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A Vulcan’s Love
-By Emulated

Chapter 29: Our Love

I looked across the table at him, peering deep into his beautiful dark brown eyes. I could’ve searched the universe forever and never found eyes as alive as his. The way they radiated warmth and love, making my heart flutter whenever he’d cast them upon mine. He was perfect. The previous night we spent together was perfect. We weren’t just making love, we were making something wonderful together. Something so wonderful that it was hard for me to contain my smile that morning. I couldn’t help but leave the grin plastered on my face. It wasn’t a problem though as T’Luk was quite the fan of my smile, so I made no effort to hide it from him.

“Thank you for last night...” He spoke softly, “It was amazing.”

I swallowed some of my milk, “It was amazing for me too.” I replied, thinking back to the evening.

It was a curious sensation, being in that void between full awareness and being drunk. It was as though things felt
less important. Not in a dangerous or offensive way, but it simply helped me let go. It was by letting go that allowed me to have such an amazing night with T’Luk. It was just the amazing way in that he moved his body. The way he could sense how and what to do, how to bring me to the heightened levels of pleasure. It was during that night, looking up at T’Luk’s face as he made love to me, did I realise that I’d found something far greater than anything I’d discover as an Astrophysicist. I had discovered love, true love. And it felt brilliant.

We shared another look, before we went back to our breakfast. I grinned again. It was just like when we were first seeing each other. The longing glances, the tickling in the stomach, hell, I even started to miss him, and he was sitting opposite me!

Perhaps it was because we’d reached a new stage in our relationship. Whether it was our evening at the party the night before, or what we had shared in the bed, we had moved to another place. I could feel it and I could sense that he felt the same.

I watched as T’Luk dipped some of his toast into the egg, before bringing it to his mouth and eating it. I found it curious that he’d eat an egg, as I wasn’t exactly sure what his ‘limits’ were as to his vegetarianism. “Do all Vulcan’s eat eggs?” I asked.

He swallowed, “Yes. Many do, but the eggs must be replicated.”

I nodded, “Kinda like Humans then. I mean we don’t specifically house chickens for food purposes, so any real eggs aren’t that easy to come by.”

“Indeed. However, there are no chickens on Vulcan. The closest animal we have is similar in appearance to an ostrich, only half the size.”

“So it’s the same with milk then, I’d assume?” I asked, recalling the time I spent at Vulcan, when T’Luk showed me some Yurdk, which were basically Vulcan cows.

“Yes. We do not raise any animals for food purposes.”

I nodded and ate some more of my toast, before I looked at him again, “Do you like jam?” I asked, “You must do.”

“Very much so, but I prefer something savoury for breakfast, so I only have it on occasion.”

“Yeah. I’m the same. But I do like chocolate spread too.” I replied, before I remembered about the night before. I smiled at him, “How do you feel, about last night?”

“About the chocolate?”


He thought for a moment, “It was an intriguing experience.” He replied, “Although I am glad I calculated the precise amounts, as I would not have been too pleased with a hangover.”

I laughed at that, shaking my head, “Yeah me too.” I said, “You got the amounts just right.” I grinned, “You got the better deal, though. The wine wasn’t that good, not as good as chocolate.”

“Indeed, however I’d much rather have your tolerance for cocoa, rather than my tolerance to alcohol.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Surely Laura could give you something, a hypospray perhaps?”

“I believe that one exists for that very purpose. I will be sure to ask her about it later.”

I smiled, “At least you can eat strawberries.”

“Yes. Had I been intolerant to those it would have been very...bad.”

I giggled, “You’re talking with a lot of emotion today. I hope you’re not drunk.”

He paused for a moment, “I could be.”

I cocked my head at him, “No, no you’re not.” I replied, letting out a giggle.

He finished up his juice, “I am not drunk, I am simply...” He looked at me, “Happy.”

“Happy? Really?”

He nodded, “It is proving quite hard to suppress, and I have not meditated in the last couple of days.”

“Please don’t let me stop you.”

He shook his head, “It is a pleasant...feeling.” He said, “I will meditate later.”

I raised an eyebrow at him, “You’re so hard to define, you know.”

“To define?” He asked.

