The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter and any celebrities presented here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.

Author's note: This story is a continuation of my previous series, Aaron's Needs, in which my fictionalized version of Aaron Carter appeared. It is set in the same continuity, and more or less picks up where that series left off. Hope you enjoy.



One Night Stand

by hottcarter1987


Aaron Carter was waiting on the corner of the deserted street. He took a long pull of his cigarette and glanced at his Rolex. It was 2 o'clock in the morning. Already he'd had to duck into the shadow of the alleyway next to the now-closed porn shop he'd been in that night to avoid being picked up for loitering. He had been so horny, but the films in the backrooms in the shop had done nothing but frustrate him. His brother, Nick, was out of town touring with the Backstreet Boys, and his normal fall-back fuck--a ten-year-old named Devon--was visiting relatives in another state. Even his friend and fellow pervert, Vincent Kartheiser, was gone--filming his TV show, Mad Men. Poor Aaron had been stuck with a major hard-on and a quivering asshole. When the porn shop closed an hour before, he'd resigned himself to going home and jacking off, even though his house was turned upside down from the renovations he was making to it. Aaron had sat on the bus stop bench waiting for the next ride to come along (he never drove to the porn shop because he didn't want his car seen there) when he thought of one person who would help him out. He made a call on his cell phone, and the guy was supposed to meet him within 20-30 minutes, but he was late. So, Aaron waited against the building, chain-smoking and occasionally hiding from the police patrol that rode by once or twice.

He finished his smoke and, within 2 minutes, lit another. Exhaling, he glanced at his watch again, noting it had been 5 minutes since the last time he looked. He considered calling his buddy again but decided against it. Making up his mind to wait another few minutes, he went back to the bench and sat. If the bus came along again before his friend did, Aaron would just board it and go home. He'd call the guy and tell him on his way.

As he was taking another long drag of the cigarette, Aaron heard a car in the distance. Turning his blond head to the sound, he saw the headlights come closer. He grinned and thought, `Bout fuckin' time. The car, a nondescript grey Chevy Cavalier, pulled up to him and the passenger side window lowered. Actor Dylan Patton leaned over and looked at him. He was wearing a plaid shirt, open to show his smooth chest, and a straw cowboy hat on his head. His long, dark blond hair was mostly pushed up into the hat with his back strands falling down his neck. He had a big cigar planted in his thick lips, and he exhaled smoke through his nostrils as he greeted Aaron. "Get in, motherfucker," Dylan said.

"Thanks, man," Aaron replied as he opened the door and sat. Locking the seat belt around him, he added, "I appreciate this."

Dylan puffed on his cigar and grinned. "No problem, amigo." He drove off. "You're lookin' hot as shit tonight, man." Aaron was dressed in a black leather motorcycle jacket with matching skin-tight pants and combat boots. His jacket was open, showing off his slightly muscular chest and some sparse chest hair. He possessed a happy trail of hair that descended from his belly button into the top of his pants. As Dylan drove, he reached over and grabbed Aaron's bulging crotch and squeezed it. "Y'know, baby, we can't go back to my house. My little brother is stayin' there, and I don't want any questions if he hears us. Is your place okay?"

"Naw," Aaron said drawing on his cigarette and exhaling out of the open window. "The house is tore up from work I'm havin' done, and the renovators will be comin' in early tomorrow. Don't wanna let `em find us together in the mornin'."

"Where to then?"

"I'll pay for a motel if you wanna go."

Dylan puffed his stogie and said, "Hell, yeah. I know just the place."

With that, the boys drove off into the night.


The sign on the ancient looking motel exclaimed "Vacancy!" in garish neon red. It also promised XXX movies, but that wasn't why Dylan Patton chose it. He'd taken some chicks, and some guys, here for his one-night stands, and the owner never asked questions. The actor, who'd recently left the soap Days of Our Lives, was bisexual like Aaron, but recently he'd brought a bunch of different girls out here with whom to get laid, and he was in the mood for some boy pussy. When he got Aaron's call, he jumped at the chance to come get the singer, and his mammoth dick stayed hard the whole trip. He'd only fucked Aaron one time before, and both of them was so high on dope that neither really remembered their fuck. Dylan was going to change that soon.

After securing a room, the boys parked at room 12 and went in. Aaron immediate laid on the bed as Dylan locked the door behind them and shut the curtains, leaving the room illuminated by a single lamp by the bed and the light in the open bathroom door left on for potential guests. He rubbed his hard-on as he puffed on his thick cigar and watched Aaron get comfortable. "Wanna watch some porn?" the blond boy asked.

