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A Vulcan’s Love
-By Emulated

Chapter 30: A Vulcan's Love

When I tell my story to other people, the whole story, the most common question I get is, “Does T’Luk love you, like real love?” I always smile whenever I receive this question. Partly because of how innocent it is, but mostly because how simple the answer is, ‘Yes’. T’Luk does love me, really love me. He loves me just as I love him.

Of course that isn’t the first question I get after reciting my life story to someone. Mind you, there is always that small pause, from the moment the words,
‘And that’s it so far.’ escape my lips, to the moment when the attentive individual acknowledges the end of my story. It’s the look of amazement, mixed with a look of incomprehension, unsure if they heard every small detail correctly that makes up that silent void. It usually doesn’t take long before their faces light up, brighter than the Vulcan sun, as they unleash their infinite torrent of queries upon me.

“How did you do that?”, “How did that happen?”, and “What was it like?” Are all questions I’ve been asked before. But my real favourite is the, “What has been the happiest moment of your life?” question. At my current tender age of around forty-years, there have been three moments in my life so far where happiness felt more than just an emotion. When it felt as though I was living in it; living in happiness itself.

But if I were to extend it to
five of my happiest moments, then the following tale would come in at fifth place...the chapter of my life when we returned to the Titan. I will forever hold those days dear to my heart...


The blue swirls of light appeared out of thin air, sweeping around me in what appeared to be a violent, glowing tornado. But all I felt was a gentle tickle, a small sensation that accompanied travel through the transporter. My hand was raised, waving goodbye to my parents before they dissolved from sight, being replaced by the image of a transporter room, and Captain Riker. A feeling of ‘completeness’ swept through my body as I finished materialising, the blue flickers of light dissipating around me as I stood on the platform.

“Welcome back, Lieutenants.” Smiled Captain Riker as he stood before us.

T’Luk stepped off first, effortlessly carrying our suitcases, “Thank you, Captain. It is...good to be back.”

I nodded, lowering my hand to my side, “Yes, thank you, Sir.”

“Counsellor Troi wanted to speak to you two about your request.” He began, as I stepped down off the semi-reflective platform, “She is waiting in her office.”

I shared a look with T’Luk, “We will report to her now.” He said.

“Good, I will let her know you are on your way.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I replied.

He nodded at us, before looking at the transporter chief, ready to beam-up some more of the crew.

I followed T’Luk as we filed out of the transporter room, with the door sliding shut behind us. I inhaled and looked about, a grin forming on my lips. We were home again. Everything looked just as fresh as it did when the ship was brand new. Saying that, the ship never really had a chance to deteriorate in looks over the three months it had been in space.

“What do you reckon she said?” I asked, looking up at his face.

He raised an eyebrow, “I am not sure.” He said, “I would like to think that she granted it for us.” He added, facing me.

I smiled, “Me too.”

Five minutes later, T’Luk and I were sitting in Counsellor Troi’s office. Something had changed since the last time we had been there. I think she’d reorganised the place. Yeah, the sofa had definitely been moved to the other side, so we now had the window to our right, rather than behind us.

“I’ve had to process many requests of this type, but I have to say that you two have broken a record here.” She said over her shoulder, as she reached for a PADD.

My eyes followed her, “What record, Sir?”

Counsellor Troi turned and smiled at us, “The duration of your relationship.” She replied, “Eighteen weeks is generally too short a time for me to grant this request. Starfleet prefers half a year, but the decision ultimately lies with the ship’s Counsellor.” She said before grinning, “So congratulations, Lieutenants. Your request to move to some larger quarters together has been granted.”

I turned to T’Luk, flashing him a toothy grin, and then looked at the Counsellor, “So it’s official?”

She nodded, handing me a PADD, “Your new quarters are located on Deck five.” She smiled, “Complete with a window too.”

I glanced at the screen, skimming through the information about our new quarters, before passing it to T’Luk.

“Thank you very much, Counsellor.” Said T’Luk.

I grinned, “Yes, thank you.”

“You’re both welcome.” She smiled, “And I wish you both the best in your relationship together.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I replied, taking the time to look over at T’Luk.

We’d spoken about getting quarters together for a few weeks, but it was after our night together in the hotel room that we began to consider it. The biggest deterrent was the duration of our relationship. Four months; eighteen weeks; it really wasn’t that long a time when a relationship was involved. But what T’Luk and I had transcended any numerical figure. Sure we had been together for eighteen weeks, but it felt as though we had known each other over several lifetimes. T’Luk felt as though he was part of me, that he finished the jigsaw of Kai Taylor. He was those pieces around the edges, the parts you use to fit the rest together. Together we were complete.

I don’t recall much of what happened immediately after that. Thoughts of our life together, our future together, clouded my mind over any negligible tasks. But I remembered standing outside the door. I felt so giddy as I stood outside OUR quarters.

T’Luk’s hand hung next to the keypad, “Are you ready?”

I nodded, “Do it.”


