The following story is a work of fiction. Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, and any other celebrities mentioned are real people, but they are treated as characters here. This story in no way implies any knowledge of the actual celebrities' true sexuality, and it is not intended to suggest that they are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only and should not be construed as fact. This story also depicts explicit and hardcore sexual relations between adults and minors. If you do not wish to read such stories or if you are not of age in your location, please exit.


by hottcarter1987

Nick Carter entered his brother's house tired. After having been in San Francisco for the last couple of days doing promotion work for the Backstreet Boys, and also after having renewed his sexual relations with his buddy Justin Timberlake, his body was crying for sleep. He immediately shucked his t-shirt upon entering the house and rubbed his toned abs while making his way to the kitchen for a glass of water. He could still taste Justin's lips and tongue from the deep kiss the former 'Nsync star gave him just a few minutes ago before dropping him off, and as much as he liked it, his mouth was kind of dry. After downing two full glasses of water, Nick started up the steps to the second floor to see what his brother was doing. It was 10:00 at night, and Aaron rarely went to bed early.

As he neared the younger sibling's bedroom, he caught a whiff of cigar smoke and what smelled like marijuana. Nick didn't like Aaron smoking at all, but he could handle cigars. It was the marijuana for which he jumped on Aaron. The younger boy had started at 12 smoking the stuff, and it had become an addiction for him quickly. Aaron had been in rehab for 2 years for it, but it now seemed like his bro was off the wagon.

Sighing, Nick started to knock on the door when he heard sounds coming from the other side. He placed his ear to the door and heard a very young voice, not his brother's, say, “No more, Aaron...please.”

In reply, the slightly deeper voice of Aaron said, “A couple more, you little shit. Nick'll be home any time now, and I want you fuckin' ready for him. Now take it.” This was followed by the sound of a lighter flicking, then a muffled sound.

Curious now, the Backstreet Boy quietly opened the door and poked his head inside. On Aaron's bed he found his little brother propped up against the headboard with no shirt on. His legs were clad in tight black leather pants with the legs ending in black boots. He wore his skin-tight black leather gloves. Between his legs, propped against his toned chest and abs, was a little boy with long black hair. Nick estimated that he couldn't be more than ten years old, if that. The child was totally naked, and his arms were behind him. His small cock was standing at attention. Aaron had an evil grin on his face, and he held in one hand a pot pipe and lighter. The other hand gripped the boy's chin tightly. The child's eyes were squeezed shut with tears staining his face. Smoke streamed from his nostrils. “That's it, bitch,” Aaron murmured, “through the nose.” Nick guessed it was the dope. “I want you nice and high.” Nick's cock inflated with desire when he realized what was going on. Aaron was in the middle of raping this kid, whoever he was, and suddenly lust started replacing exhaustion for Nick. The little boy was so beautiful that he knew he had to have him. Nick watched while Aaron took a hit of the pipe for himself, and after half a minute release the smoke. He then clamped his hand on the boy's throat and squeezed. “One more, baby,” he said putting the pipe to the kid's mouth. Reluctantly, the little one took the end of it between his lips and sucked on it as soon as Aaron lit the weed in the bowl. The child inhaled very deeply, and Aaron quickly pulled it out, moving his hand from the throat to the mouth, clamping it shut. The boy desperately wanted to exhale, but Aaron cruelly kept his hand where it was to force him to keep the smoke in his lungs. “That's it...hold it...” Fresh tears streamed from the child's eyes, and finally, the marijuana smoke emerged from his nostrils again. Nick noted that his small body was struggling much less than before. Aaron started to move, and Nick closed the door as noiselessly as possible. He looked down and saw his tight jeans bulging, and he rubbed the outside. His ten-inch dick jerked as if it begged to be let loose.

Just then, the door opened wide, and Aaron, now smoking a freshly-lit cigar, stood there grinning. “Did you enjoy the show, pervert?”

Nick still had his hand on his crotch as he said, “What the fuck is goin' on? Who is that kid, man?”

