The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter and any celebrities presented here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here involve sexual acts with a minor, are fictional, and should not be considered fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



Just the Thing

(Part 2)

by hottcarter1987


From "Just the Thing (Part 1)"

It didn't take long before the Carter brothers had hauled the little boy to Aaron's bedroom and had him face down on the king-sized bed. Aaron had stripped completely naked and was standing at the foot of the bed masturbating his rock-hard 9-inch penis. A lit cigar stuck out from his mouth as he watched Nick on the bed beside their newest victim. Nick kept his leather on as he fondled the unconscious little body. "How old is this little slut?" Aaron asked lustfully.

Nick lay beside the kid and ran his fingers of one hand up and down his crack and licked the back of his neck. "His name's Ricky, and he told me he was 9."

"How'd ya get him, man?"

"Picked him up hitchhiking. He's a runaway. Nobody'll miss him. When he got into the car, I pretended to get a cigar from the back seat, where I was keeping some chloroform. He let his guard down, so I knocked him out with the stuff, tied him up, and brought him here." Nick pulled his lips away from the boy's neck and looked at Aaron. "You like your present, bro?"

Aaron squeezed his dick, and drops of clear precum dribbled onto the carpet. "Fuck yeah, man. It's the perfect present."

"Tell me, bro," Nick said seductively. "Whaddya wanna do to him?"

Aaron kept fisting his lust-engorged penis as he looked from the boy to Nick and back to the still form of the helpless little victim. The end of his cigar glowed bright red as he pulled on it with his thin pink lips, and smoke emerged from the side of his mouth. It circled around his blond head and faded out over him. His masturbating arm flexed, making it seem as if the tattoos he had placed there were moving. He kept stroking and smoking steadily.

Again, Nick asked him, "Whaddya wanna do to him? I wanna hear it, bro."

With a cold voice that hinted of the penned-up sexual feelings that permeated his perverted brain, Aaron Carter simply said, "I wanna rape him with my big fuckin' cock and make him my bitch."

"Fuck yeah," Nick Carter said. He parted the little boy's ass cheeks, and the tiny pink preteen sphincter came into view. "Let's do it..."


The boy, Ricky, was still out cold from the chloroform Nick Carter had forced on him in his car earlier. He was breathing steadily, but he didn't stir when the Backstreet Boys penetrated his little anus with his gloved middle finger. "Fuckin' damn," Nick said just above a whisper. "This bitch is tight!"

"Shit yeah," muttered Aaron Carter around the cigar in his mouth. "A virgin fuck. I been wantin' a virgin boy for a while now." He squeezed his 9-inch cock hard, and precum oozed out of it. "We're gonna have to open him up some, though."

"Where's your dildo, bro?" Nick asked.

"In the stand next to the bed. Lube's there, too."

Nick reached in the stand and brought out the 10-inch glass dildo and bottle of Astroglide he found there. The dildo had been Aaron's birthday present from Nick 2 years before, and Aaron used it frequently on himself, usually fantasizing about his brother fucking him up the ass. It looked similar to Nick's cock, but it wasn't as thick. The Backstreet Boy took off his gloves and opened the Astroglide. Coating most of the dildo with the slippery goo, he gazed lustfully at the helpless victim on the bed. "Think we should wake him up? I gave him a good dose of that shit to keep him out."

Aaron smirked. "Naw, dude. Not yet. If that fuckin' fake dick rippin' open his pussy doesn't wake him up, we'll hit him `til he does."

"Sure you don't wanna rape him like this,? It'd be kinda hot to do him while he`s out."

"I want him awake so he knows what time it is," Aaron said. "He needs to be taught who the boss is around here."

"Damn right!" exclaimed Nick. He finished smearing the dildo with the Astroglide. It glistened in the dim lighting of the room, covered with the lube except for the last inch at the base. Nick handed it to Aaron, wiped his hands clean with a small towel by the bed, and put the black leather gloves back on his hand. Laying on the bed next to the child, he pried open his cheeks once again and nodded at his brother. "Ram it, fucker. Give it to him hard."

