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A Vulcan’s Love
-By Emulated

Chapter 25: Two Minds

Two weeks later

You almost done?”


Sarah Librescu rolled her eyes at her wife, “You said ‘mmhmm’ ten-minutes ago.”

Hadara tapped on the PADD again, “I did?”

“Yep.” She said, rubbing her stomach, “Come on, I wanna go eat something. I’m wasting away here.”

“Just a second. I want to make sure they’re using the prope-“ Began Hadara, before she was cut off.

“No, now!” Ordered Sarah jokingly, as she walked over.

Hadara smiled and turned off the PADD, “You’re right, I’m sorry.” She began, “I just hate the thought of our baby being so far away, especially now.”

Sarah walked over and stood behind her, gently massaging her shoulders, “I’m sure the Engineers at Regulus will take good care of Titan. She’ll be fine.” She began, “The Captain told us to take a break, and that includes the Chief-Engineer and her wife.”

“Mmm he did.” Hadara replied, before she stood up and faced her, “Wow, you are wasting away!”

Sarah giggled, “That’s gross neglect on your behalf! I think I’m going to make a complaint, Commander!”

Hadara grabbed their sunglasses, “Fine, then I’ll just transfer you off my engineering team, Lieutenant!”

“I love my wife.”

“What wife?” Questioned Hadara, before Sarah swatted her.

They stepped out of their hotel room and walked down the corridor, where large windows on the left gave them a view of the city outside.

“I’m kinda glad we had to stop off here. Gives us a chance to see some of the Federation.” Commented Hadara.

“Yeah. But it’s a little too hot for my liking. What’s the temperature today, fifty-something?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know. It’s a bit cooler in the city centre of Shi’Kahr, because of the climate control stuff.”

They stepped inside of a turbolift and rode down to the ground floor. They walked out, passing through the lobby, before they exited the hotel, standing in the street.

“Jeez it’s hot out here!” Called out Sarah.

Hadara nodded, “Yeah, it is.” She said, before she reached out and grabbed Sarah’s hand, “Come on, let’s go find some lunch.”

The two women set off through the city, looking for somewhere to eat when something caught Hadara’s eyes.

“Sarah, isn’t that Kai and T’Luk?”

Sarah looked over at the two guys across the street holding hands, “I think you’re right.” She said, “Wanna go say hi?”


They crossed the street and walked quickly to catch up to the young couple.

“Kai! T’Luk!”

The two guys turned around, immediately noticing them.

“Commander, Lieutenant.” Nodded Kai, followed by T’Luk.

Hadara held up a hand, “We’re on vacation, so first name basis only.” She said with a smile.

Kai nodded, “It’s good to see you, Hadara, Sarah.”

“Indeed.” Added T’Luk.

“Likewise guys, I wasn’t aware of anyone who travelled to Vulcan.” She said.

Kai looked at them, “If you don’t mind me asking, what brought you two to Vulcan?” He asked, “I mean, I’m here because of T’Luk, but do you have family here? Friends?”

“We initially followed the Titan to Regulus, and then left for Earth, but there wasn’t a direct flight over. We had to stop off here for two days.”

“Two days on Vulcan can never be a bad thing.” Said Kai.

“It’s quite warm, but we can manage.” Began Sarah, “So you guys getting ready to head back to Earth? Nine days until the party!”

T’Luk nodded, “We are scheduled to leave in two-days. We will spend the rest of the time in England.”

“Sounds like a plan.” She said, “We will leave tomorrow, so we will have time to go to see family and stuff before we head over to San Francisco.”

“Yeah, after everything that’s happened recently, we haven’t really had the time to take any breaks.”

Hadara smiled, “You’re right there. Anyway, don’t let us keep you, we just thought we’d say ‘hi’.”

“It has been agreeable to see you.” Said T’Luk, “I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.”

“We will.” Replied Sarah, “But before you wander off, could you point us towards a good restaurant?”


How old are they?” I asked as I sipped some Gokund juice.

He swallowed, “Who?”

“Your parents.”

He raised an eyebrow.

