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A Vulcan’s Love
-By Emulated

Chapter 16: Repairs

T’Luk hovered his finger above the doorbell and looked at me, “Are you ready?”

I nodded, “Yeah.”

He tapped the button. We waited for a few seconds before the doors parted and Counsellor Troi appeared, “Good morning Ensigns.”

“Good morning Counsellor.” Replied T’Luk.

“Good morning.” I replied.

She smiled at us before she stood back, allowing us to enter, “Please, come in.”

T’Luk stepped in first and I followed. I had never been in Counsellor Troi’s office before, but it was what I expected. It was a nice sized room located next to the outer hull so there were a few large windows on one side. In one corner was a desk with a computer console, towards the centre of the room, close to the windows was a chaise lounge and some other seats.

T’Luk walked over and sat down on a sofa so I went and sat down next to him. Troi walked over to the replicator, “Would you two like anything to drink?”

I shook my head, “No thank you, I’ve just had breakfast.”

“I would like a glass of water, please.” Asked T’Luk.

She smiled at him and turned toward the replicator, “One glass of water and one glass of orange juice, both cold.” The machine chirped a response and replicated the drinks. She walked back over and sat down on a chair opposite both of us, handing T’Luk his drink.

“Thank you.” He replied, before he sipped some of it down.

It was the morning after yesterdays chaotic events. Once T’Luk and I left the shuttle bay, Counsellor Troi took us down to sickbay where we could be checked over. They didn’t find anything wrong with either of us physically, but both a mental and emotional viewpoint, I was still quite out of it. During the events in the shuttle bay, I actually felt very little, especially when I knew that T’Luk was nearby, however, once I was out of immediate threat, my emotions began to flow back to me. I wasn’t sure what was suppressing them in the first place, neither did I care, until they returned that is.

As soon as we finished up in sickbay, Counsellor Troi walked with us back to T’Luk’s quarters where she made sure that we’d be ok for the night. She did make an official request that we were to see her the following morning. I didn’t mind, I just wanted to rest. Once she was satisfied, she left us in peace. T’Luk and I didn’t hang around. We went straight over to his bed and slept, with T’Luk holding me tightly in his arms. It wasn’t just the physical act of being held by him that comforted me, it was the way that he affected me emotionally. I knew that I was safe.

Troi stared at us in that familiar way, undoubtedly she was using her empathic abilities to sense how we felt. After a few seconds, she focused on me, “Ensign.” She said, looking at me, “Could you please excuse us for a second?”

I raised my eyebrows at that before I stood up, “Of course, Sir.”

“Thank you.” She replied, as I stepped out of the room.

I waited outside for all of thirty seconds, before she called me back inside. I walked back in and frowned, wondering what was going on.

“I’m sorry about that Ensign, I just wasn’t sure if Ensign T’Luk had shared some rather…personal information with you.” She said. I assumed that she was referring to his ‘condition’ so I nodded and sat down. Troi looked at T’Luk again, “As I was saying, when we reached you in the shuttle bay, I could sense some anger.” She paused, “I was quite surprised to see that it was coming from you.”

T’Luk nodded, “Indeed.” He paused, “I experienced a great deal of anger yesterday.”

“Was that because of how Anders was treating Kai?”

“Yes.” He looked at me, “When Anders entered the shuttle bay, pointing the phaser at Kai, I was finding it hard to suppress my emotions.”

“But you were able to?”

“Yes. My condition only allows me to experience a small amount of emotion in extreme circumstances, it does not remove my ability to suppress my emotions.”

She nodded, “Lieutenant Anders sustained minor injuries, considering what you could have done to him.”

“Given a Vulcan’s natural temperament, it is likely that Anders could have sustained some severe injuries.” He replied.

I looked closely at T’Luk. It was hard to imagine that someone so calm and peaceful could be capable of something so destructive, but like he said, it is in his nature. If Vulcans had never learned to suppress their emotions, then there was no doubt that things would have happened a lot differently last night. Saying that, had the roles been reversed and I had been T’Luk, then I’m not sure if I would have been able to restrain myself as well as he did. But I’m not Vulcan.

“Another thing that caused me some confusion was how you knew where Kai was, or that he was in trouble.” She said.

