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A Vulcan’s Love
-By Emulated

Chapter 12: Dragons Den

Admiral Ive looked out of the window in his office. The view from the 32nd floor covered the entire bay of San Francisco. He could see the various ships and boats sailing by. They looked so peaceful. So calm and collected as they glide across the turbulent waters. The same could be said about Admiral Ive. These were turbulent times for the Federation, yet if there was one place where you could be guaranteed tranquillity; it would be in the office belonging to the Chief of Starfleet Intelligence. Ive worked hard for that position, but in reality it wasn’t needed as his work spoke for itself on more than one occasion.

Ive turned his head and looked at his reflection in the glass. At 51 years of age, he was the youngest person to have stared out of that window, but that didn’t make him a rookie. Not at all. Just one glance at his piercing dark eyes and his black hair let you know he meant business. Match that with the short, smartly kept beard and you had one of the most powerful men in the entire quadrant, if not the galaxy.

Ive was quite an interesting person. Having been born to two mixed race parents, he was made up of American, French, Japanese and Swedish blood. This gave him a very distinctive, yet handsome look. He was also quite fortunate in the height department too, standing at a proud 6 feet and not a hair over. Ive had been married to his wife for nearly 25 years and was the father of grown up identical twins, a boy and a girl. But he didn’t like to talk about his family while on duty; something which is understandable in his line of work.

Being the head of Starfleet Intelligence wasn’t an easy job. In fact, it was common for a person to hold the rank for only a few years, before retiring or seeking a transfer. The longest record of six years was held by Admiral White. Ive had been in the position for the past two years and he showed no sign of being swayed anytime soon. Some people couldn’t understand how a man could work so meticulously at his job, while still maintaining a look of rigour and control. But that was Ives nature. And he was an asset to the Federation and its allies.

“Admiral Ive?” Came the voice of his PA, Lieutenant Carey through the Comm System.

Ive continued to stare out of the window, “Ive here.” He replied, in an emotionless, yet authoritative voice that would have made a Vulcan proud.

“Sir, I have Commander Morais for you, he says it’s urgent.”

“Understood, put him through to my viewer.”

“Yes sir.” Replied Carey, before she disconnected the channel.

Ive walked over to his desk and sat down. He paused for a moment, staring at the blinking indicator on the large screen on the wall opposite him, “Computer, answer incoming communication.”

The computer chirped and displayed a middle aged man, dressed in a blue overall, against what appeared to be a research laboratory in the background.

Ive clasped his hands in front of him, placing them on the desk, “You said it was urgent.”

Morais knew that he wasn’t being rude; it was just the way that Ive was. He always acted with the same consistency and control, regardless of the situation. But he had a wager on today. He had a bet against his colleagues that he could get the man to smile or at least show some sign of emotion with the news that he was going to convey. And he was certain he was going to win.

“That’s correct Sir.” Morais paused, creating emphasis for the big moment, “We’ve done it.” He finished, smiling.

“Please be more specific Commander.”

“The Anti-Cloak Generator. All tests have been successful! It works!” He replied quickly, showing clear signs of happiness, trying to pass some of it along to the Admiral.

Ive stared straight at the man for a few seconds, completely unfazed by the good news, “Understood, I’m on my way.” He replied in the usual tone of voice.

Morais looked at him. He’d lost the bet, “Sir?” He asked, confused at the mans reaction.

“I wish to inspect the progress that you have made.”

“Yes sir, by all means.”

“Good. I will be there momentarily. Ive out.”


T’Luk raised his hand, separating his fingers to perform the Vulcan salute, “Live long and prosper.” He recited, looking at me, which sent a warm tingle down my spine. I had only heard him say that once before, earlier this afternoon to Raylis, just before he disembarked. I wanted to hear him say it again, just for me. The time had just passed 20:30, and I was standing opposite T’Luk, in his quarters.

I smiled at him, “That’s so cool.”

He raised an eyebrow at me.

“I mean, it sounds special coming from you.”

He thought for a moment, “I do not understand how I can make it sound special.”

I walked over to him and placed my hands on his waist, “Well, it’s a mix between your sexy voice and the fact that you’re my boyfriend.”

T’Luk nodded, “I can see how my sexy voice may affect you.”

I giggled, “What?”

“I was attempting humour.”

I looked into his dark eyes, “You’re so logically perfect.”

He reached out and cupped my face, “As are you, Kai.”

We leaned forward and shared a small kiss. T’Luk’s kisses were always amazing. They were all so soft and gentle.

