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A Vulcan’s Love
-By Emulated

Chapter 13: Human Love


I stowed the box into my pocket and stepped forward, causing the doors to slide open as I entered T’Luk’s quarters. I looked over to my right and was quite surprised by what I saw. T’Luk was standing in front of a hot plate placed on top of a small stove, which was on one of the portable kitchen units that we could borrow for certain occasions. He was cooking a green looking vegetable on the hot plate. I could hear the hissing sounds from across the room. I breathed in and inhaled the food. An exotic mixture of different scents and smells greeted my nostrils. It was distinctly Vulcan. It all smelt quite interesting, and quite different to that of which I was used to.

Once I got over the initial surprise of seeing him cook, he looked over his shoulder at me, “Hello Kai, I will be with you in a moment.”

“No problem, babes.” I called out, as I looked over at the table in the front of the room, it was laid out perfectly. Every utensil was lined up straight and placed above a napkin. So logical. “You certainly set a beautiful table.”

“Thank you.” He replied.

I walked toward him, being careful not to get too close as to be in his way. After a few seconds, he turned down the heat to the stove and turned to face me. I immediately looked at his attire. Aside from his sexy Vulcan clothes, he was wearing the cutest apron that I’d ever seen. Really! It was a pearly white and covered his entire front. I have to admit that I’d never seen a Vulcan cook before, but it was clear that they approached it like every other situation; with logic.

T’Luk removed the apron and walked toward me, “It’s good to see you, Kai.”

I smiled, “It’s good to see you too, babes.”

He stood in front of me and leaned in for a kiss, but I moved back and extended my right hand, holding out my index and middle fingers. I wanted to greet him as a Vulcan would greet their partner. He looked down and copied my action, placing his fingers against mine and holding it for a few seconds. He glanced up to my eyes and pulled his hand back.

I smiled at him before I stepped closer, ”Now come here.” I said, placing my hand on his waist and pulling him toward me.

He tilted his head and parted his lips slightly, awaiting me. I shifted closer and placed my lips on his. A warm rush flowed across my body, like every time I kiss my Vulcan beauty. We shared the kiss for a few moments before we pulled back. I grinned at him.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Kai.”

I looked over to where he was cooking the food and I sniffed the air, “Something smells really good.”

He turned around and walked toward the stove, “Thank you.”

I followed him, “Can I help you with anything?”

He glanced over at me, “I am cooking for you, please take a seat.” He said, gesturing toward the sofa.

I giggled as I walked toward his sofa, before sitting down, “Such a perfect gentleman.”

He raised an eyebrow as he walked towards the replicator, “Would you like a drink?”

“Yes, please.”

“Bolian tonic?” He asked.


He replicated the drink and handed it to me, “The food should be ready in a few minutes.”

“That’s fine, what are we having?” I asked.

“I have made some Saht root soup, with a grilled variety of Pok tar.” He paused, “I have also made a dessert, but that is a surprise.”

I giggled, “Ice cream?” I asked.


I smiled at him, “It sounds lovely.”

We talked for a while, as T’Luk finished off the food and served it up.

“The food is ready, Kai.”

“Great.” I remarked while standing up. I walked over to the table as T’Luk pulled out a chair for me. My heart warmed at that. I grinned at him as I sat down, “Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

I looked down at the food in front of me. To the side was a bowl of the soup that T’Luk had mentioned, and directly in front of me was the Pok tar. It all looked and smelled very tasty. T’Luk replicated me another glass of tonic and placed it next to me before he sat down. He picked up his fork and looked at me.


I picked up my cutlery and cut through a piece of the Pok and vegetables, before I placed them in my mouth. I chewed, releasing the different flavours into my mouth and exciting my taste buds. Even though the ingredients had been replicated, everything seemed to taste ‘fresher’. It was certainly worth the extra effort by my Vulcan chef.

T’Luk looked at me and I smiled at him, “It’s lovely. Tastes much better than the replicated one.”

“I am pleased you like it. I used my mother’s recipe.”

