The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the characters' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that the characters are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact.

It had been far too long for Aaron Carter.

He stood in front of his full-length bedroom mirror in his California home admiring his body. His shaggy blond hair fell gently over his brow as he admired his toned and tan bare chest. He rubbed his soft, pink nipples and made them hard before moving his hands downward to rub the nice little treasure trail he'd developed recently. He smiled, knowing that even though he'd been sexually active with many men and women since he became a pop superstar, he was hungry now for the only person that could satisfy the deep erotic urge he now felt—the person that had started him on the road to carnal pleasures he'd previously never knew or considered: his older brother, Nick.

Nick had been so busy reviving his music with his group, the Backstreet Boys, that he had not had time to sufficiently take care of his own sexual needs with Aaron. The two had grown up together close, but it was when Aaron was 10 that Nick showed him how a man satisfies himself. Aaron willingly submitted. Nick knew how to push every one of Aaron's buttons, but as their careers grew, time together was always in short supply. This time, he hadn't seen Nick since they did their reality show together, and even then, getting away from the ever-present camera was too difficult to do. They had had to steal moments when they could: a blowjob here, a quick fuck there. After it was over, their respective careers kept them apart.

Now, Nick was on his way for a visit, due anytime now, and Aaron felt the old stirrings of sexual passion within his slim frame. He reached down between his legs with both hands and grabbed his straining cock, clothed in the baggy jeans he wore. Squeezing it caused a deep grunt to emerge within his chest. Keeping one hand on his crotch, he moved his other behind him and moved it underneath the fabric of his Joe Boxers. His reflection's mouth opened as his middle finger instinctively rubbed his anal ring before working it's way inside his most precious spot. Moving the digit further inside, he murmured, “Oh, Nick...” His blond head flew back as he hit his sweet spot, and a much more audible grunt emerged from his soft lips.

At that moment, he heard a car door slam outside. Pulling his hands from his crotch and ass, Aaron ran to the window. Nick Carter had arrived, and Aaron's excitement grew. His dick was pressing urgently against his underwear and jeans as he viewed the beauty of his brother, who was dressed in nothing but a black motorcycle jacket with matching gloves and skin-tight pants. As Nick walked to the front door, he disappeared from view, and Aaron couldn't contain his excitement. He got on his bed, spread his legs, and waited. Nick had a key for the front door, and he knew what to do. Aaron reached for a thin cigar, the kind he liked to smoke, and lit up as he heard the front door shut downstairs. Heavy footsteps on the staircase from Nick's boots made Aaron's heart pound as he exhaled a cloud of smoke. The doorknob turned, and Aaron started rubbing his crotch again gently.

The long wait was about to end.