"Hell, yeah," Aaron said. "But first..." He pulled the cigar from his mouth and gave it to Nick, who started smoking it right away. Holding the greased dildo behind his back with one hand, Aaron got on the bed and bent toward Ricky's ass. He pulled one cheek away while his brother held the other, and Aaron licked the tiny pucker. His pink tongue flickered rapidly over and around the ring before jabbing inside it, and an erotic moan escaped his throat. The asshole winked, causing Aaron to double his efforts at eating it. It tasted just like fresh boy cunt, and Aaron went to town. Nick was so turned on watching that he clenched the cigar in his teeth and masturbated his huge cock through the leather of his pants.

Aaron's johnson pulsated as he orally sodomized the bound child, but eventually, he had to tear away from it. Rising to sit on his knees, he placed the dildo's head against the kid's hole and teased it for a bit, massaging the clear gel of the Astroglide all around the opening and using the middle finger of his free hand to push some inside. When he was satisfied that the boy was lubed up enough, he grinned and winked at Nick, who said, "Do it, Aaron. Break that bitch open." He took a puff of the stogie and exhaled through his nostrils. "No mercy, bro."

"Let's see if our precious little fuck wakes up now," Aaron said cruelly. All at once, he forced the glass dick into the boy.

"MMMPPHH!" cried Ricky into his gag. The pain shot through his little preteen body with velocity. By instinct, his whole form wiggled to get away from the intrusion into his bowels.

"Stay put, you stupid fuck!" screamed Aaron. Like lightning, Nick jumped up and placed a knee on the back of Ricky's neck, pressing him down into the mattress. "You move again, and we'll beat the livin' shit out of you!"

"You heard the man, bitch," Nick chimed in. "Don't. Fuckin'. Move."

Ricky was wide awake now and already starting to cry. He regretted trying to bum a ride earlier. As Aaron mercilessly skewered his boy pussy with the dildo, the tremendous pain even made him regret running away. These two boys were too strong, however, for him to fight. Tears streamed from his eyes as the realization of what was about to happen came to him. He was going to be raped, and no one was going to help him.

"That's it, whore," Aaron said quietly. He pushed and pulled the dildo steadily. "You can't fight us. You can't scream. You can't do a fuckin' thing. We own you."

"Yeah," Nick chimed in.

Aaron chuckled, the sound evil. "We just wanna show you what you're good for." He pulled the dildo almost all the way out and rammed it inside again. Ricky yelled into his tight gag. "You know what you are, Ricky? You're a slutty little faggot. That's right. A slutty little faggot who was born to let men do whatever they want to your hot little body. You just needed two real men like my brother and me to teach you that." Aaron held the fake cock completely in the boy's pussy, save for the last inch. "Either you let us do whatever the hell we want, or we hurt you real bad and do it anyway. Got that?" Not waiting for any kind of an answer, Aaron pulled the dildo out and tossed it to the floor. "Nick, why don't we show the bitch why he has a mouth?"

"Sure thing, bro," Nick replied.

Aaron stood at the foot of the bed and held his dripping cock. Nick forced Ricky around on the bed until the child was on his back. Because his arms were tied behind him, he winced at the pain this position produced in his shoulders. Nick held him so that his head dangled over the mattress, and he pulled down the gag. Aaron held his dick above Ricky's nose. "Open up for me." Ricky didn't move. Nick smacked his face, and Aaron barked, "You hear what I said? Open that bitch mouth! Now, dammit!!" Nick hit him again, and Ricky complied. "Good boy. You're learnin'." Aaron aimed his cock and slid it between the boy's thin lips. Bottoming out in the very tight throat, the perverted blond singer was rewarded with a loud choking sound. Ricky's little neck convulsed as it tried in vain to dislodge the mammoth penis, but Nick grabbed the throat and squeezed. "Oh, fuck," said Aaron. "It's so warm and tight in there." He began pulling back and pushing in. "Shit, that feels awesome! Nick, you're gonna have to try this, man!"

Still puffing the cigar, Nick said, "I will, Aaron. When you're done with it, of course."

Aaron simply grinned and continued his assault of Ricky's young throat. He didn't know which revved his motor more: Ricky's choking on his baby maker or Nick smoking his cigar while his gloved hand squeezed the kid's neck. It didn't really matter to him. He was raping a kid, and that charged his libido in ways nothing else could.

