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A Vulcan’s Love
-By EmulatedLove

Chapter Five: Back to the nest

It was early in the morning aboard the Titan when we beamed up from the planet. I was transported directly to sickbay where the doctor stripped me down to my vest and underwear before he laid me down on a bed and looked me over thoroughly, using some odd looking equipment on the back of my head. I don't remember feeling any pain, but I was under the influence of some pretty good pain killers at the time. T'Luk and the others had also beamed in with me and were getting their injuries looked at by the EMH and some nurses. Once he finished working his magic, the doctor told me that I had suffered a serious concussion and was very lucky not to have snapped my neck when I hit into the bulkhead. He didn't expect there to be any long term effects but he wanted to keep me under supervision overnight. I didn't object, all I wanted was to go to sleep. As soon the doctor had finished talking to me T'Luk walked over and held my hand,

“How do you feel, Kai?” He asked softly, his eyes darting over my body.

I smiled at him, “I don't feel any pain, but I'm really tired.”

He stroked the side of my face, “You should sleep. I will stay here next to you.”

I frowned, “I don't mind if you go back to your quarters to sleep.”

“I would rather stay here, in case you need something.” He replied turning off the lights above my bed.

I nodded, “Ok, goodnight T'Luk. I Love you”

He leaned down and kissed me on the lips, “I love you too. Goodnight Kai.”

I remembered him pulling the sheet up to my chest before I fell asleep.


I woke up around midday to the smell of camomile tea, I smiled knowing T'Luk wouldn't be too far away. I squinted open my eyes and looked to my left, he was sitting on the edge of his bed with a cup in one hand and a PADD he was reading in the other. I yawned and stretched out on the bed, catching his attention. I opened my eyes fully and watched as he walked over to me.

“Do you feel ok?” He asked.

“Yeah, much better.” I said while sitting up.

He nodded at me.

As I sat on the edge of the bed I suddenly remembered the events which took place yesterday. I looked at T'Luk, “Are you ok? Were you injured?” I asked quickly.

“I did not sustain any serious injuries, neither did Alex nor Lt Jones.” He replied, “H'Jan came by earlier to see you but you were still asleep.”

I nodded, “What about the Romulans? What happened to the fleet?”

“It will take some time to explain what happened, but we are not in any danger and neither is the fleet...” He began before the doctor walked over to us.

“Ah, I see someone is looking a lot brighter this morning.” He remarked while studying the console next to my bed.

I glared at the blond haired, 27 year old Chief medical officer before looking back at T'Luk, “Where are we?”

“We are back in Federation space, en route to Earth.” He replied.

“Why? What happened?”

“You can ask all the questions you want in a minute, but right now I need you to remain still and quiet.” Interrupted the doctor while beginning to scan me with a medical tricorder.

I looked at him, “I want to know what happened.”

“Ensign.” Said the doctor calmly yet maintaining a sternness to his words.

I studied the pips on his collar: two gold, a Lieutenant. Damn. If I was his superior I would have given him an earful, “ Yes, sir” I replied and allowed him to complete his scan. I looked across at T'Luk who was standing there patiently. It was clear from his voice and body language that things weren't as bad as I was beginning to think. The doctor finished his scan and said that I was free to leave but to return if I experienced any unusual symptoms.

I nodded, “Thank you doctor.”

He smiled as he walked into his office.

I looked back to T'Luk who was now holding out a fresh uniform for me to wear, “We're off duty until further notice, but I didn't know what else to replicate for you.”

I took the clothes and put them on the bed before I walked forwards and wrapped my arms around him, resting my head on his shoulder. “Thank you for looking after me, T'Luk.” I said softly.

He moved his arms around my back and drew me closer, “You're welcome Kai.” He replied.

As nice and comforting as it was to be hugging my boyfriend, I still didn't have a clue as to what was going on and I was dressed in little more than my underwear. I pulled back and kissed him softly on his lips before getting dressed and walking out of sickbay; finding it odd to be walking again.

While we headed toward my quarters so I could shower I turned to T'Luk, “Are we at war with the Romulans?”

“No, we are not at war with the Romulans.” He replied.

“But we were attacked by a Romulan warbird.”

“Indeed, however the ship was not under the command of the Romulan government.”

I frowned, “Then who attacked us?”

