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A Vulcan’s Love
-By Emulated

Chapter 17: Beginnings

“Kai Taylor.” Called out the voice through the speakers.

I felt a quick rush flow through me as I heard my name being called out.
‘This is it Kai. This is your moment.’ I thought to myself as I stood up. I looked over to the Admiral standing at the podium and headed over towards it. I could feel the audience of three thousand staring at me, but I looked right ahead and tried my best to ignore them. I reached the steps and walked up onto the stage of the podium. I quickly glanced over at some of the people standing there. I didn’t recognise all of them, but I immediately noticed one of my lecturers, Commander Lukin. He smiled warmly at me and I nodded in response.

I looked ahead at the Admiral and walked up to him, before I reached out and shook his hand. His grip was one of strength and confidence, as though you could feel his rank through his touch. “Cadet Taylor.” He said, shaking my hand.

“Sir.” I replied, smiling at him.

He let go of my hand and picked up a gold pip before he affixed it to my collar, “I hereby promote you to the rank of Ensign.” He said, with the audience commencing a round of applause.

“Congratulations Ensign, welcome to Starfleet.” He said, looking at me.

I flashed him a toothy grin, “Thank you, Sir.” I said, with the holo-camera flashing immediately after. Capturing the moment.

The Admiral nodded at me, before I turned and stepped off the podium. I was on cloud nine! I swear, it felt like my feet never touched the steps!

I returned to my seat and watched as the rest of the ceremony concluded. Because of the large numbers of cadets, there were three separate ceremonies that occurred in a week. That way there would be room for everyone to attend without having to move to a larger venue outside of the Academy grounds. Generally they’d split the cadets into three equal groups, depending on which part of the Academy campus they lived in. I lived in the Alpha sector so we went first, followed by Beta sector and Delta sector.

It didn’t matter to me which ceremony I attended. As long as I was there to experience the event and become an official Starfleet officer, then I would be satisfied. And I can tell you, I was satisfied.
Extremely satisfied.


I walked into the large hall and looked about. There was quite a few people already there, but there was clearly room for more. Some were dancing to the somewhat loud music, while others were sitting down, talking to their friends, telling each other about their first assignments, wherever or whatever they may be. I glanced up and noticed a large banner hanging from the ceiling that read: Academy Graduation: 2380. I smiled at that. ‘2380, what a year this has become’, I thought to myself.

I grinned to the person next to me, my best friend, Mal Jarot. I had known Mal for years, ever since we both went to the same high school back in England and since then, we’ve been inseparable. Mal was a Betazoid, which meant he had some telepathic abilities, which allowed him to do things like read minds, or sense a persons mood. Pretty cool, right? Physically, Betazoids are virtually identical to Humans, however, they all have black irises. With that aside, Mal could have easily passed for a regular Human. He was of average build and stood at 6 feet. He had short brown hair that he spiked up with hair gel. He also ticked all the boxes in the looks department, to sum him up in one word I’d say charming. He was really handsome but also had a certain cuteness to him, along with a distinctive sense of masculinity. Yep, just my kinda guy, but as you’ve probably guessed, he was straight. But hey, people are always saying space is so big, so I guess I’ll wait and see.

“Come on, Kai.” He said turning to me, “Let’s get something to drink.”

I looked over at him and nodded, “Ok.”

I followed him through the crowds of people and came to a table with a replicator placed on top. Mal looked at me, “Don’t you dare order that bloody tonic!”

I laughed at him, “Computer, one glass of lemon soda and one glass of root beer.” I requested. The machine chirped its response and replicated the drinks, before I handed the root beer to Mal.

“Thanks.” He replied, taking a sip.

We walked over towards the tables and noticed a group of our friends sitting over there, so we headed in that direction. We spent most of the time taking about what we were all going to do next now that we had graduated from the Academy. There were quite a few intriguing ideas/assignments that some people were talking about, but I have to admit that I was pleased with my future posting. A few weeks before the graduation ceremony, once we received our final test scores, I was contacted by Commander Lukin, my Astrophysics lecturer. He said that he had spoken to a friend of his, the Captain of the Bellerophon and had managed to secure me a place onboard, if I would like it. Of course I jumped at the offer as it wasn’t everyday that one would be lucky enough to be on such a good ship. The position onboard the Bellerophon would be as a science officer who’d work from astrometrics. That was fine by me, as it would give me everything I needed to work from one place.