“Yeah. Like if I were to write a book about you, or a story, it’d be hard to define you as a character.”

“I have never thought about that before” He said, “But the same could be said about you, Kai. You have many different...qualities.”

“Like my smile?” I asked.

“Yes. That is one of your greatest qualities.”

I grinned, “You know what your greatest quality is?”

He opened his mouth, but I knew what he was going to say so I cut him off.

“No, I was not going to talk about
those beauties, I was going to say your love.”

“My love?”

“Yes. Your love and your love for me.”


Earth, San Francisco

Yes, the Romulans arrived at the table this morning, only to say that they were leaving.” Came Admiral Hayes’ voice through the screen.

Becker raised an eyebrow, “Just like that?”

Hayes nodded, “It hasn’t come as that much of a surprise for us here on Vulcan. The Romulans have been dragging their feet in the talks for the past few weeks.” He paused, “This was the most likely outcome, at least they haven’t had us waiting around for much longer.”

“When are they departing Vulcan?” Asked Ive.

“They’re heading back to their ships now so it should be within the next twenty-minutes at the latest.”

Becker nodded, “What about escorts to the Neutral Zone?”

“Task force Foxtrot three have been on standby in the Vulcan system for that purpose. They will escort the diplomatic ships, along with the Tal Shiar warbirds back to the Neutral Zone.”

“Very well. We will monitor the situation from here.” Replied Ive.

“Good. I will be returning to Earth shortly and should arrive within three days. Hayes out.” He said, before he closed the channel.

Ive sat there for a moment, before looking at Becker, “How many Tal Shiar warbirds are currently in orbit of Vulcan?”

He looked on the monitor, “There are twelve Tal Shiar vessels are in orbit of Vulcan. They are the same twelve that initially crossed the Neutral Zone.” He replied.

“So they are the only Tal Shiar vessels in Federation space?” He asked, looking at Becker.

Becker turned to him, “Yes.”


Romulus, Omega-Zero- Twenty minutes later

Chairman Kozarr tapped on the unit next to him, "What is our status?" He ordered, looking down at one of the officers to his right.

"The diplomatic and Tal Shiar fleet has just left Vulcan. They should arrive here in two days." He replied, "Twenty Starfleet vessels are escorting them back."

Kozarr laughed, “They aren’t taking any chances.” He replied, before swallowing, drowning his humour, "What about Interception group- Omicron, any sign of Starfleet detecting them?"

"No, Sir." He said, "The three warbirds are under cloak and are still in orbit over Vulcan."

"Excellent." He remarked, turning to Vorath, "Send the message, tell them to proceed to their first target."

Vorath nodded, but paused, “Are you certain that this is the right course to take, Starfleet-“

“Will get in the way.” He replied, shifting in his seat, “We’ve gone over this Vorath. The senate agrees that this is the best solution.” He paused, “And given our recent...well, our lack of accomplishments when concerning diplomatic relations with the Federation, we have to be the ones to do this.”

“Ive is an honourable man.” She replied.

“Perhaps. But one honourable man is not enough...” He trailed off, facing the large viewscreen, "Send the message. It's time to complete this mission."


Ten days.” He said, “Ten days until she’s good to fly.”

“Really? That soon?” I asked.

He nodded, “The engineers at Regulus worked overtime to get her out sooner.” He replied, “She’s a new ship and they don’t like seeing new ships in dry dock.” He paused, “Makes it look bad on the rest of us engineers.”

It was about an hour after T’Luk and I had finished breakfast and we were sitting outside one of the hotels, basking in the sun. I say ‘we’ when in reality, it was only H’Jan and myself, as T’Luk and Raylis had headed off to the gym. I would have joined them but I wasn’t in the mood for something that physically demanding. But where I was sitting with H’Jan was nice. We had a nice view of the bay, including Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island. It really made me appreciate once again that Starfleet had picked a beautiful location for the Academy.

I shook my head at him, “As long as it gets me my room back sooner, I’ll be pleased.”

“You want to get back to work?”

I nodded, “Yeah. While it’s great to have all this time off, and to spend so much time with T’Luk, there becomes a point where I wanna get back to what I do, as a job.” I replied, “Stops me from feeling completely useless.” I joked.

