The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter and any celebrities presented here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here involve sexual acts with a minor, are fictional, and should not be considered fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



Backstreet Blowin'

by hottcarter1987


Aaron Carter woke up in the middle of the night with a massive boner. He often found himself in that situation, figuring any healthy 22-year-old stud did. Most of the time, he'd just close his eyes again and go back to sleep, but sometimes his big cock demanded immediate attention. As he yawned, he knew this was going to be one of those times.

He really didn't know how he could possibly have any more sperm left after that afternoon. He had come upon Cole and Dylan Sprouse raping a little 6-year-old kid, a baby really, and he'd joined in. It was only the second preteen boy he'd had his way with, but it had been so much of a turn-on owning that tiny, tight pussy that he'd pumped a gallon of his white-hot seed in it, which was already filled to overflowing by the deep fuckings of the Sprouse twins. Now, his 9-inch love muscle felt the need to unload some more of his precious fluid as it throbbed and pulsed with lust. As he grabbed it with a hand, he felt the heat coming off it, and he knew he'd never get back to sleep until he got off. Glancing at the clock, Aaron saw that it was only 1 AM, so he got up, turned on the lamp on his desk, and lit a big, fat cigar. He usually slept in the nude, so he didn't have to waste time getting naked. Sitting down in a chair opposite the floor-length mirror, the pop superstar began masturbating. He sometimes liked to watch himself beating his meat like this, and he especially liked doing it if Nick was home and caught him. His older brother would get so turned on that he'd throw Aaron one of his rough and hard fucks, screwing his brains out and dumping a big, creamy load in his willing ass.

As Aaron watched his reflection smoking the cigar and jacking off, his mind was filled with images of Nick and his other singing partners in the Backstreet Boys. He'd been gangbanged many different times by all the boys, but he never forgot the first time they'd done him. Nick had raped him when he was 10 years old when he accompanied his brother to one of the Boys' concerts, and it was only a couple months later, after Nick had broken him in and turned him into a real boy slut, that the elder Carter gave him to the other guys. Thinking about that first time with the other guys put Aaron, who was by now already very much in heat, in an even hornier mood. His head rested on the back of the chair, his brown eyes closed, and he drew heavily on the cigar as his mind went back in time...


Little Aaron Carter knew why he was there. He was lying on the futon sofa on his back waiting to be used yet again by his big brother, Nick. His wrists were tied tightly behind his back, and his ankles similarly bound together. He wore only a pair of denim shorts, and his little nipples were hard and protruding slightly from his smooth, bare chest. It was a little cold in the room. Around his mouth was a blue handkerchief that was tied just as tight over his mouth, not that it was really needed. After having been raped several times by Nick over the past couple of months, Aaron had become the obedient whore that Nick wanted him to be. Aaron did anything the older boy demanded without protest, and he would never scream for help. It just made Nick hard to see his little brother in bondage.

He was in the dressing room of an arena where his brother's singing group, the famous Backstreet Boys, was performing. At that moment, they were running a final sound check of the backing band's instruments, but he knew they'd be coming for him at any time. Aaron wasn't sure that he wanted to do this, but he had no choice in the matter. His little 10-year-old body was going to be used and abused by all the guys soon. Nick had let A. J. McLean in on his recent activities, and A. J. was the mouthpiece of the group. Soon, the other three boys--Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, and Brian Littrell, knew about the forbidden things Nick had done to him, and they all wanted in on the action. This would be the night.