Mal on the other hand, was going to have what I’d call an easy assignment. Mal wasn’t a big fan of space travel, don’t get me wrong, he liked it, but he couldn’t see himself living aboard a starship for long periods. If you pair that up with the fact that he’s with Starfleet Internal Affairs, then it makes sense that he’d choose to be based on a planet, rather than a ship. Given the recent status of Bajor wanting to become a member of the Federation, Starfleet decided that Mal could join the team of people from Internal Affairs who were due to be stationed there while the talks were proceeding. He seemed really happy about the assignment, mostly because he’s never been to Bajor so he sees that as an added bonus.

After an hour or so at the party, some more people showed up. Amongst the new group was one of my other good friends Justin Evans. Justin and I were really good friends. We actually dated for a while but it never became serious. We both decided that we’d make better friends than lovers, so we cooled down and things went back to normal. But that wasn’t to say that we weren’t close, because after Mal, Justin came up a close second. Justin was one of those guys who were just blessed with good genes. Perhaps that came from his being mixed race. Justin’s mother was Japanese and his father was American. The result being a super cute Asian/American boy. He was slightly shorter than me by an inch or so and was slightly thinner, not in an unhealthy way, just naturally slim. He also had a well built body, and while I had never seen more than his bare chest, he was quite a sight to behold.

I emerged from my daze and cocked my head at him, “What did you say?” I asked.

“I asked if you’d like to dance.” He said.

I looked up at him and smiled, “Sure.”

He reached out his hand and pulled me to my feet, before he led me over to the dance floor. I’m not going to pretend that I’m the best dancer who ever lived because I know that I’m not that great, but I knew how to move in a way that wasn’t embarrassing to myself or to others, so I guess that’s worth celebrating.

“So when are you leaving?” He asked.

“Next week.” I replied, “You?”

“Same.” He replied. Justin worked for Starfleet Logistics, which meant that he’d usually be based on either a starbase or on a planet. Luckily for him, there was an opening on Deep Space Nine, where he was promptly put on for transfer. Another good thing about being posted on Deep Space Nine would mean that he was relatively close to Mal on Bajor, about an hours journey at warp 5. He sighed, “I’m going to miss hanging out with you guys.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” I paused, “We can always organise a reunion or something. Bring the band back together.”

He looked at me, “That’d be cool.”

I nodded, “Yeah.”


We’re going to miss you honey.” Said my mum, looking somewhat teary eyed.

It was the following week after the graduation ceremony and I was due to leave for the Bellerophon. Fortunately for me, the Bellerophon was also picking up a new shuttlecraft while in orbit, so they offered to pick me up and take me along too. I was quite excited about that. It would be great to see my new home from the outside, instead of beaming in. My parents, while being Starfleet officers themselves, opted to say goodbye to me outside the Academy grounds, before I headed towards the shuttlecraft terminal.

I smiled at her. “I’ll miss you guys too, but it’s not like I can’t visit.” I raised my eyebrows, “Unless you rent out my room.”

She pulled me into a hug, “You stop that.” She said, as Dad smiled onwards.

“Now take care of yourself, and give us a call once you’ve settled in.” He said.

I smiled, “Of course I will.” I glanced at my PADD, I better get moving before I get late. I looked back at my parents and quickly hugged them both, “I love you.”

“We love you too, son.” Replied my dad, “Go on, you might have a pip on your collar, but they wouldn’t wait for that.”

I looked at them once more before I nodded, “Ok, I’ll call you later. Love you.”

“We love you too, bye!”

I turned and looked over at Mal who was standing to one side, “You coming?”

He stepped forwards, “Obviously!” He remarked, “Come on.”

I nodded and walked alongside him towards the shuttle terminal. It wasn’t too long a walk, but it was on the opposite side of the Academy complex. It felt really good to be walking through the academy wearing the uniform. I could recall the times where I’d enviously stare at the officers who walked around the Academy dressed in their uniforms. It didn’t matter what rank they held or which department that they were in, the uniform itself was more than enough. And finally, after four years of hard work and a lot of study, I can finally rise up and walk amongst them. It was a dream come true.

“You ok there Kai?” Asked Mal, looking straight ahead, clearly he was sensing my emotions.

I smiled, “Yeah.” I replied, before I turned to him, “Doesn’t this feel great?”

