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A Vulcan’s Love
-By Emulated

Chapter 24: Similitude

After we left the embassy, we headed back over to T’Luk’s house. His parents, being naturally inquisitive, wanted to know what had happened. And while we couldn’t divulge into anything considered ‘sensitive’, we gave them a basic rundown of the situation.

“Admiral Biggs’ behaviour was highly illogical.” Said Volak, “You both performed…admirably, given the adverse conditions.”

I smiled at that. Even though I hadn’t known Volak for more than a few days, I was quickly gaining a lot of respect for the man. So by hearing him back T’Luk and me up, I felt a bit more ‘comfortable’ about the whole situation.

“I agree.” Said T’Kal, “I do not get the sense that this was a ‘by the book’ investigation.”

T’Luk nodded, “They appeared to be attempting to place blame on both Kai and myself, rather than conduct the investigation.” He said, pausing, “Still, Starfleet Intelligence had the ‘tribunal’ disbanded.”

“Yeah, just in time too.” Added Mal, “They were beginning to get quite aggressive in the questions.” He said, shaking his head, “It’s probably this whole thing with the terrorist cell, got everyone on edge.”

I nodded, “At least it’s over now and we can enjoy the rest of our shore leave.”

Mal turned to me, “How long you guys got off again, five weeks?” He asked.

“Yeah, about that timeframe. It all depends on how long it takes to get the ship fixed.” I replied, “How long are you on Vulcan?”

“A few more days I think.” He replied, “It all depends on where Internal Affairs wants me to go.”

I smiled, “That’s right, you and this ‘secret mission’.” I said, before I thought for a moment, “It wouldn’t have anything to do with the ‘no fly zone’ over Shi’Kahr, would it?”

He shook his head, “I can’t say.” He said, smiling, “But you can think that if you want, it makes my work sound really cool and important.”

I grinned, “Alright, we’ll think that.”

He smiled before he stood up, “Well I’d better be going. I’ve got to report back to my commanding officer before it gets too late.” He said.

I nodded, “Sure thing.”

T’Luk looked at him, “I very much appreciate your assistance today, Mal. You are welcome to come here any time you wish during your stay on Vulcan.”

He smiled, “That’s very kind of you, thanks.” He said, before he glanced at me,
“Aww, isn’t he precious?” He teased, telepathically.

I shook my head at him slightly as we walked him to the door. He stepped outside, where it was still very warm, despite it being later in the afternoon.

“I’ll see you guys later then.” He said.

I nodded and stepped forwards to give him a hug, “Yeah, it’s been great seeing you again.” I said to him, “And thanks, for earlier.”

He grinned, “No problem, glad I could help.” He said, as we pulled back.

T’Luk nodded, “Thank you.” He said, “Bye.”

“Bye, guys.” He called out, before he walked up the path and onto the street.

T’Luk and I closed the door and turned around to see his parents getting their shoes on next to us.

“We need some more food for this evening’s meal.” Said Volak, “We will take less than an hour.”

“I understand. Is there anything I can assist with?” Asked T’Luk.

“Perhaps later, but not at the moment.” Replied T’Kal, looking at me, “We will see you soon.”

I smiled at them as they stepped out of the door and closed it behind them. I stood there for a moment before I laid my head against T’Luk’s shoulder, “What a day!” I exclaimed.

He nodded and stroked my back gently, “Indeed.” He said, looking at me, “Are you alright, Kai?”

I looked at his face, “I’m fine, just a little tired that’s all.” I replied, “Being in that heat outside and stuff makes me sleepy.” I said, grinning at him.

He reached out and grabbed my hand, before he led me up the stairs, “Then we must rest.”

I giggled, “

“Yes. I would not like to see you fall asleep during dinner.”

I giggled at his humour, “I’m not
that tired.”

“It does not matter.” He said as he led me into his room, “It will be beneficial regardless.”

I smiled at him and headed over to the bed, before I lay down on top of the sheet, revelling in the soft cushioning of the mattress. Just laying there on the bed made me feel as though I hadn’t slept in a month! I was knackered!