Aaron inhaled some smoke and said, “Met him yesterday. Good little fuck. His brother pimps him, and I bought him for the evening. Thought you might like to take him for a ride.” Aaron's voice was slightly slurred, and his eyes were red. Nick looked down and saw his brother's cock was pressing hard against those leather pants. “I was just gettin' him ready for you. Your 'welcome home' present, let's call it.”

Is he okay with this?” Nick asked.

Well,” said Aaron, “I fucked him this morning with his brother, and he's still sore from that, but I couldn't let a golden opportunity like this pass. So, I called up his bro, told him I'd pay double what I paid this afternoon for a piece of his ass. The little fuck didn't wanna do it, but his bro brought him anyway. We're gonna have to rape him tonight, but that'll be cool.” Aaron stuck the cigar in his mouth and grabbed Nick's bulge. “I can't wait to see that baby maker up his shitter, man.”

Nick plucked the cigar out of Aaron's mouth and leaned down to stick his tongue in the blond's mouth. After some oral gymnastics, Nick took a couple of drags and handed back the cigar. “Been a long time since I fucked a little boy. Think he can handle it?”

Aaron grinned. “Who cares, man? He's gonna.”

The two brothers went in the room. Aaron introduced the kid as Devon. Nick drank in the sight of the naked boy laying helplessly on the bed. His small arms were tied behind his back, and a red handkerchief gagged his mouth. His blue eyes were veiny from the pot, but they still held some fear. “Why the pot? You know you have a problem with that shit,” said Nick.

To make him easier to handle,” Aaron said as he laid next to Devon, running a gloved hand up and down the boy's body. “Besides, I haven't smoked in a while, and you know how hard my dick gets when I'm high.” He turned Devon onto the side. Nick saw some red patches where the boy had obviously been spanked. “Roughed him up a little when he got here, but look at this pussy.” Aaron pulled the kid's cheeks apart and exposed his rosebud. The singer slipped a gloved finger inside and licked his lips. “So tight, man. We're gonna take this thing tonight.” A muffled sound came from Devon, and Aaron said, “That's right, fucker. We fuckin' own you.” He smacked the boy's ass harder, and in response, Devon jerked on the bed. “Go 'head, Nick...get ready to party.”

Nick looked from his brother to Devon and grinned. “Well, let's party right.” He spied the pot pipe in the ashtray next to the bed, picked it up, and lit it. Taking three long hits was enough to make the pot work on him. After putting the pipe down, he spread his legs and said to Aaron, “Get over here, little bro, and take out my monster.” Aaron slid off the bed and stood before his older brother. Puffing away at his cigar, he opened Nick's pants and unzipped him, the older boy's rock-hard penis jumping out of its confinement. Nick pulled the cigar from Aaron's mouth, put it in his own, and pushed him down to his knees. “Lemme thank you for the homecoming present, bro.” Aaron started sucking the massive dick in front of him while Nick smoked the cigar and stared at the little boy on the bed. The child was wide-eyed as he watched his john sucking the Backstreet Boy. “Don't worry, little bitch,” Nick said. “Your turn's comin'. I can't wait to rock that mouth and ass with this bad boy.” He looked down to see Aaron effortlessly swallow the head and long, thick shaft, and he groaned as he felt Aaron's tongue flicker as he moved on it. Nick decided he'd not get rough with Aaron like usual. He was saving it for the sweet Devon. He hadn't raped a boy this young since Aaron's deflowering at the same age, and he wanted to savor it.

When his cock was sufficiently worked over, Nick grabbed Aaron by his blond hair and pulled the sex maniac off his pleasure pole. He shucked the rest of his clothes and lit a fresh cigar before going to the chair next to the bed. Aaron gazed lustfully as he watched the mammoth cock bounce in the air before Nick sat down, spreading his legs. Puffing away at the stogie, Nick grabbed his dick and began masturbating. “Do the bitch, bro.”