I swallowed another bite, “It’s great.” I placed down my fork, picked up a spoon and scooped up some of the soup. I brought it to my mouth and swallowed. While its appearance may have been similar to that of plomeek broth, its taste was very different. It was somewhat creamy in texture and had quite a peppery taste, quite different to what someone would expect from a Vulcan meal, which were notoriously noted as being bland. I had to disagree with that assumption. Everything that T’Luk had made me try was full of flavour, nothing could even be considered to be bland.

“You were right.”

He looked up, “About what?”

“Ages ago, when you said that there was a lot I didn’t know about Vulcans.”

He cocked his head, “Meaning?”

“Well, I had the belief that Vulcan food had little flavour. That’s why I used to make my own plomeek broth, instead of the one in the Starfleet database.”

He nodded, “It is a common misconception. Most Vulcans enjoy flavour in their food. There is only a small percentage which prefers little flavour.” He paused, “It’s similar to Italian food against English food. Just because they are from the same world, it does not mean they all taste the same.”

I thought for a moment, “You’re right, I guess some people think ‘Vulcan’ means everything has to be the same.”

“While Vulcan culture is very much the same over Vulcan, there are some slight variances, depending on the location.”

“Is that why there’s different types of Vulcan writing?”

“There is currently one official Vulcan language, however there are five different written languages.”

I raised my eyebrows, “Doesn’t that become confusing?”

“The most common is used by over ninety percent of the population. That is the one that I can read and write.”

“Oh, so it’s not really a problem then.”

“No, the other four were used a long time ago, before my parents were born.” He replied.

I smiled, “Hey, now that I remember, can I ask you something? It might sound stupid, but I’ve been wondering about it for a while.” I asked.

He nodded, “Please.”

“Well, erm, is your name a girls name?” He raised an eyebrow, “I mean, the prefix T’ is generally used for female Vulcans.”

“That used to be correct, only females would use the prefix T’, but it has become increasingly common for males born during the last thirty years to also use the prefix.”

“Oh. So is your name new then?”


“Does it have a meaning?”

“It means ‘of one’.”


He nodded.

“See, I’m always saying about how you’re unique.”

“Indeed. What about your name?” He asked.

“Kai? Well there’s quite a few meanings. In Japanese it can mean ‘the ocean’ or ‘the sea’, or in Burmese it can mean ‘strong’. But my favourite is in Yoruba, where it means ‘love’.”

He thought for a moment, “You’re my Kai. My love.”

I giggled, “I guess so.” I paused, “A Vulcan dating an emotion. Interesting.”

Once we had finished dinner, I began to help T’Luk carry the plates over to the replicator, against his insistence to do it himself. In my mind, he was just too perfect to wait on me, but the ever wise Vulcan quickly pointed something out.

“If you invited me to dinner, would you want me to recycle the plates?”

He had me there. I sat back down and handed my plate over, “Ok, you win.”

“Indeed.” He replied as he took the plate. “Would you like dessert now?” He asked, with his back to me.

I thought for a moment, “Sure, if that’s what you want too.” For all their superior strength and their ability to stay awake for days, Vulcans actually required little food. I say little, but in reality they eat about the same amount as Humans do. I guess their bodies are more efficient at managing their food intake than ours are.

He nodded, “I will bring it over.”

I watched as he crouched down away from view before I heard him open and close what sounded like a fridge. He reappeared again a few seconds later with two small plates with what looked like a square slice of cheesecake on each. I watched as he walked around and handed me one.

“Thank you.” I replied, as I looked down at the plate. With it in front of me, it really did look very similar to cheesecake. Perhaps it was slightly darker, and had more of an orangey colour, but on the whole it looked the same. I picked up my spoon and scraped off a small amount before I put it into my mouth. It was like heaven. It was quite similar in texture to ice cream, it just seemed to melt in my mouth. It tasted a lot like caramel, yet I could tell that it wasn’t. I loved it. “Mmm this is great, what is it?” I asked.

He swallowed, “It is called Mur Leh, it is quite a common Vulcan dessert.”

I took another spoonful, “It’s really nice. Is it easy to make?”

