The following story is a work of fiction. This story is a product of the author's imagination and does not bear any resemblance to actual events. The celebrities depicted are fictionalized and do not reflect the actual personalities or sexual orientation of said people. This story also contains explicit dialogue and depictions of sexual acts between adults and/or between adults and minors, which may be either homosexual or heterosexual. If you are underage, please do not read.


Taking Aaron's Cherry

By hottcarter1987

Aaron paused in his storytelling to finish off his cigar. He crushed it out in the ashtray by the couch. Vinnie Kartheiser, who had long finished his, waited until Aaron had settled back onto the cushions. The pop idol spread his legs, and Vinnie fished the boy's nine-inch penis from the fly and gripped it with a fist. He stroked Aaron up and down until a drop of clear pre-cum appeared at the piss slit. Vinnie lustfully licked it off, stroked the hard shaft again, and when another drop came out, he took a finger and swiped it over. Aaron moaned, then opened his mouth to accept Vinnie's finger, sucking it until the knuckle was enclosed in his lips. Telling the older boy about the first time Nick took his pussy had gotten them both turned on, and Aaron reached down and felt Vinnie's rock-hard ten-inch penis, still enclosed in his boxers. "Hey, man," Aaron breathed. "Let's get comfortable, and I'll tell you more."

Vinnie smiled. "You got it, bitch." He pulled Aaron's boxers off, then stood and got himself naked. Sitting beside the blond stud, he wrapped his hand around Aaron's thick member and felt Aaron's hand around his. Both boys began gently masturbating each other as Aaron continued...


So, man, there I was--up against Nick, his finger rubbin' my fuckin' pucker and a hand over my mouth. I couldn't do nothin' at all. He kept whisperin' in my ear about how hot I was and how much he wanted to fuck me. He said he was gonna make me his little whore and shit and that my ass would make a perfect cunt hole for his man cock. I'd never heard him talk like that ever. I mean, he'd cuss in front of me lots of times, but he never said those kinds of things. After a while of this, I felt what I thought was his middle finger goin' in my hole. I remember stiffening up and tryin' to scream, but Nick just held me tight. He said to me, "Don't fight it, Aaron. I'm gonna show you how girls feel when I fuck `em. You might like it; you might not. But you don't have a choice, li'l bro. I'm gonna fuckin' tear you up tonight." His breath stank with all that beer and cigars, and he kept lickin' my face the whole time he talked. And that finger of his just kept goin' in and out. It didn't hurt, and it made my little cock throb, but I still tried to fight back at him. Nick pulled his finger outta my pussy and jerked my pajamas down and whacked me on the ass with his hand. Fuck, the pain was awful. He kept spankin' me, and I started to cry. "That's what you get for fightin' me, you bitch," he slurred. He rolled me on my back and bent down and snaked that fuckin' tongue of his into my mouth. I tried to bite it, and he yelled, "Fuckin' bitch!" He slapped me a couple of times hard across my face, and I tell you, that hurt like a motherfucker. I cried, and I lay there just stunned as shit.

Nick went to the door and locked it so I couldn't run out. While I was layin' there just fuckin' bawlin' my eyes out, he went to the dresser and got out a couple of blue handkerchiefs that the Backstreet Boys used on stage. He stumbled back over to me on the bed. "No chance of getting any head from you, I guess," he said. "That's okay, li'l bro. I want that tight ass anyway." He rolled me back over on my stomach and grabbed my head. He wrapped one of the handkerchiefs over my mouth so that the front went between my lips, and he tied it very fuckin' tight behind my head. "That'll keep your bitch mouth quiet. Don't need the whole damn hotel knowin' I'm rapin' my brother." He then pulled my hands behind my back and tied my wrists together with the other handkerchief just as tight as the gag in my mouth. Nick pulled my pajama bottoms completely off and pulled my ass up in the air. Comin' around to my face, he kneeled where I could see him and said, "Now you look like a little whore, Aaron. You look real good like that. My dick's so hard now seein' you like this. Bet your pussy'll be so much better than that chick I wanted to bang." He wiped some of my tears away. "You can cry all you want, baby boy. I'm gonna fuck you anyway." He licked his lips and got behind me.

I felt his tongue lickin' my ass cheeks, and then he started pushin' it up my cunt. It felt fuckin' awesome, but I wasn't gonna let the motherfucker know that. I tried to cuss at him, but the gag was too damn tight, and all I could get out was a "Mmmph! Mmmph!" sound. Nick pulled out of my ass and laughed. I looked back and saw him remove his belt from his jeans and bend it in half. I thought, Oh, shit, he's gonna hit me with it.

