The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter and any celebrities presented here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here involve sexual acts with a minor, are fictional, and should not be considered fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



Three Studs and a Boy

by hottcarter1987


It was a sunny, surprisingly cool, Friday afternoon as Aaron Carter left the recording studio. The breeze subtly blew through his blond hair, which was growing long of late, and he was pumped up. He had just finished laying down vocal tracks for a couple of new songs he hoped would be finished for his next album--one that he'd been recording for nearly two years now. He'd been shopping for a distributor, which hadn't happened yet, but recording always put him in a good mood, so at the moment, he was excited. Aaron put on his Ray Bans and jumped into his white Cavalier. He used this car often when he went out because it attracted the least amount of attention to himself, and he went cruising for a while around Los Angeles.

Blasting heavy metal music, Aaron lit a big cigar and drove by the beach. The unusually cool August day was keeping most people from the water, so he decided to head into town. It was only 3:30, so the streets were a bit quiet yet. Most people were still at work, and the Friday night partiers wouldn't be out for hours. The recording sessions went so well, however, that Aaron felt like looking for a little action. In the past couple of weeks, he'd gotten screwed by two of the hottest studs in town--Dylan Patton and Zac Efron--and he'd attempted to call both of them before leaving. Unfortunately for him, Dylan was auditioning for some TV show, and Zac's voicemail had cut on. With both boys unavailable, Aaron resigned himself to picking up some stranger off the street for some quick sex, and today, he didn't care if it was a guy or a girl as long as they were his age or younger. Within the last year, molesting little boys and girls was something he'd been dabbling in, but he'd had to be very discreet about it. No sense in getting arrested; that would have killed his career for sure.

He puffed on his cigar and kept driving. He saw some promising young things around town, mostly skater boys who looked rather hot, but most of them were in groups. He saw some good-looking chicks, too, but nothing really made his dick jump. After about an hour and a half of cruising, he decided that there really wasn't anyone special out and figured he'd probably just go back home, get drunk, and jack off to some porn. Turning the car around, he started back toward the other side of town where he lived. Aaron thought it a shame that he hadn't found what he was looking for. He thought that he was dressed really hot that day, with a white, button-down muscle shirt he was leaving open to show off his well-built chest and abs, matching tight white jeans which left nothing to the imagination (encircled with a black belt with his favorite buckle that said "BULLSHIT" on it), and white Reeboks.

About 4 or 5 miles from home, Aaron came to a stoplight. While waiting for the thing to change, he tossed out his spent cigar and happened to look to his right. Standing in front of an abandoned building a block or two down stood a boy who looked to be about 17 or so. He was dressed in faded jeans, brown cowboy boots, and a black wife beater. His dirty blond hair came down over his eyes, and one of his hands was cupped over the other as he shielded it from the breeze to light a cigarette. From that distance, Aaron couldn't tell who he was, but he definitely looked familiar. The boy puffed smoke in the air and began looking up and down the street. For some reason, this struck Aaron as odd, but the singer's thoughts were interrupted by a honk from the car behind him. The light had turned green while he'd been watching the boy. Making a split decision, Aaron hit his turn signal and drove his car down the street past the boy to get a good look. As he passed, he smiled widely. The boy was none other than Cole Sprouse who--with his twin brother, Dylan--starred in the Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and its current sequel, The Suite Life on Deck. The two boys had recently turned 18, and Aaron had been invited to their gigantic birthday bash the week before but hadn't gone. The twins were hot as shit, and Aaron had had a few masturbatory fantasies about them. He now wondered if his charms would work on at least one of them. He'd heard several stories of the brothers having sex with each other, and twin sex was yet another perverted turn-on for Aaron. He drove up the street for a few blocks, turned around in a vacant parking lot, and came back. He figured that nothing ventured was nothing gained and made up his mind to at least try for a hook-up.