Dylan exhaled a cloud of smoke from his nostrils and answered, "Naw, dude. It's all straight porn. When I wanna fuck a guy, I only watch gay stuff." He thrust his hips forward to show off the bulge in his jeans. "Besides, I think we're both horny enough. Why don't you strip down those hot pants and show me what ya got?"

Aaron smiled and bent over on the bed. He unbuckled his belt and slid his tight leather pants down enough to show off his boy hole. Repeated fuckings had left him much looser than when his older brother, Nick, had taken him at 10 years old, but it was still plenty tight for dicks like Dylan's, who measured in the 10-inch-plus range. The actor actually possessed and 11-inch fuck rod, and until a year ago, the biggest cock Aaron had in his pussy had been Nick's 10-incher. Dylan screwed him a year ago and matched Nick in size and width, and he'd only been 16 then. A year later, Dylan's cock had filled out another full inch, and Aaron's rectum ached to be stretched even further.

Dylan walked to the bed and pulled the cigar out of his mouth. He stuck two fingers in his mouth to wet them before shoving them up Aaron's pussy. He roughly finger-fucked the smooth asshole, and Aaron whimpered in response. "What a good bitch," Dylan crooned after placing the cigar back in his mouth. "I'm gonna tear this thing up." He rammed Aaron hard before extracting his fingers. "Turn around, whore," he ordered. "Gimme that mouth." Aaron turned around on the bed and placed his blond head at mouth level with Dylan's crotch. He quickly undid the actor's pants and pulled them down enough to free up the giant cock that was trapped there. Dylan hadn't worn underwear, and the hard penis flew up, some precum splattering Aaron in the face. Licking his lips, the pop star stroked the dick a couple of times before opening his mouth wide. "I know you want this," Dylan said puffing his cigar. "You're such a cock bitch." He grabbed Aaron's head with both hands and shoved the entire length of his baby maker roughly into the open orifice in front of him, grunting hard as it forced its way down into Aaron's tight throat. He heard the boy gag, but it didn't slow him down at all. He just pushed right in and held Aaron's head. He was in charge now, and he wanted the slut singer to know it. Relentlessly, he pounded Aaron's throat with his monster penis as he smoked. He occasionally watched as Aaron humped the bed, obviously overcome with lust as the boy choked and gagged to give Dylan pleasure. "Motherfucker," murmured Dylan. "Slick my dick up real good, boy, so I can hammer that cunt of yours. Gonna tag it hard, baby. Mmm." The actor was getting off on the blowjob, thrusting in and out to get all of his 11-inches inside.

Soon, however, he pulled out of Aaron's still-sucking mouth and smacked his face with his cock. "Turn over, bitch!" he shouted. "NOW!"

Aaron Carter complied. He assumed the position in which his buddy, Vincent Kartheiser, liked to fuck him. He scrambled around on the bed, difficult to do with his leather pants still wrapped around his knees and his boots still on, and laid his upper torso and shoulders flat on the bed. He raised his ass high in the air, stretched out his arms far in front, and placed his head flush with the mattress. "Yes, sir," he said in the obedient tone of a sex slave pleasing his master.

Dylan put out the remainder of his cigar and removed the black belt around his waist. Bending it in half, he said, "You're such a good little slut, Aaron. You know who your daddy is." Without warning, Dylan started beating Aaron's ass with the belt. The sound of the leather making contact with flesh rebounded through the room. Dylan gritted his teeth as he struck, his dick throbbing and copious precum dripping onto the carpet from his piss slit. With each blow, Aaron whimpered like a little girl, which is what Dylan wanted. Deep down, he was a bit of a sadist, and his horniness only grew as he listened to Aaron's high-pitched cries.

Aaron loved being treated like this. His brain relished the thought of being treated as nothing more than a cumdump, a slut whose only function was to take dick. He'd been fucking numerous girls, some older than him and some younger, ever since his singing career started. He had even taken recently to molesting underage boys, enjoying raping them with his 9-inch love tool, but every now and then, Aaron liked the tables to be turned on him, and though he was bisexual, he found himself wanting more and more men as time went on. Dylan Patton was such a man--a true alpha male like Nick. Men like them got what they wanted and didn't care how they got it or what their bitches thought or felt. It was all about using someone else to satisfy them. Every strike of the belt against his ass caused Aaron to revel in his submission.

When the singer's ass was sufficiently reddened, Dylan stopped the whipping and threw the belt into the floor. He bent down and licked Aaron's hole deeply with his tongue, causing the singer to whimper louder. Although he could've kept up eating the boy's pussy all night, Dylan's cock was pulsing too greatly to ignore. He grabbed another cigar from his shirt and slid it into Aaron's rectum, carefully sodomizing the boy so as to not break the tube of tobacco. After a few strokes, he pulled it out, licked the end a bit, and then lit it. The taste of boy cunt and tobacco was nectar to him, and he took off his shirt, revealing his well-toned chest and abs, and undid his jeans, letting them fall to his knees. He stepped closer to the ass in front of him and placed the head of his cock against Aaron's sphincter. "What do you want, you hot bitch?" he growled.

