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A Vulcan’s Love
-By EmulatedLove

Chapter Six: Home again

My parents' house is located about 30 kilometres North of London, in the county of Hertfordshire. They live in a large and very modern home which was designed by one of my mothers friends about 5 years ago. It didn't take that long for it to be built as most of the materials could be easily replicated, and as soon as it was finished, we moved in right away. It was in that house where I spent my late teen years before I left to attend Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.

T'Luk and I had just beamed down from the Titan and we were taking a minute to look around. Unless the house to which you are beaming to has a transporter arrival platform, it is customary to beam in just outside the front of the house and walk the rest of the way. In front of us were the large gates which led to a driveway up to the front of the house and behind us was a small private road which only had about 3 other houses connected to it. Our house was on the end and quite secluded by a couple of large trees, this resulted in quite a peaceful home with nice surroundings.

I walked up to the gate and turned on the access panel. I didn't want my parents to see us over the security viewscreen, so instead of ringing the bell, I used my access code. The panel chirped and the gates began to move open, I turned to T'Luk,

“What do you think?”

“The structure of the house is most impressive.” He replied as he picked up his suitcase and followed me as we headed toward the house.

I smiled, he was so predictable. I had expected him to comment on something other than the surroundings.

“Yes it is, my mum's friend designed it.” I said.

“Is your mother an architect?”

“Kind of, well she designs Starships rather than buildings.”

We walked up the steps to the front door and I looked at T'Luk. I always liked to strut around wearing my uniform in public as it seemed to carry an extra sense of respect and pride. So I told T'Luk that we'd beam down wearing them and change into something else later. He didn't really understand what I meant when I told him, but he didn't mind. It had also occurred to me that besides the uniform and his sexy swimwear, I have never seen him wearing any casual Vulcan clothes. I couldn't wait until I saw what he had packed, I just hoped that it wasn't two extra uniforms.

“You ready?”

He nodded.

I reached forward and pressed the doorbell and waited for a couple of seconds. I heard it unlock and watched as it swung open, revealing my parents standing there. I watched at their eyes were focused on me before they glanced over at T'Luk. Their expression was priceless, it was clearly evident that they were surprised.

“Hi Mum, Hi Dad.” I said.

Mum stepped forward and hugged me, “It's so good to see you Kai.” She moved back, “So who is this handsome young man?” She asked as I hugged my dad.

I pulled back, “Mum, Dad I want you to meet my boyfriend T'Luk. T'Luk, these are my parents, Mary and Ryan.” I replied.

T'Luk reached forward to shake my mum's hand but she stepped forward and hugged him as well. He was quite surprised at the gesture but he quickly composed himself. “It's good to meet you T'Luk.” She said.

“It's good to meet you Mary.” He replied.

Mum stepped back, allowing my dad to shake his hand, “It's good to finally meet you T'Luk. Kai wouldn't tell us a lot about you in yesterday's chat.” Said Dad.

“I said I wanted to surprise you.” I replied.

“You did honey.” Replied my mum. “Now come on inside and I'll get you guys something to drink.”

We stepped inside and closed the door behind us. The entire downstairs of the house was completely open planned. The result being a very large open area and a very modern feel to the place. In front of us was a staircase which led up to the second floor, to our right was the lounge with a large viewscreen and three large sofas, and to our left was the kitchen which had an archaic stainless steel style to the worktops and appliances. To the rear of the house was a large dining room, ideal for when family came over, and in a separate corner in a different room was a study where my mum could work from home. At the rear end of the house, across its width, was an indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi. We placed our suitcases on the floor and sat down in the lounge while my parents went to get us some drinks.

“You have a very beautiful home.” Remarked T'Luk.

My parents looked at him for a second, finding it odd for a Vulcan to make such a comment.

“Vulcans appreciate beauty, we just don't comment on it as frequently as other races.” He said.

“T'Luk is the most Un-Vulcan, Vulcan you'll ever meet.” I replied.

T'Luk raised an eyebrow, “Un-Vulcan, Vulcan?”

I nodded.

“What would you guys like to drink?” Called out Mum.

“I'll have some orange juice, please.” I said.

“I would like a cup of camomile tea, please.” Said T'Luk.

Mum and Dad replicated our drinks and brought them over, sitting down on the sofa opposite us. I glanced up at the viewscreen, it seems that my dad was watching some highlights from a past football match that was on. I'd always disliked football, what is fun about kicking a ball about in a muddy field in the cold? But Dad didn't agree with my assessment, he loved the sport.

