The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter and any celebrities presented here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here are fictional and should not be considered fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



Rumor Has It

by hottcarter1987


Aaron Carter fell on top of his bed in his California home. He was exhausted. The all-night fuck session with actor Dylan Patton had taken a lot out of him, and Dylan did not make it easy on him by waking him up that morning by shoving his 11-inch cock up the singer's ass before they left the motel room they'd taken for the night. After dumping a very healthy load in his ass, Dylan left, and Aaron slept for an hour before calling a cab and making it home. He dismissed the workers who were renovating his bedroom and living room just to get some privacy, telling them to return the next day. He rolled over on his back and lit a cigar and tried to will the dull ache in his rectum away. Aaron had called Dylan the previous night to satisfy his sexual urges, and the actor had done just that, fucking him like a wild animal and shooting several loads into his mouth. Aaron could still smell Dylan's cum, even through the cigar smoke, and knew he'd have to take a shower. For now, however, he just wanted to relax for a bit.

Finishing his cigar, he glanced at the clock, which read 1:00 in the afternoon, and he stripped off his leather jacket, pants, and combat boots and rolled over on his stomach, fading off into a light sleep as his nude body curled around a pillow. He slept deep enough to dream of Dylan's gigantic cock penetrating all of his holes and to almost feel the hot boy scum plastering his anus. When he woke, he felt refreshed, and his butt had stopped feeling sore from the sodomy he'd endured. He had been asleep for a couple of hours and got up to take a much-needed shower. As he was drying off, his stomach growled, and Aaron realized he hadn't had a thing to eat all day. Putting on a simple white t-shirt and jeans as well as a hat and sunglasses to disguise himself somewhat, he decided to walk a few blocks to the local McDonald's to grab a burger and some fries.

A half-hour later, with a full stomach, Aaron decided to keep walking for a while. Along the way, a black Mitsubishi Eclipse pulled up beside him blasting heavy metal music. "Need a lift, man?" said an oddly-familiar voice through the open window. Aaron stopped and glanced inside to find super-hot acting stud, Zac Efron, behind the wheel. He was wearing a blue muscle shirt and baggy sweat pants. His face was partially obscured by an expensive pair of Ray-Bans, but his wide smile showed glimmering white teeth, and a two-days' worth of stubble surrounded his gorgeous thin lips. Aaron had met Zac several times at various teen celeb functions and knew him well-enough to talk to him, but the singer had never really hung out with him. Though they were popular, Aaron hadn't cared for the High School Musical films but had to admit that Zac was one of the hottest studs in show business. He starred in many of Aaron's jack-off fantasies, and after the open invitation for a ride just then, his thoughts immediately turned to thinking of ways of getting into Efron's pants.

"Sure, dude," Aaron said jumping into the car. "What's up?"

"Just cruising," Zac replied putting the car into gear. The music on the radio changed to a familiar Poison number, "I Want Action," which Aaron had fucked to on many occasions. He smiled, thinking it might get Zac in the mood. The actor had been dating his frequent co-star, Vanessa Hutchins, for the last couple of years, but there was a rumor going around Hollywood that she was window-dressing to cover up the fact that Zac was as gay as a picnic basket. Aaron wanted to desperately find out, but he decided to bide his time.

The boys drove around the neighborhood a few times. Zac explained that Vanessa was away filming a movie, and since he wasn't currently on a project and didn`t have to pick her up until much later that evening, he had lots of time to kill. He lived on the other side of Los Angeles, but the house was too big that day without her there, and he was looking for something to do. Aaron explained that his house was turned upside down from the work being done to it, but he'd given the workers the day off. "If you wanna come hang with me, I wouldn't mind," he said.

"Cool," Zac replied. Aaron gave him directions, and the two were off.