T’Luk looked at me, “Kai called for me.”

Troi frowned, “But didn’t Lieutenant Anders destroy your combadge?” She asked, looking at me.

I nodded as T’Luk continued, “He did not use the Comm system.”

“Telepathy.” Said Troi.

I looked at her, “How did you know?”

“I could sense some type of telepathic communication last night, when I saw you two in the shuttle bay, it was quite strong.” She paused for a moment, staring at me, “And I can sense it now, slightly.”

“I see.” Replied T’Luk.

“At first it confused me, while I know about Vulcan telepathy and the bond, I never thought that it was compatible with Humans.” She looked at me, “But after I did a little research, it turns out that such a bond can occur between a Vulcan and a Human.”

T’Luk nodded, “That bond exists between Kai and myself.”

She smiled, “Yes, yes it does.” She looked at me, “That may also explain how I sensed very little emotion from you when I first entered the shuttle bay. T’Luk may have been suppressing it.”

“I did not attempt such an action.” Said T’Luk.

“It could be a simple effect of the bond. You knew that Kai was in pain, emotionally, so the bond suppressed his emotions.”

I nodded, “I felt a similar thing happen earlier, when we were in deflector control. It was as though I had no emotions. I felt very little.”

“Yes, it was most likely T’Luk suppressing them.” She replied.

I frowned, “It’s quite confusing.”

Troi smiled, “I can see how it would seem like that, however, given time, you will come to adapt to it, like a type of sixth sense if you will.”

I looked at her, “But weren’t you born with telepathy? I mean, haven’t you had your whole life to adapt to it?”

She shook her head, “Betazoids are rarely born with their telepathic abilities developed. Generally, we acquire our telepathy during adolescence.” She looked at me, “So I had ‘teething’ problems too, many people do.”

I looked at T’Luk, “Did you have a similar phase?”

“No, Vulcans are born with their telepathic abilities.” He paused, “In comparison, Vulcan telepathy is not as strong or potent as Betazoid telepathy. Neither is it used to great extent in our society.”

“Oh.” I looked at them, “So over time, I’ll get used to having T’Luk ‘inside my head’, so to speak?”

Troi nodded, “Yes. The nature of the bond is not to be intrusive, it is to provide a mental and emotional link between two people.” She paused, “For the bond to appear in the first place, it suggests that there is a high amount of mutual affection and love between you two.”

I shared a look with T’Luk. That much I knew. That much I was certain of.

Troi smiled, “It’s weird to feel emotions from a Vulcan.” She said, “While it’s a very small amount, I can sense your affection and respect towards Kai.”

T’Luk looked at me, “Indeed.”

She looked at us for a few seconds before she sat back, “So how do you feel?” She asked, glancing at T’Luk, “Both of you.”

“I am fine.” Replied T’Luk, “As I previously mentioned, I only feel little emotion in extreme circumstances.”

Troi nodded, “Ok, that’s fine.” She looked at me, “Taylor?”

“I’m ok.” I paused, “It’s like I can remember being scared, but it’s like it wasn’t me, you know?”

“Yes, I believe that it is part because of the bond. T’Luk was trying to calm you down.”

I nodded, “That makes some sense. It’s just weird. Shouldn’t I be feeling something now?”

“What you went through yesterday was a very traumatic experience. It’s not uncommon for the Human mind to detach itself from recollecting such situations. You may remember some parts, but not everything. So if you couple that with T’Luk, then I think you have your reason why.”

“I see.”

She stared at me for a moment, “I can’t sense any potent emotions coming from you, it is as though nothing happened.”

“But if T’Luk is stopping me from feeling anything, what would happen if he suddenly went away. Like if he beamed off the ship?”

“The bond has been known to occur over a vast distance, many light years in some cases. But even if you were ‘out of range’, I still don’t expect you to feel much. T’Luk stopped you from feeling the emotions in the first place and has limited your ability to remember the ones that got through.”

I shook my head, “This is very confusing.”

She smiled, “I agree. As a counsellor, it is quite an unusual case, as there is no treatment I can give you because there is nothing emotionally wrong. With either of you.”

I nodded and thought for a moment, “So does that mean we can return to duty?”

