***This story is a complete work of fiction centering on a sexual encounter between former American football player Aaron Hernandez* and model Terence Telle. This story in no way attempts to question neither man's sexuality nor preferences. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***

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*NOTE: Aaron Hernandez has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and is currently awaiting sentences. He has been dropped from his NFL team. This story takes a completely neutral position in regards to Hernandez's character, conduct, and charges.

Aaron was enjoying the Caribbean sun. It was a nice change from Boston, which during this time of the year, was terribly cold. His parents gave him an all-inclusive stay on the island of Martinique as a Christmas present, and here he was, just two weeks later, soaking up the sun while his family back home was trying to stay warm in the Boston cold.

It was only his second time out of the country. He had been to his dad's native Puerto Rico once before a few years earlier, but this was his very first time abroad alone. It sucked that he was here all by himself, but it was what was best. He had been getting into a lot of trouble in his free time off the field, so he needed to go away to calm down and reflect on what direction he wanted to take in life. He had arrived just three hours earlier and was already feeling like a rejuvenated man after a nice shower, a quick nap, and fulfilling lunch.

He had taken a tour of the resort's facilities, and although it was nice, he figured he would get a better cultural experience off these premises, so he had the concierge hail a cab for him and off he went. He went to a nice secluded beach, somewhere no tourist would go unless they had been informed of its location by a local.

There were only a handful of locals out on this beach today. Aaron counted twelve. He spent his time simply gazing out at the sea and thinking about his future. At 23 years old, he was a multimillionaire playing for one of the best American football teams. He had a bright future ahead of him, but he needed to reevaluate his circle of friends. His family had noticed that he was spending more and more time with shady characters: drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes. Definitely not the crowd that he was raised to associate with, or based on his career, had any business associating with.

A ball hit him and he jumped out of his daydreaming. A young man ran up to him to retrieve the ball that landed in the sand just next to him.

"Monsieur, pardon! Désolé!" The young man apologized and extended his arm for a handshake.

"Uh, I don't speak French," Aaron said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I do not speak much English. But sorry for the ball."

The young man spoke with a heavy French accent. Aaron liked the sound of it and almost wanted to laugh.

"Um, it's no problem." He shook the young man's hand and held it for much longer than necessary. "I'm Aaron," he continued, his voice slightly shaking.

"Terence," the young man replied.

Aaron was still holding Terence's hand. The young local man was definitely intimidated by this much bigger foreign man, so he didn't retract his hand from his grip. Aaron eventually broke off the handshake, after what literally seemed like five minutes, though in reality was only one.

"Are you from here," he asked.

"Oui, this is my home," Terence said, using some of his native tongue in his response. "And you come from which country?"

"I'm American. From Connecticut but live in Boston."

"I've never been to America, but I would like to go some day."

"You should. It's a nice country," Aaron said with a smile.

Terence smiled back. "Damn, he's cute," Aaron thought to himself. He had never been sexually attracted to another man before, but Terence was different. He was a very exotic looking guy. Beautiful olive brown skin with eyes to match. He had a great smile. His body was toned and in very good shape. He was wearing a black Speedo, so everything was visible except his "goodies." Aaron wanted to get to know him better.

"Do you want to go have a drink? I'm here alone and don't really know anyone or anything about the island. Maybe you can tell me."

Terence looked at Aaron with cautious hesitation before eventually agreeing. Aaron hadn't brought anything with him, but he slipped on his blue and white stereotypical beach tank top and walked with Terence over to get his things. The young local slipped on a pair of colorful board shorts and a tank top with a faded American flag. How ironic. "He'll know all about America before tonight's over," Aaron thought to himself.

They went to a local hole-in-the-wall type bar. The only other person in the bar was an elderly man smoking a cigar and playing cards by himself. Terence knew him, and they struck up a brief conversation. The old man was curious as to who Terence was with. "He's a friend from the US."