“I love you, baby.” I said softly as we pulled apart.

“I love you too.”

I stared at him for a moment, “Are you hungry?”

“A little, are you?”

I nodded, “H’Jan made a lot of food, but I wasn’t really in the mood to eat. It was kinda early as well.”

“Indeed. Would you like something to eat?” He asked, separating from me and walking over to the replicator.

I smiled, “Yes, please.” I said, walking toward him, “What do you recommend?”

“What type food would you prefer?”

“Something small, like a snack.” I paused, “Something Vulcan.”

He thought for a moment before he faced the replicator, “Two plates of Pok tar.” The machine chirped and created the required meal. T’Luk pulled them from the alcove and placed them on the table, “Would you like a drink?” He asked.

“Some Bolian tonic, please.”

He nodded and turned back toward the machine, requesting our drinks before bringing them over. I looked carefully at what he’d replicated. Around the outside of the plate was an assortment of different vegetable leaves; which were similar in looks to lettuce, but it was what was in the middle of the plate that interested me. It looked like slices of meatloaf.

“What is this?” I asked, pointing at the item.

“It is known as Pok. It is a mixture between vegetables and pulses.” He paused, “Like a veggie burger on Earth.”

I smiled, “For a second I thought it was meat.”

“It does have a similar appearance.” He replied, picking up his fork.

I cut a small piece and speared it on my fork, before placing it in my mouth and tasting it. I chewed a few times and came to find that it was quite nice. T’Luk was right. It was like a veggie burger, “This is good. Is it easy to make?”

He swallowed, “It does require a moderate amount of preparation, however it can be made in large quantities and stored until it is needed.”

“I like it.” I replied, taking another bite.

“My mother makes quite an interesting variation of Pok tar. When we go to Vulcan, I can ask her to make it for you.”

I grinned, “I’d like that.” I thought for a moment, “I thought that guests to a Vulcan house have to make the food.”

“Only breakfast, however I’m sure my parents would not require you to do that.”

“Why? Are they scared that I’d break the kitchen?” I giggled.

“No. They would not expect you to adhere to our customs.”

I laughed, “I’m not going to miss out on all the fun!”

He seemed confused, “I do not want you to feel uncomfortable.”

“You take part in Human customs all the time and you don’t seem to be uncomfortable.” I pointed out.

He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it. I think I had him on that one.

I spoke again, “I love the fact that we’re from different species. It makes our relationship all the more interesting.” I looked into his eyes, “If we’re going to share our lives with each other, it would only be logical to share our cultural differences too.” I paused again and smiled, “And that includes me making breakfast for your parents.”

He was silent for a moment, “Your logic is admirable.”

“I love you too, babes.” I replied, grinning.

Once we finished eating we went over to his sofa to sit down. We talked for a while before I announced that I better be heading off to bed.

“I’d love to keep talking, but I’m so tired.” I replied while standing up and stifling a yawn.

T’Luk looked up at me, but made no attempt to move, “Would you like to sleep with me?”

My eyes widened at what he said, my mind picking up the sexual undertones.

T’Luk noticed my expression, “I was not referring to…” He paused, “I meant to sleep, Kai.” He reiterated.

I started to giggle, “I know babes. It’s just the way you said it.”

“Humour is still a perplexing concept to me.” He replied, standing up.

I walked towards him, “I think you’re getting there.”

“There is no logic in humour.”

I shrugged and placed my hands on his hips, “It makes you laugh.”

He stared at me.

“Ok, it makes us laugh.” I looked deep into his dark brown eyes, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I leaned in and kissed him softly, cupping his smooth face in my hands. I pulled back and yawned again.

“We should go to bed.”

I nodded, “That would be logical.”

Once we stripped down to our underwear, we climbed up onto the bed. I immediately noticed something was different, “What have you changed to the bed?”

“I removed the Starfleet issue bedding and replaced it with what I had on Vulcan.” He said, “Following your advice.”

I slid into the sheets and laid back against a pillow, “Mmm.” I moaned softly, “It’s much better.”

“I do find it more comfortable.” He replied, before calling out, “Computer, lights off.” The computer chirped and turned off the lights, causing the room to darken.

“Good.” I said, as he laid down next to me.

He leaned in and kissed me, “Good night, Kai.”

“Good night T’Luk.” I replied, before I faced away from him and moved backward slightly.

He slid forward and wrapped his arm around me, holding me in a spooning position.