“I wish I had your Vulcan stamina.” I mumbled.

He slid in bed next to me, “That would be illogical.” He said, as he snuggled closer, “I love you the way you are.”

I turned my head and kissed him, “I love you too.”

We lay there together for a while, well it seemed like a while but I wasn’t really sleeping. I was in that state when you’re not sure if you’re awake or asleep, kinda in between. But it felt good, really good to be next to T’Luk and have nothing to worry or think about.

After a few more minutes I heard this soft pulsing sound that I didn’t recognise, I turned to T’Luk, “What’s that sound?” I asked, finding that I wasn’t as asleep as I thought.

“It’s the communication system, someone is hailing us.” He said, “Computer, who is hailing this house?” He asked.

“Starfleet channel initiated by Ensign Suder.” Replied the voice.

“Trey.” I said.

T’Luk nodded, as he slipped out of bed, walking towards his console, “Computer transfer the communication to my console.”

The computer chirped and sent the hail to T’Luk’s console, before he picked it up and carried it back over to the bed, placing it on his lap. He pressed a button on the console, and there was a slight pause before the screen flicked to life, showing us an image of Alex and Trey. They were sitting next to each other on a sofa in what must have been Trey’s house on Betazed.

Trey waved, “Hi guys!”

“Hey yourself, how you guys doing?” I replied, looking down at the screen.

“We’re ok. How are you two?” Asked Alex, before he grinned, “Is that your bed, T’Luk? We didn’t mean to interrupt anything…”

I smiled at that, “Like you can talk, there’s still a sock on the floor!” I joked, but laughed when they both glanced down, looking for the non-existent item, but blushed when they realised I was kidding, “Hehehe, sorry.” I giggled.

Trey composed himself, “So how’s Vulcan?”

I smiled, “Really hot, really beautiful, it’s amazing.” I said, pausing, “Well, except for the ‘interrogation’ earlier.”

Trey grinned, “I guess you’re taking about the questioning and stuff. Yeah, we had that too.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised.

He nodded, “Didn’t take that long though, about an hour or so of some questions and then they let us go.”

“Just like that?” I asked, clearly they hadn’t gone through the same ordeal that we had.

“Yep.” He said, before he frowned, “Why, what happened to you two?”

I turned to T’Luk, “Well, it was a bit different for us…”

We spent the next few minutes telling them what had happened to us during the last couple of hours. Suffice it to say, both Alex and Trey were quite shocked.

“That’s crazy!” Exclaimed Alex, “They should be thanking you, not trying to prosecute you.”

“Indeed.” Said T’Luk, looking at me, “At least it is over and we can continue with our shore leave.”

They nodded, “Yeah.”

I smiled, “So, Alex, how you liking Betazed?”

His face lit up, “It’s awesome here, like really cool. Everything’s really beautiful and stuff, and the people are really nice.”

I giggled at his excitement, “So, you been out anywhere…visited any lakes?”

He nodded, “Yeah, we’ve been to some lakes.” He said, before he grinned, “Not THAT one though.”

I turned to T’Luk, “He’s being a good boy, for the moment anyways.”

“I’m always a good boy.” Cried Alex.

“I was taking about the
Betazoid.” I said, looking at Trey.

He raised his eyebrows, “I didn’t catch that,
Human.” He grinned.

“Hey, I’m Human too!” Said Alex, feigning sadness.

Trey reached out with his arm and pulled him closer, “I know, baby.”

At that same moment, T’Luk reached around me and pulled me closer, causing the rest of us to start giggling at him.

“You’re so funny.” I said to him.

He nodded, “I try.”

We giggled at that.

“So you guys looking forward to Earth?” Asked Trey, “I think we’re gonna have a party.”

“You guys are having a party?” I asked.

They frowned at me, “Not us, Starfleet’s having a party.”

I did a mental calculation on the date, but it didn’t ring any bells, “What party?” I asked.