He turned to me and grinned, “Hell yes.”

After a five minute walk, we entered the terminal and looked up at the displays. I looked across to see which one was heading to the Bellerophon. The shuttlecraft Pegasus was due to leave in ten minutes from shuttle pad F. I turned to Mal.

“Shuttle pad F.” I said, “You know where that one is?”

He nodded, “Yeah, it’s this way.” He replied, gesturing to his right.

I walked alongside him as we walked through the terminal. It wasn’t that busy there which was to be expected as only Starfleet personnel use the terminal at the Academy. The public travel from the main shuttle dock in San Francisco instead.

We found the terminal and sat down at the seats provided. There were large windows that provided a view out to the shuttle pads. I glanced out and watched as various shuttles arrived and departed, each one heading in a different direction.

I briefly glanced down the terminal and had to do a double take as I noticed him. He was walking in my direction, heading towards the shuttle pad that I was waiting at. He was by far the hottest guy I had ever seen! Ever! He was a Trill, which gave him those sexy black spots that ran down the side of his face and body. I tried not to stare, but my eyes betrayed me. As he came closer I couldn’t help but notice the small details of his exotic grey/blue eyes. He was gorgeous.

“Can’t you behave for ten minutes?” Asked Mal, giggling.


“You, staring at that guy over there.” He paused, “And those thoughts of yours.”

I smiled, we both knew that he wouldn’t read my thoughts without asking me first, but he liked to pretend that he was doing it anyway.

I watched as the guy walked past us, nodding at Mal and me, before he walked over to the window and stared out, watching the activity out there. I stared at him intently as he stood there before it occurred to me that he must be travelling to the Bellerophon too if he’s waiting at the terminal too. Wow! That meant that I could get to know the guy, perhaps I would even end up working with him. I wanted to jump about and scream, but I managed to restrain myself.

Then I thought of something. I’d asked Mal to do it before but he always refused. I stared at him for a second, wondering how I could rephrase my question, perhaps he’d do it for me this time, but he shook his head before I opened my mouth.

“No, no I’m not going to do that.” He replied, grinning.

I looked at him, “Please? It’ll only take a second. It won’t hurt him.”

“I’m not going to breach his privacy to find out if he’s available to guys.”

I glanced over at the hotness standing next to the window and sighed, “Guess I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.”

“Yeah, like a good little Human should.” He replied.

“Hey!” I called out.

“Are you waiting for this shuttle?” Called out a Lieutenant who was standing next to a door that lead out onto the shuttlepads.

The super hot Trill nodded at her, “Yes.”

I stood up and nodded too, “Yes.”

“We’re ready to depart when you’re ready.” She replied.

I turned around and faced Mal, “Well, I guess this is it.” I said as he stood up, before I reached out and hugged him tightly, “I’m going to miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, mate.” He replied as he squeezed me.

I quickly pulled back and kissed him on the cheek, causing his eyes to widen slightly.

I smiled at him, “Never saw that one coming, did you, Betazoid?”

He laughed at that, “No, I didn’t.” He looked at me, “I’ll see you later, Kai.”

“Yeah.” I replied. I stared at him for a few more seconds before I felt my eyes start to moisten so I quickly finished up, “See you, Mal.” I said before I turned and walked towards the doors. Just as I was about to walk out, I heard Mal call out to me.

“Hey!” He called out, causing me to face him.

“Be safe.”

I winked at him, “As always, Mal, as always.”

I faced forward and walked out onto the pad, heading towards the shuttlecraft. The other guy was standing a few metres ahead of me, waiting for me to catch up.

“She’s a beauty, isn’t she?” He asked as he walked alongside me.

My mind was blank for a second before I looked up and took note of the Lieutenant standing next to the shuttlecraft. She was quite young, perhaps a few years older than myself. She had long blonde hair and was quite good looking. I slumped my shoulders. Damn. Another straight guy.

“Well, she’s not really my type.” I replied.

“Just look at those curves, how can you say that?”He said.

I looked at him, taken aback by his attitude, before he turned to me.

“Let me guess, you’re a class 2, aren’t you?”

“Huh?” I asked. Ok, now I was confused.

“Class 2.” He said, pointing to another shuttlecraft across the pad, “The one with the ‘streamlined’ look?”

I thought for a moment before I realised what he was talking about. He was talking about the bloody shuttlecraft, not the woman!

