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A Vulcan’s Love
-By Emulated

Chapter 28: My Love

I watched him spin around for me. “Do it again.” I said.

T’Luk spun around once more, showing me his Dress Uniform.

While I was a massive fan of the current standard Starfleet uniform, I adored the dress uniform. It was the way in which it captured a really smart, classy, and functional look, while also oozing professionalism. Of course, once T’Luk slipped it on it became several degrees better looking.

“You look really good, T’Luk.”

He nodded, sweeping his eyes over my dress uniform, “You too.”

It was early in the evening on the night of the party at San Francisco. Seeing as it would have been quite a change in time difference had T’Luk and I just beamed over from my house, Casey offered to let us stay at his place near Yellowstone National Park. In doing so we arrived the day before, giving us enough time to adapt to the time difference. It was also quite good a decision as it meant that we were all in North America, with H’Jan, Alex and Trey up in Ohio, and the rest of us at Casey’s place.

Convenience aside, it was a real treat to spend some time visiting some parts of the National Park. It also helped show the stark contrast into what was seen as ‘natural beauty’ on Earth, as opposed to that on Vulcan. It was impossible to decide on a favourite between the two, as they were equally as appealing and rich in their own unique ways.

Knock Knock

“Come in.” I called out, facing towards the door.

The door opened, and in stepped Laura, also wearing her dress uniform. “Wow, look at you two! You look so handsome!”

I smiled, “Thanks, Laura.” I said, taking a moment to look her over, “Looking as beautiful as always.”

“Indeed, your hair is of significant brilliance.” Added T’Luk.

She laughed, flashing us a toothy smile, “Thank you, guys!”

“You’re most welcome.” I replied, “Is your gentleman ready yet?”

She shook her head, “No. My gentleman isn’t as efficient as yours. He’s still admiring himself in the mirror.”

I laughed, “That doesn’t surprise me.”

She nodded, “Have you heard from the other guys yet?”

“Yes, we’re going to meet them outside the Academy’s entrance, before we go to the party.” Replied T’Luk.

She glanced up at the clock on the wall, “Ok, so we have about ten-minutes.” She said, walking towards the door, “I’ll go get Cas-“

“And here’s my Princess!” Remarked Casey, as he entered the room, hugging Laura from behind.

“I was just coming to get you.” She replied, “We gotta leave in a minute.”

He grinned at us, “I’m here now, and ready too.”

I glanced him up and down, he looked really good in his dress uniform, and had a nice, gelled look to his hair. “Yeah...” I said, looking at Laura, “He cleans up pretty good, given enough time.”

They laughed at that, “Like you can talk, I bet you had T’Luk do your hair like that!” He retorted.

I grinned, looking at T’Luk, “Yeah, actually he did.” I replied, recalling T’Luk’s long fingers working on my head as he gelled up part of my hair, which I had recently cut shorter. “But he didn’t take an hour to do it!”

Laura laughed, “You’re not gonna win this one, Case, he’s right.” She said, as she walked out of the room.

“No he isn’t, wait!” He said, but she continued walking, he turned to me grinning, “We’ll finish this later!”

I giggled, “Sure, perhaps T’Luk could show you how to be more efficient in front of a mirror.”

T’Luk nodded, “Indeed, anything for a friend.”

Casey laughed aloud, “Come on, lets get to this party.”

“Yep, lets go.” I said, before I followed him out of the guest bedroom and into the lounge, where Laura was working on a console near to the front door of the house.

“I’ve requested a beam out to transport us to Starfleet Academy.” She said, facing the console, “Computer standby to energise.”

The computer chirped to acknowledge her.

“You guys ready?” She asked, as Casey stood next to her.

I nodded, “Yep.”

“I am ready.” Replied T’Luk, before he turned to me, offering his right arm.

I smiled at him as I hooked my arm around his, facing towards the door.

Casey did a similar thing to Laura, with her holding onto his arm.

“Computer energise.” She ordered, causing the four of us to me beamed out of the house, and beamed down outside the Academy entrance.

It was quite a nice temperature outside, perhaps a little on the cold side, but nice and refreshing. In front of us were the steps that led up to the entrance, and behind us was the bay of San Francisco. It was a beautiful city. From the new architecture, to the Golden Gate Bridge, to the calming effect of the water, it was great. And just being there with T’Luk, at that time of the day, put a romantic spin on the evening. Making everything all the more special.

“Hey, guys!” Came H’Jan’s voice.

I looked to the left to see H’Jan, Alex, and Trey walking towards us. All of them dressed in the same pearly white uniform as us, “Heya, how are you guys?” Called out Casey as we greeted each other.

“Yeah, we’re good.” Nodded Trey.