“So how are you guys? Once H'Jan briefly told us what happened, we tried to find out as much as we can, but you know what those Admirals are like.” Said Dad.

As I've already mentioned, both of my parents worked for Starfleet and like me they were commissioned officers which means that they attended the Academy. They were both Commanders, but while I served on board a starship, both of my parents chose postings on Earth. If they had served on a starship, it was likely that one of them would be a Captain by now, however they were both pleased with where they were. My dad was head of Starfleet relations on Earth, while my mum was the head of her department in Starfleet research and development. Seeing that they were both officers and had a higher security clearance than myself, I could fill them in with all the details from the mission, without breaking any of Starfleet policies.

I nodded and over the next five minutes or so, T'Luk and I gave them an account of what happened.

“I'm sure Starfleet is doing all that they can. I'm just pleased that neither of you were hurt badly.” Said Mum.

I nodded, “We're both fine now and I can safely say that it wasn't the best experience ever. Luckily I had my knight in shining armour to look after me.” I replied, holding onto T'Luk's hand.

My mum looked at T'Luk, “We heard about how you cared for Kai while he was injured, thank you for looking after him.”

T'Luk nodded, ”You're most welcome, I would not have left his side.”

My parents smiled at him before their expressions became serious again, “How many warbirds did you say were stolen?” Asked Mum.

“The Tal Shiar believes that five warbirds were stolen, however we cannot be certain on the exact figure as we do not know how many ships the Romulan government has operational and how many were due for decommissioning.”

“Starfleet has had a tachyon grid in place across the neutral zone for years. It's unlikely that these ships can enter our space without being detected, even if they are cloaked.” Replied my dad.

“Yep, hopefully that should be enough of a deterrent to the terrorist cell, or at least it will slow their movements.” I said.

“Indeed.” Added T'Luk.

We sat in silence for a few seconds before mum changed the subject, “What do you do in Starfleet T'Luk? From the blue collar on your uniform I'd guess that it's science related.” Said Mum.

T'Luk nodded, “Actually my job is very similar to Kai's. I'm a cosmologist so I study the formation of space as a whole.”

“No wonder you guys got together, you both share a big common interest.” She replied.

It was funny to hear her say that as I always thought that it was our differences that brought us together, rather than our similarities or interests. Of course practically doing the same job really helped in that regard, but I couldn't see myself sitting here with anyone else.

“So what about you guys? Been up to anything new?” I asked.

Dad waved his hand, “Not really, pretty much the same as usual.”

Mum had a grin on her face, “Actually I have been quite busy on a new project at work, I'll show you guys some of it later.”

“Anything fun?” I asked.

She nodded, “You could say that.” She paused for a moment, “So how are the rest of the gang? H'Jan and Casey, is it?”

“Yep, and another guy called Alex. They're all ok and H'Jan sends his love.”

“Alex? Is this the same Alex that was in the runabout with you two?” Asked Mum.

I nodded, “He is, actually I invited him over here to spend an evening or something as he also has some shore leave.”

“That's great, just tell us when and we'll sort something out.” She replied.

“Sure, thanks mum.”

“Speaking of sorting something out, do you guys want to go out and get some breakfast? I'm starving.” Said Dad.

I turned to T'Luk, “I don't mind, do you?”

“Not at all.” He replied.

“Ok, I'm just going to get dressed into something else, I'll show you the guest room and you can get changed as well if you want.” I said while standing up.

He nodded and stood up next to me, “Yes, I would prefer to wear something else.”

“Good, we'll be back down in a few minutes.” I said, facing my parents.

“Ok, we'll be getting ready as well.” Replied my mum.

I led T'Luk out of the lounge and collected our suitcases before going up the stairs to the second floor. My bedroom and the guest room were both on this floor so we wouldn't have far to go to get changed. At the top of the stairs was a landing which led to both of the rooms, along with my parents room and a main bathroom. There were also another flight of stairs which led up into the attic. I showed T'Luk into the guest room. Like all the rooms in the house, it was generously sized and had a large window overlooking the rear side of the house. There was also a double bed, a personal replicator, a computer terminal on a desk and a large viewscreen.

“Is this ok?” I asked.

He set his suitcase down on the floor, “Indeed, it is.”

I leaned in and kissed him softly, “My room is the one closest to the stairs, come over when you're dressed, ok?”

He nodded, “I'll be along in a moment.”

“Good.” I replied before I kissed him again and exited the room, closing the door behind me.