He stopped walking and turned to me, “Ever since the Romulans have expressed an interest in diplomatic relations with the Federation, there has been a small terrorist cell which believed that any such talks could lead to a weaker Empire. As such, they devised a way to use some stolen Romulan warbirds to attack the fleet while in orbit of Romulus.” He paused, “Their attempt did not work however as the Romulan intelligence agency, the Tal Shiar discovered the plot and recommended that the Federation fleet withdraw from Romulan space for the time being.”

“Why didn't the fleet tell us?” I asked.

“They attempted many times but we were inside the rift so we could not receive the message. The Romulans sent a task force along with our fleet to help protect them in case they were attacked, fortunately they were not.” He replied. “But it seemed that the terrorist cell had chosen another target, the

I nodded, “How did the fleet find us?”

“As they headed back toward Federation space with the Romulan fleet escorting them, they detected the
Interceptor broadcasting the distress signal detailing the planet that we had beamed onto.” He replied, “They set a course and retrieved us before continuing toward the Federation.”

“Is the Romulan escort still with us?”

“No, the Romulan fleet escorted us up to the Neutral Zone where three Starfleet ships were waiting to escort us from the other side. We should arrive at Earth in approximately a day.”

I smiled. Out of all the outcomes, this certainly isn't the worst. But it still left a lot of unanswered questions.

We started walking again, “What about the terrorist cell? And how did they get a Romulan warbird?”

“The Empire has assured the Federation that they would find the people who belong to part of this group. They have also admitted that they have lost five D'deridex class warbirds that were scheduled to be decommissioned, it is now believed that the group now holds these in their procession.”

That frightened me, the thought that five cloaked warbirds could move undetected through Federation space without anyone's knowledge. Hell, they could pass within metres of our hull and we would be none the wiser.

We stepped into a turbolift and headed up to my quarters, I looked at T'Luk before I leaned in and inhaled. He smelt as though he'd recently had a wash, “When did you have a shower?”

He turned to me, “Last night, after you had fallen asleep.”

“I thought you said you were going asleep as well.” I replied.

“I said I would stay there in case you needed something. The doctor wouldn't let me sit on his beds unless I had a shower.”

I giggled at his obvious dislike toward the doctor but quietened down when we exited the turbolift, “When did you last sleep then?”

“When we were aboard the Interceptor, before we entered the rift.” He replied.

I faced him, “T'Luk, that was almost two days ago!”

“Indeed, however Vulcans can survive many days, even weeks without sleep.”

He had me there, but it just didn't feel right for me to sleep while he stayed awake.

I cocked my head, “Do you go without sleeping every night all the time?”

“No, only when it is necessary.” He replied.

“You didn't have to stay awake you know, I would have been alright.” I said as we arrived outside my quarters.

“The doctor would have let you leave had you been alright.” He replied softly.

I smiled at him, “You're just too cute.” I opened the door and ushered him inside before I pulled him into me and giving him a kiss, “I love you so much.”

He leaned in and kissed me back, “I love you too Kai.”

We pulled apart, “You don't mind if I have a quick shower do you? Then we can go down to the mess and get something to eat.”

He walked over to my shelf where I had a couple of photographs and looked at them, “That will be fine.”

“Ok be back in a few minutes.” I replied before grabbing some new clothes and heading into the bathroom.

Fortunately having a sonic shower allows you to have a very quick and thorough wash without the hassle of drying water off you once you're done. It also saves me from straightening my hair, which has a tendency to get curly when wet, so that helps out a lot. I was showered and dressed within five minutes when I walked out to see T'Luk sitting down reading from a PADD, he stood up when he noticed me.

“Anything interesting?” I asked, gesturing to the PADD.

“I was just finishing a report for our away mission.” He replied.

I looked at him, “Crap, I guess that means that I should start mine soon.”

“Captain Riker said that you have until next week to have one finished, because of your injury.”

I grinned at him, “You ready to eat?”

He nodded and walked over to the door and we left my quarters.

The mess was just over half full when we arrived. Nobody noticed us immediately but when we walked toward the replicators I heard someone shout out at us,

“Hey! If it isn't our latest heroes, Ensigns Taylor and T'Luk!” Called out Casey who was sitting with some other uniformed officers.

I turned to face him and heard some other people call out our names while some others clapped. I waved over to them before I turned to T'Luk and raised my eyebrows, “I guess we're famous.”

“Indeed.” He replied before replicating some food and waking over toward Casey. I followed suit with a plate of: half a grilled chicken, a jacket potato and some salad.