I reached out and placed a hand on Alex’s shoulder, “So what about you?” I asked, looking at Trey, “Has he been treating you good?”

Alex laughed, “He’s been great.”

I smiled at him. It was clearly evident on Alex’s face that he was a lot happier and...content than usual. But more than that, he seemed to be more at ease around Trey, as though they’d gotten past that initial stage when hormones are flowing through at warp speed. They could now take things a little slower and enjoy them one thing at a time.

“Hey, guys.” Smiled H’Jan, as he shook our hands, “How are you two doing?” He asked.

“We are very well, thank you, H’Jan. How are you?” Asked T’Luk, “Did you enjoy your stay on Trill?”

“Yeah, I had a good time there, great to see family and stuff.” He smiled, “But I’m pleased to be back with you guys.”

I nodded, “It should be quite an evening.”

“So, does anyone know where this party is?” Asked Casey, looking about.

Trey nodded, “Yeah, it’s over in one of the halls.” He called out, pointing to our left, away from the Golden Gate Bridge.

“You guys good to walk?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Replied H’Jan, with the others nodding, and agreeing.

I turned to T’Luk, tightening my grip on his arm, “Lets go.”

We walked down to the water’s edge, and then alongside it, heading for the halls. It was while we were walking along the path could we see many other people heading in the same direction, all wearing their white uniforms. It wasn’t that far a walk, about five minutes, but it was nice to stroll through Starfleet grounds with T’Luk next to me. I looked up at him and grinned, hoping that we’d have a great evening together.

We reached one of the halls, the largest one, to see people standing outside, ushering us in. They seemed to be checking everyone in, presumably to stop the place from being overcrowded, but I did spot some people entering with Academy uniforms, so they certainly had some ‘extra spaces’ left.

“Name, rank, and posting, please.” Asked the usher, looking at T’Luk and me.

“Kai Taylor, Ensign, USS Titan.” I replied.

“T’Luk, Ensign, USS Titan.” Added T’Luk.

His PADD chirped and he smiled, “Have a great evening.”

“Thank you.” I replied, as T’Luk nodded at him.

We stepped inside the huge structure, and looked about. The place was massive! As though there was room for thousands of people, mind you, seeing as the
Titan had almost a thousand crew herself, it made sense to have it in a large enough location. There was already quite a few people there. So it seemed that we had arrived at just the right time.

At one end of the hall, on a stage, was a live band playing some nice, chilled out/jazz type music, with a dance floor in front of them. On the opposite end was a large buffet/restaurant type area, with Chefs and waiters! On either side of the hall, and in parts of the centre were hundreds of tables, all ready for people to sit down, and also with waiters walking about. And finally, down the centre of the hall was a empty isle so you could walk from one end to the other without brushing past people. It was really well laid out and the somewhat darkened lighting instantly set the mood for the evening.

“Doesn’t this look fancy?” Asked Laura.

“Indeed, most impressive.” Replied T’Luk.

Casey clasped his hands, “So, should we grab some tables, and grab some drinks?”

“Sure, sounds good.” I replied.

Alex smiled, “Yeah, I could do with some Bolian tonic, how about you, Kai?” He teased.

I shook my head at him, looking at T’Luk, “I’m in the mood for some Gokund.”

“As am I.” He replied.

We walked further into the hall and picked out some tables. They were quite big, so we could all fit around one.

“Can I get some drinks for you?” Asked the waitress, a Human about our age.

Casey nodded, “That’d be great.”

She smiled, “Everything is replicated here, so if you’d prefer something fresh, you can get them up at the food area.” She said, pointing up the hall.

Casey shook his head, “No, I think we’re all fine with replicated beverages...” He replied, looking at us for confirmation.

We all nodded.

“What can I get for you, Sir?” She asked.

“A glass of Chilean red wine for Laura, and a beer for myself, please.”

“Certainly.” She nodded, entering the information into a PADD, before looking up at T’Luk.

“Two glasses of Gokund, please.” He ordered, gesturing to me and himself.

She nodded and continued around the table, collecting the orders, before she looked up at us, “Just mind your hands for a second.” She said.

I glanced down and watched as our drinks were beamed in on the table, with my Gokund in front of me, and everyone else getting their respective drink.

“Now THAT was fancy.” Remarked Alex, as we were all equally as impressed.

The waitress smiled and stepped back, “Enjoy your drinks and have a great evening.”

“We will, thank you.” Called out Trey.

“Let us have a toast.” Said T’Luk, raising his glass, causing us to do the same. “To friends, family, and partners.” He said, “And to the crew of the Titan.”

“Cheers.” I called out, tapping my glass against his.

“Yeah, cheers!” Called out the others, knocking the glasses together lightly.

I took a sip of the Gokund and looked at T’Luk, “That was really nice of you.”