Alex looked at me, “Didn’t they mention anything about some ‘event’ on Earth?”

“Who?” I asked, “The people who questioned us?”

They nodded, “They mentioned something about an ‘event’ to us. It’s for the crews of the Titan and Intrepid.”

T’Luk shook his head, “We are not aware of such an event. When does it take place?”

Alex shrugged, “They didn’t tell us an exact date. All they said was that something was gonna go on in San Francisco in a few weeks.” He said, “You’ll probably get the memo when they decide on a date.”

“That would be wise.” Said T’Luk, “Either way, a ‘party’ on Earth might be a good time for us to meet up.”

“That’s what we were thinking.” Added Alex, “We still have a few weeks to ourselves, but at least we can meet up again before we go back to Titan.”

“Yeah. It’d be fun.”

We spoke for a while longer before we ended the conversation, mostly because it was early morning at Trey’s house on Betazed, and they were about to go out and have breakfast. That was fine for us, as T’Luk’s parents arrived home shortly after and I wanted to help out with making the dinner. So after saying our goodbyes, and a few ‘see you laters’, we closed the channel and went downstairs to help out with the evening meal.


Five days later…

The screen changed again to display a different image. T’Luk appeared to be older in this one by perhaps a few years. I grinned at the image, “Aww, doesn’t he look so adorable?” I remarked.

Volak turned to me, “This image was processed on the date of T’Luk’s seventh Birthday.”

I looked at the image again. Even at that young age, he was still able to suppress most of his emotions. So he didn’t smile for the picture, but rather displayed his neutral expression. He was such a cute kid, with his little pointed ears and everything.

“I do not see the logic in this…activity.” Said T’Luk from across the room.

It was several days after the ‘tribunal’, and we were back at T’Luk’s house, enjoying the rest of our shore leave. Mal still had much of his work to do, so we only saw him every now and then. It was great to see him, but it was equally as nice, if not slightly more special, to spend the time with T’Luk and his parents. After all, it was my reason for visiting Vulcan.

Volak looked at him, “Kai wanted to learn about your life. I believe images of you would help provide him with an accurate portrayal of events.”

I couldn’t help but giggle at that. Even without emotions, it seemed that Vulcan parents still had a way to ‘show off’ their children, much to the chagrin of those in question.

T’Luk raised an eyebrow at me, “What?”

I shook my head, “Nothing.” I said, giving him a smile.

T’Luk’s parents showed me a few more pictures, before we came to the end; of the first batch at least. But it was clear from T’Luk’s previous statements that he’d rather be doing something else, anything else, so I told them that I’d look at the rest later. They didn’t seem to mind, in fact they suggested that we get ready for the family ‘get together’ that was happening later in the day. It seemed that T’Luk’s extended family were quite interested in seeing him again, so they had organised a ‘get together’ of sorts. T’Luk also pointed out that they were probably equally as interested in meeting me. I didn’t mind, if anything I was looking forward to seeing the other members of T’Luk’s family.

So three hours later, on the opposite side of the planet, we arrived outside T’Luk’s grandparent’s home. It was quite a large house, surrounded by quite a generous amount of green and burgundy vegetation. Thick, green grass led up to the front of the house, with a simple, white path leading up to the front. It was clear that they took care of the grounds regularly, and with great care too.

Volak walked ahead and pressed the doorbell. I could hear some voices from the other side, along with some soft music. Evidently there were other people there before us. Earlier on, before we left T’Luk’s house, I asked him if I should take my combadge, to use as a translator, but he informed me that while most of his family spoke English, the house was fitted with a universal translator.

The door opened, revealing a middle-aged woman standing there. I say middle aged because she appeared to be in her mid-sixties, by Human standard, but she could be well into her Hundreds, being a Vulcan.

Volak raised his hand and performed the Vulcan salute, something that the rest of us copied.

The woman at the door performed the gesture, before looking at him, “It is agreeable to see you, Volak.” She said. Her voice was gentle, and confident, yet it had a certain calming quality to it. Quite unusual for a Vulcan.