“So I hear you guys gave those Romulans a run for their money.” Said a Lieutenant as we took our seats opposite them.

I nodded, “Yeah, although that is all thanks to Ensigns Cauchon piloting skills.” I turned to T'Luk, “Do you know where Alex is?”

“No, I do not.” He replied.

I reached up to tap my combadge but realised that I wasn't wearing it.

I pointed to T'Luk's combadge, “Do you mind if I use yours?”

He removed it and passed it over to me.

I tapped the device, “Hey Alex this is Kai, where are you?”

There was a slight pause before I heard Alex's voice, “I was just in sickbay looking for you, I tried your combadge but you aren't wearing it.”

“No I forgot to put it on, I'm in the mess hall, why don't you come down here and grab some food or something?”

“Sure thing. I'll be there in two, Alex out.”

I passed back T'Luk's combadge.

“How do you feel? I heard you hit your head pretty hard.” Asked Casey.

“I did, right into a bulkhead. Doc says I'm lucky I didn't snap my neck. I feel a lot better now though, good as new. I was lucky someone came to my aid right away.” I replied glancing at T'Luk.

“The tender aid of a certain Vulcan no doubt.” Smiled Casey.

I smiled, “Well I heard things got pretty messed up in the fleet.” I said while beginning to eat my food.

“Yeah, if it wasn't for the Tal Shiar, we could be in a pretty bad shape right now.” He said.

T'Luk spoke up, “Indeed, the Romulans were generous to send a fleet to escort us to Federation space.”

Casey nodded, “I think everyone feels more comfortable knowing that we're back home again.”

I looked up from my plate and glanced around the mess hall. The general atmosphere seemed to be much lighter, people looked more relaxed, myself included. I felt someone move past my shoulder before Alex plopped himself down in the chair next to my right, like me he wasn't wearing his uniform and was instead dressed in some navy joggers along with a white t-shirt.

“Hey guys, Feeling better Kai?” He asked.

“Yep, I'm feeling great, you?”

He grinned, “I'm fine, a little tired though.”

“Tell me about it, and I just woke up!” I replied, “I was just telling everyone about how you saved our asses back in the rift with your amazing flying skills.”

Alex giggled, “Naah, It wasn't that hard.”

One of the Lieutenants sitting with us piped in, “You're joking, out manoeuvring a Romulan warbird in a runabout without getting destroyed in the process deserves a medal.” He said, causing Alex to blush.

Casey pointed to us “H'Jan wanted me to tell you that you owe him a runabout. He's been in the shuttle bay all morning inspecting the damage.”

I nodded, “I'll go up there and visit him later.”

Captain Riker's voice came through over the comm,
“Would Ensigns Cauchon, Taylor and T'Luk please join me in the briefing room in five minutes, thank you.”

I looked across at Casey and the Lieutenants, “Well we'd better get moving. We'll catch up sometime soon, go to the holodeck or something.”

“You still owe me a dinner.” Remarked Casey while rubbing his stomach.

I grinned at him, “Or a dinner then. See ya later.” I said while rising out of my chair, along with Alex and T'Luk.


We took our plates over to the replicator and recycled them before exiting the mess and walking toward the turbolifts.

“What do you reckon he is going to say?” Asked Alex.

“I'm expecting a promotion.” I said while rubbing my hands together for effect.

Alex laughed aloud, “Oh, that would be good.”

“It is unlikely that you would be promoted at your present age, Kai.” Replied T'Luk.

“Well that definitely applies to me then.” Said Alex while we stepped into the turbolift. “Bridge” He called out, causing the lift to rise.

“You're only one year younger, I don't think he'd promote me and not you.” I said before turning to T'Luk and wrapping my arm around him, “How old are you T'Luk? I have always assumed that you also 21, but then again being Vulcan you could easily be 24 and still look as good.”

“You are correct, I am 21 years old.”

“I thought Vulcans regard age as being something private.” Said Alex.

“Most Vulcans do, however I do not.”

I looked at Alex, “See what I mean about him being unique.”

The doors opened and we stepped out onto the bridge. I took a moment to quickly look around, I hadn't been up here there in ages, and being here now made me remember why I loved it so much. The soft bleeping of the control panels, the viewscreen, the captains chair, it all signified the most important part of the ship. Commander Caves and Councillor Troi stood up and walked over to us.

Caves extended his hand, “It's good to see you up and about again Ensign.”