“Erm, yeah.” I replied.

He giggled and extended his hand, “H’Jan Li.”

I reached out and held his hand. I felt a small tingle flow through me.

“K…Kai Taylor.” I stammered.

“Good to meet you, Kai.”

I was so taken aback by his beauty that I almost forgot to reply, “Yeah, you too.”


Captain Everson stood there smiling at us, “Welcome aboard the Bellerophon Ensigns, I hope you find this ship and its crew both warm and accommodating.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Replied H’Jan.

“Yes, thank you.” I added.

The Captain spent the next fifteen minutes or so going over what our jobs would ensue, it was nothing too difficult, quite a comfortable amount of work. He also told us about the Bellerophon’s expected route across the Federation, more interestingly, we were to map some of the surrounding space around the Briar Patch. I, for one, was quite impressed.

He finally detailed where we would be staying during the voyage.

“As I’m sure you both know, space is quite limited on an Intrepid class starship so you will have to share quarters.” He said.

I nodded, “That’s fine.” I replied, noting that H’Jan nodded too.

“But we’ve made life easy for you, seeing as you’re the two newest crew members onboard, we’ve decided to put you two together, so there’s someone that you can relate to, at least until you make friends onboard.

‘Wait, WHAT?!?! You want to stick me with who?’ I thought to myself.

The Captain looked at us, “Unless there’s any questions, you’re dismissed.”

“Erm…” I began, “Where are our quarters?” I asked, just to check if I heard him right.

“They are on deck 4, section 3.” He smiled at us, “But I don’t want to have you fighting over the top bunk!”

“Yes, Sir.” Replied H’Jan, smiling at him.

“Good.” Grinned the Captain as we stepped out of his ready room.

We walked across the bridge and entered into the turbolift.

H’Jan waited until the door closed before he turned to me, “So, looks like we’re roommates.” He remarked.

I looked at him and smiled, “Yeah, roommates.” I said. ‘Yeah, this is going to be interesting Kai, this is going to be very interesting…’


I giggled at him, “How the hell you manage that?” I asked.

He shook his head, “It wasn’t easy, I can tell you.” He replied, rotating his shoulder.

“You been to sickbay?”

“Uh huh. Doctor fixed it up for me, but still hurts.” He replied, continuing to massage his shoulder, “It must be muscular.” He added.

I looked at him closely, “Erm, you want me to help with that?” I asked pointing to his injury.

He stopped and looked at me, “Astrophysicist and a masseuse, I think I got the best roommate.”

I stepped forward, “Hehehe, not sure about that, but maybe I can sort that out for you.” Ok, so perhaps you could see through my plan. I wanted to get my hands on his body. Damn. Now that just makes me sound sluttish and cheap!

“You sure?” He asked.

I nodded.

“Yeah, ok.” He glanced about, “Where do you want me?”

I froze for a second until my mind saw past the sexual undertones, “Uh, your bed will be fine.” I replied. He nodded and slipped off his shirt, well, he tried to slip off his shirt, but he couldn’t quite manage it. I walked forward and grabbed the seam, “I’ve got it.”

“Thanks.” He replied, as I tugged the shirt upwards, revealing his smooth and creamy skin. My eyes instantly noticed his black spots trailing down the sides of his chest, causing my hardness to jerk at the sight. He was so hot!

Once we got his shirt off, he walked over to his bed and laid down on his stomach. I watched as he got comfortable before I climbed on and sat next to him, but paused, “Hey, should I use some oil?”

He glanced over his shoulder, “Whatever’s easiest for you.”

I stood up and nodded, “I’ll get some.” I walked over to the replicator and replicated a small dish of oil that was safe for Human and Trill skin. I headed back to his bed, but stopped and arranged my hardness before I climbed up next to him.

I rubbed some of the oil between my fingers, before I reached out and pressed them against his back. I spread the oil across his shoulders, his skin feeling so hot under my hands.

“Mmm.” He moaned, “You’re good.”

My hardness jerked again, “Thanks.” I replied.

I gently rolled my thumbs around various points across his injury, trying to ease some of the tension. I worked on him for about twenty minutes before he signalled that he felt better. I removed my hands, allowing him to flip over. He looked up at me, flashing those icy blues.

“Thank you, Kai.” He said softly.

