The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the characters' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that the characters are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story also depicts explicit and hardcore sexual relations between adults and can include minors. If you do not wish to read such stories or if you are not of age in your location, please exit.


by hottcarter1987

Aaron Carter swallowed the giant load of cum his older brother, Nick, pumped into his mouth and smiled. “Damn, you're a hot bitch,” Nick groaned as he squeezed the last drops of his man-nectar on his little bro's upturned face. He wiped it all over until the just-turned 21-year-old's face glistened. He stuffed his ten-incher into his jeans and grabbed the knob on the front door and opened it. “See ya in a couple of days, fucker.” He seductively licked his lips.

My cunt'll be open for ya, babe,” Aaron replied as Nick left. He hated when Nick left him, just like when he was younger, but although they had just spent the last two days fucking and sucking, Aaron felt empty in all his holes. Nick was going to be at Aaron's place in California for three whole weeks but had to go do some promotion for the Backstreet Boys up in San Francisco, and Aaron had only started draining Nick's huge cock. This last minute blowjob was to let Nick know where his flesh tube needed to be parked. The boys hadn't even stripped for it, and as he stood, Aaron noticed how his orange hoodie was now sporting cum spots all over. He scooped up the jism that ran from the corners of his mouth and ate it up, savoring Nick's special juices. He walked to the kitchen, barely satiated, and wiped the rest off with a towel that immediately afterward went into the dirty clothes bin in the adjacent laundry room. Realizing he smelled more than a little like sex and sperm, he trotted upstairs to the giant bathroom across the hall from his bedroom and took a long, hot shower.

About an hour later, the blond stud emerged and went to his bedroom to dress. Looking in his full-length mirror, he admired himself. He wore baggy blue jeans topped off with a white skater hoodie, a zip-up one, with a silver-flamed skull on the back. He left the hoodie open to show off his well-toned chest and abs, which after several years of being smooth was now decorated with some light hair between his pecs and a treasure trail disappearing into his jeans. Aaron wore his favorite belt buckle on his belt, one that said “Asshole” on it, and he chose a white skater cap with “Stud” on the front. He pulled the brim a quarter to the left and muttered, “Now that's fuckin' hot.” In each ear, he placed a gold hoop earring, and finally he slipped on tight black gloves with no fingers. Again, he checked himself out, making sure to rearrange his well-hung dick. He did not want to wear underwear today. It was still before ten o'clock, and the skater boys would be out today. Aaron deliberately had not blown his load when sucking off Nick because he wanted to do the nasty with somebody today, and skaters were on the menu.

Before he left for the skate park, Aaron went to get his cigars but found only one left along side a half-full pack of Marlboro reds. Deciding he'd go to the tobacco shop today, he grabbed the cigar and the smokes and left. In the garage, he decided not to be flashy today, so he slipped on a pair of Ray Bans and climbed behind the wheel of his white Cavalier, opened the sunroof, and slipped in a Guns N' Roses CD. He had lots of other vehicles there, six in all, but the Cavalier wouldn't call too much attention to himself, and he could scope out the boys without too much hassle. Lighting up the cigar, Aaron pulled out onto the street, his cock anticipating some fun almost immediately.

It wasn't too hot that day, so the young stud put the windows down to let the air in his car. On the ten-minute trip to the skate park, all kinds of hotties, boys and girls, looked up to hear “Welcome to the Jungle” blast out of the car. Aaron did his “cool nod” (consisting of a quick upward jerk of his head) to quite a few of them. The girls were hot-looking today, he noted, though boys were what he was after. Aaron considered himself bisexual and didn't care if he laid a chick or a stud, though he didn't lose his virginity to a girl until he was 16. He had lost his ass-cherry to Nick when he was only 10. Today, he figured he would fuck some girl if he didn't have any guy-takers.

By the time he arrived at the skate park, Guns N' Roses had reached the middle of “It's So Easy.” Aaron pulled into a space in the parking lot and sat for a minute smoking so he could check out the scene. The skate park was a typical skater place, and in California that meant one overlooking the beach. He could see the water from his place in the parking lot, and he noticed several potential boys going down to the beach, while others made their way to the skate ramps on his left. He cut off the car and went to the ramps. Going up into the stands, Aaron found a seat in the front row and propped his feet up on the guard rail in front of him. This was where spectators sat during tournaments or while waiting for friends or family to finish practicing. Aaron sat in front of the main arena which was the biggest and stared at the couple of hot boys there. It seemed that most were on the smaller ones, but this one sported some fine-asses studs. He particularly eyed on kid who was shirtless, tanned, and possessed a main of black hair down to the middle of his back. The kid was ripped, and looked like he was 14 or 15. He did some impressive flips on the board he had. Aaron's cock got hard, but he got disappointed when the boy stopped and a girl came up to him and kissed him on the lips, then the two left holding hands. Girlfriend, Aaron said to himself. He rubbed his boner and muttered, “Down, boy.” Realizing his cigar had gone out, he lit it again and puffed it back to life.