Troi looked at me curiously.

“I would just rather do something, seeing as I can’t remember much about yesterday anyway.” I clarified. While I could remember what had happened, I couldn’t remember how I felt. I knew I felt something, but I can’t remember what.

“I don’t see any problem with allowing you to return to duty. Tomorrow.” She paused and smiled at the look on my face, “You may be fine, but one day off wouldn’t hurt. It will give you time to rest.”

I looked at T’Luk. I suppose one day off wouldn’t hurt. At least it would let me spend some more time with him, rather then spending our time working. I nodded at her.

“That’s fine. I can live with that.”

T’Luk nodded, “I concur. We can return to duty tomorrow.”


I reached out and held him tightly, “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too, Kai.” He replied.

We were back in his quarters after our ‘appointment’ with Counsellor Troi. She only kept us for a while longer before she allowed us to leave. Seeing as we were off duty for the day, we wasn’t sure what to do at first, but we decided to return to his quarters, at least for the time being.

I pulled back and kissed him briefly, looking deep into his eyes, “Thank you…for yesterday.”

“I do not understand.”

“For stopping…Anders.” I said, not wanting to say his name, “You stopped him from taking me off the ship.”

He thought for a moment, “You called for me, so I came.”

“Yes you did, straight away.” I said, smiling at him before my expression became serious, “I could feel your anger.” I paused, “In the shuttle bay, when you had Anders.”

He nodded, “He threatened to hurt you, I could not allow that.”

I held his hand, “And you stopped him, you protected me T’Luk.”

He was silent for a moment, “I would not have killed him, Kai.”

“I know.”

“But you called my name.”

I looked at him, “Yes, because I knew that if you wanted to, you could have killed him with very little effort.” I squeezed his hand, “But you wouldn’t have done that.”

“How can you be sure?”

“Because I could feel it. I could feel your control over the anger.” I looked into his eyes, “T’Luk, you were tested in the worst possible way. You were pushed to the limit, to see if your suppression would hold.” I paused, “And it did, it not only held, but it was strong.”

He stared at me.

“You may have a ‘condition’ which limits your suppression, but after the restraint demonstrated yesterday, I think you are stronger than any Vulcan out there. Even those without a ‘condition’.” I shifted closer, “Ever since you were born, you’ve always had to work that bit harder, just so you can live like every other Vulcan. But when they tell you that they can ‘treat’ you, you say no.” I smiled, “You want to stay the way you are, because even though you work that bit harder, it makes you, you. It makes you T’Luk.” I squeezed his hand again, “And that’s why I love you so much. Because you’re unique, because you’re special.” I leaned closer, “Because you are a Vulcan.”

“I love you Kai.”

“I love you too, babes.”


Hey guys.” I said, as T’Luk and I took a seat.

“Hey, how are you two?” Asked Trey.

“I am fine.” Replied T’Luk, looking at me.

I nodded, “I’m ok, thanks to T’Luk.” I didn’t want to make a big deal out of T’Luk’s heroics as he wouldn’t want that, but the truth of the matter was that he saved me.

H’Jan nodded, “We heard.” He looked at T’Luk, “Hope you gave him a punch from me.”

“I exercised sufficient force, but I did not attack him.”

Trey looked at him, “He’s lucky that Vulcans can’t get pissed.”

T’Luk paused for a moment, “Indeed.” I looked at him, it was clear that he was still somewhat bothered about how he handled things.

H’Jan shook his head, “But taking you hostage, why the hell did he do that?”

I shrugged, “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He saw me there, so he took me hostage.” I leaned forward, “Anyway, let’s talk about something else.” I said sipping some of my drink.

“Sure.” Said H’Jan, “Erm, we should have warp drive back online within 48 hours or so.”

“That was quite quick.” Replied T’Luk.

“Yeah, well one of the ships sent by Intelligence, the Majestic spared some extra engineers, so we’ve had quite a team down there.”

“Was the damage extensive?” Asked T’Luk.

“A bit. Fortunately, the deflector itself was not damaged, otherwise we’d probably be in a space dock. No, it was mostly the monitoring systems or the adjacent EPS conduits that were damaged. All things that can be replaced with relative ease.”