It was almost two times larger than my previous quarters and generally much nicer too. There was even a separate bedroom, so we didn’t have the bed in the way when entertaining anyone. The living area was spacious, with a large sofa, dining table, and a medium sized viewer on the wall. Behind the sofa was the real beauty, the real highlight, our window. It was fantastic. I was skipping around the quarters for the first five-minutes of having been in there, but I always returned to the window. I could already imagine T’Luk and myself laying there in each other’s arms, looking out into the starry sky.

At that current moment in time, the view we had was of the side of the dry dock, along with a sliver Earth peeking below. Because we were on the top of the ship, we could also see the top of the hull. If we looked to the very far left, we could just about make out the ‘USS TITAN’ registry.

I walked up to him, nuzzling my face in the nook of his neck, “This is wonderful, you, me, together in our own room.”

He kissed the top of my head, “Yes. Very wonderful.”

I pulled back and pecked his lips gently, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I stared into his eyes, before I tugged at his hand, “We need to try out the bed.”

He followed me, “What do you mean, Kai?”

The bedroom door slid open as we walked inside. I kicked off my shoes and looked over at the bed. It was much larger than the ones we had before, and was clearly designed for two people rather than one. I stepped forwards and ran my hand over the soft, supporting surface.

I looked back at him, “Come on.” I said, as I climbed on, crawling up to the pillow and lying down. “Mmm…this feels sooo good.” I purred, before squinting open an eye, “Come feel this, T’Luk.”

I snuggled closer to the bed as I felt it dip slightly as T’Luk climbed on. He shifted for a moment and then lay there peacefully. “It is good.” He agreed.

I opened my eyes to see him lay opposite me, “Please don’t ask me to get up early tomorrow, I wanna lie in.”

“I believe we start on a later shift…” He trailed off, as he placed a hand on my hip, “I am pleased we are doing this, Kai. It means a lot to me.”

I took hold of his free hand, interlacing his fingers with mine, “Me too. It feels like we were...meant to do it, if you get what I mean.”

He nodded, “I do.” He whispered, exhaling peacefully, “It was the most logical action.”

I smiled, “I guess your qualities are rubbing off on me then.”

“You do not need any of my qualities, you are already perfect for me.”

“As are you.” I said, before I rolled onto my back and sat up, blinking a few times, “I’m gonna end up falling asleep if I lay here any longer, and we are on duty soon too.”

“Indeed.” He said, sitting up, “We will continue our…test of the bed later.”

I raised an eyebrow, pointing out the innuendo.

T’Luk didn’t correct himself, he simply nodded slightly.

I stared at him, started to smile, and then blushed.

He reached over, stroking my crimson cheek, “I love it when you do that.”


...And last but not least,” He began, as he led me over to the masterpiece, “We also have a new warp core.” He finished.

I studied the large, pulsing machine, “Really? I didn’t know the old one was broken.”

H’Jan nodded, “It had suffered some internal damage. It would have become dangerous at anything over warp seven.”

My eyes roamed the room, looking for anything else that could’ve been refurbished, “What about the sensors I love overloading?” I inquired, “How are they?”

He laughed, “They weren’t damaged, so you still have your old ones I’m afraid. But the deflector is brand new, as is the anti-cloak generator. Not that we’ll need it anymore, of course.”

I noted down some information on my PADD, “Yeah, lets hope not.” I glanced up at him again, “So what about sensor calibration? I assume that will need to be redone?”

A grin formed on his lips as he shook his head, “Come here.” He beckoned, as he led me over to a console. He tapped away before showing me the current sensor calibration, “How do you like that? They calibrated them for you.”

I leaned forward, inspecting it. They did seem calibrated, so I went ahead and ran a long-range scan of Vulcan’s sun. I looked at the readout, writing something into my PADD again, “These will have to be recalibrated again.”

“Are you kidding me? They’re above Starfleet specs!” He exclaimed.

I shook my head, “They did a good job, but T’Luk and I can tweak them further.”

He sighed, holding up his hands, “Fine, if you want to spend your time recalibrating the sensors, go right ahead.” He paused, “I’m surprised T’Luk goes along with you and your quest for perfection. It seems illogical to me.”

I flashed him a smile, “It’s not perfection, just more...efficient. And much more logical.”


Forty-seven minutes later

T’Luk and I were in Astrometrics, just ahead of the Titan’s scheduled time to depart dry dock. Seeing as it was a special occasion and that I was in command down there, well, at that particular moment in time I was, I tapped into the optical sensors on the bridge and relayed it to the large viewer.

There were two Ensigns, and three crewmen in Astrometrics with us, and we were all sitting, looking up at the screen as the moment unfolded.

I watched as Alex turned around and faced Captain Riker, “Sir, mooring clamps and umbilical cables have been removed. We have authorisation to depart.”

He faced forwards, “Take her out, Lieutenant Cauchon. Thrusters only.”

“Aye, Sir.”

Riker tapped on his combadge, “Riker to Engineering, we’re leaving dry dock, stand by to go to maximum warp. I want to try out our new warp core.”

After a momentary pause, Commander Librescu replied, “Aye, Captain. We’re standing by.”

I glanced down at my console, watching as Alex gently brought us out from the dry dock.

“Lieutenant, set a course out of the system, but let us come within ten-thousand kilometres of Lunar Colony.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Commander Caves leaned close to him, “A fly-by?”