“Extremely. I can show you some time, if you would like.”

I smiled, “I’d like that.” I paused, “You’ll have to show me how to make loads of Vulcan foods.”

“Do you cook, Kai?” He asked.

I nodded, “From time to time. But I haven’t cooked anything since I’ve been on Titan. Been relying on the replicator too much.”

After a few minutes I finished the Mur Leh. It was a great addition to a perfect meal. I wiped my mouth and sat back, feeling nice and full, without being overly so.

“Are you full?”

I nodded, “Yep. It was delicious, thank you babes.”

“You are most welcome.”

I smiled at him before I felt my bladder call out to me, “Erm, can I use your toilet?”

“Of course.” He replied.

“Thanks.” I said, as I stood up and walked over to his bathroom.

I quickly relieved myself, cleaned my hands and exited the bathroom. I looked over to notice that T’Luk was sitting down on the sofa and was pouring two glasses of wine. I glanced over at the table to notice that it had all been cleaned, and everything stowed away.

“Awww, babes, I said I’ll help you clean up.” I said as I walked toward him.

“That was not necessary.” He replied, pouring me a glass.

I sat down as he handed me a glass, “Thanks, babes.”

He held up his own glass next to mine, “Happy anniversary, Kai.”

“Happy anniversary, T’Luk.” I said, tapping my glass against his.

“It’s synthehol. In case you wanted to have some, instead of becoming intoxicated.” He said.

I smiled at him, “Thanks.”

He took a sip of his before he reached into his pocket, “I have something for you.” He said, producing a small case.

I reached into my pocket, “Me too.” I said as I held up my box to him.

We swapped gifts and I looked at the small black case. I rotated it in my hand before I slowly flipped open the lid, “Wow.” I remarked as I looked at the golden necklace before me, “It’s beautiful.” I said, grinning at T’Luk, who was looking at the gold bracelet that I’d gotten him.

“This is beautiful, Kai.” He said, removing the bracelet and examining it closely, “Thank you.”

“No, thank you.” I said, feeling the weight of the necklace in my hand as I looked at it. The design was clearly Vulcan. Every link was logically placed. It was stunning.

He turned to me, “Can you put it on for me?” He asked, holding out the bracelet.

I took it from him, “Sure.” I placed it around his wrist and locked it. It fitted him nicely. “It looks lovely on you.”

“Indeed it does, thank you.” He pointed to the necklace, “May I?”

I smiled, “Please.” I leaned my head closer to him. He led the gold around my neck and brushed my hair out of the way as he secured the necklace. I sat back and grinned at him, “What do you think?”

“I think it looks good on you.”

I leaned forward and kissed him softly, “Thank you.”

“Thank you.” He replied.

I shifted closer to him so my head was resting against his shoulder, “I love you so much, T’Luk.”

“I love you too.”

We talked for a while before I became aware of the small circles that he was tracing with his finger on the back of my neck. I didn’t notice it at first, but it soon started to become erotic. I started to harden. I giggled.

“That feels good.”

“You like that?”

I giggled, “Mmm.”

I felt him move against me before I felt him start to lightly kiss the side of my neck. His kisses were so soft, so gentle. I felt his tongue flick out as he sucked on my smooth skin. Once he moistened me enough, he pulled back and blew across the wet patch on my neck. I exhaled at the cool, tingling sensations. I turned around and faced him. I stared into his warm, dark eyes for a few seconds. He moved against me so he was laying down on the sofa, with me on top. He reached out with his hands and pulled my face towards his. I opened my mouth and kissed him. I felt his tongue move past my lips and squirm about in my mouth. He tasted great! He reached out with his hands and placed them on my back, before he slid them lower to my ass. I instinctively humped against him, squashing my hardness against his.

Within a few minutes, we had shed all of our clothing, save for our boxers. T’Luk was on top of me and our kissing had become quite frenzied. Our straining erections were begging to be released, begging to be used. I pushed my hips up against him again, moaning aloud into his mouth, but instead of him doing the same, he pulled back and looked at me. He stared into my glazed over eyes for a second before he rolled off me and stood up. I looked at him quizzically as I panted softly.