Aaron's half-naked body stiffened as he heard footsteps outside. The door opened and in walked his brother, followed by the other guys. Nick Carter was smoking a huge cigar like the big shot he imagined himself to be. A. J. was smoking a cigarette, and all the boys were laughing and cutting up. Brian was the last one in, and he shut the door and locked it. They stood in a semi-circle around him, each one massaging the giant bulges they possessed in their crotches. They were all dressed in nearly identical stage outfits: black leather vests with matching black leather armbands on their left arms, tight black leather pants, black boots. Nick and A. J. sported blue handkerchiefs tied onto their heads as well as fingerless black leather gloves, and Howie had a blue band around his forehead. Kevin and Brian wore nothing extra. Nick looked down at him with a very serious expression on his face, the end of his cigar glowing bright red as he drew on it. Smoke emerged from his nostrils as he looked over little Aaron, and his eyes glazed over in perverted lust. Aaron stayed perfectly still, his brown eyes occasionally glancing from one face to another. A. J. took a drag of his cigarette and said, "Will the little fuck do it?"

Nick smirked. "Of course, he'll do it," he answered, his voice hard. "He knows what'll happen if he doesn't. Don't ya, boy?" Aaron nodded.

"Got him trained right, huh, Nick?" Brian said.

"Took me a while," Nick answered. "But he's a real good faggot now."

"Mmm," said Howie gripping himself.

"Let's get our freak on," Kevin added.

Puffing his cigar, Nick barked at Aaron. "Get up, slut!"

Aaron rose as best he could off the futon. His bound legs gave him some difficulty, but he managed to come to a sitting position. Nick was the first to unzip his pants and pull out his super-hard 10-inch penis. Quickly, the other boys followed. A. J. and Kevin were as big as Nick. Howie sported a hefty 9-incher, and Brian possessed 8 inches of meat. All of them were hard as a rock, and they started stroking as Nick approached his little brother. Pulling down the gag, he rubbed his member all over Aaron's face, smearing his abundant precum onto the cool skin. With his free hand, he tapped Aaron on his cheek and said, "Open." Aaron obeyed and felt the head of Nick's cock push past his lips, into his mouth, and straight into his preteen throat.

"Fuck," breathed Howie as he watched. "That's hot as shit."

Nick groaned as his dick traveled into his brother. "We haven't done this in a long time, fellas," he said puffing his stogie. "A good-luck blowjob before a show."

"But we've only done it with chicks," Brian said while squeezing his boner. "This is way better."

"You're damn right," Nick replied. With his gloved hands, he grabbed two handfuls of Aaron's medium-length soft blond hair and started face-fucking the tyke. Aaron sputtered and gagged, but he took the cock deep inside his gullet. What else could the poor boy do? Nick was in charge, and what the older Carter wanted, he'd get.

Kevin stepped up beside the brothers and wiped the head of his cock against Aaron's cheek, mixing the precum there with his own. "Can't wait for my turn," he moaned as the incest continued in front of him.

The boys drew their circle tighter as they watched Aaron swallow Nick's giant baby maker. The little boy's throat expanded and retracted as the face-fuck continued. Nick didn't say much as his speed increased. Soon, he was grabbing Aaron's little head with one hand as he pounded ever harder, his other arm swinging to the rhythm and his mouth puffing away at his cigar. His balls slapped hard against the kid's chin, the sound turning on everyone in the room. Nick was hornier than usual, mainly because he had an audience to see him molest his little brother, and all too soon he felt the beginnings of an orgasm. He pulled his cock out reluctantly and said, "Okay, fuckers, who wants to use him next?"

Kevin stepped up and replaced Nick. He gritted his teeth and grabbed Aaron. "Suck me, bitch!" he yelled as he brutally crammed his dong into Aaron's face. Standing with his legs parted, he grunted loudly as he pumped in and out. Aaron did his best to slurp on Kevin's sex, wishing he could rub his own little boner which had hardened in his shorts. In the last few weeks, he had started getting really hard when Nick banged him, and now he was even more turned on. Being used as a cumdump for other guys, especially these guys whom he had known for a long time, was causing deep sexual feelings in his small body. Kevin was long-dicking him and occasionally burying his ample member all the way in his throat and holding it for a few seconds. On one of these thrusts, Aaron's 4-inch penis jumped in a dry orgasm, and he moaned all over Kevin's shaft. "Oh, fuck!" exclaimed Kevin. "I think the little fucker's cummin'!"