Riker grinned, scratching his beard, “Just a little.” He looked at Alex, “Go to full impulse once we’re clear of immediate traffic.”

“Understood.” He replied, before making the ship descend by three-hundred metres, allowing us to gracefully avoid an incoming Prometheus class ship, before Alex brought the impulse drive up to full capacity, sending us hurtling towards our moon.

Less than a minute later, we found ourselves above Lunar Colony. Riker smiled at the sight, “Lieutenant, lay in a course for Betazed, maximum warp, engage when ready.”

Alex’s fingers flew over the console, tapping away before he looked up and initiated the command. I looked up onto the main viewer, listening to the whine as the nacelles began to charge up ahead of the jump to warp. The screen showed a blurry formation of lightly-coloured clouds, before the usual image of the ebony black background of space appeared, with the white streaks of stars as they flew by. We were in warp.

“What is our warp factor?”

“Steady at warp 9.95, Sir.”

“Any chance of taking that up a notch, Lieutenant?”

Alex smiled, “Engineering is telling me to hold this velocity, Sir.”

“Very well, we don’t want to anger Commander Librescu.”

We watched everyone working on the bridge for a few more minutes as they settled in, before we closed the channel, getting back to our own work.

I turned to T’Luk, “Doesn’t this feel great? Being at warp and stuff?”

“Indeed.” He tapped on the console, “We have many sensors to calibrate. If we begin now, we should have them done before lunch.”

I smiled, picking up a PADD, “Sounds like a plan.”


Trey Suder wiped his mouth and sat back, patting his full stomach, “That was good.” He remarked turning to H’Jan, “I think she’s happy to see me again.”

He laughed, “Titan replicated you a good meal so you think she’s happy to see you?”

He.” Coughed Alex.

I looked at him, “What?”

Trey answered, “Alex thinks that Titan’s a boy.”

I gave T’Luk a sideways glance, “Yeah, they’ve both gone mad.”

“Indeed, perhaps there is a lack of oxygen here.”

I frowned, “I’M fine, it’s just them two.” I replied, my eyes narrowing on Trey, “It’s him. The source of all our troubles.”

He mimicked my stare, “Yes, and I’m going to…rule the entire galaxy,” He began, turning to Alex, “Corrupting one Human at a time.”

Alex leaned his head against Trey’s shoulder briefly, “If this is what you call corrupting then I’m all for it!”

I giggled at his antics, “It’s too early for that talk, Alex. Save it for later.”

Trey smiled, “So tell us, what’s it like living together?” He asked, before turning to T’Luk, “Does Kai have any odd habits?”

He raised an eyebrow, “No.” He said, before looking at me, “Not that I have discovered...yet.” He joked.

I folded my arms, feigning hurt, “Well, I was going to say how amazing it is to live with T’Luk, but if that’s how he wants to play it...”

T’Luk regarded me closely, before he stood up and walked over to the replicator. He hovered there with his back towards us, and then turned around and headed back towards the table, a bowl in each hand.

He reached across and placed one down for me. I looked down into the bowl in front of me, and then looked up at T’Luk. He knew I was joking, yet he still wanted to do that little bit extra to see me happy. I grinned at him as I scooped up some of the chocolate ice cream, “Thanks, T’Luk.”

He swallowed some of his strawberry dessert, “You’re welcome.”

Alex nudged Trey, “Care to get me a dessert?”

I could tell he wanted to come up with a smart reply, but he held back, “Sure. And what would my blond Frenchman like? Une tarte aux pommes avec…” Trey struggled for the right word.

“Glace?” Suggested Alex.

“Ah, oui.” Smiled Trey, before he stood up.

“Wait, I didn’t say if I wanted that yet.” He giggled.

“Oh…” Replied Trey, “Ok…uh…voulez-vou-“

Alex waved him away, “Yes, yes, I’ll have some apple pie and ice cream, just please stop butchering my language!”

Trey winked at him, before mumbling something in Betazoid, as he walked off.

“Teaching him some French?” I asked.

He raised his eyebrows, “I’m trying.” He replied, “Just a few words, food and stuff.” He smiled, “But his accent still needs some work.”

I swallowed a scoop of the ice cream, “In his defence, we can’t all have accents as good as yours, Alexis.” I winked.


Two days later

Captain Riker only wanted to test the engines to see how far they could be pushed in case we had to get somewhere quickly, so we had slowed down from maximum warp soon after we left Earth. At our current velocity, we were still fifty-seven hours away from Betazed. Seeing as we were only dropping off some equipment to the planet, we’d soon be underway with whatever mission Command had elected for us.

While our original mission sent us to Romulus for diplomatic talks, it seems that they have either slowed or fallen through. Not in a ‘we’re at war’ type of fallen through, but just that neither side could come to a mutual agreement of some sort. Saying that, my only sources were rumours of what was happening, as information like that didn’t filter through to everyone in Starfleet.

So with that being our outlook for the days ahead, T’Luk and I were tasked at further tweaking the sensors, along with running periodic scans of space and subspace as we travelled through the sector. We weren’t looking for anything in particular, just routine scans, which the computer took care of unless it flagged something up that required our immediate attention. Fortunately, or rather, unfortunately, there wasn’t anything of any interest on our scans, so we didn’t really have that much work to do at all.