I smiled down at him, “You’re welcome, H’Jan.” I continued to stare. God, he was so gorgeous. And so close. My lips were inches away from his. All I had to do was move closer and…

“Kai?” He asked, looking at me.

And then I saw it. Only then did I notice what I didn’t want to see. “You’re erm….” I looked at him, “You only like girls, don’t you?”

He stared at me before he nodded slowly.

“Shit.” I said, breaking my stare, “Damn, I’m so sorry.” I said, sitting up and getting off the bed, “I just thought…”

He sat up and opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off. “It was an accident I’m really sorry.” I looked at him, “I’ll go somewhere, leave you for a while.” I said, reaching for my shoes.

H’Jan slipped off the bed and grabbed my arm, “Would you stop for a second?” He said, somewhat demandingly.

I looked at him and paused.

“Good.” He said, letting go of me, “Now sit down and just relax.”

I sat there and stared at him, “I feel so stupid.”

He smiled, “Hey, I told you to calm down. It’s ok, don’t worry about it.”

I glanced at him, “You sure, I mean-“

“I mean it, now come on, let’s go to the mess and get something to eat, I’m starving.”

I looked at him closely for a second before I smiled and nodded, “Ok, let’s go get some food.”

And just like that, all was forgotten.



Kai?” Called out H’Jan, as he stepped into our quarters hurriedly.

I looked at him, wondering what was wrong, “What?”

“You know about the USS Titan, the new ship captained by Captain Riker from the Enterprise?” He asked, grinning madly.

I nodded, ”Yeah…”

“Well I’ve just been offered a place there.” He beamed.

“What? Really?” I asked, kinda surprised.

He nodded, “Yeah, got a message from Riker himself, he’s looked over my record and would like me on the crew.”

I smiled, “That’s great H’Jan. When did you get the message?” I asked, “Just now?”

He shook his head, “A few days ago.”

I frowned, “So why you telling me now?”

He motioned over to the sofa and we sat down, he turned to me, “When I received the message, I was overjoyed, but I found out that only one other person from the Bellerophon was transferring over too, someone from the botanics bay.”

I looked at him, “I don’t understand.”

“It wasn’t you. So I sent a message back to the Captain, telling him how honoured that I was, but I wanted to make a request.”

I raised my eyebrows, “You what?”

“I told him that he can have me, as long as he gives a certain science officer some serious consideration.”

I stared at him.

“So I sent him that message, along with your record.”


He held up a hand, “A few minutes ago I received a message…” He said, before he handed me a PADD. I read the screen.

To: Ensign Li
From: Captain Riker
Subject: Your request

Dear Ensign Li,
I was quite surprised to receive a request from one of the invitees, but I am pleased that you did. I’ve looked over Ensign Taylor’s record and it is very impressive, I’m not sure how he was overlooked in the first place. Regardless, I would be honoured to have both Ensign Taylor and yourself to serve aboard my ship as members of it’s crew for it’s shakedown cruise and subsequent missions.

Is that an acceptable deal, Ensign?

Captain Riker

I stared at the message with my mouth agape for a few minutes before I turned to H’Jan, “Is this real?”

“Verify the Captain’s signature.”

I pressed a button and waited a few seconds before the signature flashed green. It was genuine. It was sent by Captain Riker. “I…I…” I stammered.

H’Jan placed a hand on my shoulder and leaned closer, “Looks like we’re moving, Ensign.”

I was still speechless, but I turned to H’Jan and pulled him into a hug, “Thank you, H’Jan.” I smiled, “I don’t know what to say.”

He smiled and patted my back, “You’re welcome, mate.”

I pulled back and looked at him, “What made you do this?” I asked.

He shook his head, “I didn’t have the heart to tell you that only I was invited, not the both of us.” He paused, “That and that best buds stay together.”

“Best buds? H’Jan, you’re practically my brother.”


The doors slid open, greeting me with a darkened room.

“Computer, lights on.” Called out the Lieutenant, causing the room to illuminate. I stepped inside and took a quick look around, I could feel my body quaking slightly with excitement, “There you go, Ensign.” Said the Lieutenant.

I turned to him, “It’s amazing.”

He smiled, “Everything’s been checked and double checked, but if anything’s wrong or not working properly, just give engineering a shout.”

I nodded, “I will do, thank you, Sir.”

He nodded and turned, walking out of the door. I watched as it closed behind him before I looked back into the room again. My room. My quarters. My own quarters.

