The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the actual celebrities' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that they are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story also depicts explicit and hardcore sexual relations between adults and can include minors. If you do not wish to read such stories or if you are not of age in your location, please exit.

AARON'S NEEDS V: Interlude with Nick

by hottcarter1987

Author's Note: I decided to take a break from depicting Aaron's sexual adventures for one story to focus on Nick. This story takes place right after the events of Aaron's Needs IV with Nick in San Francisco. I'll pick up with Aaron's story next time around.

I should be home tomorrow evening, little bro,” Nick Carter said into his cell phone. “Think you can do without me 'til then?”

I'm keeping occupied,” Aaron Carter's filtered voice replied.

I'll just bet you are,” said Nick sarcastically. “Gotta go for now. Don't know exactly when I'll get in, but I'll call ya if I'm delayed.” After saying goodbye, Nick folded up the cell and laid it on the dresser in his hotel room. Looking toward the bed, he said to the figure there, “Sorry, 'bout that. Had to check on the squirt.”

Justin Timberlake smiled back at Nick with a wide grin. “No prob,” he answered. “You still fuckin' around with him?”

Nick started undressing. “Oh, hell, yeah. He's my favorite cum dump. But tonight, I want you, baby.” He stepped up to the bed and rubbed his thick 10-inch cock. He had been in San Francisco doing promotional work for the Backstreet Boys which had ended just a few hours ago. The other band members had other things to attend to, but Nick had run into Justin Timberlake while having an early dinner, and the two had ended up back at Nick's hotel to catch up on old times. Though the Backstreet Boys and 'NSync were rivals in the boy band days, Nick and Justin were sexually attracted to each other from the start, and they'd had many, many different encounters over the years.

Justin was still excessively attractive to Nick. He still sported a killer body, well-muscled and tanned. The addition of the mustache and goatee on his otherwise almost-shaved head only heightened the masculine and erotic aura of the man. He lay in front of Nick with his hard body on display, and his legs were spread revealing his huge, thick 11-inch dick. The penis was a work of art as it lay against Justin's eight-pack abs. Pre-cum was already dripping into a puddle above his belly button. Nick licked his lips in anticipation of sucking on that thing. Justin was the only man who had ever topped him, and tonight would be no exception.

Justin reached over slightly and grabbed Nick's cock. Stroking it, he said, “Well, I've waited long enough now, slut. Why don't you crawl into bed so we can both have fun?” Without a word, Nick climbed on top of Justin and straddled the donkey dick he loved so much. Justin ran his hands over Nick's arms, admiring the tattoos that covered them. His mouth opened and accepted Nick's tongue as it probed deeply into his mouth. He slipped his hands down to find the Backstreet Boy's ass and gripped it. Pulling him to his body, Justin continued kissing as he felt their cocks grind together urgently, their pre-cum mingling and causing a bigger mess than either could accomplish alone. Both men moaned in each other's mouths as the sexual heat rose between them. They parted, and Nick moved down to lick, suck, and bite on Justin's neck. “Fuck, boy,” Justin moaned. “I love it when you do that.”

Been too damn long,” Nick replied. He started tonguing Justin's ear, gently flicking the lobe with as much sensuality as he could muster. “I want you so fuckin' bad.”

Justin moved his hand further and slipped his middle finger into Nick's hole. He felt his partner stiffen and suck in his breath. “Yeah,” he muttered. “That pussy's still tight. You're gonna make my cock so happy, Nick-baby.” He started moving his finger in and out. “Gonna feel so good to breed you again.”

The men kept grinding against each other until neither could take it anymore. Nick slid down on the bed and began stroking his lover's mammoth cock as Justin propped his head up, hands behind his head. He watched as Nick's mouth opened and accepted the head. “Ooo,” escaped his plump lips as he felt Nick lick the underside, then the piss slit, before moving down the shaft. Before he knew it, Nick had taken the whole rod into his throat, a feat that no one, even Britney Spears, had ever been able to do. Nick stayed there a moment, breathing through his nostrils and inhaling Justin's overt masculine scent, before starting his blowjob. He moved up and down the wide shaft, flicking his tongue as he went, and was rewarded by various noises his lover made. “So good,” Justin sputtered out. “Suck it, baby. Make love to that thing.” He closed his eyes and concentrated on the intensity of the feeling that Nick was creating on his manhood.

Nick bobbed his head slowly on the penis in his mouth. He knew this was pushing Justin's buttons. His lips slid all the way down to the pubs loosely, but when coming up, he clamped them tightly on the shaft. His cheeks came inward as he applied major suction, and when he reached the head, he managed to pull on the head sharply. This caused Justin's pre-ejaculate to squirt into his mouth. Every single time this happened, he felt the stud quiver underneath him. He pulled off, licked the head clean, then dove back for more. After three more passes, Nick said, “You have the best-tastin' dick, Justin. I could suck on it all night, but my pussy is feelin' awful empty.” He reached back and stuck a finger in his ass. He then grabbed the base of his buddy's penis and rubbed the head back and forth over his lips.