Aaron licked his pink lips and pulled his 9½-inch dick from the laced up fly of his leather pants. He turned Devon on the bed so that Nick had full view of the kid before straddling the head. He tapped his hard cock against Devon's face. “You want it,” Aaron said coldly. He rubbed the head under the child's nose. “Smell it, bitch. Smells like sex, don't it?” He pulled the gag down and placed the cockhead against Devon's lips. “Open up and take it, fuckslut.” To make sure this happened, Aaron pinched the boy's nose, and when the mouth opened, Aaron shoved the entire length of his baby maker inside. Nick gripped his member hard as he heard Devon gag on Aaron's cock. His little brother let out a growl as he sawed in and out, practically doing push-ups on Devon's face. The helpless little boy let out choking sounds as his captor raped his throat, which only made Aaron push harder. Nick continued smoking as he saw Aaron's sparse pubic hair smash into the boy's face. He dared not even touch his cock for fear of blowing his load. He hadn't decided to drown the little fuck or breed him with it, but he was enjoying the show. Aaron had a most evil look on his face as he controlled the rape session—the pot was causing him to scream obscenities as he performed. After several minutes, he pulled completely out of Devon's mouth and smacked his cock against the tear-stained face. “Why're you cryin', you little shit? You're a fuckin' fag. Fags love this shit.” He glanced up at Nick. “I think it's time the fucker takes a real man's cock.”

Nick grinned and spread his legs. “Bring it, baby.” His gigantic cock was so hard its weight made it flop to the side, the angry cut head pulsing with lust. Pearls of pre-cum dripped out. Aaron grabbed Devon by his hair and dragged him off the bed. Pulling him over to Nick, his older brother handed him the half-smoked cigar, which Aaron quickly popped into his mouth, and pushed the child forward. Nick grabbed Devon by the back of his head and forced him downward to rub his blood-engorged penis all over the upturned face. “You think Aaron's big, bitch?” he taunted. “Take this motherfucker!” He pushed Devon down hard and impaled him. Devon gagged and struggled, but Nick showed no mercy as he penetrated the child's throat on the first push.

Aaron stood over Devon with his leather-clad legs on either side of the prepubescent ass, his fist pumping his hard-on and smoke curling around his blond head. “What do you wanna do, Nick?”

Not looking up, Nick answered, “I wanna rape this boy.”

Do it, bro. Show me how the Carter boys treat little bitches.”

In response, Nick began fucking Devon's head up and down on his member. Aaron watched as the boy's throat repeatedly expanded and deflated as Nick's 10 inches ran in and out. “Fuck!” exclaimed Nick. “What a blowjob!”

Aaron finished the cigar and put out the stub. “Told ya the bitch was good.” He then got on his hands and knees and started eating out Devon's ass while Nick controlled the boy's head. The rosebud opened automatically as Aaron's tongue journeyed inside. Devon jerked, and Aaron smacked his ass hard. “Settle down, whore.”

Nick watched as his cock invaded Devon's mouth. The boy could barely take the cock, and his eyes were squeezed shut, tears pouring from them. His pink lips had now grown red with abuse, and Nick was flying high. He got so into it, he felt his balls start to churn. Wanting this to last, he pulled out of Devon's mouth before he could pass the point of no return and smacked the boy's cheek. “Did ya like that, cunt. Did ya like a real dick in that fuckin' piehole?” Too weak for a response, Devon merely opened his eyes and stared at Nick while gasping for air. “Yo, Aaron,” Nick called out. “I'm sure you've screwed him, right?”

Aaron pulled off Devon's love tunnel with a loud slurp. “Oh, fuck yeah, man. I fuckin' plowed this hole.”

Nick jerked his head toward the bed. “Then get him up on the bed and ram him. Show him who's boss, dude.” With Aaron, the two brothers forced Devon back on the bed face down. Aaron got a white handkerchief from one of his dresser drawers and stuffed it in Devon's mouth then retied the gag over it. He placed a pillow under the boy's hips and turned Devon's face so he could watch Nick as the older boy sat down again. Aaron then got some lube from his dresser and slicked up his hard cock. Nick grabbed the pipe, lit it, and took a long toke of the pot. After holding it a minute, he exhaled and said to Aaron, “Fuck him, stud. Hard.”