I nodded, “The efficiency of Starfleet engineers.” I remarked, causing H’Jan to smile. I looked at him, “Any word on another generator?”

“Actually, we’re having one delivered to us. The Prometheus is going to pick up an extra one when it reaches Earth, it’ll bring it to us, seeing as we’re stuck here.” Replied H’Jan.

Trey turned to him, “I thought that special engineers need to install it.”

H’Jan laughed, “They’re not ‘special’ engineers, they just built it.” He nodded, “But, yes, we can install it.”

“Great! Any idea when they’re coming?”

“In about a day, but we have to have deflector control finished first, before we install it. So when we have warp drive, we should have the generator online not long after.”

I nodded, “Oh, and do you guys know about the girl who Casey’s dating?”

“Yes.” They answered together.

I looked at them, “You did?”

H’Jan nodded, “Casey came by engineering a few days back, he mentioned something about a certain someone.” He leaned closer, “What’s she like?”

“I didn’t really speak to her, but she seems nice.”

“Yeah? He said she was a nurse, what does she look like? I might have seen her around.”

“Well she has short bl-“ I began before I noticed Alex enter the room. I watched as he looked about, noticed us and walked over.

“Wow, hey, are you guys ok?” He asked, plopping himself down next to Trey.

I nodded, “Yeah, we’re ok.”

“I almost died yesterday when I heard Anders’ voice over the Comm system.” He said, “It must have been terrible.”

My brain quickly flashed back to that moment, “Yeah. Yeah it was.”

H’Jan quickly changed the topic again, earning a small smile from me, “So, Kai was telling us about Casey’s new girlfriend.”

Alex looked at me, “You mean Laura? Yeah, she’s dating Casey. Quite a nice person, funny too.”

I stared at him. It seemed that T’Luk and I were the only ones with our heads buried in the sand. Or better still, I knew what had been on our minds for the past week or so.


I giggled at his touch, “What is your fascination with my ears?”

“What is your fascination with mine?” He replied, while tracing his finger along my lobe. We were in my quarters after hanging out in the mess. We were both laying on the sofa, with me laying on top of him, and my head against his chest.

I turned and looked at him, eyeing the pointed cuties, “What’s not to like?” I asked, reaching out and running my finger across the small point, “They’re so cute, T’Luk.”

“Your ears are cuter.” He remarked.

I began to giggle again, but was interrupted by my computer console that began to chirp, “Incoming transmission.” Called out the computer.

“Who is it?” I requested.

“Mary Taylor.” Replied the voice.

I turned to T’Luk, “Mum.” I said, before I stood up and walked over to my console. I keyed in a code and opened the channel. There was a slight pause before my mum and dad appeared on the display.

“Hi guys!”

“Hi Kai, how are you doing?” Asked my dad.

I nodded, “I’m ok.”

“We heard what happened, how are you?” Asked Mum.

I smiled, “I’m doing fine. It wasn’t a very nice experience, but it’s over now.”

Dad frowned, “If I had been there, I would have given that guy some serious damage.” He said, sounding really pissed, “Who does he think he is, threatening my son like that?”

Mum nodded, “He’s just lucky that we weren’t there.”

I was quite taken aback by their display of anger. It was another fact to remind me that, no matter how far I travel away from home, or how old I get, I’m still going to be their son. Their only son. They were well within their rights to be angry.

“Erm, yeah. But really, I’m fine. T’Luk looked after me.”

Mum’s expression softened, “We heard all about your hero of a boyfriend.” She looked at the display, “Is he there?”

“Yep, just a second.” I said before I picked up the console and carried it over to the lounge. “Mum and Dad wanna say ‘Hi’.” I said as I sat on the sofa next to T’Luk and placed the console on the table in front of us.

“Hi T’Luk, how are you?” Asked my mum.

“I am fine, thank you. How are you?” He replied.

“Yeah, we’re ok.” She smiled, “Thank you for taking care of our son again.”

T’Luk nodded, “You are most welcome, but Kai is my partner I will always take care of him.” I smiled at his use of ‘partner’ rather than ‘boyfriend’.

“We know you will.” She replied before smiling at us, “You two look so cute together. I bet everyone’s talking about you.”