He nodded at me, squeezing my hand. “It felt right.”

I grinned at him for a moment, before Casey spoke.

“I’m gonna go and see what they’re cooking up over there.” He said, patting his stomach.

“Yeah, I’ll go with you.” I replied.

It turned out that H’Jan, Alex, and Trey had eaten a little later than we had, so they were content with staying put, so the rest of us headed over to the restaurant/buffet section of the hall. It was only a little walk up there, through a sparse crowd of people, with friends/colleagues talking to each other and such. I kept on looking about, to see if I recognised anyone, and while I did recall some of the faces from the Titan, no one particularly stood out. Until someone recognised me...

“Gentlemen.” Came that familiar deep voice from behind me.

I grinned as I turned around, “Raylis!” I exclaimed, causing T’Luk to turn around.

Raylis smiled, “It’s good to see you again, guys.”

I nodded, “Likewise. But this really is a surprise! Captain Riker said you weren’t gonna be here for a month!”

“I asked Captain Riker to keep it quiet, I wanted to surprise you guys.”

“Indeed, it is quite unexpected.” Remarked T’Luk.

I looked at his Academy uniform, “So how are you? In the Academy already?”

“Yes. I started early last week, aside from that, I’m very well. How are you two? I heard about the attack on the Vega.”

“Yeah, things got a little hectic back there, but we’re back on shore leave now.” I replied, looking at him, “Anyway, the others will love to see you.”

“I can see Casey and Laura.” He said, glancing ahead, “I’m going to go and say hello.”

I smiled, “Go on, surprise them too.”


It was about twenty-minutes later, while T’Luk and I were sitting down, eating our food, did we get recognised again. But this time it was someone who recognised T’Luk.

“T’Luk!” Came a woman’s voice.

I looked up to see a Bolian female staring down at him.

He stood up, wiping his mouth, “Hatlan, it is-“ He began, before she reached out and hugged him

“It’s so good to see you again.” She said, before she pulled back and looked at him timidly, “Oops, sorry!” It was when she stood back did I recognise her as one of T’Luk’s close friends from the Academy, and subsequently on the USS Nova.

I stood up, ready to meet her.

He nodded, “It is quite alright. It is equally as good to see you too, Hatlan.” He said, before he gestured me to come closer, “I have someone I would like you to meet. This is my partner, Kai Taylor. And Kai, this is Hatlan, a close friend.“

Hatlan reached out and shook my hand, “It’s great to finally meet the famous Kai Taylor who captured the heart of T’Luk.”

“Likewise, T’Luk’s told me many stories about his time on the Nova.”

She gave T’Luk a smile, “Has he now?” She asked rhetorically, “I bet he made out that I was the naughty one.” She said playfully.

I laughed nodding, “He did mention that you two used to have fun, yes.”

Hatlan grinned, patting T’Luk’s arm, “He is one unique Vulcan.” She said, leaning close to me, “Don’t you let go of him.”

I flashed her a smile, “I won’t.”

“Please.” Gestured T’Luk with his hand, “Join us.”

She smiled again, taking a seat opposite us, “Thank you.” She said, looking at T’Luk, “So how have you been? Last I heard was from the letter you sent from Vulcan.”

“I have been quite busy during the past couple of weeks.” He replied, looking at me, “We both have.” He said, “What about you? How are things progressing on the Nova?”

“It’s going really good, got a few new crew members on a month or so ago.” She smiled, “And one really cute Rigelian too.” She said looking about, “He’s here somewhere...”

T’Luk nodded, “Are you dating him?”

“Kind of, he’s a little quiet, you know. Much quieter than you ever were.”

I laughed at that. For any ordinary bystander, it would have sounded like T’Luk was the ‘Casey’ of the USS Nova, but I knew what she meant. She was referring to him not being like the ‘average’ Vulcan. Way to go T’Luk, for being unique!

“You always befriended the ‘quieter’ ones.” He replied.

She giggled, “Because they’re the ones who are most fun.” She replied, looking at me, “So what about you, Kai, how did you sweep T’Luk off his feet?”

I swallowed some of my food and smiled at her. My mind instantly flashed back to that moment in the corridor when I collided with T’Luk, the first time I had ever laid my eyes on him. My mind then flashed to the image of us under the spray of the shower on the holodeck, where we first kissed. “I read him poetry.” I replied.

She laughed, “Really?”

T’Luk shook his head, “No, he didn’t.” He said, looking at me, “He just...he was just himself.” He replied, “That is what I fell in love with.”

I beamed at him, biting my bottom lip, using all my self-control to stop a tear from rolling down my cheek. I reached out and squeezed his hand under the table, wanting it to be our own special little moment.

