

Alex nodded, “I think so, unless someone's using the toilet, or in the shower.”

“As long as you know that it's illegal, before they send me to arrest you.” Said Casey.

“I'll try to keep that in mind.” He replied, but winked at Trey.
'As long as he doesn't beam into my bathroom while I'm on the loo.' I thought to myself.

“He's just outside!” Called out Trey, silencing us.

“Computer, lights to 85%.” Said H'Jan, dimming the lights, just before the doorbell sounded, “Enter.”

The doors slid open as Raylis walked inside, being met with a cheer from us, “SURPRISE!” He looked somewhat startled, before he noticed what happened.

“What's going on guys?” He asked.

“We can't let our favourite Gorn leave without a little party now, can we?” Called out H'Jan, with us agreeing with him.

Raylis looked at us, “You really didn't have to go through all the trouble.”

“It was no trouble at all. Come on, let's get you a drink. Computer play music.” Replied H'Jan.

It was a nice opportunity for us to let our hair down and to hang out with each other again, as there hadn't been much of that recently. We spent much of the time telling jokes or larking around, just plain simple guy stuff. It was great. But an hour was too short, especially when it's a party when you're supposed to say goodbye to someone. Raylis spent the last 10 minutes going around each of us and saying goodbye individually. He saved T'Luk and I until last, as we were the first ones to have met him.

“Hey guys.” He said, sitting down next to T'Luk and I.

“Hey Raylis, I hope you enjoyed the party.” I said.

He nodded, “I have, thank you.” He looked at us, “The first couple of hours onboard
Titan were probably one of the worst moments of my life. Not because of the ship or the crew, but because of what happened.”

T'Luk and I nodded, and let him continue.

“When I was laying there on that bed in your sickbay, I honestly didn't know what was going to happen next.” He paused, “But then two very friendly people walked in and spoke to me.” He looked from me to T'Luk, “You guys have no idea how much that meant to me. After what I had been through.” He paused again, “I owe you both a lot. I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me.”

I have to be honest with you, I didn't see what we did as a big deal. Sure we stayed with him and talked for a little while, but we did what any person would do in that situation. At least, what any decent person would do.

“You are very welcome Raylis, I'm sure I speak for Kai when I say that it was our pleasure to talk to you when you came aboard.” Said T'Luk.

I nodded, “It was, and still is a pleasure.” I paused,
“To seek out new life and new civilizations.” I quoted, “It may be some fine print in the Federation charter and not mean much, but it's when you're out here; on the front lines of exploration, when you're meeting new people from different races, do you begin to realise how big and how wonderful that statement is.” I smiled at him, “It has been an honour meeting you Raylis. But like that banner reads, this isn't a goodbye, it's a 'see you soon'.” I paused again, “And that's something that I'm sure about.”

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