I blushed, remembering what Commander Caves said about the senior staff briefings, “Erm, I wouldn’t know. But thanks.”

We spoke to my parents for a while longer, filling each other in about our lives. It felt so good to talk to them with T’Luk next to me. It felt more ‘natural’ somehow. It was hard to explain, but it was definitely a benefit.

Once we said goodbye and I closed the channel, I sat back against T’Luk, resting my head against his shoulder. He reached out and held me. He slowly rubbed his hand across my chest and belly. It wasn’t erotic or anything, but very soothing. I was quickly finding myself drifting off to sleep at his gentle touch.

“Kai?” He called out softly.


“Do you want to sleep?”

I shook my head slightly. I didn’t want to sleep, but his soft actions wasn’t helping much. I was loosing the battle to stay awake. I could feel his warmth on my back and could smell his relaxing scent. And after a few more minutes of enduring T’Luk. I was out like a light.


I slowly began to awaken when I heard T’Luk talking to someone. I didn’t move, I felt too comfortable where I was. After several seconds, I felt someone stroking my ear again. I sighed softly and pressed backwards, feeling his weight behind me.

“Kai?” He whispered.

I opened my mouth, “Yes.”

“We have to get up.”

I groaned at that.

“Commander Jones just called for us.”

I groaned again. I wanted to stay there, in my slumber with my baby. After a few moments, I shifted. Only then realising that I was laying on my bed, rather than the sofa, and was dressed only in my boxers.

“I thought you’d be more comfortable.” He said, as though he was reading my thoughts.

“Mmm. Yeah.” I moaned as I opened my eyes. I stayed still for a moment before I sat up and stretched. I glanced over and saw T’Luk perched on the edge of the bed, looking at me. “Hi babes.” I said, yawning, “What time is it?”

“Two thirty seven.”

I nodded, “Ok.” I slid over towards him and kissed him lightly, “We go see what Commander Jones wants, then we come back to sleep.”

“Ok, Kai.”

I giggled at him, “You’re so adorable.” I said, as I got off the bed and pulled on my clothes. Once I finished, I looked over to T’Luk, “You ready?”

He stood up and walked over, “Yes.”

We exited my quarters and walked towards the nearest turbolift and rode it down to deck 12. Once we arrived, we took the short trek to astrometrics and walked inside. Comm. Jones was standing there, she didn’t look very pleased about something.

“Good afternoon Ensigns, how are you two?” She asked.

I nodded, “I’m fine.” I replied, with T’Luk nodding in agreement. I looked at her, “What is it, what happened?” I asked.

She took in a breath, “We’ve been tracing all transmissions sent out from Anders’ quarters and any terminals that he used while he was onboard.” She paused, “He managed to hide his tracks very well, we wouldn’t have found anything, but the people from Intelligence are trained to deal in this type of thing.”

“What did they find?” Asked T’Luk.

She took in a breath, “As you may have suspected, there were more moles in Starfleet than Anders and Meyer. Intelligence found a network operating on both Earth and on some star ships.”

I felt a shiver flow down my spine, “How many?”

“Twenty-seven people have been apprehended by Starfleet. That is believed to be the final figure.”

“How did they manage to operate for this long, without being detected?” Asked T’Luk.

She looked at us, “Actually, someone discovered what they were doing.”

“What? Who?”

“Ensign Shannon Hayes.”

I thought for a moment before my eyes widened. Shannon Hayes. I remembered her.

“The explosion aboard the USS Venture while we were in orbit of Romulus, was not Ensign Shannon Hayes one of two fatalities?” Asked T’Luk.

Comm. Jones nodded, “Yes. From what we could tell, Hayes was killed by one of the moles working on the Venture.”

“I thought it was an accident, that an EPS relay ruptured.” I said.

She shook her head, “It was staged to look like an accident. Hayes found out about them, so they…murdered her.”

“I can’t believe it.” I said.

“Indeed, it is quite disturbing.” Replied T’Luk.

“Intelligence quickly issued orders to arrest them, all twenty-seven. We have just received a communiqué that they have all been arrested and are pending secure transportation by Starfleet Intelligence.” She replied.

I looked at her, “Did intelligence manage to find out anything from Anders or the moles?”