I shook his hand, “Thank you sir, we are lucky to have quite a talented doctor.”

“That we are.” He replied before shaking hands with T'Luk and Alex.

Troi stepped forward, “I'm glad you are well Ensign, I'm happy to see all of you are still here. It was quite a scare when we received the distress signal from the
Interceptor, it is a relief to know that you are all ok.”

We all thanked her before she told us that the Captain was waiting in the briefing room for us and that we can go through. I leaded the way and stepped inside, I had only been in this room once when I first came aboard the
Titan. The room was along the rear of the bridge with a door to the left which led you straight inside. In the middle of the room was a long table which curved with the structure of the room. There were chairs lined up either side with enough space for the entire senior officers and a couple of guests. Along one side of the room was a glass cabinet which contained some models of various classes of ships which had also bore the name Titan. Along the opposite side was an array of large rear facing windows which currently gave a beautiful view of the stars whizzing past. The Captain was standing next to one of the windows, looking out into space. He turned and smiled at us as we walked in, telling us to take seats along the table as he took a seat at the top. Behind him was a large display that could be used for mission specific details or pictures, but it was currently turned off. I sat closest to the Captain with T'Luk next to me and Alex opposite. Captain Riker turned to me,

“It's good to see you have made a full recovery Ensign.” He said, turning to the others, “It's good to see all of you are in a good condition.”

“Thank you sir.” We said in unison.

He clasped his hands together on the table and looked us in the eyes, “I want to begin by apologising for what happened to you in the rift and on the planet. Had we been aware of any attack, we'd never had sent you.”

We all nodded and he continued, “Each of you handled the situation far beyond anyone's expectations and for that I am very proud to have you as members aboard this ship.”

We thanked him again.

“I'm sure you're all aware that we are heading to Earth. Starfleet wants to debrief the senior officers and Captains of the fleet which means we will be in orbit for several days. I want to take this opportunity to grant you all 3 days shore leave. I know that we've been in space for less than a month and haven't even performed our shakedown cruise, but you three deserve some relief after what happened.”

I smiled and glanced at the other two, T'Luk was wearing his usual expression and Alex, like me, was grinning.

“That's very kind of you sir, thank you.” said Alex, “I assume Lt Comm Jones also has shore leave?” He asked.

Captain Riker nodded, “You're all welcome, and yes, I saw Lt Jones earlier and also granted her some shore leave.” He said pausing, “Unless you have any questions, you're all dismissed.”

T'Luk spoke up, “What are our orders once we arrive at Earth, Captain?”

“I'm not entirely sure at this point, after we get debriefed I will request that we can perform our shakedown cruise, that is unless Starfleet gives us some new orders.” He replied.

T'Luk nodded and we stood up and thanked Captain Riker again and exited the briefing room and walked out onto the bridge, heading for the turbolift.

“Have fun on Earth, Ensigns.” Called out Councillor Troi as we stepped inside.

“We will.” I called out as the doors closed, “Deck 8.” I commanded, moving the lift.

I looked over at Alex, “Maybe not a promotion, but I can live with some shore leave.”

He nodded, “It will be good. I'll go back to France, see my family, a nice break. What about you?” He asked.

“Probably the same, I'm sure my parents would be surprised to see me again so soon.” I replied.

Alex nodded and I turned to T'Luk, “What about you, have any plans?”

“No, I do not.” He replied.

I grinned, “How about you come with me to England? My parents have a large house and a guest room, I'm sure they'll be pleased to meet you.”

He nodded, “That's very generous, thank you Kai.”

Alex wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and I flashed him a toothy grin, “You're welcome T'Luk. Alex if you have the time you should come over and visit too.”

“I might just do that.” He said as the turbolift came to a stop, “Why are we on deck 8?”

I stepped out with T'Luk, “I was going to go say hi to H'Jan and see what's left of the

Alex nodded and followed us as we walked toward the main shuttle bay. The doors slid open as we walked inside, as soon as I saw the
Interceptor it felt like I was reliving the whole experience over again. The sirens from the alarms, the smoke filling the compartment, the impact on my head. I broke my trance when H'Jan called over to us from the other side of the ship and we walked over to him. The Interceptor was in the centre of the large room and was being supported about 1 metre high by some metallic blocks. There were about 20 people around the vessel, all working on their own various tasks. The shiny grey surface of the ship was absent, replaced with a dark grey soot which covered the front of the craft; no doubt they were fragments from the asteroid field we flew into. As we walked closer there were several large gashes on the sides of the craft, along with some scorch marks; the signs of weapons fire. When we went around the other side to where H'Jan was, there was another large gash on one of the nacelles, indicating the hit which took out our warp drive.