He nodded over towards T’Luk, “I don’t think he’ll ever call you useless.” He said, looking at me closely, before a smile crept onto his face, “You two seem even close today, and T’Luk seems as though he’s only a few stages away from smiling himself. Did something happen that I should know about?”

I opened my mouth, but H’Jan interrupted me.

“I’m not taking about that.” He giggled, “I mean something else. Anything else. You both seem really ‘elated’.”

I smiled, “Well, aside from...what I can’t mention...” I said, raising my eyebrows, “Nothing special has happened, we’re just...happy.”

He laughed, “Oh, so you’re both reflecting back on how great your life is now?”

I swallowed some of my juice and nodded, “Something like that, yeah.” I looked about, “Any sign of the others yet?”

He nodded, “I saw Alex and Trey over in the swimming pool earlier.” He smiled, “They are dangerous together, them two.”

I smiled, “Yeah, they are.” I looked over H’Jan’s shoulder, noticing Alex and Trey walking up towards us, “Especially the Betazoid.” I said loudly, “He’s the real mastermind.”

“I don’t even need a superhero ability to have heard that one.” Replied Trey, telepathically, “Or heard T’Luk and yourself last night.”

I coughed at that and looked at him as he approached the table, “The damn cheek of you! We didn’t even stay in the same hotel!”

Trey looked at Alex, “Notice how he doesn’t even deny being loud.”

I watched as Alex sat down next to me, his blond hair still wet in places, “How are you, Alex?” I asked, “And what’s happened to Trey, he never used to be so vulgar!”

Alex laughed, “It was my idea.”

I buried my face in my hands and leaned towards the table, “Oh, someone help us!” I joked.

He laughed again, “I wanted T’Luk to hear it too, but he’s not here.”

I shook my head, “Yeah, he’s gone to the gym with Raylis.”

Trey looked at Alex, “You want something to drink, Hon?”

“Sure, I’ll have a...” He looked at my glass of Gokund, “Bolian tonic, just like Kai.”

I reached across, messing up his hair, “Shut up, you!”

He giggled and looked at Trey, “Just a latté, please.”

Trey nodded and headed over to the replicator.

I turned to H’Jan, “You think T’Luk and I are different this morning, what about these two? They’re hyperactive!”

H’Jan smiled, “Yeah. Too many sweets I bet.”

Alex shook his head, “We’re fine. Just in a good mood after yesterday at the party. It was great fun.”

“Yeah, it was.” I replied, “A good way to see everyone again.”

Trey returned with the latté for Alex and some tea for himself, “So do you guys know where Laura and Casey are?”

I looked over at H’Jan, as he had been there before T’Luk and I had arrived.

“No.” He replied, “I’m not sure if they went back home.” He said, “They’d have had the house to themselves, and it’s only a transporter trip away so...”

He nodded, “What about you, where’d you end up?”

H’Jan thought for a moment, “I just went to a hotel room and slept.”

Trey looked at him, “Don’t lie to me...” He smirked.

H’Jan laughed, “I was hoping you wouldn’t figure it out.”

“Dude, with a pause like that we all knew something was up.” I said, “So come on, spill.”

He smiled, “I met up with someone, “He began, “But it’s not what you think, we were just hanging out.”

“Where?” Asked Trey, smiling.

“Lake Armstrong.”

Alex looked at him, “What? You went to the Moon?”

He nodded, “I met up with a friend from the Academy. He said he’d show me about.” He smiled, “They have some amazing research centres up there.”

I frowned, “Wasn’t it too late to be looking at research centres?”

He shrugged, “One or two in the morning.” He said, “It was really cool, to hang about and stuff.”

“Looking at what, new warp drives or something?” Asked Trey.

H’Jan laughed, “No, I was kidding about the research centres.” He said, “But I did end up at the lake with some guys from the Academy. You get a nice view from up there.”

I smiled, “That you do. I remember my first time I looked back at Earth from there. Pretty amazing.”

Alex looked over my shoulder, “Here comes our resident Gorn and Vulcan.”

I glanced behind me, watching as T’Luk and Raylis headed over, “Hey guys, how was your workout?”

“It was very engaging.” Replied T’Luk.

