The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the characters' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that the characters are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact.


by hottcarter1987

Aaron Carter grinned, his cigar clenched in his teeth, as his older brother came into the room. Nick was as hot as ever, now that he'd slimmed down. His trim body showed through the opening in his leather jacket, his newly-developed six-pack sending waves of lust through Aaron. Nick stood in the doorway licking his lips, and he brought a hand up to his messy blond hair to run through it. “Hey, li'l bro. What's up?”

“You know what's up, baby,” Aaron said. He squeezed the lump in his jeans to punctuate the statement.

Nick reacted by squeezing his own member, which was outlined nicely by the tight black leather pants he wore. Aaron knew he came dressed for the occasion because nothing turned him on more than black leather on a stud—and Nick was the pure definition of a stud. “Get over here and greet your brother.” Aaron got off the bed and strolled over to Nick, who grabbed him by the ass with both hands as he approached. Reaching up to Aaron's face, he plucked the cigar out as his little brother drew on it and smoke escaped his thin, pink lips. “Let's get rid of that noxious weed, dude. What have I told you about smoking?”

Aaron almost reminded him that it was Nick who taught him how to smoke, but his dick was telling him to let it pass. As Nick crushed out the cigar, Aaron took the opportunity to feel up his older sibling. He knew Nick had the biggest dick he'd ever had inside his love tunnel, and he wasn't disappointed in what he found. Nick had a full, thick ten inches, and right now it was straining to be let loose from its leather prison. “Just kiss me, you fucker,” Aaron growled. Nick turned back to him and grabbed the younger Carter by the back of his head. They opened their mouths and engaged in a French kiss seldom seen outside a porn movie. Nick's tongue didn't just enter Aaron's mouth; it invaded it. Aaron could feel the slippery organ moving over and under his own tongue then to the insides of his cheeks. As it moved over his teeth, Aaron moaned and licked the foreign tongue as much as he could. When they finally parted, a thin string of saliva joined the brothers' mouths, and it snapped back onto Aaron's chin. He wiped it off with the back of one hand and said, “Fuck, bro. You sure know how to fuckin' kiss.”

Nick pulled him forward so that their bodies smashed into one another and started grinding their tenting crotches together. “You know it, baby. I haven't seen you in months, and I want a piece of that boy pussy so damn bad. I jacked off three times the other night thinkin' of bein' inside you.”

Aaron smiled. “Really, Nick? You couldn't find a chick to help out?”

Nick leaned in and licked his brother's neck. “Chicks are good to fuck, bro, but I need your tight little cunt.” He kissed Aaron again. “Now, let's not waste any more time, dude.” He put his hands on the top of Aaron's head and pushed. “Show me how much you appreciate me bein' here.”

Aaron liked Nick getting dirty. Once they started, he knew Nick would turn into an animal, and the younger boy couldn't wait. He yielded to Nick and got on his knees, face to face with the monster stretching his big brother's pants. To his surprise, they laced up the middle, and as he opened the fly, he said, “Damn, Nick. I'm shocked that your baby-maker didn't pop out already.”

Nick chuckled and replied, “It almost did when I saw you on that bed, smokin' your stogie and rubbin' your cock. Just like a little slut. Now shut the fuck up and start suckin'.”

Energized by the filthy talk, Aaron opened the fly on Nick's pants and pulled out the rock-had dong. It was beautiful—ten full and hard inches of carnal delight. Aaron only had nine-and-a-half, and his was a bit on the thin side. Nick's was as thick as a beer can with a rather angry bulb at the top when he was horny. Pre-cum was already sliding out of the slit, and Aaron stroked it a bit to make more come out. He stuck out his tongue and licked up the salty offering. Nick purred like a cat. Aaron grinned. Looking up, he asked in baby tones, “Would Nicky-wicky wike wittle Aaron to suck his pee-pee?”