Aaron opened the front door to his house, and Zac followed him in. Because the living room was such a mess, Aaron led Zac to the basement, which he'd converted into a game room. It was the length of the house itself and featured a small room to the side that was closed off as a private movie theater. The rest of the space was occupied by a fully-stocked bar, three pinball machines, a pool table, an arcade basketball hoop game, and a giant HDTV which was hooked up to an Xbox 360. Aaron went behind the bar and asked, "Want somethin' to drink, man? I got practically everything back here."

"I'll take a Jack Black, no ice," replied Zac. Aaron poured him two shots of Jack Daniels and a bourbon for himself. He asked if he could smoke, and Zac said, "It's your house, bro. I don't mind."

Aaron lit up a long cigar from the stash behind the bar, and the two boys sat in beanbag chairs and talked for a while, mostly about their individual projects. Aaron refilled their glasses several times during the conversation, and both of them started getting drunk. Zac asked him if he played much pool, and Aaron replied, "I'm not great at it, but I like to play. Wanna shoot some?"

Zac grinned slyly, as if what Aaron said had a double meaning, but he simply replied, "Shit yeah. Rack `em up."

The singer set up the table, and let Zac break. For the next hour, the two studs played pool and drank, feeling no pain well into the second half-hour. Zac, who normally didn't smoke, eventually asked Aaron for a cigar and puffed away shot after shot. Of the two, the hunky actor was the better pool player, and after another half-hour of playing, Aaron had to congratulate him on his skill. "One more game, dude?" he asked as he racked up the balls again.

Zac puffed his cigar and answered, "Why not? You break." As Aaron leaned over the table to line up his shot, Zac looked longingly at the boy's ass. He reached down and rubbed his dick through his sweats. The drunker he got, the hornier he was getting, and he had heard things about Aaron Carter. The whole point of picking him up earlier that afternoon was to find out, and now was as good a time as any. Taking his pool cue, he pointed it just underneath where Aaron's ass crack would be and gently touched him with it, running the end up along the crevice.

Of course, this caused Aaron to mess up his break, and he whipped around to look at Zac. "What the fuck?" he exclaimed. The hungry look in Zac Efron's stubbled face made him pause. He had to admit, the actor was a very hot stud with his scruffy chin and the smoldering cigar jutting from his lips. "What was that for?"

Drawing on the cigar, Zac said, "Just admiring the view, man." He exhaled a cloud of smoke over Aaron's face. "Very nice." His voice had lowered, and suddenly the air seemed charged between them. Zac came forward and placed the cue between Aaron's legs and rubbed the end up and down the singer's crotch, noticing a bulge forming there. "Is it true? What I've heard about you?"

Aaron swallowed. "What have you heard?"

"You know. That you like guys as well as girls." Zac kept sliding the cue up and down, tracing Aaron's cock through his jeans. The bulge was becoming more and more prominent. "Rumor has it that you like takin' dick."

"Well..." Aaron's voice trailed off as he looked down at the front of Zac's sweat pants. The stud's cock was outlined extremely well in his sweats, and Aaron realized that he might not be wearing underwear.

"You can tell me, baby," Zac said seductively. "Besides, you've been turnin' me on all afternoon. See?" He grabbed his cloth-covered penis and squeezed it. He heard Aaron sigh. He grabbed one of the boy's hands and placed it on his erection. "It wants you, Aaron--very badly."

"What about Vanessa?" Aaron managed to ask. His ass started twitching.

"She's a good fuck," Zac answered, "but not as good as boy cunt. I keep her around for looks. But I'm gay as fuck, and right now, I want your pussy wrapped around this." He squeezed Aaron's hand, causing the singer to grip his tube steak harder. He removed the cigar from his mouth, leaned in, and licked Aaron's pink lips, saying, "Whaddya say, baby?" He withdrew the cue from between the boy's legs and replaced it with his own hand, feeling Aaron's erection grow. "Looks like those rumors are true."

Aaron looked up at Zac with his big brown eyes. Not having removed his hand from Zac's bulge, he rubbed it more freely. "You're so big down there," he said, his voice just above a whisper.