“You too, Mother.” He replied, before he glanced at the rest of us.

T’Kal nodded at her, “Lunak.”

“T’Kal.” She replied, before she looked over at T’Luk and me.

“This is Kai Taylor, my partner.” Said T’Luk, before he looked to me, “Kai, this is my grandmother, Lunak.”

I nodded at her, “It’s good to meet you.”

“Indeed. I have heard many things about you, Kai.”

I glanced at T’Luk, seemingly he kept in frequent contact with her while we were on Titan.

Lunak stepped aside, “You may enter. Most of the guests are already here.”

Volak nodded at her and stepped inside, while the rest of us followed.

The general design was similar to that of T’Luk’s house, in the sense that it too was open planned and quite minimalist in nature. One noticeable difference was the size of the home, it was moderately larger than T’Luk’s. Not too big, but bigger nonetheless.

We walked through the house and arrived outside the back, onto some wooden decking that overlooked quite a large and very beautiful garden. There were quite a few people already there, with most appearing to be middle-aged, but there were some younger people, and some children playing on the grass. I say playing, as they were taking place in some activity with each other, but it was probably something that challenged their logic. Better still, it seemed that everyone there was Vulcan. I was really immersing myself in the Vulcan culture!

“Would you like something to drink, Kai?” Asked T’Luk.

I looked over and nodded, “Sure.”

He beckoned me over towards a table where there were some drinks available, “This one appears to be Gokund.”

“I’ll have some of that then, please.” I said, as he poured me a glass. During the time on Vulcan, I had quickly developed a liking towards the delicious fruit, and usually had it as a drink with many of our meals.

“You must be Kai Taylor.” Came a strong male voice.

I turned around to see quite a large man standing there. He was a few inches taller than myself and had a slightly bigger build. His hair was a dark brown, along with his eyes.

I smiled at him, “Yes, I am.”

He offered his hand, “I am Vanik, Lunak’s Husband.”

I shook it, “Pleased to meet you.” I said, “You have a very beautiful home.” I commented, looking at the garden.

“Thank you.” He replied, “When not at work, I spend much of my time attending to the grounds.”

“It shows.” I replied.

He nodded and turned to T’Luk, “It is agreeable to see you, T’Luk. I trust your time onboard the Titan has been productive?”

“Indeed. Both Kai and myself have accomplished many tasks onboard.”

“Yes, including one that goes beyond the duties of a Cosmologist. Quite satisfactory.” He said.

T’Luk nodded.

Vanik looked at us, “You may eat whenever you wish. The food is available inside.”

“Thank you.” I replied, before he nodded and walked off, going to talk to the other guests.

Once we had gotten ourselves some drinks, we wandered around, talking to all of the people there, meeting T’Luk’s family. They were all really kind towards me, not that I expected anything less, but by not being Vulcan, I was expecting some ‘pressing’ questions. Not in the sense that I was hiding something, but more out of curiosity as to why we were going out with each other.

We wandered around for a little bit more before we went to go get some food. It was more like a buffet then an organised meal. It was quite odd to me, as I would have expected there to have been a ‘proper’ sit down meal. I passed that question to T’Luk, to see what he had to say.

“During a formal event then there would be a sit down meal, as you put it. However, today is informal, so the food and dining reflects that.”

I thought about that, “Hmm, it’s not what I expected, that’s all.”

“It does have a logical standing, as a sit down meal would require everyone to stay a certain period of time, this may not be possible due to work commitments.”

I smiled at him, “I understand now. I just didn’t catch the logic at first. It seemed almost Human.”

He nodded, “Aside from the fact that we suppress our emotions, our two species are more similar than most.” He said, “A fact that also reflects on our respective histories.”

“Yeah, yeah I guess you’re right there.” I said.

T’Luk studied me for a moment, “Are you enjoying yourself, Kai?”

I grinned, “Yes, very much.” I said, looking about, “You have a very welcoming family.”