Nick responded by grabbing a handful of hair. “Suck it, bitch,” he moaned and shoved Aaron's open mouth onto his cock. He grunted as Aaron choked, realizing it had been a long time since his brother had given him a blowjob. He let up on the pushing without releasing the handful of hair he had. He could feel Aaron's throat adjusting to his dick, and soon the boy was working his mouth on and off without trouble. “Oh, fuck yeah. Shit, I've missed this. Take that bad boy.” He put his other hand on Aaron's head and held it steady. He started thrusting his hips, pumping his member in and out of Aaron's throat. Grunts from both boys permeated the room, and Aaron look up at his sexy brother the entire time he got face-fucked. Once or twice, Nick removed his cock and slapped his sibling on the face or wiped it all over, but for the most part, the cock stayed in Aaron's oral cavity.

After several minutes of this, Nick withdrew completely, panting a bit as he did so. Aaron leaned in a bit further and bathed Nick's balls with his tongue. He leaned back a couple of minutes later, resting on his hands, and said, “Fuck! That was hot as hell!”

Nick grinned at him. “You're such a whore, Aaron. You still got that dildo I gave you last time?” Aaron nodded. “Get it. Gotta get you warmed up for this love muscle. And drop those drawers while you're at it, fag.” Aaron didn't mind the name-calling; it was all part of the fun of sex from his older brother. He went to his nightstand and pulled out a glass dildo and some Astroglide. The sex toy was eleven inches, but the full inch at the bottom was flared and had a handle so that it couldn't slip all the way inside a vagina or an ass. Nick got it for him at a porn shop the last time they were together so that when Aaron used it, he could fantasize that Nick was fucking him. “Get on the bed on your hands and knees, bitch. I want that fuckin' ass up in the air.” Aaron did as he was told, and he soon felt Nick's tongue penetrating his love hole. Aaron refused to think of it as an ass except when he took a shit. It was his pussy, his cunt, his love hole, or his sex tunnel. Nick had taught him that the first time the older boy fucked his brains out. Aaron shuddered as Nick dug deeper into his boy snatch. Nick stopped a moment and said, “Thanks for cleanin' this out, whore. Tastes good.” Aaron felt one finger, then two, move into him. “Kinda loose, though. Who's been fuckin' this tunnel?”

Without turning to face Nick, Aaron grinned and said, “Wouldn't you like to know? Sorry, bro, but I gotta get satisfaction somewhere when you're not around.”

Nick slapped Aaron on the ass hard. “I bet. Oh, well, least it's mine right now, you little cunt. You know nobody fucks you like I do.” He smacked the ass again and lubed up the dildo with the Astroglide. Without any preamble, he shoved the toy into Aaron's butt and was rewarded by a loud gasp from the younger boy. “Fuckin'-A! Take it, bitch boy!” He shoved the dildo in and out of Aaron at a rapid pace. His cock grew harder, if that was possible, watching the ass ring part with each inward thrust and pull outward with each withdrawal. It was as if Aaron didn't want the fake dick to leave him. For his part, Aaron moaned, grunted, and finally whined as Nick kept hitting his prostate. After about five minutes, Nick pulled out the dildo and jerked Aaron's head up. “Suck it!” he commanded. Aaron wrapped his lips around the toy immediately, and Nick pushed it down his throat several times. Upon pulling it out, Nick put it in his own mouth and sucked on it for a couple of minutes. He pulled it out and said, “Fuck, I didn't read the bottle. This shit tastes like cherries.”

Aaron smiled. “It's cherry-flavored, bro.”

Nick smacked Aaron's ass and replied, “That's a fuckin' joke, little whore. You haven't had a cherry in years.” He bent down and snaked his tongue into Aaron's mouth for a moment. “You ready for this cock? I'm gonna fuck you so hard.”

“Do it, bro. Breed my cunt.” Aaron assumed his usual position when Nick fucked him. His brother liked doggy-style because it made him feel so dominant.