Cole Sprouse was looking a bit nervous as Aaron approached in his car. The actor was drawing deeply on his cigarette and still glancing around as if looking for something. He looked extremely sexy to Aaron as smoke streamed from his nostrils and mouth, and his blond bangs fluttered on the breeze. He had one hand jammed into his jeans, and he held the cigarette up under his palm when he wasn't pulling on it with his erotically-shaped pink lips. Aaron parked the Cavalier a few yards away on the curb and got out. Ambling up to Cole, he jerked his head up a bit and said, "Whassup, m'man?"

Cole jerked at the greeting. He immediately recognized Aaron, about whom he'd had several wet dreams, but his manner grew more nervous. "You're Aaron Carter," was all he managed to say.

"Sure am," Aaron replied. "Thought I spotted one of you Sprouse boys. Figured I'd say hello." He watched as Cole took a drag of his smoke. "What the fuck are you doin' out here in the middle of nowhere?"

Cole exhaled slowly and shuffled his feet. "Just hangin'." Something about his voice told Aaron he was lying. "That's all. Just hangin'."

"Right," said Aaron as he pulled another fat cigar from the pocket of his shirt. He lit it and puffed a couple of times. "You always hang out on in front of an abandoned building in the middle of Los Angeles alone? Where's your brother?"

Cole finished his cigarette and stomped out the butt. He blew out a huge cloud of smoke and said, "Well, uhm, I'm waitin' for him."

Aaron puffed his cigar and looked at the boy with suspicion. He was up to something but what?

Just then, a voice nearly identical to Cole's shouted from somewhere in the abandoned building. "Cole! Your turn, dude."

Cole Sprouse turned about three different shades of red. His eyes got wide. Aaron asked, "Wasn't that Dylan?"

"Uh...uhm..." stammered Cole.

The voice called again, "Cole! Get the fuck back here, man! I'll watch for a bit while you get some."

Aaron started walking in the direction of the voice. Cole followed him, saying, "No, man. Don't--"

"Don't what?" Aaron said as he approached the building. "What you got goin' on, dude?" He rounded the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. In front of him, hidden in an empty room with a wooden box in front of him stood the other Sprouse twin, Dylan. His jeans and underwear were down around his knees. He wore a white wife beater, and his feet were shod in cowboy boots similar to Cole's. Bent over the box in front of him on his stomach was a young boy, no more than 6 years old by Aaron's estimate. His shorts were down around his ankles, his little arms were bound by the wrists behind his shirtless back, and a bright red handkerchief was tied very tightly over his mouth. Dylan had a hand full of the kid's long brown hair, pulling his little head back--his dick planted deep into the tiny boy pussy. The slightly older Sprouse twin's lips were pulled back in a grimace as he pounded into the child, who was crying. Dylan's dark blond hair was parted on the opposite side of his brother's, and it bounced as he fucked. Aaron took a deep drag of his cigar and smiled as he exhaled. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

Dylan Sprouse froze, his cock planted totally in the little boy. His mouth dropped open, and for a second, no one moved except the kid, whose body heaved with sobs and whose legs dangled over the side of the box. "What the fuck?!" exclaimed Dylan. "Cole, you stupid motherfucker. I told you to give me the signal if somebody came close. Dammit, shithead, now we're caught! Fuck!!"

Cole looked down at the ground and shuffled his feet. Aaron simply grinned, the cigar protruding from his mouth. He crossed his arms and said, "Don't blame him, stud. I didn't give him much of a chance to stop me. `Sides, I knew somethin' was up the minute I laid eyes on him." He nodded his head. "Looks like you're up to no good. Wanna explain?"

Dylan pulled out of the boy, his impressive 8-inch prick glistening with lube. "Well, I guess there's little point in lyin', man. We're rapin' this kid. That's that."

Again, no one said anything for a minute. Aaron started growing a boner as he looked at Dylan's super-hard cock, and he noticed that Cole, despite the situation, was also sprouting wood, his tight jeans bulging in the crotch. Not looking up, the younger Sprouse asked, "You're not gonna turn us in, are ya?"