“Indeed.” He commented, as Lunak made her way over towards us.

She glanced at our empty plates, “I trust you are both full.”

I nodded, “Yes, thank you. The food was very delicious, my compliments to the chef.”

She sat down next to us, “That is very kind, thank you.” She said, before she turned to me, “Tell me about yourself, Kai. T’Luk has spoken highly of you during his communiqués with me.”

I smiled, “Well, I was born in England, on Earth, and lived there for much of my childhood. When I finished high school, I left to go to Starfleet Academy, where I trained to be an Astrophysicist.” I said, pausing, “And once I graduated, I landed a place aboard the Titan.”

“Yes, your story is quite similar to that of T’Luk’s.” She said, “And quite intriguing that you both chose to study for a similar career.”

I nodded and glanced at T’Luk, “Yeah, it is quite intriguing.”

“Still, it’s even more so intriguing that you would both become…romantically involved.”

I smiled, “I know what you mean, I’d never had imagined that I’d have a Vulcan as a partner.”

“Yes, very few Vulcans have partners of a different species.” She said, “But as you are well aware, it does occur.”

“Are you Kai?” Came a young voice.

I turned around and looked down at the young Vulcan girl before me. She appeared to be around eight-years-old.

I smiled at her, “Yes, I am. Who are you?” I asked.

“I am T’Jul.” She said.

T’Luk leaned closer, “T’Jul is my cousin.”

I smiled, “Well it’s good to meet you, T’Jul.”

She nodded, “We are curious to see if you would care to join us.” She began, “We are playing Kal-toh.”

I marvelled at how well she spoke, “Erm, sure. I don’t mind playing with you guys.” I said, glancing at T’Luk to check if he didn’t mind.

He nodded at me, “That is fine.”

I stood up and followed T’Jul to the small group of kids there. There were five of them, with T’Jul being the youngest and her brother, Sulak, being the oldest at twelve. We played Kal-toh for a while, I was quite familiar with the game, having played it at the Academy. As games go, it’s not really that amusing, but as a puzzle, it could have you hooked for ages. In the three months that T’Luk and I had been together, we had played a few times, with him always being the victor.

After a while I turned to the kids,

“If you are interested, I have a game we can play.” I began, “It’ll test your logic to the max!”

They quickly seemed interested, “Is it a Human game?” Asked one of them.

I nodded, “You must know about it, or at least heard about it.” I said, “Football, Soccer?”

“Yes. I am familiar with that.” Replied the younger one.

“Great!” I exclaimed, “Have any of you played it before?”

They shook their heads.

I smiled, “Well, you’re going to have a lot of fun.”

They cocked their heads at me.

“I mean it’s going to be quite engaging, from a logic and coordination point of view.”

After a short talk with Lunak, I was able to use her replicator to produce a football. I took it outside and showed the kids, and explained the game to them, along with some rules. It wasn’t long before I had us playing a little match. It was both fun and quite odd to be playing around with the young Vulcans. Sure I played about with my younger cousins back on Earth, but most of those were Human, or at least a species with emotion.

I kept glancing over at the parents, making sure that I wasn’t upsetting any of them. I mean, while the children were looking at the game as a physical workout, it was clear that I was enjoying myself, I didn’t want them to think that I was trying to ‘undo’ any of their suppression they had taught them.

But getting back to the game, I was still amazed at the speed, agility, and stamina of the kids. Sure, my cousins also seemed to be on the go 24/7, but they couldn’t move as quick as these kids could. Seriously, even T’Jul could run almost as quick as I could! Of course, those physical qualities only took you so far in football, as the rest was based on skill and technique, so I had them there.

During one round, I was in one of the goals, while the rest of my ‘team’ were out on the ‘pitch’. I watched as Sulak cleanly tackled one of them, and then ran up the ‘pitch’ towards me. As he drew closer, he pulled his leg back and kicked the ball with some tremendous force. I lifted my leg, and hit the ball with my foot, causing it to go upwards. I reached to catch it, but missed. It bounced on the floor, before I stopped it under my foot, inches away from the goal.

