The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the actual celebrities' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that they are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story also depicts explicit and hardcore sexual relations between adults and minors. If you do not wish to read such stories or if you are not of age in your location, please exit.


by hottcarter1987

Aaron Carter lit his second cigar of the morning and deeply inhaled the smoke. He laid back on his king-sized bed and blew the smoke up toward the ceiling, restless as he awaited his guests. His lover and brother, Nick, would be home tonight to fill his hole with cock and cum, and the young singer would also be getting a little on the side anytime now. The little boy, Devon, who sucked him off near the tobacco shop the previous afternoon was coming over with his big brother for some action, and Aaron couldn't wait. The thought of taking the little kid's ass with his big cock kept Aaron hard all night long. He'd had to get out of bed at three in the morning to jack off to nasty videos on the Internet, some taboo enough to involve kids, before he was relaxed enough to sleep.

He glanced at the clock by his bed, which said ten o'clock. Devon said he'd be here by ten. Aaron bit down on the cigar and smoked it while he reached between his legs and gripped the monster organ that bulged there. He wore no shirt, no shoes, and only skin-tight black leather pants. He sported his hoop earrings in each ear and four silver rings, two on alternating fingers on each hand. Of course, he wasn't wearing underwear—after all, why get complicated when all he needed was to pull out his baby maker and open up a 10-year-old. Aaron was so horny for this because he'd never fucked a little one before, and Nick had fucked him at the same age. This boy told him he'd already been screwed, but the biggest thing in his little pussy was his brother's cock, which was a whole inch shorter than Aaron's fat 9 inches. As he laid back and smoked, Aaron knew he wanted to do this badly, and time seemed to move slowly as he waited.

At that moment, he heard the sounds of a city bus pull up. Aaron's house wasn't far from the curb, and one could see the street from the front of the big house. Sitting up on his knees, he looked and saw his boy with his brother walking up the driveway from the street. Little Devon was wearing a black tee shirt over red shorts, his shoulder-length black hair obscuring his face. His brother, whom he said was named Brad, was as tall as Aaron, and hot as hell. He had even longer hair, down past his shoulders, and it was black streaked with blond. He looked about 16 or 17, but he wore a grey tank top that showed off his well-built body. He wore faded denim jeans that weren't too baggy and fit over black cowboy boots with silver tips on them. About his wrists he had tied red handkerchiefs, and around his waist was a silver-studded black belt with a big silver belt buckle on the front. Aaron noticed in one hand, Brad carried a paper bag. He held a half-smoked cigarette in the other, and he pulled on it a couple of times as the boys made their way to the front door.

When they were out of sight, Aaron got off the bed and went down to the front door. He pulled on the cigar and exhaled when the doorbell rang. He opened it to see Brad's deep blue eyes and black stubble on his otherwise clean-shaven face. “Sup?” Aaron said with a jerk of his head upward.

Brad's mouth fell open as he gawked at the singer in front of him. “Fuck,” he managed to say. “You're Aaron-fuckin'-Carter.”

Aaron grinned. “That's what it says on the mailbox, bro.”

Brad turned to his brother and said, “You didn't say you blew Aaron Carter, dude.”

Devon asked innocently, “Who?”

Aaron Carter,” Brad replied. “He's a fuckin' singer, man. He's famous.”

Aaron beckoned them inside as Brad threw his smoke into the driveway. “He's too young to know me, dude,” Aaron said. “Besides, I haven't had an album out in a while.” He shut the door. “You, Brad?” The boy nodded. “And you're his pimp?”

Brad nodded. “Yeah, man. Little fucker came out to me a year ago, and since I go both ways, we've been havin' fun ever since.” He tousled Devon's hair. “I let him take it from a buddy of mine one night and saw a way to make some cash, so I find guys who'll pay to get head from him. Sometimes he lets 'em fuck him, but it's mostly blowjobs. He doesn't have much experience gettin' his pussy done.”

Aaron sucked on his cigar again and rubbed his crotch. “Well, that's gonna change.”

Lewdly, Brad grabbed Aaron's bulge and whistled. “Damn, bro, how big is that thing?” Aaron told him. “Fuck, the biggest he's had was me. You got me beat.” Aaron asked him what was in the bag. “Just some things to help us along, my man. My dick's gettin' hard now. Where are we gonna do him?”

Aaron led the way to his bedroom, and the boys followed. When they entered, Aaron sat on the bed, finished his cigar, and immediately lit a fresh one. He sat with one leg stretched out and placed his opposite foot on the floor, his back up against the headboard. In this position, his bulge became more prominent, and he resumed rubbing it as he smoked. Through the cigar fumes he watched as Brad pulled a chair over to the side of the bed and sat down. After placing the bag next to him, he pulled Devon to him with the boy turned so that he could see Aaron. “What do you want to do?” Brad started. “Nothin's off limits, man.”