"Here," Zac said stepping back. "Have a real good look." He put the cigar back in his mouth, and in one swift motion, he dropped his sweats and stepped out of them. Aaron took in a breath as he gazed at the carnal work of art in front of him. The previous evening and very early that morning, he had taken Dylan Patton's cock in his holes--a cock only an inch bigger than his brother's 10-incher. No one else except Nick had fucked him with a larger penis until Dylan. Now, however, Aaron's well-fucked boy pussy was about to be tested. Zac Efron removed his muscle shirt to stand nude in front of him. His well-developed muscular chest and abs, covered with a light dusting of fine hair, melted into a crotch which possessed a foot-long hard male bone that moved up and down at him, pulsing with lust. It was so long and thick, it resembled a baseball bat. The head on the end was enormous, and the piss slit gaped at him angrily, precum oozing from within it. "Like what you see, boy?" Zac teased. He puffed his cigar and flexed his cock.

Aaron muttered, "Shit," as he gazed at the beauty hanging there, hard as steel and backed up by two large globes that hung low, almost to half the length of the club Zac called a dick.

As he began to stroke himself, Zac said, "Strip down, Aaron. Let's fuck." Aaron obeyed by taking off all his clothes. Zac approached him and grabbed the boy's 9-inch cock. Between puffs of the cigar, he said, "Not bad, little boy. You've probably parked this thing in lots of pussy, haven't ya?" Not waiting for an answer, Zac pulled the cigar from his mouth and quickly planted his lips on Aaron's, forcing his long and agile tongue between the lips. Aaron responded by opening his mouth and accepting the probing organ. The two shared a long and seductive kiss, the kind seen in porn movies, before Aaron slid down to his knees. Zac grunted in approval. "Oh, fuck yeah, baby. What I heard about you was so right on." He spread his muscular legs. "I've also heard you blow really fuckin' good. Show me." Without a word, Aaron grabbed Zac's mammoth sex and squeezed it. A large drop of clear precum emerged from the slit, and the boy singer licked it off. It tasted like honey on his tongue, and Zac sighed in contentment. Opening his mouth, Aaron engulfed the giant penis and slid as far as he could go, which still left two inches to go. "All of it," grunted Zac between puffs of his cigar. He held Aaron by the back of the head and pushed the remaining shaft inside. Aaron choked to get it down, but Zac held his head firmly and reveled in the feeling of his dick inside Aaron's wet throat. "Oh, yeah, baby," the older boy murmured. "That feels awesome. Suck my dick!"

He released Aaron, who began moving on and off of the cock. He was a very good cocksucker, and he made sure to provide maximum suction as his tongue darted back and forth under the shaft as he pulled back. When he reached the head, he let his lips linger on it, slurping the abundant precum out and swallowing it before going all the way back down. The loud slurping sounds rang in Zac's ears, and lust took over his muscular body. His hands stroked his lightly hairy chest and abs, and occasionally he pinched his nipples. The boy was as perfect a slut as any Zac had encountered. His schlong vibrated with the erotic pleasure the boy gave him, using only his mouth, and Zac couldn't wait to violate his hot cunt.

Zac pulled Aaron off of his cock and lifted him to his feet. Aaron grabbed his own member in anticipation of a blowjob, but Zac turned him around and pushed him over the pool table, shoving the balls aside with one sweep of his muscled arm. "Sorry, fag," he said. "I don't suck dick. I'm ready to fuck you now." He put out the cigar and rammed his middle finger into Aaron's love tunnel. "Ever had a dick as big as mine, Aaron?"

Aaron groaned at Zac's big finger entering him. He felt the actor massaging his prostate, and his brain nearly shut down from the pleasure. He managed to answer, "No, sir," before speech became impossible.

"Good," Zac said. "You'll feel like a virgin all over again." He pulled his finger out, lined up his dick, and forcefully penetrated Aaron with all 12 thick inches.