I grinned at him, “That was good, you almost made it.”

He looked at me, shaking his head, “You lied.”

“Why would I do that?” I asked, giggling.

“Because you want to win.” He said.

I looked at him, it was clear that he was bothered by this. “Look, I’m not lying, but if you want the point, you can have it. Ok?” I asked.

“I do not want the point, I want you to stop lying.” He said, his voice raising some. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that he was having trouble suppressing himself.

I opened my mouth to respond, but noticed Lunak walking over.

“Sulak, calm yourself.” She said, looking at him.

“I am calm, grandmother.” He replied, somewhat angrily.

She stared at him for a second before she gestured towards the house and said something in Vulcan. Sulak nodded and wandered back in, without an argument. She turned to me, “I must apologise for Sulak’s behaviour.” She began, “He is at that age where emotions run strong through a Vulcan.”

“There is no need to apologise.” I replied, noting that Human adolescents go through similar periods, “I hope I haven’t caused any trouble.”

“Not at all.” She replied, “Sulak has always found it difficult to suppress his emotions, but he is getting better.” She said, “Even so, there will be times where he will be confronted with a situation or event with much emotion. He needs to practise how to handle it. Clearly he has quite a way to go in that regard.”

I nodded and threw the ball back over to the kids, “I’m going to take a break for a while.” I called out, before they played amongst themselves.

“I find it curious that you would choose a Vulcan partner.” She said, “It must be quite…challenging for you to live with someone who suppresses their emotions.” She added, as we walked towards a small bench.

“There are times where it can be difficult, mostly because I can’t tell how he is just by looking at him.” I said, as I sat down, “But I’m getting better at reading him.”


I looked at her, “What about you, what’s it like to interact with someone with emotion?”

She thought for a moment, “It is relatively simple.” She said, turning to me, “It can be beneficial as we are easily able to determine the mood the certain person is in.”

“I see, so it doesn’t really bother you? I mean, if the roles were reversed, and there were Humans here, instead of Vulcans, how would you feel?”

She raised an eyebrow, “I would continue to feel nothing. I may sense some emotions inside myself, but I can concentrate more on suppressing them.”

“Yeah, that’s what T’Luk used to do.” I said, before I realised what I said.

“I do not understand.”

“I mean…erm…” I blushed, “When we first started seeing each other, he said I could…distract him.”

She nodded, “That is not unusual. Some Vulcans experience similar things, although they are quite skilled at suppressing those distractions.” She said, pausing, “Of course, in T’Luk’s case, it may not be as easy for him.”

I looked at her, I guess she knew about T’Luk’s ‘disability’ too. Damn, I really hated calling it that. To me there wasn’t a disability, to me he was just T’Luk.

“T’Luk told me that he let you know, so please do not be surprised.” She said.

“Yeah, no. I was just thinking.” I replied, before I faced her, “Do you think it’s a bad idea for T’Luk to have a non-Vulcan partner?”

“Not at all.” She answered quickly, “While a Vulcan may be able to better assist T’Luk in the suppressing of his emotions, they would have an equally hard time trying to understand them.” She said, “In his natural state, T’Luk can suppress all emotions, but when something causes them to peak, he may begin to express some of those, albeit in a much diluted way.” She turned to me, “A Vulcan partner may find themselves confused in such a situation, as they cannot experience the same emotion.” She said pausing, “You, on the other hand, know emotions, you experience them continuously, so you can help him the most.”

I sat there and listened to her closely.

“T’Luk feels extremely comfortable with you Kai. I can sense it.” She said, “With you he can be himself, without having to consistently suppress these ‘rogue’ emotions. While a Vulcan’s natural temperament may be aggressive, T’Luk could not reach that stage, so the emotions he experiences are not dangerous.” She leaned closer, “You are a very special person, Kai. I can sense that too. I know how much you care for T’Luk, what you feel towards him.” She said, “I could not think of a better partner for my grandson.”