“You two are so cute!” Grinned Hatlan, “And T’Luk...quite a romanticist I see.”

“I try.”

She laughed, “And comedian too. I’ve never heard you make a joke before.”

I smiled, “Oh, you should see him on the Titan, he’s always having people in fits of giggles.”

“Yeah?” She asked, looking at him, “Perhaps I should pay you a visit over on that ship.” She paused, “Once it’s repaired of course.”

“Indeed.” Replied T’Luk, “How is your brother? I believe he would have recently graduated from the Academy.”

She nodded, “Yep, he graduated a few months back. He’s serving on the Earth Spacedock at the moment, before he’ll be transferred over to the Antares Ship Yards.”

“How is he finding it so far?” I asked.

“He’s really enjoying it. Much better than being in the Academy he says.” She replied.

“Yeah, it was similar with me. I just preferred being out there, learning for myself, rather than being taught.” I added, sipping some of my Gokund, before I noticed a Rigelian approaching Hatlan. Rigelians were somewhat unique in appearance, and while they shared a similar look to Humans in size and general feature set, they were still different. They were somewhat reptilian in nature, but only very slightly. Their skin colour was generally a light green/grey colour, and they had these upper ‘bumps’ instead of eyebrows. Culture-wise they were quite a passive people, and had been part of the Federation from a very early beginning.

He lowered his face near her ear, so he wouldn’t have to shout, “So that’s where you were hiding.”

She turned around, grinning at him, “Hi, how are you?” She asked, obviously knowing who he was. I quickly put one and one together realising that he must have been the Rigelian that she was talking about earlier, the one who she liked. And I had to say, she was right. He was cute.

He nodded, glancing at T’Luk and me, “I’m ok, how are you?”

I’m great. Hey, Donoa, I have some people I’d like you to meet.” She said, “This is T’Luk, you know, the guy who I’ve spoken about.”

“Yes. It is good to meet you, T’Luk.” He smiled, reaching out and shaking his hand.

Hatlan turned to me, “And this is his partner, Kai.”

I shook his hand, “Nice to meet you. Hatlan was speaking about you earlier.”

“Was she?” He asked, causing Hatlan’s eyes to widen, and her cheeks darken in colour.

“Indeed.” Remarked T’Luk, “She said that you were a very...efficient officer.”

He smiled at her, “You are far too kind to me, Hatlan.” He said.

“Nonsense!” She replied, “I am simply being kind in return.”

He grinned, and focused on her, “I was actually wondering if you were hungry.” He said, “The food does look delicious.”

I smiled at them. It was clear from the way that he was asking her, and her reaction, that there was some magic going on between them. I glanced over at Alex and Trey, who were sitting at an adjacent table, talking to some of their old friends. Given what we had all gone through over the past few months, it was nice to be surrounded by something calming, loving and tender. To see friends catching up, couples be together, couples come together. Not forgetting, of course, the species who shared more than one partner. It was all a beautiful thing, one that I was grateful to be part of, thanks to my Vulcan prince.

I felt him squeeze my hand, without him even looking at me. He must have been sensing my emotions. I squeezed back gently.

“Yes, I’d love to.” She replied, “I mean, yes, I’m hungry.”

He grinned at her, “Great.” He said, turning to T’Luk and me, “I hope you don’t mind me taking Hatlan for a while.”

“Not at all.” Replied T’Luk, “Just bring her back before twelve.”

I laughed aloud at that, before I leaned over and kissed his cheek, “You comedian!”

Donoa, realising that T’Luk was joking smiled, “Thanks.”

Hatlan stood up, “I’ll come by and see you guys later. It’s great seeing you again, T’Luk. You too, Kai.”

“Yeah, see you, Hatlan.” I called out.

“Bye.” Added T’Luk, before they walked off, heading towards the restaurant area.

I squeezed T’Luk’s hand again, “Back before twelve? Is that part of your, ‘what are your intentions with my son, slash, daughter’ speech?”

He faced me, “I have not yet written that speech. But perhaps I could recycle that line.”

“MmHmm, you do that my Prince.” I said, before I finished my drink, “Hey, I’m going to go get another drink, a fresh one, would you like anything?” I asked, getting out of my seat.

He thought for a moment, before standing, “I will come with you. I would like to sample some of their strawberry ice cream.”

I giggled, “I’ll get it for you.”

He shook his head, “I do not mind, Kai.”

“Ok. Lets go.”

T’Luk and I walked from our table and headed up to the restaurant area. It had become noticeably more crowded since we first arrived in the hall, but there was still more than enough room to move about. We entered into the restaurant area and took a look at all the desserts that were available. They seemed to have had a little bit of everything there, including numerous Human, and Vulcan desserts. T’Luk went ahead and procured some chocolate ice cream for me, and some strawberry ice cream for himself, while I went and fetched us some fresh Gokund.