“Come with me.” He said, reaching out with his hand.

I stood up and interlaced my fingers with his as he led us over to his bed, which was separated by a white screen. As I rounded the corner and looked at his bed, I stared with my mouth agape. The lighting had been dimmed in this area as candles were arranged around the side of the room, providing an erotic, flickering glow. The bed itself was also quite different, the white sheets had now been replaced by what appeared to be a burgundy velvet. It was very romantic and very hot.

I watched as T’Luk shed his boxers and climbed up onto the bed before he laid back, with his head against on a pillow, facing me. He was laying with his feet flat on the bed and his legs bent at the knees. Everything was on display. My cock jerked.

I think I had been staring for a few minutes before he spoke.


“Um, yeah, sorry.” I said, blushing and averting my eyes up to his face.

“You can look.” He replied, pausing, “Come up here.”

I glanced down at his groin again before I walked forward and lifted my bare leg up to the bed. I crawled up towards his face and laid on top of him, pressing our erections together. I ran my hand across the sheet, revelling in the sexy sleekness of the surface. I flashed T’Luk a smile before I lowered my head and started kissing him again. I started off slowly and tenderly, but that quickly diminished as the minutes passed by as we quickly got into our hot fury again. T’Luk rolled me onto my back as he took control. He was on top. The sound of our lips smacking against each other must have been heard throughout the ship! He was so hot. I needed him now.

He understood my need and came to my rescue. He pulled off my lips and licked a path down to my sensitive nipples. He reached up with his hand and tweaked one softly as he sucked on the other. Once they were sensitised to the max, he removed his tongue and made his way lower. I felt him reach out and take hold of me. I gasped at the touch. I was so close to exploding in his hand! He didn’t waste anytime at all. He held my cock with his hand and lowered his mouth down to my pubes in one swoop. It took everything not to cum at that action. He slowly began to bob his head up and down. I felt his other hand reach lower and roll my balls around gently, teasing them. I wasn’t going to last long at this rate. He kept sucking me and flicking his tongue over my tip. Every slight action he’d make would send me quivering in pleasure. He went down on me, causing my head to push into the back of his throat again. That pushed me over the edge. I couldn’t hold it. I felt my orgasm building in my toes, making its way to my cock before I came with force. The fireworks exploded in my mind as I was hit by waves and waves of pleasure. I kept shooting into his mouth as fast as he swallowed. I groaned in ecstasy.

T’Luk crawled up to my face as I caught my breath. I looked over at him before I pulled his face to mine as I kissed him. After several moments of kissing again, I managed to pry my mouth from his so I could begin that sexual trek southwards. I kissed my way over his smooth neck and sucked the skin there. I didn’t want to leave a mark, but I wanted him to feel it. I licked a path down to his hairless chest and gave his cute, dark nipples some needed attention. I flicked my tongue across the small nubs, exciting and erecting them. I sucked on them while running my tongue across the sensitive tip, causing him to coo at the sensation.

I broke off my attack and travelled lower, towards his prized glory. I let my face drift over his dark patch of pubes, inhaling gently, smelling his natural scent. I moaned aloud. He smelled so good. I extended my tongue and licked the length of his hardness. He tasted good too! I made my way to the head and took hold of him. I carefully retracted his skin, exposing his glands. T’Luk lifted his hips off the sheet, pushing up against my hand. He wanted to be released. He needed to be released. T’Luk moaned lightly as he squirmed on the sheets. I grinned, knowing what my actions were doing to him. I felt him tense slightly against me, but then he pulled lightly at my head. I lifted up off his cock, causing a loud sucking sound. I looked up at him.

“Not yet.” He whispered.

I climbed up to his beautiful face and looked into his eyes before he reached over toward his bedside cabinet, producing a small tube of lube.

“Make love to me, Kai.” He said softly, handing me the tube.

“Are you sure?”

He nodded.

I reached out, took the tube and interlaced my fingers with his. I peered deep into his eyes and into his soul. We both wanted this. We both needed this. I leaned forward and kissed him lightly, “Ok.”