“Yes, great fun.” Added Raylis, “T’Luk has an incredible amount of stamina.”

Trey nudged me, “Stamina, eh?”

“Yeah, an incredible amount of stamina.” I retorted, noting T’Luk giving this look that just spoke, ‘Damn right!’


Bolarus IX -(Bolian Homeworld)- Two days later

Nikk Zot leaned back in his chair, sipping some of his Raktajino; Klingon coffee. Zot had a good life, many friends, a nice house, an...established career. He didn’t have any family. They were uncalculated and unpredictable risks that he could not afford. Especially not in those troubling times.

They had lost everything......months of planning...gone...

He heard the faintest rustle behind him, before the disrupter was placed at his temple, but not before a hand came down, ripping his blue mask from his face, revealing the true person underneath...

The only sound was the glass smashing on the floor.


Earth, England

It had been two days since we left San Francisco, and T’Luk and I were back at my house in England. We had about a week before the Titan was supposedly finished with her repairs, but seeing as we heard no official word from Starfleet, I took it as a sign that we still had several days left of our shore leave.

T’Luk and I kept ourselves busy though, as we had helped out around the house like making meals for my parents or just helping out with any general home tasks. Of course, with my parents being the best in the galaxy, they told us not to worry about doing anything, that we should take the time to relax as it was our shore leave after all.

But at that moment, it was just T’Luk and me in the Jacuzzi at the back of our house. My parents were at work, so we had the place to ourselves, meaning that we could skinny-dip. I had done it a few times over the years, whenever my parents were out of the house, and it was always a great feeling. It did, however, make it really hard to concentrate on relaxing when I knew a naked T’Luk was just metres away.

I lay back my head and closed my eyes, surrendering to the gentle bubbles against my skin. I was still sporting an erection, but I vowed to let it pass, not wanting to ruin the tranquil moment I had with T’Luk. I squinted through my right eye, looking over at my Vulcan Prince. Like me, he was laying back and breathing gently. If it wasn’t for the bond, I could’ve sworn that he was asleep, but I knew he was just in a little moment of relaxation. I concentrated on him a little more, before he lifted his head and looked at me.

I smiled at him, “You ok, Baby?”

He nodded, “I am fine.” He said softly, “How are you?”

I smiled again, “I’m great. This is great.”

“Indeed.” He replied, “It would be very beneficial for us on the Titan.”

“Really?” I asked, my eyes closed again, “How so?”

“We could come back to our quarters and relax like this, together.”

“Mmmm.” I moaned, “Yeah, that’d be nice.”

I heard water splashing a little, so I assumed that he was moving, a fact made evident when he came over, straddling my waist.

I opened my eyes, looking up at him. I watched him for a moment, before I noticed something odd. A shiver flowed down my spine. T’Luk was smiling. He didn’t smile. He couldn’t smile, yet he was.

I was about to ask him what was going on, before I felt someone else stroke the side of my face.

I woke up, finding myself seated in the Jacuzzi, only T’Luk wasn’t straddling me, he was sitting next to me. I jumped a little.

He cocked his head, “Are you ok, Kai?” He asked, “You were sleeping.”

I glanced around a little, before I nodded, “Uh, yeah.” I replied, looking at him closely.

“You appear confused. Did you have a troubling dream?”

I kept looking at his face, expecting him to smile again, “Y...yeah, you could say that.”

He nodded, “Would you like to talk about it?”

I swallowed, gathering my thoughts, “Uh, well, I didn’t know I fell asleep. I was just laying here and then...” I looked at him, “It was just like this, but you...you smiled at me.”

He thought for a moment, “That is quite intriguing.”

“Yeah, and scary too.”

He raised an eyebrow, “It scared you?”

I nodded, “Yeah.” I replied, “I don’t expect you to smile so it was really odd.”

He looked down at the bubbling water, and then up to me, “You need not be alarmed, Kai. I am not capable of expressing any emotion as a facial expression.”

“Yeah, I know.” I replied, before I swirled some water around, “It was illogical.”

“Indeed.” He said, “Many dreams lack logic.”

“Even yours?”

“Sometimes.” He said, “But I was referencing that from a Human point of view.”

“Yeah.” I replied, before I smiled, looking at him, “The scariness aside, it did look cute though.”