I preferred it like this. Although I couldn’t see his face, I liked the feeling of security and warmth while in his strong arms, and the feel of his smooth chest against my back. He kissed my neck.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Ive tapped on his combadge, “Ive to Admiral Becker.”

There was a slight delay before the Vice Admiral replied, “Becker here, what is it Sir?”

“Admiral, could you please report here in a moment.”

“I’m on my way. Becker out.” Replied the voice.

Ive waited a couple of seconds before the deputy head of Starfleet Intelligence; Florian Becker walked through the doors and entered Ives office. Becker was slightly older than Ive, at the age of 54. He stood at a little over 6’2” and had broad shoulders. His hair was a sandy blond and his eyes were a mix of green. Becker’s parents were German, but he grew up in Illinois, giving him a North-Eastern American accent. Like Ive, he had also been married to his wife for many years and had one adult child, his daughter.

The two men had known each other for over thirty years. They quickly became life-long friends after they both served together on the same ship. Throughout that time, Ive had hardly changed. In fact, he acted very much the same even when not on duty. Whenever they would spend time together with their respective families, Ive would still have complete control over the situation and himself. While Ive was his superior, it was clear that there was a great respect between the two men. They had a very close friendship in and out of work.

“I have received a message from Commander Morais. He has informed me of some interesting news.”

“Oh?” Replied Becker, even though he knew Ive wouldn’t go into it further.

“I am going to visit him; I would like you to join me.”

Becker smiled, “Of course Sir.” In truth, Ive never went anywhere without Becker while on duty. While Ive ultimately called the shots, he always appreciated having Becker nearby to voice his opinion. It also looked good professionally too, when the two men showed up to a meeting or an event together.

“Good.” Replied Ive as he stood up and walked over to him. Once he was standing next to him, he pressed his combadge, “Two to beam to Starfleet Research and Development, San Francisco.”

The computer chirped a reply, “Standing by.”


The computer chirped again and initiated the transport.

Seconds later the two men rematerialised three kilometres away, in the entrance to Starfleet Research and Development.

Ive glanced around the somewhat crowded foyer before he looked up at Becker and gestured his head in the direction of the turbolifts. Once they travelled down 12 floors underground, the turbolift stopped and they walked out. It was down there where Starfleet R&D kept its most prized secrets and breakthroughs. As expected, many of the people who worked down there were scientists and engineers. They usually worked on large scale operations such as new weapons or defensive technology, but they also had to be on call in case they were required to come up with a technological solution to a problem. Such as finding the cloaked Romulan Warbirds.

As they stepped out of the turbolift, they found themselves facing a long corridor with glass walls on either side, allowing people to see straight through the separate rooms. The lights overhead reflected off the white floors and gave a modern sheen to the place. They took a few steps down the corridor and looked through the transparent walls. There were many people about. Some were looking at blueprints, while others were building machinery. Everything looked very advanced, but that didn’t phase Ive. He was here for one purpose, and that one purpose alone.

Commander Taylor was working in one of the adjacent rooms when she glanced across and noticed the two Admirals standing there. It wasn’t uncommon to see the ‘big guys’ now and again, but she wasn’t aware of any scheduled meetings. She got up off the chair and walked over to the door, ready to greet them.

Ive watched her as she approached. He knew who she was; she was head of the Destiny project, another secret that was being developed by the minds under San Francisco.

She smiled at them and walked over, “Good afternoon Sirs. Is there something I can help you with?” She asked.

“We have come to see Commander Morais.”

Like many people who knew Ive, she was completely unfazed by his attitude, “Of course, Sir. Please, follow me.” She replied, leading them down the corridor.

While she had a high rank, Commander Taylor wasn’t in command of this facility. That job belonged to the Chief of R&D. Instead, she was one of the many Commanders who each had their own team. Her team was, of course, working on the Destiny, while Comm. Morais’ team was working on the Anti-Cloak generator. It was more efficient to work in these groups. That way people didn’t get pulled into doing something else, they could concentrate at the job they had.

Commander Morais walked out of his room and entered the corridor, watching as the two men, along with Comm. Taylor approached. Morais was a good, hardworking man who was well known and respected amongst his colleagues. Morais was Portuguese, in fact he currently lived in Portugal with his wife and two sons. And like many people who lived abroad, he beamed to and from San Francisco every day for his shift.

“It’s good to see you, Sirs. Comm. Taylor.” He called out.

They greeted him before Comm. Taylor turned to Ive, “If that’s all Sir, I’ll leave you gentlemen to it.”

