The following story is a work of fiction. This story is a product of the author's imagination and does not bear any resemblance to actual events. The celebrities depicted are fictionalized and do not reflect the actual personalities or sexual orientation of said people. This story also contains explicit dialogue and depictions of explicit sexual acts between adults and between adults and minors, which may be either homosexual or heterosexual. If you are underage, please do not read.

Author's note: I decided to write some more installments of Aaron's Needs as Aaron Carter is just too hot to leave alone. A friend of mine liked the original stories, so while viewing some new pics of Aaron on various websites, I got so turned on by him (he looks so hot nowadays) that I got some inspiration. Hope you enjoy his new adventures...




By hottcarter1987

Aaron Carter lit the thick cigar in his mouth and drew on it deeply. The smoke permeated his mouth and throat, and he quickly exhaled it without removing the smoldering weed from between his lips and teeth. He placed the flip-top butane lighter on the table beside the chair in his living room and moved his hands down to the bobbing head between his legs. The little boy that kneeled there had his nine-inch penis deep in his pre-adolescent throat, and Aaron grabbed his long black hair with both hands and pushed it all the way down. "Take it, you fuckin' bitch," he muttered around the cigar. The boy started choking as Aaron's sex penetrated the esophagus, and the pop star grunted in pleasure. "Take it all."

The little boy's name was Devon, and he had been molested by Aaron for the past couple of months. Aaron had met him near the singer's favorite tobacco shop when he was sucking off a john he had met that day, and since Aaron had used him as a personal fuck slave several times, once with Aaron's older brother, Nick. Devon didn't always want to have sex, but Aaron would rape him anyway, so it was easier just to submit. Aaron liked it rough, so complying with the singer was the only recourse for the poor little boy. On this particular day, Aaron had showed up at his house and told his older brother, Brad, that he needed a fuck. Brad, who was Devon's pimp, agreed to lend him out, with Aaron paying a lot of money for him. Brad tied him up, threw him in the trunk of Aaron's car, and soon he was stripped and swallowing Aaron's thick rod.

Aaron continued smoking his cigar as his personal bitch took his johnson deeper into his mouth. Guns N' Roses blasted in the background, and a kiddie porn played on Aaron's HDTV. The scene showed a little boy, not as old as Devon's ten years, being raped over a motorcycle by men a little older than Aaron. The DVD, smuggled from overseas but starring American actors, turned Aaron on so badly. He would have to thank his buddy, Vincent Kartheiser, for lending it to him. Vinnie was three times the pervert Aaron was, and had told the pop star about his escapades with very young kids--both girls and boys. One day, Aaron vowed to join him, but right now, his pleasure came from his main fuck, and he watched the porn intently as pleasure bolted from his cock to his brain. "That's the way, fucker," he moaned. "You know how to suck Daddy's dick."

Devon came off long enough to say, "Yes, Daddy," before he plunged his small mouth back down on the dick. Aaron took a deep drag of his cigar, pleased that Devon called him "daddy." It was a major turn on.

It took about 15 minutes of sucking before Aaron reasoned that his baby-maker was slick enough. He reached down and smacked Devon against the side of the boy's head and said, "That's good, cunt. Now, get up." Little Devon got up, and Aaron grabbed him roughly by one arm and directed him to the couch. He more or less threw the boy over one arm and held him down by the head. He smacked the kid's ass and ordered, "Spread `em." Devon spread his legs, exposing his boy pussy for his master. Without preparing him in any way, Aaron lined his hard cock up to Devon's anal opening and shoved inside him in one push. Devon whimpered as he felt the huge cock penetrate his insides, his anal walls expanding to accommodate and his little love button being crushed by the older boy's dick head. "Fuck," muttered Aaron around the cigar in his mouth. "You're such a little slut. You're ass feels so fuckin' good on my dick." Aaron started pushing in and out rapidly, not caring about Devon at all. To him, the boy was good for nothing else but a good screw, and he enjoyed hearing Devon whimper and cry as he humped into the child. Before meeting Devon, Aaron had never fucked anyone younger than himself, but he considered himself lucky that he'd had the opportunity to tag this little bitch many times.

As Aaron fucked faster, Devon gasped out, "Daddy," and was rewarded by a smack on the back of the head. Aaron's hand clamped over his mouth, and Devon started to cry into it, tears rolling down his cheek.

"Shut the fuck up," Aaron growled. He liked dominating Devon, and gagging the boy--even with just his hand--made the singer's dick throb. It made his lust grow as he exerted power over his victim. Aaron removed his cigar, leaned down, and whispered in Devon's ear. "You fuckin' bitch. This is all you'll ever be good for, you know that? A hole for real men like me to fuck. You're fuckin' cum dumpster. Get that through you're fuckin' head. And, not only that, you're my little faggot boy. You do what I say. I tell you to shut up, you fuckin' keep that fuck hole you call a mouth shut. You hear me, boy?" Still crying, Devon nodded his head. Aaron withdrew his hand, stood up again, and continued ramming full force into the kid. The sound of his heavy balls slapping into Devon's hot ass was loud in the room, even with the heavy metal music playing.

As the song "Rocket Queen" started to play and Axl Rose's voice started to wail the lyrics, Aaron' cock jumped inside Devon's love tunnel. "I'm cummin', you little fag. Take it!!" He pushed completely into Devon, and his cock spewed his seed all inside the tight pussy. Aaron's head went back, and he puffed his cigar in rhythm with each pulse of his long dick. Devon felt the hot cream blasting against every inch of his intestine, and he bit his bottom lip to avoid making a sound, or Aaron would hit him again. After several minutes of emptying his load, Aaron pulled his cock out and stood beside the couch. He grabbed the hair on top of the boy's head and ordered, "Clean it, bitch." Devon opened his mouth, and Aaron shoved his cock into Devon's throat in one thrust before moving it roughly in and out. Helplessly, Devon slurped the cum and his own ass juices off the still-hard member until it was covered only in spit. Aaron pulled out of Devon and reached down. Clamping his lower jaw upward to shut the boy's mouth, he said, "Swallow it." Devon complied, the salty taste finding its way to his stomach. Aaron bent down and drew on his cigar, blowing the smoke in Devon's face. "You're fuckin' expensive, faggot, but definitely worth it."

He smacked Devon across the cheek hard, then ordered him to get dressed and turned off the kiddie porn and music. Soon he dropped Devon off at his house and came back home. He sat on the couch and lit up another cigar, rubbing his crotch. The living room smelled like sex and cum, and Aaron exhaled a large cloud of smoke. He sat quietly and thought over the fuck session with Devon as he smoked. He loved raping the boy, but he decided that he was hungry for other kinds of sex. Maybe he needed a new boy, or even a little girl. He also decided that he himself needed to get fucked, too. Nick had recently stayed with him a couple of months ago, and his big brother had buried his 10-inch schlong into him many times. But Nick had gone back to his own home in Florida, and Aaron's ass missed him.

Finishing the cigar, Aaron got up and went to take a shower. After drying, he went to his bedroom and laid on the bed naked. It was only noon, and he was suddenly exhausted. Falling asleep, Aaron made up his mind that he'd go out later to see what he could get into next.