Little did I know, however, how that was all about to change…

We were down in Astrometrics just watching the computer analyse and classify anything that we passed, or came into contact with. I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose for a moment, relaxing my retinas from the unwelcome task of scouring through the data presented on my console. I hated having nothing to do. It felt like we were hunting for warbirds again. I wanted a nebula, a black hole, a trinary star system, just something that required my mind to work. Something mathematical, something to solve, a puzzle, an enigma, a-

I heard T’Luk exhale sharply as he sat next to me.

My eyes shot open as I looked at him, concerned at what was wrong, “Hey, are you ok?”

His eyes darted from one thing to another, clearly he was in deep thought, “I do not believe so.”

I reached out with my hand, wiping his moist forehead, “You’re sweating…”

He reached up, copying my motion, before he collected some of the liquid on his hand and examined it. He closed his eyes momentarily, “It is not sweat, it is bodily oil.”

“But this much?” I asked, as I patted his face with my sleeve, “Come on, let’s get you down to sickbay, perhaps you caught som-“

He resisted my arm.


He stood up, looking at me, his eyebrows almost in a frown, “I am not ill, I believe I know what is happening.”

I hesitated for a moment, thinking about what he meant, before I opened my mouth. T’Luk placed a finger on my lips, silencing me.

“Not here.” He glanced over at the two Ensigns working there, and then looked into my eyes, “Can you assist me back to our quarters?”

I frowned, checking his face for distress and pain, “Ok babes.”

Minutes later I had helped T’Luk back to our quarters. A thousand thoughts were running through my mind. ‘Was it what I thought it was?’, ‘How can I help him?’, ‘What do I have to do?’ Part of me was scared. I had no idea how to approach this situation, yet the other part was pushing me forwards, telling me that I could handle it, that I could help T’Luk out in his time of need.

The doors slid shut behind me as T’Luk dimmed the lights in our quarters, “The Pon Farr?” I asked.

T’Luk nodded as he headed over to a set of drawers, retrieving some candles.

“Are you sure?”

“The feelings are quite…potent. As are the,” He turned to me, “Urges.”

I stood there for a moment, “Uh…oh…um…” I mumbled, as he brought the candles to the middle of the room, along with two of the cushions he used for meditation. I swallowed, “T’Luk? Uh…” I began again. I was really out of my depth. I knew nothing about the Pon Farr. I’d been with T’Luk for four months. Four months! And in that time you’d have thought that I’d have asked him about the Vulcan mating ritual. I swallowed again, my mind collating the facts that I did know about the ritual.

I also knew that it naturally occurred every seven years, with the first one beginning in early adulthood for most Vulcans. T’Luk had never experienced it before, and with him being in early adulthood, he was in the prime time for it to happen. Ok. I also knew that the ritual required the Vulcan in question to mate with their partner. Perhaps that is why most Vulcans have arranged marriages. I speculated. I mean, it made sense. That way a Vulcan would always have someone at hand to help alleviate the symptoms of the Pon Farr.

Yes, that’s right. I thought, recalling more about the topic. The side effect of the Pon Farr, or the reason that made it so important, or better put, dangerous, was the fact that without treatment, the Vulcan could die. The Pon Farr caused all different things to happen to the body, as someone had put it, the body acted as though it was fighting off an infection. That was why T’Luk was in such a weakened state, his body was going though a massive imbalance of crucial…well, whatever made Vulcan bodies work.

So it was those same imbalances that could, and would have, led to death without being treated. The treatment itself was simple. T’Luk had to mate, with me. I had always assumed that it couldn’t have been as easy as reaching an orgasm, otherwise he’d have just excused himself and dealt with it personally. No, it must have involved some kind of emotional or mental bond.


I shook my head and focused on T’Luk as he walked towards me. “Yes. Are you ok?”

“I am experiencing the onset of the Pon Farr.” He paused, “I trust you know what that means.”

I nodded, “Yes.” I said softly.

“There are…other ways to alleviate the condition, but they are not believed to be as effective.” He glanced to the side, “I will try to attempt those first, howev-“

I reached out and gripped his shoulder, “T’Luk.”

His eyes climbed up my chest to my face as he listened to me.

“I am…I…I can…” I struggled to find the right thing to say. I breathed, “I am here for you.” I moved my face closer, “We will try the normal way, together.”

T’Luk watched me for a moment, before nodding, “Ok…ok, thank you, Kai.”

I pulled him closer and kissed his damp forehead, feeling his body shaking slightly, “Don’t be silly, I’m always here for you.”

His arms reached around me, holding me close.

I felt his combadge poke me in the chest when I realised that we were supposed to be on duty. To hell with that, but I had to be relieved somehow, otherwise people would have come looking for us. “Listen, Baby, I have to go get us taken off duty. You think you can manage for a few minutes?”

T’Luk unlatched his arms and stared at my face for several seconds. I felt his hands move across my chest and up my neck as he cupped my face, kissing me gently. He pulled back, but kept his hot hands there for several seconds as he peered deep into my eyes, before removing them, “I will await your return.”

