The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter and any celebrities presented here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here are fictional and should not be considered fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



Two Dicks for the Price of One

by hottcarter1987


Aaron Carter was awakened by the doorbell. It was 4:00 in the morning, and he had no idea who could be there at that time. He reasoned it could be his brother, Nick, and he might have forgotten his key. But Nick would've called first. Frustrated, Aaron cussed and pulled on some sweats. He had jacked off a couple of hours earlier remembering the time he was gangbanged by his brother's group, the Backstreet Boys, and he had fallen asleep naked. He grabbed a baseball bat out of the closet and groggily went down the stairs to the back door. Gripping the Louisville Sluggers tightly in one hand, he peeked through the curtain covering the window of the door. To his surprise, Zac Efron stood on the other side of the door, smoking a large brown cigar. Efron had recently visited Aaron and become his newest fuck buddy. Aaron's dick jumped in his sweats as he saw the stud standing there blowing smoke from his hot lips. Opening the door, he said, "What the fuck are you doin' here, man? It's fuckin' 4:00 in the fuckin' mornin'."

Zac grinned, stubble outlining his white teeth. "What a potty mouth you got there, blondie. Don't make me wash out your mouth with soap." Aaron opened the door wider to allow him in. Another figure stepped into view. "Mind if my buddy comes in?"

Aaron recognized actor Mitchell Musso as he came forward. The Hanna Montana star was also smoking a cigar, smoke framing his jet-black, longish hair. His eyes were bloodshot, and both he and Zac smelled of booze and pot. "What up, motherfucker?" Musso slurred.

As the two boys made their way inside, Aaron closed the door and put the bat against the wall next to it. Zac took a long drag of his cigar and exhaled, saying, "We've been out partying all fuckin' night and thought we'd drop by."

"Yo," said Mitchell, "you got a bathroom, man? I gotta piss somethin' bad."

"Through the door there on the right," answered Aaron.

When Mitchell left the room, Zac came close to Aaron and said in a quiet voice, "Hey, baby, Musso's been turnin' me on fuckin' bad all night long. You know he's straight as an arrow, but I wanna kinda get him interested in swingin' the other way, know what I mean?"

"So?" Aaron replied.

"So, I knew you'd be hot enough to turn him, dude. You got one hot mouth made for suckin' cock, and that ass of yours is killer. I've given him enough dope all night to make him so fuckin' high he'll probably do it without much prompting. I wanna tag his pussy real fuckin' bad, but even if I don't get to do it tonight, I at least wanna get him used to sex with a guy so that next time we're out, I can nail him." Zac grabbed Aaron's penis through the crotch of his sweats. "Do this for me, and I'll make it worth your while."

Aaron looked Zac in the eyes. His dick started to harden under the actor's touch. "Whatcha got in mind, stud?"

Zac grinned, knowing that he had the singer's interest. "Well, Musso and Vinnie Kartheiser are good friends. I know Vin, too, and he told me about your, shall we say, `interest' in some pretty young things." Aaron held his breath. Not many people knew he was a pedophile, especially for little boys. "I like those kind of things, too, and if you play along tonight and get Musso hot for boy pussy, I can make certain arrangements for you." The sound of a toilet flushing caused Zac to step back from Aaron. "Think about it, baby," the older boy said drawing on his cigar.

Mitchell came back into the kitchen. "Fuck, I needed that!" He looked from Zac to Aaron. "What you guys wanna do?"

Aaron grinned and said, "Let's grab some booze and head up to my room. Got an Xbox, so I say we get drunk and have some fun."

"Awright!!" exclaimed Mitchell. Aaron told him to grab some stuff out of the refrigerator. When the boy started his task, Aaron glanced at Zac and nodded. Efron took the cigar out of his mouth, lewdly touched the tip of his tongue to his top lip, and gave Aaron a thumb-up gesture.

It was going to be a fun morning.


It didn't take much for Efron and Musso to get drunk. They were already lit when they had arrived, but the buzz had begun to wear off. In only a half-hour, they were loose again, and Mitchell shared some killer weed with both Zac and Aaron. As the pot and the booze were consumed, the three boys became less and less interested in the Xbox, playing it only a little. Musso sat in a bean bag "chair" next to Aaron's bed, while Efron laid on his side. Aaron was perched on the end of his bed, leaning on one elbow. All three were glassy-eyed, and their speech was slurred. They had made small talk about their careers until the pot ran out, and then they started smoking some of Aaron's Cuban cigars that Vincent Kartheiser had managed to get for him.

Blowing a few smoke rings in the air, Musso brought up the subject of sex. "Aaron, man, where can you get pussy `round here? Be nice to share a chick right about now." He tugged at the front of his jeans. "I'm startin' to get horny."

Zac grinned. "You're always fuckin' horny. Can't you keep your dick down?"