Once we had our food and drinks, we headed back to our table. I put down the drinks, but just as I was about to sit down someone called out my name.

“Mr Taylor.” Came a voice.

I turned around, my lips curling up in a grin, “Justin!?”

He smiled and pulled me into a hug, “You bet. It’s been a long time, Dude!”

I pulled back, noting his new hairstyle, “Yeah, it has.”

His eyes shot to T’Luk, “So this is the Vulcan Prince that Mal has spoken about?”

I grinned, turning to T’Luk, “Yes, this is my partner, T’Luk. T’Luk, this is Justin Evans, I think I have mentioned him to you.” I joked.

Justin looked at me, “I hope you’ve mentioned me!” He said offering his hand to T’Luk, “It’s great to meet you, T’Luk.”

T’Luk shook his hand, “Indeed, it is good to meet you.”

“Please, take a seat, how have you been, Justin?”

He smiled and sat down, “Yeah, I’m ok. A little tired though, only arrived here this morning.”

“From the station?” I asked, implying Deep Space Nine, the space station where Justin worked.

“Yeah.” He replied, “But it’s alright, well worth the trip.”

I nodded, as I tasted some of the chocolate ice cream, “I’m pleased to hear that, mate. So you liking it over there, on the frontier of the Federation?”

“You bet, there’s so much to do, and always something new going on. Not to mention the station.” He grinned, “It’s HUGE!” He paused, “What about you two, what’s life like without a ship? I bet you feel lost.”

“Yeah, a little.” I replied, looking at T’Luk, watching him eat his ice cream, “But it’s good to have some time off, you know? Besides, I got to spend some time on Vulcan.”

Justin turned to T’Luk, “So how’s life with Kai? I hope he’s treating you well.”

T’Luk swallowed, “Life is very enriching at the moment. I have Kai to thank for that.”

Justin shot me a look that just screamed, ‘Oh wow! Isn’t he the cutest thing ever!’

I giggled, “I treat T’Luk very well.”

T’Luk put the spoon in his empty bowl and looked at us, “If you will excuse me, I am going to get some more ice cream. Would either of you like anything?”

I shook my head, “I’m fine, thanks.”

Justin smiled at him, “No, I’m ok.”

T’Luk nodded, stood up, and walked away with his bowl.

“I was going to say, who’s the hottie?” Laughed Justin.

I looked back at him, “Huh?”

“T’Luk. He’s gorgeous!”

I giggled, “He is a stunner, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, he is. And from what Mal’s said, he’s quite the gentleman too.”

“He’s incredible, Justin. Really great.” I smiled.

“And ice cream? A Vulcan eating ice cream?”

“T’Luk is anything but your average Vulcan.” I replied, “So what about on your end? Anyone special?”

He shook his head, “Not for a while.”

“No?” I asked, “Not with all those Bajorans nearby? Or some mysterious beauties from the wormhole?”

He laughed, “There was one guy, but things never worked out.”

“I’m sorry.”

He smiled, “Don’t be, besides, I have my eye on someone.” He said, gesturing with his hand.

I turned around, looking at the crowd of people behind me, “Who you pointing at?”


“Sounds Klingon.” I remarked, looking at the crowd.

“It is.”

I faced him, “Yeah?”

He nodded, smiling.

“I gotta meet him.” I said, turning around again, immediately noticing a young Klingon a few metres away. I looked back at Justin, “Is that him?”

“Yeah.” He said, before he stood up and looked over, “Captain Kurgot!”

The Klingon faced us, a smile appearing on his face as he walked over.

“Captain? He’s a Captain?” I asked, surprised, “He looks younger than me.”

“He’s about our age.” He replied, before he stood up, “Kurgot, this is Kai Taylor, and Kai, this is Kurgot.”

“Ah, yes, Mr Taylor!” He remarked, as I stood up, “I recall that name.” He said, gripping onto my forearm, as I gripped his in the Klingon equivalent of a handshake, “It is good to meet you.”

“Yeah, you too, Kurgot.” I replied, looking at his rank, “I don’t get it though, why’d he call you Captain?”

He laughed aloud, “Captain is a running-joke of your friend here. I am a Sergeant.”

“Join us, Kurgot.” Said Justin as we sat down.

“So how do you two know each other? Are your ships on patrol around Deep Space Nine, or something?” I asked, looking at Kurgot

He nodded, “Yes. We have a strong force stationed near to the wormhole!”

Justin laughed.

“What?” Warned Kurgot.

Justin looked at me, “They have three ships.” He said, “Not a strong force.”

Kurgot placed a palm heavily on the table, “Ha! Three that you can see!”