Aaron took a long, deep drag on his cigar, exhaled through his nose, and said, "Tell ya what, boys. I had no fuckin' intention of turnin' you in to the cops for this. Does anyone else know `bout your, shall we say, `activities?'" Both boys shook their heads. "Well, then, here's the deal. You let me fuck this little shit with ya, and I don't mention it to anybody else. Whaddya say, huh?" He rubbed the lump in his jeans, the outline of his 9-inch rod running down one leg and very obvious.

Dylan grinned. "You got it, dude." He smacked the little boy's ass hard. "Wanna try his pussy out? I've already busted his cherry, but it's still plenty tight."

Aaron walked over to the kid and jammed his middle finger in the exposed boy hole. The child whimpered at his touch. "There are other floors in this place. Let's get him up there somewhere so no one'll have to be a look out. All of us can get a piece." He withdrew his finger, took his cigar out of his mouth, and sucked the digit clean.

Dylan grabbed the boy by the hair and pulled him off the box, which Cole grabbed and started around the corner of the room where there was a set of old but sturdy steps. Aaron hoisted the little tyke over his shoulder effortlessly and followed Cole up the stairs as Dylan pulled up his pants and proceeded after him. Aaron whacked the kid on the ass and puffed his cigar. Jokingly, he said to the boy, "We're gonna take you for a hot ride, slut."


The second floor of the old building resembled the first. Aaron noted that there were very few open spaces where there had been windows, which was good. No one outside could see in. Cole said there were three more floors above them, so Aaron told him to take them up to the fifth to make sure nobody on the street could hear them. He cautioned the twins that they'd still have to be somewhat quiet, but they'd be safe. Along the way up, Dylan explained that both he and Cole became interested in boy-boy sex on the set of their first adult-oriented movie, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. They were only 12 during the filming and shared the role of Jeremiah, a sexually abused child. One scene included the character being raped by one of their co-stars, shock-rock singer Marilyn Manson. The night before the scene, Manson locked them in his dressing room along with actor Jimmy Bennett, who played a younger Jeremiah and who was 8 years old at the time, and raped all three boys so they could experience what it was like. Dylan told Aaron that it wasn't much of a rape as he, Cole, and Jimmy had already started playing with each other and exploring their bodies, so they acted as if they were being raped. Manson had a very long cock--over 10 inches--so it was painful as he took their cherries, but they continued to have sex with him for the rest of the shoot. Long after the movie was released, they fucked Jimmy every time they saw him, and their penchant for little boys grew. They were now full-fledged pedos, and even though they both had slept with girls, preteen boys were what they were really into most of the time. They had picked up the little boy currently with them when they saw him playing by himself in the field next to the building, so they decided to take him, trading turns raping him and being a lookout for each other.

Aaron in turn explained that his interest in young stuff had happened just within the past year. He was already experienced in gay sex from the time he was 10 and his brother, Nick, had forced him into it. By the time he was 12, he'd already sucked cock and gotten fucked and gang banged. He didn't have his first girl until he was 15 when he screwed actress Hilary Duff, but several months ago, he'd come across a little 9-year-old named Dylan, whose older brother pimped out for money. Aaron had raped the kid by himself, with the brother, and with Nick. So far, it was the only preteen boy he'd had. Occasionally, he'd fucked little girls that his buddy, actor Vincent Kartheiser, kept as sex slaves, but he was itching to bang another boy. Aaron said the little one he was presently carrying would be just the thing to give his big cock the pleasure it needed.

After reaching the fifth floor of the building, Cole planted the wooden crate in the middle of the room. He stepped back and lit a cigarette as Aaron laid the still sobbing little kid face down on it, his thin legs once more dangling off the side as his feet didn't come close to reaching the floor. Puffing on his cigar, Aaron planted his index and middle fingers of one hand into the child's pussy and began moving them in and out. The kid whimpered into his gag. Dylan dropped his pants and masturbated. "Fuck," he groaned. "You look hot doin' that, man." He gazed at Aaron, who looked every bit a stud. The singer still had his mirrored Ray Bans on, and Dylan liked watching him smoke his cigar as he molested the child. He asked if Aaron had an extra cigar, and the older boy gave him one out of his shirt pocket. Dylan lit it and stood smoking and stroking as Aaron continued violating their prey. Cole had opened his jeans and also stood close, masturbating and smoking his cigarette. Like his brother, Cole had a thick 8-inch penis, and it dripped copious precum onto the floor as he beat off.