If there were any doubt that Zac Efron, like Dylan Patton, was a pure alpha male, it was erased by this action. Zac pummeled Aaron's rectum as hard and as fast as he could. Aaron screamed at the top of his lungs as he felt his boy hole tighten around the gigantic invader. When Nick fucked him, there was little or no pain, but Zac's cock was two inches longer and wider than Nick's, and this caused a lot of discomfort. "Yeah!" yelled Zac. "Scream your fuckin' head off, bitch! That makes me fuckin' HOT!!" The actor shoved in and out, reveling in the feeling of Aaron squirming underneath him. He leaned down, his torso flush with Aaron's back, and began to lick and bite the boy's neck. He licked his ear and said into it, "That's right, fucker. I own you now. The louder you scream, the harder I'm gonna fuck you. It's music in my ears." He stood up and pulled Aaron's head back, ramming him harder and harder.

Aaron Carter had never felt such pain. Zac's inflated penis stretched his anus in ways it was never meant to do. The singer winced each time that the head of that cock pounded into him, and he was amazed that he could take all 12 inches, especially when the only lube was the spit he put on it during the all-too-brief blowjob. The pain was so intense, not to mention the pleasure as his love button was equally stimulated, that Aaron began to cry. Zac saw this, and only laughed as he increased his fucking motion.

After what seemed like an eternity, Zac pulled out and flipped Aaron onto his back. Spreading his legs wide, the actor jammed his python back into Aaron's anus and resumed his sodomy, grabbing the singer's throat. Zac's lips pulled back from his teeth in a menacing grin. "I wanna look at your hot face while I screw you, bitch," he grunted. "Damn, you've got the perfect pussy. Much fuckin' better'n Vanessa's used cunt. She can`t take all of it like you can, pretty boy." Tears streaked down from the corners of Aaron's eyes. Zac's horniness simply grew and got stronger as he watched his boy slut cry, and he continued to mercilessly cram his baby maker into him. Aaron's whole body was now limp in total submission to Zac, and his head thrashed to and fro on the pool table. "This is what you were born to do, whore," Zac taunted. "I know you like this big cock of mine. You like bein' a cheap slut, don't ya?" He squeezed Aaron's throat, causing the boy to nod. "Yeah. What a faggot you are. Fuck!" Just then, Zac's balls pulsed. Knowing the end was in sight, he squeezed Aaron's throat again and barked, "Look at me, bitch! Look at me while I breed your fuckin' cunt!" Aaron stared into Zac's eyes and felt the monster cock jerk in his rectum. Hot cum flooded his insides as Zac stared back at him, moaning and grunting incoherently. The actor pushed his bone deep inside and held still as it ejected his load. This set Aaron off, too, and the singer grabbed his own dick and pumped it to an intense orgasm, spurting his wad all over his chest and abs in thick, creamy shots.

Several minutes later, both boys were covered in sweat--Aaron's mixed with his cum--and Zac pulled out. He retrieved another cigar from the bar and lit it before dressing. Glancing at his watch, he said, "Thanks for the fuck, Aaron. I needed that." He took a long drag of the cigar and bent over Aaron's heaving body. Planting his lips over Aaron's open mouth, Zac forced his tongue inside and exhaled the smoke directly into the singer. Their tongues mingled for a full minute before Zac rose. "That was damn hot, boy. I'd love to stay and fuck you all night, but I gotta go get the old lady. She should be finishin' up on the set." He went to the door. "But you better believe I'm gonna get me a piece of your ass again." Puffing the cigar, he left.

Aaron Carter laid on the pool table a long time. In less than two days, his body had been used and abused by two of the hottest studs in Hollywood, both with mammoth cocks that had taken him further in his sexual journey than ever before. He marveled at this as he got up and lit a cigar for himself. He made his way upstairs to his bedroom and flopped onto the bed. He finished his smoke and rolled over onto the mattress, too exhausted to shower. As sleep overtook him, he wondered who he'd have sex with next.