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A Vulcan’s Love
-By Emulated

Chapter 27: Magic

I walked over to the transporter console and keyed in my home’s identification code, which would automatically set the appropriate coordinates. I set the code and glanced at the local time of England: 04:28. I instinctively yawned at that, before the machine chirped that it was ready. I looked at the transporter officer.

“Yep, it’s locked in. Want me to drop you off outside the front door?” He asked.

“Actually…” I began, as I tapped on the display, looking at an overview of my house. “Beam us into that room there.” I replied, pointing at the diagram, “My bedroom.”

“Sure thing, Sir.”

As we’d arrived at such an early hour, my parents would have been fast asleep. So instead of dredging through the house, causing lots of noise, I thought it’d be best if we beamed directly into my room. Not to mention how badly I needed my bed at that moment. I accessed my house computer from the console and entered in my security code so it wouldn’t sound an alarm when T’Luk and I beamed in. “There, all set.” I stated, before I walked over to the platform and stepped on next to T’Luk, “You ready?” I asked, looking at him.

He nodded, “Yes.”

I faced the crewman, “Energise when ready.”

The machine hummed into life, causing that familiar blue haze to envelop T’Luk and me, as it broke down our molecules into energy, while simultaneously rebuilding them back together in my bedroom on the planet below. The somewhat ticklish process lasted only a couple of seconds, before we were standing in my room next to each other. My bedroom lights came on to a low setting; enough to see clearly, but dark enough not to blind us.

I yawned again, as I placed my suitcase next to my wardrobe, before I moved towards my bed, pulling back the duvet. T’Luk placed his suitcase next to mine, before he joined me on the opposite side of the bed. I looked across at him as he pulled down his side of the quilt. We worked in silence, partly because of my parents asleep down the hall, but also because of how tired we were, well, how tired I was.

I quickly slid off my clothes, leaving myself in my boxers. I climbed into bed and faced T’Luk, watching as he done the same and slid in next to me. I stared into his brown eyes, before I kissed him softly, “Goodnight, T’Luk.”

He kissed me back, “Goodnight, Kai. I love you.”

“I love you too.” I said, before I reached over and tapped on my bedside panel, causing the lights to shut off. I exhaled contentedly, as I snuggled closer to T’Luk’s chest. I closed my eyes and slipped into a deep and peaceful sleep.


I could feel the bright light shining through my bedroom window, causing a red glow through my eyelids. I squeezed them tighter, wanting to black out any light. I didn’t want to wake up. Not at that moment anyway. I felt far too comfortable with my cheek pressed up against T’Luk’s warm chest, and my arm wrapped over his abdomen. Our legs were entwined in some manner, and his hand was resting on my back, holding me close. I could journey to the far reaches of the universe and still not find a feeling that even came close to the sensations I felt when laying there next to him. It was magical.

T’Luk’s hand moved across my back slowly, causing goose bumps to form. I gently shifted my head against him, letting him know that I was waking up too. I felt his muscles in his chest move slightly, as he kissed me on the top of my head. We lay there for about ten minutes, neither of us saying anything, just basking in the presence of one another. But eventually, we moved and shared a small kiss.

“Good morning.” He said tenderly.

I smiled warmly, “Good morning.” I replied, as I let my head fall against his bicep.

We stared at each other for a moment, before I stretched out, invoking a yawn. I sat up in bed, before I slid my legs out. My bladder was aching a little, so I had to relieve myself. I glanced over at the bed to see T’Luk also getting up.

“Computer, what is the time?”

“The time is 13:19.”

“That’s not so bad.” I said, slipping on one of my dressing gowns, and passing one over to T’Luk, “We’re back on holiday so.. we deserve lie ins!”

He nodded, “It is an acceptable time, yes.” He replied, pulling on the gown, “We have enough time before our debrief.”

“Yeah.” I replied.