I walked across the hall into my room and smiled as I looked around. It was very much like the guest room, however above my computer terminal, on some shelves were a small collection of personal items that I didn't take with me to the Titan. Mostly they were photographs of me and my family, or models of various starship classes. While looking at the photos, I noted that I really needed to have one of me and T'Luk, perhaps I could persuade him to have one taken while we were still on Earth.

I put my suitcase on the bed and opened it to get something else to wear. I chose a plain white t-shirt with some jeans and a new pair of trainers which I had recently replicated while still on the Titan. I got dressed and unpacked my things before I logged onto my computer terminal to see if there was any memo's or notices from Starfleet or anyone else. There wasn't anything new so I logged out and started to play some music before I heard a knock at the door.

I turned down the volume, “Come in.”

The door handle turned and in walked T'Luk, looking very hot in his choice of clothing. He was wearing a casual male Vulcan long sleeved top and trousers, both in a colour mixed between grey and brown. I had often wondered what he'd look like in this dress, and fortunately he looked really good,
really good.

“Damn. You put me to shame T'Luk.” I said, walking toward him.

He cocked his head, “Meaning?”

“You look really good in those clothes.”

He looked at my clothes, “You look...really good, as well.”

I grinned, “Thanks.” I paused, “Now let's go get something to eat.”

We walked downstairs and met my parents waiting for us near to the door. My mum took a minute to comment on how handsome we both looked, making me blush but causing no such affect on T'Luk. After she finished with the compliments, we walked outside and headed to the garage on the side of the house. The garage was quite large and could easily hold both my mum's and dad's cars. I wasn't even sure why we had two cars as they could easily have beamed into work each day, but I suppose that they just liked to have the opportunity to drive themselves. We chose Dad's because it was slightly larger and as he put it, “The better one.” I don't really think that it was better, because besides being larger, they were both relatively the same. They were both silver and has the common aerodynamic shape that all cars have; similar in look to a drop of water falling horizontally. The windows were all large which allowed for a better field of vision for both the driver and passengers. It's funny that I say driver as many people choose to let the car drive itself, but some people still prefer to have manual control; my dad being one of those people.

We opened the doors and sat down with T'Luk and I sitting in the back with my parents in the front. Dad pressed his hand on the centre panel which recognised his fingerprint and allowed the vehicle to start up. A quiet hum could be heard as the inertial dampeners activated before the car levitated to a height of about 35cm above the ground. While starships were usually controlled by a console with buttons, the control systems in cars has changed very little since their introduction over 300 years ago, back when they run on wheels and used a combustion engine, instead of levitating and running on electricity. As such, Dad pressed down slightly on the foot pedal and we started to move forwards, until we exited the garage. The garage door closed automatically behind us as the main gates started to open as we approached them down the driveway. Once we passed through them and emerged onto the road, Dad steadily increased to the maximum speed allowed on this road.

“Where are we going for breakfast?” I asked.

“I'm keeping it a surprise, but don't worry, there will be something there for everyone.” Replied my dad.

Ten minutes later we arrived at a large restaurant just outside of central London. It was a Denobulan family run restaurant and after sitting down at a table and looking at the menu, it became clear that it wasn't just Denobulan cuisine that was on offer here. The list of food was huge, there had to be at least 10 dishes unique to each species of the Federation as well as from some other species. I hadn't been to this place before but Dad said that he frequently came here with his work colleagues during lunch breaks. That didn't surprise me, you could eat at this place for a month and still not eat the same meal twice.

I looked over at T'Luk, “See anything you like?”

“Yes, I think I will have a Risian Rotivia.” He replied.

A Risian Rotivia was basically a large circular piece of bread with a mixture of different salad sprinkled with various oils. It was a typical breakfast dish from the planet Risa. I went through a stage a couple of years ago when that was what I had for breakfast. They were lovely, not to mention really healthy. I also hadn't had one in ages, perhaps I should indulge in one now.

“That's not a bad idea, I might have the same.” I replied.

A young Denobulan waitress came over and took our order. T'Luk and I had the Rotivia while my mum had Denobulan dish and my dad had something Trillian. We didn't have to wait long for our food and once it arrived it all looked delicious.


She paused, “What's your security clearance?”

“Level 3, the one and only.” I replied with T'Luk nodding in agreement.

Dad chuckled to himself.

“Hey! There was a time when you were an Ensign too.” I replied, smiling.