We were back at T’Luk’s house after we spent the morning and early afternoon wandering through the city, looking at the various shops. While you could always replicate an item for free using the replicators, there were some things that one might prefer to have that could be considered ‘genuine’. I wasn’t that big on shopping, and neither was T’Luk, but I did come away with a few things. They were all hand-made gifts, like a little model of Mount Seleya I had gotten for my dad. The rock it was constructed from was actually from an adjacent mountain. He liked things like that, so I’m sure he’d enjoy the gift. As for my mum, I found a beautiful necklace made from a type of gem found near the fire plains. So all in all, it was quite a successful trip.

Of course one of the added bonuses was when we bumped into Hadara and Sarah Librescu, the Chief-Engineer and Deputy-Chief-Engineer, respectively, of the Titan. I had always admired them. Not only because of their brilliant talents, but because of who they were as people, as a couple. Sure the Captain and Counsellor were a couple to look up to, but they were much older than we were, while Hadara and Sarah, on the other hand, were in their mid-to-late-twenties. But by just looking at the two women when we met them in Shi’Kahr, I couldn’t help but wonder if that’s where T’Luk and I could be in several years. It was quite a warming thought.

After we’d spoken to them for a short while, and pointed them in the direction of the restaurant located near to the city square, we headed back to T’Luk’s house where we could hang out together during the warmer hours of the day.

“I only ask because they look as old as my parents.” I said, “But as we know, you Vulcans sure do age gracefully.”

He thought for a moment, “My mother experienced her eighty-second birthday two months ago, and my father is currently eighty-three.”

“What about Lunak? How old is she?”

“She is 137-years-old.”

I shook my head slightly.


“It’s ridiculous, how old you guys get but still look really young.” I replied.

“I can see how that may…amuse you, but to me it is simple fact.”

I thought for a moment, “Do you have any great-grandparents?” I asked.

“Yes, however they do not live on Vulcan. They currently live on Bajor. They moved after the Dominion war.”

I nodded and thought for about the wars for a moment. I was fourteen-years-old when the war first began. I remember coming home from school and watching the news broadcast on the viewer in the living room. In truth, the idea of war against the Dominion had been spoken about for many years, so the fact that war had arrived wasn’t as shocking as one may expect. Also, having been at such a young age when those ideas were first mentioned, I had somewhat grown accustomed to the idea of war going on many light-years away.

But when war did break out, Mum and Dad, both being high ranking Starfleet officers, frequently came home from work much later than usual, sometimes after I had gone to sleep. It was during these long days when I’d usually spend the night over at Mal’s house. Neither of his parents worked for Starfleet, so they didn’t have the inconvenience of extra-long work days, or being called out randomly.

“Kai?” Called out T’Luk.

I looked up at him, “Hmm? Yeah, babes?”

He looked at me, “What are you thinking about?”

“The war.”

He nodded, “It was quite a troubling time.”

I raised my eyebrows, “For you?”

He shook his head, “Not for me in a personal sense, but rather for the Federation.”


“Kai, can I ask you a question?”

I nodded, “Sure.”

“Were your parents in San Francisco when the Breen attacked?”

I felt my heart quicken slightly at the mention of that. Yes, I remembered the Breen attack vividly. I was actually over at Mal’s house when we first found out about the attack. Because of the severity of the war at that point, any important information that needed to be given to the public was instantly sent out across the viewers and consoles inside people’s homes. I was watching some highlights from a football match when the image changed to a news broadcast informing us about the Breen attack. I immediately tried to hail my parents, but it seemed communications were down, at least all public channels.

We didn’t initially know how bad the attack was, but only being sixteen and having heard rumours about the destructive power of the Dominion, I quickly began to assume the worst. Mal’s parents tried to comfort me, but nothing could remove the fear and anxiety I was feeling at that moment. It had been around ten-minutes after the broadcast came on before my mum materialised in the lounge. I quickly ran over to her, hugging her tightly. Never in my life had I felt such immediate relief. I pulled back looking at her, asking about Dad. She smiled. He was in Paris during the attack, so he was fine. As for my mum, the offices that she worked in were underground, and away from the affected area, so she wasn’t hurt.