Following the incident with the USS Vega, Starfleet Command wanted to debrief us over the situation. While it was standard procedure, with the same thing happening to the crew of the Vega, I did voice my concerns. Notably to remind them about the ordeal in which T’Luk and I had to endure the last time we were debriefed by Command. But we were assured that it wouldn’t repeat itself, that it’d be a normal debrief. So with that in mind, and the time of our early arrival at Earth, Command gave us the night to sleep, before we were to head over to Command at three in the afternoon. Which, as T’Luk said, gave us a bit of time before we had to leave.

Ten minutes later, once we’d taken sonic showers, separately, I might add, we headed downstairs to find my parents in the kitchen preparing breakfast, well, lunch. Mum noticed us coming down the stairs and rushed over.

“Oh Kai! It’s so good to see you sweetie!” She called out, as she pulled me into a hug, placing a kiss on my cheek.

I smiled, “It’s good to see you too Mum. Sorry about dropping in unannounced. I sent you a message late last night, but you must have been asleep.”

She shook her head, “Don’t apologise! I’m pleased to see you guys earlier!” She replied before she moved over to T’Luk, “And here’s my favourite Vulcan.” She beamed, offering him the Vulcan salute before she hugged him tightly too, “It’s great to see you again, T’Luk.” She said.

“Likewise Mrs Taylor.”

She pulled back and smiled, glancing at me and then back at him, “You’re so sweet, T’Luk!” She said, “But please, call me Mary.”

He nodded, “It is good to see you, Mary.”

I grinned as Dad walked over, “How’s it going, Kai?”

I hugged him, “It’s great Dad, how are you guys?”

“We’re fine.” He said pulling back, “We read your message you sent, and then we found out that something had happened to the Vega.” He paused, “We’re just glad that you’re both ok. Especially after everything you’ve gone through.”

I smiled, “We’re fine. The ship was damaged quite a bit, but the casualties were minor.”

Dad walked over to T’Luk, shaking his hand, “How are you, T’Luk? I hope Kai has been treating you well.” He asked with a small smile.

I widened my eyes at that! Of course I had been treating him well!

“I am fine, thank you. Kai has been treating me exceptionally well.” He said, glancing at me, “The perfect gentleman.”

Dad smiled, placing a hand on my shoulder, “I knew he would.” He added, giving me this proud look.

Mum crossed her arms, “But I’m still puzzled by the terrorist cell. I thought Starfleet said that they’d been taken care of?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know. Hopefully we’ll get some answers today, at the debrief.”

She nodded and grinned, “Anyway, it’s great to have you two here. It’s been too long.” She said, beckoning us over to the kitchen, “Lunch is nearly finished. I hope you’re both hungry.”

I patted my stomach, “I’m famished.”

T’Luk nodded, “As am I.”


After lunch, T’Luk and I remained at home with my parents for the short while before we had to go to the debrief. Once again it felt great to be home, to look out of the window and see Earth. Just seeing all the greenery provided a stark contrast to the orange and red hues of Vulcan. Aside from the planet, it was great to see my parents again. More than that, it was bringing T’Luk home with me that made it all the more special. The last time I’d brought him home had been less than a week after we’d met. But once I’d been with him for around four months, our relationship was a lot more ‘solid’ now. Not that it’d had ever been weak, but during that time we’d become a lot more accustomed, more used to each other. It was a beautiful thing.

But time flies when you’re having fun, so after what seemed only a few minutes, which in reality was a few hours, T’Luk and I needed to go to San Francisco for our debrief. By using our combadges, we asked the Bellerophon, which was still in orbit, to do a site to site transport from my house to Starfleet Command in San Francisco.

Once we arrived, we walked into the large, office-like building and headed over to the front desk in the foyer. There were quite a few people about, all donning their uniforms, like T’Luk and myself. It didn’t specify that we had to wear uniform, but it seemed more professional to do so. Not to mention how good T’Luk looked in his, but I refrained from making too much of a deal out of it, for his sake.

“Can I help you two gentlemen?” Asked the man behind the desk, a relatively young guy, a Vulcan.