Aaron grew hornier than he'd been in a long time. He drew on the cigar and exhaled through his nostrils. His brain was generating perverted thoughts. “Play with him,” he replied. “Get him ready for me.”

Brad pulled Devon back between his legs until his chest was against the kid's back. He placed one hand between the boy's legs and rubbed his little crotch. With the other hand, he reached up and clamped his chin. “You know what you're here for, Dev?”

The boy nodded. “Uh-huh,” he said in his cute little voice.


To take Aaron's cock.”


In my mouth and in my pussy.”

Brad licked Devon's cheek obscenely. “And whatever else he wants to do with you. Why?”

Because I'm a boy-whore, and I'm only good for that.”

Right,” Brad said. “Whatever he wants, you don't say no—got it?” Devon nodded. “Good boy.” Brad then took off Devon's shorts, shoes, and socks, then his shirt, until the 10-year-old was stark naked. His little penis stood hard at nearly four inches. Aaron's dick throbbed at the sight, but he played it cool and sat there occasionally puffing his cigar. Brad stroked his little brother's penis, causing Devon to moan. Brad stuck two fingers in his small mouth and said, “Suck.” Lust filled Aaron as the boy sucked deeply on those fingers, his fuck tube threatening to burst through the leather pants. Only the laces that bound the fly together kept this from happening.

Brad withdrew his fingers and made Devon bend over his knee. He unwrapped one of the handkerchiefs from his wrist and pulled Devon's arms behind him. Tying the wrists together, Brad smirked at Aaron. “I like to do him like this. I figured if you fucked kids, you'd probably like it, too.”

Shit, that's hot,” Aaron said exhaling smoke.

Brad smiled widely, enjoying this as much as his host. He then clamped a hand over his little brother's mouth and began to spank the boy. His voice grew colder as he told Devon, “Listen to me, you little faggot. You say no to Aaron even once, and you'll get this. You hear me, boy?” He stopped spanking for Devon to nod his head. “Good.” He slapped the tiny ass once more, then he stood Devon up again. Brad reached into the bag again and pulled out a half-bottle of lube and a full dime bag of pot. Out of his pocket, he retrieve a homemade pipe and filled it. He lit the end of the pipe, drew on it to start the burn, and grabbed Devon's chin roughly. “Smoke it,” he ordered. Aaron noticed some resistance. Devon pressed his lips together, obviously not wanting to do it. Brad smacked him on the thigh. “Take it, you little shit. You're gonna need it when Aaron shoves that big cock in you. Take it.”

Hornier than ever, Aaron nodded his head at Devon. “Do it, Dev. Do what big brother says.”

Reluctantly, Devon parted his lips and sucked on the pipe as it entered. Brad put his hand over the boy's mouth and made him hold the smoke in. After a couple of seconds, he let go, and Devon coughed the smoke out. Brad repeated this four times, covering Devon's mouth to be sure he inhaled. Each time he made the kid hold the smoke longer. Devon quickly grew glassy-eyed. Brad reached down and rubbed his cocklet. “I do that before he gets fucked so it doesn't hurt him too much. He doesn't like pot, but it's the easiest way. Besides, he's easier to handle if he's high.”

Aaron finished his cigar and unlaced the leather crotch. “Time to get this show started, man. My cock can't take anymore.” As he pulled out his rock-hard schlong, Brad grabbed Devon by the back of his head and led him over to the bed. Aaron stood and held his dick in front of them. Brad set the pipe in Aaron's ashtray by the bed and pushed his brother's face forward. Aaron began by rubbing his tool all over the boy's face. Pre-cum smeared everywhere, and when the face was good and covered, Aaron smacked Devon's closed lips. “Open up and suck it.” Devon obeyed and took the blood-engorged cock into his mouth. Once inside, Aaron said to Brad, “Fuck his sweet mouth on my cock.” Brad pushed Devon's head forward until the boy's face met Aaron's pubes. He held it there while Devon started choking, but not violently. The pot relaxed not only the kid's mind but also his gag reflex. When the boy stopped choking, Brad started to move him on and off the dick, making sure that every time he pushed forward, Aaron's dick would be swallowed up by the tiny throat. Aaron put his hands on his hips and watched his sex going in and out. He began thrusting. Before long, he was rewarded with the sound of his leather smacking into the kid's cheeks. He felt the throat muscles coaxing his shaft, and Devon's glassy eyes stared as him in lustful submission. “Take it all, bitch,” Aaron moaned. “Fuckin' that mouth like a cunt. Ooo.” He heard Devon moan, and the vibrations of his vocal cords felt good on Aaron's shaft. “Fuck, man,” he told Brad. “Hold his pretty little head.” Brad placed a hand on top and grabbed the throat and held Devon steady. With his hands still on his hips, Aaron fucked into the open mouth faster. His eyes never left the kid's face. His love muscle continued to plow deep inside the wet hole, and the tender young lips felt good as they glided along the length.