"Your big cock, sir," Aaron answered. "I need it in my pussy."


"Cause you're the man, sir. You need to be pleased."

Dylan puffed his cigar. "And what are you, bitch?"

"I'm a helpless little faggot cockwhore who's good for nothing else but taking dick in my holes and accepting your hot cum wherever you wanna put it."

Dylan smiled around his cigar. "You learn well, fuck slut. Here's your fuckin' reward." Mercilessly, Dylan rammed his cock in, completely penetrating Aaron's pussy. The singer jerked and gasped at the pain as Dylan hadn't sufficiently lubed up his member. He raised his head just a little as his anus stretched to accommodate his master, but Dylan reached up and shoved his head back onto the mattress. "Oh, hell no, motherfucker," he said sadistically. "You keep that pretty head down like a good faggot. Just lay still and let me breed you." With Dylan, there was no period during a fuck that he let his prey get used to the mammoth tube he called a dick. He quickly began thrusting in and out of Aaron's boy hole in rapid, quick movements. Aaron groaned into the mattress as the initial pain he'd felt melted into intense pleasure.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" Aaron managed to exclaim.

This made Dylan double his efforts. "Oh, yeah, baby boy. I fuckin' like it when you call me `Daddy.'" He pulled Aaron's head up by his hair and shouted, "Say it again, bitch!! Tell me what I like to hear!!"

"Fuck me, Daddy!!" Aaron yelled. "Fuck your little bitch boy!! I love Daddy's cock ripping me up!! Oh, yeah!! Do my butt, Daddy!! Own my body!!"

"Shit, yeah!!" screamed Dylan. He released Aaron's head, which fell back to the bed, and grabbed the boy's hips. Puffing heavily on his cigar, Dylan began long fucking Aaron with an energy so intense one could almost smell it.

TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! Dylan's loins smacked hard into Aaron's already sore ass as the 17-year-old used and abused the singer. The cowboy hat on Dylan's head stayed secure as the actor started a head banging motion as if he were at a heavy metal concert. Smoke from the cigar encircled him, and sweat covered his body. Aaron was perspiring as well. He still wore his leather jacket, which didn't help, and before long, his blond bangs were plastered to his forehead. His mouth gaped open soundlessly as he felt the head of Dylan's gigantic cock ram over and over into his prostate. Without touching his dick, which was harder than it had ever been in his life, Aaron let out a loud moan and started ejaculating all over the mattress underneath him. His cum shot out like bullets, and the smell of his load was strong in the air. He came for several minutes, and it was so intense that he hadn't realized at first that Dylan had pulled out.

The actor had felt his orgasm start, and although he liked to cum inside the cunts and asses of his bitches, he didn't want to with Aaron. "Turn around, faggot!" he commanded in a loud voice. "Eat my scum!!" Aaron quickly got off the bed and kneeled in front of Dylan. The actor grabbed a handful of the hair on top of his head and snapped it back on his neck. Jerking his cock wildly, he puffed his cigar and said, "I'll show you what a fuckin' whore you are, Aaron. Swallow this, bitch!" Aaron opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Holding on to the singer's head, Dylan pushed his cock to the open orifice, and it emitted a long rope of semen, then another, then another. On and on it went, erupting like a volcano. Dylan grunted with each pulse, drawing on the cigar heavily. Several strands of his cum shot inside of Aaron's mouth and coated his tongue, while some of the heavier emissions landed on his forehead, cheeks, nose, lips, and chin. Aaron looked up at his master, who looked down on him from underneath that sexy cowboy hat with eyes blazing with unadulterated lust. He watched Dylan puff his cigar and exhale smoke out of a corner of his mouth. He felt the heat of his master's ejaculate as it pooled and dripped from his upturned face. He tasted the strong, salty offering that had shot into his mouth, and he swallowed a lot of it, his body shivering as it slid easily down his esophagus to his stomach.

When it was all over, Dylan released Aaron's head, forced him to eat the sperm the boy had shot on the bed, and laid down. He grabbed Aaron by his sweaty blond hair and forced him back on his cock to suck and clean it off while he finished smoking his cigar. Finally, Dylan Patton ordered Aaron to keep his mouth on his cock, and the boys both passed out.

Aaron Carter's lust was now sated as sleep overtook him, his lips still wrapped around his master's penis.