Nick stood behind Aaron and pulled him closer to the edge of the bed. He squirted a generous amount of lube on his monster cock and stroked it. “Here it comes. Be a good little boy and take it.” With that, he shoved all ten inches inside Aaron, who sat up on his elbows and let out one obscenity after another. His anus was instantly filled with cock, and Nick's enormous dickhead slammed into Aaron's prostate. Jolts of lust shot through Aaron's body so fast he was afraid he'd pass out. “Oh, FUCK!” screamed Nick. Immediately, he started pulling out and thrusting back in. The bed started squeeking, and he saw Aaron's head thrashing about, the blond hair moving side to side rapidly. “That's it, bitch, take my fuckin' cock!” He reached down and pushed Aaron's head to the mattress. “Good boy.”

Aaron gasped as Nick invaded his bowels and occasionally slapped his ass. He looked in the mirror facing his bed. Nick had hold of both his hips. He had not bothered to take his clothes off. Sweat was dripping down his hard chest and pecs. The leather pants were pulled down just enough to allow Nick's massive manhood and balls to show. Aaron was naked, his mouth wide open in lust. His cock was hard as a rock and bouncing against his own six-pack in rhythm to the pistoning fuck his ass was receiving. As hard and as often as the head of Nick's dick hit his prostate, Aaron tried to say something, but normal speech was impossible as lust overtook his reasoning. He could only whimper and grunt as he got screwed.

“You like that, bitch?” Nick yelled. “You like gettin' fucked like a cheap whore? Huh? Yeah. Fuck yeah. You're likin' big bro's dick. Fuck!” The obscene language coming from Nick steadily got worse. He fucked Aaron for a good fifteen minutes or so before his balls twitched. “I'm fuckin' cummin', bro. Take my fuckin' load! Aarrgh!” Nick slammed his entire cock up Aaron's ass and dumped his cum in several shots. Aaron tried to count them as they rocketed against his prostate but lost count after the sixth one. His own cock was getting ready to explode.

When Nick had finished draining his love muscle into Aaron's hole, he pulled out slightly out of breath. Aaron instantly rolled over and frantically stroked his cock. “Suck it, Nick! I'm ready to blow!” Nick dropped to his knees and engulfed Aaron's dick into his mouth. It only took a few strokes of his mouth before Aaron's balls drew up into his crotch. “Fuck, man, I'm cummin'. Drink it, Nick!! Hot DAMN!” Aaron pushed on Nick's head and erupted in no less than seven strong shots of cum. The spurts were so strong and fast, Nick actually choked once or twice. Aaron's cum tasted strong, and Nick greedily ate it down. The older Carter boy always sucked his brother off after a fuck to make up for the nasty things he would say to Aaron during sex, as well as the near rape he'd often pull on the boy. That he liked the taste of cum was another good reason, and Aaron's load was always delicious.

After Aaron withdrew his sex from Nick's mouth, the older boy crawled on top of him, and they engaged in a very passionate and gentle kiss. Nick slipped his middle finger up inside Aaron and felt his sperm swimming around in his little brother. Aaron parted his legs for Nick, and Nick rested on top, gently thrusting his cock against Aaron's. “Damn, bro,” said Nick. “That was awesome.”

Aaron kissed Nick on the neck, biting it slightly, before replying. “Now that the hard fuck is over, how's about a nice long, slow fuck?”

Nick got up, stripped his clothes off, and said, “Lemme take a piss, and I'll be right back. We've got all fuckin' night, li'l bro.”

Aaron sighed as Nick stepped out of the room. I'm so lucky to have such a hot brother, he thought. He reached over for a fresh cigar and lit it, drawing the smoke deep into his lungs and exhaling. He felt Nick's cum deep inside him, his bowels warm from the heat of the semen. Aaron took another long drag and blew out a large cloud of smoke, his needs met for the moment and glad Nick was staying the night. When Nick came back into the room, Aaron put out the cigar and opened his legs. Nick crawled on top between them and kissed him passionately again.

They made love the rest of the night.