“Yeah those fuckers really messed her up.” Remarked H'Jan.

T'Luk raised an eyebrow at his colourful language and H'Jan noticed, “Sorry, but it really gets to me. A couple more minutes of this and none of you would be here.” He sighed and turned to us, “How are you guys anyway? I checked on you earlier but you were getting your beauty sleep.” He said, winking at me.

“I'm a lot better now. How are you doing?” I asked.

“Well we've assessed the damage systems and are now just either trying to fix them or replace them entirely.”

“How long do you reckon it will be before it is operational again?” Asked T'Luk.

“If Commander Librescu keeps all 23 of us working on it, then in about two weeks she should be space worthy.” He replied.

Lieutenant Commander Hadara Librescu was the
Titan's Chief Engineer. At 28 years of age, the highly intelligent Israeli was another example of Captain Riker's policy of a young crew. Whenever I go down to engineering, she would always be the first to greet me or get someone to help in whatever I was doing. She also had a great relationship with each of her engineers, always making them feel at ease regardless of the situation. Apart from Captain Riker, Hadara is the only member of the senior crew to be married to another person aboard Titan; she is the wife of engineer Lieutenant Sarah Librescu. While I had often believed that it would be difficult for married people to work in such close proximity and still have a relationship, the two women make it look like there's nothing to it. Oh, and they're both brilliant engineers.

“Two weeks? That's really good.” I said.

“Yeah, it's two weeks or wait a month for a new one from Starfleet. I'm not giving up on her yet.” He replied. “Anyway I'd better get back if I want to keep that deadline.”

I nodded, “Sure thing, we'll see you later.”

We turned and began to walk away before H'Jan called over to me, “Kai, your mum wants you to call her when you have a chance.”

“My mum?” I asked.

“Yeah, I called her earlier and told her about what happened to you.”

“Oh, thanks. I'll call her in a bit then. See ya.”

He waved and got back to work as we exited from the shuttle bay.

We was about to get into the turbolift when Alex stopped, “I think I'm gonna go have a nap or something. Didn't get much sleep last night.” He yawned.

“Ok, we'll catch up later for dinner if you want.” I said.

“Sounds good. See you guys later.” He said before turning down the corridor toward his quarters on this deck.

“Bye.” I replied while T'Luk and I stepped into the turbolift, before going down a deck to my quarters.

I entered my entry code and walked inside, getting T'Luk and myself a drink before I sat down in front of my computer console, “I'm just going to call home, you make yourself comfortable and do whatever you want.” I said facing T'Luk who was sitting on my couch and picking up a book I left lying around.

I pressed a few buttons and opened up my address book, I selected my home and opened a channel. I waited a couple of seconds before I heard my mum's voice but saw an empty chair,

“Hold on Kai, I'm heading to the viewer now.” I heard her say before she called out for my dad.

I waited again until a my mum came into view. She wasn't a very tall woman, standing at around 5'7”, but her slim physique would make you think otherwise. She had dark brown hair and blue/green eyes. Unlike my dad who's skin was quite tanned like mine, my mums was quite fair, but it contrasted nicely with her hair colour. Personality wise we were quite similar, although she was slightly more outspoken than myself. Like my dad she was a kind person and has always put me first above everything. They were the best parents anyone could ask for.

“Hi mum.”

“Hey baby, how are you? H'Jan said you hurt yourself.” She said quickly.

“Yeah, I had concussion, but I'm as good as new now.”

She looked relieved, “I'm pleased to hear, I've been worried sick. One month out in space and already you're visiting sickbay.”

I laughed, “I know, doesn't sound very promising does it?”

She cocked her head and gave me that motherly look.

I stopped laughing, “I'm joking mum.”

“Good, because I don't think I'd be very happy with you flying from star to star if you are that prone to get injured.” She said.

I quickly changed the subject before she demanded me to leave Starfleet and take up knitting or something, “So how are you and Dad?” I asked just before my dad appeared suddenly and sat down quickly next to my mum.