I smiled, “Yes, we are both scheduled to have a debrief here at three o’clock.”

He nodded, “Can I have your names, please?”

“I am Kai Taylor, and this is T’Luk.”

He tapped them into his console, and looked up at me, “One moment, please.”

I nodded and waited, taking a moment to look around. I’d been in the building a few times while I was in the Academy, but it still had that ‘classy’ feel to the place. You just knew that it was home to something special.

“Mr Taylor?”

I focused on the receptionist again, who was handing me a PADD.

“Take the turbolift up to the seventh floor, someone will be waiting for you at the reception there.” He said, “This contains your security passes.”

I took the PADD from him, “That’s great. Thank you.”

He bowed his head slightly in that Vulcan manner.

I turned to T’Luk, “Did you catch that?”

“Yes, the seventh floor.” He replied, as we headed over to the security checkpoint. It wasn’t that much of a checkpoint though, as multiple sensors would have scanned us the minute we entered San Francisco, it was more to control who entered, rather than a risk to security.

I stepped up to the small barrier, placing the PADD on the surface. The barrier retracted instantly, allowing T’Luk and myself to pass, before it appeared again behind us. We headed over to the turbolifts, and stepped into one that was already there. “Deck seven.” I called out, causing the doors to close before I realised my mistake, but the lift seemed to know what I meant anyway.

“Deck seven?” Questioned T’Luk.

I nodded, “Deck, floor, level…” I said, shaking my head, “They’re designed to confuse me.”

He raised an eyebrow, “That is why I am here to assist you with the harder tasks.”

I laughed at that, before swatting him lightly, “You cheeky thing!”

He just looked at me as the turbolift came to a stop, with the doors opening. I gestured with my hand and let him exit first. We headed over to the small reception there, finding a Lieutenant standing there.

“You must be Ensigns Taylor and T’Luk.” Said the Tellarite male.

“Yes.” Replied T’Luk.

He reached out and shook our hands, “I’m Lieutenant Dral, follow me and I’ll take you to the correct place for the debrief.”

T’Luk nodded, “Thank you.”

We followed the Lieutenant down a hall, where there were two other people waiting, both Lieutenant Commanders. Clearly we were in the right place.

The Lieutenant looked at them, “Sirs, this is Ensign Taylor, and Ensign T’Luk.”

The one on the left, a Human female nodded, “Thank you Lieutenant, we’ll take them from here.”

He nodded, turned, and headed back down the corridor.

“Ok,” Began the woman, “Seeing as there’s only two of you, we’ll split you up so we can get you both done at the same time.”

We nodded.

“Taylor, if you’ll follow me, we’ll get started.” She said, “T’Luk, if you follow Ralar, “She gestured to the male Trill standing next to her, “He’ll do your debrief.”

“Yes, Commander.” Replied T’Luk, as he headed off with Commander Ralar.

The woman walked towards a set of doors, which opened into a small office. I followed her inside.

“Please, take a seat, Ensign.” She said, as she sat behind a desk.

“Thank you, Sir.” I replied, taking a seat in front of her.

She nodded, “I’m Commander Nguyen, and I’ll be conducting the debrief today. Before we begin, do you have any questions?”

I shook my head, “Nope, I’m fine.”

“Great.” She said, grabbing a PADD, “Let’s begin.”


The questions were of a different tone to the last time that I had been debriefed. No longer was I asked if I was a member of the Romulan government, or if I had dealings with the terrorist cell. It was as though they wanted to hear my side of the story, rather than make bizarre accusations. The overall questioning/telling my story didn’t take that long, about an hour, at which time I was dismissed. But before I went, I was sure to find out about something that I’d been wondering about.

“Can I ask a question?”

She sat back in her chair, “Please.”

“What’s happening to the terrorists now? I assume that there’s still some members out there.”

She looked at me for a moment, “Starfleet is working very closely with the Romulan government to follow up on any traces of terrorist activity.”

She answered my question, but kept it vague, “But you can’t tell me anything more?”

