The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the actual celebrities' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that they are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story also depicts explicit and hardcore sexual relations between adults and can include minors. If you do not wish to read such stories or if you are not of age in your location, please exit.


by hottcarter1987

Aaron Carter wiped the ketchup off his chin, his stomach full. After having had spectacular sex with Ryan Sheckler only half an hour before, his appetite had grown rapidly, and he had decided to get a couple of hot dogs from the vendor at the beach. It also helped kill off the major buzz from the pot they had smoked during and after their fuck. Aaron had been a pothead for years before trying to give it up, but Ryan still was, and if it mean getting the skater's horsecock up his ass, Aaron would (and did) bend the rules. Now, however, he was relaxed and no longer hungry or high but bored. The beach simply wasn't busy enough today, and he didn't feel like getting in the water. He lit a Marlboro and cleaned up his trash before getting in his car and driving into town. He blasted his heavy metal music through the open car windows as he drove around a bit, but the boredom wouldn't leave. Sighing, Aaron finished his cigarette, threw it out the window, and decided to pick up some cigars at a tobacco shop he knew and just go home. His brother, Nick, wouldn't be home for another day or two, and he'd have to figure out something to do until then. Nick was doing promotion up in San Francisco, so that left little brother without his favorite fuck partner, a fact that Aaron, who was always horny, had to deal with until Nick returned.

The tobacconist Aaron used was in a run-down section of Los Angeles between two vacant apartment buildings. The young singer played it low-key when he went to this section of town, and for the most part, he wasn't recognized. He pulled his skater hat low over his eyes, already shaded by his Ray Bans, and pulled up the hood part of his white hoodie over it. He parked in front of the shop in the closest empty space and went in. The transaction was quick as there was no one else in the store, and Aaron bought two boxes of the medium-length, thin cigars he liked the best. Opening the trunk, he put one box unopened in and opened the other, taking out three of them and putting them in a specially-designed case. He took a forth one and lit it, throwing the case onto the passenger's seat of his car. Deciding to stretch his legs a little before making the trip home, Aaron walked around the side of the shop after locking up the car. He'd been down to these apartments before to smoke dope with some of his friends and knew where he could chill. There was a long, open alleyway between the buildings, and he ambled down. He leaned against the brick wall of the apartment building on the right and smoked the cigar deeply, making smoke rings, when he heard someone talking around the corner. Curious, he held the smoldering weed behind him with his left hand as he peeked around the side.

Aaron's eyes grew wide as saucers at what he saw. A tall black man, easily in his 30's, stood with his legs planted apart from each other. His body was at a slight angle to Aaron so that he only glimpsed a small portion of the man's face. The man was wearing a black leather jacket, tight jeans, and white sneakers. His hands were in front of him, waist high, and holding a little boy's head. The boy's eyes were closed, and his head was bobbing up and down on the man's thick black cock. Aaron nearly swallowed his tongue as he realized that the boy couldn't be more than eight or nine years old, and even though he was tearing up as he performed oral sex on the black man, the boy wasn't choking at all. It was difficult to tell how long the cock was, but Aaron was fascinated watching the kid's Adam's apple bob on the downstroke. Fuck, he thought, that kid is swallowing that whole fuckin' thing!

The man was moaning, occasionally saying, “Fuck,” through clenched teeth. His hands guided the boy on and off his shaft with ease. He wasn't really pushing, but he wasn't letting go, either. “That's a good boy,” he muttered. “Suck your black daddy.” The kid couldn't talk at all, but he moaned in response. He wasn't leaning at all, coming up to the man's waist. He had shoulder-length black hair and wore a white tank top with faded blue jeans which were ripped at the knees. Slurping and gulping noises were the only sounds emerging from the boy. He had well-worn sneakers that stayed in place as he sucked, and his tiny hands rested on the man's thighs. Suddenly, the black man started holding the boy's head steady and began thrusting in and out of his mouth quickly. Aaron ducked back around the corner, flicked some ashes off the cigar, which was now burning nearly to the end, and took a last puff before throwing it to the ground and extinguishing it. He quickly peeked again and heard the man say, “Yeah, little baby, drink it.” The man shoved his cock deep inside the boy's throat and started grunting quietly. The kid started making choking sounds, and Aaron saw his throat moving as he accepted the cum the man was pumping into him. When he was done, the black man pulled his cock out, and Aaron pervertedly felt a little proud that it was smaller than his own 9½-inch dick, though not by much more than an inch. A strand of cum connected the head of the cock with the little boy's bottom lip for a second before it broke against the chin, and the kid swallowed twice before gasping for air. The man stuffed his cock into his open jeans and patted the boy's head. “That's it, baby. You did real good.” He reached in his pocket and drew out a twenty-dollar bill and gave it to the boy, who quickly put it in his front pocket. “You like that dick, boy?”