T’Luk reached across and squeezed my hand, “I am sorry, Kai. I did not mean to cause you distress.”

I smiled at him, “I’m fine. It’s just that it was quite scary at the time.” I said, “But yes, my mum was in San Francisco, but her offices were a few kilometres away, and were underground, so she was safe. My Dad was in France at the time, so he was ok too.”


I nodded, “What about your family?”

“Only three people in my family work for Starfleet, however none of those were directly affected by the war.”

“That’s good to hear.” I said, “Too many people were hurt, or worse, during that time.”


I leaned my head to the right and rested against him, “Do you think that there’ll be another war, during our lifetime?”

“I do not know.” He replied, “It would be logical to assume that we will encounter more hostile races as we continue to explore the galaxy, but as for another war; I am uncertain.”

I grinned, “Well, with the Klingons, and now Romulans at our sides, I feel a little safer.”

“You do not feel safe?” He asked.

“I do, but when I think about the Borg and stuff, I just feel happier knowing that there’s more people on our side.” I kissed his covered arm, “But I always feel safe with you. My little Vulcan.” I replied, grinning.

He turned to me, “You do appear to…like that fact.”

“What fact?”

“That I am Vulcan.”

I snuggled closer to him, “I love that fact.” I replied, “I wouldn’t trade you for any other species. You’re perfect.”

“Neither would I trade you.” He added, kissing me on top of my head.

I lay there for a second, “How are you so amazing?” I asked randomly.


I nodded.

He thought for a moment, “I do not understand, Kai.”

“You know, how you’re just so…I dunno, just really, really…” I struggled to make sense, “You know what, don’t worry about it. Just accept the fact that you’re amazing.” I giggled.

“As are you.”

We sat there for a while longer, just next to each other before I spoke again.

“Just remember that I have to see the rest of those photos.”

“What photos?”

“The ones of T’Luk as a child.”

T’Luk gave me this look that I interpreted as ‘yeah, right’.

I giggled, “You were a really cute kid, why don’t you like them?”

He looked at me, “When we visit Earth later this week, I will ask your parents to show me pictures of you.”

I thought for a moment, “Alright, I see what you mean, but I guess I get embarrassed from my photos. You can’t get embarrassed.”

“It is not the embarrassment that I do not like, Kai, it is the fact that I do not see the benefit or amusement of looking at such photos.”

“But you’d like to see photos of me as a kid?”

He opened his mouth to reply, but I guess I had him there.

I held up a hand, “Don’t worry, I’m sure you could make a logical argument against it, but I personally think that it’s just natural for people not to want others to see photos of them as a child.”

“I can agree with that.”

I shifted slightly on the sofa, leaning against him more, “I wonder if Trey managed to get Alex to go to that lake.”

“I do not believe that Trey would have any trouble in attempting to see Alex in the nude.”

I giggled at that.

“Do you not agree?”

“Oh I agree, but it’s just the way you word stuff. You made Trey sound like a right mastermind!”

“His cunning has nothing to do with it. I was referring to Alex’s fondness towards him.”

I giggled again before I sat up, “That reminds me, I had been meaning to ask you; Do Vulcans…” I began, but paused, “It’s kinda personal.”

He nodded, “You can ask me anything, you know that.”

I smiled, “Alright. I just wanted to know if Vulcans…erm, I mean do they…” I looked at him, “You know, do Vulcans do…things…with themselves?” I asked, blushing.

“Are you referring to mediation?”

I looked at him, he HAD to have known what I was talking about, he was just trying to embarrass me further, “No, you know what I mean…”

“I do not understand.”

“Jerk off?” I blurted out, “Do Vulcans jerk off?”

He thought for a moment.

“You do know what that means, right?”

He nodded, “Yes.”

I looked at him, “Well, do you?”


I was shocked by that, “What? Never?”


I gave him a sideways glance, “What about you?”

He looked at me, “Never.”

I glanced away, “Oh…wow.”

“You have to understand Kai, that Vulcans do not have the same…urges as other species. While we can mate whenever it is necessary, we are only driven to mate every seven years.”