He said, "Gotta teach you who you belong to, Aaron. Let you know who's in charge here." And then, Nick started beatin' the livin' shit outta me on my ass with that fuckin' belt. It fuckin' hurt so bad, though he only swiped me a few times with it. My fuckin' body was heavin' when he finished, and I just pushed my head in the mattress and cried. Nick got on the bed behind me and began fingerin' me. "Say goodbye to your cherry, bitch. I'm gonna bust it wide open." I heard a squirt and realized later that he was puttin' lube on his dick. The next thing he said was, "Here I come, you hot faggot." The next thing I feel is the worst fuckin' pain I'd ever felt. It was like tryin' to take a shit backwards, man. And what I was takin' felt like a baseball bat. It hurt like hell, and I tried desperately to scream, but that gag kept me from it. I flayed around on that damn bed to get away, but Nick just hit me on the back of the head and shouted, "Stop it, cunt!! Don't fuckin' move or I'll beat you down, you bitch!!" I immediately stopped movin'. Nick just kept shovin' `til he bottomed out in me, and he fuckin' crushed my prostate. It feels good now when he fucks me and hits it, but, damn, it wasn't feelin' too good then. I cried and cried, but my big bro just started sawin' in and outta me. He didn't give a good fuck how I felt. I was just a pussy for that torpedo he calls a cock. I didn't know how I was goin' to live through that.

I laid my head on the bed and kept cryin' all over the mattress. When Nick picked up some speed, I fuckin' swear I started goin' in and out of consciousness. From far away somewhere, I could hear Nick: "Good little fuck bitch...takin' big bro's cock like a real fag...wish I'd raped you years ago...better'n a girl...can't get you pregnant...wish I could knock you the fuck up with my it, bitch?'re gonna be my whore from now on...gonna rape you all the time...why you cryin', fuck boy? want it...fuckin' beggin' for me to fuck that tight ass...damn, my dick feels good...fits like a fuckin' glove...take it...take it...rammin' that pussy good, baby..."

He said all kinds of shit while he plowed me. I fuckin' don't even remember half the stuff he said. I lost track of time. He flipped me over. My arms hurt `cause I was now layin' on `em. I remember starin' up into his face, and he had this mean look in his eyes. At some point, he'd lit another cigar and was smoking it while he pulled my legs around his waist. "That's it, slut. I wanna look at your pretty little face when I shoot my fuckin' wad in your little fuck hole. Gonna fuckin' BREED you, little boy. HOT DAMN!!" He grabbed my throat with both hands and really started givin' it to me. I squeezed my eyes shut from the pain, but Nick smacked my face. "Look at me, bitch! Look at me when I fuckin' cum in you!" I looked at him, and his eyes rolled back in his head. He bit down on the cigar and started gruntin'. "Gonna shoot my babies in ya, bitch!! FUCK!!" He shoved his whole fuckin' dick in me and held it there. I felt his cock throb hard, and that damn dick head of his pulsed against my love knot. Then there was this fuckin' heat inside my ass as he fuckin' flooded my pussy with his seed. He never moved that thing, and he was squeezing my neck so hard I got lightheaded. I could see him puffin' that damn cigar with each pulse of that rod until it stopped. I know I had at least a gallon of sperm up my shitter, and I felt a lot of it leak out around the outside of my hole.

Finally, the motherfucker released my neck and pulled that gigantic fuck rod outta my cunt. I sucked in as much air as I could through my nose and got dizzy tryin'. Nick stroked his dick, which was still hard as a rock, and said, "Damn, that was good. You are one grade-A bitch, Aaron!! Fuck!" He looked down at his cock. "A little blood, but not much. You'll be okay." He unlocked the door and went to the bathroom. When he came back, he had cleaned off, and then he carried me to the shower. He was still drunk, and he didn't bother to untie or ungag me. He just put me in the shower and washed me off as I was. Afterward, he put me in his bed, smoked another stogie, and kept telling me how good a fuck I was and how much he was gonna enjoy usin' me for his personal bitch whenever he couldn't get real pussy. He passed out after finishin' his cigar, and I passed out shortly after. The next mornin', even after soberin' up from the night before, he said he didn't regret what he had done, and if I told anyone, he'd beat me so hard I'd never get rid of the bruises. Once he'd said that, he raped me again.


As Aaron finished his story, he glanced down between his legs and saw Vinnie licking the pre-cum off of his cock. Vinnie was beating his meat furiously, obviously turned on by the story. "That turn you on, man?" he asked the actor.

Vinnie grinned and replied, "Oh, hell, yeah. I'm fixin' to cum now." He released his grip on Aaron's tool and got up on his knees. He aimed his ten-incher at Aaron's hard sex and began shooting semen all over the shaft and head, grunting incoherently. When he was spent, he bent down and started giving Aaron head, swallowing the hard shaft completely in his throat and eating his own love juice.

Aaron moaned and threw his head back against the couch. "Look out, motherfucker, I'm...I'm...cummin'...OH, FUCK!" He blasted his own load straight down Vinnie's gulping throat. Aaron's balls retreated almost completely into his body as his sex throbbed and pulsed. Vinnie drank every drop of sperm that shot inside him, and when Aaron was done, he lewdly slurped and licked the singer's dick until it was spit shined. He got up, retrieved two more cigars, and lit one. He bent down to Aaron's face after inhaling and tongue-fucked the boy's mouth. Thick grey smoke emerged from the sides of their mouths as they frenched, and after they parted, Aaron lit up his stogie. The two perverted studs smoked and chatted a while before their cocks got hard again.

They fucked all night and into the next morning.



Hope that wasn't too rough for everyone, but I hope it was hot enough. Who will Aaron do next (or who will do him next)? I'm not sure right now, but keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of Aaron's Needs. I hope you've been enjoying the stories.

Peace out.