“No, Ensign.”

I nodded. I knew when to give up. Sure I was curious about what the minds behind Starfleet knew, but at the end of the day, as long as they can keep the terrorist cell from harming others, then I’d have been a happy man.

About ten minutes later T’Luk and I were back at home, getting changed into something more casual for the rest of the day. We weren’t that sure what we were going to do for the day, but my parents had mentioned something about dinner plans, so whatever we did, we had to be sure to return later.

But we did eventually decide on what to do; we spent the day in the capital.


Four hours later

They look really good together, don’t they?” Asked Mary, as she sipped some of the wine.

Ryan nodded at her, “Yes, they do.” He said, grinning slightly and lowering his voice, “But I always knew that Kai would do well for himself though.”

She laughed quietly, “Of course he would.” She said, resting her hand on his knee, “We raised a great son.”

He swallowed some of his drink, “Mmm, that we did.”

She smiled and glanced up at the stairs, to where her son and his boyfriend were, “They’re really close. Closer than we were four months into our relationship.”

Ryan coughed on his drink, laughing, “We had quite an odd start. I’ll give you that.” He said, “But I always knew you loved me.”

She giggled, “You only said that because you were chasing me so badly, Ryan!”

He smiled at her, placing his hand on top of hers, “I don’t deny that, sweetheart.”

She leaned across and kissed him, before she rested her head on his shoulder, slowly tracing her thumb over the ring on his finger.

Ryan cocked his head. He knew that look. It was the same look she had when she was working hard. She was in some deep thought. He squeezed her fingers, “What?”

“Nothing. Just thinking about them two upstairs.” She said, as she played with the gold object.

He was about to say something, but was interrupted by the doorbell. “I’ll get it.” He said, slowly dislodging himself and standing up. He walked over to the door and opened it, revealing a man standing there in a Starfleet uniform.

He grinned at Ryan, “Commander Taylor.”

“Captain Riker! To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?”

He smiled warmly, “I do not wish to intrude, Mr Taylor, but I was hoping to speak to Ensigns Kai and T’Luk if they’re available.”

“Of course, please, come in.” Beckoned Ryan.

“Thank you.”

Mary stood up, “It’s a pleasure to see you, Sir.”

“Likewise, Commander. How are things?”

She nodded, watching her Husband head over to the stairs, “Very well thank you.” She replied, “How about you, and Commander Troi? Married life treating you well?”

He smiled, “It’s going great. I’m a very happy man.”

“I’m pleased to hear. Can I get you a drink or something?”

He held up his hand, “No, thank you. I’m only here for a few minutes, I just need to speak to Kai & T’Luk.”


I gently traced my finger down T’Luk’s lobe, before I leaned in, kissing the point of his ear.

“Kai! T’Luk! Could you come down here, please?” Came my father’s voice from downstairs.

I pulled away from T’Luk’s ear. “Coming!” I shouted back, before looking at T’Luk, sneaking in another quick kiss, “Come on.”

We stood up off the bed, exited my room and walked down the stairs. I glanced over to the lounge area to see Captain Riker standing up from the sofa.

I straightened myself, “Captain. It’s good to see you, Sir.”

He smiled, “At ease, Ensigns.” He said.

“We’ll be upstairs.” Said my mum, before she headed upstairs with Dad.

Riker gestured to the seats, “Please.”

I sat down and relaxed slightly.

“Is there something we can assist you with, Sir?” Asked T’Luk.

He shook his head, “I’m here to congratulate you both for your mission on the Vega.” He said, “I heard that the mission was a success in finding and rescuing Commander Morais.”

I grinned, “Thank you, Sir.”

“You both performed admirably there, especially given the little notice you had before you were called in. I apologise for that on behalf of Starfleet.”

I shook my head, “That’s fine. I’m just pleased that everything went well.”

“That it did.” He said, pausing, “But the real reason why I’m here relates to our mission. I haven’t had a chance to speak to either of you since the attack, and I’m sorry for that, but as I’m sure you’re aware, there was a lot that needed my immediate attention.”