“My smile?”

I nodded, “You have a cute smile.” I replied, “With those lovely lips.”

He reached out and stroked my cheek, “Your smile is nicer.” He said, “It’s natural.”

I smiled again, before I turned my head, kissing his hand, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

We shared a moment, before I looked at his hand, noting how his skin didn’t get all wrinkly from the water, unlike mine. “I’ve never noticed that before, T’Luk.”

“I noticed it on you.” He said, touching the end of my finger, “I believe it signals a good time to leave the water.”

“Yeah, we can leave now, if you want.”

He faced me, “Whenever you are ready, we will leave.”

We ended up staying in the water for another ten-minutes, before we got out and headed up to my room to dry. Seeing as my parents weren’t going to be home for a while, we just lazed about up there in the nude. Ok, we didn’t laze about, I wanted to give T’Luk another massage, something that he wanted to reciprocate. That was fine, as long as I got my hands on his dark, tanned back first!

It wasn’t just incredible from a sexual standpoint, but from a sensual one too. To have the lighting dimmed, some candles lit, and my fingers rubbing some oil on T’Luk’s silky skin, it was all amazingly intimate. Just the way I’d run my fingers across his back, feeling his strong bones, his lean muscles below, it made me love him even more. I massaged his whole body, including the inside. We didn’t have the same urgency as we would when wanting to making love, so we didn’t. But I did jerk him off, while pushing my fingers in and out of his tender hole. It was so different to having actual sex with him as I could actually concentrate on just him, watching how even my slightest movement would cause him intense pleasure. Watching him cum over his chest, and hitting the headboard with his Vulcan brilliance was quite something too. I didn’t mind cleaning up with my tongue on his body, but stopped on the headboard. A towel done the job nicely there.

With T’Luk’s massage and orgasm out of the way, it was my turn, and I have to say, it felt...WOW, just wow! He was so skilled with his hands, with his long fingers, that he would have had you believing that he had done it a million times before. But he knew exactly where to press, what to touch, to rub. It didn’t take him long at all to have me squirming about on the sheets. He liked to tease me too. He could sense when I was about to cum, so he backed off, waiting for the moment to pass. I was literally about to beg him, to reach down and release the pressure myself, but he knew the right time, and he brought me to release. To my moment of ecstasy.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in bed with each other. Not having any more ‘fun’, we just lay there, talking to each other, or kissing, we done a lot of kissing too. It was so nice to lay there and to kiss him slowly. It wasn’t like our kissing was always frenzied, but to just kiss at that almost painfully slow pace was really exhilarating. And we’d have these little pauses too, where we’d look in each other’s eyes for a while, before we began to kiss again. It was all-magical, and was so perfect.


Denobula- Three days later

They called him, Kryar. It had no meaning in the Romulan language, neither did it have any place there. It suited him perfectly. He reached up, scratching at the prosthetics on his forehead, cursing at the pain they afforded him. But he had to wear it. Life or death, quite literally...

He placed down the PADD and reclined in his chair. With his eyes closed, Kryar slipped into sleep. His ex-wife used to joke about his snoring being heard throughout the quadrant, and on that particular night, his piercing breathing was of no exception.

Something moved in the room...Kryar continued to snore....the thing moved again, standing over Kryar. It hovered there for a moment and...

...And then an eerie silence followed, as if someone had pressed 'mute'.


France, Rouen

To our brilliant, superhuman boyfriends.” I laughed, knocking my glass against Alex’s.

He laughed, before taking a sip from his glass.

Three days had passed since T’Luk and I had our little afternoon together at my home. During that time, we kept in contact with the guys, and had managed to arrange a little get together for those of us able to make it. Alex invited us all over to his home in Rouen, France, where we could share dinner together. Unfortunately, Raylis had classes to attend to, and Laura and Casey already had plans. But the rest of us were all there and accounted for!

Alex and I were sitting in his kitchen, looking out on the other three on the patio outside. It was quite warm out there, so the doors were open and some small lights were on, lighting up some of the outdoors. The sky was nice and clear too, in fact, one of the first things I did was race T’Luk to find the Vulcan sun the fastest. He won, of course, but I came in a close second.