She seemed to flinch slightly from that question and stared at us, “They found out something.”

“What?” I asked.

She looked at us and walked closer, lowering her voice, “This has to stay strictly off the record. I do not have clearance to tell you this.”

T’Luk and I nodded.

“It has been confirmed that the terrorist cell are planning something. We’re not sure what, when and how.” She paused, “Starfleet Intelligence intercepted one data packet, it contained a casualty estimate.”

“Casualty estimate?” I asked.

She nodded, “For an attack. The attack that they are planning.”

“What was the amount?” Asked T’Luk.

“Millions.” She shook her head, “The report specified millions of casualties. All expected to be fatal.”

“My god.”



Admiral Ive stared out of his window for a brief moment, before he turned to Vice-Admiral Becker, “They want to know what the terrorist cell are planning.” He paused, “I cannot tell them what I do not know.”

“Of course, Sir.” He walked closer, “There are five thousand people trying to answer that very question.”

Ive nodded and walked over to his desk, “And now they wish to invite the Romulans over for a meeting.”

They, as Admiral Ive put it, was the President of the Federation and Starfleet Command. Ever since Starfleet Intelligence discovered the data packet containing the predicted casualty report, Command has been eager to learn more. Ive didn’t blame them for that, but as he told them many times, they’ll know when he knows.

As for the meeting, given the level of cooperation between the Federation and Romulan governments during the current crisis, both parties believe that it would be beneficial to come to an exclusive agreement. A formal sharing of information if you will. It was by no means an alliance, but it was a big step in the right direction. Instead of conducting such a meeting over subspace, it was decided that a face-to-face meeting would be better.

“Have they given any indication as to when or where they want to conduct this ‘formality’?” Asked Becker.

“They want to have the Romulans over within the next month. As for where, Vulcan seems quite poetic, so that would be their most probable choice.”

Becker nodded, “Romulans setting foot on Vulcan, for diplomatic purposes. Who would have thought…” He said trailing off.

Ive was silent for a moment before he spoke up, “Politicians.” He remarked, “They see one way out so they take it, always oblivious to what could happen later.”

“It’s too soon, they should wait until the crisis is over. A diplomatic meeting would be an ideal target for a terrorist cell.”

Ive looked at him, “I agree.”

“I take it you’ve given your recommendation to the President?” Asked Becker.

Ive nodded, “I told them to postpone the event, given our alert status.”

“What was their response?”

“They will take it into consideration…” Replied Ive, trailing off. It was a phrase that was given to him frequently whenever he advised Command about potential threats.

“They leave it up to us to save the day. Now that’s poetry.”

Ive turned to him, “Indeed, it is our duty, as such will need to prepare.” He interlinked his fingers, “The event will be kept secret, therefore we need not concern ourselves with controlling the media to a degree.”

“Would you like me to assemble a meeting with the department heads?”

“Yes. I want them assembled in the situation room in twenty minutes.” He replied. It wasn’t unusual for Ive to request meetings out of the blue. It was another reason as to why he was regarded at the best he did. He had the whole of Starfleet Intelligence working at 110%.

“Yes, Sir.” Replied Becker as he tapped on his PADD, but paused when he looked at a notification, “Sir, the USS Hood has just been fitted with a generator. That gives us twenty-six ships with anti-cloak generators.”

While Starfleet initially began to build the generators at a slower pace, as soon as the
USS Titan reported that the generator was a success, that it could detect the cloak, Starfleet quickly vamped up production of the units so as many ships as possible could be fitted with them.

“Very good.” He replied, “How many ships could we have fitted within a month?”

Becker calculated the math, “Sixty seven, Sir. Including the ones we already have and taking account of the installation time for older star ship classes.”

Ive thought for a moment, “That should cover many of the central planets. We should also have no problem creating a ship based detection grid around the diplomatic meeting, wherever they decide to hold it.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Ive looked at him, “Go and make the necessary arrangements for the meeting. I will be along shortly.”

Becker nodded, “Yes, Sir.”

Once Becker left the room, Ive stood up and walked over to the window. His eyes scanned across San Francisco. Scanning across the millions of people that lived there.

Millions of people.

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