I looked at him, surprised, “Wait a minute! I thought Vulcans could only mate every seven years?”

“That is a common misconception.” He replied.

“So Vulcans can mate whenever they want?”

He nodded, “However, as we are not driven by emotion, or sexual urges, very few Vulcans choose to mate out of free will.” He said, “Therefore many Vulcans only mate during the Pon Farr.”

“Oh.” I replied, trying to grasp everything, “I thought you guys HAD to wait seven years, like nothing would physically happen otherwise.”

“It would be illogical to assume that it should only occur every seven years.” He said, “As an example, imagine that we were both Vulcan. Now if I were to experience the Pon Farr, the normal way to deal with it would be to mate. As you are my partner, we would mate, regardless of if you were also experiencing the Pon Farr.” He said.

I nodded, “Oh, that does make sense.”


“So that’s why you guys don’t…do stuff?” I asked, “Because you have no ‘urges’?”


“Ok.” I said, thinking for a moment, “What about…erm, well sometimes during puberty, we…erm make a mess down there. Does that happen to Vulcans?”

“I know what you are referring to and no, we do not experience that.”

I raised my eyebrows, “So much for a sex life.” I said, pausing, “But wait, wouldn’t that mean that the first time you ever…you know…it was with me?”

He nodded, “Yes. I had never felt that before.”



Now that completely blew my mind. While both T’Luk and I had been virgins when we first started to date, I had no idea that he’d never even orgasmed before! Wow, that must have made him some kinds super-virgin or something. Not that there’s anything wrong with saving your virginity, I mean, I always wanted to save mine for the right person, but never having an orgasm is something different. It’s like going through your life not sneezing!

“I…I never knew.” I said, looking at him as I suddenly felt a feeling of pride, knowing that he’d shared something very important with me. Something that he’d never even experienced with himself before.

“It is not of any concern.” He said, “But it is appropriate that you know.”

I nodded and watched him looking at me closely, causing me to blush, “What?”

“Nothing.” He said, but I knew what he was thinking.

“Unless you’ve grown up as a teenage Human male, you have no idea what it’s like!” I said, grinning at him, “Imagine the Pon Farr on a smaller scale, but it happens like really often.”

“You seem…controlled now.”

I giggled, “Yeah, controlled.” I said, rubbing his arm, “Well, I have you to keep me in check.”

He nodded.

I looked at him, “What about you, T’Luk? What do you feel?”

He thought for a moment, “As you know, I have a very strong emotional attachment to you.” He began, “And because of my ‘condition’, I frequently feel things that Vulcans wouldn’t normally feel.”

“Good things I hope?”

He looked into my eyes, “Very good things.”

I felt his hand slip to my thigh, causing the room to suddenly seem warmer. We usually came onto each other, but with T’Luk making the ‘pre-emptive move’ I was a little taken aback. He started to slowly rub his hand up and down.


I swallowed, “Yeah.”

“What do you feel?”

I sat there for a second, before I leaned over and whispered in his ear. I don’t know why I whispered, as we had the house to ourselves, but it just felt like the right thing to do. I pulled back and blushed at what I had said.

T’Luk stood up and extended his hand, “Come on.”

I stood up and gripped his hand, walking next to him as he led us up to his room, locking the door behind us.


Three hours later we found ourselves sitting around the dining table eating dinner. T’Luk and I prepared and served the meal to quite a thankful Volak and T’Kal. But what really intrigued them was the fact that the food wasn’t of Vulcan origin, but rather of Human origin, Indian to be precise. While I had never cooked a great deal of Indian food before, my dad often used to show me things that he’d learned from his dad. But during my time on Vulcan, I saw it appropriate to immerse myself in my quarter Indian make up and make T’Luk and his family an appropriate meal.

While some Indian dishes had been made to eat with meat, my grandfather was a vegetarian, so none of the dishes he made contained any meat. So in a similar fashion, I used some of his recipes -provided by a quick hail to my grandfather- in the evening meal for his parents. I had made quite a multitude of different things from them to try, from a simple
chapati to something more advanced like saag paneer. I remember when I had first tried paneer when I was younger, I could have sworn that it was chicken. In fact, my dad told me that it was chicken at first, and waited until I had eaten it, before he revealed its true nature: cheese. Of course I broke that little piece of news to T’Luk carefully, as I didn’t want him to think I was giving him a vegetarian substitute for chicken, but rather that something so different could look, taste, and feel similar to something else.