“I manage the Klingon fleet deployments around DS9, I think I’d know if you had cloaked ships.” Replied Justin, raising his eyebrows.

Kurgot laughed, turning to me, “He has the heart of a Human but the spirit of a Klingon!” He remarked, turning to him, “You might be right my Starfleet friend, but I cannot disclose that with you.”

“Not even if I say ‘please’?”

“No.” Grunted Kurgot, “However, another blood wine would be much appreciated.”

Justin sat back, “Who are you, the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire?” He teased.

I laughed at them, “Easy there, guys.”

“Do remain calm, Mr Taylor. Justin’s insults could not hurt me!” He said.

Justin giggled, “Oh yeah..” He began, before he flexed his bicep, “What about this then, huh? Scared now?”

“What is that?!” He asked, “There is more meat on a single Gagh!” He retorted. Gagh was a Klingon delicacy consisting of, well, Gagh was a plate of worms. Live worms.

Justin just winked at him.

“So, are you seeing anyone, Kurgot?”

He shook his head, “No.”

“No?” I asked, “Not even anyone you like?”

“Indeed, there is a certain someone who my heart yearns for, however I am not sure.” He replied.

“Still, you could always give it a chance, see where it’d go.” I replied, when it suddenly dawned on me that I was giving relationship advice to a Klingon. I guess stereotypes die hard after all.

“Yes! And I plan to!” He called out, “What about you, Kai Taylor? Are you with a mate?”

I nodded, “Yeah, his name is T’Luk, he’s Vulcan.”

“Ah, Vulcans!” Spoke Kurgot, “I have fine respect for them. Very honourable people!”

I smiled, “That they are.”

“Yes! They can subdue fear from within even when faced with a great opponent! That takes honour!”

I looked up and noticed two other Klingons appear behind Kurgot, “Kurgot!” One of them called out, causing him to turn around.

“My friends!” He called out.

“Come, we have a barrel of blood wine to enjoy!”

Kurgot looked at Justin who just waved his hand, “Go on, go have your drink.”

“I will be back in due time!” He replied, turning to me, “Kai Taylor.” He said, bidding farewell as he stood up.

“Kurgot.” I nodded, watching as he walked off with his friends, before I turned to Justin, “He seemed nice.” I replied, “And I’m liking the back-chat, very Klingon of you.”

He smiled, “He knows I put it on, but he likes it.”

I grinned at him and leaned forwards, “You know, it’s good if you two get together, but you do know about Klingon mating rituals...”

He laughed, “I’d make him go easy...besides...” He began, leaning towards me, “I hear they’re the same as us...” He glanced downwards, “Down there, but ‘ridged’.”

“Justin!” I exclaimed, causing him to giggle again, “And you know this how?” I asked, “People have been saying stuff about Klingons down there for years.”

He wiggled his eyebrows, “I have my sources.”

I rolled my eyes, “Sure you do.” I said, “Still, he seems like a great guy.”

“He is.” He replied.

I stared at him.


“Well...” I beckoned.

Justin laughed, “Well what? What are you trying to say?”

“Are you the one who he’s interested in?” I asked

He shook his head, “I dunno. Probably not.”

“What? Why? Because you’re a guy?”

He shrugged, “Could be. Or it could be someone else all together.”

“I dunno...” I began, “He wasn’t making eye contact with you when he spoke about that.” I paused, “Why don’t you ask him out?” I asked, noting that T’Luk had taken a seat next to Laura and Casey, on a table near ours.

He thought for a moment, “There is a Klingon restaurant on the station, perhaps I cou-“

I shook my head, “Ask him today, tonight while you’re on Earth.”

Justin laughed, “Look at you trying to be, ‘Mr Matchmaker’!”

I raised my hands, “I’m just trying to help you out.” I replied, smiling at him.

He reached out and patted my shoulder, “I know man, I know.”

“Ladies, Gentlemen, and invited transgendered species, could I please have your attention.” Came a male voice from over near the stage, on a loudspeaker, causing the hall to quiet some.

I looked over in the direction of the stage, “Wonder what this is.” I replied.

“Indeed.” Remarked T’Luk, as he sat down next to me.

“In twenty-minutes we are due to have a small ceremony up on the stage, so if you could please make your way over for then, it would be most appreciated. Thank you.”

I looked at T’Luk, “Small ceremony? You don’t think...” I trailed off.

“It is possible.” He replied, “And Captain Riker never specified when we would officially receive the promotion.”

“Promotion? You guys getting promoted?” Asked Justin.

I nodded, “Yeah. Captain Riker told us earlier this week.”

“Congratulations, guys.” He said, shaking our hands.

“Thanks, man.”