We were now back at home after having finished our lovely meal out at the restaurant. We spent most of the time there talking about how life was like for us on board the
Titan. It was a really good feeling to be sitting there eating a meal with my parents and T'Luk. They both seemed to be really happy about our relationship and would give each other these knowing glances or give me a wink every now and again. Now we were all sitting in the lounge as my mum wanted to show T'Luk and I what her team has been working on for the last couple of months.

He grinned, “Watch your tone son, don't make me pull rank!”

“No uniform, no orders.” I replied before turning to my mum, “Can't you give us clearance, Commander?”

“I believe that was her intention all along Kai.” Said T'Luk.

I raised an eyebrow at my mum, “Well Commander? Are you going to do what the wise Vulcan foresees?”

She looked at me for a second before answering, “Ok Ensigns, I have temporarily granted you with a level 5 clearance, however this is for your eyes only, so no discussing outside of this house, ok?”

We both nodded,
'Level 5, this has to be good. Only people ranked Lieutenant Commander and above have a security clearance of that level.' I thought to myself.

Mum picked up a PADD from the table next to her and tapped a few buttons, causing the lighting to dim and the viewscreen to display a login panel for Starfleet research and development. She entered in her access keys and pressed her thumbprint on the scanner, granting her access. Several files were listed on the screen, she highlighted one of them before she paused,

“This is something that my team has been working on for the past couple of months. It's still only on paper, so its still many years away yet.” She said while walking toward the screen. “The largest ship we have is the
Sovereign class at 685m in length, and while it is an achievement, it is far behind that of some other races and frankly, its behind what we're capable of.” She pressed a button and a picture appeared of a different class of ship; it had to be new as I hadn't seen the configuration before.

“This is the
Destiny class starship.” She said before pressing another button, causing a side shot of the ship to be displayed. The thing was huge! “She's a little over 2000m long and spans some 45 decks. She's the beginning of a whole new classification of starships.” Continued my mum.

“Is this real or is this just some mock-up?” I asked.

“It's real Kai.” She replied.

She pressed a button again and showed the ship from a overhead shot, “She is 400m wide and as you can see, the basic structure is very similar to that of the Sovereign class, but she is obviously much larger and has some notable internal differences.” Another picture came up, this time showing a rendered picture of what I assumed to be main engineering with two large warp cores. “This is the power behind the Destiny class, two class twenty intermix chambers.”

'Class twenty? I'm sure that the latest was class 13 or 14.' I thought to myself.

“I'm sure you both know about
'The great experiment'?” She asked.

We both nodded. The great experiment was a test conducted by Starfleet around 100 years ago. It was to test a new form of faster than light propulsion called transwarp, suffice it to say that the experiment failed. I'm not sure about the technical difficulties but I knew that Starfleet discarded the project in favour of perfecting the current warp drives that we use today.

“Good, well about 2 years ago, after the
USS Voyager returned from the Delta quadrant, Starfleet re-opened the project and dedicated a whole team to work on perfecting the drive. Voyager itself successfully managed to use a quantum slipstream drive, which works on a similar concept to transwarp, unfortunately the drive was too unstable as the computers on board were too slow to perform the complex calculations needed.” She said. “But, that was two years ago, using outdated technology. Starfleet feels that we're ready to try it again, using all the information that Voyager provided, along with the design of the Destiny class.”

'If the Federation could put slipstream drives on all of its ships, we'd have a major advantage over every other race in the quadrant.' I thought.

Mum continued, “This time we're going to be optimistic however, we're not assuming that the new drive will work, but that doesn't mean that we're giving up in the race against speed. The
Destiny is going to be the first ship to use two warp cores, this means that it will be able to outrun any other ship in the quadrant while still using conventional warp. So that is a given, we know that we can do that.” She paused for a moment, “Asides from speed, she is the most heavily armed ship we have on the drawing board and will also employ an entirely reworked shield grid. She's a beast.” Another simulation came up showing the Destiny class jumping to warp before Mum turned off the viewscreen and returned the lights to normal, “Any questions?”

“Nice presentation Mum, but, erm, isn't Starfleet against building warships?” I asked, noting T'Luk nod next to me.

Destiny class is officially designated as a deep space tactical vessel, so in a sense, it is a warship. But you have to understand that this isn't the type of ship that will be seeking out new civilizations or making first contact.” She replied.

“Then what is it going to be used for?”

“Defensive purposes.” She replied.

“Are you referring to possible confrontations with the Borg?” Asked T'Luk.

“Yes, the
Destiny will be used in those type of circumstances.”

I nodded, “So what kind of time line are you looking at?”