Aaron got that evil grin again and lit a cigar, keeping it in his teeth. He smacked both of Devon's ass cheeks and lined up his cock with the boy's anus. “Take this, faggot,” he said as he rammed into Devon. A very muffled scream came from the child. He squeezed his eyes shut, but Aaron hit the back of his head. “Open your damn eyes, kid. Watch my bro get his dick ready for ya.” Devon obeyed and watched Nick as the older Carter took a couple of hits of the pipe before grabbing the lube. He squeezed a generous amount of the Astroglide onto the head of the giant cock and proceeded to masturbate. The fuckstick started to glisten as Nick's hand moved up and down. Fresh tears replaced the drying ones on Devon's cheeks as he realized he would be taking that thing up his shithole. Aaron's was stretching him now, faster and harder than the fuck he got from the pop star only that morning. Aaron was high, extremely horny, and showing no mercy on him at all. Every time the dick went in, it traveled until Aaron's pubes hit his backside, and a wild grunt sounded around the room. Occasionally, Aaron called him names, most prominently “bitch,” as he raped the boy.

In and out, man,” Nick slurred, his voice affected by the weed. “Rape him!” In response, Aaron thrust all the way inside and held his dick there. Devon squirmed, screaming into the cloth in his mouth. Aaron pulled out until his dickhead was just inside the anal ring before plunging in again and stopping. “How's he feel, bro?”

Like a two-bit whore,” Aaron shouted. “What a fuck!!”

How far are you from cummin'?”

Aaron pulled all the way out. “Not too far, but not quite yet, man. Wanna fuck him now?”

Nick stood as Aaron took a couple long drags on his stogie. “Yeah. I'm ready. Make him suck your dick while I break that pussy.”

Aaron laid down in front of Devon's face and undid the gag pulling the handkerchief out. Without wasting time, he pushed Devon's head down on his cock and entered his throat. He lustfully watched his older brother light up another cigar and push his oversized head between the kid's butt cheeks. Nick looked up, and Aaron simply said, “Bang the bitch.” Nick pushed forward, and as his love tool entered Devon's rectum, the boy gurgle a scream and tried to come off Aaron's member. Aaron grabbed the top of the child's head and pushed him down. This time, Devon struggled violently. Never before had any man fucked his ass with what felt like, to him, a baseball bat. Nick's cock was so large and thick, the pain of entry nearly made Devon pass out. Somehow he stayed conscious as the Backstreet Boy slowly moved inside. After what seemed like an eternity, Nick reached his limit and stopped. “How far did ya get, stud?” asked Aaron.

'Bout an inch left,” panted Nick around his cigar. “Can't go no won't fuckin' fit.”

Then fuck the shit outta him, man!”

Nick responded by starting to pull out then push back in. Aaron tried to match Nick's thrusts so that his cock went all the way down Devon's throat when Nick pulled back and nearly out when Nick pushed inward. Before long, both guys were going faster and faster. Aaron leaned on one elbow while holding Devon's head by the hair on top of his head. Nick smacked Devon's ass hard while fucking into the child. The Carter brothers looked like some kind of perverted lumberjacks sawing at a tree as their rhythm increased. Devon's ass cheeks grew red as the older boy spanked him. Devon let his body go limp as he was molested, finally just letting his rapists do what they wanted to his body.

The Carters were known for their stamina, and the room grew thick with cigar smoke as they continued their merciless assault on the underage child. Nick looked up at Aaron and saw that his little brother held his head back, the smoke coming from his lips as he drew on the stogie and his eyes shut in ecstasy. It was then that his horsecock started throbbing. “Fuck, Aaron, I'm gonna cum.”

Me, too, bro,” Aaron said. He opened his eyes to watch. “Knock this little bitch up, man. Fire those babies into his pussy!”

