The following story is a work of fiction. This story is a product of the author's imagination and does not bear any resemblance to actual events. The celebrities depicted are fictionalized and do not reflect the actual personalities or sexual orientation of said people. This story also contains explicit dialogue and depictions of sexual acts between adults and/or between adults and minors, which may be either homosexual or heterosexual. If you are underage, please do not read.




By hottcarter1987


Aaron Carter jumped out of the shower and toweled off. After fixing his blond hair in the bathroom mirror, he threw on some white boxers and went into the living room. He was still at Vinnie Kartheiser's house, where the older actor had just banged him up his ass less than twenty minutes before, and his love hole still tingled from the invasion of Vinnie's large cock. Vinnie had taken a shower before he had, and the stud was now camped out on his couch sucking in pot from a bong. Vinnie's wet hair was plastered around his face as he held his head up and exhaled the smoke. Watching his actions made Aaron's groin tingle again. "Got some for me, too?" the pop singer asked.

"Fuck, yeah," replied Vinnie as he held up the bong for Aaron. The boy took it and lit it expertly, drawing the smoke deep into his lungs. He handed the instrument back to Vinnie and held the smoke for a couple of minutes before exhaling. His head tingled in the back, and a kind of numbness spread from the back of his head to the front. "Good shit, huh?" Vinnie said grinning.

"Fuckin'-A, man," Aaron murmured. He plopped down on the couch next to Vinnie, who also wore only boxers. The boys traded hits until the pot was used up, and Vinnie sat the bong down beside the couch. Both of them sat back with their eyes closed and mellowed out for about fifteen minutes; neither said a word. Aaron then opened his eyes, which were now somewhat bloodshot, and asked, "Got any more to smoke?"

"Nah," mumbled Vinnie. "But go in my bedroom and get some cigars. They're by the bed." Aaron stumbled into the bedroom, retrieved two thick brown cigars from a humidor on the dresser, and lit one. He brought the other back to Vinnie. "Nothin' like a good stogie after you've toked up, man," the older boy said lighting his. After a couple more minutes of smoking, he looked at Aaron and said, "Y'know, man, you've never told me about the first time Nick took you. I know he fucks you more or less regularly, but you never told me how that started." He placed his hand on Aaron's crotch and felt a growing boner there. Pot made Aaron horny, so Vinnie lightly stroke the singer's penis through the boxers.

Aaron took a couple of quick puffs and put his hand on top of Vinnie's and squeezed. "Fuck, dude, Nick raped me that time. First time I'd done anything with anyone outside of beatin' my own meat, which I'd been doin' for a year. Hurt like a bitch, but there was no turnin' back after that."

Vinnie squeezed Aaron's bulge a bit harder and said, "Tell me about it, fucker." He took a long drag of his cigar and blew the smoke across Aaron's face.

Aaron grinned, took a puff himself, and thought back to that first time as he exhaled his smoke towards the ceiling...


I was only ten years old at the time. Just turned ten a couple of weeks before, actually. I was visiting Nick at his hotel room when he was performing in Las Vegas with the Backstreet Boys. They did a week long engagement there, and he had the night off. The other guys were either with girls that night or off doin' something else, and our mom had consented to let me fly out to be with Nick. `Course, I wanted to be with my bro. I was doin' everything like him--talk like him, actin' like him, ya know. I hadn't really done the singin' thing much yet, `cept runnin' up on stage and shit like that. But, I was excited to meet him out there. I was crampin' his style for sure, though. He told me that if he was with a girl, I wasn't to interrupt. I only half-way understood, ya know. I was only fuckin' ten, but I knew he did things with girls.

Anyway, this night, I had gone to bed. Nick had gotten a suite with two bedrooms, and Brian Littrell was supposed to share with him, but Brian gave up his bedroom to room with Kevin Richardson when he found out I was comin' so I could have a bed near Nick. Brian was always cool to me. Nick had told me he'd be up for a while but that I should go on to bed. Curious little fucker that I am, I waited until my bro thought I was asleep and got up to peek in his door. I figured he had a chick in there, and they were "doin' stuff." He had left his door open a bit, so I crawled on my knees to it and peeked in.