He looked at me one more time before he rolled over onto his stomach, exposing his muscled back and his sculptured ass. I moved down the bed and settled in between his spread legs. I gently reached up and massaged his buns softly before I gripped them and spread them. I watched in awe and wonder as I witnessed the very sacred part of T’Luk. The entrance to his physical being. I inched closer and looked at his hairless hole. The small circle of wrinkled skin was quite pink in contrast to the rest of his body. He was beautiful. I inhaled deeply, smelling him. My cock quickly began to harden again. He smelt only of himself. Heaven. I lowered my face and flicked my tongue across the smooth orifice. T’Luk shuddered beneath me. I repeated myself again, causing a similar reaction. I quickly soaked his hole and his crevice before I formed a point with my tongue and entered him slightly. I moved in and out, opening up his ring.

Once I got as far as I could with my tongue, I reached for the lube, wet a finger and traced it around his hole. He moaned lightly He relaxed his muscles and let me enter. I slowly slid my finger inside and revelled in the sensations. He was quite moist inside and very hot. With his muscles squeezing my finger tightly. I pulled my finger out before I slipped it back inside, causing him to groan aloud. Once I was satisfied that he was open enough, I lubed up another finger and pressed inside. He was a little tighter, but it was doable. I performed the same corkscrew action that he done on me. He moaned again before he called out to me,


I stopped moving immediately, in fear that I hurt him, “Are you ok?” I asked.

“Yes. I was…close.”

I thought for a moment before I realised what he was saying. I then remembered that while Vulcan males didn’t have a prostate gland, their entire rear area was as sensitive as though they had TENS of them, covering every spot. He must have been going crazy inside. I waited for a couple of minutes before I felt him squeeze against me,

“I’m ok now.”

I leaned forward and kissed his back, “Ok.” I slowly started my actions again, but I wanted to speed things up, I didn’t want him to shoot prematurely. I lubed up a third finger and slowly introduced it to him. After several minutes of pushing and pulling, he was managing them all fine. But he was still very tight back there.

“I think you’re ready, babes.”

“Ok.” He replied before he slowly flipped onto his back. I’m glad he wanted this position, I wanted to see his face as we made love. I reached down for the lube but T’Luk stopped me, “Let me.”

I nodded and handed the tube to him. He spread some on his fingers before he ran them across my cock, ensuring that it was fully erect and lubed completely. Once he was finished he laid back and raised his legs, opening himself to me. My cock jerked at the sight, oozing out some precum. I moved so I was in between his legs and lined myself up. I looked down at my hardness and then up to T’Luk. It felt so surreal. It was like I couldn’t fully comprehend the situation. T’Luk looked at me, his eyes setting on mine. We conversed silently before he nodded his head. I glanced down and placed my glands at his ring. I saw him relax, that was my cue. I pressed forward. His hole quickly expanded to engulf my head where I paused for a minute. He was so tight! It was like he was squeezing my hardness from all angles. I looked up at his face and was rewarded with his usual expression, only this alarmed me as I couldn’t tell if he was in pain, or if he was suppressing it.

“You ok?” I whispered.

“I’m fine. Keep going.”

He sounded relaxed so I began to inch my way forward, the whole time my eyes were set on his, looking for any signs of pain or distress. His eyes glanced downwards and then back up to mine as I suddenly became aware of my pelvis pressing against his ass. I looked down to see that I was inside him. Fully. He was so warm and wet inside. He felt so perfect. I waited for a moment before he nodded again. I slowly withdrew myself and then pressed back inside again. We both moaned when I reached the hilt. I pulled back and thrust forward again, with more pace this time. Once I was sure he had adapted, I began to quicken myself, until I found a good rhythm. I closed my eyes for a second and surrendered to the feelings. It was amazing. Nothing came close. I lowered myself and kissed him. He reached out, grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss. We kissed slowly and lovingly. We wasn’t just partners, we were lovers. He shifted against me and pressed up his hips to meet my thrusts. He moaned into my mouth again. I flicked my tongue against his. I was getting close. I could feel my muscles starting to tighten. T’Luk pulled back and stared into my eyes. I saw it before I felt it. Everything seemed to stop for a split second before it resumed. He started to tense slightly before his insides grabbed hold of my cock forcefully, pushing me over the edge. We were both cumming. I continued to look into his eyes as he clamped down on me. He looked at me as he felt my seed squirt forcefully inside him. We watched each other as we were hit by the throws of our orgasms. It was so sensual to watch his face, watch as every wave flowed over him. It was magical.