I nodded, my cheeks feeling warm, “Give me two minutes.”

He headed over to the mat on the floor, crouching in front of the candle.

I spun on my heels and walked out of the door, heading to the nearest turbolifts. Seeing as we were two decks higher than our old quarters, I had a further distance to travel to sickbay, but it didn’t matter, I just jogged through the ship to make up the time. Some people looked at me oddly as I moved past them, wondering where I was heading to in such a hurry, not that it was their business, or anyone’s business for that matter.

After another quick jog once out of the turbolift, I stepped into sickbay, noting how warm and dry it was in there. Somebody must have been playing around with the environmental systems or something. Not only that, but I also started to feel…odd, ill even.

“Hey, Kai, are you ok?” Came Laura’s voice.

I spun around and looked at the confused expression on her face.

She watched me closely, “What’s wrong?” She began, unclipping a medical tricorder from her belt pouch.

I held up my hands, not wanting to tell her about the situation, “I’m fine.” I glanced about, noticing the Doctor had walked in, “Excuse me.” I said to her, before I headed in his direction.

He saw me coming over, with a frown appearing on his face, “What’s the matter, Lieutenant?”

“I need to be relieved of duty, as does Lieutenant T’Luk.”

“What’s the reason?” He asked, reaching for a tricorder.

I swallowed, suddenly finding it hard to concentrate under the bright lights, “I...need to be relieved now.”

“Why?” He asked, scanning me with the instrument.

“I can’t tell you!” I snapped.

“Your Serotonin levels are unbalanced, as are your cortical levels.” He said, reading from the display, “We could be dealing with a contagion.” He speculated as he looked at me.

I shook my head, “It’s not a contagion. I just need to be off duty.” I said, before I felt my head pound again, “Doctor!” I cried.

“Then what is causing this, Lieutenant?” He asked sternly, indicating my swaying from side to side.

I exhaled deeply as I turned and headed for the door, “It is none of your concern.”

The Doctor ran forwards, blocking my path, “Don’t make me call security.” He warned.

“He needs me, and I need him!”

He cocked his head, “Who? Who needs you? Lieutenant T’Luk?”


“Why T’Luk?”

“Because he’s my partner.” I said loudly, “Relieve me or I’ll relieve myself!”

He walked forwards, “Just relax, Lieutenant, I think I know what’s going on.”

I took some deep breaths, finding that my body was also shaking slightly. It was so bloody hot in there.

“Has this happened to him before?” He asked.

I looked at him, wondering if I should indulge him in the situation. “No.”

“Have you experienced this before, with another mate?”

“No!” I replied, getting irritated.

He watched me for a moment, “Ok, Lieutenant, you are both relieved for forty-eight hours.” He paused, “Bolian flu is quite contagious.”

Was he expecting a medal for his humour and cheap tricks? I stormed past him, “Finally!”

He didn’t reply, he simply let me past without anymore hassle.


I made my way back to our quarters, trying to focus my mind on something. But I didn’t have that long to think, as I rapidly became acutely aware of my own deteriorating condition. I had no idea what was going on, but part of me didn’t care. I just had this unnerving desire to...be with T’Luk. Like my proximity to him would make everything better. I didn’t know why I was thinking that. My mind was out of it by then.

After messing it up twice, I drunkenly keyed in our correct entry code and stumbled into our quarters, “T’Luk!” I cried.

He looked up from the candle and gestured to a cushion opposite him.

I kicked off my shoes and wandered over, dropping to my knees. I watched as the glow from the flame rippled across his face, “T’Luk!” I whined again.

He held out his hands, on either side of the flame. I reached out, my fingers twitching involuntary. His skin came into mine, sending a wave of electricity cascading through my body. I couldn’t move, I was frozen in place. Every nerve ending screamed out in…release. It didn’t burn, sting, or hurt. It felt like I was letting go, resetting my entire sense of touch. And then it stopped. We were simply holding hands. The trembling had gone and the fog in my mind had cleared. I still didn’t feel normal, but a hell of a lot better than before.

“T’Luk…” I whispered.

He stood up and walked over to me, tugging on my hand and pulling me over to the sofa. I stumbled after him, removing my top. It was hot in our quarters too. I sat down first and looked at him as he sat down next to me, placing a hand on my thigh. I peered into his eyes, wondering if he was about to pounce on me. Not in an aggressive manner, but one of need, one of- T’Luk leaned forwards and kissed me. I jerked from his swift action, but quickly settled into the kiss. He pushed me backwards slightly, causing me to slide back down the sofa. I reached out to steady myself, to lower my head against the seat as he pulled away.

His face danced above me in the hue of the candlelight, with the white, streaking stars from the window reflecting off his dark eyes. My eyelids dropped as I craned my neck upwards again, my head tilted and my lips apart. Making way for his wet, luscious lips as they brushed against mine, resuming the kiss. His tongue teased mine, telling me what he wanted, needed. He ground his hips against me, pinning me back against the chair. I shoved forwards, meeting his thrusts and feeling his erection through his pants.