"Hey, man," Musso replied. "It's got a mind of its own."

Aaron puffed his cigar and said, "Naw, dude, ain't no pussy around here this time of the mornin'. Unless you like it old and skanky."

"My dick's so hard, I'd take it," Musso said grinning.

"Thought you only did young, fertile chicks," said Efron.

"Well, fuck yeah," Musso replied. "I do like `em young and ready to impregnate. Vinnie and I knocked up this fine Asian chick not long ago. Saw her at a club, pulled a little two-man train on her, and had a fuckin' hot time. Found out from a friend of a friend that she's about a month along now." He patted his bulging crotch. "Mission accomplished."

Aaron shook his head, and Zac asked, "How many does that make now?"

Musso puffed his cigar while he thought. "Oh, I guess I got about four kids now. In different parts of the state. I like to bed `em and spread `em out, know what I mean?"

"Ever seen `em?" asked Aaron.

Musso shook his head. "What the fuck do I wanna do that for? I made `em. Let their bitch mommas take care of `em. I just like knockin' 'em up." He took a long drag, exhaled, then swigged out of a bottle of vodka. "If I got any daughters out there, though, I might pull a little `daddy-daughter' action. That'd be the shit."

The perverted talk was getting to both Aaron and Zac. Both boys were now sporting major boners, and Mitchell himself had a prominent package. Aaron thought it was time to take this conversation to the next level. Drawing on his cigar, he asked, "What if you have sons, man? They get left out?"

Musso laughed. "Fuck, dude. I'm a straight boy, but I tell ya, I'd go for some boy pussy, even if it belonged to a son of mine, right fuckin' now if it was available. I'm really getting horny over here." He reached down and pulled at his crotch. "For some reason, Mitchell Jr. is getting antsy."

Aaron finished his cigar and put out the remainder. He got up and crossed to Mitchell. Lowering himself to his knees, he reached out and started feeling up the jeans-covered cock of his new acquaintance. "Bet I could help out, man," he said softly.

Mitchell stared wide-eyed at Aaron and pushed his hand away. "Fuck, man, I'm no fag."

Zac got up and quickly stood behind Mitchell and grabbed his wrists. Holding them behind the boy's head, he said, "No worries, Musso. Let Aaron take care of your dick. He's really good at it. No one'll say anything It'll be our little secret."

"But I'm not gay, motherfucker," Mitchell protested.

"Doesn't matter," Zac said. "You'll still be straight. This is just guys takin' care of guys. Go with it."

Aaron resumed his actions, making sure to rub the bulge harder. It was already stiff as a board, but his hand was making Musso feel good. A moan escaped the actor/singer's lips, and his brain was so overloaded on pot and booze that he barely resisted. "Oh, what the fuck," he muttered around his cigar. "Go for it, Carter. Let's see whatcha got."

"That's the spirit," Zac said. He released Musso's wrists and stripped, letting his 12-inch penis out for some air. He stood behind Mitchell and continued smoking as he watched Aaron unzip the tight pants and pull out the thick, 8-inch love tool from its confines. The boy singer licked the rod up and down, eliciting a very erotic moan from Musso, before engulfing the entire length of it. Mitchell's head flew back, his eyes closed and smoke coming from the side of his mouth. "How's it feel?" asked Efron while stroking his massive erection.

"Fuckin' awesome," groaned Mitchell. "Just as good as a chick."

"Told ya he was good," Zac muttered. He watched Aaron's blond head move up and down, turned on by the slurping sounds of the boy as he pleased Musso. If he looked closely, he could see Aaron's pink tongue emerge from his lips on the down stroke and wiggle underneath Musso's shaft as he pulled up. With the cigar held tightly in his mouth, Mitchell moved his head from side to side, overcome by the pleasure his penis was receiving. The young actor's hand found its way to the bobbing blond head of his cocksucker and started pushing on it. Aaron was accustomed to being used like this and had no problem being forced down on cock. He didn't gag as the erect penis was shoved into his throat.

Efron finished his cigar, put it out, and pulled Musso's from his mouth. "You won't need this," he said softly as he wrapped his lips around it.

"Why?" Mitchell asked, opening his dark eyes.

"Because I want you to taste this, baby," Efron crooned. With Mitchell's head back, Zac parted his legs and let his hard cock drape over the boy's head. He tapped the dripping head on Musso's forehead.

"Motherfucker," said Mitchell. "That's not a dick, man--that's a fuckin' anaconda!"

"Take a suck on it, Musso. I think it likes ya."

Mitchell Musso parted his lips and used them to suckle the head of Zac Efron's king-sized sex, slurping at the big drops of precum it produced. From that position, Zac couldn't get much more than the head in his partner's mouth, but it was enough to send shivers through his well-developed and slightly hairy body. Aaron kept taking Musso's cock into his throat, eating it up as if it were his last meal.