Aaron pulled his fingers out and asked for some lube. Dylan pulled a small bottle of Astroglide out of his jeans as the singer undid his pants, pulling them down just enough to free his enlarged dick. Dylan whistled at the size of the monster he saw--9 inches of pure fuck meat. Aaron squirted a generous amount of the slimy substance from the bottle and coated his member. He dropped the plastic bottle on the floor beside the crate and aimed his cock toward the child's small twat. He held the kid's head down on and said, "Time to take you on that ride, little bitch." Aaron pushed his cock in, and the little kid wailed into his gag. The singer was bigger than Dylan and Cole, and the tight hole clamped down on Aaron's shaft. The older boy simply pushed harder and puffed his cigar, no strain appearing on his famous face. "Poor little baby," he mockingly said. "Like you can stop me. Be a good little fuck and take my dick!" Aaron increased the thrusting motion, and the kid bawled.

Dylan gazed at the sight of Aaron Carter raping the child. His cock throbbed in his hand, and he smoked his cigar deeply. He looked at Cole, who had put out his smoke and was masturbating as well. "Yo, little bro," he called to him. "Get over here." Cole obediently came to his brother, who grabbed his blond hair and forced him to his knees. "Suck it, Cole." The younger Sprouse took Dylan's cock into his mouth and sucked it as commanded. Dylan groaned as he felt Cole's tongue slurp on his member.

Aaron grabbed a handful of the boy's brown hair and pulled his head back. "Yeah, bitch!!" he exclaimed. "Open up that faggot cunt! Mmm!! Feels so good!!" He was now fucking the kid so hard that the wooden crate, which had been creaking loudly, now moved forward a couple inches at a time. "Fuckin' damn, this whore's tight!"

Dylan grabbed Cole's head and began fucking into his brother's mouth. "Oh, fuck, man," he groaned toward Aaron. "Take that bitch for all he's worth." Dylan's cock pulsed between Cole's lips as he watched the forbidden act in front of him. Aaron released his tiny head, and it flopped around as if it was a rag doll. The pop star's facial expression never changed. The cigar smoldered in his lips, rings of smoke curling around Aaron's blond head. He was looking down at the ass he was raping, and Dylan could see the reflection of Aaron's penis sodomizing the kid in the lenses of his sunglasses. He pulled Cole's head off his cock for fear of cumming too soon and asked Aaron, "How far are you from shootin'?"

Aaron had begun long-fucking the boy. "Almost there," he breathed. He pulled out before he lost his load and motioned Dylan over. The older Sprouse replaced him behind the boy and penetrated the little pussy. With both hands resting on the crate with the preteen child between them, he began a rapid assault. Aaron then called Cole over. He grabbed the kid's head and held it up. After smacking it hard a couple of times, he said, "I'm gonna pull the gag down, fuck whore. You scream out, and I'll beat the shit outta ya. Got it?" Without waiting for a response, he pulled down the gag and told Cole to fuck the boy's mouth. The moment the child was free of the gag, Aaron forced his mouth open, and Cole mercilessly shoved his entire 8-inch baby maker inside. Cole grunted, and Aaron held the head steady. "That's it, stud," he told Cole. "Own that little fucker's throat." Cole slammed his member rapidly into the kid's face and was rewarded with a choking sound. "Yeah," said Aaron as he beat his meat. "That's the way to treat him. Just like a fuck toy."