After a few seconds, I quickly began to soften inside him. He reached over and grabbed a towel. I cleaned us up as he laid there, panting softly. Once we were done I laid next to him. We held each other for a few minutes in the afterglow before we were overcome by the need to sleep.

I leaned forward and kissed him softly, “Goodnight, babes.”

“Goodnight, Kai.”

I turned away from him and shifted backwards, moving into our usual sleeping position. I felt him wrap his strong arms around me as he buried his face in the back of my neck.


Captain Riker yawned. He’d been up for the past 18 hours. His duty had officially finished 10 hours ago, but while he wasn’t on the bridge the whole time, he wanted to be there for that moment, he wasn’t going to let someone else take command while his ship pulled into orbit. He looked towards the helmsman.

“Ensign, what is the time and what is our ETA?” He asked, trying to stifle another yawn. He never had this problem with all-nighters on the Enterprise, perhaps it’s his age.

Ensign Trey Suder tapped on his display, “The time is 03:23, we are approaching the Sol system now Sir. Estimated two minutes until we exit warp.”

“Very good Ensign. Take her in to the closest safe distance at warp, then continue on impulse.”

“Aye Sir.”

Two minutes later and the Titan had reached the closest safe distance.

“Dropping to impulse.” Called out Trey as he looked up at the view screen. The stars stopped streaking past and returned to their original position as the Titan slowed to sub light speeds. Earth seemed to be about the size of a golf ball from this distance, but it was quickly growing. “We should be in geosynchronous orbit over San Francisco in two minutes thirty.”

“Understood.” He looked over to the science station, “Lieutenant, could you please make your way down to transporter room two to be ready to greet our guests.”

Lt Anders stood up and nodded, “Aye Sir.”

Riker yawned again. As soon as the engineers beamed aboard he could go to his quarters to sleep. At least for a few hours.


Commander Morais stood on the transporter pad, along with the rest of his team. The Titan was entering orbit. As soon as they were in range and lowered their shields, he was going to beam up and begin the installation of the anti-cloak generator. He had assured Admiral Ive that he’d have it up and running in hours. And while that was an accurate estimate, he wanted to be finished ahead of schedule.

The Lieutenant on duty behind the transporter controls looked across at him, “Sir, the Titan is signalling that they’re ready to receive you.”

“Very good, begin transport.” Replied Morais.

“Aye Sir.”

Morais and his team were engulfed in the blue hue as they dematerialised from San Francisco and rematerialised onboard the Titan. Morais looked at the young man waiting at the bottom of the transporter platform.

“Welcome aboard the Titan Sirs, I’m Lieutenant Anders and I’m the head science officer currently in command.” Said Anders as he offered his hand to Morais.

Morais shook his hand, “You mean that no one else is awake.” He replied.

Anders looked surprised, “Your message stated that you didn’t require any specialist help, but if you’d like-“

Morais raised his hand and smiled, “Relax Lieutenant, I was just joking.”

Anders’ expression softened, “You had me there Sir.” He looked over to a large cylindrical device that Morais’ team was moving off the transporter platform. It was about the size of two Humans standing back to back. “Is that the generator?”

He nodded and turned around, “Yep, that’s it. We should have it up and running in a few hours.”

“I see.” Replied Anders as the unit was lifted off the floor by an anti-grav unit. “If you’d like to follow me, I will escort you down to deflector control.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant.” Said Morais as he followed him out of the transporter room.

‘A few hours.’ Thought Anders. ‘In a few hours we’re going out there to hunt down those Warbirds. And this time we’re going to succeed.’

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