“That is understandable, Captain.” Replied T’Luk.

He clasped his hands, “So in relation to that, I wanted to personally thank both of you for your excellent work during that mission. Both surrounding the use of the generator, and your very impressive tactic during the battle.” He said, “Commander Clark has shown a particular interest in that, so I’m sure you’ll hear from him.”

“Thank you, Sir.” We replied.

He nodded and leaned forward, “But more than that, you both worked hard to save the crew and to defend the Federation. And for that I am very proud to have you as part of my crew.”

I could feel my heart quicken some at that. I don’t think I looked up to anyone as much as I did Captain Riker, so by having him praise me like that was just…it was magical.

“So it also gives me a great pleasure in informing that you’ve both been entered for a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.”

I felt a wave of emotion flow through me at that. I turned to T’Luk and flashed him a toothy grin, before I looked back at the Captain, “Really?”

He smiled, “Yes, you both earned it.” He said, “But you’ll be surprised to know that when I went to enter you both in, along with several other members of our crew for promotion, your names had already been put forward.”

I cocked my head, “By who?”

“I’m not sure of the exact officer, it just read: Starfleet Command.” He replied, “Perhaps you impressed Admiral Hayes, during that tribunal on Vulcan.” He said, his face grimacing at the word ‘tribunal’.

I nodded. My mind was still spinning slightly from the news of my promotion.

“Thank you, Captain.” Said T’Luk, “I very much appreciate you taking the time to put my name forward.”

“Yes, me too. Thank you.” I added.

“You’re both welcome. And it should be us thanking you.” He said, “Without your intervention, we could have lost the ship long before the Gorans had arrived.”

I smiled and thought for a second, “Speaking of Gorans, have you heard from Raylis?”

He shook his head, “Not much new on that front. He’s still trying to sort out some issues with the Goran Defence Force. They need to clear him. But he should be on his way sometime next month.”

“That’s good to hear.” I said. “He’s a fine officer. I’m sure Starfleet will be pleased to have him.”

He nodded, “Yes they will.” He said before he stood up, “I’m sorry, Ensigns, but I still have a few more people to get to before I’m off duty.”

T’Luk and I stood up, “That’s fine, Sir. Thank you very much for everything.”

He smiled, “No, thank you. Both of you.” He said, before he tapped on his combadge and ordered a beam out back to San Francisco. “I’ll see you two at the party.”

“Yes, you will.” Replied T’Luk, “Bye, Captain.”

He nodded at us, before the beam out initiated, causing his form to dematerialise from sight.

I turned to T’Luk. I stared at him for a second before a huge grin broke out on my face. I rushed forwards, “We’re getting a promotion! Can you believe that!?!” I exclaimed excitedly.

He raised an eyebrow at me.

I hugged him tightly, almost jumping up and down, “We’re Lieutenants!”

“Indeed. It is quite an honour.” He stated.

I pulled back and kissed him quickly. I heard my parents’ coming down the stairs, so I pulled back. They were grinning at us.

“Good news?” Asked my dad.

I beamed at them, “Yeah!!! You’re gonna love this…”


Earth, Iowa

Alex looked at him, “Hey! Stop cheating! Get outta my head, Trey!”

Trey laughed,
“Awww, but I love it in here. Everything’s so cute and fluffy.” He replied telepathically.

“But I’m asking you a question. You can’t ‘raid’ my mind for the answer, you cheater!”

The two guys were at Trey’s home on Earth, relaxing in the lounge. Seeing as Trey’s parents had to return to work on Earth, Alex and Trey decided to join them as they only had a few days before the ‘party’ in San Francisco.

Trey lay his head further up Alex’s chest, giggling, “Ok, no more cheating.”

“So you can’t hear what I’m thinking?…” Said Alex to himself.


Alex laughed, “I can’t get rid of you now, can I?”