The kid smiled, his teeth covered in cum. “Uh-huh,” he said. “Your stuff don't taste bad.”

That's cum, little man,” the black man said. “My special black jizz. Make you strong, baby.” He tousled the boy's hair. “I may be back soon with some buddies. You're too good a cocksucker to keep to myself. Later.”

Aaron quickly and quietly sprinted around to the front of the apartment building and ducked into the doorway. The black man passed in front of the building a couple of seconds later talking into a cell phone. “All right, baby, I'm on my way home now. Gotta pick up your dress from the cleaners. Be home in half an hour, sugar.” Aaron grinned as he realized he was talking to his wife or girlfriend, who was oblivious to what he had just done. The blond singer then quickly went back around the building to see if the boy was still there.

The tyke was sitting on an old crate counting money. It looked to Aaron like he had quite a wad in his little hands. Aaron's cock was hard as a rock from what he had just seen, and he wanted some, too. The boy had given no indication that he knew Aaron was there, so the older boy cleared his throat. The boy jumped at the sound but didn't move otherwise as he saw Aaron. “Who the fuck are you?”

I'm Aaron,” the singer said matter-of-factly. “Whatcha doin'?”

The boy was obviously not frightened. “Countin' some money. What's it to you?”

Oh, a tough boy,” Aaron said. “Where'd you get that money?”

The boy stood and put the money in his jeans. “What's it to ya?” He then crossed his arms.

Well, if you want more, I know how you can get it.”

Yeah? But you don't know where I got this money.”

Aaron grinned. He grabbed his cock through his jeans. “I just saw you suck off that black dude. I want some, too.”

The boy grinned and came forward a little. “You saw? Cool. Did ya like it?”

Aaron nodded and took out a cigarette. He lit it and said, “I like getting sucked, and I like a boy who swallows. How much?”

The kid thought a minute, then said, “Usually ten, but the black man included a tip. My brother said never accept less than ten.”

Aaron raised his eyebrows. “Your brother?”

Yeah,” the boy said. “My brother makes extra cash using me. We split it, fifty-fifty.”

Overwhelmed, Aaron took a long drag of his cigarette and said, “Really. Where's he now?”

At home. I was just bummin' around the beach when I picked up that guy. He was my third suck today. I'm supposed to be home in a while. Plenty of time to give you one, if you got the cash.”

Aaron smiled and pulled a fifty-dollar bill out of his wallet. Giving it to the kid, he asked, “How about that for a blow? What's your name, kid?”

Devon,” the boy replied. His eyes widened at the bill. “Fuck, I've never gotten this much for a blow! I don't get nothin' like this 'cept for a fuck.” Again, Aaron was amazed that a kid this young was so experienced. His brother must be making a killing off him. He asked how old Devon was, and the kid replied, “I'll be eleven next month. But don't worry, I know how to suck real good. Brad does me a lot to keep me in practice. Brad's my bro.” He stuffed the bill in his pocket with the others and came right up to Aaron. Grabbing his crotch, Devon looked up and said, “You got a big one. Bigger than that other guy. Wanna do it now?”

Aaron finished his cigarette and asked, “What if somebody comes by like I did? You're lucky it was me and not a cop.”

Devon looked around and found an open back door to the building. “We can go in there. No one'll see us. We can be quiet.” Both boys went inside, and Aaron leaned against the wall next to the door, removing his sunglasses. There was enough light in the room that he could see the cherubic face of the little boy. Devon started rubbing the bulge in Aaron's crotch and, upon hearing the older boy's moan, said, “You like it, Aaron?” Aaron simply nodded. He put two fingers in Devon's mouth and was rewarded by an urgent sucking as the boy closed his tiny lips around them. His little tongue licked the digits. When Aaron asked how big a cock he could handle, Devon replied, “As big as Brad's. He's about eight or so.” He pulled Aaron's white shorts down and grabbed the blood-engorged penis. Licking the tip, he said, “Fuck, that's big.”

Aaron lit another cigarette as the boy licked all over his shaft. The cock stood proud and perpendicular to Aaron's toned body. After Devon made it glisten with his spit, Aaron urged him, “Put it in your mouth, Dev. Suck it for me.” Devon closed his lips around the head and immediately started taking it in. When the head hit the back of his throat, Aaron felt the boy start swallowing, and his cock began to enter even further. He couldn't help but moan as his dick instinctively moved down the ten-year-old's oral cavity. A small choke let him know when the boy had reached his limit. Aaron glanced down to see an inch and a half remained of his member outside Devon's mouth. He didn't want to force it in, so Aaron took a long drag of his smoke and said, “Now, baby, suck it good for me. Take my fuck stick.”