“He’s so amazing.” He said, looking over at him through the window, “He’s always so perfect, so kind and everything.”

“But...” I joked.

Alex giggled, “No buts. He’s the ‘real deal’.”

I went to sip some of the synthehol, but paused, smiling, “I told you.”

He looked at me, “Told me what?”

I swallowed, “That he’d want you if you teased him with your accent.”

Alex laughed, “He actually said that to me, on our first ni...” He blushed, “When we first started dating.”

I grinned at him, glancing at Trey, before looking at Alex, “Can I ask you something?”


“It’s about you and Trey.”

He smiled, “Shoot.”

“Well, I know Trey senses your feeling and stuff, and you joke about him being ‘in’ your head, but is he always in there?” I asked.

He laughed, “No, he’s not in there all the time, and he kinda lets me know when he is. Like I can feel his presence.” He said, “But he does ask first, unless I’m ‘broadcasting’ that I’m open.”

“So what, you think about Trey and then he’s in your head?”

He nodded.

“ Cool, I have a similar thing with T’Luk, like he can sense my emotions and stuff, and I can kinda do the same to a degree, but we don’t know what we’re thinking, unless we meld with each other.” I replied.

He sipped some more of his wine, “We do have superhero boyfriends.”

I giggled at him, “You can say that again.”

I smiled, looking at the guys, “It’s great, isn’t it, all of us?”

“Yeah, four different species.”

“So much potential.”

He laughed, “And now Kai Taylor has a philosophical moment.”

I shook my head, “Not me, I’m not that attentive!”

He smiled, “No, perhaps not.” He cocked his head, “You always wanted to be a scientist, right?”

“Yep, I always had an interest in how things worked, but only physics, you couldn’t get me looking at a body or something!” I replied, “What about you?”

“Yeah, I always wanted to be a pilot.” He said, “Just what I was born to do.” He joked.

I laughed, “Sure you were.” I looked at him, “Are either of your parents pilots?”

“No. My mum’s a chef and Dad does something with computers. Algorithms and stuff.” He said, rolling his eyes.

“Hey, I work with algorithms too...well, I get the computer to compute them for me.”

“Hey, guys! Come out here!” Called out H’Jan.

We stood up and headed outside, noticing that they were looking upwards, while H’Jan was looking at a PADD, “What’s going on?” I asked.

“Any second now...” Said H’Jan.

I looked up into the sky, instinctively picking out Vulcan’s sun again, before I saw several small flashes appear. Ships were dropping out of warp, really close to Earth too.

Alex looked over at him, “What were those ships?”

“Task force- Alpha.” He looked at us, “And the Titan.”

“The Titan? She’s here?” I asked.

He nodded, “She needs to pick up some more components from Earth, and seeing as the majority of the crew are here, they just flew her in instead.”

“Did she have to be towed over, with a tractor beam?”

“No, she’s warp capable, and her hull is fully repaired. Much of the stuff still to do is in non-essential areas.” He replied.

“Wow, so we should be back soon?”

“About five days.” He smiled, “The non-essential areas cover crew quarters.”

I looked at T’Luk, “I hope mine are on the ‘to-do’ list.”

“I do not believe that they would have ‘missed off’ anyone’s quarters.” He replied.

“As long as they have my chair fixed!” Called out Alex.

Trey looked at him, “Our chair, don’t you mean?”

“Or my warp core.” Added H’Jan.

“We must also not forget about Astrometrics.” Said T’Luk, looking at me, “Our place of work.”

H’Jan lifted up his cup, “To the Titan. In whatever state she’s in!”

We all leaned in, tapping our cups together, “The Titan!”


Rigel V -(Rigelian Homeworld) - One day later

Of the three, she was the only one who knew they were coming. But even with that information, she knew there was no escape. Her mask was on the table in front of her, along with her sidearm. She wasn’t going to fight...she couldn’t fight. Not against them. She started to hum to the music. The National Anthem of all things. She hummed it over and over, until she was overcome by sleep...

A cold, metallic object stroked her cheek, waking her from her daze. She swallowed loudly, her breathing laboured. With the firearm placed at the side of her head, she made no sound.

No further sounds were heard. Except for the music. The music just kept on playing.

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