As Aaron exhaled a cloud of smoke, he heard a step behind him and a voice said, “Got another one of those, man?”

He turned to see famous skater Ryan Sheckler making his way to the front of the stands. “Ryan, m'man. 'Sup, dude?” Aaron had met Ryan several times before, mainly at parties he'd attended in the past.

Nothin' much,” Ryan replied as he sat next to Aaron. “I been out practicin' but got tired. What're you up to?”

Aaron handed him the half-smoked cigar and said, “You can take a couple drags, man. My last one.” As Ryan puffed on the stogie, Aaron continued. “Just had nothin' to do. Thought I'd come down here and scope out some boys.”

Ryan grinned as he exhaled and handed the cigar back to Aaron. “Same old Aaron. Always fuckin' horny.” Aaron nodded as he pulled on the tobacco. “Had any luck?”

Just got here. Nick's been in town, though.”

Really? He still hung like a fuckin' horse?”

Of course,” said Aaron. “I keep it well-occupied when he's here. You know that.” Aaron handed the cigar back to Ryan, nodding to him to finish the rest of it. “Don't see much action here. Everybody's at the beach, it seems, and for once, I don't feel like going down there. Saw one little hottie a minute ago, but he had a fuckin' girl with him.”

Chaz,” Ryan said between puffs. “Kid's straight as an arrow. So's his cock. Partied with him last night. Watched him fuck that girl he was with. Dicked her fuckin' good, man.”

The sex talk was starting to make Aaron hard again. “You didn't tag it?”

Too fuckin' drunk,” replied Ryan. He glanced down at Aaron's crotch and saw the hard lump there. Ryan, like Aaron, was bi, but he preferred girls mostly. He also took advantage of the situation where it was warranted, and this seemed like one of those times. He was starting to get horned up as well. “You didn't get off with Nick today?”

Naw,” replied Aaron. “Savin' it up for some fun down here.” He eyed Ryan's lap and noticed the boner there pushing at his black shorts. Looking up and down at the skater, Aaron liked the fact that Ryan wasn't wearing his shirt and that his tanned muscular body was sporting all his tattoos. Aaron had his own body art, but seeing it on a hot guy like Ryan was a definite turn-on. Aside from his black shorts, Ryan only wore black Converses on his feet and an unadorned black baseball cap (skater-style backwards) and Risky Business-styled sunglasses. Boldly, Aaron said, “Wanna go do somethin'?” He licked his lips for effect.

Ryan answered by standing up, his bulge now prominent, and sticking the cigar in the side of his mouth. With a jerk of his head, he said, “Ya know, man, I am feelin' a little...restless. Seein' as how I didn't get a piece of ass last night. There's a place behind the arena we can go. You game?”

With a smirk, Aaron said, “Do I have a cock? Let's go.”

The boys made their way to the place that Ryan had suggested. It turned out to be the lighting room behind the locker area. Ryan reassured Aaron that no one came down there except before tournaments and that there wouldn't be one for a couple of weeks. It was one big room with circuitry along two walls, a generator behind a wire cage, and a old, large desk on the opposite side. There was a chair behind the desk and another beside it, both wooden and both looking like they had been there since skating had been invented. Ryan took a last drag of the cigar and tossed it out the door before locking the door behind them. He held the smoke in his mouth and grabbed Aaron by the back of the head. Pushing his lips against Aaron's, he breathed the smoke into Aaron's open mouth and tongue-wrestled the boy for a moment or two. “Been too fuckin' long since I've been in there,” the skating stud said.

Fuck, yeah,” Aaron replied. He and Ryan had fucked a couple of times at parties in the back of a Hummer Ryan had owned. Ryan got him high off a bong that first time and pretty much raped him, but Aaron had been taking it rough from Nick for years and was used to the treatment.