“Quite an interesting culture.” Remarked Volak, “Very different to that of North America.”

I nodded, “Yes, it’s quite hard to believe that they were both from the same planet.”

T’Kal looked over, “And quite an interesting selection of food. Thank you for sharing that with us.”

I smiled, “You’re most welcome.” I said, standing, “But we still have dessert. So I hope you left some space.” T’Luk tried to stand up and help me clear the table, but I quickly got him to sit.

“I am curious to see what an Indian dessert is like.” Remarked Volak.

‘Curiosity: one of the pinnacles of a Vulcan. I thought to myself, as I cleared up the plates. After I had recycled the plates and cleaned my hands, I removed the four small tubs from the fridge, along with four spoons. I walked back into the dining room and handed out the dessert.

T’Luk lifted the lid of his and inspected the white, yoghurt-like substance, “What is it, Kai?”

“It’s known as
Shrikhand, it tastes like a sweet yoghurt.” I replied, and in truth, that’s exactly what it was: a sweet yoghurt.

The three of them dipped their spoons into the yoghurt, scooped some of it up, before they tasted it. I watched intently, and was pleased to see that they all seemed to be enjoying it.

“It is very sweet, Kai. But not in a…sickly way.” Said T’Luk, using phrases that I’d use when tasting Vulcan food.

Volak nodded, “Indeed, it is most delicious. A fitting compliment to a good meal.” He praised.

I almost blushed at that, “Thanks, I’m glad you like it.” I said, looking over to T’Kal as she swallowed a second spoonful.

“Yes, very nice indeed. I would appreciate you showing me how to make this dish sometime.”

I smiled, “Sure. I’ll show you sometime before we leave.”

She nodded at that and continued to eat her dessert.

Once we finished with the meal I quickly cleared the table and kitchen area, before I went over and joined them in the lounge. We spent the rest of the evening talking about various things, about things that had happened in their lives, both before and after T’Luk’s birth. Some things they talked about were inherently funny, causing me to burst out in fits of giggles, they didn’t seem to mind the slightest, and even I had grown accustomed to being the only one filling the room with laughter.

But the thing that really stuck with me was how T’Luk’s parents were towards me. It wasn’t like some corny romantic novel, where I’d spend the days trying to seek out their acceptance as T’Luk’s partner. In fact, from the very first moment I met them, they were immediately friendly towards me, as though they had accepted me long ago. Of course they wanted to know me better, so they asked me a few things, but I was never subjected to an ‘interrogation’, no ‘what are your intentions with my son’ speech, although that in itself is quite archaic. No, they treated me with nothing but respect, something that I proudly returned to both of them. I know it sounds like a cliché, but I really did look up to his parents. They raised an incredible person, with a flawless mind and a big heart. They raised T’Luk.

Later that evening, as we climbed into bed, T’Luk brought up quite an important topic.

He looked at me, “Kai?”

I turned to him, “Yes.”

“I spoke to my parents about you wanting me to perform a mind meld.”

I shifted on the sheet, facing him, “Yeah?”

He nodded, “They gave me the necessary instructions.” He said, “There should be no problem because of us being a different species.”

I thought for a moment, “So you can do it?”

“I believe so.”

I looked at him, “When can we try?”

“Whenever you are ready.”

“What about now?” I asked.

“Are you sure?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

After a few minutes of getting ready, I found myself sitting cross-legged opposite T’Luk. He’d dimmed the lighting in his room, and had lit a few candles to calm the mood.

I looked at him, “So how will this be different from the bond?” I asked.

“The bond is a place where we can go to interact, like a connection with each other.” He began, “A mind meld is different because we are in the same place. We will be in each others’ mind, we will be together, as one.”

I nodded. His explanation made some sense, but partly caused more confusion. So I put that out of my mind and simply decided to let him proceed, so I can experience what it was really like.