Nick chuckled and puffed his cigar. "He sure likes it, dude. He does that when I got my dick shoved up in his pussy."

After a few more strokes, Kevin pulled out and was quickly replaced by Howie. He was a bit more gentle with Aaron, preferring that the kid lick his cock and suckle the head. When he was done, Brian had a go at him, fucking his mouth at a steady pace and moaning like a bitch in heat the whole time. After him, A. J. stepped up to bat. If Nick and Kevin were somewhat rough, A. J. McLean was brutal. He pushed and pulled his 10-incher into Aaron's mouth like it was the last pussy on the planet and he'd never get another chance for a blowjob. His bull balls smacked against Aaron's chin so hard and loud that Nick started to worry someone outside the door would hear them. A. J. liked to talk dirty, too, calling Aaron a worthless bitch and a cocksucker whose only purpose was being a whore. He kept one hand on the back of Aaron's neck and the other on his head as he pounded the little face and reveled in the choking sound coming from the little boy.

Nick's cell phone beeped, and he pulled it out of his pants and glanced at the text message on the screen. "All right fellas, it's almost showtime. Let's wrap up this little party. You'll get to see how much of a slut he really is after the show." He patted A. J. on the back and asked, "You `bout ready, man?" A. J. grunted and nodded his head. "Then fire away, dude. Load him up."

A. J. pulled Aaron's head towards his loins and pushed his cock deep at the same time. "Swallow my babies, bitch," he grunted as his load fired off. Aaron struggled to get all of it in his tiny mouth, but sperm leaked out of the sides and dripped onto the floor of the dressing room. He gulped down as much of the salty offering as he could manage before the tattooed stud pulled out and wiped his dick over the boy's face. "Thanks, cocksucker," he said as Brian replaced him. Aaron clamped down on the tool presented to him. Brian Littrell didn't force-feed him like A. J., and he was a quick cummer. Four strokes between Aaron's lips was enough to set him off, and he shot several strong bursts. Again, Aaron drank as much as he could, but some leaked out. Brian finished, and Kevin planted his huge cock into Aaron. He moaned and grunted as he roughly plowed the 10-year-old's gullet and within minutes spewed his seed almost directly into Aaron's stomach. After Kevin, Howie took his turn, preferring to jack off while holding Aaron by the chin. He whined and pumped his copious semen all over Aaron's face, coating it generously until it dripped down the kid's neck. Howie bent down and with two fingers wiped the cum from Aaron's eyes and shoved the digits into his mouth. Aaron licked and sucked until the fingers were clean.

Nick, still smoking his cigar, stepped in and grabbed Aaron by the top of his head. "Now, bitch, it's time to take care of big brother. Suck my dick, fuck whore!" Nick was more brutal than the others, and he fucked into Aaron's abused throat as if he was nailing a girl's cunt. After about 10 long, deep strokes, the elder Carter pulled the stogie out of his mouth, threw his head back, and uttered a guttural scream. His dick began ejaculating the heaviest load of all the Backstreet Boys. Aaron thought he would drown in cum as he attempted to swallow the white river filling his mouth. Knowing his little brother was having trouble, Nick rammed his full 10-incher all the way in and held it so that Aaron had to choke down his seed.

When he was finally through, Nick smacked his dick all over Aaron's face and stuffed the monster back into his leather pants. He then smacked Aaron across the cheeks and replaced the gag. He grabbed Aaron by the throat and shoved him back onto the futon. Taking a last, extra long drag of his cigar, Nick blew the smoke all over Aaron's face and said, "Stay there `til we're done, faggot. We're gonna need that pussy when we're done." He turned and left with his band members, locking the door behind them.

As little Aaron Carter lay there, his face and upper torso covered with the baby batter of five guys, he drifted off to sleep, knowing he'd have to rest up for round two with the Backstreet Boys.