There was my bro at a desk in his room, drinking a beer and smoking a cigar. That was nothin' new--I'd seen Nick sneak beer and smokes when our parents weren't around. But, he was also watchin' something on his laptop that I'd never seen before. It was a hot porn movie, the straight kind, with some chick suckin' a whopper of a cock. My little dick popped a boner right there, man. I'd seen some magazines that Nick kept under his mattress at home showin' stuff like this, but I'd never seen it in motion, know what I'm sayin'? I didn't really understand why it turned me on, but just like when I'd sneak into Nick's bedroom when he was away and go through his mags, I started playin' with my dick. As I watched, I noticed Nick started rubbin' between his legs, too. He was just puffin' away on that stogie and moanin' shit like, "Suck that dick, bitch," and "Wish it was my bone down that throat." This turned me on even more, though I still wasn't quite sure why.

The scene changed on the porn to show the girl on all fours, and the man who had been feedin' her his cock then pushed it into her pussy and began talkin' dirty to her and fuckin' the livin' shit outta her. I leaned forward to get a better view, but I lost my balance and fell into the room. Nick jumped up and turned to me. "What the fuck?!" he screamed at me. He stumbled over and grabbed me by my pajama shirt and pulled me to my feet. At that time, I only stood to his belly, and it wasn't hard to see his shorts were tentin' out like crazy. Those shorts were loose and made of silk, and his boner nearly smacked me in the face. He grabbed the back of my head and made me look at him. "What the fuck are you doin', you little bitch?!" I'd seen him drunk a few times, and he definitely was pretty wasted here. His eyes were red, and he wobbled a bit even just standin' there. He pulled my hair and shook my head. "I told you to go to bed. Why are you fuckin' up?!"

I was a little scared as this wasn't how we rough-housed. Nick was actually hurting me. He threw me against the bed, and I fell back on my ass. I looked at him and said, "I wanted to see what you were doin'. I'm sorry."

My bro took a puff of the cigar in his mouth, pulled it out, and put it in an ashtray. He took a last gulp of his beer and put the empty bottle next to several by the nightstand by the bed. Nick had drunk maybe a case or so of beer. "I was fuckin' horny, little dude, and the girl I was supposed to fuck tonight never showed." He grabbed his bulge. "So I thought I'd watch some fuck movies to get off."

My little cock was still hard just lookin' at Nick grab his junk. I only said, "Oh. Well, I'll go back to bed, then."

When I started to get up, Nick grabbed me and pulled me on his bed. "No, no, bro, you can stay. I don't spend enough time with you as it is." His voice was slurred, and he made me uncomfortable. He laid down beside me and kissed me on the cheek. I felt the tip of his tongue graze me, and I tried to move away from him a bit, but he pulled me next to him. "No, Aaron, don't go. I think we need some bonding time, bro." He reached between my legs and started rubbin' my stuff. Again, I tried to pull away. Nick was a strong motherfucker then like now, and he grabbed me by my neck and pulled me into him. I started to scream, but Nick wrapped his hand over my mouth. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Shut the fuck up, Aaron. I feel that little hard dick. You want it as much as I do." I'm telling' you, his fuckin' breath wreaked of alcohol. He was one drunk fuck that night. I tried to fight back, but he was too fuckin' strong. "Don't make this harder than it needs to be, bro. I need to get off, and you interrupted me when I told you not to. So, it's time for you to make it up to me." He put his other hand down the back of my pajama bottoms and moved his finger up and down my ass crack. I reached up to try to pry his hand off my mouth, but he kept it clamped tight. "No use, you little bitch. I got you good. Don't fight it, Aaron. You're gonna be my girl tonight..."