Dylan kept up his ramming until his balls started to churn. Withdrawing from the nice cunt in front of him was difficult to say the least, but he wanted this rape to last. "Your turn, Cole," he said stepping back. Cole pulled out of their victim's mouth and replaced his brother, fucking the kid immediately. Aaron took his turn forcing a blowjob, and Dylan stood back to watch, still smoking his cigar. His dick pulsed violently for attention, and his balls ached to release their pent-up load, but Dylan made no move to touch his piece. He watched in heated lust as Aaron placed both hands on the kid's head and thrust in and out of that pretty little face, and Cole was doing an excellent job of stretching that incredible rectum. The kid looked so hot with his wrists bound behind his back, helpless to do anything but lay there and take cock. Aaron Carter knew exactly what to do to little boys, and his gusto was infectious. Dylan now had the notion to tag as many little kids as he could get, and began wondering what a little girl would feel like on his prick.

Pretty soon, Cole started to lose it. "Oh, fuck!" he exclaimed. "I think I'm gonna cum!"

Aaron pulled his thick cock out of the kid's mouth, smacked his cheeks with it, and replaced the gag. He took an extra long drag of his cigar, blew the smoke all over the kid's face, and said, "Now, you little bitch, it's time to knock you up." He got up and walked over behind Cole. As he stroked his 9-inch bone, Aaron shoved his middle finger up into Cole's boy pussy--finding it rather loose, confirming his suspicion that he was being fucked on a regular basis--and said, "Do it, motherfucker. Dump that load in the kid. That's all he's good for."

With Aaron's finger rapidly penetrating his anus and the pressure of the kid's ass on his dick, Cole moaned and his eyes rolled back in his head. Dylan got really turned on by this and resumed beating his meat. Cole thrust his entire cock into the boy and let loose with a rapid volley of cum. "Shit!" he called out. Aaron jammed his finger deep into Cole and pressed his love button, feeling it convulse as Cole shot his wad. The younger Sprouse shook all over for several minutes until he had emptied all of his seed.

When he pulled out, Aaron also withdrew his finger, sucked it, and motioned Dylan over. "Get in there, baby. Show the kid he's nothin' but a fuckin' cumdump." Dylan got behind the boy and entered him. Cole's load was hot against his shaft, and he fucked deep. Aaron stuck the finger into Dylan and did the same thing to him as he had done to his brother. "Yeah, Dylan," Aaron prompted. "Fuck the hell out of the kid, man. Rape your babies into him." When he heard that, Dylan moaned loudly and planted his dick as far as it would go up the kid's pussy. He started spurting his hot cum in violent bursts, grunting with each convulsion. Aaron glanced down to see semen emerge from the kid's anus and drip down onto his tiny nutsack.

After several minutes, Dylan was finished, and he came out of the kid. Cum gushed out of the abused hole, and Aaron yelled, "Stand back! Gonna show this bitch who his daddy is!" He quickly shoved his meat into the used pussy and began his final assault. He fucked harder than he'd done before, really giving it to the poor preteen child until his balls pulled up. "Hot damn!" he exclaimed. Dylan and Cole were in awe. They saw Aaron throw his head back, the cigar in his mouth pointing to the ceiling, as the perverted pop star rammed his big cock completely into the little boy. Aaron grunted wildly with each pulse of his ejaculation. Of the three boys, he came the longest and hardest. When he was done, he pulled out, and sperm flowed freely from the kid's now very puffy looking anus. The boy was sobbing badly, his virginity long gone. Aaron finished his cigar as he came down from his orgasmic high and lit another one as all the boys stuffed their softening cocks in their pants. Aaron pushed the boy onto the floor, smacked his face, and said, "Listen up, bitch. I'm gonna untie you now. You say anything about this to anyone, I'll come back and take care of you. Trust me, you don't want me to do that. You stay here for ten minutes, then you can leave. You understand me?" The boy nodded, tears still coming from his brown eyes. Aaron untied him and pulled the gag off, handing it to Cole. "By the way," the singer said standing and puffing his cigar, "thanks for the fuck." He smirked at the boy, and all three studs left him there, giving each other high-fives and congratulating each other on a rape well-done.