“Are you ready, Kai?”

I nodded.

T’Luk reached out, his fingers touching onto my face. He kept his eyes on mine and seemed to be in deep thought, “My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts. Our minds are merging, our minds are one.”

In that second I felt a sensation similar to that of the bond, but more pronounced, like I could feel the energy coming off his finger tips. But as quickly as that began, it faded away. I couldn’t feel his ‘energy’ in his fingers anymore, almost as though the meld had failed, but then he spoke to me.

“Kai?” He responded telepathically.

“T’Luk?” I thought.

“Is this ok?” He asked, as though he heard me.

“It’s working?”

“Yes, this is the mind meld.”

“Wow.” I thought, but just as I thought that, the environment changed, and I found myself standing in an odd place. I looked about, trying to recognise where I was when I realised that I was in a museum.

“This is the Vulcan Museum of Astronomy, Kai.”

I turned around and saw T’Luk standing there. “So we’re inside your mind, right now?”

“We’re in each others’ mind. I’m just sharing this image, this memory with you.”

As he said that, other people appeared in the museum, visitors, staff. They seemed oblivious to the fact that we were there. It was almost as though we were in a holodeck, but I just knew that we weren’t.

T’Luk walked over, holding onto my shoulders and turning me around, pointing me down the corridor.

I looked down the corridor before my eyes rested on a boy. He was around fourteen-years-old, a Vulcan. I recognised the man standing near to him, Volak. I walked forwards towards the boy, looking at him curiously.

“That’s me, Kai.”

I nodded. I could tell. Even at that younger age, he still had the distinctive features that I’d come to recognise in T’Luk.

“This was the visit to the museum that ultimately made me interested in space.” Said T’Luk.

I turned and faced him, “Really?”

He nodded.

I looked forward again, seconds before the environment changed, this time showing me Starfleet Academy. I looked about and noticed the podium, the day of graduation. I looked closer at the podium and watched as T’Luk had a gold pin attached to his collar by the Starfleet Admiral. This must have been his memory of when he became an officer. I looked about, I couldn’t believe how many details he could recall while in this state. It was incredible.

Before I could say anything, we changed place again, but now I came face to face with myself. I could feel the wind blowing lightly, along with the sky being darker. I looked about, realising that we were in London. This was the memory that T’Luk had of our first date in the holodeck. I glanced down to our hands, sure enough, we had the ice cream cones that we had. My T’Luk came up and grabbed my hand, as we followed the other two, as we strolled alongside the Thames.

It was so weird to watch what happened between us like this. I was both excited and nervous by the whole thing. Excited because I ultimately knew what happened after we left the holodeck, but nervous because I remembered how I felt back then. That I felt slightly nervous from asking T’Luk to make love to me.

“There was no need to be nervous.” Said my T’Luk.

I looked at him, “Perhaps not, but I had no idea how you were going to react.”

We walked over to the wall and perched against it, as our mind meld ‘duplicates’ continued on their stroll. “I love you Kai, more than anything.” He said, “Nothing could describe how I felt when you asked me. It was…amazing.”

I smiled at him, “It was amazing for me too.”

I saw a flash. I looked to my right and noticed that our ‘duplicates’ had just had their photo taken. Exactly how I remembered it happening. I watched them as they stared at each other for a second, before they leaned in closer. The environment changed before their lips touched, sending us back into T’Luk’s bedroom. He kept his hand on my face for a few seconds, before he removed it.

I sat there for a second, looking at him.

“Are you ok, Kai?”

I nodded, before a smile spread across my lips, “It was…just…” I flashed him a toothy grin, “Good, really, really good.”

“I was not sure what to show you.”

I leaned over and kissed him, “What you showed me was perfect.” I said, looking at him, “It was very special. Thank you for sharing that with me.”

He nodded, “You are most welcome, Kai.”

We sat there for a while longer, just looking at each other, before we stood up, blew out the candles and slid into bed. T’Luk shut off the lights and then climbed in behind me. I swivelled around and kissed him.

“Good night, T’Luk.”

“Good night, Kai. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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