I broke the lip lock, throwing my head back as he attacked my neck, “Uhhh…” I purred at his gentle touch. He focused on my sensitive skin, tickling me. Causing my eyelids to flutter open, my glazed eyes gazing at the ceiling as he teased me. I worked my hands under his top, trying to reach his bare back. He stopped his assault and sat up, his fingers hooked under the hem of his shirt as he pulled it up off his head. He stripped his vest off too, flashing me his tanned chest and hard, dark nipples.

I reached out, my thumbs toying with the hard points, making him sigh gently. I looked up at his face, watching him watch me, before he stepped off the sofa and stood up, his arms outstretched. I sat up, bringing my knees towards my chin as he picked me up. I threw my arms around his neck, kissing his cheek as he carried me to the bedroom.

We entered the room. T’Luk placed me down on the side of the bed and slipped off the rest of his clothes. I followed suit. Ripping the vest from my chest, and pulling down my trousers and boxers in one swoop. He climbed onto the bed, gripping my ankles and removing my socks, leaving me completely nude. I sat there in the upright position, fixing my eyes on him as he watched me ardently from the foot of the bed. Time stood still for that moment, with the only movement being our erections throbbing painfully.

The Pon Farr pushed on as he crawled up toward me, straddling my right leg, and lying down on top of me. His head hovered above mine before he lowered his face, closing his eyes and pursing his lips for me. I pressed my lips against his, sending that electrifying current through my body again, tickling my nerves and driving me further into the passion. I turned my head and kissed him further, sucking on his tongue and tasting him. He started to gyrate his hips against me, painting my thigh with streaks of precum, loosening us up.

We got lost in our quenching obsession. Our lips smacking, tongues rolling, and my hands gripping every part of his hot body in reach. I needed more.

T’Luk pulled up, his face damp from the oil and my sweat. I panted as I lay there, watching as he flipped around and licked down to my navel. His cock was in front of my face, ready for the taking. I clutched his cock, aiming it for my mouth. I engulfed the head, rapidly flicking my tongue across his tip, turning out more precum and greedily lapping it up. T’Luk performed similarly on me below. I moaned again as I took him deeper in my mouth, relaxing my throat for him. He did the same, bobbing up and down on me, massaging my erection in his tight, moist space. He worked like a pro, knowing exactly where to touch, where to lick, sucking me just the right amount.

I whimpered softly as he teased my hole with a damp finger. He felt his way around my edge before pressing in. He went to the second knuckle before he stopped. He stopped everything. He moved off my cock and removed his finger, climbing down my body. His cock was pulled from my mouth. Foreplay was over. He needed me now.

He dropped against the bed and buried his face between my cheeks. His tongue ran around the rim of my hole, taunting me, exciting me. I moaned as I gripped the sheets, bracing myself against his oral onslaught. He kissed my ring, seconds before he went crazy on me! “T’Luk.” I whimpered at the touch of his tongue worming its way in my hole, my muscles relaxing at his tender contact. He pistoned in and out, making my erection drip onto the sheet.

He introduced his digit to me again, and one, two, three more fingers later I was ready. I felt so…loose, so relaxed. Like my body had decided its role in our lovemaking and was making room to accommodate T’Luk. Cool air ravished my sensitive hole as he moved away. I rolled over and pulled up my legs as he climbed back up to me. I watched as he reached for the small dish of oil, lubing up his cock and my hole again.

He inched closer and lined himself up, gazing into my eyes, “Sh’ashtu.” He whispered, “My love.”

“Sh’ashtu.” I repeated, staring up at him, along with a small nod, letting him know I was ready.

He lowered his body and watched my face. His thumb stroked my cheek gently as he gradually applied pressure against my hole. He pressed forward for a moment before he entered me. I felt a little bit of pain, but he was so smooth and gentle, waiting for me to adapt to him. I breathed steadily a few more times, before nodding again, letting him slide further into me. T’Luk was always well endowed, but he felt huge inside me, and so good too. Minutes passed and he stroked my cheek again, he was all the way in. I exhaled, relaxing at how good he felt to me back there.

He started to mate with me. Gentle at first, but our pace quickened. T’Luk breathed against me, “Kai…” I moaned back, my hands sliding down his slick, smooth back, onto the rise of his ass. He pressed into me again, tensing at the right moment, always hitting the magical spot in my ass to make me shiver madly. T’Luk lowered his face to mine, extending his tongue and parting his lips. I leaned up, using a spare hand to pull him down to meet me. We kissed again, my cock throbbing every time he humped into me, making me leak on my navel. I was getting close.

He dropped his head to my shoulder, sucking on the skin at my neck. I leaned to the side, nibbling at his ear there. T’Luk quickened his pace. I could feel the urgency coursing through his body, the way his taut back moved under my palms. His breathing started to become shallow, his arms tightening around me, “Uhh…” He whimpered. His cock jerking madly as he began to unload inside me.

He pushed me over the edge, “Ungh…T’Luk!” I cried, as my orgasm wracked my body. Every muscle cramped as it worked its way up my cock, before I exploded over my chest; waves of pleasure rocking through me as I rode it out, my eyes rolling in their sockets. With every wave I clamped down on him, prolonging him further. Ropes of cum sprayed over me, coating me as I slowed to a dribble, my legs still quaking slightly.