The three boys continued like this for several minutes. Zac then suggested they switch off. "Aaron, baby, get rid of those clothes and get on the bed. All fours." The singer got up and stripped down to his birthday suit and did as told.

Musso stroked his dick and whistled. "Damn, Carter--you're packin', too." He stared at Aaron's 9-inch baby maker which was hard as a rock.

Aaron smiled as he parted his legs in the kneeling position. His pretty pussy was exposed and winked in anticipation of having a cock in it. Zac helped Mitchell to his feet, then said, "Suck his tool, man. Just lay down under him, and he'll feed it to ya." Mitchell obeyed, willing to blow another hot piece of meat. Zac sat at the head of the giant bed and roughly grabbed Aaron's head. "Go down on this, bitch. Gotta have some of that mouth." He shoved Aaron onto his penis and penetrated his throat fully. Zac puffed his cigar heavily as he force-fed the boy singer. "I love using you as a fuck toy, Aaron," he grunted. "You're such a slut for cock."

Aaron grunted in agreement as he was shoved up and down on the monster cock. He pushed his own member into Musso's soft mouth, causing the boy to choke a bit. The sensations of Mitchell's oral skills on him wracked his body in ecstasy. This was by far becoming the best sex he'd ever had.

Mitchell struggled to accommodate Aaron's large sex tube in his throat. He'd never sucked a cock before, much less imagined he'd ever have sex with a dude, but his libido was so great and was amplified by the marijuana and alcohol that he was compelled to swallow as much as possible. Aaron Carter was hot as hell, he had to admit, and Zac Efron was more of a stud than even he considered himself. Musso had no idea what they would do next, but he was up for it now. He reached down between his legs and began jacking off as he suckled the hard cock above him.

Efron, being the ultimate stud, fucked into Aaron's willing mouth with gusto. The actor bit down on his cigar and puffed great clouds of grey smoke as he violated the young singer's throat with his foot-long love meat. Aaron was one of the best cocksuckers he'd ever encountered, and he'd had quite a few. Even suction-mouthed Justin Bieber, who'd had more gay sex than all three of these boys combined and whom Zac had practically raped not more than two weeks before, wasn't quite as good as the Carter boy who now vacuum-cleaned his rod. Efron grunted and moaned as Aaron's sweet lips accepted him, and he shuddered in erotic pleasure as the boy's wet tongue swiped his shaft with each pass. Zac kept a grip on Aaron's head, not to force him as it was unnecessary, but to remind the kid who the man was and who the bitch was. The actor figured that Aaron's brother, Nick, had already fucked the boy's brains out repeatedly, but Efron wanted Aaron to know that he was in charge now.

Mitchell pulled out from under Aaron and stood behind him. "Fuck, man," he said, "my damn jaw's getting tired."

Zac looked up at Mitchell and smirked. "Then take your cock and fuck the bitch. Give it to him hard." As Musso spit on his rod and lubed it up, Zac smacked the back of Aaron's head and told the boy, "All the way down, bitch. Musso's gonna get some of your hot cunt."

Aaron took the whole foot-long boner into his throat and mumbled, "Mmmph!"

Zac looked at Mitchell and exclaimed, "Fuck the fag!"

Musso placed the head of his 8-incher to Aaron's puckered hole and drove into it as hard as he could. Aaron came completely off Zac's meat and shouted, "Oh, yeah, motherfucker! Fuck my ass!"

"Shut up, whore!" Zac yelled. "Keep suckin' my dick!" He grabbed Aaron's head again and rammed it onto his cock. Aaron gurgled in response and continued his expert blowjob. "Good boy," he crooned.

"Shit!" said Mitchell. "This is one hot pussy!" He began a rapid fuck, not waiting for Aaron to get used to him.

Zac put out his cigar, not letting go of Aaron for a moment, and said, "Fits like a fuckin' glove, don't it, Musso?"

"Hell, yeah," replied Mitchell. "I can't remember a girl feelin' this fuckin' good."

"Then pound away, man," said Zac. "The bitch loves it rough. All faggots do."

For the next 20 minutes, the two studs had their way with Aaron Carter. Mitchell had to stop a few times to prevent himself from cumming--he wanted this sex fest to last as long as possible. Zac was in total control of his orgasm, and he continued to molest Aaron's mouth without stopping. As for the blond singer himself, he was getting tired, but since Zac was the one calling the shots, he had no choice but to do as he was told. The top boys switched off, and Aaron once again felt the baseball bat that Zac Efron called his dick ripping into his rectum without mercy. Zac repeatedly beat on his tender ass during the sodomy and called Aaron every dirty name his lust-filled brain could generate. Aaron sucked on Mitchell's delicious tool, and as before, Musso had to stop him a few times when he felt his cum beginning.