They sat down and ordered some drinks: Aaron, a Sex on the Beach and Terence, a Merengue cocktail. They made trivial talk. Aaron revealed that he was a professional American football player. That sparked Terence's interest. Why was he here in Martinique? Alone? But Aaron answered all of these questions without being asked.

Terence likewise told Aaron about his background. He was half French (Martinique), half Slovak. He worked as model part-time. It wasn't his ideal career, but he had done some very big modeling gigs in the past that paid him very well. He had dreams of going to a university abroad, but he was often homesick and missed his family after a week or so. He would have to suppress those emotions if he really wanted to reach for his dreams.

Aaron had taken a liking to Terence. He was good company. And his English was much better than the young island man gave himself credit for. "If I spend everyday with him, this will be a good trip," the footballer thought to himself.

The two young men had spent three hours drinking away in the small bar. Both of them were hungry.

"Do you want to join me for dinner," Aaron asked.

Terence agreed. "The sun will be setting soon. Would you like to eat somewhere on the beach? I know of a place that has a nice view."

"That'd be awesome," Aaron said.

The duo walked for about 15 minutes before they came to a small restaurant that literally sat on the beach. The food was delicious and watching the sun disappear unobscured over the horizon was a sight to behold. All in all, it was a perfect first day in Martinique and the perfect way to begin a vacation. But Aaron wasn't ready for it to end.

He leaned in and kissed Terence on the cheek. The young model was surprised but didn't utter a word. Aaron smiled his perfect smile and went in for another kiss, this time on the lips. Terence didn't kiss him back, but he didn't reject the kiss or make any attempts to move from the kiss.

Aaron got up from his chair and extended his hand to Terence. The local man grabbed it, and the two walked hand-in-hand on the beach. Aaron pulled Terence into an embrace near a tree and kissed him passionately. Terence kissed back this time, but Aaron was quite aggressive with the kiss, so he just let him do all the work.

"I want to make love to you," Aaron told Terence, breathing heavily.

"I don't know," the young man said. He accent became heavier and Adam knew that he was nervous, so he brought him into another embrace. "Just trust me."

Terence's knees nearly bucked. He felt so safe and secure in Aaron's big arms. He was embarrassed to say at this point, but he was completely sexually inexperienced, a virgin. Even though he had only known him for a few hours, he was very comfortable around Aaron and thought he was a good man to give his virginity to. But he was also nervous. Aaron was clearly a big guy, and he knew that his manhood had to have been big as well. His train of thought was distracted when Aaron kissed his neck. The American sucked on his perfectly unblemished brown skin. A soft moan escaped from Terence's lips.

Aaron would have been bold enough to have sex at that very spot on the beach. But he had greater respect for the guy he was with, and as a result, hailed a taxi for them back to his hotel.

Once they got into the hotel room, Aaron wasted no time and pinned Terence against a wall. He turned into a ravenous, insatiable beast. He quickly lifted the young man's shirt and pulled the board shorts from his waist. In no time, Terence was left wearing only the black Speedo he had first met Aaron in. Aaron sucked on both of the brown nipples on Terence's chest. It seemed as though he were sucking for milk. He was sucking like a baby sucking his mother's teat.

Terence was completely caught off guard by everything. Aaron was moving way too fast for him. As he was sucking on his right nipple, Terence placed a hand on each of Aaron's shoulders.

"Please! Slow down. You are making me nervous," he said, his brows furrowed in concern.

Aaron hadn't even realized how crazy he was acting, so he planted another passionate kiss on his new friend's lips.

"Désolé," he said, testing out of French.

He walked and sat on the edge of the bed. He directed Terence to straddle him. The two continued kissing as Terence rocked his hips trying to feel Aaron's manhood through his clothes, and Aaron had firmly grasped each of Terence's glutes in his hands. He squeezed them and felt them up through the Speedo.