“Yes!” I called out, flinging my arms into the air, before I skipped from one side of the room to the other. It was amazing, I had my own room on a brand new starship. How cool is that? I easily spent the next half hour or so inspecting everything. I replicated, showered and unpacked my stuff, officially moving into my new home onboard the USS Titan. Wow.


Alexis Cauchon? That sounds French.”

He nodded, “Yep, born and bred in France.”

“Cool.” I replied, looking at the guy sitting in front of me in the mess. In short, he was cute and boyish, not only in his looks, but in his ways too. In looks he was quite the stunner with blond hair and blue eyes. He was slightly shorter than myself, but that was hardly noticeable. In his ways, I dunno. There was just something about him that made him appear youthful, even child-like. It wasn’t a lack of maturity, it was something extra. And I couldn’t help but smile at it.

“So what do you do around here?” I asked.

“I’m the driver.” He replied, grinning.

“The driver?” I asked.

He nodded, “Yep, it was me at the helm earlier.” He looked at me, “What about you?”

“I’m an Astrophycist.”

“Oh, you look at black holes and stuff?” He asked, seemingly interested.

I smiled, “Yeah, stuff like that.”

“Sounds fun.”

I nodded, “It is…but hell, you get to pilot the ship, I don’t think anything can beat that!”

He grinned, “You’re right, it’s a pretty awesome job...” He said trailing off, and looking at something over my shoulder.

I turned around to see Captain Riker walking over towards one of the tables, before sitting down opposite Counsellor Troi. I turned back to Alex, “I really like him.”

He nodded, “Yeah, I like the beard.”

I laughed, ”What?”

“The beard, it’s really cool.”

I glanced over at the Captain, before looking back at Alex, shaking my head, “I wouldn’t grow one.”

“Only because you couldn’t pull it off.” He remarked, staring at the Captain again, “It makes him look wise and powerful.”

I nodded and took a sip from my Bolian tonic, “He is.”



I heard things got pretty intense up there.” He said.

I nodded and looked at his image on the console, “Yeah, everything happened really fast, it was quite a bit to take in.” I replied, recalling the events that happened two weeks ago.

“Stupid bastard Anders. I’m glad that T’Luk ‘sorted him out’.” He said, his anger evident over the transmission.

“Hehehe, relax Mal, I’m ok now.”

He nodded,
“I know, but…” He sighed, “I thought I told you to stay safe.” He added, smiling slightly.

“Did you?” I replied jokingly, “Look, things are gonna happen out here, I can’t be safe all the time. But I’ll try my hardest from now on. I promise.”

“Good.” He paused, “So how’s T’Luk doing, you two married yet?”

I blushed, “Erm, no, not yet. But he’s doing fine, he was just around here.”

“Really?” He asked, raising an eyebrow suggestively.

I shook my head, “You have a dirty mind. I swear, you’re like Alex sometimes.”

He thought for a moment,
“Alex is the cute blond, right?”

I blushed again, “He’s cute, yeah.” I paused, “But T’Luk’s cuter!”

Mal laughed,
“I wasn’t asking for a comparison.”

I smiled,
‘There is no comparison when it comes to T’Luk.’ I thought to myself, “Good.”

He smiled,
“I’m really happy for you Kai, I’m glad you’ve found someone…even if it took you twenty-one years.” He said, laughing.

“I know, I know, but I wanted to wait for the perfect guy.” I grinned, “And it paid off. With interest.”

He nodded,
“So when you guys coming to Bajor? I really wanna meet him now.”

“We’ll come and visit soon, well, as soon as this ‘incident’ is resolved.” I replied, implying the terrorist cell.

“Yeah, tell me about it. How’s things going on your end, any closer to finding them?” He asked.

I shook my head, “No, we’ve just passed Denobula on our route around the central planets, no sign of them yet.”

“I see.” He paused for a moment and looked to the side, “Kai, my boss is trying to hail me.”

I nodded, “That’s fine, you go. I’ll speak to you later.”

He smiled,
“Sure thing, see you soon, bye.”

“Bye.” I replied as I closed the channel.

I sat there for a moment, just reminiscing about the old days, before my time in Starfleet. Everything seemed to be so…simple then. So two-dimensional, if you get what I mean. My career in Starfleet had changed all that. It made me feel like I was part of something. Something bigger, something great. And I wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything.
Anything at all.

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