Finally, after a brutal 15 minutes of fucking the singer's love hole, Efron smacked Aaron's ass hard and pulled out. "What a good bitch you've been, Carter. I can only speak for myself, but you've make my dick very fuckin' happy." He nodded at Mitchell, who was then wiping Aaron's face with his spit-shined cock. "What's say we really give the faggot here somethin' special?"

Mitchell replied, "Like what, man?"

"I'll show ya." Zac pulled Aaron's tired body off the bed and held the boy around the waist and gripped his throat with his free hand. "Scoot down on the bed and hold your dick up." As Musso positioned himself, Zac held his mouth close to Aaron's ear. "You're gonna like this slut." He chuckled and put Aaron on top of Mitchell. Smacking the singer's already red ass, he barked, "Sit on that dick, whore!"

Aaron groaned as sank downward and his bowels were again penetrated by Mitchell's stiff, saliva-covered penis. After the ramming he'd endured from Zac, the cock slipped easily inside him. Mitchell groaned as the hot hole engulfed his sex. Zac pushed Aaron forward, climbed on the bed, and positioned his 12-incher to Aaron's already-stuffed pussy. "We're gonna take you on a real ride now, bitch." With that statement, Efron pushed his mammoth cock into Aaron.

Aaron Carter's head snapped back, and his mouth uttered a scream like a crazed animal. Zac clamped a hand over his mouth and ordered him to shut up. Though it was a very tight fit, Zac Efron managed to cram the entire length of his baby maker deep into the singer, and he felt Mitchell Musso's erection throb against his. Musso let out a gasp, the friction of Zac's python overloading his senses. "Aww, FUCK!" exclaimed Efron. "That's one tight hole now! Wooo!" He began sawing in and out, his hand gripping Aaron's mouth to keep the boy from shouting aloud.

Mitchell didn't have to do anything; Zac's tool was masturbating his own while inside Aaron, and he knew he wouldn't last much longer. He had been fucking since he was 11 years old, but he'd never double-penetrated a girl before, much less a dude. "Fuck! Damn! Fuck!" he screamed as his hard cock was massaged. The tightness felt so good he couldn't believe it. He heard Zac's relentless grunting as he forced his way into the stretched orifice, and his head bent back on the mattress. His mouth opened silently as he succumbed to the intense pleasure erupting from his cock.

Aaron screamed into Zac's hand until he thought he would lose his voice. The pain was incredible, and he began to think his prostate would be smashed flat as the two cocks invaded him. He had never experienced this kind of pain/pleasure combination, and he squeezed his eyes shut as his mind reeled. No doubt about it--Zac Efron had done this before, and now he was doing it to him. Efron was an alpha male in a class by himself, and for the first time, Aaron felt that it was Zac, not his brother Nick, who was his true master.

Zac continued to violate the super-tight cunt in front of him. He was getting off in so many different ways. Forcing Aaron to take two cocks was the best thing, but he also enjoyed the tightness around his monster penis as well as Musso's hot rod as he rubbed over it. He'd fucked Justin Bieber like this with one of the young singer's big black bodyguards, and the kid had taken it like a trooper, and he knew Aaron would be no different. Aaron was what he called a class-A slut, one who would take anything he dished out and come back for more. Efron knew that once Aaron felt the joy of double-penetration, he'd beg for it again and again. If not, well, Zac would do it anyway if someone were with him. He was a real man, and he was proving it now.

Several minutes went by. Mitchell and Zac ripped into Aaron until Musso started to feel his dick and balls pulse. "Fuck, dude!" he called out to Zac. "I'm fixin' to cum!"

Zac also felt his orgasm start, and he pulled out of Aaron quickly and jumped to the head of the bed. Standing in front of Aaron, he grabbed the singer's head and shoved his big cock completely down Aaron's throat. "Swallow my load, you hot bitch!! Gonna seed your fuckin' stomach!!" His dick pulsed and erupted so many ropes of sperm he couldn't count them all. Aaron gurgled as he tried in vain to swallow the river being ejaculated into him. White hot semen spilled out of his mouth, however, and splashed onto Musso's torso underneath him. As Efron's offering made contact with his skin, Mitchell grabbed Aaron's ass and thrust upward, his cock pumping his ample wad deep inside Aaron's stretched pussy. With Zac's penis lodged in his throat and Mitchell's dick loading his cunt, Aaron moaned and came violently on Musso's stomach and chest in rapid pulses.


All three boys had cum as much as possible, and when they had exhausted their supplies of sperm, Aaron collapsed on Mitchell, and Zac laid down next to them. The entire fuck session had lasted 90 minutes, and by that time, sunlight streamed into Aaron's bedroom and over the three forms on the bed. Their hot bodies were covered in sweat and cum, and the entire room reeked so badly of male-to-male sex, one would have mistaken the bedroom for a whorehouse. They slept in each other arms for the better part of two hours, their lust satisfied for at least the time being.