Aaron knew he wouldn't last long, and he didn't want to empty his balls in the kid's mouth. Grunting, he removed his cock and smacked the freshly fucked face hard with it. “You like my cock, kid? Huh? You like my big meat fuckin' your little boy mouth?”

When Devon, still high as a kite, didn't answer, Brad smacked the back of his head. “Fuck, yeah, sir,” he answered in slurred speech.

Aaron smirked at him. He then nodded at his older brother. “Get his pussy ready for me.” Aaron sat back on the bed as he did before, lighting another cigar.

Brad pulled Devon to his feet using a handful of hair. “On the bed, slut,” he ordered, and he put the boy face down at the foot of the bed. He removed the remaining handkerchief from his other wrist and tied it tightly around Devon's mouth. He then spread the boy's legs, smacked him hard twice, and used his thumbs to open up his pussy. Sucking on his middle finger, Brad slid it up inside, causing Devon to shiver. “Hold still, bitch,” he ordered as he fucked in and out. He shoved two fingers in, then three. He then took a couple of minutes to lick and penetrate Devon's anus with his tongue. Spit dripped from the hole when done.

Aaron took a long drag of the cigar and, exhaling, said, “I want you to fuck him. Get that ass ready for my prick.”

Brad grinned widely. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans quickly. His 8-inch cock bounced when freed. It wasn't as thick as Aaron's, but it dripped copious amounts of pre-cum as Brad reached for the lube. He asked for a cigar, and Aaron lit one for him, stepping behind the boy and putting it in his mouth. As Brad smoked, Aaron squirted lube on his dick and began stroking it onto the head and shaft. “Fuck, dude,” Brad said around the stogie, “that's fuckin' hot!”

Aaron took his own cigar from his mouth and said into Brad's ear, “I wanna see some incest here, babe. Fuck him deep and hard, but don't bust that nut in him. Let me do it.” After another couple of strokes, Aaron released Brad's cock and threw the lube over near the chair. He got on the bed and sat next to Devon's head, turning it so that the little boy could watch as he masturbated. Aaron put the cigar back in his mouth, looked at Brad, and said simply, “Now. Fuck the little bitch.”

Brad took a quick puff and rammed his cock into his little brother. The boy didn't really feel pain, but as his anus gave way, he tried to lift his head off the mattress. Quickly, Aaron grabbed the back of his head and shoved it back down, warning him to lay still and watch his dick while Brad had his fun. The bed shook and squeaked as Brad invaded Devon's rectum. Aaron watched as Brad smoked the cigar and fucked his little brother with gusto. Brad's hands held onto the boy's waist tightly, and his balls loudly slapped against the ass cheeks upon full entry. The older sibling grunted and cussed as he screwed, and Aaron could only imagine all the times Brad had molested his little brother. Nick molested him every chance he got, and Aaron could never get enough. Devon would be just like him, he thought. A little slut boy who would grow up to be nothing but a cock-hound. Aaron looked down at the little doped-up boy. He drank in the muffled sounds Devon made through the gag, and he started smacking his steel rod against the exposed cheek. Bending down, he said to Devon, “Wait'll I get my turn at your little pussy. I'll tear it up, baby boy. I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you'll feel it for days. And I'm gonna nut in you. I'm gonna cum so hard you'll fuckin' taste it.” He licked Devon's cheek several times and whispered similar perverted words to him as the boy's brother started thrusting more urgently.

Cigar still in his mouth, Brad thrust up in Devon and held his dick there. He puffed the weed and said, “Fuck, man, another stroke, and I'll blast.”

Aaron got off the bed and smacked Brad's ass. “Take a break, stud. Me and your bro's got business to settle.” He put out the remainder of his cigar and grabbed the lube.

Brad pulled out, his cock glistening, and retrieved the pipe. He lit up a hit and sat in the chair to watch Aaron slick up his thick baby maker. “Fuck him, dude. Fuck my little brother up.” He took another hit and let the pot work on him. “Screw that little whore.”

Aaron lined up his cock with the now gaping hole and shoved the whole length inside. Devon's head rose off the bed, and a muffled scream came out of his gagged mouth. “Down!” yelled Aaron as he pushed the boy's head back into the mattress. With the entire length of his penis inside, Aaron smacked Devon's ass hard and began sawing in and out of the pre-teen boy pussy. Aaron dicked him long and hard. Every now and then, he glanced at Brad, who sat back with his legs spread and beat his meat. The older brother's eyes were wide open and lust-filled, obviously enjoying watching Aaron drive deeply into Devon. The boy struggled somewhat, but Aaron found it a turn-on and increased the speed of his thrusts.