Justin smiled, his white teeth showing from ear to ear. “Roll over on top, babe.” Nick got up and repositioned himself in a 69 with Justin. As Nick once more took the giant schlong into his throat, Justin raised his head and started licking the invitingly puckered anal opening he had in front of him. Nick's ass cheeks spread themselves, and Justin penetrated the orifice with his tongue after licking around the rim with several flicks. Nick moaned with cock deep inside his throat, and Justin felt the vibration throughout his whole body. He smacked Nick's ass and said, “Keep that up, you slut, and I'll cum too fuckin' quick.” He then dove into the boy pussy with gusto. The sounds of hot man-on-man sex filled the room.

Nick was flying. He loved the feel of Justin's tongue licking up inside his rectum. To reward his lover, he pulled off the cock and began to bathe Justin's big scrotum with his own tongue. His saliva made the giant balls glisten, and he was thankful that the singer shaved as Nick loved a smooth nutsack. He felt Justin smack his ass a couple of times, and he said, “Like havin' those nuts licked, don't ya, stud?” A harder smack followed in response, and Nick felt his boy's tongue dig deeper into him. After a few more minutes, though, Nick got impatient. Justin's tongue was great, but he needed a hard fuckstick in there, and he needed it now. He pulled his ass reluctantly away and begged, “Please, Justin, fuck me now.”

Justin groaned at having to stop his oral work, but he knew Nick was right. His dick couldn't take any more. He smacked Nick's ass once more and said, “Ride it, cowboy.” Nick got up, turned around, and squatted as Justin held his baby-maker up. The Backstreet Boy sat down and effortlessly let the cock slid up his tight ass. When he had sat down flush with Justin's pubes, both boys gasped, and Nick waited while his rectum adjusted to the penetration. “Oh, fuck,” said Justin. “Do it, baby.” Nick started to bounce, slowly at first but faster with each downstroke. He reached forward and laid his hands on Justin's hard pecs. His mouth flew open, and he grunted as he accepted Justin's sex. All of his anal nerve endings fired off pleasure signals to his lustful brain as the horsecock rammed deep into him. His prostate—his sweet spot—practically vibrated as the head punched into it. Nick thrashed his skull like a headbanger at a heavy metal concert as he rode his buddy. Justin showed his appreciation by repeatedly spanking Nick's ass hard, causing red marks that the blond boy would have difficulty explaining to his little brother when he got home. “Fuckin'-A!” screamed Justin. “Fuckin' ride that cock, bitch!! Ride it!!” Nick manage to pick up speed, and the bed started squeaking with the abuse. “Oh, yeah, baby, take all of that cock!!”

As sweat started to appear on both guys, Justin ordered Nick to roll over on his knees. The blond bottom complied, and Justin wasted no time in shoving his dick back up the waiting male pussy. Grabbing Nick's hips, Justin then let loose, pounding Nick hard and deep, screaming obscenities at him as he fucked. Slapping noises abounded in the room, made either by Justin's engorged balls slapping against Nick's or by Justin's hands making contact with the already red ass cheeks. Nick laid his head flat on the bed to one side, his arms stretched out and his ass high in the air. His own 10-inch member smacked against his abs as Justin continued his assault. Nick was sure that the head of Justin's cock would pop out of his mouth as his fuck buddy shoved into him deeply. “Fuck me!” he screamed. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!! Harder, stud, harder!!” Justin complied, letting out a yell that the whole hotel could probably hear.

Before long, though, both boys had reached their point of no return. Justin felt his dick throb violently, and he reached down and grabbed the hair on the top of Nick's head. “Oh, shit!” he screamed as he pulled Nick's head back. “I'm gonna shoot! Motherfucker!!” He plunged into Nick's ass full force and let loose with a volley of spurts. As soon as the first strand of cum hit his prostate, Nick opened his mouth and uttered a guttural sound. His cock started shooting its load onto the bed underneath without either of the boys touching it. Nick saw stars as he released his wad simultaneously with Justin. Steaming hot sperm filled his pussy with force, and for a moment or two, it seemed that both their dicks were pulsing in rhythm.

After what seemed an eternity, their orgasms subsided, and Justin released Nick's head. He flopped down on top of the blond boy gasping for air. His dick was still embedded inside his lover and spasmed a couple more times. The whole room smelt of sperm, sweat, and man-sex, and the boys were huffing and puffing hard. Justin pulled out, and Nick finally rolled over underneath. The guys kissed each other deeply and passionately. Justin scooted up the bed to rest his head on the pillows there and reached over to the nightstand, grabbed a cigar and lit it. He quietly smoked while Nick got between his legs and gently sucked his semi-hard cock clean, milking the remaining semen from it. Nick then crawled up and laid his head against Justin's chest. They snuggled that way silently for a while until Justin finished smoking. He then switched off the light, and the two singers fell asleep together, their sexual needs met for the moment, and the next day rapidly approaching.

Well, I hope everyone liked that. Thought it was a shame to leave Nick out too long. The next part will focus again on Aaron and pick up where the story left off with him. Until next time, dudes...!