I bit my bottom lip at that. It meant a lot to hear her say those things, “Thank you.” I said softly.

“All Vulcans experience love, Kai. But very few experience it in the way that you do. In the way that other species do.” She said, “I believe it’s supposed to be a very powerful emotion, and arguably the best. For that reason alone, T’Luk is very fortunate to be able to experience it in some way that we are not.” She paused, “Therefore I do not see T’Luk as having a ‘disability’, but rather a gift. He has the gift of love. And you were the one who gave that to him, Kai. You are the one who he loves.”


A few hours later, T’Luk and I found ourselves back at his home, in bed. The evening at T’Luk’s grandmothers had been amazing. In that short time I had learned more about Vulcans than I ever had before. I had gotten to see such a special culture in a way that few people ever have. I once read that Starfleet’s mission was to ‘boldly go where no one had gone before’. After that night, I had felt that I, Kai Taylor, had gone somewhere very special indeed.

I looked into his eyes and returned the kiss, “I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you too.” He replied, as he humped against me, pressing our bare erections against each other.

He pulled back and turned on the bed. I watched him move, wondering what he was doing before it made sense. T’Luk had ‘flipped’ on the bed so his head was down near the bottom of the bed, and his feet at the top. His groin was now in front of me, while mine was in front of him.

I craned my neck closer before I extended my tongue and swept it across his smooth, wet tip. I repeated the action again, as I reached out with my hand and pulled his skin back, exposing his whole head. Down below, I could feel him doing the same to me, seconds before he went down on me fully. I moaned softly, as I formed an oval with my mouth, and went down on him. Fireworks were going off in my mind, everything felt so electric, as though this position formed a never-ending circuit of love and emotion.

I felt him leak into my mouth, his Vulcan essence tickling my throat as I swallowed it down. T’Luk started to do those actions with his tongue, the ones that drove me CRAZY! It felt like I was gonna explode down there! He was exciting every nerve ending, taking it to the max. I wouldn’t last for long.

He extended his hand and started to fondle my sack, bringing me closer and closer to the edge. I moaned on his erection, telling him I was close, but he didn’t stop, he took me deeper, he sucked harder. And with one final push of my hips, I exploded inside his mouth. I moaned against him again, my muscles contracting with the orgasm. He kept on massaging me, milking me as I came. I could feel every squirt force it’s way out and into him. My body shook a few times, trembling with excitement, before I calmed down from my high. I breathed heavily for a few seconds, before T’Luk let me slip from his mouth. I started to work on him, but he pulled his hips back, pulling himself out of my mouth.

I sat up slightly and frowned, wondering where he was going. He climbed up the bed and lay next to me, kissing me softly before pressing his forehead against mine, “Make love to me, Kai.”

I smiled at him, leaned forward and kissed him, “Ok, babes.” I whispered.

I got onto my knees and crawled down to the bottom of the bed, while T’Luk rolled onto his stomach and spread his legs. I moved in between them and lay on my stomach. I gently reached out and massaged his cheeks, before I parted them, revealing his beautiful, small hole. I stared at it for a few seconds, before I leaned forwards and flicked my tongue against him, tasting his sacred realm. He twitched beneath me, exhaling against the pillow. I ran my tongue around and across his hole again, causing him to twitch multiple times.

I loved rimming him. It was just the fact that I was doing something so special, so loving, and so intimate that got to me. I licked him a couple more times, before I wet my finger and began to loosen him up. Seeing as I’d only made love to T’Luk once before, he was still super tight back there. But at least I knew what to expect, and how to do things right. I removed my finger and glanced about for some lube. T’Luk sat up and pointed over to his drawers. I slid off the bed and walked over, opening the top one, where I found a small tube.

I climbed back onto the bed, squirting some of the liquid onto my fingers, before I pressed them against T’Luk’s hole. I used one finger again at first, before I slowly, and gently added one after the other. I took my time, making sure he’d be loose enough for me, as I wouldn’t want to hurt him. After I managed three fingers inside him, I began to feel him tense up a bit, so I removed them, not wanting him to come.