Devon felt the enormous pressure as Aaron slammed into his prostate. His little “sweet spot” flooded his young brain with pleasure he'd never felt before, even when Brad rode him. He felt so full inside as the gigantic cock rubbed against his rectum. It was then something clicked in his brain. With Aaron's hands on him—one on the back of his neck and the other pressing on the small of his back—Devon realized he loved the domination of the moment. He then realized he was a boy whore, ready to make any man happy, ready to let his body be used for pleasure. His mouth and ass were built for this, and he immediately surrendered to the moment and ceased to struggle.

As he plowed the boy, Aaron realized that this is how Nick must have felt that first time he fucked him. The power, the lust, the domination...all of it was such a rush. After all the years of submitting to his older Backstreet brother, he finally got it. All of his energy now rushed into his mammoth cock. It started pulsing as it readied to release his seed. He smacked Devon's ass again and yelled, “You like it, don't you? You're such a cock-slut, little boy. I'm gonna make you pregnant, baby. Get ready.”

Brad jumped up and quickly went Devon's head. He laid spread-eagled in front of him and pulled the gag down off his mouth. Devon rasped as he gulped in air, and Brad grabbed his head and forced his hard cock into his mouth. “Fuckin' suck my dick, Dev. Gonna fuckin' blow!”

Aaron's balls churned and he let out a whoop as he plunged in a final time. Cum fired out of his big cock into the boy pussy under him. He had shoved in so that the length of his whole dick rested inside the warm rectum. Like a gun firing bullets, his cock spasmed as he emptied his nuts into Devon. The sensation overloaded his senses, and Aaron got dizzy. He laid down on the boy's back and grabbed his head as he heard Brad start to holler. Aaron grabbed Devon's head and held it down so that Brad's cock went straight down the boy's throat. Brad spasmed and started shooting his sperm into his little brother, each pulse sending semen straight to the stomach. When both top boys slowed down, and their cums became trickles, Aaron pulled Devon's head off his brother's cock, and the singer slurped the still hard member into his mouth, tasting Brad's sperm and getting what he could out of the cock. After a few minutes, Aaron withdrew from Devon's ass, and Brad returned the favor by rolling him over and sucking Aaron's dick, enjoying the strong taste of the singer's semen and Devon's ass.

Tired out by their raunchy sexual activities, the three boys laid together on the bed—Aaron in the middle, Devon to his right, and Brad to his left. They French-kissed each other deeply, reveling in the feeling of their tongues exploring each other's wet mouths. Aaron and Brad lit up a couple of cigars, and Aaron shared his with Devon. He watched the underage boy draw the smoke in and exhale it like an expert.

After a while, the boys took a shower and sucked each other off there, not as frantically as the fuck had been. They fingered each other's asses, and Aaron and Brad took turns fucking little Devon in the hot water, this time busting their nuts inside his warm, inviting mouth. Devon swallowed every drop of both of their offerings.

The boys left a half-hour after that, their pockets both containing $500 apiece. They promised they'd be back, and they would never charge Aaron again. Aaron for his part promised to hook them up with some horny buddies of his to give Devon regular johns so that he wouldn't have to do strangers.

As the bus pulled away to take the boys home, Aaron lit a cigar. As he pondered introducing the brothers to Nick, his cell phone rang in his pants. Answering it, he found Nick on the line. “Hey, bro, what's goin' on?”

Nick's voice answered, “Fuck, dude, I'm not gonna be there 'til real early in the mornin'. Fuckin' record producer wants to do another interview tonight.” Nick was in San Francisco doing promotion for the Backstreet Boys. “It's just gonna be Brian, Howie, and me. AJ left before we found out.”

That's a shame,” Aaron said. “I was hopin' you'd wanna take a ride on the AC Express tonight.”

Nick chuckled on the other end. “Maybe when I get home, if I don't fuckin' pass out. Don't wait up for me, fucker. I'll be there when I get there. Love you.”

Love you, too, bro.” Aaron hung up and took a drag of his cigar. Fucking with Brad and Devon was hot, but he needed meat in his pussy, too. Now that Nick was going to be delayed, what was he going to do now? He took another drag and realized that there was something he could get going. He opened his cell again and punched a number that he hadn't called in a long time. He pulled deeply on his cigar and blew the smoke out, saying, “Thanks for the idea, Nick...”

Hope you all liked this one, and I hope it wasn't too perverted for you. The next story will be the finale. Believe it or not, I have actually planned an ending for all this. The storyline is thin, I'll admit, but there is one. There's a hint in the second installment, something Nick is going to be surprised to find. See you soon.