T’Luk collapsed on me, keeping me impaled on him as he softened slowly. I struggled to catch my breath, my mind rebooting itself again. We lay there for about ten-minutes, neither of us moving as we came down from the orgasm, the Pon Farr purged from our bodies. I still couldn’t move, couldn’t think. I was out of it. Somewhere along the line, we mopped up the mess with a towel before getting back into bed. T’Luk hugged me tightly from behind as my body was overcome by sleep.


We woke up some nine-hours later. A crazy amount of sleep considering how little work we’d done in the morning. Still, after what had happened in our quarters, I wasn’t surprised that it took us that long to return to normal.

I say return to normal because that was pretty much what happened. T’Luk seemed to be back to his usual self, and as was I. Unfortunately, however, I still remembered what had happened in sickbay and how I was to Laura and the Doctor. I made sure that I’d apologise to them at a later time. But at that moment, I was simply content with lying in bed next to T’Luk. I may have slept for nine hours, but I wasn’t in any mood for getting up.

“Kai, I must apologise for what happened.” He began, “I was not in control of my behaviour, and for that I am deeply sorry.”

I stroked his cheek, “What are you sorry for?”

“Exposing you to the Pon Farr. It must have been...troubling for you.”

I shifted closer to him, “It was beautiful.”

He looked at me curiously.

I smiled, “I am your mate. It was only logical.”

“Nothing about the Pon Farr is logical.”

“I beg to differ.” I swiped my thumb along his eyebrow, following its natural upswept curve, “It was perfect.”

He thought for a moment, “It was quite a…sexual time, yes.”

“It’s not just about the sex…” I blushed, “I…uh…it was good too, but it was everything else.” I smiled, “I could feel the bond at work, doing its thing.”

He nodded his head, gripping my hand, “I am pleased you feel that way, Kai.” He said, “I would never knowingly hurt you.”

“I know and you didn’t. It was beautiful, amazing.” I kissed him lightly, “I’m pleased that I’m your mate.”

“No one else could ever come close.” He whispered.


Seventeen hours later

Commander Clark looked down at his screen as the console chirped, “Sir, we’re receiving an automated distress call from a Trillian class-eight freighter.”

“Is there an included message?” Asked Caves.

“Yes, Sir, they have suffered heavy hull damage, along with a complete loss of primary systems. Cause of damage is unknown.”

Riker stood up and looked at him, “Can we hail them?”

“I’ve been trying, Sir, but no response.”

“Where are they?”

“Along our current route, approximately point-three-five light-years away. Two other civilian vessels are altering course to assist, but we could arrive sooner.”

Riker nodded, looking at Alex, “Lieutenant, plot a course for their coordinates. Go to maximum warp.”

Alex tapped in the commands, accelerating the ship and changing course, “Aye, Sir. We will arrive in around seventeen-minutes.”

“Very good.” Riker looked at Caves, “Unknown cause of damage? Doesn’t sound very encouraging.”

Caves nodded, “I suggest we go to red alert, as a precaution.”

“Agreed.” He said, looking at Clark, “Go to red alert and inform Command of the situation.”

“Yes, Captain.” He replied.

“And alert sickbay to standby for possible casualties.”

“Aye, Sir.”


Sirs, don’t you have the flu?” Asked Crewman Foster.

I glanced at T’Luk as we entered Astrometrics. We were supposed to be off duty for the duration of the forty-eight hours, under the guise of Bolian flu, but we were both able to work under the sudden and unexpected red alert.

“The Doctor made an error in his assessment. We are both fine.”

She smiled, “Glad to hear it.” She replied before she briefed us, “We’re approaching a Trillian freighter, all evidence points towards an explosion onboard, which led to several key areas being decompressed.”

I nodded, taking in the information, “Do they have main power?”

She shook her head, “Main power is down…life support seems to be the only thing working.” She paused, “Their warp drive is damaged and is emitting some interference, I can’t get any more detail from our scans.

I looked at T’Luk, “Any lifesigns from this distance?”

“No.” He replied, tapping away, “But a class-eight freighter usually carries around fifty crew.”

I glanced at the console again. We had ten minutes, fifty-two seconds until we’d drop out of warp. I just hoped that they could hold out for that long.


Eleven-minutes later

The USS Titan dropped out of warp, immediately giving Commander Clark the opportunity to scan the space around the freighter, and of course the freighter itself.

“Sir, I’m picking up no threats in the vicinity…I’m detecting three stable lifesigns on the freighter-“ He paused, “Captain, the lifesigns are Romulan.”

“Romulan?” Asked Captain Riker, “Rescan the ship, verify that.

Clark nodded, “Yes, Sir, it’s confirmed, there’s three Romulans onboard that ship.”

“What the hell are they doing out here…And on a freighter too…” Pondered Caves, as he watched the adrift ship ‘floating’ on the screen.

Riker turned to Counsellor Troi, “Counsellor, are you detecting anything?”

She focused on the ship, concentrating on the Romulans, “No, Captain. I’m not picking up anything. I believe they’re unconscious.”

Captain Riker stood up, looking at Caves, “Assemble an away team, taking extra security. Find the Romulans and beam back with them. The ship is in bad a state at the moment for a full investigation.”