Mum sat down next to Dad, “Like I said, this is still really all on paper, we don't even know how we're going to construct a ship of that size as we simply don't have the facilities equipped for a job like that. But ideally Starfleet is looking at a prototype launch within 12 years.”

“That's a very long time.” I remarked.

“It is, but we want to do everything right this time. We want to break that barrier.”

“I'm sure we will, good luck on project
Destiny, come tell me how you did in 12 years time.” I said.

That one got Dad laughing.

Mum shot me one of those
'That wasn't funny' looks, but I grinned back at her.

“Fine, I won't save you a seat at its commissioning ceremony.” She replied while standing and walking over to the kitchen.

“Commissioning ceremony? If this thing gets built, I'll put in for a transfer straight away!” I replied.

“Something wrong with Captain Riker?” Asked Dad.

“No not at all, but the idea of slipstream drives and a 2000m hull excites me.”

“Ryan, when was the last time we went shopping?” Called out my mum to my dad.

“About a week ago, why?” He asked as he walked over to her.

“Because we don't have enough if we want to make dinner tonight.”

I looked over, “What we having for dinner?”

Dad turned around, “I'm not telling you, it's a surprise.”

I turned to T'Luk, “What is it with him and surprising me with my meals today?”

He didn't reply but simply raised an eyebrow at me.

“We're going to have to go to the supermarket then.” Remarked my mum.

“Why can't you replicate the stuff you need?” I asked.

They both turned to look at me, “You've become too dependant on those things, you should tell the Captain to get a kitchen built.” Said Mum.

I rolled my eyes, “Too dependant. Sure.”

They walked over to the door, “We'll be gone for about a hour, so why don't you give T'Luk a tour of the place? I'm sure he'll like to see all of it.” Said Dad.

“Ok, see you guys later, bye.”

“Bye.” They replied as they closed the door behind them.

I faced my Vulcan love and gave him a quick kiss, “Ok, you up for a tour?”

He nodded,”That would be nice.”

I gave T'Luk a tour of the house. I showed him the entire place from top to bottom, however I purposely left out the indoor pool and jacuzzi as I wanted to surprise him later. We ended up in my bedroom, with me showing him the photos that I had on my desk. Being in my house alone with him gave me a giddy feeling. I turned and looked at him as he studied a photo of me. My mind flashed back to last night, when I was laying there in his arms before I fell asleep. I remember feeling really contented when I was so close to him, when we shared something special. We didn't wake up until around dinner time which was quite good considering that I was suddenly really hungry. We chose to have a quiet meal in my quarters rather than go to the mess with everyone else about. After we finished eating we just hanged around my place, enjoying each others company before he announced that he should return to his quarters to sleep. I really wanted him to stay with me, to sleep in my bed, but I didn't want to throw a lot at him. In fact, it was only after he left did I begin to wonder about what just happened between is, what just happened between a human and a
Vulcan. I wanted to question T'Luk about that, but an opportunity didn't present itself, until now.

We were both on my bed with our backs propped up against the headboard. I turned to T'Luk, “I want to ask you something, but if it's too personal, I'll understand.”

He put down the photo that he was looking at and faced me, nodding slightly.

“I thought...I mean...Vulcans aren't like other races.” I started.

“What do you mean, Kai?”

“Ok...erm...Vulcans do things in a certain way, at a certain time.”

He raised an eyebrow, “I do not understand what you mean. Are you referring to Vulcan cuisine?”

I drew in a breath, “Sex. I mean sex.” I said.

He looked at me for a second before glancing back at the photos.

“Look, I thought that Vulcans only
acted like that every so often...” I said softly.

“Every seven years.” He replied quietly.

“I know that it's a very personal thing, but I'm here for you T'Luk.” I said while gripping his hand.

“It was not that.”

“What do you mean?”

He faced me, “What you speak of is called the...Pon farr, the Vulcan mating ritual. But what happened was not because of that.”

“But I thought that Vulcans could only get in that
way because of the Pon farr.”

He nodded, “Indeed, that is what usually happens.”

“I'm a little confused. How...Did I do something wrong?” I asked.

“No. It wasn't your fault.” He stood up and walked over to my window, “It was me. If I wasn't...” He paused, “I wouldn't have let it happen.”

“If you wasn't, what?” I asked, becoming concerned.

He came and sat back down next to me, “There's some things that you should know about me. They are very personal so I would prefer if you do not discuss them further with anyone.”

I sat up, “Of course.”