He looked at her, “You’re dismissed.”

She nodded, “Yes Sir.” And headed back down the corridor.

Comm. Morais looked up, “If you’ll follow me, I can show you what my team have achieved.”

Ive nodded and followed inside the room, which was laid out with a large table in the middle, with a large screen at the opposite end. Standing around the table was Morais’ team who had worked on the project.

“Please, have a seat Sirs.” Said Morais, while holding out two seats for the Admirals.

Ive nodded and took a seat.

Once they had seated, the rest of the team sat down. Morais walked to the top of the table and stood next to the screen. He pressed a button which started a short presentation, in which, during the course of an hour, Morais and his team demonstrated what the device should accomplish. Along with a basic understanding of how it worked.

“You have achieved a remarkable task here Commander.” Praised Becker.

Morais smiled, “Thank you Sir, but the Romulan Empire does deserve some of the credit.” He paused, “They were kind enough to send us a prototype of the cloak system used by the stolen Warbirds.”

Becker nodded, “And this allowed you to test the generator?”

“Yes Sir. Once we had a working cloak, it was easy. We just had to find something that would cause it to distort, so it could be picked up on standard sensors.”

Becker smiled and looked around the room, “All of you should be proud. This is an excellent achievement.” He said, glancing at Ive, wondering if he was going to comment on the breakthrough.

Ive thought for a moment, “The range is limited to five light years, correct?”

Morais wasn’t offended, “That’s correct, Sir. We are theorising about new methods to extend that, but given the urgency required, five light years is the best we can manage right now.”

Ive was silent again, “I see.” He paused, “You have all done well. I look forward to seeing how it performs in real-world usage.”

“As do we, Sir.” Replied Morais, grinning at the compliment.

Becker spoke up, “What class of ship can this device be fitted to?”

“Any class can be adapted, but the older the class, it will take longer to install. It would be quicker to use one of the newer classes.” Said Morais.

“What class do you need?” Asked Ive, looking at the screen.

Morais shrugged, “Sovereign, Prometheus or the Intrepid. Anything made within the last 20 years should be alright.”

Ive turned to Becker, “Where is the Enterprise?” He asked quietly.

Becker pulled out his PADD and tapped on the display, “It’s in the Briar patch. It’ll take five days to get here.” He replied.

“That’s too long.” Replied Ive. He thought for a moment, “What other Sovereign class ships are nearby?”

Becker looked at the display, “The USS Sovereign is at Bajor, still too far…” He read on, “The USS Titan is nearby. It’s on patrol along the Neutral Zone, part of a task force.”

“How long will it take to get here?”

“24.2 hours at maximum warp.”

Ive thought for a moment before he stood up and looked at Morais, “The Titan will be here within 24 hours. I want you to be ready to install the generator when she arrives.”

Morais nodded, “We’ll be ready.”

“Good.” He stood behind the chair, “I’ll leave you to it.”

“Yes Sir.”

Ive nodded at Becker before they turned and walked out of the room. Once they began to stroll along the corridor, Ive turned to him, “Recall the Titan. Priority One. I want her here in 24 hours.”

Becker nodded, “Yes Sir.” He replied as he tapped on his PADD.

“The Titan.” Began Ive, “That’s Riker's ship, isn’t it?”

“That’s correct.”

Ive nodded, “Tell them they have 23 hours.”

Becker smiled, ‘And who said Ive didn’t have a sense of humour?’ He thought to himself.


I awoke to a very curious sensation. I could feel something moist flicking past my neck. It took me a few seconds to realise where I was, but then I felt T’Luk’s arm hug me tighter as he sucked gently on my neck. I pressed back against him and moaned softly. He removed his mouth before he started to kiss me softly. I smiled at his touch and turned around so I could look at him. Once I was facing him, he leaned in and kissed my lips. I couldn’t think of a better way to wake up.

“I love you.” He said softly, as he ran his hand across my back, “Happy anniversary.”

I smiled at him, “Happy anniversary, I love you too.”

He snuggled closer. Intertwining his legs with my own.

“I don’t ever want to move.” I said.

He tightened his grip on me. He felt the same.

After a few more minutes laying there, my bladder suddenly felt really full. I looked up at my cutie. He was laying there peacefully with his eyes closed. I wanted to stay there, but I don’t think he’d appreciate me wetting his bed. I began to untangle myself when he opened his eyes, I glanced at him, “Sorry. I need the toilet.”