I wouldn’t have called myself a very nervous person, but it was sitting there, behind the stage, did I begin to feel some nerves. On the whole it felt much like the day when I graduated, of course I actually had some idea that it would happen, but not for the promotion ceremony!

“I hope none of you are too inconvenienced by this.” Came Captain Riker’s voice as he appeared behind the stage.

Myself, along with the twenty other crew that had been chosen for promotion, from both the Titan and Intrepid, shook our heads.

“Good.” He replied, “I wanted to surprise you all. And while either myself, or Commander Caves told you earlier this week about the promotion, we did not specify where.” He paused, “And this is the reason why.”

A lieutenant came behind the stage, “We’re almost ready for you.” She said, as someone could be heard on the loudspeaker again.

I turned and looked at T’Luk, Alex, and H’Jan, “Well, this is it guys. We go on that stage as Ensigns, and come back as Lieutenants.”

They laughed, while T’Luk nodded in agreement.

The voice on the loudspeaker became clearer out the back towards us, evidently they had turned on a speaker, “And now, our first officer of the evening, Lieutenant Grace Moss.”

I looked down the line and watched as a woman stepped out and walked up the steps, as the audience clapped her on. The person on the speaker said a few other things, most likely issuing her with another pip, before the audience clapped.

This repeated over the next five-minutes, before Alex’s name was called out. You should’ve seen the look on his face. It was priceless. It was the look a young boy would have if you handed him the lead to a cute puppy. It was pure excitement. We watched as he walked up the stairs, received his reward and promotion, and waited on the other side.

The next person called was H’Jan, who grinned at us, before he walked up the steps. Once he received his pip, he was then followed by three other people, before T’Luk came next.

“Ensign T’Luk.”

I reached out and squeezed his hand, smiling at him.

He nodded back, before he walked up the stairs. I walked to my left slightly, noticing that I could see up to the stage, where I noticed Admiral Hayes standing there. It was his voice over the speakers.

“Ensign T’Luk, you receive this promotion because of your high standards, impressive work, and going beyond the call of duty on more than one occasion. In light of this I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.”

The audience clapped as he affixed another pip to T’Luk’s collar. I grinned madly as I watched it happen, feeling so very proud of him.

“Thank you, Sir.” He replied, before he walked off the stage.

“And last, but not least...” Began the voice.

I looked to my right, and then to my left, realising that I was the only person standing there.

“...Ensign Kai Taylor.”

I inhaled and exhaled, before I walked up the stairs. I felt hint of nerves as the audience clapped, before they disappeared somewhat, T’Luk was suppressing them again. I glanced out into the audience, seeing over a thousand people looking at me. I looked back across the stage, noting that Admiral Hayes was walking away, while Captain Riker was walking towards me, meeting me in the centre. I smiled at him, my cheeks aching at the side.

“Ensign Taylor, over the past four months you have demonstrated a high level of skill, intelligence, and resourcefulness.” He smiled, “Not only that, but by performing this work at an equal level of excellence, it gives me great pleasure in promoting you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.” He said, as he affixed a black pip next to my gold one, before shaking my hand, “Congratulations Lieutenant.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I replied, flashing him a toothy grin.

He nodded his head at me, before I walked around him and off the stage. With my body and mind feeling like I was on Cloud Nine...


It was about a half-hour after the ceremony when we were sitting together at the table, with Raylis joining us. After the previous events of the evening, the night seemed to have taken a different, more relaxed tone. The band was playing some slower music, and people were engaged in quieter conversation. It was really perfect.

T’Luk had gone to get some drinks for me and himself, namely some wine, while the rest of us were talking amongst ourselves. Casey leaned over, saying something to Laura, before she nodded. I watched as they both stood up, holding hands.

“Where you guys going?” Asked Trey.

Laura smiled, “To dance.” She replied, as they headed off towards the dance floor.

Trey looked at Alex, communicating with him telepathically, before they stood up and followed them hand in hand.

With just H’Jan, Raylis and myself sitting there, H’Jan looked at Raylis, “Do Gorns dance?”

Raylis nodded, “Yeah.”

H’Jan smiled before he stood up, offering his hand, “Come on then. You can show me some moves.”

Raylis laughed as he stood up, gripping H’Jan’s hand as they headed off.

I watched after them, wondering what a Goran dance looked like. Not only that, but seeing H’Jan and Raylis dance, given their differences in size, would have been something to see. Especially since they hadn’t practised or anything.

I sensed T’Luk’s presence as he sat down next to me, handing me a glass of wine. Synthehol, if you must know.

“Thanks, T’Luk.” I said, as I took a sip.

“You are welcome.” He replied, “Where is everyone else?”

I swallowed, “Over on the dance floor.”

T’Luk placed down his drink and offered his hand, “Would you like to dance?”