Trey sat up and faced him, moving his face closer to his, “Not a chance, Lieutenant.” He said, before he kissed Alex softly. He pulled back and stared at Alex, who started to blush.


“You, you’re too cute, Alexis.” He whispered, before he leaned forwards and kissed the tip of his nose. “It’s like I wanna put you in my pocket or something. Take you everywhere.”

Alex giggled, “I’d want
you in my pocket.”

Trey smiled, “You’re just perfect to me.” He said, “I wouldn’t change a thing.” He added, as they kissed again briefly.

Alex pulled back and grinned, “I still can’t believe about the promotion.”

“Why’s it so hard to believe? You saved our asses with your piloting.”

“Yeah but…you could have done the same.” He replied.

Trey shook his head, “I wasn’t the one in that seat, Alex. You were. I don’t think I could have pulled that off.” He said softly, kissing Alex’s hand, “You’re brilliant. You deserve the promotion.”

Alex smiled, “Thank you. I think I can live with being a Lieutenant now.”

“You better.” Said Trey, “Unless you start ordering me about.”

Alex wiggled his eyebrows at that, “Oh, how the tables have turned, Betazoid!”

Trey smirked at him, “Why? What are you going to order me to do?”

Alex looked at him, thinking about his answer in his head.

Trey peered into his mind and blushed, biting his bottom lip. He glanced up at Alex, “Is that an order, Sir?”

Alex reached down and interlaced his fingers with Trey’s, “You bet.”

Trey stared at him for a moment, before he leaned closer and kissed Alex gently. He pulled back, staring into his blue eyes, before he moved in again. Alex reached out and pulled Trey closer, but stopped suddenly when he heard Jake bark, and running through the house, indicating that Trey’s parents had returned home. Alex pulled back, giving Trey a look, before he dropped to the floor, rubbing Jake’s belly.

“I’ll give you a rain check on that order, Sir.” Said Trey quietly with a small smile.

Alex turned to him and winked, “Good.”

“Hi guys.” Called out Trey’s dad as he entered the room.

“Hiya.” They replied.

“Have a good walk?” Asked Trey.

He nodded, “It was fine, we were just thinking about what to have for dinn-“ He began, before an alarm was heard. Someone was hailing the house.

Trey sat up and faced the viewer, “Computer who is hailing us?”

“H’Jan Li.” Replied the voice.

Alex stood up and sat next to Trey.

“Computer, open the channel.” Said Trey.

There was a slight pause before the screen turned on, revealing H’Jan sitting there. “Hi guys!” He called out.

“Hey!” They replied.

“How are you?” Asked Trey.

He nodded, “I’m great, how are you two?”

“We’re fine. Just hanging out on Earth now.” Said Alex.

“Really? Me too.” He said, “Where are you guys?”

“Iowa.” Replied Trey, “Where are you?”

“Chicago. I’m staying with my cousins here.”

Trey smiled, “You’re just up the road, come over man, it’d be great to see you.”

“You sure? I wouldn’t wanna intrude.”

Alex shook his head, “No, come on. We can hang out and stuff.”

He thought for a moment and nodded, “Alright then. Send me your house ID and I’ll beam over.”

Trey picked up a small console and sent him the information, “There, come over whenever you’re ready.”

He nodded, “Ok, I’ll be over in a minute. See you.”

“Bye.” They replied, before they closed the channel.

Alex looked at the clock, “It’s almost midnight in England, too late to call Kai & T’Luk.”

“Yeah.” Said Trey, “Hey, at least we’re all on Earth now. We can have some meet up or something tomorrow.”

“Cool.” Smiled Alex, “And in a few days we have that party…”

“That we do.” He said, thinking, “I wonder if we have to wear our dress uniforms.”

Alex looked at him closely.

Trey noticed the look and peered into Alex’s mind.

“I wanna see you in your dress uniform.” He thought.

Trey smiled,
“I wanna see you in yours.” He paused, “Especially to see the way your cute little-“

He began, before the doorbell rang.