My dad is a great guy and probably one of the most confident people I have ever met, which comes in handy being head of public relations for Starfleet on Earth. I had told him many times that he should work for a different branch of Starfleet, but he says that he's happy with where he is, finding no reason to move. He also has a good sense of humour which he puts into good use whenever H'Jan comes over, I swear with them two under one roof it's like an evening full of stand-up comedy. He has dark brown hair and matching eyes, like me he is 5'12” and has broad shoulders. Looking at him now with his hair all wet indicated that he was probably out swimming in our pool, or having a wet shower.

“Hey Kai, how you doing?” He asked.

I smiled, “I'm good Dad, how are you two?”

“Oh we're ok, just glad to hear you're alright. H'Jan's message gave us quite a scare.” He replied.

“I bet it did, but don't worry, I'm fine now.” I said, pausing, ”Anyway good news, we're on our way back to Earth.”

They smiled, “H'Jan did say you'd be in the area, any chance we'd get to see you?” My mum asked.

“Actually the Captain has given us three days of shore leave, so I'll be coming down there.”

“Really? that's great.” A smile crept onto her face, “Will you be bringing a certain someone with you?.”

I frowned slightly, “What? Who?”

They shared a glance with each other, “H'Jan said something about a boyfriend.” Said my mum.

I blushed, “Oh, erm, How much did he say?”

“So you do have a boyfriend! I'm so happy for you honey, it's about time someone came along and swept you off your feet!” She said, ignoring my question.

I blushed again, realising that T'Luk was sitting in the same room and could hear every word. “Mum!”

Dad was laughing in the background, “Oh is he there? Go get him.” She said.

“No he isn't here.” I lied.

“What's his name? He's a Trill isn't he?” She asked.

“No I reckon he's a Bajoran, maybe a Risian.” Said my dad.

“Guys! Please! I'm not telling you anything, you will meet him tomorrow.” I replied

“So you're bringing him here? I can't wait! I'll get the guest room ready for you.” She said.

“Thanks, we should be in orbit around 10:00, we'll beam down at around that time. Is that ok?” I asked.

“Sure it is, we'll make some breakfast.” Said Dad.

'Damn. No doubt they'll make something with meat, and if I tell them he's vegetarian they might guess he's a Vulcan.' I thought to myself.

“Actually why don't we eat out? We can make some dinner at home later.” I suggested.

“That's not a bad idea, we'll sort it out when you arrive.” He replied.

“Good. Anyway I'd better go, got some packing to do.” I said.

“Ok, we'll see you tomorrow. Say hi to your boyfriend from us. Love you.” Said Mum.

“Love you too, Bye.”

“Bye.” They said together and I closed the channel.

I stood up and faced toward T'Luk and saw him look up at me. He looked so cute sitting there, I felt a wave of emotion flow through me. I walked over to him,

“Mum and Dad says hi and they can't wait to meet you.”

He stood up and nodded, “Why did you not want them to know I was here?”

I smiled, “I want to surprise them tomorrow. Besides, you're too hot to be seen over the viewscreen first time.”

“They seem like nice people.”

“They're the best. They are going to love you.” I said standing in front of him.

“I hope they find me, suitable.”

I laughed, “Suitable? You're so much more than suitable.” I held his hand, “T'Luk, I love you. I know I've only known you a short time but it doesn't feel like it. It feels like we've been together forever. Whatever they think of you doesn't matter, all that matters is that I love you.”

“I feel the same Kai. I love you too.” He said softly.

I felt a wave of emotion flow through me again when I heard him say that, it just made me love him even more. I stared at him for a second, everything seemed to freeze in place, like the first time I saw him. I pulled him in to me, before I planted my lips over his and began kissing him. He quickly began to reciprocate, moving his arms around my back and pulling me closer. I felt his tongue brush lightly against my lips and I opened my mouth, allowing him inside. I moved my hands across his back, it felt so good to hold him like this.

I started to lightly grind my hips against his, feeling his growing hardon against mine. I pulled back and stared into his eyes, looking for any signs of resistance. He moved forward, pushing me softly against a wall behind me and we kissed again. I felt restricted, I had to get out of my clothes. I broke the kiss again as I reached down and peeled off my t-shirt, throwing it on the floor. I done the same to him, before moving back in to have another taste of T'Luk. I kicked off my shoes as I moved my hands between us and undone my trousers, stepping out of them as they fell to my ankles. He done the same, leaving us in our tenting boxers. I spun us around and slowly pushed him toward the bed, still kissing and holding him close to me. When he pressed up against it, I broke away.