He stroked the side of my face, “There is no need to apologise.” He paused, “We should get up now, if we do not want to be late.”

I nodded as I parted from him, before I slid out of bed and over to his bathroom. Once I finished using the toilet, T’Luk walked in, nude as the day he was born, as he stepped onto the sonic shower’s platform.

I stared at his stunning body for a few seconds before he called out to me, “Would you like to join me?”

After we had shared a sonic shower, we decided that we’d have breakfast together, in his quarters, rather than going up to the mess. It was nice to be with him in private. Not that there was anything wrong with the rest of the crew, but it was nice to have him to my self.

As I sat there eating with him, I began to appreciate how much I enjoyed his company and companionship. Of course I loved him. But it was those little everyday moments that stuck with me. I thought back to my life before T’Luk. I didn’t feel at a loss back then, neither did I feel lonely, but now I came to realise how much more meaning my life has because of the Vulcan who was sitting opposite me. And I loved him for it.

Once T’Luk and I had finished breakfast and finished getting ready, we set off for astrometrics. When we arrived, Lt Comm. Jones greeted us.

“Good morning Ensigns, we have quite a full day today.” She said as we sat down at our stations.

I smiled at her, “Good morning Commander, what do we have?” I asked.

T’Luk interrupted, “Curious, we are travelling at maximum warp towards Earth.” He said, looking at me.

I looked at my console, sure enough, he was correct. I felt a surge of panic flood through me, but then I noted that we weren’t at red alert. So it was unlikely that anything was wrong.

Comm. Jones spoke, “It’s ok, nothing’s happened. We’ve just been recalled.”

“Recalled, at maximum warp?” I asked.

She nodded, “Starfleet Research and Development in conjunction with Starfleet Intelligence have created a means to detect the Warbirds.”

We stared at her for a second, “That is…good news.” Said T’Luk.

Jones smiled, “Yes, it is.” Said, before continuing, “We got this uplink from Starfleet R&D. They want us to make some preparations for the Anti-Cloak generator’s interface. That way we will spend less time at Earth installing the device and more time out looking for them.”

“Anti-Cloak generator? That sounds really technical.” I joked before continuing, “And what is it generating? Surely it should be detecting things, not making things.”

Comm. Jones smiled, “You’re right, it doesn’t sound technical, but it explains it’s job without going into detail.” She paused, “To answer your question, it generates tachyons.”

“Tachyons? I thought tachyons couldn’t detect the cloaking device.” I replied.

She thought for a moment, “These are special tachyons.” She replied smiling.

I frowned, she was playing with me. A tachyon is a subatomic particle that exists at faster-than-light speeds, but there’s no such thing as a special tachyon! “Commander!” I whined.

Comm. Jones laughed, “There’s a lot of new and important technologies behind the device, but right now all we need to know is that it uses tachyons. You can sieve through the technical data later.”

“Oh, I will.” I remarked.

“Ok, Ensign.” She giggled, while handing me a PADD, “These are the changes that need to be made to the sensor grid, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours, less if you take Ensign T’Luk with you.”

I would have taken him with me anyway, “Sure thing, Commander. I’ll get to it straight away.” I replied, looking down at the PADD.

“Good. I’ll make the necessary calibrations to the computer from the bridge.” She replied, walking toward the doors, “Contact me if you have any problems.”

“Yes, Sir.” I called out, as she exited. I turned to T’Luk, “Want to go hang out in some Jeffries tubes?”

He picked up an engineering pack, “Lead the way.”

I smiled at him as I headed towards the door, looking down at the PADD to see where we need to go, “We have to go down to Deck 18, section 1. Right next to the main deflector.”

T’Luk nodded as he walked alongside me.

A few minutes later and we found ourselves inside a Jeffries tube adjunct, removing the coverings to several sensor systems before we made the adjustments.

I looked at T’Luk, “What are you going to make for us to eat tonight?

“I cannot tell you that.”

“Why not?”

“It is a surprise.”

I grinned, “Oh. I thought Vulcans didn’t believe in surprises.”

He raised an eyebrow at me, “This one does.”

I smiled at him. He was so special, “You have no idea how much I love you.”

“I believe my reply should be, not as much as I love you.” He said, causing me to beam at his remark.

It took us a little under two hours to complete the changes, but we needed to redirect some more power to the systems. The only way to do that was from engineering, so I volunteered to go down there, while T’Luk finished off in astrometrics.