After several minutes, Aaron decided Nick could have a turn. He withdrew from the boy's mouth. Ricky coughed in fits and sucked in air, but Nick gagged him with a hand. Aaron got a fresh cigar and lit up before placing himself where Nick had been. The older Carter boy put out his smoke and unzipped his leather pants. Pulling out his long hard cock, he fisted it and licked his lips. Aaron held Ricky's mouth closed and said to the boy, "You think you had it bad with my snake? Wait'll my big bro rapes your face with his fuckin' python." Ricky started to struggle, but Aaron grabbed his throat, placing his hand over the red marks that Nick had left, and squeezed. Ricky clamped his jaw shut only to have Aaron force it open. "Don't fight me," Aaron warned. "I swear I'll beat the fuck out of you." Ricky settled down, fear in his eyes. "Go `head, Nick," Aaron said puffing his cigar. "Rape it."

Nick shoved the entire length of his cock into Ricky's gullet, and the boy coughed and gagged. He bottomed out, his gigantic balls resting on the kid's forehead, and began pumping the enormous tubesteak in and out. "Damn, bro, you were right," the Backstreet Boy said. This feels so fuckin' good on my dick! Hot fuckin' damn!!"

Aaron could feel Nick's cock moving down deep into the child's esophagus. "That's the way to do it, bitch," he cooed at Ricky. "Down the hatch." Ricky's little body moved back and forth, but Aaron kept his head steady so that Nick could ram the kid's face easily and at his own pace, which was quickening. A faint slapping was soon heard as Nick's scrotum hit Ricky's head. "Shit, bro, he's takin' the whole fuckin' thing."

"Of course," said Nick. "He loves my dick. Don't ya, boy?" He reached down and tapped Ricky's cheek, and he felt it bulge with the size of his sex. The Carter studs had no way of knowing that Ricky's foster father used to molest him in this manner constantly--forcing him to give blowjobs--but Nick and Aaron had bigger and thicker cocks than he was used to taking.

When Aaron was sure that his brother could control the kid, he got up and retrieved the glass dildo and put another coating of lube on it. Getting back on the bed, he lifted Ricky's legs into the air and began sodomizing the child with the fake dick once again, matching the rhythm of Nick's face-fuck. Ricky wiggled but did not fight back. He was terrified of the beating he was promised if he didn't cooperate. Tears stained his face, and he produced more as he continued to cry, the knowledge that he could do nothing as these guys raped him filling him with sadness.

Nick, having had his fill of the boy's mouth, pulled out and reached into one of the pockets of his leather jacket. He withdrew a ball gag and wrapped it around Ricky's head, buckling it in the back. The kid's lips stretched tightly around it, the black ball protruding through them. It didn't take long for Ricky to feel the strain in his jaw, but he could do nothing but bite down on the semi-hard orb. Nick left the handkerchief tied around his neck and looked at his brother, who was puffing away on his cigar and rapidly fucking the kid with the dildo. "Hey, bro," he said. "I think it's time to nail this little slut's ass. He's all ready for ya."

Aaron grinned and extracted the dildo, tossing it on the floor once again. "You're damn right, dude. My junk's so hard right now. I'm gonna tear this fucker up!" He pulled Ricky up on the bed so that the boy's head rested flat on the mattress. Taking a long drag of his cigar, he said, "Nice gag, man. You came prepared."

Nick lit a cigar of his own and said, "Used that thing the last time I tagged Justin Bieber's little cunt. You need to try that hot little bitch sometime. He really likes it rough." Nick pulled up a chair and sat next to the bed. With the thick cigar jutting from his mouth, he began masturbating and smoking. "Hit that thing up, Aaron. Gimme a good show." He exhaled smoke through his nostrils and an evil look came over his face. "No fuckin' mercy."

The same kind of look passed over Aaron Carter's face as he gazed down at Ricky. This was what his pedo brain wanted so badly--to take a boy's innocence by force. Lining up his 9-inch dick with the virgin hole underneath him, he took a couple of quick puffs off the stogie in his mouth and held Ricky's knees against his shoulders. He leaned down into the boy's face, the smoke from the cigar wafting over the tear-streaked face, and said in a growl, "Kiss that sweet cherry goodbye, little boy. You're my bitch now."