Nick clenched the cigar in his teeth and let out a grunt. He smacked Devon's ass very hard and pushed as far in as he could get. “MOTHERFUCKER!!” he screamed as he released his pent-up wad into Devon's rectum. He felt like he was shooting bullets into the kid. Aaron counted the grunts, which indicated the pulses of his brother's cock as the older boy's sperm shot inside. In all, Nick totaled an amazing ten really strong shots of cum and two smaller ones. Aaron was stunned as the best his brother did on him was only eight. In his astonishment, he loosened his grip on Devon, and the boy immediately began to come off of Aaron's cock. Nick, who still had nine inched of his dick buried in the boy's pussy, noticed this and he shoved the remaining inch inside. When Devon let out a scream, Nick leaned forward, grabbed his head with both hands, and shouted, “No, you don't, bitch boy. Suck that fuckin' cock!!” He pushed Devon's head back down on Aaron's member and held it. “Drink that fuckin' load, boy!! Drink it all!!”

Aaron exclaimed, “Fuck, yeah!!” He then released his own load, his thick cock pumping shot after shot into his victim's throat. Devon gurgled as he was choked with the gushing load. He felt Aaron's cock throbbing against his tongue and the head squirting rivers of seed into his gullet. Hot white semens emerged from the corners of his mouth and pooled on the bed. It was now Nick's turn to be amazed. Aaron grunted like Nick, and he counted eleven strong pulses and three weaker ones.

The three figures laid on the bed panting, with Devon softly crying, for about ten minutes. Never had Aaron cum so forcefully, and Nick hadn't fucked anyone—man, woman, girl, boy—as hard as he had fucked this kid in a long time. After the brief rest, Devon, who was still sobbing, asked, “C-Can I g-go now?”

Nick reached down and clamped a hand over the boy's mouth. “Well, Aaron, baby? Should we let him go?”

Aaron grinned and got up. He grabbed the two cigars he had left and lit them both, handing one to his brother. He drew heavily on his and exhaled a cloud of grey smoke. “Well, I paid his brother for an entire night of fuckin', and it's still a little while before the sun comes up.” He took another couple of puffs and walked over to the bed. He blew the smoke into Devon's face and said, “Let the whore rest for a bit while we recharge our nuts. Then we'll rape him again before takin' him home.”

Devon's eyes showed showed that he didn't want to, but Nick stuffed the handkerchief back in his mouth and tied the gag back across it. “You heard the man, bitch. You still got more cock to take.” He licked the boy's face vulgarly, tasting some of Aaron's cum. “But we might be more gentle on the next one.”

The Carter brothers left Devon face down on the bed, tied and gagged, and smoked their cigars as they left the room, went downstairs, and got something to eat. While down there, they sat in the living room and watched porn, both straight and gay, and masturbated each other until it was time to fuck their little boy again. When they were done raping him a second time, they showered, and Nick got some sleep. Aaron delivered Devon back to his brother, Brad, who met them at his back door as the sun started to rise. When Brad stepped out onto the back porch he was smoking a cigarette. He looked at his little brother, arms still tied behind his back and a gag around his mouth and buck naked. Dried cum was in splotches all over his little body—even his long black hair was matted with the stuff. Aaron stood beside him with a hand on the back of Devon's neck, sporting a black tank top, his leather pants and gloves, with a cocky grin on his face. Aaron bummed a cigarette off Brad, who asked, “Well, how was he?”

Aaron lit the cigarette and said through exhaled smoke, “I think you could say that your little brother makes a great whore, man. Thanks for letting us fuck him.” He pulled on his cigarette, rubbed his leather-covered crotch, and said, “Our needs were met.”


Well, that's the end of Aaron's Needs. Hope you all liked it. I was originally going to go with a different ending, but doing a story with Nick, Aaron, and our poor little Devon was too good to pass up. Will there be further explicit adventures with Aaron Carter? Maybe. Maybe not. You never know when I might get the urge...