Caves stood, “Yes, Sir. Clark, you’re with me, Jones, you come too.” He said, pointing at the two officers, before they stepped into the turbolift, the doors sliding shut.


Sickbay- USS Titan- One hour later

Things became quite hectic for a while after the Romulans were brought onboard. Everyone sensed the same thing, that Romulans in Federation space could point towards another possible attack by the terrorist cell. Fortunately we were lucky, there didn’t seem to be any immediate threat to neither the ship, nor the Federation. But things changed once Starfleet Intelligence got involved. As per Starfleet protocol, all persons detained onboard a Starfleet vessel must undergo a biometric scan, with the details of that scan sent to Starfleet for further analysis. The Titan’s computer didn’t recognise the three individuals, however, Starfleet Intelligence knew exactly who they were…

“I have them sedated.” Said the Doctor, “It’s far easier than to deal with three wide awake Romulans. Terrorists at that.” He looked around the room, his eyes shifting between the seven armed security personnel standing guard. Even then, there was still a force field separating us from the terrorists.

I turned to Casey, noting the phaser rifle in his arms, “So it’s confirmed? They’re terrorists?” I asked, handing him the latest communiqué from Intelligence, on a PADD.

Casey nodded, “Yeah. From Starfleet Intelligence can gather, they were trying to pose as a Trillian freighter in order to enter the Sol system. Once there it was likely that they’d have carried out an attack, possibly a suicide attack against one of our orbital facilities, or against Earth itself.” He replied, before he read the message on the screen, acknowledging that he was taking the required precautions given by Intelligence.

I looked at one of the people on the biobeds. He looked like he was of both Romulan and Cardassian heritage, as he had those distinctive ‘markings’ that protruded from his face. “Is he part Cardassian?”

“No.” Replied the Doctor, “It seems like they were surgically altered to be in disguise. ‘Nikk Zot’ was a Bolian, ‘Kryar’ was a Denobulan, and the lady was a Cardassian.” He replied, pointing at them.

“Do we not know of her name?” Asked T’Luk.

He shook his head, “Even with the other two names, they’re just aliases.” He paused, “But DNA samples confirms that they do belong to the same terrorist cell responsible for the attacks using the warbirds. Intelligence believes that these three orchestrated the attack.”

“So what now, we deliver them to Starfleet Intelligence?” I asked, looking at Casey again.

He looked from the screen, “That’s the plan. The USS Tesla is en route and will rendezvous with us in twenty-minutes. They’ll take these off our hands.” He finished, looking at them again, tightening the grip on his firearm and clenching his jaw.


San Francisco, Earth

Starfleet Intelligence expresses its gratitude to the Tal Shiar.”

Kozarr’s lips curled into a grin, “A pleasure as always, Admiral Ive.” He replied, “But it would have been easier for us to have exec...” He paused, “Dealt with them.”

Ive looked at him blankly, “That is precisely why we asked for them, where they will be tried here for their crimes.”

The Chairman laughed, “Those three individuals conspired to eradicate millions of Federation citizens, yet you wish to pamper them? To let them live the remainder of their lives?”

Ive continued his stare, “I respect that your government has different ideals to mine. Perhaps you could share a similar courtesy.”

Kozarr nodded slowly, “Yes...” He nodded again, “Ideals...” He smiled, “Good day, Ive. Kozarr out.”

The channel closed and Becker looked over at Ive.

Ive stood up and walked over to the window, “They committed crimes against us so we have the right to sentence them, not the Romulan government.”

Becker nodded, “I agree.” He said, standing up, “But I can’t help but feel that your predecessor, Admiral White would not have taken the trouble.”

Ive looked across the bay, “The Federation is not perfect, Florian.” He began, “But for as long as I wear this uniform I will uphold its values to the last detail.” He watched a Federation flag flying in the wind across the bay, “Every detail.”


Our quarters- USS Titan

With my head against his chest, and his hand in my hair, we lay on the sofa and gazed out of the window, watching as the stars flew by. It was so peaceful, with only the tiniest drone coming from the engines, and the sound of T’Luk’s breathing.

“I could stay like this forever, with you.”

“As could I.” He replied, gently toying with my thin strands, “It is most calming.”

I nestled closer to him, “T’Luk, do you think about the future, like for us?”

“A future together?”

I nodded.

“Many times. Do you?”


“What do you think about?” He asked.

“Many different things…” I smiled, “All good things, wonderful things.”

He leaned close and kissed the top of my head, “Then we’ll make them happen. Every single one.”

“Yeah?” I grinned, thinking about everything the future could hold. My eyes shifted to the window again, “We never told them.”

“Told who, about what?” He asked.

I smiled, “The guys, when they edited the holoprogram.”

He cocked his head, looking down at me, “What holoprogram?”

“When we first…” I blushed, “In the shower…”

“I see.” He replied, “Indeed, they did plan for that to happen.”

“Yeah, but we didn’t tell them that we know.” I paused, “I need to thank them for that.”

“Me too.” He whispered.

I lay back further, looking up at his face, “I love you, T’Luk.”

“I love you too, Kai.” He replied, looking at me with that look in his eye, that look of love.

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