Once I walked into Main engineering, I quickly noticed that the indicator beams on the warp core were moving faster. It also seemed to be somewhat louder. I noticed H’Jan working on a console, so I walked over to him, “Hey!” I called out.

He faced me, “Hi Kai, how are you?”

“I’m good, you?”

He nodded, “I’m fine.”

I flicked my head toward the core, “What are you guys doing to it?” I asked.

He turned and pointed at it, “That is a class 11 reactor working at 110%.”

“Is it safe?” I asked.

“I dunno.” He replied.

I looked at him in alarm before he giggled at me.

“Of course it’s gonna be alright. You think I’d be this calm if it wasn’t?” He giggled.

I smiled at him, “I suppose not.” I looked back at the core, “It’s just quite daunting, that’s all.”

He rolled his eyes, “I thought you were a scientist? You should like new technologies.”

“I do. But that thing acts like it’s alive.”

He winked, “Maybe it is. Can I help you with something?”

“Yeah, could you make these changes to the power distribution grid?” I asked while handing him a PADD.

He looked it over and walked over to a console, “I can do it right now, just a second.” He replied while flicking through the menus. After several seconds he turned to me, “There you go, it’s all done.”

“Thanks H’Jan.”

“Yeah, yeah. Just be sure to enjoy yourself tonight.”

I smiled at him, “I will. I’ll see you later.”

He nodded, “Yep, see ya.”

I turned and exited main engineering, as I headed towards astrometrics. When I arrived there, I found that T’Luk had already finished his work and was performing our previous assignment; to look for those ships. So that’s what we spent the rest of our shift doing, although it seemed futile, now that we had an ‘Anti-Cloak Generator’, but I guessed that we could have gotten lucky a second time, in case they were in the surrounding vicinity.


What’s with you and Trey anyway?” I asked.

Alex swallowed some of his sandwich, “What d’ya mean?” He asked.

Seeing as T’Luk told me to arrive at 19:00, I decided to go and have a drink in the mess, in case one of the guys happened to be there. Fortunately for me, Alex was having his dinner. Well, it was more of an early evening snack.

“I thought you liked him.”

Alex shrugged, “Yeah I did, but he’s not interested in guys.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

He smiled, “It’s alright. He’s still a good friend though.”

“Yeah, he’s a nice guy.”

“He’s good on the holodeck too.”

“What does he do on the holodeck?” I asked, taking a sip of my drink.

He wiggled his eyebrows at me.

“I thought you said he wasn’t interested.”

“No, he isn’t. But holo-Trey is
very interested.”

I stared at him for a second. I couldn’t believe what Alex was telling me. I continued to watch him before a grin quickly appeared on his face as he burst out in laughter.

“Hehehe, you’re too easy, Kai!” He laughed.

I sat there for a second before I started to giggle, “I was getting worried for a second.”

He laughed again, “You should’ve seen your face.”

I giggled with him until he quietened down. I looked at him, “So is Trey really not into guys?”

“No, he’s hetero, and before you ask, I have not recreated him on the holodeck.” He replied, trying to stifle a giggle.

“Good. I wouldn’t want you to be thrown in the brig for recreating real people for your
personal enjoyment.”

He shook his head, “There some things that I wouldn’t do.”

“Glad to hear.”

He looked at me, “So what about you and T’Luk? Someone told me it’s your anniversary tonight.”

I smiled, “Yeah, it’s been a whole month. Can you believe that?”

“No, it has passed really quickly.” He grinned, “Do you know what he’s planning for you?”

“No idea. Actually I’m beginning to wonder myself. He could have easily replicated something in seconds. I don’t know why I have to wait.” I said.

“Perhaps he’s cooking it.”

That was interesting, “I suppose he could be.” I said aloud.
‘Yeah, that had to be it.’ I thought to myself.

“What time does he want you there?”

“19:00.” I paused, “Computer, what is the time?”

“The time is 18:32.”
Replied the voice.

“You better be off, if you’re going to change your clothes that is.”

I grinned, “Yeah. I’ll catch you later, Alex.”

“Sure, have a good evening.” He replied as I stood up.

“We will. See ya.” I said as I walked toward the exit.

Twenty-six minutes later I found myself standing outside T’Luk’s quarters. He didn’t tell me what I should wear, so I stuck with some dark linen trousers and a plain white shirt. I was also carrying a small black box with me. A little something for our anniversary.

I reached forward and pressed the doorbell. It was time to see what my boyfriend had planned for the evening. I couldn’t wait.

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