Trey looked at Alex and finished the message, causing him to blush, “I’ll get it!” He called out, as he stood up and walked over. He opened the door, revealing H’Jan standing there.

“Hey buddy.” He said, grinning at him.

Trey reached out and shook his hand, “It’s been too long, H’Jan. It’s great to see you.” He said, “Come in.” He beckoned.

“Thanks. I was surprised to hear that you were both here. I thought you were still on Betazed.” He said, as Alex appeared.

“Hey H’Jan! How’s it going?”

He nodded, “Yeah, I’m great, how are you? Not annoying Trey too much, I hope.”

Trey laughed at that.

“I don’t
annoy him!” He replied, “But I’m great.”

Trey led them into the kitchen, “Want something to drink, H’Jan?”

“Sure, if you don’t mind.”

“Something with synthehol?”

“That’d be great, thanks.”

Alex turned to him, “So what you doing on Earth anyway? I thought you said you’d call when you were coming over.”

He smiled, “I wanted to surprise you.” He said, “Anyway, it’s lucky I was here early. You’d never guess who paid me a visit.”

Trey handed him a drink, “Was it Captain Riker, by any chance?”

H’Jan took the glass, “Thanks. And yeah, it was the Captain. How’d you know?”

“What did he say to you first?” Asked Alex.

“He congratulated me for my work on the ship, during the attack, how I saw through the terrorists plan.” He said, taking a sip of his drink, before he grinned.

“What else did he say?”

“He…erm…” H’Jan looked at them, “He’s been here too, hasn’t he?”

Trey placed his hands on Alex’s shoulders, “Yeah, but he only wanted to speak to Alex.”

“Well, what’d he say, H’Jan?” Asked Alex.

“He said that he put my name forward for promotion.” He said tentatively, “Is that what he said to you?”

Alex nodded quickly, “Yeah!”

H’Jan looked over at Trey, “But not you?”

He shook his head, “Not this time. But just you wait, the next time we’re called to action, I’ll be the centre of attention.”

The other two laughed at that.

“You’re already centre of attention.” Thought Alex.

“I heard that!” Replied Trey aloud.

H’Jan looked at him, confused for a second, “Oh, you guys are doing that whole ‘magic’ thing again?”

“It’s not magic, it’s his Betazoid goodness!” Said Alex.

Trey poked him in the ribs lightly, “That flattery isn’t going to make me forget what you said.”

H’Jan shook his head, “We need to stick these lights on you guys. So they start flashing when you’re ‘communicating’.”

Trey laughed, “That’d be crazy! Could you imagine that?”

“Hey, did you hear about Kai & T’Luk? On the Vega?” Piped in Alex.

He nodded, “Yeah. I received their memo they sent, and I heard on the news about the attack.” He smiled, “They seem to always be involved in the action.”

Alex giggled, “It’s T’Luk I feel sorry for. Being dragged all over the place, poor guy.”

“I don’t think he minds, as long as he’s with Kai that is.” Replied H’Jan.

“Yeah, that’s true.”

Trey’s dad appeared at the door, “Hey guys.”

“Hi, Dad.” Began Trey, “Here, come and meet H’Jan.”

His Dad smiled, “So this is the H’Jan who can build a starship from an isolinear chip and a pocket knife?”

H’Jan smiled at him, “I’m not so sure about that, but I’m H’Jan.” He said, reaching out his hand, “It’s good to meet you.”

“You too.” He said, before looking at Trey, “Dinner’s about to be served. Would you like to join us, H’Jan?”

H’Jan glanced at Trey and Alex, who were nodding at him, “Sure, that’d be great. Thank you.”

“No problem.” He said, “Come through when you’re ready guys.”

Trey nodded, “We will.”

His dad turned and left the room.

Trey turned to H’Jan, “We’re not keeping you, are we?”

He shook his head, “Not at all. But just remember that you can kick me out whenever you want.”

Trey laughed, “Don’t worry, I won’t throw you out. Well, not yet anyway.”

H’Jan shoved him lightly, “Shut up.”

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