I looked at him, “Really?”

He nodded, “Yes.”

“Really?” I repeated. I’d never seen a Vulcan dance before, so I was intrigued to say the least, but even more so that T’Luk had asked me to dance with him. I’d have expected it to have been the other way around, and only after a lot of persuasion on my end.

“Yes, Kai. Really.” He replied, taking hold of my hand as he stood up.

I stood up with him and followed him over to the dance floor. I saw H’Jan and Raylis there, dancing quite well with each other, but I couldn’t see the other guys. T’Luk instinctively took the lead, as we began to dance. At first I had to keep looking up at his face, to see if it was really a Vulcan who I was dancing with...it was the way his motions were so fluid, so unlike the precise, calculated movements that he’d normally do. His eyes caught mine, and he leaned in, before we shared a small kiss.

We pulled back, “You dance really well.” I said to him.

“You too.” He replied.

His fluidity, and smooth motions started to get to me, but T’Luk tightened his grip and looked into my eyes. The heaviness in my boxers started to dissipate.

“There.” He said.

“What?” I asked.

He turned to me, “I suppressed that...urge.”


He nodded.

I smiled, “Thanks.”

Just as I said that, the music slowed, I looked at his face, before I rested my head on his shoulder. Our movements slowed too, as we drifted about the dance floor. I relaxed against him, feeling his body against mine. Captain Riker was right, we had done a lot in the past four months, but there was one thing that was unparalleled by everything else. T’Luk.

I glanced across the dance floor, catching sight of Alex and Trey, and Casey and Laura in the distance. As we moved around, Hatlan came into view, holding onto Donoa. I watched as he stroked the back of her neck, before kissing her cheek. I turned my head and faced T’Luk’s neck, inhaling softly. I felt so calm, content and secure. I could’ve stayed there with him forever.


We left the party about an hour later, T’Luk and I, that is. We all wanted to take different paths, but we agreed that we’d meet up sometime in the morning. I was fine with that. All I wanted to do was go somewhere with T’Luk where we could be alone.

There were a multitude of different hotels in San Francisco, all with generously sized rooms, and many overlooking the bay. T’Luk and I had such a room, with the stunning view, and perfect layout. But it wasn’t the bed, or the view that interested me. It was my Vulcan boyfriend who captured my heart and soul. It was T’Luk who I wanted.

We drew the curtains and dimmed the lights, making the room into our own little utopia. We’d stripped out of our clothes and were dressed in these white, fluffy dressing gowns. I sat at the sofa and glanced over at the table, my body shivering with anticipation, and my erection throbbing painfully, as I eyed the small dish of oil. I looked up and watched as T’Luk came over with the other stuff he’d replicated. A small bottle in one hand, and a small packet in the other. He placed them on the table, letting me look at them. A small bottle of alcoholic wine, and a packet of chocolate.

T’Luk picked up the bottle, unscrewing the lid, before pouring a generous amount into a glass on the table. I watched him as he picked up the chocolate and handed it to me.

“Break up the pieces.”

I broke the little squares up, not wanting to touch the chocolate.

T’Luk picked up the glass, holding it to my mouth. I tilted my head back slightly and drank a small amount. It was quite strong, but not overly so. I swallowed it down, licking my lips. I looked at T’Luk.

“How much do I need?” I asked.

“Just the glass.”

I nodded, looking down at the packet of chocolate, “How much do you need?”

He traced his finger down half the bar, “That much.” He said. We weren’t trying to get drunk, but we wanted to...feel something. T’Luk worked out how much we’d need for us to have just the right amount to experience something, yet not let us lose too much control. He looked at me, “Open it.”

I reached down with my fingers shaking slightly and opened the packet. I picked up a napkin and grabbed a strip of the chocolate, about a quarter of what he’d need. I held it out to him, careful not to touch it with my bare hands. He moved his mouth to the chocolate and bit into it. I watched as he chewed, and then swallowed, before he repeated it again with what was left.

“How does it taste?” I asked.

He reached out, pulling my face towards his and kissed me. I felt, and tasted, his chocolate tongue enter my mouth, as he shared the sweet essence with me. He pulled back, looking into my eyes, as he handed me the glass. I drank some more down, noting that I had half a glass left.

T’Luk picked up a single square of chocolate with the napkin and handed it to me. I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to do at first, but he moved closer to me, placing his hand on the back of my neck, before he held the square to my mouth. I took it inside, rolling it about my mouth with my tongue, before T’Luk inched closer and kissed me. I passed the chocolate into him and pulled back, watching as he chewed and swallowed. My erection throbbed at that, before I picked up the glass again.

I took another amount into my mouth. I looked into T’Luk’s eyes as I swallowed, wondering what else the night would hold.

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