Devon managed to grin as he started moving on the dick. Aaron felt his shaft tingle as the boy not only slid it along the length, but he managed to also flick it left and right with every pass. He had to admit that the kid knew his shit when it came to giving head. Aaron actually got weak in the knees. Sucking noises came from the boy as he began moving faster. Once or twice, Devon's excitement got the better of him, and he got another half-inch down, which resulted in an uncontrollable gag and cough. But the boy proved to be a true slut. He would simply pull off, gulp once or twice to get the dick-flavored saliva down, and then go right back to work. After another couple of minutes, Devon grabbed the base of Aaron's schlong and formed a fist around it. He then began jerking the cock along the shaft with his small lips following the fist as he stroked. Aaron's senses went into overload. Devon came off the dick only once to ask, “You like that, mister?” The voice sounded so young and innocent and was at odds with the action taking place.

Aaron was able to moan out a quick, “Fuck, yeah, bitch,” before Devon went back to work. Before long, Aaron started to hump into the little boy as his balls slapped the small chin. Aaron had long ago dropped the cigarette as he rode the kid's mouth. He couldn't believe how good this was feeling and didn't want it to end until his balls started to tingle. “Shit!” he cried out. “I'm gonna fuckin' cum!” He grabbed Devon's head and pulled his hair so that the boy's head snapped back. “Open up, you little slut!” Devon obeyed and opened his mouth wide. He stuck out his tongue waiting for his reward for a job well-done. Aaron huffed and puffed and muttered obscenities as he beat his dick over the open mouth. “Take this load, bitch! Take it all! AAARGGH!” Cum erupted from the tip of his cock in such force it made audible splattering noises as it smashed against Devon's cheeks. Several thick strands landed on the boy's tongue, and a few went directly into the mouth. Aaron didn't think he'd ever stop cumming, but after a full minute spewing his load, his cock started to dribble. Devon wasted no time in releasing himself from Aaron's grip to gobble down the messy penis. He slurped and sucked all the juice into his mouth and moaned at the strong taste. He then proceeded to lick Aaron's fingers clean, and when he was finished, the little slut wiped his own face and ate the sperm off his own hand and fingers.

When both boys had come down off their sex highs, Aaron put his cock back into his jeans and wiped off the residue of his cum from Devon's face using a corner of his open hoodie. He then bent down and deep-kissed the ten-year-old in the same way he kissed Nick. When they parted, Devon said, “Your cum tastes awesome, Aaron. I love it. Much better than that black man's.”

Aaron muttered a thanks as he stood an lit another smoke. Devon asked for one, but Aaron said, “I think you're too young for a cigarette.”

Devon made a pouty face and said indignantly, “What, I'm big enough to suck cock and eat cum, but I can't smoke? Brad lets me sometimes.”

Aaron couldn't argue with that logic, so he lit a cigarette for Devon, who didn't cough at all as he inhaled the smoke. “You get fucked up the ass, too, little boy?” Devon nodded as he exhaled. “Do you make house calls?”

Sure,” the boy replied. “Only if I can bring my brother.”

Aaron said, “Stay here a sec,” and walked to his car. He threw away his cigarette and got a notepad and pen out of his glove compartment and wrote down his address. He went back to Devon and gave him it to him. “Know where this is?”

Devon nodded. “It's in the rich section. You're rich, ain't ya?”

Aaron smirked. The kid hadn't recognized him at all. “You could say that. I'd definitely make it worth your while. Come by tomorrow morning, 'bout ten o'clock.”

Devon grabbed Aaron in a hug, burying his beautiful face in Aaron's bare stomach. “Sure! Brad'll be okay with it. You're fuckin' cool!”

The boys left the building, and Aaron offered to drive the kid home. He was quite taken with the tyke, and he ended up buying him dinner along the way—a hot dog and ice cream. Aaron even let him smoke one of his cigars. When they arrived at Devon's house, which was located across town in one of the middle-income housing districts, Devon gave Aaron a quick peck on the lips and went into his house. Aaron smiled and went home, eagerly anticipating the next day. As he pulled into his garage, he realized that though he missed having Nick's big dick inside of him, his needs were being met quite well while big bro was away.

Well, that's the end of part IV. Hope you readers are still with me, and I hope you liked this one. There'll be at least a couple more parts, so hang in there. Later!