Aaron got up and laid Terence on the bed. He pulled the Speedo from his waist, revealing a nice, proportionate uncircumcised brown penis. He had his pubes neatly trimmed. The American wasn't interested in sucking dick; he was an ass man. He lifted the brown legs up in the air and inspected Terence's opening with his eyes and nose. He was clean. He stuck his pink tongue out and moved his face in until it touched the dark brown hairless sphincter. Terence flinched, but Aaron placed both of his strong hands on his chest to keep him firmly in place.

He licked, and licked, and licked. He spent a total of six minutes pleasuring Terence's virginal hole, and he had even managed to work his tongue inside the tight opening. He stuck the thick index finger of his right hand into Terence's mouth and had him suck it. He pulled it out and pushed it into Terence's anus. The young man tightened his sphincter around it.

"Relax, baby," Aaron said reassuringly. Terence was so tight that Aaron feared he would break his finger with the strength of his sphincter! He worked the finger in and out of the opening and eventually managed to stick a second one in. Terence was ready, or at least ready as he would ever be.

Aaron stood up and removed the beach gear he had been wearing all day. Terence raised himself up on his elbows and watched the white Latino man undress. Aaron had a lot of tattoos covering his upper body. He was a strong man with nicely toned muscle definition. He too was uncircumcised, and was a little over 8 inches completely erect. His body was hairless. Terence thought he looked a little silly having such a muscular and manly body but no pubic hair; that made him look like a prepubescent boy. He had a pretty long foreskin. Even erect, his glans stayed almost completely covered.

Terence didn't have to worry about safety; Aaron came to Martinique prepared. He pulled out a condom and opened the wrapper with his teeth. He retracted his long foreskin, revealing a shiny pink glans, and slipped the condom over his manhood. Aaron climbed back in between Terence's legs and kissed him again. He beamed his charismatic smile before warning the young man, "It's gonna hurt, but just relax. I'm not gonna pull out, even if you feel like it hurts too much. You will get used to the feeling. Just control your breathing."

Terence became nervous and started breathing heavily. He put his arms around Aaron's muscular back, and Aaron slowly pushed himself inside in his younger partner. There was resistance, but Aaron was unwavering as he had said earlier. The young brown man winced in pain as he tried to adjust to this feeling of fullness in his rectum. Aaron kept kissing him and held him tight. He began to pull out very slowly, and once only the tip of his penis was still inside the brown hole, he pushed himself back in.

On and on it went until Aaron found Terence gently gyrating his hips to his stroke. This wasn't going to be a night of unadulterated fucking. Tonight would be a night of lovemaking. That's what Terence deserved, and that's what Aaron wanted to give him for his very first time.

More than anything, Terence enjoyed the feel of Aaron's strong body of top of his. All of his fears and worries went flying out of his mind. He was safe here. Aaron kept him in a protective embrace and they could feel each other's hearts beating. Not infrequently, Aaron would stick his tongue in Terence's mouth, and the two tongues would dance and trade saliva in passion. And more than once, they stared deep in each other's. It was as though they could read each other's mind and soul.

Aaron could have switched positions, but he liked this one. He enjoyed seeing Terence's pretty brown face. He slowly pumped away inside Terence until he blew his load. His climax actually frightened the young bottom, because without warning he buried his face in the sheets next to Terence's left ear and screamed. The condom caught every drip of Aaron babies that would otherwise had splattered the walls deep inside the young Terence.

The American footballer let his refractory period take its effect, and his penis slipped from Terence's recently deflowered hole.

"That was so good. Do you know how happy you just made me," Aaron said. He was sweating profusely even though there was no hard fucking.

Terence just smiled. He had no words to say. There were too many emotions going through his mind. He had just lost his virginity. And it felt good! He wasn't completely sure, but he suspected he was in love with Aaron. At the very least, he was deeply infatuated.

"Come take a shower with me," Aaron said, interrupting all of the thoughts occurring in Terence's mind.

As he had done several times before, Aaron extended his hand for Terence to take hold. "My brown prince," he said as they walked into the shower.

-The End-

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Terence Telle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3plv9BPzAd0

Adam Hernandez (silly interview): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQnhs4ztRzk