Poor Ricky saw stars as Aaron ruthlessly shoved his entire cock deep into his rectum. The dildo had been painful, but it was no substitute for a real man's penis. Aaron was much thicker than the sex tool, and as the blond stud bottomed out in his anus, the boy realized that Aaron had been almost gentle with the toy compared to the fucking he was getting now. He tried to scream, but the ball gag was even more effective in silencing him than the handkerchief. Aaron hit his face hard and began pile-driving into the boy, his cigar inches from the kid's nose. He grunted savagely as he rammed in and out. Nick beat his meat furiously as he watched his little brother throw a fuck like he'd never seen. "Go for it, Aaron!" he screamed out around the cigar in his mouth. "Rape that little bitch!" Aaron Carter proceeded to do just that for the next 15 minutes.

Finally, the muffled cries of little Ricky and the rhythmic grunts of Aaron as he slammed repeatedly into the once-virgin boy cunt were getting to Nick badly. He didn't want to shoot off before his brother, but his mammoth cock had a mind of its own. He tried not to stroke it, but it pulsed and throbbed ready to eject its seed at any moment. Nick had only cum hands-free a couple of times and realized that this might be another. Quickly, he jumped up and went to the bed, grabbing the dildo from the floor, and without warning shoved it up Aaron's pussy.

"SON OF A BITCH!!" Aaron screamed. As the glass tube rammed into his prostate, the boy singer's cock ripped all the way into Ricky. The boy's head arched on his neck, and he bit into the ball gag and let out his own muffled scream. "SHIT!" exclaimed Aaron. "What the fuck...?"

Nick grabbed his brother by the head, a handful of blond hair in his gloved hand, and yelled around his cigar, "Fuckin' cum in that hot bastard, Aaron! Knock him the fuck up so I can blow!! Don't be a pussy, man! Bust your nut!!" He pulled the dildo out slightly and plowed it all the way inside Aaron's rectum.

"Motherfucker!!" screamed Aaron at the top of his lungs. His big dick lurched inside Ricky, and he ejaculated an ocean of his baby-making seed so far into the poor kid that he thought Ricky would be able to taste it. Uncontrollable convulsions swept over his toned body, and his hips kept pushing forward, his cock trying desperately to empty every last drop of semen from his vibrating balls.

For Nick, this did it. Leaving the dildo in his brother's ass, he jumped up to stand over their preteen rape victim, a booted foot on each side of the child's body, and stood in front of his little brother. Aaron's mouth was open and his tongue hung out as his body was heaving in orgasm. Nick once again grabbed Aaron's head. His hips lunged forward, and his 10-inch sex rod slid brutally down his sibling's throat. "Happy Birthday, slut!" Nick yelled. "Here's the fuckin' icing for your fuckin' cake!!" All of Nick's bodily essence focused on his gigantic penis as it pulsed, vomiting white hot cum into Aaron's esophagus. Being an expert cocksucker, Aaron gulped down all of his older brother's offering, not spilling a drop. Nick screamed like a man possessed as he emptied himself, and then both boys collapsed--Aaron on top of the still weeping child. Nick managed to hop off the bed and put out his cigar before falling exhausted into the chair. Before he himself lost consciousness, he saw that Aaron had passed out, his still hard dick buried to the hilt in the little boy, who had fainted already from the forbidden assault on his young body.


The next day, after another brutal rape session with Ricky with Nick planting his seed in the kid's pussy while Aaron loaded up his mouth, the Carter boys agreed that their sex slave needed to be broken in by a master. Aaron gagged and tied up the child, threw him in the trunk of his car, and drove him to Vincent Kartheiser's house. He made a deal with the Mad Men star, who operated a whorehouse filled with preteen boys and girls that he pimped to other male pedo celebrities, to train little Ricky until the boy would submit to any and all sexual demands at the snap of Aaron's fingers. In return, Vinnie could rape him any time he wanted as well as sell his body to anyone he wanted. Aaron sealed the deal by getting on his knees and sucking Vinnie's 9-inch prick until the older boy came in his mouth. After he had swallowed the enormous load of sperm the actor shot off, Kartheiser agreed, grabbed Ricky, and took him to his bedroom where both he and his fellow pervert, David Gallagher, gang raped the child with Aaron.

His spirit and will broken, Ricky laid face down on the bed, bound and gagged, as each of the three boys took turns sodomizing him. He would never be the same again.