“You’re ready, babes.” I whispered, as I kissed his back.

He rolled over and looked up at me. His erection was throbbing madly on his stomach, a sight that quickly caused mine to jerk too. I watched as he placed a pillow under his bottom, before he raised himself slightly, showing his hole to me.

I lubed myself up and inched closer, pressing my glands against him. I looked into his eyes, waiting for him to tell me when he was ready. After a few seconds he nodded.

“Make love to me.”

I felt him relax against my head, so I leaned closer and began to enter him. He was so tight inside it was ridiculous! And the heat was incredible. I kept sliding forwards at a steady pace. I watched his face for any signs of pain, but he gave me none. He remained relaxed and calm. About a minute later, I glanced down and looked at our joined hips. I was in all the way. I relaxed for a moment, before I tensed myself inside of him, feeling him. Seconds later I felt him squeeze on me, along with a nod from his head.

I pulled myself out, before I pressed back in. Both of us exhaling from the sensations. I repeated the action again, and again until we found a steady rhythm. I leaned closer and began to kiss him, tasting his soft lips. My body was tingling all over, as I made love to my baby. His ass seemed to grab onto me as I left and pull me back in as I entered. It was an amazing feeling, one that was quickly pushing me towards another orgasm.

T’Luk broke the kiss briefly, “Kai..” He moaned softly.

“Oh...baby…” I moaned back.

He roamed his hands across my slick back, pulling me closer with every thrust. I pumped into him a few more times, before I felt him squeeze hard, along with a sharp intake of air. His orgasm hit both of us hard. I felt his muscles contract again, before the first shot of his sperm hit him on his neck. I kept on pushing into him as he came, his contractions proving too much for me. I felt my muscles tensing up, before I pressed my hips forward as I exploded inside of him. Shockwaves of energy rippling through my body as I squirted inside him. His squeezing subsided, but I kept going, slowly humping against him as I filled him up.

After a few more seconds, I stopped jerking inside him. I slowly removed myself, before I collapsed on top of him, spreading out his load between us. Both of us were panting madly, trying to catch our breaths as we came down from our orgasms. Neither of us moved for several minutes, before I crawled out of bed, retrieving a towel, and cleaned us up. I checked T’Luk’s hole, and while it was slightly swollen, it was closing some, so I didn’t hurt him back there.

I crawled back into bed and told him to roll over.

He raised an eyebrow.

“Face the other way.” I said, as I scooted closer.

He rolled over and faced away from me.

I reached out and hugged him towards me, holding him close. We always slept in the opposite fashion, with T’Luk holding me. None of us really decided it, it just felt natural, and I loved having him hold me. But as I lay there on his bed, I wanted to hold him as he slept. It felt a little odd at first, but it was really good to have him in my arms, with my face at the back of his neck.

I felt his body relax against me, “Goodnight, Kai.” He said softly.

I kissed his shoulder, “Goodnight, T’Luk.” I replied.


San Francisco- Earth

Vice-Admiral Chun of Starfleet Command paced the room. “The negotiations are going nowhere.” He said, looking at Ive and Becker, “Ever since we destroyed the terrorist cell, they’ve been stalling in the talks.”

Admiral Ive nodded, “There was a high possibility that such a thing would happen.”

Becker looked over, “The Romulan government were very interested in catching those responsible..” He began, “That’s why they assisted us in the matter. They were not looking for an alliance, just a mutual exchange of information during the crisis. Now that it’s over, perhaps too prematurely than what they expected, they are not sure on how to proceed.”

Chun nodded, “I know. I was telling Hayes all along that it was unlikely to lead to an alliance.” He said, “While the Romulan leadership may have changed, many of their ideals and practises have remained the same.”

“Still, it is better to have them at the table, then at the gate.” Spoke Ive.

“Indeed.” Said Chun, “The question is, how long can we keep them at the table?”

Ive shook his head, “The question is, what happens once they leave?”

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