“Wait...” I said against his lips.

He pulled back and looked quizzically at my face, he opened his mouth to reply but I placed a finger at his lips.

I crawled up onto the bed and pulled him down on top of me, with my head resting on a pillow I looked up into T'Luk's eyes, “I love you so much.” I said before I started to kiss him again. He mumbled a response, but I was too lost in the feel of his body against mine as our chests pressed together. I ran my hands along his back, feeling the softness of his skin and the suppleness of his strong muscles. I rolled over, putting him beneath me as I moved off his lips and licked my way down past his neck and onto his chest. He was smooth all over, not a hair in sight on his beautifully toned body. I flicked my tongue against his nipple before lightly sucking on it, eliciting a soft moan from him. I moved over to the other side and done the same, leaving them hard and sensitive. I licked further down to his navel and kissed him softly.

I moved lower but paused, I bit my bottom lip and looked up at his face. His eyes were closed but after a second he looked down at me. We stayed still for a minute before he nodded slowly. I looked at his boxers. He was leaking a lot, a large wet patch covered the front of them, sticking to his erection. I hooked my fingers around the waistband and slowly pulled them down and threw them on the floor. I had never seen another man naked before, let alone a Vulcan, but T'Luk was beautiful. He stepped out of his boxers as I ran a hand up his thigh before wrapping my fingers around his cock. He was so hard and warm. I slowly pulled his skin back, exposing his head. I wasn't sure what I expected a Vulcan cock to look like, but it looked very much like mine did. Perhaps his glands were a little more angled and a slightly greener tinge to it, but it was very similar to mine in terms of size, with a length of around 6” and average width. I stroked it slowly, causing him to moan deeply. A small drop of precum formed at the tip, I ran my thumb over it, making him squirm slightly. I reached up with my other hand and cupped his balls which were again very similar to my own. I massaged them while I continued to stroke him. More precum emerged from his tip, I leaned forward and licked it off. It didn't taste of much, I wouldn't say salty but it was definitely Vulcan, It had that Vulcan smell/taste that T'Luk had. I licked him again before forming an oval with my mouth and moving forward over his dick. I only managed about four inches, but I didn't want to mess up on my first time. I slowly moved back and forth, sucking on him lightly. I continued to flick my tongue over his tip, causing him to jump in my mouth. I could hear his breathing become quicker and louder and I guessed that he was going to shoot. I felt him swell on my tongue before the first shot hit the back of my throat with quite some force, his second and third felt as powerful as his first. I swallowed it down as he came. He lasted for another couple of seconds before he slowed to a dribble and softened slightly. I moved off his cock and swept my tongue around my mouth, tasting him. It was like his precum but much stronger and a bit thicker than my own cum. I leaned forward and cleaned him with my tongue. Once he was clean, I licked my way back up to his face and kissed him again.

He gently flipped me onto my back as he moved down my body, stopping to suck my nipples until I was moaning in pleasure. He moved lower and paused like I did. I looked down into his eyes and nodded. T'Luk peeled off my boxers, releasing my cock. I was so hard. He pulled them off my legs and put them on the floor before he wrapped a hand around my erection. I jerked in his hand from the contact as he pulled my skin back. I moaned again and writhed on the sheets as he started to stroke me. I couldn't begin to describe the things that I was feeling, I was in ecstasy. I felt his hand stop before he flicked his tongue across my tip, almost causing me to burst my load. He went down on me, taking a couple of inches before trying again and taking me all the way. I closed my eyes and laid there, it felt amazing. I reached down with my hands and placed them lightly on his head. He moved up and down and I slowly moved to meet him. I could feel my orgasm approaching,

“...mmm, I'm close...” I murmured.

He sucked me harder and flicked my tip again, pushing me over the edge. My orgasm rocked through my body, moaning as I came in his mouth. I remember shooting several times before I lost count. I continued to feel the waves of my orgasm as he nursed me clean until I felt too sensitive and lightly tugged on his head. He came back up to my face and kissed me tenderly. I pulled him into me and kissed him back. We kissed for a while until I snuggled up with my head against his shoulder and my legs tangled with his. In that instant I felt so content and satisfied while laying there with him.

He kissed the top of my head, “I love you Kai.”

I kissed his chest, “I love you too T'Luk.

I reached down and pulled the duvet over us as we fell into a slumber, together with my love. My Vulcan love.

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