Ryan took off his sunglasses to reveal his piercing eyes and leaned on the edge of the desk. He squeezed his dick through the shorts and said, “Get over here, fuckboy. Daddy's hard.” Without a word, Aaron dropped to his knees in front of the skater and pulled his shorts and boxers down. Ryan's cock, a very thick ten-inch bone, slapped his face. Ryan grabbed the base and smacked it all over Aaron's cheeks and lips. Pre-cum dripped from the slit, and Ryan pressed it against the boy's lips. “Open it,” he ordered. Aaron complied and felt the fleshy tube push down into his mouth and down his throat. Ryan pulled Aaron into him until the blond boy's nose smashed into his pubes. Ryan took off Aaron's hat and threw it in the floor so that he could grab a handful of hair. “Suck it, you bitch. You know you want it.” Keeping still, Ryan pushed and pulled Aaron while he watched his dick stretch that engulfing mouth. Aaron's lips were stretched to maximum as they effortlessly glided along the think shaft. “Ooo, yeah, baby. Feed on that bad boy.” The skater felt his cock go down Aaron's throat as he fed the singer in a steady rhythm. Every so often, he'd pull out to wipe the head around the face, but he'd shove the head down harder each time. He heard Aaron begin to choke as he went faster. “That's it, you whore. Choke on it. That's the way whore's like it.”

Aaron didn't have much of a gag reflex if he was in control, but he wasn't now. Ryan was his master, and the skaterboy was starting to get rougher. Aaron looked up and saw that Ryan's eyes were closed. The stud's muscled were flexing as he forced Aaron to give head. The Carter boy managed to reach down and pull his nine-inch dick through the fly in his jeans to stroke off, but though his penis was hard as steel, he found it difficult to concentrate on any thing but sucking. After a few more minutes of this, Ryan pulled Aaron off his joystick. Aaron slurped the copious pre-cum as he left the cock and swallowed it greedily. “Fuck, I love your dick, man.”

Ryan grinned. “Yes, you do, you slut.” He frenched Aaron again quickly and stepped away from the desk. Slapping the top, he said, “Over here, little man.” Aaron knew Ryan didn't suck cock, but he loved to fuck tight holes, so he leaned over the edge of the desk. “Wait here, just like that,” Ryan said. “Don't fuckin' move.” Sheckler unlocked the door, left, and came back a minute later. Locking the door again, he placed what looked like a dime bag of marijuana on the table in front of Aaron along with a small metal pipe that looked homemade. The bag was was nearly empty. “Wanna toke up before I rip that boy pussy up,” Ryan said as he opened the bag and put a pinch of the remaining pot into the pipe. He lit it and drew the smoke into his lungs and held it. After a moment he blew out the smoke, and Aaron smelled the strong scent of the drug. Ryan got behind Aaron and reached around to undo his pants. Aaron's jeans fell to the floor, his belt buckle clattering loudly against the concrete. Ryan held the pipe as he pressed up against Aaron's bubble ass. The blond singer felt the massive cock rub between the crevice caused by his ass cheeks. Ryan pulled Aaron's head back with one hand and stuck the pipe into his mouth with the other and lit the opposite end. “Smoke it,” he ordered, and Aaron pulled the pot smoke inside. When he'd taken a good hit, Ryan wrapped his hand over Aaron's mouth and said, “Hold it, bitch.” Aaron's lungs burned, and he realized this wasn't cheap shit. This was the really good stuff. His insides were on fire, but his body quickly relaxed as he was forced to hold it in. He noticed that Ryan made him keep it in longer than he himself had, and Aaron knew that Ryan was getting him really high so that the skater would be able to pound him extra hard.

Finally, Ryan withdrew his hand, and Aaron speedily exhaled the smoke, coughing hard. “Fuck,” he said. “That's some shit there.”

Let a Mexican kid blow me for it last week,” Ryan said. He put the pipe back in to Aaron's mouth and lit it. This time he waited a few seconds longer to make sure Aaron was doped up. He could tell because Aaron's muscles were very relaxed, and the slut was rubbing his ass up and down Ryan's cock urgently. “I know this stuff always makes you horny as fuck, little boy.” Ryan laid the lighter and the pipe down on the far side of the desk. “You ready to make a baby now, you faggot?”

Now very high, Aaron nodded, “Yes, daddy,” he slurred. “Make me your bitch.”

Ryan grabbed the back of Aaron's neck and slammed him forward. Aaron's cheek smacked the top of the desk. Ryan yelled, “Then fuckin' spread those legs, bitch!” Aaron complied and heard his master spit. “No fuckin' lube with me, but you won't care. Take my dick!” Aaron felt his ass ring open and then he was full of grade-A Sheckler cock. The pot had deadened the pain of entry while dimming none of the pleasure as Ryan shoved the head of his sex tool right into his prostate. Aaron tried rising, but Ryan held his head down on the desk. “Don't you fuckin' try to get up, cunt. You're mine now.”