“Twenty one years ago, before I was born, my mother was involved in an accident.” He said.

“What kind of accident?”

“She was on board a Vulcan transport ship heading for Vulcan, when an EPS conduit ruptured. It killed three people and injured five more, including my mother.” He paused, “There was a Starfleet ship nearby which came and rescued everyone on board.” He faced me, “Vulcan physiology is very different to Humans in the area of pregnancy, as such when my mother was injured, her body stopped caring for me and cared for her. I began to suffocate.”

I wrapped my arm around him and held him tightly.

“By the time the doctors arrived for my mother, we were both in a weak state. They had to remove me from her womb otherwise we'd both die, fortunately I was only one week premature.” He hesitated, “They managed to stabilise her but I had sustained some substantial brain damage because of the lack of oxygen. They took me immediately to Vulcan to see some specialists.” He paused again, “The doctors there were very skilled and were able to correct much of the damage. But there was one part that they couldn't repair completely, the mesiofrontal cortex.”

I shook my head.

“It is the part of the Vulcan brain which we use to control our emotions.”

“So yours was damaged?”

He nodded, “To this day it is still not functioning properly. However I have not found it to cause any trouble, until I met you.”

“Me?” I asked.

“Yes, I have told you before that you cause me to experience certain emotions. Strong emotions.” He paused.

“In a bad way?”

“In a sense, by allowing myself to experience any emotion is bad, given a Vulcan's natural temperament.” He replied.

“But it's not like you've been angry or demonstrated any aggressive behaviour.”

“Perhaps not yet, but these feelings, these emotions that are created, overwhelm my suppression techniques.”

“I don't understand, what are you supposed to do? What did the doctors say?”

“They did discuss the issue of relationships when I was much older, however it was assumed that I would be with a Vulcan partner who would help me control my emotions if I had trouble with them.”

“Instead you're with me and if anything I make things worse.”

He gripped my hand, “No Kai. What I experienced with you is something that very few Vulcans ever have. I do not regret what happened between us. But I am concerned with not being able to suppress these emotions.” He looked down at our joined hands, “When you were asleep on board the
Titan after you were injured, I stood there watching you. After a while I had to leave. I began to feel some different emotions, sadness, fear, worry. It was an unpleasant experience.”

I pulled him into a hug, “It's ok. I'm ok now, alright?”

I continued to hold him, “Isn't there something that the doctors can do?”

I felt him nod against me, “About a year ago, some doctors on Vulcan contacted me, they said that they had devised a way to repair the damage, completely.”

I pulled back and looked at his face, “Well that's good news, isn't it?”

“That depends. It will allow me to have greater control over my emotions, however I will no longer be myself.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have adjusted to my disability and others have come to know the person that I am because of it.”

“But you're always going to be T'Luk.”

“Indeed, however it will change me. It will change us Kai.”

I just stared at him, he was obviously uncomfortable with talking about this, but it seemed that he needed to. He wanted me to know what was going on.

“When you kiss me, I will feel nothing. It will be difficult for me to show my feeling toward you Kai.” He said.

“What do you want to do?”

“I am not sure.”

I stroked his face, “It's your decision and with whatever you choose, I'll stand by you.”

“I love you Kai.”

“I love you too.” I replied before I leaned in and kissed him. It wasn't sexual, just sensual. I broke the kiss and wrapped my arms around him, burying my face in his neck as we sat there next to each other.

After a couple of minutes, once the emotion had died down I whispered in his ear, “Fancy a swim?”


I sat back and closed my eyes as I surrendered myself to the warm, bubbly jets of water. I'd forgotten how nice it was to come down here after a day at school and unwind in pure heaven. I opened my eyes to see T'Luk sitting opposite me, his eyes closed and his face clear from worry. I sat up and waded across the jacuzzi to sit next to him.

“How do you feel?”



“Perhaps H'Jan could build us one back on

I giggled, “I'll be sure to ask him.”

T'Luk opened his eyes and looked at me, “Thank you Kai.”

“For what?”

“For helping me earlier.”

I smiled at him, “That's what I'm here for, to care for you.”

He was silent for a moment, “I admire you.”


“You embrace your emotions, yet they do not control you.”

“Sometimes maybe, but you learn to live with them, to trust them.” I replied.

“How do you know which are good?”

“You can't. They all exist for different reasons. But we go with whatever feels good, whatever feels right.”

We sat there silently before he quickly moved in and stole a kiss from my lips. I was surprised with his action and regarded him curiously.

“It felt right.”

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