All Aaron could do was grunt and moan as his buddy sawed in and out of him. Ryan may or may not have been tender when he fucked girls, but with guys, it was pure animal sex. After their first time, Ryan had told Aaron that gay and bi boys were nothing more than holes to fuck for him. He always rode them hard, and he never sucked cock or got fucked himself. The harder he rode, the better he liked it. Aaron experienced that now. Ryan's huge love muscle pushed in and out rapidly, and the fucking got faster as Ryan heard his victim whine and his body struggle. “That's it, try to fight it. Makes me hornier. Fuck!” Ryan's large balls slapped repeatedly against Aaron's low-hangers, and when the boy yelped, Ryan slapped a hand over his mouth. “Shut the fuck up and take it!”

Aaron felt several smacks against his well-screwed ass as Ryan got further into raping his pussy. The skater's cock seemed to get larger with each thrust, but Aaron knew that was only his imagination. Ryan had endurance as well, and the fuck continued for what seemed forever. To Aaron, pot tended to make him think time was slowed, and he started to loose track of how long he'd even been at the skate park, much less bent over a desk taking cock from a boy almost as dominant as his own brother. He felt Ryan release his mouth before the stud placed both hands around his throat. Aaron knew Ryan wasn't going to choke him; it was a way to show Aaron who the boss was. Ryan bent down until he was flush with Aaron's tattooed back. “You like this don't you, faggot,” he grunted into Aaron's ear. “You fuckin' love my cock. Answer me, bitch.”

Yes,” Aaron croaked out. “I love your cock. I want it deep inside my pussy. I want your cum.”

Ryan licked the boy's ear. “You want me to knock you up? You want my babies up in that fuckhole? Huh? Is that what you want?”

Aaron whimpered, “Yes, daddy, make me pregnant. Knock me up.”

Ryan suddenly tensed. “Oh, yeah, fucker. Take my fuckin' babies!” He stiffened. Aaron felt the skater's dick pulse inside his love tunnel, and a flood of cum shot into him. Ryan held Aaron down on the desk and gritted his teeth, grunting hard with each shot of his cock. He spurted eight times into Aaron, his nuts drawing up into him as they desperately tried to empty themselves into the waiting asshole under them. After holding Aaron down a few moments further, Ryan withdrew with a loud, “Fuck,” and then he forced Aaron off the desk and to his knees. “Clean it up!” Aaron opened his mouth and sucked Ryan's dick clean of cum and his own ass juices. “You, my boy, are a damn hot fuck,” Ryan panted when Aaron finished. He refilled the pipe and lit up another hit of pot. He then gave it to Aaron, who gladly toked up as Ryan grabbed the singer's swollen member and jerked it. “Your turn now, boy. Bust that nut.” Aaron smoked the pot deeply and felt his balls twitch. Without warning to Ryan, Aaron's cock started to spew his boy cum strong and hard. Ryan panted hard as he watched cum shoot from the tip and arch over his moving hand to land a foot away from them. Aaron squeezed his eyes shut as he ejaculated, grunting and groaning the whole time. After a good six shots, his cock then dribbled the rest out along Ryan's hand.

After licking up the cum from Ryan's fingers, the boys went to a small sink in the room and washed their hands. They redressed and sat on the desk, smoking the remaining pot and occasionally kissing. Before they left, they cleaned up the mess they made, and Ryan sprayed air freshener all over the room to cover up the marijuana smell. Before going out in public, Ryan pushed Aaron up against a wall outside the door and stuck his tongue deep inside Aaron's mouth. The blond boy accepted the thick tongue, and the two passionate kissed for a full two minutes before breaking. They rubbed their clothed bodies against each other before parting. “Thanks, man,” Ryan said. “Did I ever need a fuck.”

Aaron reached in the pocket of his hoodie and took out the open pack of Marlboros. He lit one for Ryan and one for himself. “Naw, dude, that was fuckin' hot.”

I wasn't too rough with you, was I?” Ryan asked. “I mean, especially after the pot, I fuckin' raped you.”

Aaron took a long drag of his cigarette and said, “Nick's been worse, believe it or not. Don't worry 'bout it.”

They finished their smokes, and Ryan said he had to leave to go downtown. Aaron said that he'd wander the beach to wear off his pot-buzz before driving home. As he watched the skater leave, Aaron lit another smoke and stared at Ryan's ass until the boy disappeared from view. He turned and started down to the beach to the boardwalk, glowing with the feeling of just having had sex with one of the best fucks he'd ever had next to his brother.

Aaron pulled on the cigarette and thought as he exhaled, Big bro, wait'll I tell you about this...

Hope you liked this installment. Hope it wasn't too rough for you. Maybe I'll calm it down next time. Later, guys.